LUKE & Kevin:

The Story Continues



Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence.

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Note: This story assumes "facts" and persons introduced in my earlier submission titled: "Luke and Kevin" It has a submission date to Nifty of 12-20-06

I was just getting out of the shower when the phone rang. I was still dripping water from the tip of my dick onto the tile floor of the bathroom as I answered it.

It was sweet Luke, hot and horny and ready for his bedtime jerk-off session.

"I'm dripping precum all over the place" Luke started our phone call.

"I would have expected that" I replied.

"Let's do it, Barry, my dick is already hard and throbbing. I want you in my mind as I cum." Luke stated.

"Of course, sweetheart" I replied, "I just got out of a hot shower. I've got a major hard-on myself. I'll jack off with you and try to cum when you do" I suggested.

"OK" Luke replied.

"Talk to me, Barry, I'm starting now" Luke advised.

"Ok, sweetie, me too, I'm starting now too." I advised.

"Luke", I started, "I want so much to be with there with you each and every time you cum. I want every hot drop of it to paint my mouth and my throat. Your cum is so sweet. I'm selfish about it too, sweet, sweet, Luke. I don't want a single drop of it to go to anyone else."

"OK, don't worry." Luke replied, it's all yours, Barry. You know that." Luke said in a labored breath.

"Oh God, Luke, I'm already getting close to cumming. God, I wish I was with you right now. I always want you to be holding in you, or you in me when I cum." I declared.

"Me too, Barry." Luke replied in that same labored voice.

"Now, Barry, Now!" Luke exclaimed.

"I'm cumming NOW!" He continued.

"Uhhhhh...Uhhhhh...Oh God, Yes!" Luke proclaimed as he came.

"My turn" I responded, as I repeatedly blasted cum all over the tile floor.

"Barry?" Luke inquired.

"Yes, sweetheart." I replied

"Was it good for you?" Luke asked.

"Oh God Yes, sweetie. Your precious face was in my mind as I it was intense, like always." I replied.

"How was it for you, Luke?" I asked.

"God, Barry, I shot cum all the way into my eyes again. Only you get me hot enough to do that." Luke declared.

Luke continued: "God, I love you, Barry. Like I've never loved anyone."

"Same here, sweet Luke, I've never loved anyone as intensely as I love you." I replied.

I continued to listen as his breathing slowly returned to normal and my own refractory period began.

"You're a masterpiece, sweet Luke, there's none like you. I'm so blessed to have you in my life." I said.

"I'm yours, Barry. Always! Never doubt it." He replied.

"Barry?" Luke inquired.

"Yes, sweetie." I replied.

"I waited to call you till my usual bedtime jerk-off session, but Mom wanted me to tell you she needs you to watch Kevin and me this Saturday night, so she can take Kevin's Mom to a going away party." Luke explained.

"Going-Away Party?" I asked.

"Yeah", Luke replied, You remember that party about a year and a half ago that my and Kevin's Mom went suck up to the boss?"

"Sure, that's the night Kevin achieved his first white cumming event." I replied.

"Right." Luke responded.

Luke continued: "Well, the sucking up paid off for Kevin's Mom. She's accepted a new job at a hospital in Florida...someplace called Pelican Point. They'll be moving around the end of this month."

"No kidding!" I replied.

"Yeah, Kevin's pretty unhappy about it, too." Luke advised.

Luke continued: "I'm not, I'm happy about it. He won't be able to interfere in our relationship anymore. He can be such an asshole, sometimes."

"Sweet Luke, Kevin can never really interfere in our relationship...NEVER! know that." I insisted.

"I know." Luke replied.

He continued: "He's still a pain in the ass, though."

"Actually, sweet Luke, Kevin is easy to understand." I suggested.

I went on: "He's very much the sexual animal, like most adolescent boys. He lives for his next orgasm and will do almost anything to achieve one. But none of it involves a context of love. He doesn't know what he's missing, of course. That's the shame of it. Sex is like an enjoyable, though emotionally sterile, medical procedure for him. Pleasure at the hands of someone else, but with no deeper feelings at play. I feel sorry for him, really." I concluded.

"Not me!" Luke replied, "I like him OK as a friend, or even as a jerk-off buddy, but I won't really miss him."

"Well, we'll try to give him a memorable he won't soon forget." I suggested.

"Yeah, OK" Luke replied.

"We don't want him to leave without one final blow-out with us." Luke agreed.

"Think about it...what we can do on that final night with Kevin." I suggested.

I continued: "And tell your Mom I'd be happy to have you both on Saturday Night. Tell her you can both stay overnight with me, so they can both stay out as late as they wish."

"I can't wait!" Luke declared.

"Me either!" I agreed.

----------Chapter 2-----------

Saturday finally arrived and I was prepared. Luke had, as I had requested, given much thought to our send-off for Kevin and I had procured the items he had suggested as appropriate.

I was already excited and erect in anticipation of the arrival of Luke and Kevin. To heighten my anticipation, Luke had called to inform me that they were on their way.

The doorbell rang; the door flew open, and in rushed Luke and Kevin, not waiting on me to open the door. I hugged them each, then went to the door to wave at the two Moms, waiting for my acknowledgement before they drove away.

I waved them off, and they waved back as they drove off. When I turned back to the boys, they were both naked, hard, and ready for the evenings play. They came to me and, in a flash, I was naked hard, and ready as well.

A large drop of precum had already formed and was standing at attention on the meatus of Luke's beautiful glans. I knelt and gently took it in, holding Luke's penis gently as I did. I noticed his penis was, as usual, very hot to the touch.

"Luke" I remarked, "I see that, as usual, hot is not a mere expression but very much the literal in your case."

"Yeah" He replied, I've been this way all afternoon, just thinking about tonight."

I smiled and squeezed more of his glistening precum to pool on the tip of his penis, where I reverently licked it into my mouth. His penis began to palpitate indicating how anxious it was for satisfaction.

"Down Boy!" I exclaimed. "We have a way to go before we come."

Luke responded: "You know I could cum again in 15 minutes, so why not let me have some release right now?"

I looked at Kevin.

"You know how he is, Barry" Kevin suggested.

Kevin continued: "Go ahead, make him cum. Then we'll get started more slowly with all three of us."

I nodded.

I was still on my knees, with Luke's hot penis, still hard, in my hand.

As I slowly took Luke's penis into my eager mouth, sliding his frenulum along my tongue as it entered, his palpitations increased markedly as he, uncontrollably began his pelvic thrusting to achieve the orgasm and ejaculation he needed so immediately.

"God, Barry" Luke whispered, as his thrusting increased in frequency.

Luke whispered: "God, I love you so much, Barry. Please take me in now. It's all yours. Please, I'm going to cum right now, it's just for you...Uhhhhh...God, I love you, Uhhhh, take me now, I'm cumming"

I had gently placed a finger at Luke's anus gently inserted it a short distance to enhance his ejaculatory spasms. There were ten of them. They were powerful contractions and I could barely swallow fast enough to receive all his delicious cum, without losing any of it. As always, when he came, his cum was not delivered in spurts to coincide with his spasms, but rather, in what seemed like a continual stream from the first spasm till shortly after the last spasm. He was quite unique in that ability. His seminal vesicles and prostate must be unusually large to demonstrate such capacity, I thought.

I finally received it all, and held his penis still and gently in my mouth till his palpitations diminished. I slowly retracted his penis from my mouth and traced my finger along the path of his urethra, from his anus to the tip of his beautifully formed penis, to usher the semen, still hiding there, to my eager tongue.

Luke collapsed into my arms; he was exhausted from the massive ejaculation he had just experienced. I sat back as I took him into my arms, positioning him across my lap, his head resting in the crook of my left arm and his butt crack teasing at my penis.

I kissed him passionately and hugged him tightly to my breast. He raised his hand to my face and pulled me back for a second, even more passionate, kiss.

"I love you, Barry; you just took in my proof of it. It's all I have to give." Luke declared.

"Your essence, sweet Luke, is a liquid treasure, the value of which is immeasurable. I accept it as proof of your love for me, but assure you that no proof is required, my love, your eyes have always proclaimed your love for me. I'm grateful beyond words, sweet, sweet, Luke." I replied.

In the midst of this exchange, I heard a sort of sniffing sound. I turned to see Kevin, tears running down his cheeks. I was taken aback; Kevin had never made any effort to show emotion of any kind.

Luke and I simultaneously turned to Kevin in response to the sniff as I said:

"Kevin, sweet boy, what's the matter, I've never seen you show emotion this way, it's beautiful to see you doing so now, but I hate it that it involves tears, please tell me what has you so troubled."

I motioned him to my side and placed my right arm around him. After a long period of sobbing, I motioned Luke off my lap and took Kevin onto my lap, hugging him gently.

"Please, Kevin, don't be upset, tell me what's bothering you." I suggested.

"It's so beautiful" Kevin sobbed, "you and Luke have something so beautiful and I know I'll never have anything to match it, so I guess I'm sad and jealous."

"Kevin", I responded, "you have me very confused. You've always shunned any show of affection in favor of raw, mechanical, sex. Now you show us there's love in your soul after all. I'm so grateful that you chose to let Luke and me see this side of you."

"Yeah, Kevin, it's a whole new you. I love it...I Love You, Kevin!" Luke added.

"I love you too, Kevin." I added.

"You do?" Kevin asked.

" Sure!" I replied.

I continued: "Luke and I always thought that love was unimportant to you and that saying I Love You was irksome to you."

"Irksome?" Kevin inquired.

"Sure, that it irritated you...made you mad." I replied.

"No...No." Kevin replied, "It's all just a big act. I want to be loved like anyone else, but I shut myself off from it since my Dad died. It's too painful to lose someone you love, I can't do it again."

Kevin continued to sob as I hugged him more tightly and motioned for Luke to join me.

Luke approached and gently, slowly, stroked Kevin's beautiful blond hair, saying:

"It's OK, Kevin. You're safe and loved here with Barry and me."

"Go ahead, Kevin, cry...get it all out now. It's healthy." I suggested.

I continued to embrace Kevin as he cried his precious heart out. Luke continued to stroke his hair and kiss him on the top of his head.

Finally, Kevin's crying began to subside. He looked up at me and said:

"Please don't stop hugging me for a while yet, Barry...Please!"

I squeezed him tightly and replied:

"It's OK, sweet boy, you're with Luke and me and we love you. I'll hold you as long as you wish."

Kevin surrendered himself to my embrace and I held him tightly as I felt him relax into my embrace.

Luke continued to stroke Kevin's hair ever-so-gently.

Just as I thought Kevin would fall asleep in my arms, he said:

"I love you guys"

"We love you too, Kevin." Luke replied.

"Of course we do!" I proclaimed.

"I'm sorry for being such a pussy" Kevin said.

"Nonsense!" I replied, "There's nothing unmanly about such a display of pure emotion as the one you just shared with Luke and me. On the contrary, I pity the so-called macho, straight guys who grievously wound themselves by trying to hold it in."

"Really?" Kevin replied.

"Absolutely!" I insisted.

I continued: "What you've just done, sweet Kevin, is both healthy and beautiful. It's a catharsis, a pouring out, as it were, of some emotional load you've been carrying around to your own detriment. I'm happy for you, that you finally let it out."

"Me too!" Kevin replied; "I feel like a boulder has been taken off my shoulders."

"Good, Kevin, Good for you." I responded.

Luke was still stroking Kevin's hair. Kevin turned his head to look at Luke and, smiling widely, said: "Thank you, Luke. I love you."

"Love you too, Levin." Luke replied with an equally big smile.

"Kevin" I inserted; I believe I owe you an apology."

"You do?" Kevin replied.

"I do, indeed. I misjudged you and failed to realize the effect the loss of your Dad had on you. Please forgive me" I begged.

"Me too!" Luke added; "I'm sorry, Kevin."

"It's OK guys" Kevin said; "after all, I worked hard not to let it show."

Kevin continued: "It hurt like Hell when I lost my Dad. It's something I'll never forget. They called me out of class to the principal's office. My Mom was there, crying. She told me my Dad had been in an auto accident and had been killed. I had to sit down, my legs were shaking so bad. My Mom and I hugged each other for a long time and cried and cried."

Kevin turned to me and said: "I needed a man to hug me then, like you're hugging me now, Barry. Please don't stop for a while."

"As long as you wish, sweet Kevin." I replied.

I continued:

"I'm here for you, Kevin, as is Luke, for as long as you need us."

"It can't be for long, you guys. Mom's taking me to Florida next week. Then what will I do?" Kevin replied.

Kevin began sobbing again. I squeezed him tightly. To my shame, I didn't know what to say, how to console him, in light of his statement about moving to Florida.

"I wanted to kill those bastards!" Kevin shouted.

"The ones that caused your Dad's death?" I asked.

"No, that guy died in the same accident." Kevin replied.

"No", Kevin continued; "the bastards that came to Dad's funeral and then to our house, afterwards."

"I see." I said.

"They were all talking to each other and smiling and laughing, like it was some kind of party or something. My Dad had just been buried, and they were having fun." Kevin explained.

I rocked Kevin back and forth as he continued to sob.

"I'm so sorry, Kevin, I had no idea you had all this bottled up inside of you. I'm glad you're letting it all out now." I said.

Kevin went on: "I wish I had let it out sooner. I've spent this last year and a half that I've known you, and even longer Luke, hiding my true feelings and the love I have for you both...cause I was afraid you'd think I was a pussy. Now, that I've finally made it all known, I have to go away to Florida. God, I'm so dumb."

I was still rocking him, as if he were a little boy, rather than a teenager, and was at a complete loss to know how to console him.

"Kevin, sweet boy, funerals and graveside services and gatherings such as you witnessed, are among the most awkward situations that we face. Often, folks try to break the sadness by resorting to levity in the face of it. It's not meant to be disrespectful. Often people will recall humorous stories about the deceased person so as not to dwell on the death of the person. It's common. It's a way to cope with the sadness of the moment." I explained.

I went on: "As for Florida, sweet Kevin, It's a long ways away, but not by air and certainly not by phone. It's a relatively short flight. I've never been to Epcot Center, so maybe I can bring Luke, if his Mom says OK, and we could come to...where is it again..."

"Pelican Pointe" Kevin replied.

"Pelican Pointe, right!" I said.

I continued: "Anyway, maybe we can use the various tourist attractions in Florida as a pretext to get together for the weekend from time to time. Perhaps you can spend several weeks, during the summer with Luke as well. Soon, you'll both be out of school and driving, so the possibilities are many. So tonight will be farewell, not goodbye. OK."

"God, that would be GREAT!" Kevin smiled.

"Yeah, Kevin, it's not the end." Luke added.

Kevin picked up right away and began to smile in a manner I had never seen him smile. It was wonderful.

"Kevin, Luke and I had planned to make our farewell to you very special tonight. We have some things in mind that we felt you'd like, being the sexual machine you are. Are you too upset to enjoy sex tonight, or do you want to make tonight an experience you won't soon forget?" I inquired.

"Are you kidding?" Kevin replied "Of course I want my last night with you two guys to be special. What are we going to do?"

I stopped rocking him and reached down to take Kevin's penis into my hand. It became erect at once. Luke saw this, smiled, looked down at his own beautiful penis as it, too, leaped to attention.

"It's your night, Kevin. Luke and I will both work hard to deliver the best orgasm you've ever had. OK?" I suggested.

"OK!" Kevin exclaimed.

"Let's do it!" Kevin demanded, "Let's do it NOW!"

"OK...OK!" I replied.

"ALLRIGHT!" Kevin exclaimed.

"I need to check something about you first, Kevin" I asserted.

"OK" Kevin replied.

"Spread your legs for me, OK?" I asked.

He complied spreading his legs widely. I reached over to gather up some of Luke's precum, which he was already producing in copious amounts. I lubed my index and middle fingers with a generous amount of it.

"Kevin" I said "I need to check your rectum for any fecal matter, you'll understand why in a few moments, OK?"

"GREAT!" Kevin replied, "You know I love having your fingers up my ass anyway, go ahead."

I inserted my fingers gently into Kevin's ass, as he emitted a groan of pleasure. I massaged his prostate until precum began to string its way to the floor.

"Kevin, sweet boy, take this into the bathroom and use it. It'll make you ready for what's next." I said, as I removed my fingers from him.

"What is it?" Kevin asked.

"It's a saline enema, it'll make you defecate and also clean out and sterilize your rectum, OK?" I replied.

"If you say so. Would you do it for me, please?" Kevin requested.

"Luke, would you do the honors, while I wash my hands and gather up the other stuff?" I asked.

"OK" Luke replied.

I removed Kevin from my lap and, just in time, as my legs were going to sleep from his weight resting on my lap.

"Lie down there on your back, Kevin, and put your heels on my shoulders, OK?" Luke instructed.

"OK" Kevin responded, as he complied with Luke's instructions.

I went to the bathroom to wash Kevin's fecal matter from my hands. I could hear Kevin moaning in pleasure, as Luke emptied the contents of the disposable enema into Kevin's hot ass.

"Oh...YES!" Kevin exclaimed to Luke as the last of it entered Kevin's rectum.

"Try to keep it in as long as you can, Kevin. OK?" Luke advised.

"OK" Kevin replied.

Luke slowly moved the enema nozzle in and out of Kevin's ass. Kevin was enjoying it very much.

After a minute or two, the enema had worked on Kevin.

"Uh-Oh!" Kevin proclaimed.

Luke quickly removed the enema from Kevin's hot, pink, anus. Kevin rose and moved quickly to the commode to relieve himself.

"Oh My God!" Kevin shouted.

"I've never felt so much pleasure taking a shit!" Kevin proclaimed.

"Yikes!" I said "Let's NOT get into SCAT!"

"SCAT?" Kevin questioned.

"Never mind." I replied.

"Are you through?" I asked.

"Oh, Yeah." Kevin responded, as he reached for the toilet paper and wiped himself.

I dried my hands and got the paper bag from under the sink and followed Kevin back to the bedroom, where Luke was there to join us.

"OK, I'm ready, what now?" Kevin asked.

------------ Chapter 3 -------------------------

"Well, Kevin, I told you, Luke and I have been planning something special for tonight, something you won't forget. Are you ready to become a tasty snack and feed Luke and me?" I asked.

"Snack?" Kevin inquired.

"You both gonna eat me?" Kevin said with a smile.

"Yup!" I replied, "But not the usual way." I replied.

Kevin grinned and said; "OK, what are you guys gonna do to me?"

"You'll see." I replied.

I began to rustle the contents of the bag.

Kevin smiled.

"Lie down on your back like before, Kevin, and put your heels on Luke's shoulders." I instructed.

"OK" Kevin answered with a questioning smile.

Luke assumed his position, as before, and took Kevin's shoulders onto his shoulders, spreading Kevin's legs far enough apart to gain access to Kevin's hot, pink anus.

Kevin was watching closely to see what would happen next...he was getting excited and his penis was quickly becoming erect.

I held the paper bag for Luke to reach into it. Luke reached into the bag and produced a small brown treat from it. Luke smiled at Kevin and showed it to him.

"Is that what I think it is?" Kevin asked.

"It's a chocolate kiss, Kevin. Luke replied.

Luke explained: "I'm going to put a few up your ass. The, when they melt, I'm going to use my tongue to eat them from your anus."

"WILD!" Kevin replied with a smile.

Kevin then looked at me and said:

"And what are you gonna to do to me, Barry?"

"I'm going to coat your penis and balls with peanut butter and lick it back off until you cum." I replied.

"This is GREAT!...Let's do it!" Kevin exclaimed.

Luke began gently pushing chocolate kisses into Kevin's anus, which contracted and pulsed with each one.

"Oh God!" Kevin proclaimed "This is great; they feel warm inside of me."

I removed the lid and seal from the jar of peanut butter and winked at Kevin.

"Ready?" I asked him.

"Do It, Barry!" Kevin declared.

I took Kevin's penis into my hand and kissed away the pool of precum that has formed on his glans. I inverted the jar of peanut butter and slowly pushed it down onto Kevin's throbbing penis, using a twisting motion until his penis was fully inserted into the jar. I used a similar twisting motion as I removed the jar, leaving Kevin's penis generously coated with peanut butter.

"Oh God, I can't believe this, it's the best." Kevin proclaimed.

"Now what?" Kevin inquired.

"Now, we wait a minute or two, while the chocolate melts and the peanut butter softens due to the heat from your dick." I instructed.

"OK" Kevin replied, "But I'm already feeling the juices begin to flow inside me, let's not wait to long, so I don't cum too soon."

Precum had already begun to bubble up from the tip of his dick through the peanut butter, forming a froth which looked delicious.

"OK, Kevin, here we go" I said.

"Do It!" Kevin replied, "Do It Now!"

Luke allowed Kevin's legs to drape down his back as Luke positioned his head to, and

Brought my head over his dick and began licking the frothy precum confection from his glans.

I took his penis into my eager mouth. The peanut butter immediately caused my salivary glands to kick into high gear. My saliva was running down Kevin's penis in copious amounts, as I began performing felatio on him.

Luke, simultaneously, began licking and sucking at Kevin's anus as the chocolate kept extruding from it.

"Oh My God" Kevin whispered, "Don't stop"

To my amazement, the mixture of my saliva, Kevin's precum, and the peanut butter proved to be quite delicious. I couldn't eat it from Kevin fast enough. The slurping sounds I was creating with Kevin's, now slick, penis were loud and erotic.

Luke must have been experiencing a similarly delicious event, as he was licking at Kevin's anus furiously. He was oblivious to my embarrassing sound effects.

Kevin's penis was pulsing and palpitating wildly in my mouth. I had to steady it with my hand as I continued my felatio.

Kevin's hands began to clench into fists and he said:

"It's time guys, I love you both, I'm about to come just for you...Uhhh...Uhhh...Here I go!"

Kevin blasted cum into me and it mixed with the peanut butter in my mouth. It was delicious. Unlike Luke, Kevin's cum was delivered in spurts, about 8 of them. I had no trouble swallowing fast enough to keep up with Kevin, but it was so delicious, I really didn't want to swallow.

Finally, the spasms and the spurts ceased. I held Kevin's penis still in my mouth till all the intermittent palpitations stopped.

Luke had already begun pushing Kevin's excess cum up the length of Kevin's taint into the base of his dick. II took over at that point and pushed it to the sweet tip of Kevin's penis. When it pooled at the meatus of Kevin's dick, I mixed it with the soft peanut butter paste that my saliva had already produced.

I turned to speak to Luke.

"Luke, take a taste of this. It's delicious. I didn't expect it, but it really is." I suggested.

Luke pulled Kevin's penis toward his head, which was still between Kevin's legs, and licked Kevin's glans clean.

"Damn, It is good...It's delicious." Luke agreed.

"It really is!" I replied.

Kevin interrupted: "I want a taste!"

"OK" I said, as I toweled some onto my hand and presented it to Kevin's mouth.

Kevin licked it from my hand and, after tasting it said:

"Hmmmmm, it really is...guess I know what kind of sandwiches I'll be taking to school from now on."

The 3 of us broke into laughter.

"Yeah" Kevin continued, "Peanut Butter and cum!"

Luke resumed sucking the remaining chocolate from Kevin's pulsing anus, as I licked Kevin's penis clean of all the peanut butter.

When we were finished, we were all exhausted. We continued to lie there for a while, Kevin's, now softening, penis resting in my mouth and small amounts of chocolate still oozing from his anus, which Luke now gathered with a finger and transferred to his tongue.

"This was GREAT, guys!...I know I'll never have an experience like this again though." Kevin lamented.

"Now don't start that again, Kevin." I chided.

I continued: "Don't worry; we'll be together again, as often as possible, OK?" I suggested.

Kevin nodded, and smiling said: "I love you guys, wish I had told you so sooner."

"We know it now, Kevin, that's what counts." I said.

Luke interrupted: "I need to cum, Barry, I'm hot as Hell from all this, I've got to cum."

Me too, sweetheart, should we 69?" I suggested.

"NO!" Kevin interjected, "Let me get you both off. I want to take your essences to Florida with me. I want your cum in me...Please?"

"Only Barry sucks me off now, Kevin. You know that!" Luke chided Kevin.

Kevin immediately took on a super sad expression.

I looked at Luke and said: "Just this one time, Luke, It'll be our farewell present and it won't, it can't happen again."

Kevin looked up at Luke and stuck out his tongue, panting, like a dog.

Luke laughed, turned to me, and I nodded.

"OK, just this one time, Kevin, as my farewell present."

Kevin practically jumped to get Luke's penis into his mouth.

"Take it easy, Kevin!" Luke exclaimed.

"You never wanted to suck me before" Luke questioned.

"I've always wanted to suck you, Luke. I was just afraid to ask." Kevin retorted.

"Oh." Luke responded; "I didn't know."

Kevin wasted no more time talking. He took Luke's penis into his mouth as Luke began his pelvic thrusting, placing one hand on each of Luke's cheeks.

Kevin motioned me to come closer. I complied.

Kevin took my penis into his hand and began stroking it in synchronization with Luke's thrusts.

I was on fire.

Luke filled Kevin with his hot jism at a rate Kevin couldn't cope with. Luke's cum ran down Kevin's chin and onto his chest.

"Me now, I can't hold it!" I declared.

Luke retracted from Kevin's mouth. Kevin turned to me to take me in Luke's place. I barely felt the heat of Kevin's mouth when I exploded into him. Kevin swallowed as fast as he could, to take all of my hot cum.

Luke stood there watching, cum still dripping from his penis, stringing its way to the floor.

"Now, Kevin, you'll be taking mine and Barry's essences with you to Florida. We'll always be with you." Luke advised.

Kevin couldn't answer. He still had my dick deep into his mouth. He could only nod in reply.

I retracted my penis from Kevin's mouth and moved to kneel in front of Luke, to prevent any more of his precious cum to fall to the floor. I took him into my mouth and, greedily, accepted his cum onto my tongue, again tracing his urethra with my finger.

"Now me" Luke said." I want yours too, Barry."

"OK" I replied.

Luke went to his knees and took my remaining cum into him.

"You two always look so beautiful together. Like it was forever meant to be," Kevin observed.

"Thank you, Kevin" I said; "I believe we were intended to be together...FOREVER!"

Luke finished me off and slowly removed my penis from his hot, beautiful mouth.

He looked up at me and said: "I still smell peanut butter."

I chuckled and replied: Yes, and the smell of peanut butter will, forever, take on a new meaning to the three of us."

We all laughed.

"We need to take a hot shower, but first, Kevin, there's another enema in the medicine cabinet, you'd better get all the chocolate washed out of your sweet rectum...otherwise, you might find yourself trying to explain some rather strange stains in your briefs." I instructed.

"OK" Kevin replied. He went to the bathroom, but returned with the enema, asking me, as he bent over in front of me:

"Do it for me, Barry...Please?"

"OK" I said.

Kevin remained bent over and I gently inserted the nozzle of the enema bottle into his cute little anus. He barely felt the insertion. His anus was still loose from the earlier goings-on.

"Kevin, your anus is still loose from before, so don't mess around. Run to the commode as soon as you feel the enema working, OK? I instructed.

"OK" Kevin replied.

I began squeezing the soft plastic enema bottle to empty it into Kevin. I barely got half of it into him when he squeezed his butt shut, trapping the enema bottle in his little ass as he ran for the commode. It was a humorous sight to behold.

When he finished flushing his rectum and wiping himself, He blurted out:

"Whew, I thought I wasn't gonna make it."

I smiled at him and said:

"Ready for that hot shower, now, Kevin?"

"Yup." Kevin replied.

I motioned for Luke to join us and soon we found ourselves in the midst of the glorious hot water of the shower.

--------- Chapter 4 -----------

The hot water produced erections for each of us. I offered to wash Luke and Kevin and couldn't wait to use that offer as an excuse to get their penises into my hands.

I stood between Luke and Kevin, with Kevin directly under the shower head. The water ran down his front and off the tip of his penis, like a fountain.

Luke and I stood face to face, my butt toward Kevin. Luke and I were locked in our eye contact. Luke reached down and took hold of my penis. He squeezed some body wash from the bottle on the shelf onto my penis and slowly stroked it till it began to palpitate. I backed up just a bit to give him better access to my dick and to my balls, and backed directly into Kevin's penis, pressing it into my butt crack.

Kevin began sliding his penis in and out of my butt crack, though not attempting to penetrate my anus. I was now about as hot and horny as imaginable, when Luke said:

"I want it, Barry, I want it all"

"It's all yours, sweet Luke, take it all." I replied.

Luke pushed me back, still further, to allow the water to wash my penis clean of the body wash, not realizing he was also inserting Kevin's penis deeper into my butt crack.

Luke, then, went to his knees and took my penis into his hot, sweet mouth. Kevin was still sliding his penis around in my butt crack and I could feel its sliding around there was now enhanced by his precum.

I began gently, slowly, thrusting with my pelvis to move my dick in and out of Luke's precious mouth. This had the simultaneous effect of thrusting against Kevin's, now well lubricated, penis.

I was so hot; I thought I would surely burst into spontaneous human combustion.

"Luke, sweet Luke, it's all for you, take me in...I'm about to come." I whispered.

As I blasted cum into Luke, as he had asked, I heard Kevin whisper"

"Me too, I'm cumming"

Kevin filled my butt crack with his own hot cum as Luke was accepting my own cum. It was the most wonderful experience. I didn't want it to end.

Kevin was so sapped from it; he put his arms around me from behind, his breathing still slow and labored, and held onto me as if to stay on his feet.

Kevin left his penis in its place in my butt crack until it began to go soft. I could feel his cum running down my legs.

I kept my penis in Luke's mouth as he brought my residual cum along my urethra and into his mouth.

"Oh God!" I proclaimed; "I've never had such an experience as this...I feel like Lucky Pierre."

Kevin, still holding onto me, said:

"You two guys mean everything to me. I love you two. I don't know how I'll ever do without you."

Luke slowly removed me from his mouth, sliding my frenulum along his flicking tongue as he did. My penis pulsed wildly as he did.

Luke was the only one who hadn't cum, and I was about to correct that.

As I knelt to take Luke into my eager mouth, Kevin, still behind me, knelt with me, still holding onto me, his, now soft, penis still in my butt crack.

As I took Luke's beautiful penis into my mouth, Kevin took his arms from around me, reached across my shoulders and took Luke's butt into his hands.

Luke began thrusting gently, his penis welcome home in my mouth. Kevin assisted Luke's thrusting by pulling Luke's butt forward with each thrust.

Luke's penis was deep into me when he unloaded his usual continuous stream of hot cum. I swallowed frantically, to take it all down the correct pipe, lest he fill my lungs with it. I took it all, greedily, but, because his penis was beyond my tongue when he came, I missed out on the deliciousness of his cum. Only as he withdrew from me did his penis paint my tongue with his essence. As always, he was delicious.

"It's just for you, Barry, just for you." Luke whispered. "I love you."

Luke slowly withdrew from me. As he did, Kevin released his grip of Luke's butt allowing his hands to track around Luke's sides and taking Luke's penis in hand, as he painted his fingers with Luke's residual cum.

Kevin licked his fingers, taking in Luke's essence.

"Mmmmmm", Kevin remarked; "Barry's right, Luke, you are delicious.

"Thanks, Kevin, but remember, it's all Barry's." Luke replied.

"It's OK Luke", I remarked; "Remember, this is Kevin's night, before he leaves for Florida, your sweet cum is a one-time special treat for him.

"I know." Luke replied; "Otherwise, I'd be pissed at him. He's already had my cum twice tonight, that's enough."

"OK...OK" I interjected; "Let's finish our shower. It's bedtime."

Soon, we were clean and dry and ready for some shut-eye.

We crawled into my king size bed, me in the middle and the boys on either side. I rolled to my left and Luke did the same, pressing my dick into his butt crack. He reached back to pull my hand across his front to hold his left hand.

Kevin rolled to his left side, as well, and pressed his penis into my butt crack and placed his right hand on my abdomen.

We awakened, the next morning in those same positions.

--------- Chapter 5 ---------------

"How about some cappuccino, guys?" I asked, as we crawled out of bed.

"I love it." Luke said.

"Me too." Kevin agreed.

"OK, I'll put some on." I said.

We sat naked at the table, waiting on the espresso machine to do its job.

"Luke", I expect the usual sweetener." I grinned.

Luke smiled and said: "You got it!"

Luke rose and went to the cupboard and removed a small cup, bringing it to the table.

"Should I go first?" Luke asked.

"What's going on?" Kevin interrupted.

"Don't worry; you can be part of the sweetener too." I suggested.

"Absolutely, go ahead, Luke...then Kevin and finally me." I stated.

Luke stood at the edge of the table and began to masturbate slowly.

"ALLRIGHT! I get it" Kevin said.

Kevin stood next to Luke and began to masturbate, as well.

What a glorious sight! I thought. I could watch this all morning. Alas, the boys couldn't prolong things that long.

"Uhhhh...Uhhhh" Luke exclaimed, as he pumped his sweet cum into the cup.

"Me now, I gotta cum NOW!" Kevin declared.

Luke moved to the side a bit to allow Kevin full access to the cup.

"Oh God...YES!" Kevin exclaimed, as he blew his cum, as well.

I kissed the excess cum from each of their penises, as an appetizer to the cappuccino.

"You now, Barry. While it's hot." Luke instructed.

I stood and placed my penis over the cup and allowed the precum, which had formed while I was watching the boys masturbate, drip into the cup. Then I began stroking my penis to add my cum to the mingled cum, already waiting in the cup.

Luke went around behind me and reached around me to take over my happy chore.

"Let me help, Barry, OK?" Luke asked.

I released my penis to Luke's grasp and he stroked me slowly, his own penis lubricating my butt crack with his residual cum.

"OK, It's time!" I exclaimed.

Luke stopped stroking me and pointed the tip of my penis at the cup. I exploded into the cup. Between the three of us, we had nearly filled up the tiny cup.

"Great One!" Kevin interjected.

"You really pack a load, Barry!" Kevin advised.

"Yeah, I always have." I replied.

Luke released me, turned me around and kissed my residual cum away. He went to the counter and returned with the two cups of cappuccino. He started a third cup for me.

"Hey, save some for me!" I declared, as Kevin poured our elixir into his and Luke's cappuccino.

"No Problem! We can always make more." Kevin replied with a smile.

As my cappuccino was making, I prepared fruit plates and English muffins as a light breakfast, knowing the two Moms, as we had come to call them, were preparing a heavy lunch for the boys. I sat the plates in front of the boys and encouraged them not to wait on me.

I brought my own cappuccino to the table and poured the remaining elixir into it, stirring it with my finger.

"It's good, huh?" Kevin asked.

"It's delicious!" I replied, after I took my first sip.

"Luke, your cum is always particularly sweet. It's a most unusual trait. It's like your urethra was coated with sugar. I can't account for it, but I love it." I explained.

"Hey, how about my cum?" Kevin inquired.

"Yours is delicious too, Kevin." I assured him.

I winked at Luke as Kevin went to his plate to partake.

Luke smiled.

When we finished with breakfast, I remarked:

"Well guys, I guess we should dress and prepare for me to take you to Luke's house."

"Can't we stay naked for a while?" Kevin requested.

"Yeah, we got plenty of time." Luke added.

"OK, but not for too long, the two Moms will be expecting us." I remarked.

"I'll call Mom and tell her we'll be there in plenty of time." Luke suggested.

"Good idea!" I replied.

Luke called to assure the two Moms that all was well and we'd be there well before lunch.

The boys had sprawled out in two chairs, facing the picture window, allowing the sun to bathe their young and beautiful bodies. They looked scrumptious. Luke had his left leg thrown over the arm of his chair, completely exposing his crotch. His balls hung low in his, fully extended, scrotum. His beautifully formed penis lay across his scrotum to punctuate the scene.

Kevin has both legs fully extended and together tight, his butt barely on the edge of his seat, in a reclined position. With his legs together so tightly, his balls were pushed up to remain in full view and his cute pink penis was semi-erect, dancing about with each breath.

In short, they were beautiful. Kevin looked more beautiful than ever to me, since he decided to allow Luke and me to see into his soul, the night before. Now, I really hated, all the more, that he was to move away to Florida.

I broke our silence: "Kevin, Luke and I will really miss you, you know. We love you very much and your absence will be painful for us both."

"Thanks, Barry, I love you both very much too. I wish I'd told you sooner. I really don'y know what I'll do without you two." Kevin replied.

"Yeah, Kevin, things will not be the same when you're gone. I hate it. Luke added.

Here's an idea." I said.

"What?" Kevin replied.

"Well, on nights when Luke is not here with me, he calls me at bed time for his bed time jerk off know about that, right?" I stated.

"Right, I've been there with him sometimes." Kevin replied.

"Well, I'll bet they have phones in Florida, huh?" I suggested with a smile.

Kevin took on a big smile as he responded:

"Yeah, I suppose they do...but it's long distance, Mom would kill me when she got the phone bill."

"So, you can call collect, she'll never know." I suggested.

I continued: "On nights when Luke is here, we'll be able to coach you through an orgasm from here. When he's not here, we'll set up a time for you both to call me. I have 3-way calling, so I can patch us together, so we can still be talking to each other as we cum. I know it's not the same, but it's better than nothing. Whatcha think, guys?"

"Cool!" Kevin said.

"Yeah, long distance, synchronized cumming...Hmmmmm...sounds like fun!" Luke exclaimed.

"OK, then, we'll set a time, once Kevin gets to Florida and knows his Mom's schedule and stuff." I said.

"OK" Luke and Kevin said in unison.

"You two look so beautiful, sitting there in the sun, like that...just beautiful." I remarked.

"You're beautiful too, Barry. Those huge balls hanging there in your sack, and your dick,'re really hot, you know?" Kevin complimented me.

"Thanks, Kevin. Coming from you, that's a real compliment." I replied.

He's right, Barry. You are hot. But I'd love you no matter what. Never doubt it!" Luke added.

"I know, sweet Luke, I know how strong your love for me is. I know I'm not worthy of it, too. I'm grateful beyond words." I replied.

"Luke, I guess we have one more chore to perform for Kevin before we leave for your house." I reminded him.

"Oh, that's right!" Luke replied.

"Kevin, we have a present for you, a very special present, a going away present." I said.

Kevin smiled.

"Really?" He asked.

I went to the desk and took a small box from the drawer and brought it to Kevin.

"Open it, Kevin." I said with a smile.

He wasted no time doing so.

"Wow, a gold chain!" Kevin exclaimed.

"I hope it fits. I wasn't sure about your neck size, so, I assumed it was about the same as Luke's." I cautioned.

"It's beautiful!" Kevin exclaimed.

"See the little gold brick in the middle?" I asked.

"It says KEVIN!"...It's GREAT!.....Thank you guys! Kevin concluded.

"What's not obvious, Kevin, is that there's a hidden compartment in that gold brick" I instructed.

"There is?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah, there's a trick to open it. I'll show you in a few minutes, but the chain is only part of the present." I added.

"OK". Kevin replied.

"You see, Kevin, you'll never be without Luke or me cause you'll be taking us to Florida with you." I suggested.

Kevin looked puzzled.

I continued:

"Kevin, what I am suggesting is that we place our mingled essences into that secret compartment of your new chain, then we'll be together and in your immediate presence, literally around your neck, at all times."

"Wow, that's a GREAT idea. Barry." Kevin said.

"Yeah", Luke interjected, "Barry is always thinking of ways to demonstrate love."

"I thought we'd place as much as possible into the secret compartment and I'd maintain the rest of our mingling here, so we're together in both Florida and here in Texas. Whatcha think, guys?" I asked.

"I think it's Great, Barry." Kevin responded.

"Well then, we'd better get on with it. I know we just produced some sweetener an hour or so ago, and I know Luke could, already, produce his usual generous quantity of cum...can you cum again already, Kevin?" I asked.

"Sure, not as much as Luke, but enough to mingle." Kevin replied.

"Me too, I can't compete with Luke, but I'm sure I can cum again." I said.

"Hey, how about this idea?" Luke said.

What idea, sweetheart?" I asked.

"How about if I play with both your balls and get you worked up good, then you'll really be ready to cum." Luke suggested.

"Sounds good to me." Kevin remarked.

"OK." I added.

Luke went to Kevin and said: "Spread your legs, Kevin, let `em hang there for me."

Kevin spread his legs, allowing his sun-bathed balls to fall to the bottom of his scrotum. Luke took Kevin's balls in one hand and Kevin's penis into the other. Luke began to knead Kevin's balls, while slowly stroking Kevin's penis. Kevin closed his eyes to fully enjoy the experience without distraction.

"God, you're good! Luke." Kevin stated.

"Thanks, Kevin, I've had lots of practice with Barry, so I should be." Luke replied.

After a moment or two, precum began to pool on Kevin's glans. He was ready.

"OK, Kevin, you're making precum, things are working, take over and slow stroke your dick, don't lose your hard-on." Luke instructed.

Kevin did as instructed.

Luke now moved to me, still standing a few feet from him and enjoying the heat from the Sun, as it shone through the picture window. Instead of playing with my balls, Luke went to his knees and took my eager penis into his beautiful mouth. He played with my balls, as he performed felatio on me very slowly.

My penis responded immediately. It became rock hard and began to palpitate.

I looked over at Kevin, he was getting close, as his scrotum was no longer fully extended, but had begun to pull Kevin's balls in close.

I looked down at Luke. As one would expect, he too was hard as a rock and precum had begun to drip from his glans to the floor.

"Looks like we're all ready." I remarked.

"I sure am." Kevin replied.

"OK, then, you go first, Kevin." I said.

"Luke, get that silver goblet from the kitchen, please." I requested.

While Luke fetched the goblet, I took Kevin's penis and began to squeeze it, rhythmically and watched his precum begin to string its way to the floor. I cupped the precum in my hand and licked it with my tongue till I had taken it all.

Luke returned with the goblet and handed it to me. I held it to the tip of Kevin's penis.

"OK, Kevin, show us what you can do." I said.

"No problem, here I go" Kevin replied.

Kevin began to stroke his cute, pink penis with increasing frequency, until finally, he moaned:

" it comes, guys." He struggled to say, as he pulsed his hot cum into the goblet.

He allowed the residual cum to slowly drip into the goblet until I moved it away and kissed the remaining cum from his glans.

Oh God, that was GREAT!" Kevin declared.

"It sure was." I replied, "Great performance, Kevin, you really showed us what you can do.

Luke took the few steps to me and presented his perfectly formed penis to me. I placed the goblet in the proper position to accept his offering.

"OK sweetie, go ahead." I prompted.

Luke began stroking that perfectly formed penis, while, all the while, looking lovingly into my eyes. After a while, Luke smiled at me and said:

"I'm going to cum, Barry. I'd rather be cumming into you, but this is Kevin's gift, as we agreed to."

Luke closed his eyes, as his precious cum began to be delivered into the goblet. As always, it wasn't delivered in spurts, but in an ongoing stream from his first spasm till a few seconds after his last.

"That's the most remarkable thing, Luke. I don't know where you store it all, but it's remarkable that you can cum in a continuous stream like this." I remarked.

"Yeah, I don't know anyone else who can do it." Kevin added.

Thanks, Barry. I've especially been able to do it since I met just turn me on so much, I guess." Luke explained.

I'm flattered, sweetie, but it's still a remarkable trait." I assured him.

I continued: "To paraphrase the movie JAWS, we're going to need a bigger goblet" I chuckled.

"Really?" Kevin asked.

"No, I'm kidding, but Luke didn't leave much space for me. I won't be able to tilt the goblet to take my cum, without spilling you and Luke." I said.

"Hold the goblet for me, Luke. When I cum, I'll point my dick straight down and cum into it." I instructed.

Luke knelt in front of me, holding the goblet, as I had instructed. I began stroking my hot, penis, which signaled its eagerness through its palpitations.

"Do it, Barry. I want to see it happen from this view." Luke insisted.

He didn't have to wait long.

"Here it is, sweet Luke, I'm cumming." I said.

My cum filled the goblet all the more, as I relished in the orgasm that had produced it.

I released my penis to Luke, as his hand reached to take it into his grasp. Luke squeezed my, still palpitating, penis and kissed away my remaining cum.

Luke stood up and handed the goblet back to me. I took it to the kitchen and called for Kevin to bring his new chain to me as well. Kevin, still semi-erect, joined me in the kitchen.

I showed him how, as I opened the secret compartment.

"That's cool" Kevin remarked.

I took an eye-dropper from a drawer and used it to mix the mingled cum, taking a dropper full and placing it into the secret compartment, said:

"Kevin, we're together now and in our secret place to be with you always."

"It's GREAT! I love you guys." Kevin responded.

I closed and sealed the compartment.

I placed the goblet into the freezer.

"OK, Kevin, let's place your chain around your neck. Let's go back into the Sun." I suggested.

The three of us returned to the warmth of the Sun, now streaming through the picture window.

I took the chain, one end in each hand, and placed it around Kevin's neck from the front, for Luke to fasten from the back. Luke latched the chain in place.

"It really is beautiful on you, Kevin." I remarked.

"It really is, Kevin." Luke added.

"Not as beautiful as the guys who gave it to me." Kevin replied.

"That's a very sweet thing to say, Kevin. Thank you." I said.

"OK guys; let's finish this ritual with a kiss of thanks to the vessels that produced the elixir." I suggested.

"Huh?" Kevin responded.

I went to my knees and kissed the tip of Kevin's penis, removing the final drop of his cum to my lips.

"Oh, I get it!" Kevin said.

I motioned for Luke to approach. He did. I kissed the last of his cum away as well.

Kevin took his turn next, kneeling to kiss Luke's, then my penis clean. Luke went to his knees and kissed Kevin's cute, pink glans. When he turned to my penis, however, he did NOT merely kiss my penis, but took it deep into his throat, then, slowly removing it, his tongue placing pressure on my frenulum as he did.

"Oh God! Luke, don't get me started again!" I exclaimed.

"OK." Luke replied, as he removed my penis, kissing its tip as it made its exit from his hot mouth.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Kevin waving at someone through the window.

"Oh Shit!" I exclaimed, "Who are you waving at, Kevin?"

"I don't know." Kevin replied, "Some kid hanging upside down from the porch upstairs."

I went closer to the window to see for myself. Sure enough, the kid from upstairs was, indeed, hanging there. I'd seen him at the apartment complex playground hanging that way from the monkey bars, but I'd never seen him hanging from the upstairs apartment porch before.

"What did he see, Kevin?" I asked.

"I don't know. I think he only saw me sitting here naked...who cares?" Kevin replied.

The kid saw me standing there, naked and waved at me. I waved back, trying not to react in a way that might impress the kid that it was a big deal that he saw Kevin and me naked and hard.

The kid, probably 13 or 14, began to swing his body back and forth from the porch until his momentum allowed to grab hold of the porch bars and bring himself to the upright, where he now dangled feet-first from his perch. He dropped the few feet to my patio and came to the patio door and knocked.

I opened the patio door a few inches and said:

"May I help you?"

"Hey, what are you guys doing in there?" He asked.

"We're just doing a little indoor sunbathing, Why?" I replied.

"Oh, it's cool, next time, maybe I can join you. My Dad would never let me do that at home." He advised.

"We'll see, young man, now we've got to get going. By the way, what's your name?" I asked.

"Mitchell" He replied.

"Well, Mitchell, like I said, we'll see you again some other time, OK?" I said.

"OK, See Ya" Mitchell said, as he turned and opened the patio gate to leave.

I closed the door.

The three of us broke into laughter.

"I can't believe this. The whole reason the patio fence is six feet high, with board over board construction, is so people can't see in here. This is Murphy's Law, the only way anyone can see in here is, precisely, what that kid just did." I observed

"Don't worry" Kevin remarked; "that kid is about my age...he knows what goes on with guys our age."

"I suppose." I said.

I continued:

"Well, guys, let's take a quick shower, get dressed and get you guys back to the two Moms." I suggested.

"OK" Kevin and Luke said in unison.

Soon we were leaving for Luke's house. We exchanged hugs with Kevin, who had begun to look sad again.

"Don't be sad, Kevin. Remember, we're together now, in our secret place." I said.

Kevin nodded and tried to smile.

I put my arm around him as we went out the front door and locked it behind us."