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Note: This story assumes "facts" and persons introduced in my earlier submission titled: "Luke and Kevin...the story continues"

I was in a sad mood when I returned from Luke's house. The two Moms had prepared a nice lunch for us. Shortly into it, however, Kevin began crying about the move to Florida he was imminently facing.

"I knew this would happen eventually." Kevin's mom stated.

She turned to Pam, Luke's mom and said:

"He's become so close to Luke and Barry. He loves them greatly. This is going to be very difficult for him."

"I understand." Pam replied. "I'd have a runaway on my hands if I tried to take Luke and move away from Barry."

I interjected:

"I'm flattered and blessed that the boys have invested so much love in me. It is something I take very seriously and promise to return that love and support the boys in every way I can."

I turned and spoke to Kevin:

"Kevin, your absence will be equally painful for Luke and me. We've had this discussion. I promise we'll do what we can to visit you in Florida and assist you to come and visit us a frequently as possible, if the Moms, here, approve."

"Of course, Kevin." His mom said. "This isn't the end of the world, son, you'll still be friends with Luke and Barry and we'll try to visit as often as possible, I promise, and Barry and Luke are welcome to come and visit anytime they want."

Kevin stopped crying at this, but didn't seem consoled.

It came time for me to leave. Kevin hugged me so tightly; I thought he would crush my rib cage. He held me for a long time, unwilling to let me leave.

The two Moms stood at a distance, watching from behind their own unhappy countenances.

I stroked Kevin's beautiful, shimmering, blond hair. This seemed to have a calming effect on him.

"I love you, Kevin. So does Luke. That will still be the case tomorrow and every day, thereafter. You can count on that. I give you my most solemn word." I declared.

I made it a point to add, in the presence of the two Moms:

"Listen, Kevin, you call me collect any time you want to talk, OK?"

Kevin nodded, but still refused to release his embrace of me.

"Kevin, this isn't goodbye, it's only farewell. Furthermore, if your Mom allows, I'll bring Pam, Luke and we can join you and your Mom for dinner the night before you leave, I'll treat. OK?" I suggested.

"You don't have to do that, Barry." Kevin's Mom said.

"I want to do it. That way, Kevin will be with Luke and me till the last possible moment." I declared.

Pam interjected: "Barry, why not just take the boys to dinner, then the three of you can enjoy each other?"

"That's fine too...either way is fine with me." I replied.

"OK, Kevin?" I asked.

Kevin nodded and, finally, released his grip on me. I wiped his tears and kissed him on the forehead.

I motioned for Luke to join us. I hugged Luke and kissed his forehead, as well, saying:

"Take care of Kevin for me, Luke."

"I will. He's my buddy. I love him too." Luke replied.

"I know you do, Luke, I know." I replied.

I waved at the two Moms and made my exit.

After the little encounter we had had with Mitchell, earlier in the day. I decided to stop by The Home Stop and pick up some mirrored window film.

It was my first order of business when I arrived back at the apartment. I had barely finished applying it, and gone to the kitchen to mix myself a cocktail, when I heard a dull thud, followed by loud crying, from my patio.

Now What! I thought to myself.

I hurried to open the patio door. There I found Mitchell, holding his elbow and struggling not to cry, as before, now that someone was watching.

It was obvious what had happened. He had been dangling from the upstairs porch, but, this time, he had slipped and fallen.

"Are you hurt badly?" I asked.

"I'm not sure." Mitchell replied.

"You aren't bleeding, so whatever you've done to yourself must be internal. Where does it hurt?" I asked.

"My elbow and my arm and my wrist." He responded.

"I'll run upstairs and get your Mom or Dad, OK?" I suggested.

"It's just my Dad; he's at work, he's not home right now." Mitchell informed me.

"I see" I said; "can we call him at work?" I asked.

"Yeah, OK." He replied.

"Well, come in here, where it's warm and we'll call him right now. You should probably get that looked at right away, maybe even X-Rayed." I explained.

Mitchell gave me the number and I placed the call. I got voicemail. I left my name and number and a brief explanation of what had happened.

"Your Dad's not in right now, Mitchell. Hopefully he'll call back shortly." I said.

"He's never in." Mitchell replied.

"Well, I know whom to call; she's a nurse and a friend of mine." I said.

I called Pam. Being a nurse. I knew she'd how to handle the situation.

Pam told me to encourage Mitchell not to move his arm any more than necessary until it could be examined and, if swelling appeared, to take that as a signal that he might have a serious injury.

I thanked Pam and hung up the phone.

I returned to Mitchell and looked more closely at his arm, elbow, and wrist and told him to avoid moving them as much as possible till his Dad could take him to get looked at.

The phone rang. I rushed to answer it.

"Hello, this is Mitch Thompson, is this Barry?" A voice asked.

"Yes, it is. Your son has fallen from your porch onto my patio and hurt himself...I thought you'd want to come get him, right away, and have him examined." I suggested.

"Is he OK?" Mitch asked.

"I'm no doctor, Mitch, but I called a nurse-friend of mine about it, while I was waiting on you to call. She told me what to watch for. I don't see any swelling and he's not bleeding...unless he is internally, or something." I replied.

"He's probably OK." Mitch advised; "he's like a damned monkey, always climbing on everything, doing flips and such. He's been that way since age 6, when he took up gymnastics. Put him on the phone, please." Mitch requested.

"OK, hold on." I replied.

"Mitchell, your Dad wants to speak with you." I said, as I extended the phone to him.

"Yeah?" Mitchell began.

"Uh Huh...Uh elbow, my wrist...I was being stupid, that's how..."

Mitchell looked at me and began, slowly, shaking his head from side to side. He extended his arm to exercise his elbow. He appeared to have a full range of motion and it didn't appear to hurt him as he exercised his arm.

Mitchell's conversation with his Dad continued.

"Yeah, I can move it OK. Uh Huh...I can't, the door is, the key is in the apartment...OK."

Mitchell handed the phone back to me.

"Yes, I'm here." I said.

"Barry, would you mind if he stays with you for a couple of hours till my shift is over? I carpool and I have no ride home till my shift ends. I think he's OK. He's always banging himself up, but he seems to be indestructible. I'd really appreciate it if you'd let him stay there till I get home. I'd gladly pay you to watch him." Mitch explained.

"No problem, Mitch. No remuneration required. We'll be here waiting on you." I replied.

"Thanks, Barry, I owe you one." Mitch said.

"CLICK!" The phone went dead.

I no sooner hung up the phone than it rand again. It was Pam. I explained the situation to her.

"Stupid man!" Pam stated; "He really should have that boy looked at. Oh well, you did what you could, Barry, just keep an eye on him for swelling, OK?"

"OK, Pam. Thanks for your help and your concern. I appreciate it." I said.

"Call me if you need me, Barry." Pam offered.

"Will do, Pam, BYE!" I concluded.


I turned to Mitchell and advised him that his Dad wanted him to stay with me till he could get home.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..." Mitchell began.

"No apology required, Mitchell." I interrupted; "I just hope you are OK. We need to keep a watch for swelling, OK?" I reported.

"I'm OK." Mitchell replied.

"Still, we need to be watchful." I repeated.

"OK." Mitchell agreed.

Again, the phone rang. It was Luke.

"Mom says you have some...BOY...with you. What's going on?" Luke queried.

"It's just Mitchell." I replied.

"That dumb kid from upstairs?" Luke asked.

"Yes." I replied. I was being coy, know Mitchell could hear everything I was saying.

I continued:

"Didn't your Mom tell you that he fell from his porch onto my patio and hurt himself?" I asked.

"Don't trust him, Barry. We don't know what he saw today. He could be trouble." Luke continued.

"Don't worry, Luke. I've already had all those thoughts. Be careful of what you say, your Mom might hear." I replied.

"I'm in my bedroom, she can't hear." Luke said.

"OK" Luke continued; "I'll call at my usual time for my bedtime session. Just don't trust that guy, Please!"

"OK...OK" I repeated.

"Bye, Barry, I love you." Luke concluded.

"I love you too, Luke. Don't worry. I understand." I said.


Mitchell had been listening to my conversation and said:

"I don't know who Luke is, but I think it's neat that you said I love you to him. I wish my Dad would tell me that...he'd die before he'd say I love you to me. It's a guy thing, I guess." Mitchell explained.

"Yeah, I understand. A lot of guys are like that, Mitchell, but I'm sure your Dad loves you very much, you are his son, after all." I consoled him.

"Yeah, I guess so." Mitchell replied.

"You know why I fell?" Mitchell asked.

"No, not really, did you lose your grip?" I asked, stupidly.

"Yeah, I was trying to get close enough to see through that stuff you put on your window. Did you put it there because of today? Mitchell asked.

"Well, frankly, Mitchell, yes, I did. Privacy is very important to me. I replied.

"Sorry, I didn't mean anything by it, it's not like I've never seen naked guys before. We do shower after gymnastics class, you know." Mitchell advised.

"Still, Mitchell, no one like a Peeping-Tom" I stated.

"Sorry." He repeated.

"OK, apology accepted." I replied.

"I like nude sunbathing, like you guys were doing, too. Next time you guys do it, I'd like to join you." Mitchell suggested.

"I don't think your Dad would like that too much, Mitchell, but if you need privacy, you can always sunbathe on my patio...on the lounge chair...where no one can see you, if you want. Your Dad might not like that too much, either, though." I said.

"I'd only do it while he's at work, he'd never know." Mitchell advised.

"Whatever...I just don't want to get you or me in trouble over it, that's all." I replied.

"Yeah, me either. I don't know if I should or not, but don't be surprised if you see me out there, OK?" Kevin replied.

"OK" I responded.

"My Dad watches football in the nude, sometimes." Mitchell offered.

"Really?" I replied.

"Sure does, I think it's cool, I join him sometimes, except he makes fun of my little dick, when I do. I keep waiting for it get big, like my Dad's. His is HUGE!" Mitchell replied.

This was more information than I was expecting.

"That's nice, Mitchell. In the privacy of your own apartment, you, or your Dad, can be nude all you want." I asserted.

"When will my dick get big?" Mitchell asked.

"It varies, Mitchell. What has your Dad told you about it?" I asked.

"He said it should be anytime, now. Then I'll be a stud, like him." Mitchell advised.

I chuckled.

"Well, I'm sure he's right." I replied.

"You've got a big one, I saw it today." Mitchell advised.

"That's cause you were playing Peeping Tom, huh?" I responded.

"Sorry", He repeated, "but it really is big. Maybe bigger than my Dad' big is it?"

"Mitchell, the size of my penis is not something I normally discuss, let's just say it's on the upper side of's not all that big, actually." I stated.

"Not mine, I bet I'm on the low side of low!" He smiled.

"Probably not for your age, Mitchell, don't worry, puberty progresses at it's own rate for each of us." I assured him.

"Think so, really...let me show you, then tell me what you think." He suggested.

"Well, I don't know if your Dad..." I began

By the time I had said that much, Mitchell had pulled his sweats down to his knees, revealing the absence of any underwear and proudly displaying his genitals for my observation.

"Well" I said, I guess it depends on your age, Mitchell. How old are you?"

"14" He replied.

"Well, then, I'd say that your testicles are ahead of schedule and your penis is on the short side, but not by that much. Things should normalize over the next few months. Don't worry." I advised.

"I've got big balls, huh?" He asked.

"Yes, Mitchell, you do. I'm sure they're quite active by now. Have you had your first nocturnal emission? I replied.

"Nocturn...What?" He asked.

"Wet Dream" I replied.

"Oh, you mean can I cum yet." He suggested.

"Yes, that's right." I replied.

"Sure can...Big Time!" Mitchell replied.

He continued:

"No one warned me about wet dreams, so the first one I had scared me to death. I thought something was bad wrong with me. I went running into my Dad's room and woke him up. I was crying and had cum dripping off my dick. My Dad laughed and laughed and said he was sorry he hadn't warned me about it."

Mitchell went on:

"He stripped me naked, and then found out I didn't have any clean pajamas to change into. We changed the sheets on my bed...I had made a real mess...Anyway, that was the first time I ever slept naked. Now I always sleep naked. It's cool...I can rub my dick against my bed till it wants to cum, then I can run to my bathroom and cum into the commode. It feels really GREAT. You should try it sometime."

"Wow, you're quite experienced, huh?" I stated.

"YUP!" He replied.

"Well, anyway, Mitchell, don't worry. I'm sure your penis will grow much larger soon, and it sounds like everything else is working fine." I concluded.

"Thanks, I'm sure glad to hear that." He replied as he pulled his sweats back up.

"Hey, why don't you stretch out on the sofa and relax while we wait on your Dad. I'll turn on the TV for you." I suggested.

"He complied."

I prepared a sandwich and a glass of iced-tea for Mitchell. He wasted no time gobbling it up. I took his empty plate back to the kitchen as he lie down on the sofa. I returned with the pitcher to see if he wanted a refill. He was sound asleep.

I placed a blanket over him, to keep him warm as he slept, and sat down to watch the news. About the time that the weather report had begun, there was a knock at the door. I rushed to answer it.

"Hi, you Barry?" A stranger asked.

"I am. You must be Mitchell's Dad, Welcome!" I replied.

"I really appreciate this, Barry. I hope he wasn't too much trouble." Mitch said.

"I pointed at Mitchell, still sleeping on the sofa, and said:

"He's been no problem at all."

Mitch smiled and nodded.

"Would you like something to drink?" I offered.

"Oh, no thanks, Barry, but I appreciate the offer." Mitch replied.

He continued:

"In fact, I'd like to take you to dinner this weekend to pay you back for watching Mitchell. I feel indebted."

"You don't owe me anything, Mitch. I'm glad to help. That's what neighbors are for, right?" I suggested.

He nodded.

"Well, I'd better collect him up and get him upstairs, I suppose." Mitch said.

Mitch went over to Mitchell and woke him by taking him by the arm.

"Ouch!" Mitchell responded.

He looked up to see his Dad standing there.

"Oh, Hi Dad...that hurt!" Mitchell remarked.

"You might want to get him looked at, Mitch. He took a pretty good fall." I suggested.

"Yeah, maybe and X-Ray, huh?" Mitch responded.

"I'd, at least, get him looked at by a doctor." I replied.

Mitch nodded.

"OK, young man, upstairs with us...NOW!" Mitch scolded, as Mitchell was ever-so-slow to rise from the sofa.

"See Ya Mitchell. I'm sorry to meet you under these circumstances. Take care, now." I stated.

"Yeah, me too." Mitchell replied.

"Thanks again, Barry. This means a lot to me." Mitch said, as he made his way to the staircase.

"See Ya!" I said, as I closed the door.

Wow, Daddy's cute, maybe we can watch football together." I chuckled to myself.

Luke's bedtime session soon arrived and, as if on cue, the phone rang. It was Luke.

"How's Mitchell?" He asked

"OK, I guess. His Dad came and took him home. I hope he gets that arm looked at." I replied.

"Dumb Kid!" Luke asserted.

"You ready for bedtime, sweetheart?" I asked.

"There's precum running down my dick right now, Barry/ I'm ready. Talk to me, Please!" Luke requested.

"Luke, my love, my beautiful boy, you are the one and only one I love. Every breath, every heartbeat you experience marks a growth point in my love for you." I began.

I could hear his breath grow slow and heavy as he stroked his beautiful perfectly formed penis. I could envision the precum coursing its way down his penis and into his pubic hair, as he masturbated. It made me hot too. I took out my own penis and began playing with it, as I continued speaking to Luke:

"Luke, you're the most beautiful, sexy, and loving boy in the entire world. I want only you, there is no other for me, there never will be. Never worry; never feel jealous, my commitment to you is absolute. I wish I were there to accept your hot cum. I want it all...I'm selfish...I want it all."

"Oh God, Barry, I love you." Luke whispered.

"Here it is, Barry, I'm's just for you." Luke said, as he unloaded his precious cum.

His breath remained slow and labored as he whispered:

"You now, Barry, cum for me. I want it. I want it all."

"I'm stroking it, even now, sweet Luke. Talk to me, baby, and I'll cum for you." I said.

Luke began whispering to me over the phone:

"God, Barry, I'm glad to hear you state your commitment for me. It was hard for me to share you with Kevin, even knowing it was to be a one-time thing. I love you, Barry, I love only you. Your hot, sweet cum is your seal that protects our love for each other. No Kevin, no Mitchell, no anyone, could ever love you as I do. Never doubt it, Barry. I'm yours, completely. I always will be. Now...cum for me, Barry, cum for me. I hear you breathing, cum for me, Barry...PLEASE!"

Sweet Luke, you have your wish, here I...Uhhhhh...Uhhhhh...I'm cumming, baby. It's all for you. Only you." I whispered back.

I blasted cum all over my tee-shirt and did so for the entire extended ejaculation...the ejaculation that only Luke can bring me to. When I finally regained my composure, I spoke to Luke:

"Sweet Luke, I had no idea that the special privilege we granted to Kevin would evoke any sort of jealousy in you. Remember, we did it as a one-time thing to demonstrate the permanency of our friendship and love for him. Please don't worry, my love is entirely yours. You know that. If you had told me how uncomfortable you were with it, we'd have found some other way to show Kevin how much we love him, as a FRIEND."

I continued:

"That's the key, baby, we love Kevin as a friend, and we expressed it physically, so he'd always remember the experience. You and I, sweet Luke, love each other on a much higher plateau. We're lovers; we're in each others soul. We are one. Never doubt it, my sweet boy. My love for you is both exclusive and exhaustive. It's all for you. That's how it will always be."

"Barry" Luke interrupted; "I love you and only you in the same way. God, Barry, you mean everything to me. I could never be without you now."

"God willing, sweetheart, you'll never have to be without me. I couldn't be without you either. I swear it!" I replied.

"Goodnight, Barry, I'll call for my wake up session in the morning, as usual." Luke concluded.

"Goodnight, my love, sleep tight. Know we're in each others souls at all times. I'll be there as you sleep tonight. I'll be there when you wake. I love you, baby. BYE till morning." I said, ending our call.


----------------END of PT I ------------------

PS: More of the story of Mitchell's intersection with the lives of Luke and myself will be forthcoming in "Mitchell" PT II.