This story involves sexual contact between young boys and between a young boy and an adult. It is completely fictional. If this material is likely to offend, please do not continue.


Part One

It was still a few minutes until the end of break time, but Lucien was in the mood for making mischief. He slipped from the playground and into the welcoming dark of the old school.

It was summer 1960. The momentum behind Senator John F Kennedy looked as though it might supplant Eisenhower and Nixon in the White House. Black people were growing increasingly restless, tired of endemic discrimination. Even in England - Lucien's home - there was a sense that times were changing. But if the austerity of the 1950s was giving way to something fresher, more exciting with the thrill of new possibilities, then there was scarcely a hint of it at the Preparatory School of St Maxientious, Cresswell.

Lucien looked like an angel amongst the sepulchral stone corridors of St Max (as the school,was affectionately known by pupils and teachers alike). His blond hair was so light that some took him to be an albino at first, and it cascaded in ringlets around the back of his neck, over his ears and around his shoulders - a decadent haircut that his teachers disapproved of. His skin was a pale marble, his body the exquisite sylph of a nine year-old. He was innocent beauty personified - a fact Lucien was only too well aware of. His ability to exploit his beauty and charm his classmates and teachers alike displayed a manipulative sophistication shocking in a boy so young.

He made his way along the corridor and slipped into the toilets at the end, after seeing a cute brown-haired boy in the year below him go in seconds earlier. The brown-haired boy was at the urinal. Despite there being five urinals, Lucien conspicuously chose the one right next to the boy. He made no attempt at discretion as he gazed at the boy's private parts whilst unzipping. The boy was pissing and, almost instinctively, glanced across at Lucien as the blond fished his already hard cock out of his underpants.

The brown-haired boy gave a sharp intake of breath as Lucien started brazenly wanking his boy-cock. The younger boy ran his foreskin over the head of his cock to squeeze out the last few drops of wee, and his dick began to stiffen. He looked again at Lucien, who was now wanking furiously and looking right at him. The boy's cock was now completely erect and he started rubbing it between his thumb and forefinger.

They stood there, wanking. Lucien then got on his knees in front of the brown-haired boy, and took hold of his hips, turning him so that he faced Lucien dead on, and put his mouth around the young boy's stiff cock. The boy give a little start, surprised at the sensation. In the same moment, the school bell rang out to signal the end of break time.

The boy looked to the door. He was clearly torn between fleeing and staying to enjoy the feeling as Lucien slid his warm mouth up and down his dick. Lucien wondered what was going through his mind: was it the fear of being late for class, or was it the fear that some boys might suddenly burst into the toilets and catch them in this compromising position.

But the illicit excitement was obviously too much for the boy, who gave in to the pleasure, placing his hands on the top of Lucien's head, guiding its bobbing motion, running his fingers through Lucien's angelic blond curls. Lucien had, of course, done this many a time before, and was quite expert. He jerked his own cock manically and as he ran his moist lips up and down the surprisingly long shaft of the brown-haired eight year-old. With his other hand he kneaded the skin just under the boy's balls. The boy was moaning lightly with pleasure, his eyes closed, savouring the moments.

The boy opened his eyes and suddenly backed away with a little squeal, looking over Lucien's head at something behind him. Lucien turned to see that they were being watched by an older black boy. Even Lucien - normally so nonchalant - couldn't help letting his surprise register on his face. He was startled: not just because he had thought they were alone, not just because they'd been caught, but also because he'd never seen a black person in the flesh, so to speak, before.

The brown-haired boy had already zipped up and fled the toilets by the time Lucien stood up. He was still standing in every respect - he may have been startled but that just added to his arousal, and his initial shock had been replaced by his usual mischievousness as he stood there with his pants around his ankles and his cock jutting out at a right angle, as rigid as ever.

The black boy, who must have been about twelve, just stood gazing back at Lucien, his expression completely inscrutable - but Lucien thought he detected the faintest of smiles. The latter gave his cock another slow tug and then put in back in his pants with a sly smile. As his zipped up his trousers, the other boy started to move slowly past him towards the door. As he did, Lucien reached out and groped the boy's crotch. Sure enough the boy's concealed cock was rock hard, and felt enormous under the linen trousers. The boy continued and exited the toilets.

Lucien gave it a few seconds and then did likewise, seeing a small group of people walking away from him down the corridor to the right: Mr Berridge, the Deputy Head, a man and a woman and two boys - evidently the boy he had just met, his brother and parents. The two boys turned as they walked away, almost in unison, and Lucien saw with a frisson of excitement that they were twins. They turned and continued on their way.

Lucien arrived in class some minutes late. All the other boys were sat quietly and the lesson was clearly about to commence. Mr Deakin, the English teacher, turned to him, not looking at all impressed.

"And where exactly have you been, Lucien?"

"I can't remember," responded Lucien in a mock innocent tone. "Maybe Siberia."

Some of the boys tittered and one or two more gasped in disbelief at their classmate's audacity. Mr Deakin looked ready to explode.

"Well I hope you weren't too cold in Siberia Lucien!" said Deakin through gritted teeth. "To warm up, for the rest of the lesson you can stand by the radiator in the corner, facing the wall. And you can tell me all about your travels when the class is over."

So Lucien stood for the entire lesson in the caller listening to the rest of the class talking about The Secret Garden. Occasionally, Lucien would grope himself through his trousers, but if Mr Deakin (the only person who would be able to see him) noticed he didn't let on.

After what seemed like an eternity the bell went and the classroom emptied as the boys went to lunch. Lucien turned round and gazed defiantly at Mr Deakin. The latter went to the door and shut it.

"Now young man, you are going to pay the price for your insolence. Come here."

Lucien moved to the front of the classroom as Mr Deakin pulled his chair out from his desk and sat down. Lucien guessed what was coming - it was what he had been hoping for.

"Ok, take down your trousers and underpants."

Lucien did so, scowling at the teacher (well, he didn't want to seem to eager).

"Right, come here," said Deakin. As Lucien approached he bent him over his lap, the boy's naked crotch lying over the teacher's clothed crotch. He started slapping Lucien's buttocks immediately, even catching the boy by surprise. Slap... Slap... Slap... On it went. Deakin did not talk, he just carried on until Lucien's backside was scarlet. Lucien squirmed, trying not to show how much he was enjoying his punishment.

Finally Deakin stopped. "Now get up," he said.

Lucien gingerly stood up and faced Deakin, brazenly displaying his little erect penis. It was difficult to know what caused Mr Deakin's surprise: the sight of the boy's hard dick or the complete lack of embarrassment with which he showed it off. Then, to top it all off, Lucien said:

"Don't you want to spank me some more, sir?" Mr Deakin was literally open-mouthed and speechless. "Because you know, really, I don't think I've been punished enough."

With that Lucien resumed his position, laying himself over Mr Deakin's lap, this time gently rubbing his hard-on over the teacher's crotch, feeling the man's rapidly hardening cock through the material of his trousers. Mr Deakin made ready to resume slapping the boy's backside, but instead just lay his hand over Lucien's buttocks and began massaging them, guiding Lucien's thrusting movements.

He began running his hand into Lucien's crack, eventually - when all pretence had been abandoned - moistening his fingers in his mouth massaging the boy's hairless hole. The he stood Lucien up and had him lean on the desk, spread his butt cheeks and started tonguing the boy's arse. Lucien began to moan with pleasure. If the thought crossed Deakin's mind that Lucien was taking this all in his stride, that all the suggestions were that the boy was no stranger o this kind of behaviour, then he didn't let it interrupt the flow as his tongue lapped up the boy's hole.

Then Lucien turned round and Mr Deakin, without prompting, went down on the boy, taking his shaft into his warm mouth. Lucien was in heaven. He placed his hands on Mr Deakin's head in encouragement. The teacher, although in his mid forties, still had a full head of black hair, although it was greying at the sides. The thought crossed Lucien's mind that anyone could enter the classroom at any moment - the door was not locked - but perhaps this added to the excitement for both of them.

Lucien then began to involuntarily thrust into Deakin's mouth as he reached his dry boy-orgasm. After a few moments recovery, allowing his panting to subside, Lucien crouched down and started rubbing Deakin's hard cock through the material of his trousers. Mr Deakin needed no further prompting, and unzipped, taking his trousers down.

Lucien eyed the teacher's cock was pleasure and surprise. It was rock hard, and although not very long, it was thick. Lucien was on it in a flash, licking it all over and then - not without some difficulty - stuffing the head in his mouth. Although the boy couldn't take the whole shaft, he quickly got a slow rhythm going, eliciting ecstatic sighs from Mr Deakin. After a few moments, Lucien began working the sensitive skin beneath Mr Deakin's balls with his slender fingers.

Mr Deakin's breath became ragged. That familiar feeling started building. Despite the boy's apparent experience, Deakin suddenly wondered if he had ever swallowed, so just at the right moment he withdrew, shooting a wad full of cum over Lucien's face with an animalistic grunt. Lucien licked some that hung over his top lip, looking at Mr Deakin with malevolent glee.

"You're mine now, Mr Deakin."