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Note: This story assumes "facts" and persons introduced in my earlier submissions titled: "Luke and Kevin...the story continues" and in "Mitchell"

(See postings: "Luke and Kevin": 12-20-06; "Luke and Kevin II, the story continues": 1-19-07, "Mitchell": 1-21-07 and Mitchell PT II 1-23-07)

I had settled into a deep sleep, after my usual bedtime jerk-off session with my precious Luke. My dreams were filled with sexual encounters with Luke and all the passion that accompanies such encounters. We were in the middle of a hot, steamy 69 session when I was awakened with a start. My dark room was silent as I shook off the sleep, wondering what the Hell had interrupted my dream of my sweet Luke.

I removed my legs from under the blanket and turned to sit on the edge of the bed. I looked at the alarm clock, 2:00AM it informed me.

Oh Shit! I complained to myself. Now I'm awake, I'll never get back to sleep.

Suddenly, I heard a muffled noise coming from the living room.

"What the Hell!" I exclaimed aloud.

I opened the bedroom door to hear a clear knocking at my front door.

"WHAT?" I shouted through the door.

"Barry, it's me, Mitchell." Came the reply.

I opened the door to find Mitchell standing there, once more in his robe only. He looked frightened and on the verge of crying. He was, obviously in distress.

"What's wrong, Mitchell?" I asked as I ushered him into the apartment, so no one else would see me standing naked in my doorway.

"My Dad...he hasn't come home yet, and it's two in the morning. I'm afraid something has happened to him. Mitchell advised.

"He's always home by now, huh?" I asked.

"He always comes straight home after work...ALWAYS!" Mitchell replied, strongly.

"OK, Don't panic, Mitchell, we'll figure this out...you're safe here with me for now...calm down, now." I assured him.

I took him into my embrace. He was trembling in my arms. I hugged him, tightly, and stroked his hair.

"It's OK...It's OK, Mitchell. You're here with me now, we'll find your Dad, and you'll be safe with me while we do. I'll stay with you till we get this all sorted out...calm down now, sweet boy...It's all going to be fine." I reassured him.

I continued to hold him until he stopped trembling. He placed his arms around me and hugged me tightly, even as I was embracing him.

"Help me, Barry, Please." He begged.

"I'm here, Mitchell, don't worry, you know I'll help you, of course I will. Let's sit down on the sofa here and think this out, OK?" I suggested.

We moved to the sofa and sat down, Mitchell, still holding me around the waist, as I sat next to him. His robe fell open as he sat down, revealing his beauty to me once more. I pulled his head to my breast and resumed stroking his bountiful hair.

"Where could he be?" Mitchell asked.

"I don't know, sweetheart, I don't know. Does he sometimes stop off for a drink or something like that, after work?" I suggested.

"No, we can't afford that kind of thing, we only barely keep food in the apartment, Barry, he never goes anywhere after work, he comes right home...Always!" Mitchell informed me.

"OK, sweetheart, OK." I replied.

My mind was reeling at all this. I wasn't sure what to do.

"Mitchell, sweetheart, did you check to see if he might have left a message on your answering machine? You might have slept through his call." I suggested.

"We don't have an answering machine, Barry." Mitchell replied.

OK, Mitchell, OK" I said.

"Where could he be?" Mitchell asked.

"We'll find him." I assured him.

He relaxed in my arms, as I continued to stroke his hair.

I was thinking as quickly as possible as to what to do next.

"Mitchell, do you know how to call-forward your phone?" I asked.

"No" He responded.

"OK, let's go upstairs and forward your phone to mine, so we'll know if your Dad should call, OK?" I suggested.

"OK" He replied.

"First, let me write a note, so if your Dad shows up, he'll know where you are." I said.

"OK" He replied.

I put on my robe. We went upstairs to Mitch and Mitchell's apartment. Mitchell had not been kidding me; the apartment was sparsely furnished, at best.

I posted my note in a conspicuous place and placed the phone on forward.

We returned to my apartment.

"God, Barry, what will I do without him?" Mitchell asked, half crying.

"Don't even think such thoughts, Mitchell. I'm sure it'll all be OK. I'll take good care of you while we find out what's going on. I promise." I assured him.

I continued:

"Do you know the phone number of the fellow your Dad carpools with?" I asked.

"No" He replied.

"OK, I have another idea." I said.

I called a friend on the night desk at The Herald and asked him to check the police blotter on the computer to see if there was anything posted regarding Mitchell's father.

Sure Enough...he had been involved in an auto accident, and had been taken to Parkland hospital.

I thanked my friend and hung up the phone.

I turned to Mitchell, who was watching me and hanging on my every word.

"Mitchell, sweetheart, your Dad is at Parkland Hospital, he was in an accident. I'm sure he's fine, let me call them and see what's up with him, OK?" I explained.

Tears began to well-up in Mitchell's eyes, but he nodded in the affirmative. He came and stood next to me and placed both arms around my middle.

I placed the call. Mitchell's Dad had suffered a concussion and was unconscious, but was not injured, otherwise. They had been talking to him to try to revive him more quickly, but he would only revive briefly and then drop back into unconsciousness.

I asked if it would be useful if he heard his son's voice. They said it might. I told them we'd be there as quickly as possible.

I sent Mitchell upstairs to dress as quickly as possible. I did the same. We rushed to Parkland Emergency Room.

We were taken to a draped examination room, where Mitch was being tended by a doctor. The doctor turned to Mitchell, as we entered the room, and said:

"You the son?"

"Yes Sir." Mitchell responded.

The doctor motioned Mitchell to come close and instructed him to speak into his Dad's ear to see if it would awaken him.

Mitchell understood. Tears were rolling down his cheeks as he bent to speak into his Dad's ear.

"Dad?" Mitchell said, half crying.

He continued:

"Dad, wake up now...Dad, can you hear me, It's Mitchell...I'm here, Dad. Wake up...Please."

Mitch began to stir.

The doctor smiled.

"Go on, son." The doctor encouraged Mitchell.

"Dad...wake up, Dad. Me and Barry are here with you...can you hear me...Dad?......Dad?" Mitchell cried.

I moved to stand directly behind Mitchell and placed my hands on his shoulders. His crying subsided.

Mitch slowly raised his left hand. Mitchell took it, immediately, and squeezed it in his own.

"Dad, can you hear me?" Mitchell asked.

Mitch nodded and slowly began to open his eyes. He turned to Mitchell and me, still standing directly behind Mitchell, and smiled.

"What happened?" Mitch inquired.

"You were in an accident, Mitch. You're at Parkland Hospital." I replied.

"You suffered a concussion, Sir. The doctor interrupted; "We'll need to observe you for a day or so, just rest, but try to stay awake for a while, OK?"

Mitch nodded and continued to smile at Mitchell in a loving way.

"Did they call you, son?" Mitch asked.

"No, Dad, I got worried about you when you didn't come home, so I went downstairs and got Barry, He figured out where you were. I didn't know what to do. I was really scared, but Barry calmed me down and got on the phone and everything till we found you." Mitchell explained.

Mitchell raised his Dad's hand, which he had continued to hold onto, and kissed it all over.

Mitch turned to Mitchell and said:

"I love you son, I know I don't say it very often, but I love you."

"I love you too, Dad." Mitchell replied.

Mitch turned to me and said:

Thank you, Barry. Thank you for taking care of my boy. He's become quite fond of you. I see why. Few people would have gotten involved this way...I owe you...Big Time!

"Get well quickly Mitch, that'll be the only payback I require...OK?" I replied.

He nodded and began trying to get out of bed.

"Whoa!" The doctor exclaimed, as he pushed Mitch back against the mattress.

"I gotta take my boy home and get him ready for school, Doc." Mitch stated.

"Not Today, Pal" The doctor responded.

"I'll see to it, Mitch, you just rest now, till they turn you loose. Mitchell and I will come get you when they say it's OK, and I'll bring Mitchell to visit after school...you just rest...I'll look after Mitchell, he'll be fine." I suggested.

"Thanks, Barry, you've done enough already. I can't ask..." Mitch began.

"Nonsense! Mitchell is my buddy. I said as I winked at Mitch.

I went on:

"Buddies take care of each other, isn't that right, Mitchell." I said.

He nodded.

"I can't thank you enough, Barry. I really appreciate this. Mitch said.

"No problem, Mitch, no problem at all." I assured him.

Mitch turned to the doctor and said:

"Doc, do I really have to stay for a whole 24 hours?"

"We'll see; if your swelling has gone down and your X-Rays look good, maybe you can go home this afternoon." The doctor replied.

"GREAT!" Mitch replied.

"Call me when they cut you loose, Mitch. Mitchell and I will come to pick you up. If, on the other hand, you're still here this evening, I'll bring Mitchell to visit during visiting hours." I said.

"I don't know how I'll ever repay you for all you've done, Barry. Thank you very much." Mitch said.

"You don't owe me anything, Mitch, don't concern yourself with it." I insisted.

Mitch looked at Mitchell, who was still holding his hand, and said:

"I'll be out of here this afternoon, son. Barry will take good care of you in the meantime. Don't worry; I'm going to be fine."

"We'd better get going, Mitch, or we won't get Mitchell to school on time. Mitchell and I have been up all night, so I'm not sure if Mitchell will be awake enough to last through the day, without falling asleep. We'll play it by ear." I suggested.

The doctor interrupted:

We've got a number of tests we're going to need to run, so I'm going to have to chase you two out of here, anyway. I appreciate you coming; Mitchell's voice was exactly the medicine his Dad needed."

"OK, Doc, we can take a hint. Let's get going, Mitchell, we've got a lot to do, and they need to poke and prod and test your Dad, so we can come get him this afternoon." I said.

Mitchell kissed his Dad's hand and released it. Mitch motioned for Mitchell to come close. He did, and received a sweet kiss on his forehead from his Dad.

"I love you, Dad." Mitchell said.

"I love you too, son." Came the reply.

Mitchell smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen on him.

"OK, you guys, get going now, before I start crying." Mitch ordered.

I nodded, and gently tugged at Mitchell's shoulders to leave.

"Ill walk you out." The doctor said.

As we walked, we passed a bank of vending machines as the doctor said to me:

"Can I speak to you for just a moment?"

"Sure." I said.

I took a couple of bills from my money clip and gave them to Mitchell, saying:

"Mitchell, would you please get me a coffee from the machine, and yourself a milk, or whatever you like?" I suggested.

While Mitchell was complying with my request, the doctor said to me in a low voice:

"We haven't told him yet, but Mitch's friend, the guy he carpools with, was DOA when he arrived here. I wanted you to know because Mitch might be depressed and upset when you come to pick him up later. If he becomes too upset, we may need to sedate him. If we do, you won't be able to pick him up until tomorrow." The doctor explained.

"I understand." I replied.

"I just thought you should know." The doctor said.

"We'll just see how it plays out, then. Doc. Please keep me informed. I'll take good care of Mitchell until Mitch is ready to come home, regardless of how long it takes." I replied.

"You're a good friend. Mitch is lucky to have you." The doctor said.

I smiled. The doctor turned and walked away.

Mitchell returned with two coffees.

"I didn't know you like coffee, Mitchell." I remarked.

"Yeah, with milk and sugar." He replied.

Soon, we were on the road. Mitchell fell asleep promptly, and slept the entire way back to the apartment.

The exhaust of my Camaro is very throaty, and when I came to a stop, in my designated parking spot, in front of the apartment and switched off the ignition, the absence of that rumble awakened Mitchell.

It was 5:45AM. I was exhausted. In a half hour, my beautiful Luke would call for his morning jerk-off session and my day would have begun in earnest.

Mitchell was still very groggy. I ushered him into the apartment and said:

"Are you hungry, Mitchell?"

"A little, but I'd really sleep for a while, first." He replied.

"Well, I'm wide awake now. I'll put on some coffee and when you wake up I'll prepare some breakfast. OK?" I suggested.

"OK" He replied.

"Why don't you just crawl into my bed? You'll be warm and comfortable there." I suggested.

"OK" he said.

I began to prepare the coffee maker. When I finished, I switched it on and went to check on Mitchell.

I arrived at the bedroom just in time to see Mitchell pulling the covers over his gloriously naked and oh-so-beautiful body. His clothes were neatly draped over the bedside recliner. The absence of any underwear was interesting.

Guess, like me, he doesn't wear underwear. I thought to myself.

He was instantly asleep.

His penis became quickly erect, forming a little tent in the covers. It was really cute, and I smiled in response to the sight.

"Hmmmmm, must be a piss-hard." I thought.

I returned to the kitchen and poured myself a cup of coffee. It was delicious, and really hit the spot. I was about half way through it, when the phone rang.

It was Luke, right on schedule.

I explained to Luke what had transpired with Mitchell and his Dad and that we had only just returned, and that Mitchell was sleeping.

"Poor Kid!" Luke asserted.

"Yeah, he was pretty upset." I replied.

"God, Barry, I'd go crazy if you suddenly came up missing. I can only imagine what Mitchell was feeling. I'd be scared shitless, I would, Barry." Luke declared.

"Me too, sweetheart, I'd lose my will to live if I lost you. My mind can't even process the notion." I replied.

"Barry?" Luke said.

"Yes, sweetie." I replied.

"I'm ready for my morning jerk-off." Luke stated frankly.

I began talking to him, as always, as he masturbated to his usual bountiful ejaculation. I was slow-stroking my own penis as I spoke to him. Precum was being pumped to my meatus and running down onto my hand and, from there, dripping into my pubic hair.

Luke finished our morning session with his usual:

"I love you, Barry. There's no one else but you. Always know that."

"Luke, I know how much you love me. You know that you are why I live. You've put purpose into my life, like I've never known before. I love you more than words can ever express. Never doubt it, Luke. You have all my love, you always will. I love you more with your every heartbeat, every breath you take. My love for you is boundless. So much of my soul resides in yours that I would, surely, die if you ever stopped returning it to me, united with your own. Please, never stop loving me, Luke, NEVER." I begged.

"Never, Barry, I'm yours forever." Luke assured me.

"And I yours, sweet Luke...FOREVER!" I affirmed.

"Talk to you at bedtime, Barry, try to get some rest, OK?" Luke said.

"I will lover, have a good day at school." I replied.

"OK, Bye, Barry" He ended our call.

I turned to hang up the phone and observed Mitchell, standing naked in the bedroom doorway, slow-jerking himself.

"Oh, I thought you were asleep." I said, still slow stroking myself.

I heard the phone ring and thought it might be my Dad, so I came to see who you were talking to." He said, still slowly masturbating.

He went on:

"I don't know who Luke is, but I think he's really lucky." Mitchell commented.

"You do?" I replied.

"I sure do. He must love to hear you tell him how much he means to you, how much you love him. I sure would, if I were Luke." Mitchell assured me.

"Thank you, Mitchell, that's a very sweet thing to say." I replied.

"It's true, Barry. Luke is very lucky, is he your son?" Mitchell asked.

"Oh, he's someone I love on an even higher plateau than a son, Mitchell. I'm not sure you could understand the love Luke and I share, so I won't bother you with it. You might not be inclined to be my buddy any more, if I explained it any further." I suggested.

"Anyway, I think it's beautiful you love him so much. It was only this morning my Dad told me he loves me. He hasn't said that to me since I was little." Mitchell said.

He continued:

"I was watching you jerking off and I'm trying to imitate what you were doing. I've never jerked-off so slowly before. Pretty soon, I'll have to cum...I'll reach that stage...what is it...emission, right?"

"Right." I affirmed.

"I have an idea, then." I said.

I went on:

"Let's take a nice hot shower, and I'll help you to cum, like before. OK?" I suggested.

"OK" He replied.

The hot water of the shower served to maximize each of our erections. Running down my scrotum, that same hot water caused the pent up sperm in my vas deferens to get eagerly pumped to my seminal vesicles.

I was HOT! I needed some release.

"Ready?" I asked Mitchell, who was still slow stroking himself.

"Go ahead." He replied, as he removed his hand from his penis.

He turned to face away from me. He backed into me, pressing his wet butt against my penis, which slid under his butt, my glans resting on his taint and bumping against his scrotum from behind.

I reached around and took him in my hand and began stroking his hot, wet dick.

Soon, he reached back, over his head and behind mine and clasped his fingers together at the back of my neck. He was really excited, this time.

"I'm gonna cum, Barry, right...Uhhhhh" Mitchell groaned.

He shot cum all over the shower wall. It ran down and formed a string in the shallow water of the shower stall. There were 7 spasms worth of it. With each spasm, he would push his butt back against me, the tip of my penis bouncing off the back of his scrotum. He made me very hot and pushed me ever closer to the emission point. My precum was painting the backside of his scrotum and my penis was sliding back and forth against his taint with each of his spasms.

"Oh God!" He exclaimed; "I've never cum like this, till you came along, Barry. This is Great! Thank you, Barry.

"I'll jerk you off now, Barry, OK" Mitchell offered.

"No need, Mitchell, I'm about to cum right now. Just squeeze your legs together. OK?" I said.

He complied. The additional pressure on my glans was all that was required. I shot my hot, plentiful cum all over the backside of Mitchell's scrotum. It ran down his scrotum and onto the shower floor.

"Wow, I thought you never would stop cumming, Barry. That was awesome! Mitchell declared.

"Thanks for the compliment, Mitchell." I responded.

I lathered him up with body-wash and slowly cleaned his impressive body, concentrating on removing my cum from his scrotum.

He reciprocated. I allowed him to do so. It was erotic to feel his hands on my body and his cleaning of my balls and my dick.

Fortunately, we were both in refractory period for the duration of our shower, so neither of us produced an additional erection to distract us from our hunger.

After a light breakfast of bagels, cream cheese and fruit plate, our hunger was satisfied.

"You're late for school, Mitchell. Have you had enough sleep to make it through the day?" I asked.

"I dunno, I think so." He replied.

We dressed and I took him to school and explained to the people in the front office why he was late. They were very understanding and gave him the required pass to get into class. I found out later, the school had sent flowers to Mitch at the hospital.

I picked Mitchell up after school and the two of us went to bring Mitch home from the hospital, as they had released him, as he had predicted. As the doctor had predicted, Mitch was sad and remained largely silent, at first, during our ride home.

He and Mitchell sat next to each other in the back seat, as I drove. Mitch said little, but kept Mitchell in his embrace, tightly, with an arm around Mitchell pulling him tightly to his side. After this prolonged silence, Mitch said:

"You know, Barry, Herb's death, in our accident last night, makes me realize just how fragile life is and how I need to do a better job of showing Mitchell how much I love him and how I could not go on without him."

He turned to Mitchell and said:

"It's true, son. I'm thankful to be alive, and I'll try to do much better to show you just how much you mean to me...I promise!"

In the rearview mirror, I could see that tears were running down Mitchell's cheeks.

Mitchell delivered a sweet kiss to his Dad's cheek.

"There's much to do, Barry, and I don't know where to begin. I need to make a will. I need to figure out whom to name as guardian for Mitchell if I should meet the same fate as Herb." Mitch explained.

"Where is his Mom?" I inquired.

"Who the Hell knows...Somewhere in Russia, is all I know." Mitch replied.

"Russia?" I asked.

"It's a long story, Barry. Mitchell's Mom and I met through an International matching service. She had been a doctor in Russia and lived a rather pampered life. Her family was quite wealthy. She left Russia, primarily to escape a prearranged marriage. She never could adjust to the fact that her Russian credentials were useless in the U.S. and that she could not practice medicine here."

Mitch went on:

"I came home from work one evening to find Mitchell crying in his crib, and a note informing me she was returning to Russia and that I shouldn't bother trying to find her.

I guess she had never loved me, Barry, and Mitchell and I were just her ticket to U.S. citizenship. Mitchell has no memory of her."

"Sorry, Mitch, I wouldn't have brought it up if I had had any idea." I apologized.

"It's OK, Barry. It was a long time ago." Mitch replied.

Mitch went on:

"I have no siblings, and my parents are both dead. I have no family to turn to."

I wanted desperately to suggest myself, but didn't dare.

"What about Barry?" Mitchell said.

He went on:

"He takes good care of me when I'm with him."

"I know you've become very fond of Barry, Mitchell, but you don't understand how much responsibility is involved in..." Mitch began to explain.

I interrupted"

"Let me make a suggestion, Mitch."

"OK" He replied.

"I'm fond of Mitchell, as well. I'd be honored to look after should it become necessary. Why not take an interim step, until you might remarry or, otherwise find a permanent arrangement. What I mean is, why not name me his guardian in your will, at school, and so forth, at least temporarily, until you decide on some other arrangement, or he is no longer a minor?" I suggested.

"You'd really be willing to take on the responsibility, Barry?" Mitch asked.

"Sure, if Mitchell is willing." I replied.

"Please, Dad, Please!" Mitchell exclaimed.

"Well, OK, then. I'll talk to an attorney about it, first thing in the morning." Mitch proclaimed.

"GREAT!" Mitchell exclaimed.

"I can suggest a good attorney, Mitch. I'll give you his number when we get home, and I'll call him in advance and tell him to be expecting a call from you." I said.

"OK, I don't have an attorney, so that will be very helpful." Mitch replied.

Soon we were home.

Before they began to ascend the staircase, Mitchell came to me a delivered a hug.

I kissed him on the forehead and hugged him back.

Mitch smiled at the sight.

"I love you, Barry." Mitchell said, for the first time.

My heart warmed immediately.

"I love you too, Mitchell." I replied.

He released his hug on me and returned to his Dad to go upstairs.

"Could I have one too, Uncle Barry?" Mitch asked with a smile.

"Sure" I replied.

Mitch came to me and delivered a powerful hug.

"We both love you, Barry, and thank you for everything you've done." Mitch declared.

Mitchell, standing at the staircase, smiled at this expression of his Dad's affection.

Mitch released his hug and looked me in the eyes, saying:

"I really mean it, Barry. We both love you and consider you family. From now on, you're Uncle Barry."

I began to well up with tears.

"Thanks, Mitch, I'm honored and I love you guys too." I replied.

Mitch nodded and joined Mitchell to go upstairs.

"Oh, Mitch, you need to take your phone off call-forward mode, OK?" I said.

"OK, I will." Mitch said as they disappeared up the stairs.

Once in my apartment, I stretched out on the sofa and pondered the day's goings-on. I had called The Herald earlier that morning and advised them I'd be researching my next article from home all day. I was exhausted. I'd been up since 2AM, but I realized I'd miss my deadline if I didn't, in fact, do that research. I spent the rest of the evening doing so, except for Luke's bedtime session.

"Uncle Barry" I said aloud to myself, as I pulled the covers over my naked body.

I was soon asleep.


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