Magic 4

The Second Son

Gavin enjoyed himself driving Nat to Swindon in the new VW Nat had bought for his eighteenth birthday. They were on their way to meet Mrs. Gregory, at the welfare home Gavin had lived in as a child. Arriving, Gavin noticed that the suggestion he'd made to Mrs Gregory about brightening up the building had been done. It looked more inviting and friendly with the outside walls repainted in a pastel green, instead of the dour, prison grey.

The moment the two left the car Mrs Gregory opened the front door. Immediately Gavin went to her, hugged and kissed her on the cheek. Nat also greeting her in the same manner. She invited them into her office. Seated, she asked if they required refreshments? Both declined saying that they had stopped on the motorway for a snack.

Mrs Gregory spoke to them: "I brought you in here to give you a brief history of the boy I had in mind for you to foster. He was picked up about a month ago by the police in the shopping precinct for soliciting. He has refused to give any information about himself other than his first name. He says he's called Aaron. I'm inclined to believe him. When he was least expecting it he has reacted to his name when I called him. We know that he's not from around here because his accent doesn't fit. He sounds more from the London area. But, not being an expert in these matters I couldn't swear to it. We are assuming he's between twelve and thirteen years old. He's reasonably street wise hence the refusal to even tell us his age. I think he feels the less we know about him the less chance of tracing his family, if he has one. He's agreed to be fostered. I've told him about the two of you and your sexual preference. He's happy with that saying some of his friends on the street were homosexuals and they were good to him. I'll bring the boy in so that you can get acquainted. Oh! there's just one other thing," she said before leaving, "he tends to have bad dreams from time to time, and also he's missed a bit of his schooling."

After she left Gavin said, softly, "Do you think he'll like us?"

Nat smiled. "We'll soon find out and judging by what Mrs. Gregory has told us he won't be shy in

telling us so."

"I'm getting nervous," Gavin said holding Nat's hand and trying to draw assurance from it. "I hope he doesn't change his mind about staying with us."

Shortly they heard footsteps and Mrs Gregory entered accompanied by Aaron. At once Nat made comparisons to Gavin when they first met. Aaron was approximately the same height, maybe slightly shorter - about 4ft. 11in. Unlike Gavin he was well dressed and though slim in no way as emaciated as Gavin was at that age. His hair was light brown, cut short at the sides with a mop on top that, in the old days, was considered a pudding bowl style. He had hazel eyes and a turned up nose; his lips were full. These features were set in a narrow face.

When the boy and Nat's eyes met a bond seemed to form between them. The boy gazed at Nat and smiled. Instantly Nat knew he had found his second son.

While Nat was making his observations Mrs Gregory asked if they were sure they wouldn't have something to eat or drink before returning to London with Aaron.

Nat and Gavin declined Mrs Gregory's offer but said they would wait till Aaron had eaten before leaving.

The boy said, indifferently, that he didn't want to eat just yet and was ready to leave whenever they were.

Nat said, "If his personal effects are packed, I'll load them into the car."

"The boy's belongings are outside in the passage."

Leaving the room they picked up the boy's case and made their way to the car.

As Gavin got into the driver's seat the boy said, "You're not driving are you?"

"Why not?"

"You're not old enough. You're only about fifteen or sixteen."

"Listen kid," Gavin said, "this happens to be my car and I'm driving."

Just then Nat got into the car and Gavin drove off waving to Mrs Gregory as he did so.

"How old are you?" Aaron asked from the back.

"Old enough to drive a car; but if you must know I'm eighteen."

Nat interrupted the conversation by saying, "Are we driving non-stop to London?"

"I don't mind," Gavin said, "but you'd better ask Aaron what he wants to do."

"Let's go straight through without stopping," Aaron said. "The quicker we get there the better."

Two and a half-hours later Gavin pulled into the carport. Nat led the boy upstairs to what used to be Gavin's bedroom. He put the case down and asked if Aaron needed a hand to unpack.

The boy shook his head; he could manage by himself.

Nat left saying that they would be in the kitchen and to join them when he'd unpacked. The moment Nat walked into the room Gavin wrapped his arms around him and they brought their lips together until his desire for Nat's mouth was satisfied. Breaking the kiss and grinning, Gavin said, "Now we can attend to the food."

Later, when they'd finished eating and clearing away, they made their way into the sitting room.

Nat sat in his usual place and Gavin immediately snuggled up next to him. Aaron, sitting in an armchair and observing Gavin snuggling up to Nat, asked, "Are you queers?"

Gavin looked at Aaron. Moving over to the boy he said, "Listen Aaron and listen good. After squatting down on his haunches in front of the boy, he continued. "Nathan may be too polite to tell you but I will. In this house people are treated and spoken to like human beings irrespective of their race, colour, creed, or their sexual preferences. If you can't speak to us in a civil manner or you have an aversion to our way of life go pack your bag and I'll drive you back to Swindon with the greatest of pleasure."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to insult you."

"Okay! Apology accepted. Just remember you'd better keep the street talk for outside."

With that he walked back to his seat and snuggled up to Nat again.

"How long have you been together?" Aaron asked.

Gavin looked at Nat and raised his eyebrows. "Don't look at me," Nat said smiling. "He's talking to you. Now it's your turn to answer the questions."

"Five years," Gavin replied.

"I thought it was illegal to have sex with someone under sixteen?"

"What I meant," Gavin said, "was that I've been living with Nathan for five years."

"Oh! How long have you been having sex?"

"Jeeze! Aaron you ask a lot of questions," Gavin retorted. "If you must know one minute into my sixteenth birthday on May 5. And, before you ask if I'd waited for Nathan to start proceedings I'd still be waiting. Anything else you want to know?" Gavin's tone was sarcastic.

"Yeah!" the boy said not put off by Gavin's sarcasm. "When did you know you were in love with him."

"Oh Lord!" Gavin had picked up the expression from Nat. "Aaron, to be precise," Gavin continued, "the moment Nathan picked me up in his arms and carried me into this house. I was about the same age as you are now. I knew I wanted to be with him from then on. I've made a couple of mistakes in the past but that's over and done with."

Gavin looked at Aaron who was watching how he snuggled up to Nat. "Does it bother you my sitting like this?" Gavin asked the boy.

"No, not really."

Nat told Gavin to move over a bit on the settee. Then, getting up, he walked over to Aaron picked him up and carried him to the settee. Placing Aaron at one end he sat between the two boys. Turning to Aaron he said, "If you're going to live here there's no need to be distant. By sitting close you don't have to feel left out." Picking up the TV remote control he gave it to Aaron saying, "The choice is yours." Aaron flicked through the channels till he found a movie that appealed to him and they settled down to watch it.

Shortly, Nat felt Aaron's body resting against his. Carefully and slowly he put his arm around the boy and drew him close. He felt the boy snuggle into him. Gavin noticing what had taken place leaned forward and looked at Aaron: "How's it feel sitting here instead of on your own?"

The boy looked at Gavin. Smiling, he said, "Nice."

Later in the evening Nat asked the boy's if they wanted Big Mac as he wasn't up to preparing something for them. They jumped at the idea. This time they took Nat's car. Aaron sitting in the rear asked, "How come I always get to sit at the back on my own."

Gavin looked at Nat, turned and said, "Okay so you want to swap places with me?"

"No, but how about you sitting in the back with me?"

Gavin smiled and thought back to the times when he hated being on his own. He got out and took the seat next to Aaron. "That make you feel better?"

"Yeah. You're not mad with me are you?"

"If I was I wouldn't be sitting next to you would I," Gavin retorted.

They returned home late. Once inside Nat told Aaron it was time to go to bed.

"Oh! Please Nathan let me stay up a bit longer," he pleaded. Nat conceded to his pleas and went to make some tea.

Returning to the sitting room Nat saw the two boys were sitting together watching TV. His usual place occupied, he sat in one of the armchairs to drink his tea. The moment Gavin saw this he asked Nat,

"Why he was sitting away from us?"

"Well I don't want my tea spilled by you two and this way I've got more room."

Gavin didn't say a word as he moved right over to the other end of the settee from Aaron. Patting the cushion he said, "Now there's plenty of room for you Nathan."

"It's not important Gavin. I'm quite comfortable over here. Sit back like you were."

Gavin didn't move. He sat and watched Nat instead of the box, and as soon as Nat put his cup down he walked over and sat in his lap.

"That's not very sociable leaving Aaron on his own," Nat said. He stood up lifting Gavin with him and walked over to the settee. He sat down next to Aaron and placed Gavin on the other side. Is that better?"

"Yeah," the two boy's chorused. .

After awhile Nat noticed that Aaron had fallen asleep. He gently picked the boy up and carried him up to his bedroom. Laying the boy on the bed he proceeded to remove the boy's clothing during this Aaron awoke but lay passively letting Nat undress him. Leaving the boy's boxers on Nat pulled the bedclothes over Aaron, kissed him on the forehead wished him goodnight.

The moment Nat sat down Gavin was on him. Hungrily he brought his lips to Nat's searching eagerly for Nathan's tongue and the pleasure it brought. After his hunger for Nat's lips were satisfied Gavin broke the kiss looked at Nat and said, "I've been waiting for that since we got back from McDonald's."

Nat with his arms still wrapped around Gavin replied, "We won't have the freedom to do as we wish from now on. We have Aaron to consider. We must keep our intimate moments private so as not to embarrass him. Also, Gavin, you're going to have to help me by not demanding too much of my attention during Aaron's waking hours. Do as you have been doing and get close to him so that he feels part of the family. He is bound to ask questions and because you're nearer his age group it might be that he'd consult you at times. If you can't answer his questions don't fob him off. Bring him to me; I may be able to help. The other most important item, Gavin, is if he makes any sexual advances. I'm not saying that he will but if he does, you have to be able to stem those without hurting his feelings. Just remember how I coped with you and you shouldn't have too many problems." After kissing Gavin he added, "Do you feel you can handle what I'm asking of you?"

"Yes, otherwise I'd never have agreed to fostering him. I kinda like having him around. Now that he's sleeping it's our Magic time." With that he got up took Nat by the hand and led him to bed.

After showering, Nat told Gavin he was going to check on the boy. Softly he entered the boy's room and walked towards the bed. By the dim passage light saw that Aaron's eyes were wide open.

"Having trouble sleeping?"

The boy nodded his head. "When you left I couldn't sleep so went downstairs to see you but I heard

you talking to Gavin so I stopped and listened then came back up again when you finished."

"What do you think about what was said?"

"You don't have to worry that I'll feel embarrassed if I catch you and Gavin having sex or kissing. I've seen it all before."

"That's not the point Aaron. Making love is a private thing and not to be made into an

exhibition. We didn't only talk about our love life; we talked mainly about you and how we could best make your life here as pleasant as possible. Do you agree with that?"

"Yeah. What you and Gavin said was okay. There's one other thing though."

"What's that?"

"Why did you say that Gavin mustn't have a wank with me?"

"The main reason is you're underage and it's against the law. Also after what happened not

so long ago I don't think he'd want to."

"Well I've been wanking with other boys for ages. What's wrong with that?"

Nat stroked the boy's head smiled. "Nothing as long as they were of your same age group. Lots of boys engage in mutual masturbation. Its part of growing up."

"I've wanked older boys and men but only for money. Is that okay?"

"You did what you had to do Aaron. In your case it was neither right nor wrong. It was just a part of your life that is behind you. Now you have a chance to live your life the way that you want to. The way you live it is entirely up to you with a little help from Gavin and myself."

Aaron looked up at Nat. "Can you sleep with me tonight I don't want to be alone."

"No I can't but I can solve the problem. Saying that he pulled the bedclothes off the boy lifted him up and carried Aaron to his and Gavin's room. He told Gavin he had company and placed the boy next to him. Then telling Gavin that he was going to sleep in Aaron's bed he kissed them goodnight and left the boys together.

"You're not mad at me are you Gavin?" Aaron enquired. "I felt all alone in there."

"No, I'm not mad," Gavin said as he put his arm around the boy, "I'm bloody furious!" With that he started to tickle him.

"Oh shit! Fuckin' stop it," Aaron screamed hysterically. "I'll piss myself if you don't."

Gavin stopped his assault and smiled as the boy slowly began to settle down. Comfortable, they said their goodnights and slept.

In the early hours of the morning Nat felt Gavin crawl into bed with him. Being a single bed made for more intimate contact. They found each other's lips and quickly removed their shorts so that they could feel the excited state of their loins rubbing together. Gavin produced the Vaseline and Nat, taking a good amount on his finger, proceeded to smear Gavin's shaft with it. The boy then liberally applied Vaseline to Nat's rectum. Doubling the pillow under his hips Nat gave Gavin easier access. The boy quickly entered burying his member deep within Nat. Immediately he began to thrust, eager to reach the goal that brought such exquisite pleasure.

He looked into Nat's eyes as he pounded away. Then, as he reached the moment, he gave one final thrust then shouted, "Nathan my Nathan I love you so much!" He exploded inside his lover thrusting uncontrollably as his orgasm took control of his loins and pumped his semen deep within till he was spent. Collapsing on top of Nat, Gavin laid his head on the man's shoulder and rested as Nat stroked his back. Shortly Gavin rolled to the side and withdrew.

Nat kissed the boy and whispered, "You'd better go back to Aaron. He might wake and find himself alone."

"But Nathan!"

"No buts. You have to consider Aaron first." After kissing the boy he added, "Go! I'll see you later."

Reluctantly, Gavin gave him a final kiss and left.

Nat was awakened by a gentle blowing on his face. Opening his eyes he saw Aaron leaning over him.

"Morning Aaron," he said. "Let me guess. You've been talking to Gavin."

"Yeah. He told me how to wake you up but now he's gone back to sleep."

"Very clever. Okay Aaron, let me use the loo. Then we can see about you getting washed and

dressed and fed."

Nat took the boy to the bathroom and showed him how to use the shower. Giving Aaron a towel he left him and headed downstairs to make tea. As the tea was brewing Gavin walked in kissed Nat good morning and poured himself a cup.

Smiling, Nat said, "That was a smart move you pulled this morning."

"What you talking about?"

"Okay! What do you think the boy will want for breakfast?"

"Cereal I suppose. Let's wait till he comes down and I'll ask him." As they finished their tea, Aaron arrived, fully dressed except for his bare feet. "What do you want for breakfast?"

"What cereal have you got?"

Gavin answered. "You've got a choice of flakes, er...flakes and, you've guessed it. flakes"

Aaron laughed. "I think I'll have.... Oh, I don't know, the choice is so difficult there's so much to choose from but I think I'll settle for flakes."

Nat handed the box over. Aaron emptied a substantial helping into a bowl, added half a pint of milk and a generous quota of sugar and began to devour the lot. While Aaron was eating, Nat and Gavin said they were going to dress. Naked, they stepped into shower together. Immediately Gavin put his arms around Nat and kissed him. pausing, he whispered, "I need you inside me Nathan, please."

Nat took the boy into his arms gently stroking his body as the water ran over them. He turned Gavin around; the boy bent over resting his hands on the wall and spread his legs. Nat loosened him up with his fingers then guided his throbbing member to the boy's rectum and entered him fully. He reached around and began to stroke Gavin's shaft as he began thrusting in and out. Nat was soon pounding into Gavin. Just before he reached his orgasm he felt the boy's muscles clasp his shaft and squeeze so very tightly as Gavin straightened up and spewed his semen over the wall as he bucked against his lover. Nat thrust upwards and erupted inside the boy nearly lifting Gavin off his feet as he clung to the boy and continued to thrust into him flooding him with his seed as waves of pleasure coursed through their loins until their orgasms subsided.

Nat withdrew and turned Gavin around. Taking him in his arms, he said, "Have I ever told you I love you Gavin Ross?" He then sealed his love with a tender kiss.

"Umm! Let me think Yeah! About a million times the boy replied."

"Well one more time won't hurt will it Skinny?"

"Who are you calling Skinny? I happen to weigh 133lbs."

"Great if you're 5' 5" but you happen to be 5' 8". At least your ribs don't show!"

"Listen to who's talking 6' 3" and 160 lbs. If you stood sideways all I'd see was your dick."

"Okay you win. You're not skinny you're Arnie in disguise. Now we'd better not prolong this shower too long otherwise a certain someone will start asking questions?"

"Shit! I'd forgotten about him for the moment I suppose we'd better move it."

Just then a knock on the door and a voice calling, "Are you going to be long?"

Gavin laughed and muttered, "Talk of the devil." Then he shouted back, "You want to use the loo, Aaron."

"No, but you're taking a long time to have a shower if that's what you're doing."

"What the Hell do you mean by that?" Gavin yelled. "Go downstairs and we'll be along shortly.

"Okay." He said somewhat dejectedly and left.

Nat looked at Gavin. "You weren't very tactful about that were you?"

"No not really. Sorry Nathan."

Nat quickly towelled himself, cleaned his teeth and left Gavin to finish up. He found Aaron in the sitting room.

"Sorry for disturbing you Nathan. I didn't think that you'd get angry."

Nat walked over to the boy. Picked him up he said, "I'm not angry Aaron, but can you give Gavin and I time together without disturbing us. Then we can give you all the attention you want."

"How many times a day do you want to be left alone?"

Nat laughed and kissed the boy on the forehead and said, "Don't worry about it. Gavin and I will find the time when we need to. Now its your time. We're going out. You only had one small case of clothes so you'll need a few more. Gavin can show you which shops to go to." Setting Aaron down he said, "Go and put your socks and trainers on and tell Gavin to hurry up."

Nat heard the boy bounding up the stairs and shouting, "Move your arse Gavin we're going out and you have to help me choose some clothes."

Nat drove and the two boys. Although Gavin now considered himself an adult at eighteen, to Nat he would always be a boy, not because of his stature and youthful appearance, but in his mind's eye he was still that vulnerable skinny thirteen-year-old. The boys sat together in the back. They discussed what should be bought and Gavin told Aaron that he'd show him the best stores for clothing. Ages later, laden with clothes and trainers, they headed back to the car, deposited the clothes there then made for the supermarket to stock up with groceries. Eventually all was done and Aaron asked they hurry home so he could try his clothe on.

While Aaron examined his clothes in his room, Gavin wrapped his arms around Nat and brought their lips together. Suddenly they heard a cough and saw Aaron in the doorway.

They quickly separated. "Is there anything you want?" Nathan queried.

"I came back to ask Gavin to give me a hand with the clothes if he can?"

"Sure, lead the way." Leaving, he gave Nat's hand a squeeze.

Upstairs, Aaron said, "You must be cheesed off with me. I keep interrupting you and Nathan all the time."

"It's okay. Actually I hope we're not embarrassing you. It's not Nathan's fault it's mine. I hurt him

not to long ago and although he's forgiven me I can't get it out of my mind. I feel so guilty that it makes me squirm when I think about it. So I keep trying to make it right and he lets me, knowing that it makes me feel better."

"What did you do?"

"That's a long story. When we have time I'll tell you. Now less talk and let's unpack these clothes

and put them away."

With the clothes packed away, Aaron said, "We don't have anything to do now. Will you tell me about your life with Nathan?'

Gavin sat and asked Aaron to join him. When the boy was seated Gavin said, "This used to be my bed but I hardly ever slept in it. You want to here about Nathan and me? Here goes." Gavin began the story. After nearly an hour with interruptions from Aaron asking questions Gavin finished.

"Nathan really sounds like someone very special to you. Do you think that he could like me as much."

"He will if you give him the chance but he'll like you in a different way to me. You will get everything you want. I don't mean financially, I mean emotionally. He'll make you feel like...I don't know how to explain it."

"Magic? You just told me that in the story."

"Yeah. No word can describe it better, Aaron. Now let's go and join Nathan."

Arriving in the sitting room, Gavin, as usual, sat next to Nat. Aaron sat on the other side of Nat then said, "Gavin has told me everything about your lives together."

"So that's why you were so long putting your clothes away. Okay, so what now?"

"So now," Aaron replied, "I'll tell you about me if you want to hear it."

"We're all ears, aren't we Gavin? Please don't keep us waiting."

"My full name is Aaron Wilhelm Briers. I used to live with gypsies, what you people call travellers,

until I was caught and put in the home. We weren't exactly what you'd call honest, but we were wrongly blamed for a lot of crimes just because we were in the area. We did pick up things we saw lying around but we never broke into homes. That's what we were mainly accused of but never charged. We were made to leave the area. Anyway we were camped on a site on the outskirts of London. There was a fair not too far from our campsite. I remember thinking that maybe I could get a job there helping on one of the rides for a few days and make some money. I decided to check it out the next day. That night around eleven I went to bed. I lived with my uncle. He wasn't my real uncle but he looked after me. I woke up again when I heard shouting and yelling and my uncle running into the caravan. Just then a brick came through our window followed by a Molotov cocktail. When it hit the caravan floor it burst into flames. That's the reason why I have my bad dreams sometimes. My uncle grabbed me and some clothes and carried me outside. He told me to get dressed and then he went back into the burning caravan. As I dressed I saw about three other caravans on fire and a crowd coming towards our caravan. I quickly legged it out of there. I had no shoes but that didn't worry me. I was used to going barefoot.

I made for the fairground. I hid in one of the stalls, a shooting gallery, and I stayed there the rest of the night. I managed to fall asleep after a time and was awakened by Nadine the owner of the stall. When I came to my senses, I told her what had happened during night. She took me to her caravan and gave me a pair of her grandsons old trainers to wear, they were a size too big but I wasn't complaining. She told me to have some breakfast then I could return to the campsite."

Aaron fell silent for a few moments before continuing. "I thanked her and ate my fill. When I got back to the camp it was deserted except for the burnt out caravans. I went back to Nadine to see if she could help. She could only offer me a place to stay and a job on the stall. She and her son Robert and her grandson ran the shooting gallery and a hoop-la stall. She was glad to have the help as she was getting on a bit. I stayed with them for a long time. Then on our way to Northampton we met up with some other travellers. They told me that my Uncle Sean had died in hospital from burns. The reason for the mob that night was that one of our group had beaten up someone in the local pub and a mob came over to get even. I said goodbye to Nadine and Robert and joined up with the travellers who said they would meet up with my group in Oxford. I met up with my own group one week later and went to see the head man, Raoul. He gave me a metal box with my Uncle Sean's bits and pieces in it and 345 in cash. I felt like I was really rich. I gave Raoul back the box and asked him to keep it for me? Then I asked if anyone in the group had room to put me up. He sent me to see his son-in-law where I got a place to stay; it was a bit crowded with his wife and baby but not too bad. I stayed with Hector and Inez for much longer than I did with Nadine. This time we found trouble in Reading. Nothing too bad but I told Raoul that I was leaving. I told him I was heading for Cheltenham to see if I could join up with Nadine and Robert again, as they were always there this time of the year. Raoul took me to Reading station and bought my rail ticket, telling me to change at Swindon for my connection to Cheltenham. I never made it to Cheltenham. I was waiting on the platform in Swindon for the Cheltenham train when a railway inspector saw me. He came over and started asking questions. I answered a few but I didn't sound too - what's the word?


"Yeah, Nathan, that's it. He said he'd take me to the police.. Before he could grab me I took off and lost myself in the city. That's where I was for quite some time. I don't know about months and things only if someone tells me. I only know my birthday and which month it is because my uncle used to tell me. I was living in squats, with people I met, till my money ran out. I got picked up by the cops near the public loo and the rest you know."

"Don't you have any knowledge of your parents?"

"My mother left me with my uncle when I was about three and we never saw her again. I've no idea where she went or if she's even alive. I know her first name is Rochelle. She never mentioned my father. The only other person who might know something is Raoul."

"Would you like to try and find your mother if Raoul has any information," Nat asked.

"At the moment I don't really care one way or the other."

"Okay, but if you ever feel that you would like to go in search of your mother I'm always willing to


"Thanks Nathan. When I'm more settled I'll think about it."

"Okay. The next thing is to take you to the local Department of Education and get you registered. "

"Oh Shit! I've never had much schooling."

"How much schooling have you had?"

"Not a lot. We never stayed in one place long enough to worry about it."

"I'll see the education authorities and arrange for you to be taught privately at home till you've

caught up. Then you can go to school. Now I think a phone call to Mrs Gregory is the order of the day." Picking up the phone, he dialled and, after a brief pause, spoke. "It's Nathan Ross, Mrs Gregory....I'm well, and you?....Great...Yes, sorry about that. Ought to have called, but we've been busy settled him in and buying him new clothes. Sorry about another matter too Francis. You weren't exactly telling the truth when you said Aaron had missed a bit of schooling. The boy has hardly spent one term at school in his entire life...I see, you thought I could take care of any small problems like that. Yes, I do have the money, you crafty old fox...Okay, we'll leave it at that. I think I'll engage a private tutor to bring him up to standard....Yes, we'll bring him down in a couple of months. Must give him time to settle...Fine. We'll see you then."

Nat turned to Aaron. "Can you read and write?"

The boy hung his head. "I can write my name and read a little. That's about all."

Nat put his arms around the boy. " don't be embarrassed Aaron. Before you know it you'll be reading and writing as well as anybody else."

Aaron looked at Nat. "How long will it take?"

"That depends on you and how much you want to succeed."

"Nathan, how come you didn't tell Mrs. Gregory anything about me or Raoul?"

"I thought that what you told Gavin and I was in confidence. If you wanted Mrs Gregory to know you'd tell her yourself. That's why I didn't repeat to her what you told us. Now I think I have

to go and perform in the kitchen if you two want to eat tonight."

Shortly afterwards Aaron told Gavin that he had to go and speak to Nat alone if he didn't mind.

"Sure go ahead. You don't have to worry about me."

Aaron found Nat about to peel potatoes. "Aaron, you've come to give me a hand?"

"No I want to talk to you if you don't mind."

"Okay go ahead."

"First of all thanks for all the clothes you bought me this afternoon. I was so excited I forgot to thank you. Next do I have to change my name because I'm with you now?"

"No. I'm only acting as a foster parent. You keep your own name. Besides after a while you may decide that you don't want to stay here. You see Aaron I'm here to provide you with a home and family life. You are the one who has to decide that you want to be part of that. If at any time you feel that you don't fit in then don't hesitate to say so, because your welfare and happiness are so important. Meantime Gavin and I will do our best to try and make you want to stay. So far how do you like it?"

"Great, couldn't be better. Did you really want me to give you a hand with the cooking?"

"Actually I'm having second thoughts about preparing a meal. What would say you to going out instead?"

"That's what I'd call a brilliant idea."

They returned from their evening meal and settled down, the boys to watch TV and Nat to read the paper. Suddenly Aaron said, "Nathan do I have to sleep on my own tonight? You see I've never slept in a room by myself before, I always used to share a bed with my uncle or in the same room with other people and it feels spooky on my own."

"Not if you don't want to Nat replied our bedroom is big enough to move your bed in there as well; would that be all right?"

"That would be fine. I won't disturb you and Gavin?"

"Are you going to stay awake all night? Nat said as he smiled.

Aaron giggled. "I guess not."

"We don't have to do anything. I'm sure Gavin Schwarzenegger there can move the bed on his own," Nat said laughingly.

"Very funny," Gavin retorted. Neither of you can afford to make comment you're even skinnier than me."

After more good-humoured banter they moved the bed and placed it along side the other making one huge bed. Before going downstairs Nat told Aaron to get changed so if he fell asleep watching TV he could be put straight to bed without the hassle of having to change. As expected Aaron did fall asleep so Nat took him up and placed him in his bed, then returned downstairs. Gavin could hardly wait for Nat to sit down next to him before wrapping his arms around him. He pulled Nat to him and brought their lips together their tongues immediately searching for its mate to entwine and caress in a courtship ritual. When their lips parted they sat with arms around each other to feel the closeness of the other's body and the contentment it brought

Gavin broke the spell. "Nathan I have something to tell you."

Nat gazed at the boy. "When I hear that tone of voice I know you've done something you shouldn't have Okay! What is it this time?"

"I went to your solicitor earlier in the week and had the ownership of this property changed back into your name. I don't like the idea of being owner of the house. I much prefer it if it were in your


"Gavin I already know. Donald Findlay told me what you had done so I may as well tell you now that all my holdings have been put into joint ownership. You now have half ownership in ten properties and two office blocks."

Gavin sat there with mouth open. Recovering quickly he said, "Nathan how could you do that after what I did to you not so long ago? I literally stabbed you to the heart when I left and you still do this for me."

"That's exactly why I did it you keep remembering about it and won't let up. More importantly you are legally my son, and I couldn't ask for anyone better. Gavin you have to stop thinking about what you did; it's all in the past; you've got to give yourself a chance. I love all the attention you give to me but you must make time for yourself and socialise. Your too young to bottle yourself up in the house every day. I'm not that fragile. Ever since you stopped working you feel you have to be with me every single moment of the day. You have to give yourself a chance in life, Skinny."

Gavin, with watery eyes, leaned forward and kissed Nat on the lips then drew back. "Okay! Skinny what's that for?"


"Just why, Gavin?"

"Just for letting me be part of your life."

Then he buried his head in Nat shoulder and clung to him. Nat stroked the boy's back then whispered "Skinny it's Magic time." Standing, he lifted the boy into his arms and carried him to bed.

Gavin woke to find Aaron's bed empty; he gazed at Nat and started gently blowing on his face to wake him. As Nat stirred, he pecked his lips.

"Gavin please! Let me sleep," Nat moaned trying to keep his eyes shut.

Gavin was merciless. "No. Aaron isn't here I need you Nathan please he pleaded," as he began to fondle Nat's erection.

Nat opened his eyes wrapped his arms around the boy and drew their lips together before he rolled over on top of Gavin. Breaking the kiss and looking down at the boy he said, "Your going to wear me out. Wasn't last night enough for you?"

Gavin smiled. "I can never get enough of you. Do you feel the same about me?"

Nat gave the boy a fleeting kiss. "Skinny, what do you think?" he said as he gently started to grind their loins together?"

Gavin wrapped his arms around Nat and started to thrust his shaft in rhythm to his lover's throbbing member?

As the tempo of their thrusts increased so the urgency to reach that exquisite moment of bliss took command. They eagerly sought release as their swollen shafts ground into each other until with a final thrust they erupted in an orgasmic explosion that sent them into a frenzy of movement as their semen spewed forth between them. They bucked and heaved and pledged their love for each other till

they were spent and lay limp in slow recovery from that brief moment of unbridled pleasure.

When they finally reached the downstairs there was no sign of Aaron in the house. "Do you think he

could have gone down to the shops?" Gavin inquired.

"I've no idea. If he has what's he gone for?"

While they were still discussing the issue Mrs Dacy arrived. Nat questioned her as to any boy in the street adding a description of Aaron as he went along.

She shook her head. "Is that the new boy you are fostering?"

"Yes and he's gone out without telling us. Gavin and I will make a search of the area if he's not back

in the next half-hour."

"Perhaps I'd better get down to the shops for a few items I need before you go out." She went to

the sideboard drawer to take some of the housekeeping money that was normally kept there. Empty-handed she asked Nat if he had any money, as there was nothing in the drawer?

"What! Gavin said I put a fifty-pound note in there yesterday knowing that Mrs. D. might need it."

"Well its empty now she retorted."

"Okay! Nat said here you are Mrs. D? Handing over another fifty to her."

Mrs. Dacy took the money and left for the shops, leaving the two of them to contemplate the missing money.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Right now I don't know what to think about where he's gone or what he intends doing. All we can do is look around the shopping precinct and hope to find him or wait until he shows up. If he doesn't show by lunch I'm going to report him as missing."

"Well you stay here till Mrs D gets back? I'll take a drive down to the shopping centre and check it out.".

In accepting Gavin's offer, Nat asked him not to be rough with Aaron, just get him home as quickly as possible. There was still no sign of Aaron when Mrs D and Gavin had returned. Nat, fretful, waited anxiously until after lunch. He told Gavin he was going to the police for assistance. Gavin should remain at home just in case Aaron returned. By 10.30pm Nat and Gavin were sitting contemplating what their next course of action when the doorbell rang. An opened door revealed Aaron on the doorstep.

"Hi! Nathan!"

Nat followed the boy and phoned the police. He then turned and addressed Aaron. "Do you realise you left this house over twelve hours ago without letting anyone know? We had no idea where you were and what might have happened to you. I even had to report you missing."

Aaron didn't seem at all perturbed. Shrugging his shoulders he said, "Would you have let me go if I had told you I was going to be out for so long?"

In place of a reply, Gavin asked the all-important question: "Did you take the fifty pounds from this drawer?"

"Yeah. I saw it in there so I took it to go out with. I know you've both got plenty of money and won't miss it."

"Would you mind telling us where you were?"

"I went to the West End Piccadilly area, Nathan. I was playing in the arcade over there."

"All right. Aaron do you want something to eat before going to bed?"

"No. I had a burgher and chips before coming home." Having said that he got up, said good night and went to bed.

After discussing the matter Gavin said he was going to bed. Nat kissed him goodnight and said

he'd be up after he'd attended to a few things. Nat went into the bathroom picked up Aaron's dirty clothes and put them in the washing machine. He went into the store room got the boy's suitcase and one of their own took them to the boy's bedroom and started to pack Aaron's clothes away. When he'd finished he took the cases downstairs and waited for the dirty clothes to finish washing and drying before also packing them as well. He then left both cases in the hallway by the front door. Setting the alarm for seven Nat slid into bed beside Gavin who promptly wrapped himself around Nat and snuggled in.

The alarm had barely rung when Nat switched it off got up and made his way to the bathroom. When he'd finished he woke Aaron.. Nat told him it was time he got washed and dressed. There were

some clean clothes left out for him and as soon as he had eaten they would be leaving to take him back to Swindon.


"I'm not in the habit of repeating myself. You heard the first time."


"Well while your washing and dressing have a think about it. You give the impression that your pretty smart, Aaron. Maybe you might be able to figure it out, and if you haven't then you'll never know why you're being taken back."

Nat turned and left the room. Aaron looked across at Gavin, who had been listening, for some form of support and got none. Dejectedly Aaron got up and made ready for his journey back to Swindon. As Aaron came down the stairs he saw the cases in the passageway and thought, "If they think I'm going back they're fucking mistaken."

Entering the kitchen Aaron said, "It's because I took the money and stayed out late that you're sending me back."

"Partly because of that but more importantly was what you said when I asked you why you hadn't informed us that you were going out. You haven't shown the slightest bit of regret for what you did and frankly I don't think you're going to be able to fit in to our way of life. You feel that you can do what you want without consulting us and take money that you find in the house that doesn't belong to you without giving it a second thought. When Gavin was your age he knew that I left money lying around the house, but never once touched it and would never go out without telling me where he was going or saying goodbye. You on the other hand live by a different code of conduct, which if I tried to change you might not like. So I think you'd be better off if you were to go back to the home and tell Mrs Gregory about Raoul. Maybe if I spoke to her she might try to find him and let you stay with your group of travellers. That is the way of life you're used to and may suit you best."

"No!" the boy shouted as the tears poured down his cheeks. "I don't want to fucking stay with Raoul or in the fucking home. I want to stay here. I'm sorry for what I did, he sobbed, " but I didn't think you would take it so fucking seriously. Okay so I went out without telling you," he sniffed, wiping his nose with the back of his hand, "but you never fucking told me that you wanted to know when and where I was bloody going. If you've got rules tell me what the fuck they are then I won't break them."

Nat put his hands under his armpits and lifted him up. As he did this, Aaron wrapped his legs around Nat's waist and put his arms around his neck and said, "I'm not fucking going back. If you do

take me back I promise I'll run away before you can get back to London."

Nat gently kissed the boy on the lips, then wiped the tears from his eyes. "Okay Aaron, you're not

going back and we don't have any rules in the house except good manners. The only thing we want to know is where you're going and when so we don't have to worry about you. You may know the streets Aaron but you don't know the people who live on them. You're very lucky that you weren't seen flashing that money around by a junkie. You could have ended up in the same condition as Gavin or maybe even worse. You don't know how worried I was for your safety last night. If you think you know the streets of London just talk to Gavin; you might learn something? He'll be able to tell you a few stories that might just change your mind about life on the streets. It's not as glamorous as you think. But most important is that you don't repeat what you did yesterday and frighten us so much."

"Do you really mean it? I'm not going back?"

"Yes, Aaron, I mean it. Now, enough of what happened yesterday. As of now you have a choice. You can either have a weekly allowance or whenever you want something or some money you ask for it."

"What did Gavin have?"

"If you want to know you'll have to ask him yourself? He's just coming down the stairs."

The boy turned around in Nat's arms to see Gavin behind him. "Gavin, what did you have

when you were my age, an allowance or did you just ask when you needed something?"

"Neither. I didn't have to ask never wanted anything. Nathan just went out and bought whatever he

thought I needed except clothes. Those he made me choose because he said I had to wear them. When we went to the shops and I picked up something I liked Nathan just bought it if he felt I should have it; if he said no then I just put it back without argument."

"If that's good enough for Gavin than it's good enough for me, except Gavin can help me choose the clothes." Then for the first time he kissed Nat on the lips and said, "Nathan sorry for shouting and swearing but I was really scared of going back."

"That was the whole idea, Aaron, to make you realise that what you did was wrong. I had to pack your clothes to make it more realistic. It seems like it worked."

"That was wicked," the boy replied. "I was nearly shitting myself when I saw the suitcases in the hallway. Nathan, Have you forgiven me for what I did?"

"If I hadn't forgiven you Aaron I wouldn't have let you kiss me or I wouldn't be carrying you. Okay! Aaron, enough talk for now," Nat said setting the boy down. "Go eat your breakfast."

As Aaron fixed his breakfast he asked Gavin if he had any money of his own.

"Yes, more than I know what to do with. You see when a family or person fosters a child they are

paid by the government to do so. That money the government paid Nathan he put into an account for me as he said he didn't need it. I didn't know anything about it till I received a letter from the bank informing me of how much money I had in my account. The letter came on my eighteenth birthday. Knowing Nathan, he'll do the same for you and you can forget about using it. You won't be able to touch it till you're eighteen. If you need anything Nathan will provide it."

"Gavin's right Aaron. However there's one thing I won't provide and that's assistance in putting your clothes back when you've finished your breakfast. And what's more don't even think of asking

Gavin to help."

"Shit!" The boy muttered under his breath. This brought peals of laughter from Gavin.

Just as they were finishing the washing up Mrs Dacy arrived and was introduced to Aaron. She immediately proceeded to make him blush by saying, "My he's so cute," and stroked his head. "You wouldn't think a little chap like him would cause so much trouble."

Blushing madly, Aaron said, "Excuse me Mrs Dacy I have something to do," and dashed out into the hallway. He grabbed the cases and struggled up the stairs with them as he heard Nat and Gavin laugh at his embarrassment. With a lot of panting and puffing the boy managed to get the cases into the room and sat on the larger case to take a breather.

"Need a hand?"

Aaron didn't need to turn around to recognise Nat's voice. "Yes please Nathan. But I thought I wasn't supposed to get any help?"

"Well I think I can make an exception this time, unless of course you'd rather do it yourself."

"No, I'd like your help; otherwise I'll be here all morning."

As they worked they talked. "Aaron if you know would you mind telling me how old you are, and what is your date of birth? I need to know when we go to the Child Welfare Centre for registration."

The boy hesitated for a minute then replied. "My uncle had my birth certificate but it was burnt in the fire, but I know that I'll be thirteen on June 29th and I was born in Leicester because he told me. Raoul took over telling me when it was my birthday and how old I am. I know this month is June but I'm not to sure what date it is as I can't read all that well and nobody has mentioned the date since I've been here. I know it was the twelfth on Friday because the teacher said so."

"It's the fifteenth today. You'll be thirteen in two weeks time. We can get a copy of your

birthday certificate from the Leicester Registrars Office. Now there's two spare bedrooms up here one will be used as a classroom. Go and have a look at them and choose the one you want to study in. Then we'll go buy some furniture."

Aaron inspected the tow rooms and opted for the larger.

"Okay," Nat said. "After we've been to Child Welfare we`ll see about furnishing it."

As Nat turned to go downstairs Aaron stopped him. "Was what I did yesterday really bad?"

"No Aaron, not really bad but very frightening." Nat picked him up. "While you were enjoying yourself in the arcade we had no idea where you were or what might have happened to you. When you hadn't come home after twelve hours, I was beginning to think of all manner of nasty things that could have taken place involving you. Now you see why I was angry for what you did. I wasn't really angry about the money, but I was mad at you for exposing yourself to so much danger."

The boy felt Nat's arms encircling him and understood why Gavin had felt so secure in them. Normally Aaron had never felt drawn to any one person other than his uncle. Now the feelings running through him for this man were like no other he'd experienced, making him lean forward and kiss Nat gently on the lips. After a long silence, Aaron said, "Nathan would you mind if I said I loved you?"

Nat smiled at the boy. "Surprisingly, Aaron, men find those three words the hardest to say, but I'm

honoured that you feel like that. I don't mind and what's more I love you too."

"Nathan, why do you lift me up when you talk to me?"

"I'm sure you've noticed that I'm quite tall. Rather than stoop over you and look scary when I'm talking to you, I lift you up so that we are eye to eye and you can look me in the face. That way you can judge whether I'm being sincere or not."

The boy scanned Nat's face then looked into his eyes. "You're eyes are beautiful."

"Thank you for the compliment. If you keep saying things like that you're going to embarrass me. Now, we'd better go and join Gavin."

Nat carried the boy downstairs and into the sitting room and set him down alongside Gavin who was using the computer. "Here you are Aaron, get brains to drive us to Enfield to the CWD. Then

we can go and set about buying some furniture for your study room."

Unable to control his excitment, Aaron grabbed Gavin's hand and started to pull him away from the computer. "Whoa there, I've got to shutdown first."

Child Welfare were very understanding about Aaron's lack of education, and were very supportive of

Nat's idea of home tutoring until the boy was ready for mainstream education. From there they went to one of the Mega computer stores where Nat purchased the necessary items for Aaron's study. Then onto WH Smith to pick up stationary.

When they arrived back it was well after 2pm. Mrs Dacy had left a note with instructions for heating the food she'd cooked, and a request for a list of Aaron's likes and dislikes. Nat mumbled something about Aaron being treated like a king by all and sundry.

That evening, Nat suggested that Aaron's schooling could begin with Gavin showing him how to use the computer, and to assess his reading with the early reading disc that they had bought at Smith's.

Before the two of them could get settled at the computer Nat, said he was going to his club to check if he had any games lined up for the coming week. Left alone while Gavin kissed Nat goodbye, Aaron asked Gavin when he returned why they kissed goodbye Nat would be away only a couple of hours, or less.

Gavin thought for a moment. "I'll answer your question with a question. Aaron, can you guarantee one

hundred percent that Nat is going to walk back through those doors later on today?"


"Now you know why I kissed him goodbye. With question answered let's do some learning."

When Nat returned he found the two boys sitting at the computer together. As soon Nat came close enough, Gavin greeted him with a kiss. Aaron looked at Nat but didn't say a word.

"What's the matter Aaron? Have I done something wrong that you won't speak to me?"

"No, but I was wondering, Nathan, why you'll never love me like you love Gavin."

Nat picked the boy out of his chair and into his arms. Looking into the boy's eyes Nat said, "No Aaron I can't love you in the same way as I love Gavin. But, if you'll let me, I'll love you just as much in a different way."

"What do you mean?"

"First of all let me explain. I've known Gavin from when he was thirteen - about the same age as

you are now. Even at that young age I felt a love for Gavin that was different from any other. I knew it was against the law, and also more importantly not right to try and encourage Gavin into any sex with me till he was of a legal age. Then it would be for him to decide which path he would take. You can see the path he has chosen. You Aaron I would love as a son if you'll let me. That love is just as binding and important to both of us but in a different way to the love I have for Gavin. If when you're settled in here you would like to go in search of your mother then I will give you all the help you would need to find her. If you fail to find her for one reason or the other then if you wanted to I would like to adopt you as my son. My love for you would be no less important than it is for Gavin."

The boy looked deep into the man's eyes again he felt that tingling sensation flowing through his body. He smiled leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Nathan, now I know why Gavin loves you. I feel so warm and comfortable in your arms. I bet if I refused to get down Gavin would get all jealous."

"I don't think so. Gavin knows that I love you in a different way to him and right now he's grinning his head off at you."

The boy swivelled in Nat's arms to look at Gavin who was grinning and watching them. "What's so funny?" Aaron asked.

"Come over here and I'll tell you. Nat let the boy down."

Aaron immediately scurried over to Gavin. Like Nat Gavin lifted the boy up in his arms.

Holding him, Gavin lightly kissed Aaron on the lips and said, "What do you think of us queers now?"

Aaron's face went red. "Don't say that Gavin it sounds so nasty. You make me feel really bad for saying that before."

"I'm sorry. didn't mean to embarrass you." He gave the boy another peck on the lips. "So what do

you think of us men?"

"Nathan's a man like a dad you're not. You're my brother and I love you too. I've never been

so happy as I am now. I've been happy before but I never had this tingling feeling inside of me that I have now. "

Gavin put his lips to Aaron's ear and whispered, "That's why we call it Magic."

The End ... of part Four