This work of fiction involves the relationship between an adult and a teenage boy. If you are a minor and should not be reading this then you are already breaking the your parents trust. So please leave the site now.

This story is for you the reader to enjoy and hope to give you an alternate view of boy love from what is portrayed in most of the stories submitted to Nifty.

The boy walked with head bowed stumbling from time to time. His gaze was fixed to the pavement in the hope that he would find a coin or note of some value that would improve his financial status. The gnawing in his stomach from lack of food was becoming unbearable. As he approached the crossing his eyes glazed over, and his legs like those of a marathon runner on the point of exhaustion buckled beneath him, so that he collapsed as if in a slow motion replay. The driver of the car observed all this as he slowed to turn into the junction, he completed the turn pulled into the roadside stopped, and looked at the crumpled body in his side mirror. Seeing nobody going to the boys assistance he got out of the car and walked towards him, on reaching the boy he immediately felt for a pulse at the boy's wrist the beat was there and quite strong. Just then the boy's eyes flickered open and saw the man bending over him, "How you feeling the man asked?" "Rough the boy replied could do with something to eat if you can spare a couple of quid (2 pounds)." The man looked at the boy who was between twelve and fourteen it was hard to tell noting how thin and underweight he was. "Sorry but I can take you to my house give you a meal and a shower with no strings attached he said." The boy smiled and said, "You're on," so with the assistance of his newfound benefactor he struggled to his feet and they made their way to the car.

Inside the car after making sure the boy was strapped in the man wound down the windows and drove off.

"Do I really smell that bad mister?" the boy asked noting the windows rolled down,

"Truthfully yes the man replied, and by the way my name is Nathan Ross do you mind if I ask you yours?"

"Gavin Jones the boy answered. So where are we headed the boy asked?"

"Winchmore Hill Nathan said do you know the area."

"Never heard of it Gavin replied but I've only been in London for about a month and then I've only hung around the West End and King's-Cross area."

Half an hour later because of the normally heavy traffic they eventually reached the house. "Gavin are you fit enough to walk on your own Nathan asked or would you like me to help you."

"I think I can make it on my own Gavin replied I'm well rested after that drive"

He got out of the car, and followed Nathan out of the garage towards the front door. Halfway there the boy stumbled and the man who was expecting something like this to happen grabbed him, lifted him up, and carried the boy into the house lowering him onto a chair in the kitchen/diner.

"Thanks once again Mister Ross the boy said."

"You can drop the mister Gavin, call me Nathan or Nat whichever you prefer, and the best thing I can do for you right now is get you some instant food and a hot drink, would you care for some ham rolls and a glass of milk?"

"At the moment even a bit of dried bread would go down well Gavin said, and thanks for doing all this for me Nathan, any particular reason?"

While he was preparing the rolls and milk, Nat said "Eat first, then a bath, and while your bathing I'll prepare some steak and chips for an evening meal, then we'll talk is that okay with you."

"Fine the boy answered." After demolishing the rolls and milk, Gavin said "He was ready for the bath if Nat would lead the way."

"I hope your not going to faint again especially not on the stairs Nat said, I don't want you to hurt yourself."

"I really feel one hundred percent better Gavin replied," with that he stood up and walked around the room to prove his point. Seeing him moving around quite steadily, Nat beckoned to the boy to follow him out of the room and up the stairs to the bathroom, on the way there he picked up a spare towel, T-shirt and jockey briefs.

Inside the bathroom Nat handed the things over to the boy and told him "That he didn't have a spare toothbrush but could use his if he wanted to or his fingers whichever suited him. Before leaving the room he told Gavin to leave his dirty clothes outside the door so that he could put them in the wash" Then left to prepare the evening meal. In the kitchen Nat busied himself with the food for about ten minutes, before returning upstairs to collect the boy's clothes and trainers for washing, the smell from the garments was far from pleasant. He picked them up and returned to the kitchen and dumped the clothes in the washer and continued preparing the evening meal leaving the boy to soak in the tub to his hearts content.

Nat had finished in the kitchen and went into the sitting room to relax when he heard the boy coming down the stairs. "I'm in here Gavin" he called out then looked towards the door as the boy walked in, and for the first time Nat had a chance to study him in detail. The boy was about 5' in height very thin due to lack of food. Mousy brown hair, which had grown quite long and was in need of cutting. Brown eyes, which looked big because of his starved appearance, his nose was small as was his mouth, but with a very pronounced cupid's bow on the upper lip, his ears protruded slightly more than average, and with all the dirt and grime removed from him he looked quite handsome. The T-shirt that Nat had given him to wear reached below his knees, so all else that was available to view were his arms and legs, which naturally enough were thin hairless and very pale. His hands and feet were small and Nat thought that the boy couldn't weigh more than 80lbs at most and probably less. He wondered how such a vulnerable looking boy could be walking the streets of London without coming to any physical harm,

Nat rose from the settee walked over to Gavin and asked him "Would you like to eat now or sit and talk?"

"Let's talk Gavin said those rolls I had filled me up for the time being."

Nat walked back to his seat, and Gavin surprised him by sitting next to him on the settee instead of taking one of the other armchairs that were available. Nat started the conversation by saying "You know you asked me earlier why I was helping you, the simple reason is you were in need of assistance when you collapsed and I came to your aid. You asked me for money at the roadside I refused because at that time I didn't have any. It's not very often that I'm without funds, and although I don't usually carry a lot of money on my person I usually have some with me. As it was I'd left my wallet at home with my cash and credit cards in them, and was returning to retrieve them when our paths crossed. So I did the next best thing and made my offer, which you accepted. If I'd had some money at the time I would have given you what you asked for, and after making sure you had recovered sufficiently and able to walk, would have invited you to either come with me or let you go your own way. As fate would have it you're sitting here talking to me."

Gavin studied the man next to him while he was talking. He had dark hair not quite black, light brown eyes and was slimly built; he was clean-shaven with a slightly tanned complexion and looked quite young, and to such a short boy extremely tall. "I'm glad you left your wallet behind Gavin said when Nat had finished talking It's the best thing that could have happened to me." The man wondered why the boy would make such a remark, as Nat was a total stranger to him, unless the boy's predicament was worse than appeared, and needed help more then he was prepared to admit.

Nat gazed at the boy and said "Gavin" it doesn't take a lot of intelligence to deduce that you're a runaway. I'm not forcing you to do anything against your will, but you're free to use the phone and let your parents know that you're safe and reasonably healthy."

The boy bowed his head and whispered "I don't have any parents."

Nat placed his hand under the boy's chin and lifted his face up so that their eyes met, and said. "Okay Gavin you must have come from somewhere so I'm ready to listen if you want to tell me about it otherwise we can let the subject drop." Then he ruffled the boy's hair to reassure him.

Gavin was silent for a short while, deciding whether to take Nat into his confidence or not. Realising his position at present was due to Nat's generosity, Gavin felt that he could trust him to keep his word and not turn him over to the police. "My mum died when I was quite young, of a drug overdose Gavin began. I'm not sure how old I was at the time maybe six or seven, and according to my mother my father left her before I was born. So social services placed me in an orphanage until they could locate my mum's relations who would be prepared to take me in, but the only other relation they could trace was my grandma, and she was not well enough to have me. I stayed in the orphanage or home whatever you want to call it while they tried to place me in foster care. Till I was eleven I must have been in at least six or seven different foster homes. I'm not quite sure what the reasons were that I was returned to social services, but I think that some of the foster parent's, couldn't handle the asthma attacks I used to have and other times I just didn't fit in. After I turned eleven it became harder to place me into foster care as most of the parents preferred the younger boys so I remained in the home from then on. This is the third time I've run away the other times I was caught within a couple of weeks but this time It's been over a month and I'm still out. It would not be bad in the home if it wasn't for a couple of the older boys who seemed to have taken a dislike to me and made it really miserable these last two years. I've been warned before hand by them what would happen to me if I reported them to the carers, so I've kept my mouth shut and when it gets to bad I run away to escape them."

Nat was moved by the boy's story brief as it was. "There must be someone who is concerned about your welfare Gavin he asked?"

"The only person I can think of is Mrs. Gregory my social worker Gavin replied, she's tried really hard to get me placed with a family, but hasn't had much success, other than her there's nobody else."

"Do you have a phone number where you can contact her Nat inquired?"

"Yes Gavin replied if I was in Swindon but not from London."

"That's no problem Gavin, we can always get the Swindon code from the operator, whenever your ready to get in touch with her Nat said."

Gavin thought for a moment, "It's Sunday today he retorted I could call her at her home address as the office is closed today, and I like calling her at home it seems easier to talk to her there."

"Do you want to phone her now or would you prefer to eat something first Nat asked?"

"I'm beginning to feel hungry again Nathan the boy said so I would like to eat and then think about making that phone call if you don't mind."

"Sure lets go an eat, then you can decide what you want to do Nat said," as he led the way into the k/diner.

Nat laid the food on the table and they both sat down to eat. The boy enjoyed his food and did not utter a single word while he ate. Finally he drained his glass of 7-Up sat back pushed his plate away from him and said, "He was full up to the eyebrows." Nat smiled at this, and he felt a great deal of satisfaction that the boy had eaten so well. While he was making himself a cup of tea, he thought he'd let the boy bring up the question of contacting his social worker, rather than broaching the subject himself.

Picking up his cup of tea he asked the boy "If he wanted to go through to the sitting room and watch the television with him or just sit and talk?"

"I think I'd better make that phone call to Mrs.Gregory before it gets to late, Gavin replied but will you speak to her first Nathan as I feel a bit scared and you can calm her down before I talk to her." Nat smiled at the boy's apparent nervousness, he put his arm around Gavin's shoulders and led him to the phone in the sitting room. He drank his tea first before getting the Swindon dialing code from the operator Nat then dialed the number that the boy supplied.

Mrs.Gregory answered the phone and Nat related to her what had transpired earlier in the day, and reassured her that Gavin was all right and ready to talk to her. He then handed the phone over to the boy who proceeded to reaffirm that he was okay and that Nat had taken good care of him. The boy then listened to what she had to say; making affirmative sounds from time to time.

Gavin then passed the phone back to Nat stating that, "Mrs. Gregory wanted to speak to him again."

Nat took the phone and immediately she asked if he could keep Gavin with him till Tuesday? Which would be the earliest she would be able to leave for London to pick the boy up. She said, She had mentioned this to Gavin and he was willing to stay if you agreed to keep him." Saying his "Good-byes" to Mrs. Gregory Nat replaced the phone turned looked at the boy and said, "Seems like I've got a house guest till Tuesday."

The boy's face lit up with a grin and he punched the air with exuberance. "Yeah" he jumped up and shouted, then sat down again on the settee and glanced at Nat sheepishly not knowing if his outburst would be met with approval.

Nat walked over to the boy and sat down beside him. He was a bit perplexed as to why the boy was showing so much enthusiasm about spending the next couple of days with him, but had to admit he was quite elated himself.

"Gavin would you mind telling me why your so excited about staying here, you only met me for the first time earlier today, and you don't know anything about me or what kind of a character I am?"

Gavin thought for a moment and then said, "I don't know what it is but it just feels right over here. You know when we were coming into the house and you had to pick me up and carry me in even though I was dirty and smelly, well when I was in your arms it felt like I don't know how to describe the feelings. It was just Magic!" He whispered. He paused for a moment then continued. "You're not annoyed with me for saying that are you Nathan?"

Nat drew the boy closer to him put his hand on the boy's head, and slowly mussing his hair said, "How could I be annoyed when you pay me such nice compliments. I didn't know I had these mystical powers I'm glad you brought them to my attention." They both laughed then Nat got up and said he'd have to go and prepare a bed for his guest.

He handed the controls of the television to the boy telling him to watch the box while he made his way upstairs. Inside the spare bedroom Nat went to the cupboard to obtain the bed linen, on turning around he noticed the boy standing in the doorway.

"Any problems Gavin he asked?"

"No the boy replied, I thought maybe you'd make me share your bedroom for You know what."

Looking at the diminutive figure Nat was saddened by the boy's remark "Remember the offer I made you when we first met Gavin he said. No strings attached, I meant it. I know that most boys that live on the streets have to deal in drugs or sell their bodies to exist but I didn't bring you home with the express purpose of getting you into my bed."

"I don't mind doing it really the boy said because your kind and you don't have to pay me."

Nat sat on the bed then called the boy to him, as Gavin neared him Nat took the boy's hands and drew him in close. He could sense the boy's nervousness so he quickly allayed his fears by saying. "Thank you Gavin for your offer I feel privileged that you would give yourself to me for free but you won't be to disappointed if I refused will you."

The boy sniffed, and with a quivering voice said, "I thought that if you liked me I could stay here with you, so when Mrs.Gregory comes on Tuesday we could tell her you want to foster me."

"Gavin you know better than I do that the system doesn't work like that. Before any child can be sent for fostering they have to investigate the parents, and all other sorts of legal paraphernalia has to be gone through, but if you want, we can discuss it with her, will that suit you he asked?"

The boy with watery eyes on the verge of tears spoke with an emotionally charged voice. "If Mrs. Gregory won't allow me to stay here I'm only going to run away again" Saying that he removed his hand's from Nat's grasp and left the room.

Nat finished making the bed then went in search of the boy. Finding him lying on the settee with his face towards the backrest, Nat came up behind him placed his hands under the boy and scooped him up into his arms.

The boy turned wrapped his arms around Nat's neck then lifted his face upward to brush his lips against the man's and uttered a solitary word "Magic" smiled then snuggled against the mans body.

Feeling's that he hadn't experienced for quite some time coursed through Nat. His whole being filled with emotions that made him decided at that moment to do his utmost to keep this boy with him if possible. Carrying the boy upstairs Nat could not understand why he was reacting this way, he'd only met the boy a few hours ago and was now prepared to take on the responsibilities of the boy's welfare. Laying Gavin down on the bed, Nat pulled the covers over him then sat down beside the boy. Lowering his face he gently kissed Gavin on the forehead and said "Seems like I'm not the only one here who can make Magic" Then left the boy to sleep.

Nat returned downstairs to tidy up, and attend to the boy's clothes. They looked a lot cleaner but some of the stains were still noticeable, so he decided he'd buy the boy a change of clothing the next day. He sat down to watch the television but could not get interested in any of the programs, his mind kept churning over the events of the day, and how one small boy could have such an emotional impact on him. He gave up on the television switched it off and decided to go to bed knowing that he would have to be up earlier than usual to attend to the boy's needs. Nat lay in bed for about an hour still thinking about the day's events before falling asleep. He awakened around dawn when he felt the bed covers being lifted up. Nat immediately realized it was Gavin, as the boy slid under the covers next to him he didn't move or give any indication that he was awake, he just lay still with his back turned to the boy. Suddenly he felt the boy's arm wrap around his waist and a gentle pressure exerted as he snuggled closer into Nat's body, then in a few minutes the boy slept. Nat lay awake a bit longer letting the sensations of the boy's nearness envelope him before following the boy's example and sleeping.

Waking a couple of hours later Nat saw Gavin still asleep beside him. Leaving the bed as quietly as possible he made his way to the bathroom to shower and to make ready for the day ahead. He'd been in the shower a couple of minutes when there was a knock on the door, and Gavin shouting "Nathan let me in I need to use the loo really bad."

Nat jumped out of the shower wrapped a towel around his waist and opened the door. Gavin shot passed him heading straight for the toilet bowl lifting his T-`shirt at the same time. He just made it as a fountain of urine spurted out hitting the bowl like a water cannon.

When he finished he turned to Nat and said "Boy that was close" Then asked, "Can I have a shower?"

"Sure" Nat replied and before he could say another word Gavin had stripped his shirt off and was standing completely naked ready to get into the shower. I was going to say after I'd finished, but it's a bit too late for that now.

"Oop's! The boy exclaimed I thought you had but I can wait till you do."

"No go ahead Gavin I'll wait till you've finished Nat said."

The boy got into the shower then turned and said, "You can share it with me I don't mind."

Nat laughed "That's very kind of you first you proposition me, then you get into my bed, now your offering to go doubles in the shower, are you trying to seduce me he enquired?"

"No honest I'm not" the boy replied in all sincerity, "Anyway what does that mean?"

"I was only joking Gavin but if you must know seducing means persuading or tempting another person into a joint sexual act Nat explained, and to show I believe you I'll get in the shower with you." With that he removed the towel from his waist and joined the boy in the shower.

"How come you made me have a bath yesterday the boy asked when Nat stood beside him in the shower?"

"Well I didn't want to take any chances with you standing in the shower in case you had another dizzy spell, now turn around and I'll wash your back while you do the front."

"Why is it that your Dick isn't hard like mine the boy enquired?"

"Oh Lord!" Nat murmured then turned the boy around so that he was facing him and replied. "Because the two of us are naked in the shower together, you have become sexually aroused and let your feelings show. I am trying very hard not to let that happen, but if you persist in asking me personal questions I'm going to let it spring up and poke you in the eye."

Gavin burst into laughter then turned around to let Nat resume washing his back. As he gently but firmly rubbed the boy's back Nat had to choke back his emotions as he felt how desperately thin the boy was. "Gavin would you mind telling me how you got to be in such a run down state Nat asked after we've finished showering and dressing?"

"Okay! he replied then turning to Nat he said I'll do your back now."

Nat looked down at the boy who looked up in expectation. Not wanting to disappoint the boy he turned and presented his back to be washed. The moment he felt the boy's hands on his back Nat felt the most exquisite of sensations coursing through his body, and had to use all of his will power to prevent the arousal of his manhood which he only half accomplished.

When they finished showering Nat left the boy to clean his teeth while he went to get dressed and to attend to Gavin's clothing. Returning to the bedroom with the clothes he saw the boy with a towel around his waist, sitting on the bed. Giving him the clothes Nat said, "They're not like new, but a lot better than yesterday. Where are the shirt and briefs you were wearing Nat enquired I'll put them in the wash?"

"I left the shirt in the bathroom but I didn't wear the briefs they were to big so I put them back in the drawer that you got them out of Gavin replied, thanks for doing my clothes."

"My pleasure Nat said when you're dressed come downstairs and we can have breakfast."

Ten minutes later the boy joined Nat in the k/diner dressed in baggy shirt and jeans his hair combed in some semblance of order. "Your trainers our outside the back door if you want them Nat told him they should be well aired by now." The boy didn't bother about the trainers but asked Nat "What was for breakfast?"

"Well I don't have any cereal in the house except oats, which the boy screwed up his face at but will bacon eggs and tomatoes do"

"That'll be fine the boy said as he sat down at the table waiting for the food to be served."

"Do you want to tell me how you got into such a mess while I prepare the breakfast Nat asked?"

"Sure" Gavin said.

"When I got to London. The boy started his narration, it's easy by train no one asks any questions as long as you've got a ticket, and I'd saved up my money for that. I was able to buy food and keep myself pretty clean for the first couple of weeks." "Then one morning when my money was getting low I asked Jimmy, another boy he was older than me about seventeen, he used to let me sleep in his shelter if I could make money begging?" He laughed and said, "Not a chance there's to many beggars and people have got wise to it, the best thing for me to do was go home or if not to sell myself." I knew what he was talking about I'd seen programs on the telly about rent boys. "So I asked him the best place to pick up men and how much to charge?" "He told me the areas to try and said hand jobs up to a tenner oral sex was twenty or more depending on the customer and anal sex was as much as you could get, but I never did the last one." "He also told me to be very careful which men I choose, as some of them could be quite violent."

"The first week I made about a hundred pounds mostly on hand jobs but I had to do a couple by mouth. Then one morning I had left Jimmy's shelter I was staying there on my own as he had gone to the coast for the summer. I was heading for the public loo to get cleaned up, when a couple of older kids jumped me beat me up and stole my money and pack. When I was able I went back to the shelter I just lay around, as I wasn't feeling to good. I had pissed in my jeans and vomited on my shirt my side was paining where they had punched me, so I didn't try and earn any money that day. Next morning I felt better, but really hungry. I didn't get any customers maybe because I was looking dirty, and my clothes were beginning to smell I hadn't changed them for a few days also pissing in my jeans and being sick on my shirt made it worse. That day I managed to beg a quid (pound) and was able to buy a sandwich and that's how it was for the next few days. I was just walking around begging, if I didn't get any money I used to go around the back of cafes to see what food they had thrown away that I could eat. I was heading back to my shelter I wasn't feeling to good as I hadn't eaten anything all day, and when I fainted you came and helped me."

Nat could not believe what the boy had experienced on the streets, and wished that he had it in his power to erase that episode from the boy's memory. He served the boy his breakfast and just had a cup of coffee for himself, after hearing of the boy's experiences he had no appetite.

Nat sat opposite the boy, "I'm sorry you had to experience such hardships Gavin he said, and hope nothing like that will ever happen to you again, and if it's possible between Mrs. Gregory and myself we won't let it."

Gavin looked at the man and said, "Nathan do you really mean that."

"Of course I do Nat replied."

"Brilliant! Exclaimed the boy.

With that he continued his breakfast with renewed relish. When the boy had finished eating he gave Nat a hand to wash and put away the dishes. With everything cleared away Nat told the boy he had to go out, and would he like to accompany him. Gavin looked a bit perturbed, and replied, "You don't mind taking me out dressed like this, I look a bit tatty."

"If I were concerned about your appearance embarrassing me Gavin, I wouldn't have asked you to come out with me. Now go and put your trainers on and let's go."

They left the house and Nat drove to the nearest shopping centre, parked the car and made their way towards the bank. The boy kept close to Nat all the time they walked along the pavements, eventually slipping his hand into the man's and holding on firmly, Nat knew that most boy's of this age didn't walk around holding onto their parent's hand. Gavin he felt longed for affection and personal contact that had been denied him for much to long, besides he himself quite enjoyed the feel of the boy's hand in his. Leaving the bank, once again the boy made sure that they clasped hands as they made their way to buy the groceries. Only in the supermarket did the boy let go of Nat's hand as he dashed around picking up items of his choice, which Nat had encouraged him to. With the trolley fully loaded with enough food and toiletries that would last for a couple of weeks not days they headed for the checkout counter. When the final total was rung up Gavin couldn't believe it and looked at Nat with consternation, the man grinned which put the boy's concern to rest.

After they stored the groceries in the car, "Next stop is to get you some new clothes Nat said; you'll have to choose your own as you're the one who's going to wear them."

"You sure" Gavin said once again holding onto Nat's hand, as they made their way towards the shops.

"Absolutely Nat replied if Mrs. Gregory can be persuaded to let you stay with me, you'll need new clothes and if not you can always use them in Swindon."

"No I don't want the clothes if I can't stay with you Gavin said."

Nat stopped and lifted the boy up so that they were face to face. He looked into the boy's eyes, which were unblinking and defiant. "Gavin I promise you that I will do all I possibly can to keep you with me he said but I can't guarantee that Social Services will let you stay with me, but it doesn't mean I won't come and see you wherever you are. So will you accept the clothes that I buy you as a favour to me? I'll be very happy if you did."

The boy lost his defiant look, and encircled his arms around the man's neck and brought his face forward to brush his lips lightly against Nat's giving him a fleeting kiss.

"Now what was that for the man inquired?"

"Just" the boy said."

"Just why" Nat asked?

"Just because I wanted to" Gavin Said.

Nat grinned and lowered the boy to the ground. "Well Let's just go and buy some clothes he said."

Three hundred pounds later they were back at the car packing the clothes away. That finished Nat suggested they get something to eat at McDonald's which Gavin was all in favour of resplendent in a new change of clothing, his old apparel left in one of the stores for them to dispose of. Having satisfied their appetites Nat suggested they return home and unpack their days shopping then they could make plans for the rest of the day. As they made their way back to the car Gavin again held on to Nat's hand as if nothing or no one was going to separate them. The boy's instincts told him that this was the man he had been waiting for, to change his life and make him feel wanted.

Arriving home they soon had the groceries packed away and Gavin's clothes arranged in the wardrobe. Not to long after they had finished the phone rang .Nat picked up the receiver to hear Mrs. Gregory at the other end.

"Mr. Ross I've just phoned to let you know that I will be driving to London tomorrow and will be leaving Swindon quite early and hopefully arrive at your premises around ten a.m. I hope that will be convenient for you."

"Certainly Nat replied also I would like to have a discussion with you concerning Gavin if you don't mind."

"I would be only too happy to talk to you about Gavin and his welfare, so till we meet tomorrow she made her good-byes" and hung up.

The boy had heard part of the conversation and looked at Nat expectantly waiting to hear the rest of the conversation. "That was Mrs. Gregory she's hoping to arrive tomorrow at ten Nat told the boy."

Immediately the boy burst into tears and ran upstairs. Nat followed him up and found him lying face down on the bed, he sat down beside the boy and began to gently massage his back at the same time asking "Gavin why the tears?"

The boy through his sobs blurted out "I don't want to go back."

Nat picked the boy up and held him in his arms trying to pacify him, "Gavin he said your social worker is not coming to just pick you up and take you away. She is also very concerned about your welfare and if she thinks it would benefit you to stay here she might just let you, while all the legalities of fostering are processed."

"You sure?" The boy asked.

"More or less Nat replied, from the way she sounded on the phone I think Mrs. Gregory would be quite happy to leave you here."

The boy lifted his head off Nat's shoulder then looking at Nat he said "Please Please keep me here" the boy sniffed "I'll do anything you ask and behave myself."

"Anything" Nat said.

"Yes anything" the boy repeated.

"Okay first of all Nat said no more crying and next we have to clean up this sniffling nose." With that he reached over to the bedside table to get a tissue to wipe the boy's nose. That done Nat leaned forward and kissed him on the nose. "That's a lot more presentable he said." As he prepared to stand, the boy still clung to his neck and then wrapped his legs around Nat's waist when he straightened up. Nat had to clasp his hands around the boy's buttocks to provide support for him. "So what now the man asked .Do you want to go to a movie or a drive after we've had our evening meal."

"No I'd rather stay in Gavin answered."

"Okay Nat said the choice is yours, lets go downstairs, do I have to carry you down."

"Yep the boy replied it's comfy like this."

Reaching the sitting room, Nat told the boy to unwrap his legs from around his waist if he didn't want them squashed by the backrest. Gavin did as he was told but still hung on with his arms so that when Nat sat down he ended up sitting in his lap. "You want to watch some television Nat asked."

"No the boy answered."

"So tell me what you want to do Gavin you'll get pretty bored staring at my face all night."

The boy lifted a hand to Nat's face feeling it then said "You didn't shave this morning but your face is still smooth why `s that?"

"Well if you must know Nat said first of all you have noticed that my complexion is not quite white."

"Yes I noticed" Gavin said.

"That means in my case I'm of mixed blood, my Grandfather who was Irish married a Naga woman. The Nagas live in Northeast India on the borders of Myanmar (Burma) and Assam. The men have very little facial or body hair, and I seem to have inherited it from my Grandmother through my Father, so I only need to shave now and then, so that's the family history or some of it."

"Can you speak the language the boy asked?"

"Not a word Nat replied I was born in England and my Father could only speak a very little of the language so there was no one to teach me, as my Grandmother died before I was born."

Now what about you Nat said, "If I'm not mistaken Gavin Jones doesn't sound very English to me more likely Welsh."

"I don't know anything about where my mum came from and I never met dad the boy said but Mrs. Gregory told me that my Grandmother lived in aber something or the other I can't pronounce the name."

"I think the name you're trying to say is Aberystwyth Nat said and that's in Wales."

"That's it Gavin replied does that make me Welsh.

"Well if your father is also Welsh then yes if not you're mixed. Now enough of family history do you want to choose what we're going to eat this evening."

"Pizza! The boy exclaimed.

"Okay do you want to eat the ones we got from the supermarket or order from outside Nat asked?"

"Lets eat the ones we bought Gavin replied."

An hour later their hunger satisfied, the plates washed and the kitchen tidied up, they were back in the sitting room watching television. The boy once again was sitting beside the man leaning his body against him. Eventually Nat said, "There's nothing very interesting on at the moment is there anything else you want to do."

Gavin indicated to the computer and asked Nat, "Do you have any games?"

"Only what came with the computer Nat replied I only bought it a couple of months ago and I don't know a lot about them do you?"

"Not really the boy said I've only used them at school to do various projects but nothing else."

"Well if you want to try it go ahead."

Gavin rose from Nat's side went over to the computer sat down at the desk and started up. Nat left the boy at the computer and went into the k/diner to make himself a coffee. He returned to the sitting room with the coffee to see Gavin playing Flight Simulator 98. Sitting down with the coffee he switched on the midi hi-fi, and started up one of the jazz C-D's that was already in place put the head - phones on so there wouldn't be any complaints, sat back and relaxed. Nat had been listening with his eyes closed for about half an hour when he felt Gavin's hand shaking his shoulder.

Opening his eyes and taking the headphones off he asked the boy, "What he wanted?"

Gavin said "Don't you want to have a go on the computer."

"Well I'm just a beginner Nat said I bought that book Idiot's guide to Windows 98 and I've only got as far as p 22. I don't think idiot applies to me where computers are concerned I think Dodo would be more appropriate."

The boy laughed "Come on he said I'll show you how to play the game."

Reluctantly Nat made his way over to the computer and sat down at the keyboard. After only half an hour, Nat realised his ability to control the planes take off and flight had greatly increased, thanks to Gavin's instructions, but when it came to landings he still hadn't come close to being successful much to the boy's frustration. He eventually conceded defeat and handed the controls over to the boy, telling him one more hour then bed.

Surprisingly there were no requests for an extension to the hour, the boy actually shut down the computer and made his way over to Nat after only a few minutes. "Do you want a drink before going to bed Nat asked?"

"I'll have a coke please the boy replied." His drink finished Nat told the boy to go and clean his teeth and get ready for bed, and when he'd washed and tidied downstairs he'll be up to say goodnight to him up.

With the downstairs tidied Nat made his way upstairs, to find Gavin waiting for him at the top of the stairs in his night shorts without a top.

"Anything-wrong Nat asked picking the boy up?"

"No Gavin replied, but can I sleep in your bed please?"

"Yes if you want to Nat said, any particular reason why?"

"Just" the boy said.

"Just because you want to" Nat replied.

"No Just because it's nice sleeping next to you, he said grinning."

Nat carried him into the bedroom and laid him on the bed and sitting beside the boy at the same time. Gavin kept his arms around Nat's neck forcing him to lower his face towards the boy's.

"Are you coming to bed now the boy inquired?"

"Not right away Nat replied I have to organise a few things for tomorrow then I'll be ready for bed." Gavin leaned upwards and quickly kissed Nat on the lips saying "Goodnight"

Nat ruffled the boy's hair, said "Goodnight" and left to go downstairs.

An hour later he called it a day and decided to go to bed. After attending to his ablutions he went into the bedroom, not wanting to disturb the boy he changed into his shorts in the dark and quietly got into bed. Moments later an arm and a leg wrapped themselves around his body, the boy's head came onto his shoulder as he mumbled "I've been waiting for you to come to bed" In a grumpy tone of voice, then silence. Nat couldn't help smiling at the boy's possessive nature, at the same time enjoying the close contact of their bodies. Feelings of contentment washed over him as he lay with eyes closed and this small demanding boy in his arms.

The boy blowing on his face awakened Nat "Morning" the boy said when Nat opened his eyes "You took a long time waking up."

"What time is it Nat enquired?"

"Six thirty Gavin replied"

"Oh Lord! Nat exclaimed "Gavin do you have to wake me just because you're up".

"Yes the boy replied there's no one else to talk to."

"Well I can't argue with that Nat said. Okay give me a couple of minutes and I'll get up" But there was to be no respite for him.

"No you'll go back to sleep again," the boy said, with that he straddled Nat's chest and started bouncing up and down. There was no alternative for Nat but to grab hold of the boy and get up. He carried the boy with him as he made his way downstairs to make himself a cup of tea.

"Do you want something to drink as well Nat asked?"

"Can I have a sip of your tea Gavin asked I've not drunk a lot of tea or coffee."

"Sure" Nat said, when he'd made the tea he let it cool down a bit before offering the boy the cup.

Gavin sipped the tea tentatively then exclaimed that's great! It's really sweet.

"Yes well I like my tea sweet, now are you going to hand that back or do I have to make myself another cup."

"Can I have this cup please" the boy pleaded?

Nat made another cup and sat at the table savouring his tea.

When he'd finished Nat made his way upstairs to get showered and dressed with the boy tagging right behind. "You want to use the bathroom first?" Nat asked the boy.

Gavin looked at him and said, "Aren't we going to use it together."

"Well if you want to I suppose we can lets go." Nat made straight for the toilet bowl to perform his morning ritual, after relieving himself he joined the boy who was already in the shower. "No morning pee Nat asked the boy?"

"I went when you were still asleep the boy replied, you going to wash my back again?"

"Yes on one condition Nat said, you control your emotions and make your erection go down."

"I can't help it Gavin replied as soon as I get in the shower with you it happens."

"Okay then we can quite easily rectify that Nat said, from tomorrow you can shower on your own if Mrs. Gregory lets you stay."

The boy burst into tears, "I'm really sorry he blubbered I won't let it happen again if you shower with me."

Nat picked the boy up and held him close. "I'm the one who should be sorry Gavin I was only joking. I didn't think you'd take me seriously, now get down and I'll do your back."

"No the boy replied for making me cry you can wash my back while I'm up here."

With the boy's arms around his neck and legs wrapped around his waist, Nat stood in the shower with the boy in his arms letting the water run over the two of them. At this moment he realised that emotionally they both were in need of each other, their solitary lives brought together by pure chance. Slowly Nat started to lather the boy's back with one hand while still supporting him with the other. When he'd finished Nat asked Gavin to get down? The boy didn't move he was quite content to stay where he was with his head on Nat's shoulder. Nat gently extricated the boy's limbs from around him and set him down. "Now we'd better get finished or we'll still be in the shower when Mrs. Gregory arrives."

"That was the best back scrub I ever had Gavin said see even my Dick has gone down."

Nat couldn't help but laugh at the boy's apparent casualness in discussing the state of his penis. Completing their shower they quickly dressed and made their way downstairs for breakfast.

After breakfast they retired to the sitting room to await the arrival of Mrs. Gregory. Shortly after ten the doorbell rang and Nat almost certain that it would be the social worker quickly went to let her in. Opening the door Nat saw a middle aged woman well built of average height with quite a ruddy complexion standing at the doorstep. "Mrs. Gregory I presume Nat inquired?" "Please come in I'm Nathan Ross." After they had exchanged pleasantry's Nat led her to the sitting room where Gavin was waiting. Before entering the room she asked if possible she would like to firstly speak to the boy alone. Nat was readily agreeable and left her to make his way to the k/diner. Twenty minutes later Mrs. Gregory appeared in the doorway and informed Nat that she had finished her talk with Gavin and would he like to join her in discussing the boy's future.

Nat said, "He would but before they went to the sitting room, he would like to know if Gavin had told her anything about his reason for running away, and what he had done to survive on the streets."

"We have a pretty good idea why he ran away from the home, another boy ran away a couple of weeks after Gavin. When he was caught he told the local authorities that a couple of the older boys were bullying him, and some of the younger boys including Gavin. Besides the physical abuse we suspect that there might be some sexual abuse as well. Gavin hasn't mentioned anything about his time spent on the street, all he's been willing to talk about is you, and what you've done for him since you found him."

Nat then told Mrs. Gregory how Gavin had accosted men for money in return for sexual intimacy so that he could feed himself. When he had been robbed he then reverted to begging and scavenging. His reasons for running away from the home were the same as what you've just mentioned. I think it best if we kept this between ourselves, I just thought you ought to know what the boy has had to go through, and not to question him about it unless he himself refers to the subject. Mrs. Gregory looked crestfallen on hearing Nat's information.

"I suppose it was a bit naive of me to hope that he would be spared that experience on the streets, but it has happened and now hopefully we can help him to put this episode of his life behind him. Now should we join Gavin he must be wandering what we are plotting against him."

Nat agreed but asked Mrs. Gregory "If she would like something to drink? Before they continued the discussion.

"No I think I'd like to get matters resolved then I'll have something."

Mrs. Gregory led the way into the sitting room and took a seat in one of the armchairs. Nat sat in his usual place on the settee and Gavin who had been standing by the window when they came in, immediately made his way towards Nat and sat down beside him. When they were all seated Mrs. Gregory began the discussion. She told Nat "That Gavin had informed her that he wanted to stay with him if it could be arranged for Nat to foster him. He had also told her that he didn't think you were married, as there hadn't been a woman in the house since his arrival. Now it's not impossible to get a single person accepted as a foster parent but it does make it more or less impossible when they are so young."

Nat was silent for a moment, then he said, "I think I'd better tell you a bit more about myself, which might have some influence in allowing Gavin to stay with me."

"To begin with I'm not a bachelor I'm a widower and you're not the first person to assume I'm very young. I was married at twenty-four, my wife's parents and my father (My mother had died when I was seventeen) who were very well off bought us a two bed roomed house in Enfield as a wedding present. A year after I married my father died. We sold our house in Enfield and moved into this house, it was left to me in my father's will, along with a substantial income from the rent of various properties, our financial standing was to say the least more than adequate. Two years after we married our son was born he was christened Jeremy Andrew after our respective parents. At the time we couldn't have been happier, but the happiness wasn't to last our son developed Leukemia when he was eighteen months old. Nineteen days before his second birthday he passed away" Nat's voice was beginning to break up with emotion, when he felt Gavin's hand reach into his and gently clasp it. The man gathered comfort from the boy's touch, and continued his narrative. "After our sons death my wife had a breakdown, much to my regret I was not, of much assistance to her, and thinking it was in her best interest I sent her to stay with her parents in Scotland till she recovered. A few weeks later she took her life. I blamed myself for not being able to give her the support and comfort she needed. For the last year and a half I've been in a kind of limbo, just going from day to day wandering what wrong I had done to deserve the events of the last few years. Then on Sunday I encountered Gavin and felt a spark of emotion in me again for the first time in nearly two years. When Gavin related to me what he had undergone from a very early age, I realised I had to stop feeling sorry for myself, and start to take an interest in life again. Now I think that I would like to take on the responsibilities of looking after Gavin not only fostering him, but hopefully adopting him. I know being a single male wont make matters easy for fostering, but I give you my word if I am allowed to take on the upbringing of Gavin, that he will never want for anything financially or even more important emotionally."

Mrs. Gregory offered her condolences to Nat on his family losses then said, "I would never have thought you to be nearly thirty years old. After what you've just told me I wont be taking Gavin back with me, I'll inform the home that he's not fit enough to travel for a week at least, meantime I can get the wheels for fostering in motion. With your background and financial status Mr. Ross that should be in your favour, and once the procedures have started I can let Gavin stay with you till the Swindon Local Authorities come to a decision. I will do my utmost to make it a positive one, but there is always the possibility that they may rule against you being a suitable foster parent so you must prepare yourselves for just such an eventuality. Now I think I'm ready for that cup of tea that you offered me earlier."

Nat rose from his seat to go to the k/diner to make the tea, Gavin made to follow him, Nat turned and told him to remain in the sitting room and keep their guest company. A few minutes later he returned with tea for Mrs. Gregory and himself after serving her, Nat sat down to drink his tea when he felt Gavin gently nudging him. He turned to the boy asking him, what he wanted? The boy looked at him and then looked at the cup of tea, Nat grinned and handed the cup of tea to him.

Mrs. Gregory noticing what had taken place smiled and said. "Now I can understand just why he likes staying here." When she had finished her tea Mrs. Gregory said, "That she would like to get back to Swindon as soon as possible, so that she could make a start on Gavin's case immediately." She once again thanked Nat for taking the boy in, and asked him if he would accompany her to the car?

When they were out of Gavin's hearing, she said, "She had forgotten to mention the reason that Gavin had been returned by other foster parents so often was, he demanded a lot of affection, and got very emotional and jealous of others getting attention."

Nat said, "What about the asthma attacks that he has."

"He hasn't had an attack for some time now and has more or less grown out of them, most of his attacks previously according to the doctors were brought on by anxiety, now good bye Mr. Ross and as soon as I have anything to report I'll be in touch." With that Mrs. Gregory departed as suddenly as she came.

Nat returned to the house and as soon as he walked through the front door there was Gavin jumping up into his arms. Wrapping his arms and legs around the man and burying his face in the crook of Nat's neck. Nat carried the boy into the sitting room eventually ending up with Gavin in his lap.

"I'm so happy that I didn't have to go back to Swindon the boy said it's absolutely fucking! fabulous" The moment he had uttered the word Gavin was very apologetic.

Nat quietened him and told him "Not to worry about it that he had heard worse."

Gavin looked at Nat, "You don't swear do you he said ever since we met you haven't used one swear word."

"When I was younger about your age Nat said I used to swear quite a lot, then when I was about sixteen my mother overheard me swearing while talking with one of my friends in my bedroom. Later that day when my friend had gone home my mother informed me that she had heard my use of foul language in the bedroom, and she never wanted to hear those kind of obscenities again in this house. I abided by her wishes and when she died the next year I continued to carry out her wishes not only in the house I also extended it outside. I find I can express myself quite adequately without having to revert to swearing. I don't expect you to do the same, if you feel you need to swear to express yourself then go ahead and don't feel bad or apologetic about it."

Gavin looked at Nat and said, "I think I'd like to be like you and not swear."

"No I don't want you to be like me Nat replied. One of me in the house is enough I want you to be just the way you are, two of me in the house would be utterly boring, and what's more mentioning age since I met you I've not asked you how old you are?"

"I was thirteen on May 5 Gavin said."

"Well I guessed about right Nat said. Now seeing that you're going to remain here for at least a week lets go and celebrate and eat out instead of cooking."

"Okay Gavin said should we get a big Mac. No we're going to a proper restaurant where food takes time to prepare and not served up in five minutes flat. I eat there quite regularly and am well known to them."

"Nathan as long as its food I don't mind where we eat the boy said and the quicker the better I'm beginning to feel a bit hungry.

Having eaten their fill Nat finished his coffee then told Gavin, "I think I had better get you another pair of trainers. I only bought you one pair yesterday, and after that would you like to see Star Wars Episode 1."

"Wicked" was all the comment Nat got out of the boy so he assumed that was an affirmative to seeing the movie. As they left the restaurant Nat couldn't help noticing how much better the boy looked although it was not quite forty eight hours since they met. The moment they were outside and making their way to the shops Nat felt the familiar hand reach into his, he gave it a gentle squeeze glad to have the physical contact with the boy.

They reached home about ten that night Nat headed straight for the k/diner to put the kettle on, the boy followed him in saying, "Can I have a cup as well please."

"Okay Nat replied but you better watch how I make the tea so whenever you want a cup you can make your own."

After the tea was made and drunk Gavin said, "The next time you want a cup of tea ask me and I'll make it."

"That will be nice Nat said now let's go into the sitting room and relax for a bit." They sat in their usual positions the boy close to Nat on the settee, the television was switched on and they flicked over the various channels until finding something they both found agreeable. Sometime later Nat looked down at the boy to find him sleeping. He gently moved his arms around the boy lifted him up and carried him upstairs, as he laid him on the bed Gavin's eyes flickered open, "Do you want to get up and change for bed or do you want me to change you Nat asked?"

"Are you coming to bed as well the boy enquired?"

"A little bit later on Nat replied."

"Then I'll wait for you Gavin said getting up from the bed."

"Okay you win I'll come to bed now but seeing that your up we can get washed and clean our teeth before bed." Their toiletries finished they changed and climbed into bed Nat put the light out and because of the warm weather only used a thin sheet to cover the two of them. The moment Nat lay down on his back he felt Gavin wrap himself around him in the all to familiar position.

"Can we talk a little?" the boy said.

"I thought you were sleepy" Nat replied.

"Well I've woken up after that wash."

"All right go ahead what do you want to talk about?" Nat asked.

"First of all were you very sad before you met me?" Gavin said.

Nat thought for a moment then said "Sad was not the word I would use more like not being aware, just going from one day to another and not taking any real interest in anything or anybody, then when I saw you fall I seemed to come awake again."

Gavin squeezed up to Nat as if he was trying to merge their bodies into one. "Nat do you still have sex or don't you do it anymore?"

Nat gently untangled the boy's limbs from around his body and sat up in bed with his back resting against the headboard. He put the bedside light on, and lifted the boy up and placed him between his legs with his back leaning against Nat's body. Kissing the boy on the head Nat said "Gavin what you're asking me is very personal but seeing that you asked I'll try my best to answer."

"I'm sorry the boy interrupted I didn't mean to be rude please don't answer."

"It's all right Gavin I know you weren't being rude only inquisitive and a boy's inquisitiveness must be satisfied. So now to answer your question." "I haven't had sex with another person for the last two years and it hasn't played any part in my life since my wife died. I do relieve myself from time to time by masturbation.

"That's wanking isn't it Nathan?"

"Yes that's the common terminology for it, or sometimes my relief comes in night emissions or wet dreams as you would say, and at present there isn't any woman in my life, only a skinny little boy."

"Nathan I know it's wrong for a man and a boy to have sex together Gavin said, but if I wanted to have sex with you and nobody knew wouldn't that be okay?"

"First of all Gavin you haven't asked me if I wanted to have sex Nat replied you've assumed that I do, and secondly even if I did, two people would know what we were doing was wrong that's you and me. My having to live with the knowledge that I am encouraging you to do wrong would be just as bad as those men who paid you for sex. On top of that violating the trust that the authorities have placed in me if they allow you to stay here doesn't bear contemplating. Gavin if you stay here I have to help you to grow up and let you associate with both sexes and all nationalities. You're thirteen years old and you have to give yourself a chance to discover your sexual preferences."

"I have mixed with girls the boy retorted and I never wanted to do anything with them except talk."

"Gavin lot's of boys your age at first don't want anything to do with girls, Nat replied but as they get older their attitudes change. The law stipulates the age a boy can legally enter into a sexual relationship with another man at present is eighteen. The reason is not only to protect you from older men but also from yourself. I know some boy's at fourteen and fifteen are physically fully mature as most men but they are nowhere near their full mental maturity, and if I didn't comply with these laws I would be failing in my duties as a foster parent."

The boy was silent for a moment then said; "Nathan when I'm old enough and I still wanted to have sex with you would you like to do it with me?"

"Gavin that's one question I can't answer but when you're old enough you can ask me again if you still want to, but by then you might have changed you're mind you may prefer to be in the company of girls, or if males more nearer your own age group."

The boy moved from his position between Nat's legs turned to face him put his arms around Nat's neck and said, "Is it because you only like me and not love me that you won't have sex with me?"

"It's because I love you Gavin that I won't have sex with you and I hope you'll understand that when you get older. Now how about going to bed I think we've talked enough for tonight."

As they settled down in the bed Nat lying on his back Gavin suddenly got up looked down at Nat, "Did you really mean it when you said you loved me the boy enquired?"

"Well when I let you wrap your arms and legs around me and use my chest as a pillow at night what do you think Nat replied?"

"Yeah"! The boy exclaimed and snuggled down into the position that Nat had just described. Nat was content to lie there and feel the boy's body pressed into his, the soft texture of the skin and the gentle rise and fall of his slim body as the boy breathed. Gradually he to drifted off to sleep.

He was disturbed early in the morning by the boy complaining and getting out of bed. Nat sat up and asked Gavin "What's the matter?" The boy didn't answer left the room and made his way into the bathroom, after spending a few minutes in there he came back to the bed got under the covers and keeping well away from Nat went to sleep. Nat lay back in bed and after some considerable time was able to fall asleep as well. He awoke again after eight to see the boy sitting quietly on the bed.

"Morning Gavin" Nat said

"Morning" the boy mumbled.

Nat didn't say another word he got out of bed went into the bathroom to relieve himself then went downstairs made his tea and sat down to drink it.

While he was drinking his tea the boy walked into the room stood in front of Nat and said, "You're not talking to me." "That's not quite true Gavin, Nat replied I spoke to you earlier this morning when you got out of bed and you ignored me. Then again when I woke up just now, when you mumbled something incoherently in reply. I don't intend talking to myself Gavin, when you feel you want to hold a conversation with me I'd be only to willing to talk to you."

The boy with tears in his eyes climbed onto Nat's lap and said "I did it in my shorts last night."

"Yes I can see you've got a new pair on Gavin but having a wet dream isn't so bad actually it's quite a pleasant experience so what's the problem?"

"I thought you'd be mad at me for doing it in your bed the boy replied."

"Gavin I could never be angry with you for having a wet dream or for that matter masturbating that's all part of growing up. The only thing that I would suggest is that if you wish to avoid having wet dreams, is that you masturbate from time to time in the privacy of your room or the toilet, that way you wont have an excess of semen to eject at night." "Now what about having a cup of tea then a shower?"

"Okay!" the boy said, but before getting off Nat's lap he gently kissed him on the lips. "What was that one for Nat asked?" "Just" the boy said.

Nat smiled knowing he had to ask the inevitable "Just why he enquired?"

Smiling the boy replied "Just because I love you Nathan," then went to make his cup of tea.

And so the days went by, they took pleasure in each other's company and that's how they both wished it to be with no intrusions from outsiders. After a week the boy was more self-assured and had put on quite a bit of weight so that his bones didn't protrude so noticeably as before. Ten days after her departure Mrs. Gregory phoned. Informing Nat that she and the manager of the Child Welfare Department would be arriving the next day. Firstly to talk to Nat and secondly to discuss Gavin's case with the local C/W Dept. and bringing them up to date with procedure. Nat was pleased to hear the news, although nothing had been confirmed he felt confident that he would be allowed to foster the boy. When Nat informed Gavin what was to take place the next day the boy became a bit pensive, and not as talkative as usual. That night in bed Gavin was unusually quiet. Nat stroked the boy's head and told him not to worry about the welfare officer's visit that everything was going to be just fine.

"You sure?" the boy questioned,

"Absolutely" Nat replied.

"I still feel nervous about it Gavin said, I'm scared that something may go wrong and I will have to go back to the home." "I've told you nothing is going to go wrong Nat said just relax and go to sleep and you'll see, tomorrow you'll realize you worried yourself for no reason." The boy feeling reassured snuggled closer into Nat, then shortly drifted off to sleep.

As expected Mrs. Gregory and her colleague a Mr. Handley arrived a few minutes before ten. After the introductions the four of them made their way into the sitting room. Mrs. Gregory was the first to speak telling Nat "That the investigations the council had made about him had all been favorable, and the committee had agreed to a six month trial period for Nat to be a foster parent." The boy could not contain his emotions he jumped up wrapped his arms around Nat buried his face in the crook of his neck and cried. Nat thanked the two social workers for their trust in him, at the same time getting Gavin to reduce his crying to a few sniffs. Mr. Handley then informed Nat "That they had to go to the local council to hand over the relevant documentation, and also to have Gavin registered with the local education authority. Nat would have to enter Gavin into one of the local schools when the new term starts in four weeks. Mrs. Gregory said there was one other item they had to attend to which would be the most difficult. That was when they returned from the local council offices they will be returning to Swindon and would have to take Gavin back for a couple of days." Before another word could be uttered the boy screamed "NO!" Jumped down from Nat's arms and ran out of the room up the stairs to his bedroom.

Nat asked the social workers the reason for taking Gavin back to Swindon.

Mr. Handley told Nat "That there was an investigation taking place at the home, concerning one of the carer's and a couple of the older boy's, and their behaviour towards the younger boys in the home. They needed Gavin to make a statement in the presence of the accused along with some of the other boys who had been abused. Mrs. Gregory informed Nat that Gavin did not have to stay at the home overnight but could spend the night at her house."

Nat thanked her, then offered them a hot drink, which they declined but said they would take him up on the offer when they returned from the local council.

After they had departed Nat went upstairs to talk to the boy; he was lying face down on the bed sobbing. Nat picked him up and started to gently caress his head and whispered in his ear, "It's going to be all right," then softly placed little kisses on the boy's cheeks.

The boy's crying gradually subsided he sniffed a couple of times then said "Nathan don't send me to Swindon please."

"I can't stop them taking you Gavin Nat replied, and I really do think that you should go and make your statement, that way you'll be helping not only yourself but other young boys who have to live there. I promise that if you're not back here by Friday I'll come up to Swindon and bring you back." Although the boy's fears were to some extent allayed he still clung to Nat as he carried him down the stairs. A couple of hours later the social workers returned and held Nat to his offer of a cup of tea. With the tea finished and a bag packed for Gavin they said their farewells the boy having to be literally prised off Nat at the car. When the vehicle had passed out of sight Nat made his way back to the house instantly feeling the sense of loneliness as he entered the house.

The rest of the afternoon he occupied himself with cleaning the home, and promising when the boy returned he would hire a cleaner twice a week to do the house and the laundry including the ironing. Shortly after five Nat was contemplating going out for an evening meal, when the phone rang. Nat was surprised to here Mrs. Gregory's voice at the other end.

Without wasting time she told him that "Gavin was in hospital the boy was in no danger but when they had arrived at the home he'd had a severe asthma attack. The doctor said the stress and anxiety the boy had undergone brought it on."

Nat asked Mrs. Gregory For her phone number then told her "That he was leaving for Swindon immediately and would phone her the moment he had booked into a hotel." As soon as he put the phone down Nat grabbed a bag put what he needed for a couple of days stay and headed for the car.

By eight thirty p.m. Nat was booking into the Intel hotel, as soon as he'd been shown his room he picked up the phone and dialed Mrs. Gregory's number. The minute she heard Nat's voice, she asked "Which hotel was he in? and stated that she would be around to pick him up and take him to the hospital"

Nat was waiting in the lobby when Mrs. Gregory walked in; their greetings were brief and with little waste of time were on their way to visit the boy. At the hospital entrance they went to reception, and asked permission to visit Gavin, which was readily given. Mrs. Gregory gave Nat the name of the ward that Gavin was in, and told him that the boy was in the bed furthest from the door on the right hand side of the room. She remained at the desk while Nat made his way to the ward. After a couple of wrong turns Nat finally reached the ward and stood in the doorway letting his eyes roam down the ward to the bed at the end of the room. He could see a small figure in the bed.

The boy was lying facing the window at the end of the room; he slowly turned and saw the figure standing at the entrance to the ward.

"Nathan!" the boy screamed as he recognised the man in the doorway. He immediately threw the bed covers off and with tears running down his face ran towards Nat. On reaching him the boy didn't hesitate he launched himself into the air straight at Nat who caught him and drew him in close. Gavin wrapped his arms and legs around the man and buried his face in the crook of his neck and sobbed "Nathan Nathan my Nathan."

The duty nurse arrived drawn to the scene by the noise that Gavin was making and seeing the boy out of his bed tried to remove the boy from Nat's arms which resulted in him becoming hysterical. The nurse quickly abandoned her efforts of separation and asked Nat to try and quieten the boy. Slowly Gavin's sobs subsided as Nat's soothing tones and caressing calmed him. Nat walked towards the boy's bed, sitting on the bed Nat gently drew Gavin's head back so that he could look into the boy's face.

As their eyes met no words were exchanged, Nat leaned forward and kissed the boy on each eye tasting the salty tears that ran down his cheek's, then gently brushed his lips against Gavin's lips.

The boy looked at Nat and smiled "Why did you do that he asked?" With tear filled eyes.

Knowing what was expected of him "Just" Nat replied.

"Just why?" The boy responded.

"Just because I missed you," Nat said.

Gavin rested his head on Nat's shoulder and said "I missed you too and that he was not letting go of Nat until they were out of the hospital."

While Nat was trying to convince the boy that he couldn't take him out of the hospital, the doctor accompanied by the nurse arrived on the scene. Their efforts to try and persuade Gavin into his bed met with no success. The doctor noting that the boy's breathing and pulse had returned to normal, asked Nat if he wanted to take the boy home he would be willing to discharge him now, knowing that to try and separate the boy from Nat could result in another asthma attack. Nat was agreeable and asked the nurse if she could send for Mrs. Gregory who was waiting at reception. While they waited for the social worker to arrive Nat tried to free the boy's limbs from around his body but to no avail. He clung to Nat like a limpet and was not going to let go of the only person whom he yearned to be with, and would only let go when he saw fit.

When Mrs. Gregory arrived Nat explained that he couldn't extricate himself from the boy embrace, so could she bring his clothing and wrap the boy's dressing gown around him as he was only wearing a hospital night shirt. After she had collected Gavin's clothing and acquired a dressing gown from his bag, she wrapped it around the boy's shoulders and tucked it in between their bodies; they made there way out of the ward to the front entrance. Waiting at the reception desk was the doctor with the discharge forms and a puffer in case Gavin had another attack. He then produced a pair of scissors to cut Gavin's wrist tag, that done they made their way to the car where Nat managed to squeeze into the rear seat with the boy still attached to him. When they reached the hotel Nat carried the boy who had fallen asleep into the foyer. He gave Mrs. Gregory his room number then asked her to explain the situation at the reception desk while he took Gavin up to his room, and if there was any extra expense incurred to add it to his bill. In his room after pulling back the bed covers Nat gently laid the boy down not wanting to wake him. He then removed the gown and night-shirt from the boy before covering him.

Mrs. Gregory arrived at Nat's room handed over Gavin's clothes, and took the hospital clothing that she would return.

She then apologized to Nat saying "That she had no idea that Gavin had become so strongly attached to him in such a few days. Knowing that the boy had a very emotional and sensitive nature she should never have taken him back to Swindon without Nat accompanying them. Mrs. Gregory then informed Nat that he could return to London with the boy the next day and that they would forward Gavin's personal effects on to him."

Nat "Thanked her for all her assistance walked her to the lift and before she left told her she was free to phone or even visit Gavin anytime she wished." He returned to his room showered changed into his shorts and climbed into bed. He lay down next to Gavin and could feel the warmth radiating from the boy. The man's presence seemed to trigger off some sort of homing device Gavin rolled towards Nat and wrapped an arm and a leg around his body. With the naked boy embracing him Nat revelled in the feelings of absolute contentment, and let his mind slowly drift into nothingness joining the boy in sleep.

Nat awoke the next morning to see the boy still sleeping. He rose as quietly as he could, and made his way to the bathroom to relieve himself and get showered, remembering to leave the door unlocked in case the boy awoke while he was in the shower. Opening his eyes and alone in bed the boy had no idea where he was. On the verge of panic he opened his mouth to shout when from the side door in walked a familiar figure with a towel wrapped around his waist.

Nat noticing the boy sitting up in bed went over to him picked him up and wished him "Good morning" and kissed the boy gently on the lips.

Gavin responded to Nat's greeting then asked, "You had a shower without me?"

"Well I thought it more important that you sleep after yesterday's events rather than showering with me Nat replied, there's lots of other days to have showers together."

Gavin looked at Nat and said "You're not dressed yet come in the shower with me please."

He looked at the boy's pleading eyes and knew that he couldn't refuse him, "Okay! Let's go" Nat said, making his way back to the bathroom carrying the boy.

Their morning ablutions finished and both of them dressed they made their way downstairs Nat carrying the bags, they breakfasted then settled the hotel bill, and were on their way back to London.

The moment they arrived home Nat insisted the boy go to bed, then phoned his GP explaining the situation to him and arranged an evening visitation for him to see Gavin. His next phone call was to an advert in the local paper to engage a cleaner to come in twice a week. The cleaning services agreed to send a Mrs. Dacy to see him on Monday and if she was suitable would start working the same day and return again on Friday. Phone calls dealt with Nat made his way to the k/diner to make a cup of tea and to prepare a meal for the two of them, Nat finished his tea then decided to check up on the boy before starting the cooking. He entered the boy's bedroom quietly. The boy lay sprawled on the bed with limbs spread and bed sheet cast aside, Nat went to cover him but realising how warm it was he left the boy uncovered, and returned to do the cooking.

By two thirty Nat had finished in the kitchen and was relaxing in the sitting room, he'd been dozing in the chair for about half an hour when he felt Gavin's body climbing onto his lap and snuggle against him then lie there in his company. Nat continued his doze for a further thirty minutes, before getting up and carrying the boy in his arms up to the bedroom.

As he bent to lay the boy down on the bed Gavin awoke and said, "I don't want to go back to bed, I feel hungry."

Nat told him the food was already cooked and to put a T-shirt on then he could come down and eat.

With the meal finished and the dishes washed and put away, Nat asked Gavin "If he wanted to return to bed until the doctor arrived?"

The boy said, "He preferred to stay downstairs and share a cup of tea with Nat."

So they retired to the sitting room to drink their tea and wait for Dr. Graham's arrival. By seven thirty when no doctor had arrived Nat was on the verge of phoning the surgery to verify that the Dr. hadn't forgotten the appointment when the doorbell rang. Nat hurried to the front door relieved to see the doctor standing on the doorstep, and invited him in. Dr. Graham apologised for his lateness, stating "That he'd had some difficulty in contacting the doctor in Swindon who had treated Gavin, he'd wanted some information on the boy's medical history before seeing him." Dr. Graham on meeting Gavin soon put the boy at ease with lively small talk, and then proceeded to examine him.

After completing the examination the doctor said that "Gavin had recovered well from his asthma attack and was fit enough to be able to go out from tomorrow." On the way out Dr. Graham had a word with Nat at the door. Informing him that "Gavin's GP in Swindon had told him that as long as the boy was not put under any emotional stress he would be all right." Nat "Thanked the doctor and wished him good night," and returned to Gavin in the sitting room.

"Well you've been given a clean bill of health." Nat said, so do you want to do anything special tomorrow.

"Not really Nat can we stay at home the boy replied."

"Whatever you want Nat said sitting down beside the boy is anything worrying you Gavin you've been very quiet all evening?"

"I've been thinking about the investigation they are having at the home, and if it will change their minds about me staying here the boy said."

"If they were going to change their minds Nat replied they, would not have allowed me to bring you home, so stop worrying and put the television on or go and use the computer."

The boy didn't move he just climbed onto Nat's lap and snuggled down and said "Not now Nathan maybe tomorrow."

Nat reached out and got the remote for the midi hi-fi and switched on a jazz c.d. Nat settled back to listen to his jazz. When the music started he got a polite "Pooh!" From a certain source who then promptly snuggled deeper into his body and lay silent. A couple of hours later Nat carried the sleeping boy to his own bed covered him with a sheet, then returned downstairs to have a tea.

Back in the sitting room he contemplated what was to be done in the near future. Firstly there was school to contend with, he had no idea of the boy's academic abilities, and would have to contact Mrs. Gregory to see if she had any knowledge of his educational standards. Then he had to go to the local Child Welfare Authority to see what schools were available in this area and check them out. Next he thought there would still be ample time to take the boy on a holiday if he wanted. At about mid-night Nat decided to go to bed, when he'd finished in the bathroom he then went to check up on the boy. Entering the boy's room he saw him sprawled out on the bed with the sheet thrown off. On the verge of returning to his own room he remembered the doctor's words about keeping the boy free from emotional stress, he walked over to the boy's bed picked him up and carried him to bed with him. Laying Gavin down Nat then slid into bed beside him, inevitably the boy rolled over towards Nat and wrapped his limbs around him. Nat stretched his arm out and put the bedside light on. He looked at the boy's face and noted that he was still asleep, it baffled him how the boy could know when he was in bed and be able to move over and embrace him without waking, still puzzling over the fact Nat drifted off to sleep.

Next day Nat discussed with the boy the idea of them going on a holiday, and where he would like to go.

Without hesitation Gavin said "Euro. Disney."

"Okay! Nat replied but before we book the holiday we have to get you registered with a school for the next term, and also ask Mrs. Gregory to send your previous school reports if she hasn't already done so."

Gavin was excited about going on holiday, that when Nat suggested they go out to eat, he forgot about staying in all day and was quite ready to eat out.

When they returned home later that evening while Gavin sat down at the computer, he decided to give Mrs. Gregory a call to find out if she had included any of the boy's school reports in his personal effects that she was forwarding. He need not of worried, after enquiring about Gavin she confirmed that his school progress reports were in amongst his belongings, and also his passport, which he acquired last year for his school trip to Germany. She also told Nat that she had informed the Enfield Child Welfare dept. about the asthma attack, and they said that they would visit him and the boy at home for school registration rather than let you go to the offices. Nat thanked her for all her assistance and called Gavin over to talk to her while he went and made some tea.

When he returned to the room Gavin was back on the computer, the moment Nat walked in he asked if he could access the Net using the Freeserve disc to sign up. He told the boy to go ahead, as he was not sure how to go about it himself. Nat left the boy at the computer and sat down to see what was on the box. After asking Nat questions relating to the home address and phone number, a few minutes later he said he was ready to access the net, and if Nat wanted to try his hand as well, Nat politely declined and carried on watching the box. After a few minutes Gavin came over to Nat grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the computer. There on the screen were package holidays for Euro. Disney that travel agents had on offer.

Nat studied the screen for a while then turned to the boy and said, "That's really good see if you can find some more offers." Nat left the boy to search for more holiday offers, but he had already made up his mind that if they went on holiday, it would be first class all the way as he could easily afford it.

Nat returned to his seat switched off the TV. picked up the Sunday paper and started looking through it. He had barely gazed through the first two pages when Gavin interrupted him again, this time the boy didn't pull him out of his seat but rather climbed onto him.

Nat put the paper aside encircled the boy's body with his arms and asked, "What's the problem?"

"No problem Gavin said snuggling closer into Nat, sitting here with you is better than sitting by myself."

Then Nat realised that when the boy had pulled him over to the computer it was more for company than showing him what he had achieved.

"Have you shut the computer down?" Nat asked.

"Yes" the boy replied.

"Well from tomorrow you can start giving me a few lessons Nat said I think you know a lot more about computers than you're letting on."

Gavin laughed but didn't say a word. They remained silently sitting together relishing the bodily contact, content in each other's embrace. Much later Nat slowly stood up lifting the sleeping boy in his arms and carrying him up to bed. Laying Gavin down Nat slowly removed the boy's trousers and underwear leaving his T-shirt on Nat covered him and returned downstairs to have a cup of tea.

Sipping his tea in the sitting room, Nat's thoughts centered on the boy, and the dependency that Gavin had placed on him in the short time that they had been together. He knew that he had to secure the boy's future should anything happen to him, and a meeting with his solicitors would have to be arranged to put that into effect immediately. His other concern was the close bond that had formed between them, and the boy's reluctance to be more than arm's length from him for more than a few minutes, and yet this same boy was roaming the streets of London on his own a few day's ago. Had the harshness of the streets driven all ideas of independence from the boy.

His thoughts were broken by a voice saying, "When are you coming to bed?" Turning to look towards the door Nat saw Gavin standing there naked except for his T-shirt and a disgruntled look on his face.

Nat stood and walked towards the boy, as he neared him the boy lifted his arms towards Nat ready to be carried which he dutifully obliged.

On the way up to bed the boy asked "Why do you put me in bed then leave me alone?"

"Because I'm not ready to retire at the same time as you, and normally go to bed much later," Nat said.

Reaching the bedroom Nat laid the boy down again and asked if he wanted to change into his shorts, Gavin pulled the sheet up over himself and said no I'm okay like this. Nat went into the bathroom completed his ablutions, and returned to the bedroom changed and climbed in beside the boy. As expected Gavin did the usual which Nat had begun to expect, and enjoyed the close contact of their bodies, and the contentment it brought.

Nat was awakened next morning by Gavin's hand inside the slit of Nat's shorts fondling his erection. He slowly reached down and removed the boy's hand from inside his shorts. The boy startled buried his face in the mattress. Nat grasped the boy gently and pulled him up so that they were face to face. Gavin near to tears hung his head not looking at Nat, who put a finger under the boy's chin lifting his head so that their eyes met.

Nat smiled "That was very nice Gavin and a good way to be woken up but please don't do it again."

"You're not angry" The boy asked?

"No Nat replied but you must promise me that it won't happen again because if it did you will have to sleep in your own bedroom in future."

"I promise Nathan I won't ever do it again I'll only play with my own Dick." (Nat nearly burst into laughter at the boy's uninhibited response to his request but managed to keep a straight face) "I'm really sorry" Gavin said then lowered his head and kissed Nat on the lips.

"Okay! Gavin I accept your apology Nat replied, but you must remember that you cannot at any time sexually caress or fondle another person boy or girl, man or woman, without first getting their acceptance to your advances. If you did this to some other person and they objected to it you could get into a lot of trouble do you understand."

"Yes the boy, said but I won't get into trouble because I don't want to do it with anybody else but you."

(Touché Nat thought that shot my little bit of moralising down in flames,) right let's go and get a cup of tea he said out loud.

"No Gavin said let's just lie here for a bit," saying that he climbed up laying himself full length on top of Nat.

Lying there staring down at the man Gavin brought his hands up to caress his face then again he brushed his lips against Nat's and said "Nathan I love you very much."

Nat felt he had to break this scene up very quickly before it got out of control. "Is this the way you behave when you're in trouble he joked attempting to get up?"

"No please Gavin pleaded stay in bed Nathan, why do you want to leave is it because of what I was doing earlier."

Nat could see and feel the emotions coursing through the boy's body. Wrapping his arm's around the boy he gently rolled over so that they lay on their sides face to face. "No Gavin it's got nothing to do with that, it's to do with our feelings for each other. I told you before I cannot encourage you in any sexual activity. That you have to discover for yourself with persons of your own age and choice. I can advise you about sex and answer any questions relating to that subject, but when I lie with you in bed and you start fondling me or pressing your erection against me then it's time to break contact. Gavin my love for you has to be purely platonic. Since we met we have become very attached to each other. Kissing you taking you in my arms and embracing you, washing your back in the shower, telling you that I love you is what a father does for his son and I want to treat you as my son, do you understand?"

The boy eyes blinking to hold back the tears said, "Nathan I cant help it, when I had a wet dream I was dreaming of doing it with you. When you hug me and I'm in your arms my chest hurts so bad it want's to burst. Every time I'm away from your touch I start to feel lonely is there something wrong with me?"

Nat lifted the boy up with him as he got out of the bed.

Gavin with his arms and legs wrapped around Nat said, "You didn't answer me."

"I'm trying to find the words to tell you Nat replied and it's not easy. There's nothing wrong with you, Nat said the emotions you're having is to do with you're relationship with me, and how you feel towards me. Hopefully as your stay here continues and you get used to seeing me around, and you acquire other friends when you go to school, these feelings towards me will subside, does that answer your question?"

"Sort of Gavin said, but I won't stop loving you no matter what. You're not going downstairs now are you"?

"No Nat said but we've got to get showered and dressed Mrs. Dacy the cleaning woman will be here by nine and it's after eight already, if you want we'll talk about this later."

Halfway through their breakfast the doorbell rang, Nat went to the door expecting it to be Mrs. Dacy and was not wrong. Inviting her in he asked her "If she wanted a cup of tea while he finished his breakfast, after which they could discuss the work to be carried out by her."

She accepted the offer of tea and was soon chatting away with Nat and Gavin. When they had finished their meal Nat who had taken a liking to Mrs. Dacy's easy going manner discussed her duties and the hours she'd work. Mrs. Dacy seeing that there was no woman in the house told Nat that if he wanted she would come three times a week and also do a bit of cooking if he wanted. Nat jumped at the offer and she immediately got to work. Shortly afterwards the phone rang, it was the Enfield Child Welfare Office wanting to know if two of their officials could call around at about eleven. Nat was agreeable to the time said he would be pleased to see them and hung up.

Seeing that he had a bit of time on his hands before the next meeting Nat rang his solicitors and got through to Donald Findlay, and asked him if it was possible for him to call around tomorrow as he had to make some changes to his will. Donald who was a long time acquaintance of the family was only to pleased to oblige, and said he'd be around at ten the next morning.

Gavin who as usual was following him around like a shadow asked what was all that about. Nat put the tip of his index finger on the boy's nose and said "Nosey wait till tomorrow and you'll find out. Now we've got nearly an hour before the C.W. officials arrive so you better start teaching me what you know about computers, and try not to be to technical with all those abbreviation, and sayings, it's a load of gobbledegook to me."

Gavin took him by the hand and led Nat towards the computer, "Don't worry I wont confuse you he said laughingly, I'll teach you without using all the gobbledegook sayings."

By the time the officials arrived Nat had learnt that the boy had logged onto the net with Freeserve the day before using Nat's name and set up an email account. He also told Nat the password for accessing the net but that was really unnecessary as Gavin told him he could access the net automatically by clicking the logo on the desktop. He was also shown various things, which seemed perfectly easy when explained in layman's terms, and was quite enjoying the lesson when the bell rang. Before Nat could get there Mrs. Dacy had opened the front door and shown the two officials in. Nat thanked her and guided the man and woman into the sitting room introducing himself and Gavin to them. When they were all seated the woman took the lead telling Nat her colleagues name and her own. She then went on to tell Nat that having heard from Swindon of the boy's academic abilities which were above average that he should be entered into the school which was only a stones throw from where Nat lived. They also informed Nat that he and the boy would have to make an appearance at the school a week before the term started, to meet the Principal and be shown around. After signing a few forms laying out his responsibilities ensuring Gavin's attendance and conforming to the school dress code the official's rose to leave. Before they could do so Gavin asked them "If he could register at the school as Gavin Ross as he didn't want to be teased about having a different name to his dad."

The two officials looked at each other then the woman said, "I'm not sure but as long as your foster father doesn't have any objections I don't see why not, but you can check when you meet the Principal."

After they left Mrs. Dacy said she was ready to clean the sitting room if they could shift their bodies. Nat said they were going out so could she lock up after she was finished and they would see her on Wednesday with that they wished her good bye and left.

As they reached the car Nat asked. "Gavin if he had his puffer with him?"

The boy said, "No," so Nat gave him the front door keys and told him to get it.

When he returned with the puffer Nat informed the boy he was never to go out without it unless the doctors told him that he had no more need for it that said, Nat drove off with the boy to book their holiday. Because they had the principals meeting a week before the term started, Nat booked the holiday for eight days only, making sure that they would be back in plenty of time for the meeting. They would be flying out this coming Sunday, and returning the following Sunday. The holiday booked they did a bit more shopping and knowing that Gavin wasn't to appreciative of Jazz he allowed him to buy some CD's of his choice.

Returning home they found a note in the K/diner from Mrs. Dacy, telling them that she'd put their food in the oven it only needed warming up, and a suitcase by special delivery had arrived for Gavin which she'd put in his bedroom with a set of keys. The boy ran up the stairs calling Nat to follow, by the time that he reached the boy's bedroom Gavin was already opening the case. Inside the case were Gavin's clothes that he'd left at the home a photograph of his mother and him when he was about four, his school reports with his books and school bag they found his passport inside the bag. Gavin displayed each item to Nat as he unpacked, and between them they stored the clothes away. Nat told the boy to keep his reports inside the bag in case he was asked to produce them at school. Gavin gave the photograph to Nat and asked if he could keep it downstairs on the mantelpiece.

"By all means you can you don't have to ask me Gavin if you're going to live here you have the right to keep you're personal possessions with you and on display wherever you want."

With the case unpacked and everything stored away they went downstairs, as Nat placed the photograph on the mantelpiece Gavin said "Nat why don't you put you're photographs up as well."

Nat looked at the boy and replied, "Not at the moment Gavin"

"Why?" The boy asked.

"Gavin please let's not talk about it, the food is ready do you want to eat?"

"Okay!" the boy replied but because he thought he'd upset Nat he didn't sound as enthusiastic as he usually was about meal times.

With their meal finished they retired to the sitting room, Gavin asked Nat to show him how the hi-fi system worked so that he could listen to the CD's that he'd bought. He soon mastered the controls and while Nat read the paper he sat on the floor with the earphones on listening to his music. Twenty minutes later Gavin switched off the hi-fi put the earphones away and climbed onto Nat's lap.

Nat put the paper down hugged the boy to him then asked, "What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry for asking you about the photographs Nathan I didn't think you would still be sad to look at them."

Nat squeezed the boy gently "Its okay! Gavin now go and listen to your music."

"No the boy said but if you want to can we talk about this morning please Nathan."

"Okay Gavin what did you want to know?" "About my emotions" he said.

Nat kissed the boy on top of his head and replied. "I was telling you about your emotions that you were having towards me. These same emotions that you mentioned you had other boy's and girl's also have when they fall in love for the first time. It's commonly known as puppy love and most children in their early teens grow out of it, especially when they fall in love with a person much older than themselves. There are the exceptions to the rule where puppy love has blossomed into a loving relationship that lasts a lifetime but not very often."

Gavin was quiet for a moment while he thought over what Nat had just told him, then twisting around in Nat's lap and pulling himself up to face him he said, "Do you think my love for you is puppy love?"

Nat looked into the boy's eyes and saw the intensity in them; he leaned forward and kissed the boy on the nose. "I didn't say yours was puppy love I was giving you an example of what it might be, remember the exception to the rule."

Gavin smiled "Yeah!" he said then settled down in Nat's lap again.

"Don't you want to play your CD's now?" Nat enquired.

"Maybe a little bit later it's comfy here," the boy replied.

Ten minutes later when Gavin hadn't moved Nat got up dumped him off his lap onto his feet and said, "Get your puffer were going for a walk. "

"Do we have to the boy whined?"

"Yes Nat replied firstly you could do with the exercise secondly I think you might find it interesting."

A couple of minutes later found them walking along the pavement with the boy clasping Nat's hand. Ten minutes of steady walking and Nat stopped at the side of some iron gates; "This he said is the entrance to your new school. When the new term starts I'll bring you for the first couple of days then I'm sure you can manage on your own."

Gavin didn't say a word he just clasped Nat's hand more tightly. Nat feeling the increased pressure on his hand to ease the boy's nervousness said, "Okay lets go home then later this evening we can go to a pizza parlour or get a big Mac. whatever you want."

"Big Mac French fries and a chocolate milkshake," the boy responded as they made there way home.

Next morning precisely at ten the doorbell rang, Nat let Donald Findlay into the house escorting him into the sitting room. Introducing him to Gavin, Nat told Donald "That he wanted the same done for Gavin in his will, that his Father had done for him when his Mother had died. I hope there's no problem with that."

"None whatsoever Donald said leave it with me, and I'll have it drafted out in a week for you to sign."

"Can you have it done before I go on holiday this Sunday Nat enquired?"

"Yes if I get down to it straight away so if you don't mind I'll be on my way to the office," refusing the offer of a cup of tea, and saying goodbye to the two of them he departed.

When Nat returned to the room and sat down Gavin jumped on top of him kissing him full on the lips. Nat broke the kiss and said. "Okay what's that for?"

"Just" the boy said in the ritual they played.

"Just why" Nat asked?

"Just because you deserve it Gavin replied and this one as well" kissing Nat again.

The days soon passed, on Friday Nat and Gavin went to the solicitor's office for Nat to sign the Will that had been drafted by Donald Findlay. Mrs. Dacy was asked to only come in the following Friday to store some food in the house Nat giving her a set of keys and some money to purchase the groceries, next they were jetting off to France to start their holiday.

As Gavin put it "Seven days of crap weather," ironically the only day the sun came out with any certainty of staying out was the day they had to return home, but he still enjoyed himself. He dragged Nat around to all the hair-raising rides, which surprisingly he enjoyed as much as the boy. The only other problem for Gavin was the first time they were shown their hotel suite. The bedroom had twin beds, on seeing this the boy got really upset saying he didn't like the idea of having to sleep on his own. Nat told him that if he wanted to he could push the two beds together at night or squeeze up with him in the single bed, that quietened him down and the idea of sleeping with Nat in a single bed quite appealed to him.

They sent postcards to Mrs. Gregory and also to Mrs. Dacy to their own address knowing that she would pick it up on Friday when coming in. The holiday did them both a world of good, making them come out of their shells as they came into contact with other holidaymakers. All to soon the holiday came to an end, on the Sunday that they had to leave they said their good-byes to acquaintances and staff who had become friendly with them, and by mid-afternoon their bags were packed they left for the airport. Arriving back in London by 8pm. They eventually got indoors at 10.30pm. Gavin dumped his case in the hallway and went into the sitting room lay down on the settee and fell asleep. Nat took both cases and flight bags upstairs unpacked them put what clothes that needed washing in the wash basket then went down to have a cup of tea. When he'd finished drinking his tea Nat went into the sitting room and picked up the boy. Gavin mumbled something incoherent as Nat carried him upstairs to bed. He stripped the boy except for his jockey's then put him to bed, after washing and changing he climbed in beside the boy.

Nat woke at dawn from a wet dream with semen covering his abdomen and shorts, he slowly left the bed not wanting to wake Gavin and made his way to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom he removed his shorts left them on the floor and started to sponge himself down. When he'd finished he put his shorts in the dirty got a clean pair and returned to bed. He lay thinking about his dream, how from having sex with his wife, the body below him had changed to Gavin when he had his orgasm. Wondering if his sexual needs were being altered because of the closeness of their relationship, Nat with his thoughts racing fell asleep again.

The two of them soon got back into their normal routine. Mrs. Dacy coming in and doing the housework made Nat wonder how they managed without her. She also got a gardener to come in and clear the back garden, which was like a jungle and would come in every fortnight to maintain it, and Nat took Gavin to have his hair cut and styled ready for school. Friday they had their meeting with the school Principal. Along with other families they were made welcome and shown around the school. They were all given a set of school rules pertaining to attendance, school uniforms, and general do's and don'ts. When it came for entering the boy's name in the register Nat explained the situation to the Principal who had no objection to Gavin's surname being entered as Ross. Later that day Nat took Gavin to the outfitters named in the school brochure and had him kitted out with two sets of his school uniform including shoes, as trainers were not allowed.

Ten days later Gavin walked clasping Nat's hand and carrying his school bag along the road towards school. The boy was very quiet all the way there, when they reached the school gates Nat bent to kiss Gavin and say goodbye.

The boy wrapped his arms around Nat's neck and kissed him and said, "Bye dad" and walked through the school gates.

Nat watched the boy walk along the path and before disappearing through the main entrance Gavin turned and waved to him. Nat returned home and contacted his old squash club although his membership was still valid he hadn't frequented it in three years. He left his name and telephone number with the club secretary as a player available to partner anyone in need of a game between 10am. and 2pm. Monday to Friday. He hung around the house till Mrs. Dacy finished her work then offered to run her home as he was at a loose end. After dropping her off instead of returning home he went to the jewellers and bought Gavin a watch, which he felt he would need now that he was attending school. By the time he got home it was nearly three he waited till 3.15 before walking to meet Gavin after school.

Arriving at the school gates at 3.25 he stood there keeping an eye on the main doors waiting for the boy to appear. At 3.30 he and the other parents heard the school bell ring and shortly after the pupils poured through the main doors. Nat being 6'3" had a good view over their heads as they streamed towards the gates, and then he saw Gavin head bowed talking to three other boys as he walked out into the open. Instinctively the boy looked up and saw Nat, he left the others and ran towards him reaching Nat he dropped his bag and jumped up into Nat's arms and kissed him.

"Did you miss me" he enquired?

"What do you think Nat replied."

By this time the other three boys reached them Nat placed Gavin down as he said, "Dad these are my three friends. They are David, Andrew, the blonde one is Peter."

Nat wished them and when Gavin had retrieved his bag they started walking home the three boys walking ahead of Nat and Gavin. As they walked Gavin as usual slipped his hand into Nat's, Peter happened to turn around to say something when he noticed them holding hands he immediately whispered to the others what he had seen and they to glanced back to confirm what Peter had said. At the top of the road David and Andrew turned off in the opposite direction which left Peter to accompany them on the rest of the route. Talking to Peter Nat learnt that he lived about a couple of minutes walk away from them, when they reached home they said their good-bye's to him and would see him tomorrow.

Inside the house Gavin jumped up onto Nat again wrapping his arms and legs around him and really squeezing him, "I've been wanting to do that since I saw you he said, I've missed you something wicked all day."

"Well I missed you too Nat replied but as soon as the routine sets in you'll soon get used to it, now get down and let's have a cup of tea."

"No the boy said I'm staying here till we go to bed."

"Gavin if you don't get down I'm going to collapse under your weight then what are you going to do" Nat said. Immediately the boy jumped down and Nat had to laugh at the boy's concern, which did not amuse Gavin seeing that he'd been tricked. After their evening meal when they were relaxing in the sitting room Nat took the watch from his pocket and gave it to the boy. Gavin's eyes lit up when he saw the watch after putting it on he planted about half a dozen kisses all over Nat's face thanking him at the same time.

Next morning as they set off to school together they were met by Peter who again noticed them holding hands. When they reached the school gates the other two boys who were waiting outside greeted them. Nat bent down as Gavin reached up to kiss him goodbye then he watched as Gavin once again waved before disappearing through the doors. At home Nat got a call from the club asking him if he was available for a game the next day at 11am. Nat said he was and enquired if there was any chance of a game today and was told at present none. He tried to put into practice what Gavin had taught him on the computer, and though at first he made a few mistakes, with the aid of the guide book he was soon making a bit of progress. After a couple of hours he shut down and thought he'd give the car a clean then go out for lunch. Later that afternoon he contacted the estate agents that dealt with his business properties, and told them he would be coming in later in the week to discuss the state of his holdings. By the time he got home he just had time to park the car then make his way to meet Gavin.

At the school gates when the bell rang as soon as Gavin saw Nat again he ran to greet him with a kiss and when his friends caught up they proceeded on their way home. Before saying goodbye to Peter, Nat asked him if he would meet Gavin at the house in the morning so that the two of them could go to school together? Which Peter was quite happy to do.

When they got inside Gavin told Nat that his friends were asking him why we kissed all the time, so what did you tell them he asked?

"I said it's because my dad loves me and I love him that's right isn't it?"

"Absolutely" Nat said.

But, "Nathan they said that their dads didn't kiss them before going off to work."

"Gavin after boys get to a certain age it seems that some fathers stop kissing their sons because it's not the done thing. They still love their sons, but because the boys are approaching adulthood they feel that kissing is not appropriate anymore. In my case and also in continental countries kissing when greeting or leaving your family is the norm, and continues throughout a person's life even friends are greeted with a kiss on both cheeks. Now are you okay to go to school with Peter tomorrow Nat asked?"

"I suppose so Gavin replied, but why aren't you coming?"

"I only took you for the first two days to get you used to it, and now that you've got a friend to accompany you to school you wont have to walk by yourself."

Next morning at 8.25am the bell rang Nat opened up and let Peter in. "He wont be a minute Nat said he's finishing his tea," just then Gavin appeared ready to leave. Nat bent down and the boy wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him more firmly than usual.

"My dad kissed me goodbye this morning" Peter announced proudly.

"Good for him" Nat said.

"He wasn't going to but I asked him why he didn't kiss me any more before he goes to work? Because mum kisses me when I leave to go to school. He picked me up and said that was a good idea and gave me a right smacker it felt really nice."

Nat walked with the boys to the gate, and as he turned to walk back to the house he noticed Mrs. Dacy approaching so he waited for her. As soon as she got within earshot she greeted Nat then proceeded to tell him that she'd had endless enquiries by the neighbours about the man who'd given her a lift in the flashy car even her hubby was impressed. Nat laughed at her story as they both went inside.

At 10.30am. Nat left for his squash appointment, when he got back at 1.00pm. Mrs. Dacy was on the verge of leaving. She declined his offer of a lift home saying that she was going to do a bit of shopping first. After eating something Nat went over to the agents who were handling his properties to get an update on his assets. He was assured that business was doing well and the books produced for his perusal proved it. It was 2.30 when he arrived back, so having a bit of time on his hand's before Gavin returned from school, he decide to get rid of some of the rubbish out of the garage.

He had collected quite a pile of rubbish and was still working away when he heard Gavin's voice calling "Hi dad" then felt the boy's arms around his waist. Nat turned lifted the boy up and kissed him "Hello Gavin" he said then set the boy down on his feet. Nat looked over to the driveway gate to see Peter standing there with his eyes wide open.

He slowly approached Nat and Gavin and said, "So you're the person, who drives the Ferrari, my dad said he'd seen one around this area but didn't know who it was." Peter looked at Gavin "Why didn't you say something at school when Douglas was bragging about his dad's Mercedes and when he said your watch was an imitation Cartier?"

Gavin just shrugged his shoulders and said "I didn't think it was important, and even if it were an imitation watch it would still be the best watch in the world because my dad gave it to me."

Peter said "I guess your right, anyway see you tomorrow same time and saying his good-byes" he left.

So Nat and Gavin continued with their lives the daily ritual of school for the boy, their weekends of togetherness which they eagerly awaited. A few weeks before the Christmas holidays Peter who had become a regular visitor to their house one-day asked Nat while Gavin was out of earshot "Why Gavin never visited his house?"

Nat thought for a while then said "Peter, Gavin has no one else other than me to look after him, so at the moment he feels that as soon as he can he must be with me at all times, and as long as we're together nothing bad can happen. I think given a couple of months he should be out of his shell and visiting you."

The days passed Christmas came and went so did the millennium celebrations. Later in January Mrs. Gregory informed Nat that he had finished his six months probationary period of fostering and was now accepted as a foster parent. He could go ahead with adoption, as there was no objection from the boy's grandmother. Gavin was over the moon when Nat told him that he wanted to apply for adoption if he was willing, the boy couldn't contain his excitement he jumped onto Nat and hugged and kissed him like there was no tomorrow.

At fourteen Gavin had grown three inches he hadn't put on much weight and still looked skinny. He had begun to visit Peter at the weekends but never more than a couple of hours before returning home.

Like most households Nat and Gavin's had their ups and down's, Nat using more diplomacy than harsh words soon sorted these out, but at times even the odd threat had to be administered to bring the boy to his senses.

In February of 2001 three months before Gavin's Fifteenth birthday after the court proceedings the adoption papers were signed and Gavin officially became Gavin Tristam Ross. The days passed smoothly by, Gavin reached his Fifteenth birthday he'd grown a few more inches to 5'5" but still tended to be on the slim side and weighed just over 112lbs. It was a few days after the mid term break, on a Friday when Gavin had a half day off, that he let his jealous nature get out of hand. He arrived home at 1.15pm. Hoping to surprise Nat, only to see the garage empty and Mrs. Dacy clearing some rubbish from it.

"Any idea where Nat has gone the boy enquired?"

"No Mrs. Dacy responded he had a phone call about half an hour ago and said he had to go out." Gavin went into the house thinking that Nat had got a last minute request to play squash and should be back in a couple of hours.

Mrs.Dacy left at about 2.00pm. Gavin sat down at the computer to play chess to kill some time till Nat returned. He'd waited till 3.30 then began getting impatient for Nat's return, every few minutes looking out of the window hoping to see him driving into the garage. By 4.30 Gavin was more angry than concerned that Nat had not returned from wherever he'd gone. In the past Nat had always left a message where he was going, and on most occasions was always home shortly after Gavin got home from school, but being so late was unusual for him.

Shortly after 5.00pm. Gavin heard the car in the driveway, looking out of the window he saw Nat and a beautiful woman walking around from the garage towards the front door. The boy walked into the hallway to wait for them to enter the house but not opening the door for them.

Inside the house Nat saw the boy greeted him and said "Gavin meet Michelle"

Gavin said "Hello" to her then turned to Nat and said, "I'm going up to my room to do my homework" with that he turned an left without the normal greeting of a kiss.

Nat was to say the least surprised by the greeting, what's more the boy had never done his homework upstairs and normally had to be reminded to do it. By 8.00pm when Nat was ready to take his guest home the boy had still not put in an appearance. He went up to the boy's room knocked on his door and told him that he was taking Michelle home.

The boy called out, "Say goodnight for me" then was silent.

Nat returned downstairs annoyed and also a bit concerned at the boy's behaviour but thought he'd sort it out when he returned.

Nat returned home later that evening noticing no lights on in the downstairs rooms he went straight up to the boy's room. Knocking on the door he then entered the room and before he could say a word Gavin who was sitting on the bed shouted out; "Got Your Fucking Rocks off then, did you Fuck! The arse off her?"

Nat stood looked at the boy for a few seconds stunned at the outburst then turned and left the room without saying a word. He went downstairs made a cup of tea then went into the sitting room to drink it and let his emotions try to settle to some degree of normality. Nat had finished his tea and was sitting back with his eyes closed thinking about what had just transpired when he heard Gavin call from the doorway.

"Nathan," before the boy could say anything Nat turned to him and said, "Gavin don't say another word just go up to bed we'll talk about this later when I'm in a more settled frame of mind."

The boy turned and left the room Nat could hear him sobbing as he went up the stairs but he was in no mood to go and pacify him.

Nat knowing the boy's possessive and jealous nature didn't take long to fathom out the reason for Gavin's outburst. So he let the boy stew in his own misery to teach him a lesson for his irrational behaviour. At midnight he went up to bed, as it was quite a warm night he only covered with a sheet, he lay thinking about the boy's outburst and the jealousy behind it and the turmoil that the boy's mind must be going through. He rose from the bed and went to the boy's bedroom, carefully opening the door Nat looked into the room. He saw Gavin lying uncovered in his shorts on his side in the foetal position. Nat walked over to him scooped the boy up into his arms and carried him back to his bed laying the boy down Nat then lay down beside him. Instantly Gavin wrapped himself around Nat and rested his head on the man's shoulder and silently sobbed. Nat lay on his back feeling the boy's tears running onto him, he gently stroked the boy's head until the sobbing subsided then gradually the boy drifted to sleep with Nat following suit sometime later.

Next morning Nat awakened to see Gavin lying down staring at him the boy's face only inches from his.

The moment his eyes opened Gavin kissed him, then said "Nathan I'm terribly sorry for my behaviour yesterday."

Nat didn't let him say another word, he raised his finger to the boy's lips and said "Shhhhh! Don't say anything, I felt the regret for your actions last night when I brought you to bed your tears spoke for you. Now how about letting me up before I wet the bed."

"No the boy said I know you your trying to pass this off so I won't feel bad but I must say it. I love you Nathan I always have and when I saw you with Michelle I was jealous, but if you feel that you want to marry her then I won't mind."

Nat wound his arms around the boy drew him down and kissed him. "Gavin he said Michelle is my aunt's daughter she's my cousin and she's here on holiday from Australia, and in any case it would be a bit soon to talk about marriage after one meeting."

"Oh shit the boy said I really made a boo boo."

Nat couldn't help but laugh at the look on the boy's face, "Next time don't jump to conclusions Nat said getting up and lifting the boy with him. Now can I go to the loo?"

Later that morning when Nat had taken the car for it's yearly service. He'd sold the Ferrari that he'd inherited from his father as it was getting on in years, and had bought the new BMW more appropriate for city driving. The phone rang and Gavin answered it. "Can I speak to Nat a woman's voice enquired It's Michelle?"

"I'm sorry he's out at the moment but can I take a message Gavin answered."

"I presume I'm talking to Gavin she said."

"Yes the boy said and before we go any further, Michelle may I apologise for my behaviour last night."

"Apology accepted she replied though after all Nat had said about you I thought you acted like a nasty little shit! last night but your okay now I hope."

"Yes I quite agree with you Gavin said I was a shit with a capital S but hope you'll forgive me."

"Your forgiven, anyway Michelle said tell your dad that I might be a bit late for our Dinner date tonight, and maybe you and I can get to know each other better. Bye for now," and with that she rang off. The meal went off well and Gavin found himself liking Michelle, he found her language quite colourful during their conversation especially when it came to describing her dislikes.

After Michelle returned to Australia the daily routine returned to its norm, they themselves went on a holiday to the W.Indies during the summer holidays then it was back to school for Gavin for the autumn term. The months rolled by and soon Gavin's sixteenth birthday approached. He'd only grown an inch to 5'6" in the last year and weighed just over 118lbs.

Friday the day before his birthday Gavin was on pins all day. Since the age of consent had been lowered from eighteen to sixteen, he had thought about nothing else but propositioning Nat again, and hoped that this time he wouldn't be refused. With school finished for the week he hurried home with Peter hardly talking but deep in thought, they parted company at the front gate and Gavin went into the house to be greeted by Nat.

Later in the evening after finishing their meal they sat watching television, until about 10.00pm Gavin kissed Nat and said, "He was going up to bed."

Nat was quite surprised at Gavin going to bed so early on a Friday night normally the boy would stay up till midnight or later sometimes, but Nat didn't give it another thought and continued to watch the box.

AT about 11.30pm Nat decided to go to bed, he wanted to be up early in the morning, to wish Gavin for his birthday and to take him out. Seeing that Gavin was in his own room, Nat decided that as it was quite warm there was no need to wear anything in bed. After completing his toiletries he slipped between the cool sheets and lay back gradually drifting towards sleep. In a state of semi-consciousness Nat sensed someone entering the room and opened his eyes, to see Gavin approaching him.

By the time Nat stretched his arm out to switch on the bedside light, the boy naked was standing beside the bed.

"Anything wrong Gavin?" Nat enquired.

"No the boy said it's gone midnight and I'm sixteen I'm old enough will you do it with me now?"

Nat, who had been expecting something like this, knowing how the boy felt towards him was still surprised at the early hour of the request.

Looking at the boy's semi state of arousal Nat said, "No Gavin I won't do it with you."

The boy's heart sank, Nat continued, "But if you want to we could make love together, I'm sure that would be a lot better than just doing it."

With that Nat lifted the covers and the boy slid under and into the arms of the man he'd been in love with since he was first carried by him into the house. They lay side by side arms around each other their bodies and erections pressed together. Nat tilted the boy's head back and lowered his head till their lips met; tentatively Nat pushed his tongue against Gavin's lips instantly the boy opened his mouth to let him in. The moment their tongues touched their bodies twitched and they crushed each other even more firmly in their embrace. Their hips began to grind and thrust rubbing their throbbing erections together increasing the feelings of ecstasy that flowed through their bodies. Their tongues danced together entwined and thrusting like snakes in a courtship ritual. Nearly three years of desire was now being released in an urgent frenzy of passion. Without breaking the embrace Nat slowly rolled over onto his back, and opened his legs slightly so Gavin could lie between them. The boy now nearing his goal broke the kiss and buried his face into Nat's neck and began to thrust his hips with ever increasing momentum. Nat, who had been holding back waiting for the boy to arrive at that special moment, heard the boy suddenly whimper and stiffen and knew now was the time and with a final thrust let his orgasm explode, the boy erupting almost at the same time. Their bodies thrashed and bucked as the semen gushed from their loins. They crushed each other in an embrace that tried to make their two bodies into one. They called each other's names as their orgasm continued, and they were lifted up to new heights of excruciating pleasure, the years of denial making their coming together like that of a super nova. Then as suddenly as it started it was over, like all first time lovers it was short but explosive. Silently they lay together recovering from their exertions the last twitches from their loins squeezing the remaining drops of semen onto their bodies. Nat could feel the boy crying on his shoulder; gently he stroked the back of Gavin's head until the crying stopped. Gavin raised his head off Nat's shoulder and looked down into his eyes, lowering his head he brushed his lips over Nat's gently kissing him then lifting his head back up again.

Nat gazed into the boy's tear filled eyes "What's that for he asked?"

"Just" Gavin replied.

Nat smiled knowing how he must respond "Just why he enquired?"

"Just for showing me what love is Gavin replied."

Then lowering his lips to Nat's ear he whispered "Magic."

The End