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Magic 5.

"Gavin what's gone wrong? Where the fuck is he? He should have been back fucking ages ago. Why hasn't he phoned and why can't we get him on his mobile, what's happened to Nathan?"

"Aaron nothing's wrong just calm down will you, maybe his phone is switched off while he's driving. So yelling and swearing isn't going to make him get home any sooner."

The boy's nervousness was getting to him but Gavin tried not to let it show. "Though he is right he thought Nathan should have been back at least an hour ago. It was just over three hours ago that Nathan had phoned saying that he was on his way home. It doesn't take that long to drive ninety odd miles." The phone ringing broke his thoughts.

"Nathan! Where are you?"

"Oh Shit!"

"How long will it take to get out of the jam?"

"Okay you better speak to Aaron, he's been doing his conkers waiting for you to get back."

"Hello Nathan."

"I was scared that something bad had happened to you."

"Next time you go anywhere I'm going with you."

"Yes I am and you can't stop me."

"I'm not going to bed till you get home."

"No, Gavin can't make me go either."

"I don't care I'm staying up."

"Why do you want to speak to Gavin again so soon. You've only just spoken to me."

"Oh! Okay"

"Bye Nathan love you," and Aaron handed the phone to Gavin.

"Yes Nathan."

"He won't listen Nathan."

I've tried even threatened him he won't budge from the front window but now that you've phoned he might."

"Okay Nathan I love you bye."

"Aaron now you know that Nathan is okay you want to eat something."

The boy turned from the window Gavin could see that he'd been crying.

"Why the tears?"

"I got real scared that something had happened to Nathan and when he phoned I was just so happy I couldn't help it. You know they'd send me back to the home if Nathan wasn't here, they wouldn't let me stay with you because you're not old enough."

"Come here goonk and let me tell you something."

The boy walked over to Gavin, "Who you calling a goonk, skinny."

As the boy reached him Gavin lifted him up and pecked him on the lips okay you're not a goonk your Albert Einstein."

"Who the fuck`s he."

Aaron will you please try and moderate your language we don't mind you swearing but not every other word."

"Sorry I'll try not to."

"Right why I called you over if, and that's a very big if anything should ever happen to Nathan in the near future you will stay with me. Nathan has already discussed it with Mrs Gregory and between them they have devised a plan to let you stay here with me. So does that make you feel better?"

After a quick kiss on the lips the boy answered. "Yes and no. Yes I'd be happy to stay with you. No I don't know what I'd do with Nathan not around do you? I've only been here six months but I could never live anywhere else without you two."

"Let's drop the subject and go and eat something he said," carrying the boy to the kitchen.

Their meal finished they sat and awaited Nat's arrival, watching television but keeping one ear open for the sound of a car pulling into the garage.

Midnight and Aaron had fallen asleep leaning against Gavin, who gently moved the boy so that his head rested on his lap then leant over and pulled his legs up on to the settee.

Gavin leaned back and closed his eyes and let his mind drift until he to slept. The face of the man he loved entered his dreams. There he was smiling as usual, walking towards him they meet. He wraps his arms around him lowers his head and gently brings their lips together his lovers lips taste so good. His eyes shoot open and there is that face smiling down at him.


"Shhh! You'll wake Aaron he whispers stay here I'll take Aaron to bed and be down in a bit."

As he climbed the stairs with the boy in his arms there was Gavin following he smiled to himself and thought. "One shadow was bad enough now he had two although one was asleep at the moment God it made him feel good. As he lowered the boy onto the bed he opened his eyes.

"Nathan the boy yelled."

"Oh Lord he groaned he's woken up no peace for the wicked."

"Nathan the boy repeated when did you get back and why didn't you wake me?"

"Slow down with the questions and I've only just got back now get undressed and get to bed.

"No I've been waiting all day for you as he put his arms around Nat's neck pulling his face down so their lips could meet, and still clinging on as Nat straightened and at the same time wrapping his legs around the man's waist.

"I suppose I've got to carry you down again?"


"Right let's go."

The Three of them made their way down again to the sitting room.

"You want a cup of tea Gavin asked?"

"Please Gavin my tongue's hanging out."

While Gavin went to make the tea Nat sat back with the boy in his lap and closed his eyes to rest a while.

A hand stroked the side of his face "Are you very tired Nathan the boy enquired?"

"Yes after my tea a nice hot shower then bed and this time no arguments it's bed."

"I won't argue if you're going to bed as well"

Just then Gavin walked in with two cups of tea handing one to Nat.

The boy got off Nat's lap and stood in front of Gavin. He pretended to ignore the boy and continued to sip his tea.

Aaron waited patiently when there was no sign of awareness with raised voice he called.


"Yes he enquired innocently what do you want?"

"You know what I want."

"Why don't you have some of Nathan's tea?"

"No yours is sweeter."

"Why don't you make your own tea your old enough."

"Can't make it as god as you come on give us some please?"

Gavin smiled "All right goonk you can finish it off." Handing the cup to Aaron.

"Thank you skinny if you weren't so ugly I'd kiss you."

"Anymore remarks like that and it's no more tea for you in future."

"Bullshit you know you love me," and with that took his cup and himself back to sit on Nat's lap.

Nat listened to the friendly insults and was pleased the boys got on so well he didn't have to worry about any jealousy between them for his affections.

His tea finished he got Aaron to move off his lap put the dirty cups in the sink and with the two boys in tow headed upstairs.

He put Aaron into bed kissed and wished him goodnight and headed for the shower with Gavin.

Under the shower they embraced and their lips came together in gentle pecks. Gavin then laid his head on Nat's shoulder and squeezed him tightly.

Nat grunted as Gavin crushed his ribs, quickly the boy eased his grip and looked into his lover's eyes.

"Sorry Nathan."

"Why the sudden show of strength."

"I got really worried today. I tried not to show it because of Aaron but it was worse than when you were in Australia. At least I knew where you were and could phone you, but today we couldn't contact you and it was so long before you phoned I was beginning to get really scared.

I'm sorry to have put you and Aaron through so much anxiety. I forgot to charge up my phone before going I won't let it happen again.

Again their lips came together in a gentle kiss both content to be in each other's arms.

"Nathan are you tired."


"Would you like me to wash you"

"I'd love it Skinny."

Gavin proceeded to gently apply soap to Nat's body from head to toe. Then pulled him under the shower to rinse him off. After they'd dried off and donned their nightwear they made their way to bed.

Lying together Gavin at once wrapped himself around his lover. The feel of Nat's body pressing against him began a stirring in his loins. Gavin knowing the tiredness his lover felt was content to just bring their lips together in a fleeting kiss then whisper, "Goodnight Nathan."

"Night Gavin Nat mumbled and slept."

"Oh God! He thought he went to bed so late and he's up already it's not possible."

Slowly he opened his eyes to see Aaron leaning on his chest staring at him.

"Morning Gavin the boy responded to seeing him opening his eyes."

"Why don't you go and wake Nathan why me Gavin whined."

"Because Nathan was really tired last night and I need you to scrub my back in the shower."

"Aaron there's a long handled back scrubber you don't need me to do that."

"Oh come on skinny please don't be a shit it's much nicer when you or Nathan scrubs it."

"When are you going to learn to stop using four letter words to express yourself?"

"Sorry!" lowering his face the boy kissed Gavin on the lips, "There you go I've kissed your ugly face now will you scrub my back?"

"What's with you wanting me to scrub your back today you got a date or something?"

"Yes I'm going out with my teacher to the Tate Gallery"

Gavin jumped out of bed "Shit I forgot better get you ready before she gets here."

"My can't you express yourself without using four letter words Aaron said laughing?"

"Come on." Gavin said going to the bathroom with Aaron tagging behind. After relieving himself he waited for the boy to finish cleaning his teeth.

His teeth cleaned Aaron stripped and got into the shower when he was ready Gavin scrubbed his back then left him to make the boy's breakfast.

An hour later the boy was clothed and fed and waiting with Gavin and Nat in the kitchen.

A few minutes after nine Mrs Wilson arrived ready to take the boy out. After exchanging pleasantries with Nat and Gavin as soon as Aaron had said his goodbyes teacher and pupil left for their outing.

Alone at last Gavin quickly went to Nat who immediately embraced him and brought their lips together. The longing in their loins was soon apparent as their kiss became more intimate and their desire for each other grew. Breaking the kiss Gavin took Nat by the hand and led him to the bedroom. Divesting themselves of their clothing they lay on the bed together. Arms entwined caressing and placing fleeting kisses on each other lips, their erections being stimulated by the movements of their bodies.

Gavin moved his lips to Nat's ear and whispered "Nathan please I need you now."

Nat broke the embrace reached to the bedside cabinet and produced a jar of Vaseline. He quickly took some on his finger and proceeded to apply it to Gavin's rectum. When he'd finished he handed the jar to the boy smiled and said do the honours. Before applying the Vaseline to Nat's throbbing shaft Gavin bent and kissed the tip then started to coat it with Vaseline.

With Nat's penis well-lubricated Gavin lay on his stomach then brought his knees forward to lift his hips up giving Nat easy access to his rectum. With one hand on his penis to guide it into the boy's passage Nat quickly buried his shaft as far as it would go. Once Nat was in Gavin lay down flat and waited for Nat to wrap a hand around his member then as Nat started to pound into him so he moved in rhythm in Nat's hand. Both eager to reach that sexual climax. It was not long before Nat wrapped his other arm around the boy and squeezed him into his body. He rammed his throbbing member as far up into the boy that it would go yelling "Oh God Gavin Oh God I Love You so much," and exploded, as he sprayed his seed into the boy. Gavin feeling Nat coming inside him felt his own orgasm approach and erupted into Nat's hand. They both heaved and thrust each relishing the exquisite pleasure that their orgasm brought till it was over and they lay limp.

Nat withdrew from the boy and lay down by his side Gavin moved and snuggled into his lover arms their lips came together in a tender a kiss.

Nat gazed into the boy's eyes, "What would I do without you skinny he said. I love you so much and with every day that goes by I thank God that he let me meet you."

Gavin stroked his lover's face before replying Nathan I'm the luckiest person alive to be loved by you and my chest still hurts when I lie in your arms like this it never seems to stop. That's the Magic you have.

They continued to lie enveloped in each other's arms content in the knowledge that Aaron would be away for the rest of the day giving them the time to luxuriate in their love.

An hour later Nat raised himself from the bed and said, "Come on skinny we can't lie around all day. We've got a list of groceries to get for Mrs D. and you're supposed to get some clothes for Aaron."

Gavin whined "Please Nathan just lie down for another few minutes I need you to hold me a bit longer please."

Nat lay down by the boy's side and took him into his arms then gently started to peck him on the lips, "Is this what you want he enquired?"

"That's all I've ever wanted Nathan to be in your arms he said," as he snuggled into his lovers body and lay there in total contentment.

Ten minutes later Nat rose from the bed and lifted the boy into his arms and carried him to the shower to prepare them for the days chores.

Washed and dressed they made their way to the car Nat, happy to let Gavin drive them to the shopping centre. Two hours later with the grocery list filled and Aarons clothes bought they headed home. With everything stored away they were just settling down to some tea when they heard the front door bell. Nat quickly put his cup down and went to the door. Opening it he saw Mrs Wilson and Aaron who immediately wrapped his arms around the man's waist and clung to him.

Nat invited Mrs Wilson in and offered her a cup of tea she declined the offer saying, "That her son was waiting for her in the car. She was apologetic for bringing Aaron back so early but the boy wanted to come back and was not enjoying himself for some reason.

Nat explained to her what had happened the previous day and the anxiety he had caused the boy, which must have still been playing on his mind. Mrs Wilson was in agreement and said that they could always do the outing another time and with that made her goodbyes and left.

Closing the door Nat lifted the boy into his arms and carried him to the sitting room and sat down next to Gavin with the boy in his lap. He could sense that the boy was not his usual bubbly self.

"Would you like something to eat or drink Aaron Nat enquired?"

The boy didn't answer only shook his head.

"Why the silent treatment Gavin asked normally by now you'd be wanting everyone to be running around doing things for you?"

The boy sat silently for a minute then turned to Nat and said can the three of us make love together.

"Yes that is possible Aaron if all parties were agreeable and of legal age. Firstly you are not of legal age and secondly at the present not everyone is in agreement."

"Who isn't in agreement Gavin?"

"If you must know Aaron it's me."

"Why Nathan don't you love me?"

"Oh God Aaron you don't have to ask me that you know I love you."

"Then why don't you make love to me like you do to Gavin?"

"Aaron you know I explained that to you earlier why I couldn't love you in the same way that I love Gavin do you remember?"

"Yes I remember."

"Then you don't need me to go through all that again Aaron loving you for me is unconditional and that is how it will always be."

"Nathan what does unconditional mean?"

"Unconditional Aaron means that I will always love you without asking for anything in return. Even if you never returned my love I would never stop loving you and would even lay my life down for you. That is the kind of love I have for you like a father has for a son to give of himself without question. That is how it will be Aaron, with me and also Gavin to help you grow and develop your mind and body into adulthood. until you are old enough to make your own decisions. Now at the age of thirteen Aaron talk of having sexual activity with Gavin or I is not open to discussion it is definitely a non-starter. We can however advise you on matters of sex, or any questions you have pertaining to it until you reach the age of consent. When hopefully you will be mature enough physically and mentally to be able to make your own decisions with of course help from us, that will guide you to what you want to do with your life. Till then Aaron please be a boy and do all the things that boys do leave the other complicated things to the adults. You're only a boy for a very short time it should be the most enjoyable time of your life free from all the worries that clutter up an adult's life. A time for you to be whatever your imagination wants you to be and during this time if you ever feel sad or unhappy or get hurt then there is always Gavin or I to pick you up and kiss everything better."

The boy looked up into the man's face.


"Yes Aaron"

"Do you really love me that much that you would die for me?"


"Sheesh isn't that something see skinny did you hear that."

"I heard Aaron."

"What's with you being all polite not feeling well."

"We don't always have to be insulting when we're conversing with someone."

The boy got down from Nat's lap and stood in front of Gavin.

"Sorry skinny Uh Gavin I don't mean anything by it I really don't. Actually I like calling you skinny it sounds I don't know sorta nicer and kinda more like I don't know how to explain it."

"You trying to say affectionate goonk."

"Yeah that's it and who are you calling goonk"

Gavin stood lifted the boy up "You shit face giving him a peck on the lips."

"Now I know there's something wrong when you start kissing me do you need to see a doctor."

"Aaron if you don't shut-up I'm."

"You're going to do what."

"I'm going to make Nathan and myself another cup of tea and you can go whistle." He said dumping the boy on the settee.

"Skinny make us a cup as well."

"No make your own."

"Please I love you skinny."

"Oh shit you always win ok."

Nat smiled as he heard the good-humoured banter between his sons the household had returned to normality. Rising he picked Aaron up and carried him to the kitchen to where Gavin was making the tea. Standing beside Gavin he wrapped one arm around him while carrying Aaron in the other. Kissing both boys in turn he looked at them both.

"What's that for they asked in unison?"


"Just why?" they asked.

"Just for bringing some Magic into my life."

The End.

My Original intention was to write a story of one episode about Boy Love and leave it at that. Because of requests from readers to continue the story that One Episode has become Five, but now I feel the time has come to close Magic.

To those of you who wrote expressing your enjoyment of the story might I take this opportunity in thanking you and your encouragement which Helped make that One Episode Five.