Magic 3

One year later Gavin and his friend Peter both left school. Nat was not to pleased with Gavin's decision and try as he may could not persuade the boy to continue his studies, so reluctantly accepted the fact. Although financially it wasn't necessary for Gavin to seek employment Nat felt it would be good to keep him occupied and also to learn what it meant to work for a living. So calling on his friend Russell Grant who looked after his properties he asked if he could find Gavin a place in one of his Estate Agencies? Russell was quite prepared to give Gavin a trial period starting in the Winchmore Hill Branch. When Nat mentioned this to Gavin he was quite happy with the idea and looked forward to starting work. Meanwhile his friend Peter started as an apprentice plumber in his father's business.

After working for about four months one weekend Gavin came to Nat and said "Nathan I have to tell you I want to start a relationship with Peter. I still love you but Peter and I have become very close and we want to be together. We have discussed it with his parents and they have agreed to let me move into Peter's room as long as you are agreeable.

Nat looked at the boy smiled and said, "What's there to agree if you want to move out I cannot stop you."

Gavin went to Nat and said "Nathan I didn't mean this to happen I'm sorry."

"It's all right Gavin remember I told you just over a year ago that this might happen and how indignant you were that I could suggest such a thing well it's happened and that's and end to it.

"You won't mind if I move out tomorrow the boy asked? "Not at all Nat replied I'll give you a hand."

By Sunday Gavin was installed in Peter's house and Nat once again was left to contemplate an empty home. His thoughts were constantly on the boy, and he knew he had to do something to try and put it behind him. The answer came in the form of a phone call from Michelle his cousin in Australia inviting him and Gavin over for a holiday. Nat couldn't accept quickly enough but told her that "Gavin wouldn't be coming as he wasn't living with him anymore, which Michelle sounded pleased about. So when Mrs. Dacy came around on Wednesday he informed her that he would be leaving on Sunday for Perth, and would be away for at least six months. He asked her to come in once a week just to keep an eye on the property and to do a bit of dusting from time to time? Four days later Nat was winging his way to Perth Western Australia.

Michelle met Nat at the airport and she soon had them out of the building and making their way to Rockingham on the outskirts of Perth. They pulled into a driveway that led to a huge ranch style bungalow and double garage, helping Nat with his luggage they walked through into the kitchen area. Michelle told him to dump the bags here for the time being, as they walked through to the living room where Nat was introduced to his aunt and uncle for the first time. When Nat saw his aunt, the resemblance to his mother was uncanny; he just stood and stared until she broke the spell by kissing and welcoming him and then being shaken by the hand by his uncle. After a couple of hours of reminiscing about family history Michelle gave him a hand with his bags and showed him to his bedroom. While he unpacked Michelle asked what happened to Gavin?

Nat sat on the bed and replied "If you've got an hour to spare I'll tell you."

She walked over to the bed sat down next to Nat and said, "Shoot."

So Nat told her how he met the boy right up to the time when he walked out.

Michelle was a bit stunned by what Nat had told her, then putting an arm around his shoulder said, "I'm glad you came if I was you I would consider selling up in England and staying here permanently and putting all those bad memories behind you. Although you've adopted Gavin, he seems to feel that he doesn't need you anymore and personally I feel you're better off without him.

From that day on Michelle was Nat's constant companion and gave Nat the grand tour of Western Australia, he loved every minute of it. The most noticeable difference other than the countryside and weather were the cleanliness of the streets compared to London. It was a hectic time doing things on the spur of the moment and meeting so many of his relation's friends, and as always Michelle at his side ready to encourage him if she saw him looking in the least bit down.

One day about three weeks after his arrival just after they'd finished their evening meal the phone rang. On answering it his aunt turned to him and said "It's for you Nathan." and handed the phone to him.

Taking the phone into his room the moment he spoke he heard Gavin's voice on the other end.

After inquiring about each other's state of health Gavin asked, "When are you returning to England Nathan?"

"I've no idea Gavin frankly I may only return to sell up my holdings then return to Australia."

The boy started crying over the phone "Nathan please come back I need you so much he cried."

Nat said, "Does it always take you this long to find out where people you supposedly love are." What about Peter are you going to do the same to him as you did to me? Are you just going to keep making use of people Gavin, then casting them aside when they've served their purpose."

"Nathan please please come back I know I made a mistake it won't ever happen again," Gavin pleaded.

"No Gavin I'm not coming back just because you want me to Nat said, you've made your bed now you must lie in it. You can't expect me to just drop everything and have you back in my arms as if nothing has happened. How can I ever place any trust in you in the future, and how long before you see some other boy or man that you would wish to jump into bed with."

"Nathan the boy said, don't hate me for leaving you, I know I was doing things behind your back but I did tell you in the end."

"Yes Gavin you did tell me, but I'm not stupid I knew you were being unfaithful just by your actions in the house, and it wasn't till four months later that you told me of your deceit." "No I don't hate you Gavin I will always love you, but now more like a son not as a lover. I told you once before with me it will always be All or Nothing that's how it was with my wife and the same applies to you. When I enter into a relationship I make it a point to commit myself to that person completely and I expect the same from my partner if those conditions cannot be met then we must go are separate ways.

"You mean we can't live together again the boy asked?

"I didn't say that Nat said, we can still live together but only as father and son and if you are prepared to accept that I will return to London in six months." "

Six months! The boy exclaimed why that long Gavin asked?"

"It will give you time to reflect on what you did and see if you can keep out of other peoples beds Nat replied, and also give me time to get over your betrayal of my trust. Now are you still staying at Peter's home or are you back in the house."

"I'm back in the house Gavin said and Mrs. Dacy is coming in three times a week."

"Okay! Nat replied I'll phone you there once a week to see how things our going, and do you have enough money to manage with."

"Yes more than enough the boy replied." "

Okay! Goodbye for now and I'll talk to you in a weeks time."

"Nathan please don't ring off now I feel so lonely without you please talk to me a bit longer the boy pleaded."

"Gavin you still have Peter to talk to Nat said, surely you haven't severed all ties with him, or your other friends that you were doing things with that you thought I didn't know about. You see Gavin not only were you unfaithful but also dishonest? You told me about Peter but what about the others and why do you think I so readily allowed you to go?"

The boy burst into tears and cried "Nathan I don't know what to say I feel really bad for what I did. I now know why you don't wish to talk to me for to long. Okay goodbye for now and will you Phone me in a weeks time?"

"Yes I will Nat replied so till next week Goodbye" and rang off.

Nat was kept busy by Michelle for the next seven days not giving him time to worry over the telephone call but only partially succeeded. As promised seven days later he phoned the house but got the answering machine so left a message that he would call back next week. He told the rest of the household that if Gavin, phoned the next day to tell him that he was away and was not sure when he would return. Sure enough Gavin phoned the next day and Michelle answered it, as Nat had requested she told him that Nat was out and was not expected back till very late. Gavin then asked Michelle if she could ask Nat to phone him again as soon as possible?

Michelle was still angry about the way the boy had treated Nat and now was her chance to let him know what she thought of him. "Gavin" she replied when I came to visit you the first time in London you acted like a nasty little shit! Nathan told me what has happened between the two of you and it seems that you've continued to act like a turd. You haven't the faintest idea of the meaning of the word faithfulness and if I were Nathan I would sever all ties with you, people like you don't deserve to be loved by someone like Nathan. I'll pass your message to him but don't phone this number again. When Nathan phones you'd better be in the house ready to answer the phone instead of being out flogging your Arse to the highest bidder goodbye you nasty piece of shit!" and Michelle rang off.

The next day Nat phoned the house it barely rang when Gavin answered it. Nat asked him how he was and why did he want him to phone back so soon?

Gavin was apologetic about not being in when he had phoned. He said "He'd gone down to Swindon to see Mrs. Gregory and to tell her what had happened and how bad he felt about breaking up their relationship, and didn't get back till very late."

Nat asked the boy "How he was managing and if he was still working at the estate agency?"

Gavin said, "Yes but found the work very tedious. He then asked Nat if he could fly out to Australia to be with him?"

"I don't think that would be a very good idea Gavin he said. Firstly I don't think you would be very welcome here especially not by Michelle she despises you and can't find a good word to say about you."

"Yeah I know the boy replied she told me what she thought of me yesterday. Do you feel like that about me Nathan?"

"No Gavin you know I don't but what you did is very hard to forgive but that is the easy part. It's the forgetting that can never be achieved only put at the back of one's mind till something or someone drags it to the fore again.

"Please Nathan Gavin pleaded let me fly out to you I don't give a damn what Michelle says and maybe I deserve the insults, but I just need to see your face Nathan please nothing else."

Nat felt for the Boy and said, "Gavin I can't give you permission to come out here this is not my home be patient and wait till I return. You've had your own way to much recently, and that was my fault in spoiling you to such an extent that you've only thought of yourself these last few months, I'll talk to you again next week."

"Okay Nathan the boy said I'll wait for you, I love you goodbye. Nat said Goodbye and hung up.

After the telephone conversation Nat sought out Michelle and told her that, he'd decided to go back to London. He did have a responsibility towards the boy seeing that he'd legally adopted him, and the truth was that he was concerned about the boy's welfare and after all that had happened he was still very much in love with the boy. Michelle understood his concern and feelings for the boy and asked if he'd like her to accompany him back to London?

"Any other time I would have loved it Nat said, but this I have to sort out between the two of us. Your being there may only exacerbate the situation and lets face it he smiled your not the most diplomatic of persons."

A couple of days later Michelle and Nat were at the airport, standing together at the entrance to the departures gate.

"Well I suppose this is goodbye for the time being Michelle said, I'm going to miss you Nathan," and taking his face in her hand's she brought his lips down to meet hers. Instantly Nat felt a tingling sensation go through his whole body and was shocked and excited to feel her tongue exploring his mouth. Suddenly breaking the kiss Michelle said "I love you Nathan, and don't forget like Gavin I was also adopted, the door is still open if you wish to return, then saying Goodbye," she turned and walked away.

Nat was stunned he stood there staring after Michelle, he wanted to follow her but knew that he had to go and attend to his son's welfare. He walked slowly towards the departure gate turning to take a last look in the direction that Michelle had taken his mind in turmoil from the events of the last few minutes.

After an uneventful flight Nat arrived at Heathrow in the early hours of a Monday morning getting a taxi he arrived home about As he hadn't told anyone that he was returning Mrs. Dacy was surprised but delighted to see him. They spent the next hour and a half chatting about his trip then she informed him how down the boy was. Mrs. Dacy left the house about two in the afternoon, and Nat then decided to phone Michelle.

His aunt answered the phone and after talking to her briefly asked to speak to Michelle? After greeting each other Nat said, "Michelle I'm exceptionally fond of you and would do anything for you except love you the way you would want me to. I hope we can still be very close friends, and I'll always be there for you." "Thanks Nathan she replied I knew that it could not be so between us but I thought I'd give it a try in the hope you might have had it with Gavin." "Which reminds me don't go all soft when you see him, he deserves to get his arse kicked, if it was me dealing with him I would castrate the little shit."

Nat couldn't help laughing at her outburst and after talking to her for another few minutes rang off.

Nat was in the sitting room contemplating what to say to Gavin when he heard the front door open and close. He heard footsteps approaching the sitting room then Gavin appeared in the doorway. Not knowing that Nat was coming back Gavin was stunned to see him sitting in his usual place. The boy stood in the doorway staring at Nat then burst into tears slowly walking towards him. Like the little boy of old he held his arms out to Nat to be embraced.

Nat took the boy into his arms and kissed him on the cheeks "Hello Gavin" he said.

The boy just stood there his head resting on Nat's shoulder sobbing trying to force words out between sobs but not succeeding.

Nat pulled the boy off his shoulder and asked "Why the tears? I'm back that's what you wanted Isn't it." Gavin only nodded his head in response not being able to get his voice back because of the emotions flowing through his body. Finally Gavin managed to get his emotions under control and found his voice. Looking into Nat's eyes he said "Nathan if I were to die right now with your arms around me I would die happy."

"Always thinking of yourself Nat said, and precisely what am I supposed to do when you're dead."

The boy leaned forward and kissed Nat softly on the lips "Sorry Nathan I'll never ever leave you again he replied."

Nat unwound his arms from around the boy and sat down, Gavin sat down beside him. Nat looked at the boy "I think I've heard that somewhere before Gavin he said, and come to think about it you were just as serious then."

The boy hung his head and replied "I know I deserve all the insinuations you're throwing at me, and it must be hard for you to believe what I say, but I meant what I said just now I will never leave you again Nathan."

Okay so what happened between you and Peter Nat asked and why did you break up so soon?"

"It just wasn't the same when I went to bed with him that first night Gavin said. I couldn't get the same reactions like I did when I was with you. I should have come home the next day, but I was too nervous to ask you to have me back so I stayed with Peter. When I did decide to speak to you, you had left for Australia."

"All right Gavin what about the boy's before Peter Nat asked?"

"Oh! The boy exclaimed they were just like one night stands he said."

Nat looked at the boy "Gavin he said after what you've just told me do you really expect me to believe that you'll never leave me again I'd need my head examining if I did. You have no concept of what you did to me. How do you think I feel when I imagine you in someone else's arms and you making love to them, and me like a fool keeping myself only for you? I am just about getting over you as a lover. I came back to take up my role as a father and that is how it's going to be in future. I will not stop you from having your affairs or bringing your various conquests into this house, if you wish to sleep around that is your prerogative. I would however advise you to take precautions so that you avoid catching, any sexually transmitted diseases if you want to indulge in your new lifestyle."

The boy was shocked at Nat's words, also he'd not realized how deeply Nat had been hurt and now knew that his hopes of resuming their relationship at this moment in time were remote. "Okay Nathan I know that I've disappointed you" Gavin said, and with that he took off the ring that Nat had given him for his sixteenth birthday and handed it back to Nat saying. "When you think I deserve this give it back to me again," then left to go up to his room.

Nat stayed seated thinking that had not gone the way he had planned it. He'd deliberately set out to inflict as much hurt and insults on the boy as possible to make him suffer like he had. He realized now that at times he had relished making the boy unhappy and wondered if he had gone over the top.

Nat stood up and made his way upstairs to the boy's room, he knocked on the door and waited for a reply. He heard Gavin say come in and entered the boy's room. Gavin was lying face down on the bed, Nat walked over to him and asked him do you want to come down and have something to eat. The boy shook his head and remained lying on the bed so Nat turned and left the room.

After he had finished his evening meal Nat decided to visit some of his friends to let them know that he was back from Australia and also to get away from the oppressive atmosphere of the house. He didn't return home till after mid-night.

As soon as he walked into the house Gavin who was standing in the hallway asked him "Where have you been?"

Nat was surprised by the boy's question but informed him that he had been visiting friends.

"At least you could have told me that you were going out" the boy said.

"I'm sorry Gavin Nat replied I didn't think you were very much interested in what I did."

The boy looked at Nat "Why are you taking so much pleasure in being unpleasant to me, and making remarks that make it seem that I don't care for you anymore."

"Because Nat answered when you packed your bags and left to stay with Peter. Or when you had your little affairs outside how much were you caring for me then. Where were your thoughts for me when you were screwing someone else or letting them screw you Gavin answer me that?"

The boy hung his head "I never screwed anybody or let them screw me, which was one of the reasons why Peter and I broke up because I wouldn't let him. Nathan I know that what I did was wrong but do you have to be so unfriendly I thought that fathers were supposed to love their sons no matter what, saying that Gavin turned and went up to his room.

Hearing the boy's words Nat was ashamed at how he had treated the boy, what Gavin had said was perfectly true he had been acting like a scorned lover instead of a father. He went up to the boy's room knocked on the door and waited for permission before entering. Gavin was seated on the bed Nat walked over to the boy stood him up hugged him and kissed his forehead," I'm sorry Gavin he said the insults stop as of now, good night and we'll talk in the morning with that he left the room

Nat lay in bed thinking how he had let his feelings take control and caused him behave in such a thoughtless manner. It made him cringe to think what he had said to Gavin throughout the course of the day. With these thoughts going through his mind he gradually drifted off to sleep.

Next morning Nat after relieving himself made his way downstairs for his usual cup of tea to find Gavin already up and having a tea. "Good morning Gavin Nat said you're up early getting ready for work he inquired?"

"Gavin returned Nat's greeting then replied no I'm not going in today I thought we could have the day together and talk things over.

"Okay Nat said although there's not much more to be said I think I said enough yesterday and not all of it was very pleasant."

"Well I was hoping that we could start to mend our relationship Gavin said by spending our time in each others company."

"Nat looked at the boy then replied Gavin I don't want to go down that road just yet. You're only halfway through your seventeenth year and I expected too much of you at too young an age. I know when I first met my wife at eighteen that she was the only woman I would want to share my life with. When she died I had no desire to find anyone else till I met you. At first I tried very hard to keep my feelings purely platonic, but as we grew closer I like you eagerly awaited your coming of age to seal our love. I should have realized that not everyone has the same level of commitment in a relationship, each person's nature is different and I think you have a need to explore your feelings without being tied to a single person until you think you're ready to do so. I still love you Gavin but I'm not prepared as yet to carry on where we left off. I am human and try as I may I cannot get out of my mind the day of your leaving, and I don't wish to go through that kind of agony again. I felt like my life was repeating itself but instead of my wife dying it was you plunging a knife into my chest when you ended our relationship. So let us be like Father and Son as it should be so that you can go and find yourself and know what you want to do with your life."

Gavin was near to tears; he would rather have heard the insults from yesterday, than to hear how much pain he had caused the only person he truly loved. Knowing that nothing he could say now would rectify the situation he silently left the room to shower and dress.

Under the Shower Gavin thought back to happier times that he and Nathan had spent washing each other. How gentle those hands that cleansed his body yet how effortlessly they lifted him up, to bring their faces on a level so that their lips could meet to convey their feelings of contentment. There was none to hear his sobs as he felt the emptiness within. The stream of water washed away the tears as if they meant naught and silently he vowed that he would win his lover back.

Their daily routine continued but in a strained atmosphere. They never sat together as in the past and Gavin rarely went out. He returned home each day from work to watch television or listen to his music. The only times they went out together was to buy groceries at the weekend, and conversation between them other than passing the time of day was limited to idle chitchat. After three weeks Gavin decided that he would take driving lessons which would hopefully take his mind off the present situation. He didn't inform Nat of his decision and booked his ten lessons and paid in advance. He'd had plenty of tuition in the past from Nat who had driven him onto private land, as it was against the law for Gavin to drive on the roads under the age of seventeen. Nat would then let him get behind the wheel and gave him instructions in handling the car. So after a further five lessons to the ten he'd already had he was ready for his driving test, which he passed at the first attempt. When he got home he informed Nat that he'd got his driving license and was warmly congratulated by him. The next day being Saturday Gavin went down to the second hand car dealers and purchased an eight year old ford for 2,000 and for once in a long time he had something to smile about as he drove it back home.

As there was only room for one car to park in the garage Gavin parked his car on the street and went into the house.

Seeing Nat in the sitting room Gavin greeted him then told him "That he'd bought a car."

"How much did you pay for it Nat inquired?"

"2'000 Gavin replied do you want to come and see it I parked it in street."

"Okay lets go Nat said following Gavin outside I hope you got a good deal for your money." When they got to the car Gavin proudly showed off his newly purchased car pointing out all the accessories to Nat.

"Would you like to go for a drive with me Gavin asked?"

"All right but just let me go and lock up the house he answered?" Shortly after that Nat was sitting beside the boy as Gavin demonstrated the qualities of his car with more than a bit of pride. He drove for more than an hour happy to have Nat sitting beside him. Gavin thought this was the closest they'd been together after that initial day of Nat's arrival back from Australia. As it began to grow dark he headed the car back to the house arriving back just as the streetlights shed their orange glow.

As Nat made to leave the car Gavin held him then said "Nathan do you realize sitting in this car is the closest we have been since that first day you arrived back?"

"Yes Gavin I am well aware of that fact so what is the relevance of the question?"

"Do you really want me to continue living with you Gavin said? It seems like I'm some kind of cross that you have to bear because you adopted me. I would rather have had the insults than this condescending manner of yours. I know what I did was wrong I can't continue to apologize to you for the rest of my life, and I don't wish to have to live in this kind of atmosphere. If you feel it best that I leave then tell me I won't hold it against you."

"Shouldn't we discuss this inside Nat said, I think it would be a lot more comfortable as he left the car. They both made their way into the sitting room and as usual sat apart.

Nat looked at the boy then said, " Gavin I didn't mean to be condescending if that is what you thought. As you are nearing your eighteenth birthday I was treating you as an adult and not as a boy. I assumed that's the way you wanted to be treated instead of the way I treated you before you left this house. I felt that because I hadn't given you the recognition as an adult in the past that it was one of the reasons for your finding another partner, someone who would treat you the way you wanted. It seems like I can't get it right nowadays everything that I do and say is making matters worse in your eyes. You don't have to leave Gavin this is your house it became your property when you turned seventeen if anybody goes it will be me if you so wish it."

"Why didn't you tell me that you'd given me the house Gavin asked?"

"Would it have made any difference to your behaviour? and you might have thought that I was trying to buy your love. Don't forget you had already started to be unfaithful before you turned seventeen."

"Oh God!" Gavin moaned then walking over and sitting next to Nat he said, "Nathan please don't ever leave this house, and just treat me like you used to its what I want.

Nat leaned forward and kissed the boy on the forehead, "Okay! Now do you think that car of yours can take us to the café? I don't fancy doing any cooking tonight."

"Take you to the café that car can take us to the moon and back Gavin replied let's go."

Later that night they sat together watching TV for the first time in many a week their bodies making contact each taking comfort from the nearness of the other. They both rose together when the programme ended Gavin to go to bed and Nat to have his late night tea. After finishing his tea and tidying up downstairs Nat made his way to wash and get ready for bed. His ablutions finished before going to his bed he stopped at Gavin's door and knocked before entering. From the light of the passageway Nat made his way into the darkened room to Gavin's bed. The boy lay on his back with eyes open Nat leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on the boy's lips saying goodnight Gavin then turned and left the room.

A couple of hours later Nat who was still awake turning over in his mind the events of the last few months, felt the bedclothes being lifted and instantly knew that Gavin was getting into the bed. He waited for the boy to do his usual of wrapping himself around his body before he gently started to stroke Gavin's back. The boy broke into tears and great sobs wracked his body. Nat could not bear to hear the boy crying he lowered his head and brought their lips together in a tender kiss.

"Nathan I love you so much the boy said, I don't know what happened to me or why I did it but please please Nathan forgive me." In the dark Nat kissed the boy's tear stained eyes then brought their lips together again this time their tongues uniting in a dance of bliss as they savoured their first intimate moment in what seemed eternity.

Gavin broke the kiss placed his lips to Nat's ear and said "Nathan please make Magic."

Nat reached out and put the bedside light on, and looked into the tear filled eyes of the boy. Taking the boy into his arms he gently kissed him then said "Gavin words cannot express my love for you and how much you mean to me you don't know how alone I've felt these last few months. Tonight I want you just to be close to me to feel your breath on my face and the beat of your heart against my chest. To feel the stirring of your loins and the softness of your body, let us lie together in each others arms that in itself is Magic."

Gavin brushed his lips against Nat's in a fleeting kiss knowing what was expected of him Nat said,

"What's that for?"

"Just" the boy said,"

"Just why?" Nat responded.

The boy smiled and said, "Just for making Magic."

Gavin pecking on his lips awakened Nat in the morning. Looking into the boy's eyes Nat said "Morning Gavin" which the boy responded to. "So what's on the menu for today Nat asked?"

Gavin leaned forward kissed Nat on the lips and said, "Nathan I think I'm old enough and big enough for you to make love to me like I wanted you to when I was sixteen will you enter me now please Nathan." Nathan took the boy's face in his hands and asked,

"Do you truly want this Gavin."

"Yes Nathan more than you can imagine I want to feel you inside me joined together as one."

Their nightwear removed they lay with their arms entwined stroking each other's bodies bringing their lips together in fleeting kisses. Gavin reached his arm out and produced a jar of Vaseline he undid the top then dipping his finger into the jar scooped out a finger full and proceeded to smear it over Nat's penis. With Nat's shaft liberally coated Gavin gave the jar to Nat and said

"Your turn to do me Nathan."

Nat did as Gavin had, taking some Vaseline on his finger then bending and lifting the boys legs towards his shoulders exposing his rectum. Softly he spread the Vaseline around the puckered orifice then taking some more Vaseline he gently inserted his finger inside the boy and moved it around to lubricate the passage.

When Nat had finished he kissed the boy, "Are you ready Gavin"

The boy smiled and said, "Nathan I've been ready for you since we first met."

With a pillow doubled up under Gavin to give Nat easier access to the boy Nat with one hand on his member guided it to the entrance of the boy's rectum. With a thrust of his hips he opened up Gavin's orifice and entered within. Noticing the boy biting his lower lip and feeling the sphincter clamp down on his shaft Nat stopped entering the boy and asked, Gavin do you want me to stop?

"No please don't Nathan carry on I'll be all right" the boy replied.

"Then just relax don't tense up Nat said, and slowly continued finally he was buried deep inside the boy. He looked at Gavin's face and noticed the little beads of sweat above the top lip, and the boy's penis was only partially aroused. As Nat began to slowly thrust in and out of the boy he wrapped his arms around him, Gavin then locked his arms and legs around Nat's waist and clung to him like an infant monkey clings to its mother. The man began to pound his shaft into the boy with ever increasing momentum searching for that final release. He could feel the sensations building up inside his loins and as he felt that final moment approach he threw his head back thrust forward and buried his throbbing member into the boy's body and cried "Oh God! Gavin I love you so much" as his semen erupted inside the boy; his orgasm was such that he moaned and clasped the boy to him ever tighter. He continued to buck and thrust as exquisite feelings of pleasure coursed through his loins. Gradually the pleasure subsided and he sank to the bed spent, the boy still clinging to him like a leach.

Bringing their lips together he kissed Gavin then slowly withdrew from the boy and rolled onto his side. "Gavin are you all right Nat enquired?"

"Yes the boy replied I feel a bit sore but otherwise okay."

Nat took the boy into his arms and said "Gavin would you like to make love to me when you have recovered."

"Not this time Nathan he said, ever since we met you've always put me first. You've given and never asked anything in return, except for me to be honest and faithful in which I failed you. Today it's my turn to give and ask nothing in return and try and make amends for my failings.

Nat gazed into the boy's eyes and saw the love within; he brought their lips together in a tender kiss then putting his lips to the boy's ear he whispered, "You also can make Magic."

And so Nathan and Gavin resumed their lives together. There was never a repeat on Gavin's part of his promiscuity, and the ring is back on his finger. When Nat told the boy how close he came to having a relationship with Michelle. Gavin smiled and said

"I knew she fancied you Nathan I could see it in her eyes when she was here on holiday, that's why I wanted to come out to Australia I was scared she'd take you away from me."

Nat smiled and said, "There was never any possibility of that Gavin."

They now knew that nothing could ever drive them apart again. So when Mrs. Gregory asked Nat if he would like to foster another boy? He left the decision to Gavin. A couple of year's back, because of his possessive and jealous nature Gavin would never have entertained the idea. Knowing that Nat would never dream of involving himself sexually with anyone else Gavin, at the age of eighteen thought the idea of having a little brother appealing.

That night as they lay together Gavin said, I hope he can control his Dick in the shower." It was the first reference Gavin had made to agree to Nat fostering another boy.

Nat looked at Gavin smiled and kissed him and said, "Listen to who's talking Mr. Stiffy himself."

"Well that was your fault the boy retorted you always did things to me in the shower."

"Like what Nat asked?"

"Like put your arms around me now Gavin said." Nat did as the boy asked. "That's it Gavin whispered Magic."

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those readers who have written and expressed their enjoyment of the story thus far. I hope this episode will continue to bring you pleasure.

Tristam DeJong.