Mitchell PT II



Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence.

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Note: This story assumes "facts" and persons introduced in my earlier submissions titled: "Luke and Kevin...the story continues" and in "Mitchell"

(See postings: "Luke and Kevin": 12-20-06; "Luke and Kevin, the story continues": 1-19-07 and "Mitchell": 1-21-07)

I was just getting out of a refreshing, hot shower, when the phone rang. It was Mitch.

"Hi, Barry, hope I didn't wake you up." He said.

"No, I was just getting ready for bed. I just took a hot shower; it relaxes me and helps me sleep. In fact, I'm standing here, dripping wet." I replied.

"Sorry bout that, I'll be quick. I thought you'd want to know I took Mitchell over to the Quick Care and got him looked at. His arm is just bruised, but they found that his wrist was sprained. They wrapped it in ACE bandage and want him to keep it immobilized for a while. Anyway, he's fine. I know you were concerned about the little guy, so I thought I'd let you know that you don't need to worry. He's fine." Mitch advised.

"I'm glad to hear that, Mitch. Thanks for letting me know." I replied.

"Thanks again for watching him earlier, Barry, I sure appreciate it. Mitchell said you were very kind to him, and fed him, and took good care of him. He thinks you're a nice guy, so do I." Mitch complimented me.

"Thanks, Mitch, you're very kind." I replied.

"Well, I'd better let you get dried off now. Thanks for your help. Don't worry about Mitchell, he's gonna be OK." Mitch concluded.

"Say goodnight to him for me, Mitch, and tell him I'm glad he's OK." I said.

"Will do! Barry. Thanks again and Goodnight. Mitch responded."

"Anytime, Mitch, Bye for now." I replied.

"Yeah, Bye, Barry." Mitch said, as he hung up the phone.

Soon, I was in bed, and ready fro some sleep. My dreams were of my sweet, sweet, Luke. My deep love for him places him in my dreams almost exclusively. He's so precious to me. I could never be worthy of Luke and I knew how blessed I was that he had chosen to pour his precious love onto me. He was physically beautiful, but all the more was his soul a thing of immeasurable beauty. His capacity for genuine love was also immeasurable. I relished in the knowledge that I'd never exhaust that capacity.

Luke's unique trait of hypergonadism, his practically non-existent refractory period and ability to reload and cum in copious quantities, within 15 minutes after his last ejaculation, was something I'd never encountered.

It's like he was made just for me, cause I had an equally inexhaustible appetite for his delicious essence. My love for him was infinite, in human terms, and had grown to a point that I was one with him, and never wanted it to be otherwise. I'd give up my very existence to become a single cell in his heart, if it would sustain him.

My heart leapt, when the phone awakened me in the morning, knowing it would be Luke, ready for his morning jerk-off session.

"Good morning, Barry. I hope you slept well." Luke began.

"Good morning, sweet Luke. I dreamt of you all night." I replied.

"Me too, I always dream about you, Barry, and about us together." Luke declared.

"I love you, Luke. I suppose you're ready for your morning session, huh?" I asked.

"Of course, I am. I'm making precum and my dick is throbbing, just thinking of you, Barry." Luke said.

"How about you, Barry, you ready to join me? You know I love it when we cum at the same time." Luke said.

"Yeah, let me grab some tissues from the box here, and of course the special baggie...OK, I'm ready." I replied.

"Talk to me, Barry. I'm starting now." Luke advised.

I began:

"Luke, I dreamt of you all night. There's always such a hole in my life when you're not at my side. I live for you, sweet boy, you and no one else. I wish I were there with you now. I can only envision you lying there, stroking your beautiful penis, painting it with all your precious precum. I bet that's what's happening right now...isn't it?" I said.

"Yes...yes, it is, Barry." He whispered.

"I can see it in my mind's eye, a sight of great passion and beauty. I want it all, sweet Luke. Cum for me, baby, cum for only me...are you there yet, ready to cum?" I asked.

Here it is, Barry. It's for...Uhhhh...Uhhhh...It's for you, Barry. It's always for you." Luke whispered.

"God, I wish I were there to take it into me, Luke. Your cum belongs in me, its home is me." I declared.

"You know I'll save it for you, Barry. I'll gather it into the baggie for you, like always." Luke assured me.

"I know, Baby, I'm using your cum from the last baggie to lube my dick as I masturbate, right now. It feels so wonderful, and knowing it's your cum that my dick is swimming in makes me super-hot. I love you Luke!" I explained.

"Cum now, Barry, cum. I want to visualize it in my mind. Cum for me, please." Luke requested.

"I am, Luke, right now, I'm...Oh God...I'm cumming, Luke, right now...Uhhhh...Uhhhh...OH God, Luke...just for you." I said, as I instantly saturated the tissue and my cum dripped onto my abdomen.

"Barry?" Luke said.

"Yes, my love." I replied.

"I can't wait till we're together, forever." Luke asserted.

"I know, sweetheart, me too." I replied.

"Well...I gotta get ready for school, Barry. I'll be thinking of you every chance I get, like always. I love you." Luke said.

"I love you too, Luke, you're always in my thoughts." I replied.

"I'll talk to you tonight. Mom will be on night shift next week, so we'll be together every night, then. I can't wait." Luke advised.

"Me too, lover. I can't wait." I replied.

I replied.

"BYE, sweet Luke." I concluded.

"BYE, Barry. I love you." Luke assured me.


I was up against a deadline on an article I was writing, so I rushed to gat through the morning ritual; shower, shave, etc., so I could make an early appearance at my little cubicle at The Herald. When I opened the apartment door, much to my surprise, I found a single rose attached to the doorknob.

Wow! Who...why...I wondered, as I opened the small card accompanying the rose.

"Thanks for taking such good care of me after my fall, me and Dad won't forget it." Signed: Mitchell

How very sweet. I thought. But, a rose? From one guy to another...Huh! I would never have thought Mitch, who must've been behind this act of thanks, would have selected a flower to make his point...Oh well...I haven't got time to think about it now. I thought.

I returned, briefly, to the apartment and placed my rose in a small vase. Then, I resumed my morning rush to the office.

I worked through breaks and lunch, but I satisfied the deadline. I was pooped, so I decided I'd go home a little early. I was back at the apartment at 4:00PM. I went to the kitchen and prepared my usual cocktail. I went to the bedroom and removed my tie, shirt, suit,...everything. It felt good, as always, to be naked. I returned to the living room, with my drink and my briefcase, and began thumbing through some research material I has assembled for my next article.

I went to the picture window and opened the drapes to let in some light to facilitate my reading.

There, to my surprise, was Mitchell. He had wasted no time getting home from school, getting naked, and lounging in the Sun on my patio. His clothes were draped over one lounge as he was sunbathing in the other. He was completely naked, except for the ACE Bandage on his right wrist.

The mirror film on the window kept him from being aware that I was home and was enjoying his little show...or...was he aware, and just teasing me? In any case, it proved to be quite a show, indeed.

After a few moments, Mitchell rolled over on his belly and poked his penis through the tight webbing of the lounge chair to dangle toward the ground. He began to thrust his butt up and down as if he were fucking the lounge chair. His penis protruded and retracted through the webbing until precum began to drip from his penis onto the concrete slab floor of the patio.

When his precum became produced in generous quantities, He rolled back over onto his back and tried to finish himself off with his right hand, but the ACE bandage and his sprained wrist was making it awkward for him. He changed hands, but was having trouble keeping his rhythm. I wanted to through open the door and offer to assist him, but I resisted. Finally his body went stiff as his dick exploded, shooting cum to a remarkable height, probably 2 feet straight up into the air, then landing on his abdomen and running into his pubic hair...5 or 6 spasms of it.

Wow, I thought, that was impressive.

Mitchell's body went limp, as he lie still to recover from his powerful ejaculation. He was still holding his semi-erect penis in his hand and his residual cum ran his hand and into that same sparse pubic hair to join the rest.

He, then, took a towel he had placed at the foot of the lounge chair and began wiping himself of cum and suntan oil. His penis glistened in the Sun with cum pooled at his meatus and oil on his shaft. It was extremely erotic. When he finished wiping himself off, he placed the towel on a hook on the fence, normally reserved for my grill utensils, then returned to the lounge chair to lie down.

He went, promptly, to sleep, his hands raised and tucked under his head to act as a pillow.

Mitchell had a very nice physique, and it was on display for me, right there on my patio.

Wow, I thought, as I returned to the kitchen to freshen my cocktail, I hope that doesn't go to waste in some pussy.

I watched from the window as he slept, residual cum still dripping from his penis onto his abdomen. God, he was so HOT looking. After about a half hour, I became a little concerned, however, since he had done such a good job of wiping off the suntan oil. I feared that the vicious Texas Sun would soon burn him.

I opened the patio door, myself still naked, and said:

"Hi Mitchell, I see you decided to take me up on my offer to use my patio to sunbathe...GREAT!"

He was not startled. He opened his eyes and turned his head to talk to me.

"Oh, Hi Barry. I thought I heard your Camaro pull in. Looks like you're ready for some sunbathing too. Wanna join me? He suggested.

"I'd love to, but I've got some work to do. I was worried you might get sunburn, lying there asleep all this time." I cautioned.

"Oh, you been watching for a while, huh?" He asked.

"Long enough, I guess. Don't worry; you weren't doing anything the rest of us don't also do." I said, with a grin.

"You saw me jerking off?" He asked.

"It's OK, we all do it. You were impressive at it too." I replied.

"Really, Thanks, Barry. I've never been able to discuss stuff like this with anyone, not really." He advised.

"How about your Dad?" I asked.

"Oh sure, he taught me how to masturbate, I do it like he does, but after he taught me, we really don't talk about it anymore." He replied.

"I see. Well, your Dad taught you well. You have a good technique, which, I bet is really good when you don't have that bandage to contend shot cum so high I thought it would go higher than the fence, for a minute there." I remarked.

He smiled a big smile.

"Really, I did good?" He asked.

"You sure did real good." I assured him.

"Thanks, I've had lots of practice, that's for sure. They say that practice makes perfect, huh? I'm not so good with my left hand, but this bandage will come off in a week or so." He explained.

"Well, keep practicing, Mitchell. Maybe you really will be able to shoot over the fence. That would be awesome!" I said with a chuckle.

"My Dad said all guys jerk off till they get old enough for pussy. I haven't had any pussy yet, but maybe, pretty soon...there's this girl at school...and...well, maybe." He advised.

"Actually, all guys jerk off, Mitchell, even after they've become sexually active, married, and all that stuff. All guys do it for all their lives, Mitchell, so don't be self conscious about it. It's perfectly normal." I explained.

"Cool, cause I like it and don't want to stop when I start getting pussy." He advised.

"Well, you don't need to stop, Mitchell, and don't be in too big a hurry to get some pussy, either. It's not all it's cracked up to be." I laughed.

"Thanks, Barry. You're really cool." He said.

"You're welcome, Mitchell. Feel free to come here anytime and masturbate to your heart's content. I hope you don't mind if I watch, if I happen to be here, it reminds me of my youth." I suggested.

"'s OK with me, I'm not shy." He replied.

He continued:

"Hey, you want to jerk off with me, we can see who gets off the fastest, like a race or we do on camp-outs in the boy scouts."

"Maybe, sometime. I've got to get back to work, now." I replied.

"OK, I better go home now and shower before Dad gets home." He said.

He quickly dressed into his sweats and made his exit via the patio gate.

"See Ya!" he said, as the gate slammed shut behind him.

I turned to go back into the apartment. As I did, I saw Mitchell's towel, still hanging on the hook. I went and raised it to my face. Much stronger than the typical smell of suntan oil, was the chlorine-like smell of young cum that Mitchell had deposited there. I took in several deep breaths of it. I saturated my olfactory with it. It was delicious.

Damn, I thought to myself, this kid is GOOD!