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Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence.

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Note: This story assumes "facts" and persons introduced in my earlier submissions titled: "Luke and Kevin...the story continues" and in "Mitchell"

(See postings: "Luke and Kevin": 12-20-06; "Luke and Kevin II, the story continues": 1-19-07, "Mitchell": 1-21-07 and Mitchell PT II 1-23-07)

The aroma of Mitchell's cum was still in my nostrils, as I closed the door to the patio. I left Mitchell's towel on the hook, as he had left it, assuming he'd likely return for it.

Mitchell's cum was quickly drying to a crystalline state on my scrotum, held in place by the pubic hair on my balls. I couldn't resist pinching a quantity of it between my thumb and forefinger and bringing it to my tongue for a little taste.

Not Bad! I thought to myself.

Mitchell's cum had that typical granular "meat tenderizer" taste that one would expect. I had often pondered as to just what Adolph's uses to make that stuff with. He certainly did NOT have the sweet taste I had grown accustomed to with my beautiful Luke. Still, it was a nice addendum to the rose that Mitchell had gifted me with.

I spent the next hour reviewing the research material I had brought home from The Herald.

I took a break from my research and returned to the kitchen to freshen my drink and consider what to prepare for dinner. Just as I finished refreshing my drink, there was a knock on the door.

Now What! I thought to myself.

Still naked, I called through the door, to avoid opening it.

"YES!" I shouted.

"It's ME, Mitchell" A voice called back.

"You alone?" I called back.

"Yeah, it's just me." He shouted back.

I opened the door to see Mitchell standing there in nothing more than his bathrobe, and carrying his sweats, from his earlier sunbathing session, bundled in his hands.

I ushered him into the apartment, so I could close the door. He wasted no time making his entrance.

"It's cold out there." Mitchell stated.

Yeah, well, it's Spring in Texas, Mitchell, hot as Hell during the day and cold at night...you know how it is." I suggested.

"Yeah, I guess so." He replied.

"Sorry I kept you waiting, but being undressed as I am, I didn't want to just throw the door open to just anyone who might be standing there." I explained.

"You like to be naked, huh?" He replied.

"Yes, I do. I'm most comfortable when I'm not encumbered with clothing. I stay nude as much as I can." I replied.

"That's cool, that's why I sleep nude...I'd be nude all the time, if I could." He informed me.

"Well, you can be nude anytime you're visiting me, Mitchell, as long as no one else is here at the time." I offered.

"Wow, Really?" He asked. "Like right now?"

"Sure, if you want." I replied.

He removed his robe and draped it over a chair. His compelling physique was impossible not to drink in with my eyes. I hoped he didn't realize that that was what I was doing.

"I want to ask you a favor, Barry. Could you wash these for me, so Dad doesn't wonder why the hamper smells like suntan oil? I can pick them up whenever you say so." He requested.

"Sure." I replied; "should I also wash your towel? You left it on the patio." I said.

"OK, if you want to. I left the towel on the patio to be my cum towel, but you can wash it if you want." Mitchell explained.

"Well, if the towel has a special purpose like that, we'll leave it as it is, for now." I suggested.

"OK." Mitchell agreed.

"Let me have those, Mitchell, we'll wash them right now." I said.

"GREAT!" He replied; "Dad called and said he'd be home after bedtime, cause the guy he rides with has to work late. So I've got at least a couple hours." He advised.

I placed Mitchell's sweats into the washer and started it. He had followed me to the utility room and watched me as I began the wash cycle.

"We don't have a washer." He said.

"No?" I replied.

"Naw, Dad takes our stuff to the Laundromat." He replied.

"I see." I said.

"Yeah, we don't have too much. Dad doesn't make much money, but he says we'll get by." Mitchell explained.

"I'm sure he does his best, Mitchell. These days, the cost of living is very high." I advised.

"Oh, he does...he does...he works really hard to make enough to take care of us." Mitch assured me.

"Mitchell, I was just considering what to prepare for dinner, would you like to join me, or have you already had dinner?" I asked.

"You sure it's OK, Barry, that would be GREAT. Our fridge is pretty much empty till Dad gets home, later, with some groceries. Thanks, Barry, I'm starving." He replied.

"OK then, have a seat, and I'll get things started." I suggested.

Mitchell sat at the table, with his chair turned toward the counter, to more easily chat with me. He sat with his legs spread wide apart, fully exposing himself for my observation. His penis draped down his scrotum, which had assumed a fully extended state.

"Since we don't have a lot of time, how would a cheeseburger and fries work for you, Mitchell?" I asked.

"That would be GREAT! Thanks." He replied.

"I'd prefer to feed you healthier fare, but that would take a good bit longer, and I'm not sure if we have that much time. I'm sure your Dad expects to find you at home, waiting for him, when he arrives." I suggested.

"A burger is fine, Barry. Really!" He said.

I began removing the ground chuck from the fridge along with the other ingredients necessary for our dinner. I couldn't help noticing Mitchell observing my genitals as I prepared the meat patties, sliced the tomatoes, etc., finally, he spoke up:

"I hope my dick gets as big as yours, Barry. No one could pick on me in the showers, then."

"Pay them no mind, Mitchell. It's, unfortunately, true that kids can be extremely cruel. You must be more mature than they and not allow them to get into your head." I instructed.

"Really?" He said.

"Sure, Mitchell, there's probably some other trait about you they are envious of, so they try to build themselves up by pulling you down. It's all pretty basic psychology, actually.

I explained.

"I don't know what about me they could be jealous about. I'm just an ordinary guy, nothin' special." He replied.

"Well, it's hard to say, Mitchell. You have many physical traits that most of your classmates probably don't have." I suggested.

"Like what?" Mitchell inquired.

"For starters, you have a really great physique, and you're very cute. I bet most of those who pick on you are neither, huh?" I asked.

"I dunno...I guess not...you really think I have a good build, Barry?" Mitchell replied.

"Follow Me!" I instructed.

I took him to the master bathroom, where there was a full length mirror. I positioned him in the profile and had him turn his head to view himself in that view.

"Look for yourself, Mitchell. You have a firm, little, well shaped butt, an ideal butt, really. Look at the muscular shape of your legs, look at your torso. If you worked out just a little more, you'd have a real six pack there. Look at the shape of your nose and ears. They couldn't be custom ordered to be more perfect than they are. You're really quite attractive. Your penis, as we've discussed before, needs to catch up with your balls, a bit, but that will happen soon enough. Overall, Mitchell, you're quite a specimen. I'd be jealous if I saw you in the shower and I was your age. If the only thing I had, compared to you was a larger penis, then I might use that fact as a weapon to tease you with, as they apparently do. Ignore them, my young friend. They're just jealous and are trying to get into your head to hurt you." I instructed.

"You really think my dick will catch up?" He asked.

I reached over and took his penis into my hand and squeezed it gently. He did not recoil at my touch.

"It sure will, Mitchell, don't worry." I assured him"

I raised his penis to look directly into his meatus. His urethra was large and terminated with no restrictions into that same happy meatus. I took my thumbs and spread his meatus for a better look. He began to become erect, as I handled him gently and in doctor-fashion, trying not to make him aware I was trying to arouse him.

"Sorry, I'm getting hard, I can't help it. What you're doing feels really good, Barry, much better than when I play with it myself. I've never let anyone else play with me...it feels GREAT!" He said.

"Don't be sorry. It's normal to respond like this, Mitchell. It would be abnormal if you didn't respond like this. It's just how we guys are wired, we all respond to being touched, don't be embarrassed. It's perfectly normal, I assure you, my young friend." I explained.

"Wow, I didn't realized we were wired this way." He replied.

"Sure, we all are. Do you know where the various nerve centers are that cause you to respond like this? It's important to know where they are, so you can maximize your sexual pleasure, whether you are masturbating or engaging in sex with another person." I explained.

"Well, I don't guess I really know, except the head of my dick is sensitive and feels real good when I rub it on my mattress." He replied.

"If I show you, you won't go nuts on me will you?" I asked.

"Oh Hell No, I've got to learn it from someone...I told you before, I'm not shy." He replied.

"OK, I'll show you a couple of things, then. Let's start with your balls. OK?" I asked.

OK" He said.

I cupped his balls in my hand and began to knead them gently, then lightly stroking the sparse hairs on his scrotum with one hand as I continued to massage his balls with the other.

"God, that does feel good...really good...look at my penis, Barry, it's making that clear stuff. It always does that before I shoot." Mitchell advised.

"That's referred to, in colloquial terms, as precum. It's a lubricant from two small pea-sized glands near the base of your penis called the Cowpers glands. That fluid makes it easier for you cum to slide down your urethra and shoot out your meatus, or the end of your penis." I explained.

"Cool!" He said.

"When a guy stimulates his penis, or better yet, when someone else stimulates it for him, precum is one of the reactions that occur. It prepares him for the ejaculation that is expected to occur, thereafter. Also notice that your balls, or testicles, to be correct, are also sensitive to being handled." I said.

"Yeah, it feels GREAT, Barry, thanks for teaching me all this stuff." Mitchell replied.

"There's more, Mitchell, be patient, OK?" I said.

"OK, show me." He replied.

"Well, if you were to watch yourself masturbate in a mirror, you'd see that shortly before you cum, your ball sack, or scrotum, will contract and pull your balls in close to your abdomen, helping to pump sperm up to two holding vessels inside you body, called your seminal vesicles, where it waits for you to shoot it out when you cum." I explained.

"I never noticed that." He replied.

"Well, hold on for a few minutes, then you'll see it happen." I said.

"I'm gonna shoot?" He asked.

"If you want to, Mitchell, if you'd rather not, we'd better stop now, before you reach the emission phase." I suggested.

"No, it's cool, I'll shoot. You've already seen me shoot...it's no big deal." He replied.

"OK, let's continue, then, while you're still hard." I advised.

"Yeah, OK, go ahead." He replied.

"OK, let's move on to your penis, then." I suggested.

"OK, teach me all of it, Barry, I want to know it all." He said.

"Well, the shaft of your penis is, perhaps, the least sensitive to touch, but by stroking your shaft, you're actually stimulating the head of your penis, which is the glans-penis or simply the glans. The glans has two very sensitive nerve centers." I stated.

"Show me." Mitchell insisted.

I took his penis in my hand to show him. He looked down to see what I was doing and looked me over too.

"Look, Barry, you're really hard too, and there's that clear stuff...er...precum...dripping off your penis." He proclaimed.

"Yeah, that's normal too. When you handle someone else's equipment, your own equipment responds in kind." I replied.

"Wow, you really make a lot of precum, Barry." He observed.

"You too, Mitchell, look at yours stringing its way toward the floor." I replied.

Yeah...Wow... I've never made this much precum before, this is GREAT, is it cause your doing it for me, instead of me doing myself? He inquired.

"Exactly!" I replied.

"Show me more." Mitchell begged.

"OK, see here along the rear edge of your glans is this ridge...it's called the corona ring. It's extremely sensitive to being manipulated, whether by hand, or in a vagina, or in response to felatio, or..."

"Fel..at...o...?" He interrupted

"That's a blow job, you've heard of blowjobs, right?" I asked.

"You mean getting my dick sucked?" He replied.

"Well, that's part of it, but, actually, during felatio your glans gets wet and slick and manipulated by the tongue and mouth and the feeling of pleasure that results is unique and utterly fabulous...mind blowing, actually." I asserted.

"Wow!" He replied.

"Usually, the entire penis is slid in and out of the mouth, sometimes deep into the throat, which causes the glans to further swell. The friction upon the corona ring during this process is extremely pleasurable...like I said...mind-blowing." I repeated.

I reached over to the sink counter and took a little liquid K-Y from the bottle there, and spread it around on his glans.

"Now, Watch!" I instructed.

I slid my forefinger around the circumference of his corona ring with a little pressure, several times.

He went stiff, and his penis began to palpitate.

Holy Crap! That feels wonderful, Barry, do it some more." He begged.

"OK, but first, there's the frenulum." I said.

"Show me." Mitchell said again.

"OK, see this little flap of skin that comes off the opening in your penis, remember, that's your meatus, and travels down your shaft to about the circumcision point?" I demonstrated, as I stroked it.

"God, that feels good, too, Barry, I didn't know any of this stuff. Thanks, Barry." He said.

"This little flap is called your frenulum; it has a lot of nerves in it too." I instructed.

"God, you really know your stuff, Barry." He said as his breathing became heavy.

"Barry?" he said.

"Yes, Mitchell." I replied.

"I think I need to cum now." He insisted.

"I understand. That'll give you a chance to watch your scrotum contract as you cum, as I explained to you a while ago." I said.

"Show me." He said.

"OK, turn to face the mirror and get up closer to it." I said.

He complied.

"Now, you just watch your scrotum, you just concentrate on your scrotum and what it's doing. I'll jerk you off from behind. OK?" I suggested.

"You're gonna jerk me off?" He asked, sheepishly.

"If it's OK with you. That way you can just watch your scrotum and not have to concentrate on your stroke rhythm. Just think of it as a medical procedure, if you're not comfortable with another guy jerking you off, OK?" I said.

"It's OK, I don't mind, go ahead." He responded.

"OK, let me explain a couple of things first." I said.

"OK, hurry, I need to cum." He replied.

"OK, I'll hurry. There are four major stages to the male sexual experience.

I continued:

"You're already at stage 1: arousal, which includes erection. You get that hot feeling all over, your heartbeat increases, your face and body blush...you want to cum. You begin to masturbate in one fashion or another. Your Cowper's glands prepare the way by pumping lubricant...precum...into your urethra.

Next comes the "emission" phase. It's that point you arrive at when you've masturbated for a period long enough to make the juices flow, so to speak. It means that you arrive at a point where you are "cocked and loaded" and there's no going back

During the emission phase, your prostate gland, testicles, seminal vesicles all pour their contents into your ejaculatory duct. You get that feeling that tells you you're going to cum, and there's no stopping it.

Next is the ejaculation phase. That's when you actually shoot cum out of your penis, because muscles at the base of you penis have begun producing powerful spasms at a rate of one every 1.8 seconds, forcing your cum to shoot out, and producing that ecstasy called orgasm.

Finally, the 4th stage is called the refractory period. This is when your penis goes soft after you cum and refuses to get hard again for some period of time. Your heartbeat and other functions return to normal."

"God, Barry, Hurry! I need to cum." He begged.

I took his penis in hand and began stroking it from behind him, my penis pressed against his butt crack.

He began to go stiff, pressing his butt crack against my penis, as he did. He had reached emission. His face was red, and, as I had instructed him, his scrotum retracted, even as he watched.

"Uhhhhh...now, Barry...I'm cumming." He exclaimed.

He shot his hot, stringy cum all over the mirror. It ran slowly down the mirror and pooled on the tile floor, below.

"Oh God, it's the best I've ever done, it was GREAT, Barry. Thanks for teaching me all this stuff." He said.

I held his penis in place until it, finally, stopped palpitating and the cum had stopped dripping from his meatus.

I felt his weight shift, he needed to sit down. I assumed a squatting position to allow my lap to act as a seat for him. He placed his but in it and sat as I squatted to be his chair.

"Did you see your scrotum contract just before you came?" I asked.

"Yeah...pretty cool...it does that automatically, huh?" He affirmed.

"Yes, automatically." I repeated.

"You OK, Mitchell?" I asked.

"Yeah, it just took so much out of me I needed to sit down for a minute, I'm OK now, except, I made a mess on your mirror and your floor. I'll get a paper towel and wipe it up, don't worry." He replied.

"Leave it, Mitchell. I'll take care of it later." I replied.

"But, it's nasty." He said.

"Nonsense, who told you that." I said.

I reached to the tip of his penis and painted my fingers with his residual cum.

"Look" I said.

He turned his head to see what I was going to do with his cum. He was still sitting on my lap.

I licked his cum from my fingers. His eyes opened wide, but before he could speak, I said:

"See...if it were nasty, would I have tasted it like that?"

"You mean it's not gross?!?" He asked.

"Of course not. Not if you're healthy. If you have the flu or some disease, it will get into your cum, then, that's different, but if you're healthy, it's not much different that exchanging saliva as one does during a kiss." I said.

"Wow" He remarked.

"Wow, indeed, my young friend. We'd better get back to our hamburger making now...you're starving, remember?" I reminded him

He smiled

"You need to cum too, Barry. Look, you're leaking precum everywhere, you know?" He suggested.

"I suppose I do, well, let me see if I can make a bigger splat than you did on the mirror, there." I said, with a smile.

"Stand up, now, Mitchell, so I can get to my dick, and I'll see what I can do." I said.

It didn't take too many strokes before I, too, blew cum all over the mirror.

"Wow, you really needed to let that out, huh?" Mitchell declared.

"Yeah, I did." I replied.

"Your balls must be in high gear, Barry, that was a humongous bunch of cum." Mitchell said, with a smile.

"Thanks, Mitchell; I've always been that way." I replied.

"Wow, I hope I get to cum like that." Mitchell declared.

"I'm sure you'll get there, Mitchell, don't worry." I assured him.

To my great surprise, Mitchell reached over and took my dick in his hand. Before I could say anything, he took my residual cum onto his fingers and tasted it.

"Not bad. I guess, kinda tangy, but not gross or anything." He stated.

"The taste of cum, Mitchell is somewhat affected by your diet and what you eat or drink, or whether you smoke and certain other factors, as well. I'm pretty careful about all of those things, so my cum is usually pretty neutral tasting. I know one guy who's cum is actually sweet, like sugar-milk...it's very unusual." I remarked.

I figured it was time to change the subject.

"Let's get those burgers finished." I exclaimed.

We returned to the kitchen, where I moved Mitchell's sweats to the dryer. I returned to the kitchen to continue preparing our dinner.

We ate our modest meal and I continued to answer Mitchell's many questions regarding the four stages and the other particulars regarding how boy-parts function.

We finished just as the dryer buzzed to alert us that Mitchell's sweats were done.

I removed them from the dryer, folded them neatly, and took them to the living room, placing them on the chair, next to Mitchell's robe.

When I returned to the breakfast nook, I removed Mitchell's, now, licked-clean plate from in front of him and placed it in the sink.

"I'm sorry, Barry, that wasn't fair." Mitchell said out-of-the-blue.

"Whatever do you mean?" I asked.

"I should have jerked you off, too." He responded.

"Oh, don't worry, Mitchell. It was I teaching you, that's all...NO Problem." I assured him.

"Next time, Barry, next time." He insisted.

"Don't worry about it, Mitchell, actually there's only one person I allow to masturbate me, like that...someone I love very deeply." I replied.

"OK, but I owe you one." He insisted.

I smiled.

"Well, I guess I better get upstairs before Dad gets home. Thanks for everything, Barry, especially teaching me about how my body and all my boy-parts work. It was GREAT!.....I've never cum like that before...EVER!" He complimented me.

"You got your key?" I asked.

"Yeah, in my robe pocket." He replied.

I walked him to the door, after he had put on his robe and collected his sweats. He hugged me tightly, then opened the door and disappeared up the stairs.

What a remarkable kid! I thought to myself


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