Making the Money: Part I

Disclaimer: This story involves sexual activity between a minor(s) and adults, if this offends you or is not legal in your area, please leave now.

Billy's life was going terrible, his mom, dad, and brother had all been killed in a horrible car accident. Since Billy had no other relatives he had to go to an orphanage, but right before they came to pick him up, Billy took his already packed suitcase and ran away.

Now he had nowhere to go and no way to make money, night was about to fall and it was getting cold. Billy wondered around the cold dark streets for hours, trying to find a nice person to help him. It was about 1:00 a.m. when he saw a young boy of about eight years old standing on the side of the street. At first Billy wondered why any other boy besides him would be out this late in the cold, but he went over to the boy anyhow. As Billy got closer he could see the boy was wearing very tight jeans, and a shirt showing his midriff.

"Hey, my name is Billy, I was wondering if you could help me out?"

"Sure, what do you need?" the boy said.

"Well, I left my house cause my family died and I didn't want to go to an orphanage, so I was wondering if you know of a place I can stay?"

"You could stay with me, and you could make great money if you stay with me."

"How could I do that?" Billy asked.

"Just watch and go with me, ok?"

"What ever you say," Billy said. "Oh, by the way, what's your name?"

"It's Jack."

Just then a car pulled up with four men in it, the car stopped right in front of Jack and the door opened. Jack motioned for Billy to follow so Billy got into the car with Jack.

"So, how much you charging boys?" one of the men asked.

"I'm the only one working, he is just going to watch to see what I do, but I charge $100 per person per hour."

"That sounds fine to me, especially for as cute as you are"

The car pulled up beside an apartment complex and the four men got out and told Jack and Billy to follow them. Billy still had no idea what was going on but did not want to say anything.

"So, how much experience do you have?" one of the men asked Jack.

"I can take two at one time, so that should make things fun!"

The man just smiled as they reached the third floor and walked up to their room. Soon as they got in the men offered the two boys drinks, and both took a coke. Then one of the men said it was time to start. Billy could hardly wait, he was about to see how this kid could make over $400 in one night. Jack then started to remove his clothes until he was completely naked head to toe. He then went over to each man and slowly removed their clothes, sucking their hard cocks while their pant went down. Billy couldn't believe his eyes. Then, once all of the men were naked Jack went over to his jeans and pulled a small tube of KY jelly out of the front pocket. He went over to the tallest man, with the biggest cock and squirted some KY on his dick, and then Jack reached between his own legs and greased himself up. The tall man, whose actual name was Rob, lay down on the bed and let Jack stand over him. As soon as he was ready, Jack squatted down and easily slipped the man's huge cock up his well used anus. Jack pulled up and down letting the guys cock slide back and forth inside him. Jack then lay on his back on top of the guy's stomach and told one of the guys to come over and shove his dick up his ass. The shortest guy of the group then came over and put KY all over his dick, and then he got behind the boy and his friend and put his dick up against the boy's anus. He pushed and only met the slightest resistance as the boy's love chute swallowed his 6 inch dick. The two remaining men then walked over to Jack's face and both put their dicks in his small wet mouth. Jack was jacking both off at the same time, while the two other men fucked his hole. Billy was completely in shock, but when he saw Jack's face he could tell the he was loving it. This sex scene went on for about 20 minutes before everyone blew their load. Cum was oozing out of Jack's mouth and running down the sides of his face. At the other end, cum was oozing out of his now very loose anus. The tall man then leaned down and sucked out all the cum in Jack's anus.

All the men switched positions after waiting about 15 minutes, and did the whole thing over again, after each man had had every position Jack put his clothes back on and so did the men. The total came to $800, and each man paid their $200. They all went back down to the car, and the men drove the two boys back to the street corner where they picked them up.

End of part one

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