Magic 2

They lay together enveloped in each other arms relishing their first moment of intimacy. Gradually letting the pounding of their hearts return to something resembling normality. Nat still embracing the boy rolled over then lifting Gavin up carried him to the bathroom. Inside the room Nat turned on the shower, then with the boy still in his arms he stepped under the water. He lowered Gavin down, setting him on his feet he told the boy to remain still. Nat quickly soaped himself all over and then rinsed off. Turning his attention to the boy Nat told Gavin to close his eyes. Gently he applied soap to the boy's face neck and shoulders, then for the first time he soaped Gavin's chest and arms, then still lower to his abdomen and loins that had become aroused again. Tenderly he pulled the boy's foreskin back to wash behind it then moved to the boy's thighs and legs. Turning Gavin around Nat washed the boy's back buttocks and between his legs. All this time not a word had passed between them. Then turning and pulling the boy under the shower Nat rinsed him off wrapped his arms around the boy kissed him softly on the lips and said "Happy Birthday Gavin".

After drying the boy and himself Nat carried Gavin back to bed and the two of them lay down together. They lay arms entwined around each other both fully aroused, but content just to lie and feel the closeness of their bodies, gaze into each other's eyes and to peck at each other's lips.

Nat broke the spell by putting the bedside light out saying, "It's well past ONE we have to sleep now." Kissing Nat the boy said "That was the best birthday present you've ever given me Nathan" then he snuggled down to sleep in the arms that had brought nothing but love and contentment to him since they first met.

Nat was first to wake, after relieving himself he made his way back to the bedroom and gazed down at the boy. If he had not known better he would have guessed Gavin's age to be fourteen. The boy looked so small and frail for a sixteen-year-old that Nat, now in the cold light of day was beginning to wonder if the decision he made last night was the right one. Then thinking of the sweetness and intensity of their lovemaking he had no more doubts, and lay down beside the sleeping boy. Like Gavin had done to him in the past Nat gently blew on the boy's face to wake him.

Gavin's eyes opened to see Nat staring down at him, The boy dreamily looked up and said, "Morning Nathan" lifting his head he kissed Nat who greeted him in return. Gavin then jumped out of bed and ran to the loo to relieve himself. Returning to the room he lay down beside Nat.

They lay staring into each others eyes till Nat said "Gavin after we've washed and dressed we have to discuss what happened last night."

The boy's eyes looked concerned so Nat got up lifted the boy into his arms and said, "Don't look so worried, what happened last night was beautiful, but I want you to understand the consequences of my actions and what it means for the future."

Carrying Gavin downstairs the two of them still naked Nat set the boy down on his feet in the k/diner, and prepared to make some tea. Before Nat could move to make the tea Gavin held him and said, "Nathan what do you mean by your actions last night you didn't force me to do anything, in fact it was me who asked you in the first place."

Nat kissed the boy on the forehead and replied "Gavin you may have reached the age of consent, but if I hadn't agreed nothing would have taken place." "Although what we did last night was perfectly legal, the fact that I being the adult allowed it to happen makes me responsible. If we both wish to continue our lives as lovers inside this house nothing changes, outside the front door is what I have to bring to your attention, and that is what I wish to discuss with you later." "Now lets have our tea" he said, then turned to prepare it.

Gavin wrapped his arms around Nat's waist laid his head on Nat's back while he was making the tea and said "Nathan can we make love again I want you to hold me like you did last night I don't want any tea please! Nathan." Nat stopped what he was doing turned and looked at the boy, before he could say a word Gavin leaned forward and kissed him on the lips then looking into his eyes pleadingly "Please Nathan lets make Magic," he whispered.

Nat lifted the boy into his arms and carried him up towards the bedroom. Gavin his arms wrapped around Nat's neck lifted his face and brought their lips together pushing his tongue between Nat's lips searching for that sweetness that he had tasted last night and whimpering when he found it.

They lay down together and continued their passionate assault on each other's lips. Nat slowly lowered his hand to Gavin's loins cupping the boy's testicles and gently caressing them, the boy gasped and his erection throbbed at the initial contact. He moaned and was eagerly waiting for the hand to grasp his rampant member. When it did it was for a fleeting moment then back to massage his scrotum, which had the boy gyrating his hips trying to position the hand back on his erection. Nat removed his hand then turned and lowered his head towards the boy's groin.

"Nathan don't do that the boy said it's not nice,"

Nat stopped and moved back up to face the boy. "What's the matter Gavin he asked?

"Nathan you don't have to suck it the boy replied, when I did it I thought it was really gross I use to hate having to do it."

Nat kissed the boy lightly on the lips and said "Gavin, what you did you did for money or you were forced to against your will. Men were using you as a tool to satisfy their sexual needs so naturally you felt dirty about it, trust me what I'm about to do is because I love you."

Kissing the boy he then lowered his head back towards Gavin's groin. Again his hand began the gentle caressing of Gavin's loins then lowering his lips he kissed the tip of the boy's erection and stimulated it with his tongue. Gavin's hips bucked and tried to penetrate the lips with his throbbing member. When Nat's mouth opened and engulfed the boy's erection Gavin's head rocked from side to side, his hips lifted off the bed as he tried to force his whole being into the orifice that was giving such exquisite feelings of pleasure. He moaned as Nat's mouth and tongue and hand continued to stimulate his rigid shaft causing him to cry out as he approached his orgasm. "Nathan Nathan please Nathan." Then grabbing Nat's head with his hands and pushing downwards, he thrust his hips upwards ramming his erection into Nat's mouth and erupting. Once twice three times his hips bucked and continued to do so. Waves of pleasure coursed through his body, as he could feel his manhood pumping and flooding the man's mouth with his semen. Nat for the first time in his life tasted another male's discharge it was neither pleasant nor was it unpleasant, but because it belonged to this special boy he readily swallowed it.

As the boy's erection gradually subsided Nat removed his mouth from the flaccid penis and moved up to lie alongside the boy. "Nathan I'm sorry I'm really really sorry for doing it in your mouth" the boy cried.

Nat quietened him by placing a finger on his lips then said "Gavin do you really think that I couldn't have stopped you if I wanted to. It's because of my love for you that I wanted your seed inside me."

The boy rolled over laying full length on top of the man, "Nathan you haven't gone yet" he said.

Nat took the boy's face in his hands "Gavin giving pleasure to you is reward in its self he said," then brought their lips together in a tender kiss. When they broke the kiss Gavin laid his head on Nat's shoulder and lay in his lover's arms, closing his eyes in contentment as Nat gently stroked his back.

After a few minutes the boy raised his head off Nat's shoulder moved his position slightly to one side and lowered his hand to fondle Nat's erection. Wrapping his hand around Nat's shaft he slowly began to stroke it while gazing into his eyes. Nat could feel the pleasure mounting in his loins and started to thrust into the boy's hand. Gavin feeling Nat's thrusts increased the speed of his strokes he could feel the man writhe beneath him and hear the gasps and moans of pleasure. Suddenly Nat removed the boy's hand from his loins lifted him and placed him so that their loins were pressed together. He began to thrust hard against the boy, hugging him Nat cried "Gavin Oh God! Gavin" then pressing the boy more tightly against his throbbing erection and thrusting faster his orgasm exploded spraying his seed over them. As his hips continued to heave and thrust with the feelings emitting from his loins, he crushed the source of this indescribable pleasure even more firmly into his body. As he slowly recovered Nat opened his eyes to see Gavin smiling looking down at him, he lifted his head towards the boy's face and tenderly kissed him, then drawing back he said "Thank You Gavin."

They lay together relaxed in each other's arms relishing the close contact, and letting the feelings of utter contentment wash over them oblivious to everything else.

Minute's later Nat felt the boy's rhythmic breath on his neck and knew that Gavin was sleeping. Slowly rolling onto his side with the boy and trying not to wake him, he disentangled himself and made his way towards the bathroom.

"Nathan" the boy called as Nat reached the doorway.

Nat turned to see the boy sitting up in the bed and walked back towards him, "What did you want Gavin he enquired?"

"Where are you going the boy asked?"

"The same place you should be headed now that you're awake, to have a shower" Nat replied.

"Okay! Gavin said you going to carry me he asked?"

Picking the boy up Nat said, "Gavin if I keep carrying you everywhere, I'm going to have arm's like Arnold Schwarz whatever his name is, and your legs are going to be useless."

Gavin giggled kissed Nat and said "Arnold Schwarzenegger" "Okay whatever Nat replied consider yourself lucky that I like carrying you," making towards the bathroom.

Once under the shower Gavin turned to Nat and said I'll wash you this time. Okay Nat agreed but keep it business like nothing sensual otherwise we'll be in and out of the shower all day. The boy grinned and proceeded to soap Nat starting with his face and working his way downwards.

Reaching Nat's loins the boy asked? "Will my Dick be as big as yours when I'm fully grown as he gently massaged the growing member."

Nat reached down straightened the boy up and said "Gavin I don't know how big your penis will be, and I don't care I do know that if you keep massaging mine like you have been doing I'm going to discharge all over your face."

"I don't mind the boy said I'm under the shower it'll wash off."

"Oh Lord! Gavin you're incorrigible Nat exclaimed now get on with the washing and leave the dangly bits alone." After a few more Oh Lord's! And stop that Gavin they finished their shower.

When they finally reached the k/diner this time dressed it was nearly mid-day. "Do you want a late breakfast or an early lunch?" Nat asked the boy, "Late breakfast" Gavin replied as he went to the front door to pick up the mail, which included several cards for him. He read the cards then placed them on the mantelpiece in the sitting room before returning to have his breakfast.

With breakfast finished Nat told Gavin I think it's time to have our discussion, about the change in our lifestyle as he led the boy to the sitting room. When they were both seated on the sofa with Gavin resting his back against Nat's body, he wrapped his arms around the boy.

Nat kissed the top of the boy's head and said "Gavin inside these walls were safe from the prejudices of the outside world, but as I said earlier once outside the front door the problems begin. I've know idea how to advise you about dealing with people, who will insult you because of your sexual preferences or may even attempt to assault you. The media has covered and written extensively on this subject but it doesn't seem to have the desired results, there is still a lot of animosity towards homosexuals. Never having experienced it myself it would be foolish of me to try and lay out a code of conduct for you; all I can say is be selective to whom you reveal your private lifestyle to and if there is any possibility of confrontation walk away."

Gavin who had been listening quietly to Nat replied after he had finished. "Don't worry Nathan I know what it's like out there, I've seen it happen at school.

"You have Nat asked?"

"Yes the boy said. Two years ago one of the senior boys in school told another boy, who he thought was his friend that he was gay, and by the end of the day the whole school knew about it. He got so much hassle the next day that he left school at dinner time and never came back. The Principle gave a lecture at assembly the next morning about intolerance and how our action's effects the lives of others, but it didn't do much good some of the kids thought that it was all a big joke. So I realized then that keeping my mouth shut like I did in the home about my feelings was the best thing to do." "Besides you, only one other person knows how I feel."

"Would you mind telling me who else you confided in Nat asked?"

"Mrs. Gregory Gavin replied. Last week I was worried that if you refused me when I asked you to have sex when I turned sixteen, that it might change your relationship towards me. Mrs. Gregory told me that she was sure that you already knew how I felt, and it would be no surprise to you and to go ahead and confront you and even if you did refuse it would not change your feelings for me."

Nat squeezed the boy to him and said, "Well at least that puts my mind at rest, you knowing the possible reaction to our way of life." "There is just one other item we have to discuss that's us Nat said."

"What do you mean the boy enquired?"

Nat stroked the boy's head "Gavin your sixteen years old he said and you may after a time want to have another lover nearer your own age. I don't mind because of your age I'd expect it to happen, but don't do it behind my back be straightforward and tell me. I will most probably be envious of the new man or boy in your life but I will still love you. I would not stop you having your companion in the house but don't expect me to participate in a three way affair, with me it's all or nothing."

The boy jumped up faced Nat and said "Nathan, I've waited nearly three years for you to make love to me, do you think that I could ever fall in love with someone else."

Nat could see the pained expression in the boy's eyes he leaned forward kissed him and said "Sorry Gavin," then drew the boy close into his body as he felt his loins begin to stir again.

Eagerly the boy asked, "Are we going upstairs again?" as he felt the movement between Nat's legs,

"No Nat replied were going out I have to buy you your Birthday present then we can have something to eat."

"I don't need a prezzy Gavin whined, you name it I've got it, let's go upstairs he pleaded."

Just as Nat's willpower was beginning to wilt the doorbell rang. He moved Gavin aside, stood up looked down at the boy grinned and said, "Saved by the bell," then went to answer the door.

Opening the door Nat saw Peter one of Gavin's friends with a card in his hand waiting on the doorstep. Greeting the boy and inviting him in, Nat led the boy into the sitting room. Seeing each other the boy's greeted one another, then Peter handing over the card wished Gavin "A Happy Birthday." Gavin thanked him for the card and asked him to take a seat. Peter declined the offer and said, he couldn't stay as his parent's were waiting to take him out made his good-byes telling Gavin that he'd catch him later and left. Gavin opened the card read it and placed it on the mantelpiece with the others then showed Nat the gift voucher that was inside the card.

"Okay! Get your trainers on Nat said and lets go out." When Gavin was ready, just before they left Nat said "What about your inhaler," the boy dashed up to the bedroom and was down again ready to go out, his thoughts of getting Nat, into bed again, put on hold.

They returned much later than anticipated after having a meal they had taken in a movie and then a late night snack so it was after mid-night when they reached home.

Going straight upstairs the two of them made for the bathroom, stripped off and relieved themselves then got under the shower. Facing each other in the shower both of them sexually aroused Nat placed his hands under the boy's armpits and lifted him up. Immediately Gavin wrapped his legs and arms around the man. Hungrily he sought Nat's lips with his own, at the same time opening his mouth and lunging with his tongue to taste the sweetness of the other. The water ran over them as they kissed their tongues sending shivers of pleasure through their bodies.

Gavin broke the kiss then asked Nat "Are you going to make love to me like you do a woman?"

Nat lowered the boy kissed him on the forehead and replied "No Gavin, its not that I don't want to, but you're still too small and it wont be any pleasure for you. Wait till you're a bit older and have grown a bit more, but if you like you could make love to me."

Gavin looked at Nat and said "No when you can make love to me like a woman then I'll do it to you" saying that he leaned upwards and brushed their lips together in a fleeting kiss then looked at Nat for the response.

"Okay what was that for" Nat enquired smiling.

"Just" the boy said.

"Just why" Nat asked?

"Just for caring so much the boy replied," then put his arms around Nat's waist and hugged him.

While the boy was embracing him Nat picked up the shampoo then moved the boy from under the water and began to lather his hair with it. Then after soaping the rest of Gavin's body he rinsed him off under the shower. After attending to himself they then dried off and made their way to the bedroom Gavin leading the way pulling Nat by the hand. Naked they slid into the bed and flowed into each other's arms. Side by side they lay until the boy suddenly buried his head in Nat's shoulder, and began to squeeze Nat in his arms with every ounce of his strength.

Nat gently pulled the boy's head back and asked? "What's the matter Gavin."

"Nothing the boy replied."

"Nothing! Nat exclaimed if you'd squeezed any harder you'd have broken my ribs, he said smiling."

"Well the boy replied it's just that sometimes when I'm in your arms being next to you is not enough. I want to be right inside you as if we were one person your heart beating for both of us, the same feelings running through our bodies at the same time," "Is that weird Nathan he asked?"

"No Nat said that's how you feel when you're in love," then lowering his head he brought their lips together.

Slowly their hips began to gyrate and thrust as their passion grew. Their erections throbbed in anticipation for the pleasure to come as they increased the momentum of their hips. This time their lips still locked together Nat rolled over on top of the boy crushing him in his arms then thrusting with his hips ever faster and throwing his head back he sought for that final release. The boy thrusting in unison with Nat felt the build up in his loins as their rampant members were thrusting against each other, then shouting "Nathan Oh! Nathan Gavin exploded in exquisite pleasure as he sprayed his semen between them. Nat his hips thrusting like a piston reached his, goal ramming his groin into the boy he erupted. Letting his orgasm take control, he spewed forth his ample seed and crushed Gavin even more tightly to him shaking him like a rag doll, as he luxuriated in the feelings that coursed through his body, his orgasm continued to make his hips thrust into the boy. Then slowly the thrusts lessened as his passion waned, and gradually the pounding in their chests subsided. Nat rolled off Gavin so that they lay side by side, then leaning forwarded he rubbed their noses together.

"Sorry Gavin he said I didn't mean to be so rough my desire for you just carried me away."

"Sorry what for the boy interrupted? That was beautiful when you hugged me so tightly I really thought I'd end up inside you." Then he brushed his lips against the man's saying I love you Nathan.

After lying together and relishing the closeness of their bodies. Nat noticed the boy's eyes begin to droop, he reached out to get some tissues and began to clean both of them. Then he put the bedside light out when he'd finished, and lay down on his back. Gavin placed his head on Nat's shoulder and as Nat stroked his back the boy drifted off to sleep, being joined in slumber sometime later by Nat.

Lying on his side Nat was awakened in the morning by the boy fondling his erection. Nat rolled onto his back to give the boy easier access to his loins. He looked down to see Gavin place his head on his body and continue to stroke his erection. Nat could see the back of the boy's head as he gently massaged the throbbing member, then suddenly the boy's head moved forward and engulfed the head of Nat's shaft in his mouth. Immediately Nat pulled the boy off and upwards towards him.

Gavin looked at Nat and said "Sorry Nathan I didn't think you would mind if I sucked your Dick.

Nat pulled the boy close "I don't mind he said but you told me you hated doing it, so don't force yourself to do something you don't want to."

The boy kissed Nat and replied "I hated doing it to others but there is nothing that I wouldn't do for you. There is no part of your body that I don't like it's all mine to do what I want with, now; can we make love?" Nat grinned wrapped his arms around the boy kissed him and said

"Gavin Ross you never cease to amaze me."

Monday morning and Gavin still trying to persuade Nat to let him stay at home groaned as the doorbell rang. With a pained expression he kissed Nat goodbye opened the front door and joined Peter outside to make their way to school. Nat talked to Mrs. Dacy for sometime when she arrived to clean the house then left for an 11.00am appointment at his club. He didn't return home till about 3.30pm to find a note from Mrs. Dacy, about the food that she had cooked for the two of them, and how to go about warming it up. He'd barely sat down to drink his cup of tea, when he heard the key in the front door and knew that Gavin had returned from school.

"Nathan" the boy called as soon as the door was opened and slammed shut behind him.

"In the sitting room Nat replied," and waited for the boy to make an appearance.

As soon as he walked into the room Gavin, walked over to Nat took the cup out of his hand and put it on the coffee table. He wrapped his arms around Nat's neck then brought their lips together.

After a minute or so Nat broke the kiss and said, "What's the problem Gavin."

The boy looked Nat in the eyes and said "I want to leave school at the end of this term."

"What's brought this on Nat asked?"

"I just don't want to be away from you for seven hours every day the boy said."

"Gavin Nat replied. Firstly you don't have to be away for seven hours; you can always come home in your lunch hour. I'll make sure that I'm at home so that will shorten the time span." "Secondly don't be in a hurry to leave school and grow up. Enjoy your youth and schooling although it might seem burdensome at the moment, if you don't make use of these opportunities now you might live to regret it later in life. Sit your GCSE'S next week, and when you get your results we can discuss this again if you still feel in the same frame of mind."

Gavin didn't seem totally convinced but agreed to Nat's suggestion, he went over to the coffee table picked up Nat's tea and drank it. "Nice cup of tea he said and laughed," then sat down on Nat's lap.

Pulling the boy close into his body and wrapping his arms around him Nat said "That's the most expensive cup of tea you've ever drunk."

"What do you mean the boy asked?"

"Well I bought you a present, but seeing that you drank my tea I've changed my mind, I think I'll keep it for myself."

"Please Nathan let's have the prezzy! Gavin pleaded."

"I don't know Nat said I think I remember someone saying you name it I've got it."

"Nathan I'll phrase this like you would" the boy said, "Don't extract the Urine. Let's have the prezzy please."

Nat laughed put his hand in his pocket and gave the boy a small package wrapped in gold wrapping paper. Taking the package Gavin kissed Nat then opened the present. Inside was a signet ring with the initials G.T.R. inscribed on it, the boy's eyes lit up when he saw the ring, and immediately slipped it onto his finger.

As Gavin leaned forward to kiss him again Nat said, "You didn't look to see what's inscribed inside the ring." Gavin removed the ring with a lot more difficulty than he did putting it on, but eventually succeeded, tilting the ring he looked inside and saw the word Magic.

This time Gavin gave the ring to Nat and said, "Nathan will you put it on my finger please." When Nat had done so Gavin gave Nat a fleeting kiss, then bringing his lips to Nat's ear he said, "Hold me tight Nathan." Nat wrapped his arms around the boy and gently squeezed, as he did so Gavin said, "No one can make Magic like you."

Gavin didn't leave school, instead he did as Nat suggested and came home for his lunch breaks. He got the pass marks for his O-levels that was expected of him. The only other minor crisis was the day that Gavin came home, and told Nat that he thought that a boy in his class fancied him.

Nat asked Gavin what made him think that?

To which Gavin replied " Well whenever we go to P.E classes I've caught him eyeing me when were changing, and he always tries to be next to me when we have to do anything involving the use of a partner so that we will be paired off together."

"Maybe he's just trying to be friendly Nat said, don't be hasty in your judgement of people, anyway you should be flattered if he does and show him a bit of friendship I'm sure he'd appreciate it."

In October of that year at the start of the half term holidays on the Saturday Gavin got a call from Peter in the evening. After the conversation on the phone, he told Nat that he was going over to Peter's house for a short while, kissed Nat goodbye and left. An hour later Nat, thought that he'd go down to the off license to get a bottle of wine, and decided to walk it rather than take the car. On the way back he saw an ambulance go past with lights flashing and siren blaring but didn't give it a second thought. As soon as he reached the front door he could hear the phone ringing, hurriedly he opened the door and answered the phone.

"Thank goodness! You're back Mrs. Martin (Peter's mother) said, Gavin had to be taken to Highlands hospital. He and Peter were fooling around in Peter's room, Gavin fell and knocked himself unconscious. Peter has gone with him in the ambulance I've stayed here trying to contact you I'll ring off now so you can get to the hospital as soon as possible," with that Mrs. Martin rang off.

Nat stood stunned, then suddenly his mind came to life he replaced the phone grabbed the car keys and made his way to the hospital, all the while praying that everything would be all right. At the hospital he went straight to emergency and saw Peter seated in the waiting area. He asked the boy if there had been any word given regarding Gavin's condition?

To which the boy shook his head and said "Since they took him away nobody's been out to say anything." Peter then began to apologize to Nat about the accident he told the boy not to blame himself and that Gavin he felt would be fine. Nat waited with the boy for another half-hour before telling Peter that it was getting late and that he should get his parents to take him home. The boy was reluctant to go, but Nat assured him that as soon as he heard anything he would let him know. When Mrs. Martin arrived to take Peter home they had a brief discussion concerning Gavin then left leaving Nat, alone with his anxieties.

Whenever a medical person appeared in the waiting area Nat along with all the other people looked up in anticipation hoping to get some information regarding the person they were concerned about. It seemed like hours before a Doctor appeared and asked if there was a Mr. Ross present, Nat approached the doctor saying he was Mr. Ross. The doctor took Nat into an office introduced himself as Dr. Newton and he'd just come from examining Gavin.

At once Nat asked how the boy was?

The doctor said, "As far as I can tell Gavin has no injuries except quite a big bump to the back of his head. Ordinarily I would have expected him to have regained consciousness by now, but can't understand why he hasn't; it's been over two hours since the accident happened. So we intend to do some more tests on him and also run a head scan."

Nat then asked the doctor "When would the results of the scan be available?"

"Not for a couple of hours at least the doctor said but as soon as the results come through we'll inform you." Dr. Newton stood up told Nat that he had to go and prepare for the tests and that he could see the boy as soon as they were finished. Before the doctor left Nat asked for Gavin to be placed in a private room when the tests were completed as he was prepared to meet the costs. The doctor said "That could be arranged and left."

Nat waited a further hour before a nurse led him through what seemed a never-ending maze of corridors to a private room where Gavin lay still unconscious. Before she left the nurse told Nat that the doctor would be along as soon as he had the results of the scan. Alone in the room with the boy Nat pulled a chair close to the bedside sat down and took the boy's hand in his. Gently caressing the hand Nat thought, Oh God! You can't do this to me again. I won't be able to carry on if you take him. Please God not again how many more times does it have to happen. Silently he continued his prayers to his creator in the hope that his pleas for the boy would be granted.

Nat had no idea how long he'd been sitting at Gavin's bedside when Dr. Newton walked in. The doctor came straight to the point and told Nat "The scan had found nothing wrong with Gavin." He then asked Nat "If he'd had an argument with the boy before the accident?"

Nat told him "That Gavin had been at his friends house fooling around, when he'd fallen and banged his head."

The doctor shook his head and said "I thought that maybe he'd had some kind of emotional shock before the accident that could account for his present condition. Other than that I have no logical explanation as to why he hasn't regained consciousness. Apologizing for not being able to give Nat any concrete diagnosis of Gavin's condition, the doctor said "That they might do some further tests in the morning if it was necessary." then after a few words of encouragement to Nat he left.

Nat stayed by Gavin's bedside throughout the night, dozing fitfully from time to time. At some point during the night one of the nurses brought him a cup of coffee which was much appreciated. By morning seeing no change in Gavin Nat phoned Mrs. Dacy telling her about the boy and asked if she could come and stay with Gavin while he went home to wash change and get something to eat?

Mrs. Dacy said, "She'd be there as soon as possible" and hung up. As soon as Mrs. Dacy arrived after giving her all the details Nat left telling her that he'd be back as soon as possible.

When Nat got back to the hospital, he saw Mrs. Dacy standing outside Gavin's room. Worried he hurried towards her and asked her if anything serious had happened?

She reassured him that everything was all right and that the nurses were just inserting drips into Gavin, and that she was just standing outside till they were finished. A few minutes later the nurse came out and said that they could go back in again. Inside Nat once again took the boy's hand in his and gently caressed it, the emotions within his breast became to strong for him to hold back and tears flowed down his cheeks. Mrs. Dacy did her best to comfort Nat, and gradually with words of encouragement from her Nat got his emotions under control. After Mrs. Dacy had left Peter arrived to see how Gavin was. Nat was telling Peter that there was no change in Gavin's condition when the doctors came into the room to examine Gavin, so the two of them went out into the corridor till they had finished. When the doctors had finished examining Gavin, the senior consultant came over to speak to them.

He said, "They were still mystified as to why the boy had not regained consciousness, and the only explanation was as previously stated by Doctor Newton, that the boy had experienced some kind of shock before hitting his head." Before departing he said "That it might be advantageous to try stimulating his brain by talking to him or playing music that he was fond of."

After the doctor had left Nat asked Peter if he would tape some of Gavin's favourite numbers and bring the tape over with his Walkman? Peter left immediately and left Nat alone again with the boy.

Nat once again drew the chair up to the bedside and took Gavin's hand in his. "Well skinny it looks like I have to sit down here and talk to you so that you can open those big brown eyes of yours again. I hope you'll forgive me if I start to choke up while I'm talking, but it doesn't get any easier looking at your face and seeing you so still and thinking back to when I first saw you. Remember when we first met and I took you home boy! Did you pong! But as soon as I lifted you into my arms all I saw and smelt was a beautiful boy who needed help. Then you didn't want to sleep alone and crawled into my bed early in the morning. That penis of yours never could stay down in the shower and the never-ending questions. I looked forward to showering with you more then I let on. Once before you turned my insides to jelly when I heard you were in hospital in Swindon. I'll never forget when you launched yourself at me when I walked into the ward. If I hadn't been expecting it I would have landed on my butt and you on top of me.

Nat was interrupted by the arrival of David and Andrew a couple of Gavin's friend who asked Nat how Gavin was? Nat told them there was no change but that the doctors had suggested, talking to him or playing his favourite music to try and get a reaction from him. The boy's stayed with Nat chatting away to Gavin about events at school. Peter returned with the Walkman and the tapes. Peter soon got the earphones on Gavin, and started the tape but there was no immediate response from the boy. Nat told the boy's that he was just going to pop over to the hospital canteen to get a drink and asked if any of them wanted one as well? They all declined the offer.

When Nat got back from the canteen only Peter was still there the boy looking very dejected as he sat at the bedside.

Nat came to Peter's side and asked him "what was troubling him?"

The boy with tears in his eyes said, "I didn't mean for him to get hurt it was stupid what I did."

Nat comforted the boy and said "Okay Peter tell me what happened in the room."

Peter looked at Nat and replied "Please don't be angry if I tell you."

All right Peter you've got my word on that, so lets hear what took place Nat asked?"

"Well when Gavin came over he began, we went up to my room to play with my Play Station. When we got tired of that I showed Gavin some Gay porn pictures that I'd got off the Net. I got really excited and took my Dick out and asked him to play with it and to stroke it. Gavin got all annoyed and refused, so I got angry and scared that he might tell everyone at school about me, so I grabbed him and tried to undo his trousers. We struggled on the bed for a bit then I had his pants open and pushed them down. I was putting my hand down his boxers to feel him, when he broke loose jumped up and tripped over his trousers and banged his head. I quickly pulled his trousers up tidied him up then called my mother who was downstairs watching TV She tried reviving Gavin with a damp cloth when that didn't work she called the ambulance, the rest you know."

Nat was silent for a while when Peter had finished then asked him. What he hoped to achieve by forcibly molesting Gavin?

Peter replied I thought that if I'd played with his Dick he would be to embarrassed to say anything about me. I know what happened to another boy in our school when they found out he was gay I didn't want the same thing happening to me so that's why I did it. Mr. Ross I really like Gavin. I would never wish him any harm, if you don't want me around I'll understand.

Nat put his arm around the boy, "I'm sure Gavin won't say anything about what you did to anybody at school he said, and knowing Gavin he'll still want you as a friend when he comes around. Now you better go home you can come back tomorrow if you like."

When Nat was alone with Gavin again he took the earphones of the boy then sat down beside him. Sorry for the interruption to our talk Gavin but your friends were around and wanted to have their say. They are all very concerned about you specially Peter, he told me what happened in the bedroom so you don't have to worry about it. He's really sorry about what he did but I'll let him explain why he did it to you when you're up and about.

With all the talking and playing of music there hadn't been the faintest reaction from the boy. The doctors had come around again but could add nothing to what had already been said. It was now coming up to 24hrs that Gavin had been unconscious. Nat was beginning to feel a chill run through him as his mind went back to past events when he lost his family in such a short space of time. He had prayed that it would not happen again but felt that fate had destined it for him to be alone. He knew in his heart that this time he would not be able to accept it. If the boy did not recover he had decided on one course of action, but would he have the courage to do it.

Nat woke startled he'd slept for about an hour and the room was in semi-darkness. He looked at the bed and could see Gavin looking so frail lying there, that a tightness formed in his chest. With tears in his eyes he put his arm under the boy's body gently lifted him upwards then lowered his lips to the boy's and softly kissed him. Placing his lips to the boy's ear he whispered "Please Gavin wake up I can't make Magic without you." Then laying the boy down again Nat laid his head on the bed and wept.

Suddenly Nat felt a hand on his head and heard Gavin's voice say "Don't cry Nathan."

Nat cried even more with relief when looking up he saw Gavin's eyes open. Nat immediately pressed the call button for the nurse then with tears streaming down his cheeks he leant over and kissed the boy.

"Nathan please stop crying the boy pleaded you're going to make me cry if you don't." Nat smiled and with great difficulty stemmed the flow of tears, just as the nurse came bustling into the room. Seeing Gavin with his eyes open and smiling the nurse at once said she'd inform the duty doctor and left to contact him.

Gavin asked, "What had happened," and Nat filled him in on the events of the last 24hrs, and shortly after he'd finished the nurse returned with the doctor on call.

After the doctor had examined Gavin he came over to Nat and said "As far as I can see he's all right, the nurse is removing the drips so he can take food and liquid by mouth. When the nurse had completed her task the doctor had a few more words with Gavin then wishing them both goodnight he and the nurse left.

Alone with the boy Nat sat on the edge of the bed, Gavin sat up and their arms entwined around each other. Gently their lips met Nat could not hold back the tears of joy that coursed down his cheeks.

Breaking the kiss Gavin lifted his hands to brush the tears from Nat's eyes and said "Nathan please don't cry it makes my chest hurt to see you so sad."

Nat kissed the boy again and replied, "I'm not sad Gavin, I'm crying because I'm happy to see those big brown eyes of yours open again, now lie back and rest." Nat sat back in the chair holding onto the boy's hand and silently gave thanks to his Maker.

In the morning Nat was pleased to see the boy eat and drink well, and when the senior consultant came in to the room to examine Gavin he slipped outside to call Mrs. Dacy to let her know that the boy was awake again. He hurriedly went back inside again to see the consultant before he left.

After examining the boy the consultant informed Nat before leaving "That they would run a few more tests on Gavin and if they proved satisfactory Nat could take him home in the afternoon."

Nat asked the nurse if a phone could be connected up in the room?

She said "That she would attend to it right away and within five minutes the phone was connected. Nat then briefly phoned around to Gavin's friends to let them know that he was all right, and letting the boy talk to them himself especially Peter, whom he reassured that their friendship was still ongoing.

After all of Gavin's friends had come and gone, Nat phoned Mrs. Dacy at the house she informed him that she'd cooked an evening meal for both of them and that she'd be coming in again the following day. Nat thanked her and was very appreciative of her assistance. After lunch the Doctor came in and told Nat, that the tests they'd done on Gavin were satisfactory and that it was all right to take the boy home. He walked over to the boy and lifting Gavin's arm Snipped the tag on the boy's wrist and smiling said "Your free to go."

Nat waited for the boy to dress then after saying goodbye to the medical staff; they walked to the car Gavin refusing the use of a wheelchair. Within fifteen minutes they reached home holding hands they made for the front door. Opening the door Nat turned and lifted Gavin into his arms and carried him into the house. The moment the door closed behind them Nat carried the boy upstairs to the bedroom. Laying the boy down Nat sat down beside him and gazed into his eyes. The emotions within his breast became overpowering, so much so that he could not hold back the tears that sprang to his eyes.

Gavin noting the tears wrapped his arms around Nat's neck and said, "Nathan you crying for Happy" All the man could do in response was to nod his head. Gavin pulled Nat's head down till their lips met their tongue's hungrily searching for the others sweetness. They remained locked in their embrace till Gavin broke the kiss, looked into Nat's eyes smiled and said, "Nathan lets make Magic."

The End. (For the moment.)