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   Manhood Rites
     A Story by Outlaw

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Who has most generously given me the epithet - 'The Outrageous'!

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   Manhood Rites

The youth crouched low behind the bush, keen eyes watching, unmoving... the ebony skin glistened in the bright mid-morning sun with the thin coat of perspiration, the well-developed teen muscles taut...

It was one of the biggest antelope they had ever come across and if he could bag it, it would do wonders for his reputation as a hunter, not that he required enhancing it. He had already established his standing in the tribe, as a hunter and as a warrior, befitting of the throne that he would one day inherit, but still, not every hunter got a prized antelope this beautiful, and this large, everyday.

Silently signalling Yalunka, his dear friend and constant companion, to remain still, he edged forward... the powerful muscles rippling... With the ground mostly bare, with hardly any trees and a few odd shrubs, he had to be extra careful with his movements. Luckily the wind was in the right direction and the antelope went on grazing, unaware of the two pairs of eyes observing its every move... every flick of its tail, and twitch of its ears.

Crawling gracefully on his hands and knees Prince Mgabo inched forward... He was now at a perfect distance, and the perfect angle... Gripping the heavy shaft of his trusted spear he silently raised it above his head and with a swift, powerful throw sent it flying towards the target... The lance found it's mark, piercing cleanly through the heart of the animal, impaling it to the ground as it shot out of the other side. Legs jerking violently, the animal struggled for a while and then with a soft cough lay still, dead.

Leaping up, the two teens ran to the kill and quickly pulled the blood soaked spear out. They had already cut a stout stick from a young jackalberry tree while coming to the spot, and now lashing the legs of the carcass with strong vines they lifted it over their shoulders and turned homewards. They had to be fast... and careful, hurry before the smell of death could carry far and bring the hoards of scavengers rushing to the spot, for this was wild country, the borderland between the savannah and the deep jungles of the great river valley... This was the land of the ferocious Omoh Tribe.


They had barely walked a few yards when Prince Mgabo, leading the way, saw the Royal Crier running his way, followed by two young warriors from the Royal Guards, waving their hands high. He drew his companion's attention to the rushing men and quickened his step as they reached the incline.

Panting heavily, the old man came up the slope and bowed low in front of the young prince, the two warriors taking their position on either side of the man, heads bowed.

"Speak," said the Prince with a slight smile.

"O, Great Prince, Son of the Most Honourable and Powerful Kgosi, Giver of Boons, forgive your humble slave, for I bring sorrowful news," he said in a choked voice, dropping down on his knees.

The two warriors followed suit, laying the spears on the ground in front of the Prince.

"What is it Jumba, tell me fast..." cried out the Prince, "Has the Llwanto tribe dared to attack us again? Was the Kgosi, my father informed?"

"O, Most Benevolent Prince, it is your Most Honourable Father, that news I carry of..."

"What, tell me, he was hunting in the northern grounds, what of him?" Mgabo snapped, decidedly impatient.

"The Royal Sun of the Omoh Tribe has set... O, Brave Prince, your father, our King, is no more..." sobbed the Royal Crier, his forehead pressed against the dry red soil.

"Dead? How then?" Mgabo asked, stunned by the news, dropping his prized trophy as he gripped his spear and stood erect. "Who has done this evil deed?" he asked, his eyes set on the far horizon, as if searching for the invisible traitor.

"It happened early this morning," the man recounted, "while he was out hunting for the lions. Near a small hillock, he tripped over some roots sticking out of the dry ground and fell, his poisoned arrow tip piercing his Most Merciful Heart..."

"Where was his hunting party," asked the Prince in a stern voice.

"He had instructed them not to follow him and was accompanied by only the Grand Commander. They have returned to the village and the Honourable Ttswamin has sent for you urgently. The ceremonies must begin immediately."

"We shall hurry now..." he said as he sprinted down the incline, followed by Yalunka. The warriors followed, not far behind, with the dead antelope now slung over their shoulders. And the Royal Crier, walked after them... tired out by the running, to bring the unhappy news to his Royal Prince.


Loud wails greeting the Prince as he entered the village and ran towards the Royal Palace, a complex of large huts, at the centre of the settlement. The body of his father lay on the platform in the front courtyard, surrounded by the leading members of the Royal Council and the Royal Guards.

The Prime Minister rushed forward and hugged the Prince, leading him inside the main cottage where his mother sat, surrounded by ladies of the Royal Household, weeping silently.

"Now, my son," said the gentleman, "you must prepare for the last rites of your Honourable Father and get ready for the Coronation, your Coronation. We are lucky that the full moon is just three days away and we need not wait long for your Manhood Rites and the Enthronement."

"I'm ready, Sir," replied the Prince respectfully, going over to his mother and throwing his strong arms around the Lady. "Don't weep Mother, Father is now in the Everlasting Grace of the Almighty Harr'Omog. I go now to prepare for the ceremonies, bless me Mother.

Wiping her tears she placed her hands on his head and recited the Holy Incantation as all the Ladies rose and stood silent with heads bowed.

"Go my son, may you lead your men and our tribe to greater glory," she said finally, kissing his forehead.

The Royal Maids led him away to the inner chambers, as the Prime Minister went out to the awaiting loyal in the courtyard, crying out orders for the Royal Burial.


The Funeral over, the party returned to the Royal Court, ready for the Feasting. It went on till late into the night and finally the time came for the ritual of the New King to begin. Slowly the women left, leading away the children and young members, followed by all the other men, young and old. Now, only twenty-seven men remained, the Nobles - elders and veterans, members of the Royal Council and the best hunters and warriors of the elite Royal Guards... and the Crown Prince.

"Dear Elders of the Royal Council," spoke the Prime Minister, "and brave warriors of our great Tribe, you all know that the time has come for our beloved Crown Prince to be initiated into Manhood, and be Invested with our combined wisdom, courage and skills, so that he may fulfil his Royal Duties and acquire his Royal Powers."

"EKENEDILICHUKWU!" the assembled men cheered.

Raising his hands for silence the Prime Minister continued, "As per the well established Rules of our Honoured Forefathers, the names of the three wisest and the three bravest shall be chosen now, men who shall help our Most Beloved Prince enter his Manhood, men who will guide him and fill him with their very essence, Inseminate him with their years of wisdom and their valour

The assembled elites clapped...

Smiling at the joy he saw on the faces of the men, he looked around and continued, "Now we must await the arrival of the Most Honoured Inelsemen, so that he may, after due consultation with the Ever Merciful Harr'Omog, announce the chosen men."

The men sat silent, expectant... they were all desirous to be the Chosen One... After all, Prince Mgabo was the most handsome and desirable youth of the tribe, and the bravest and strongest... To be able to Inseminate him would be a great honour, and also a dream come true for all the assembled men.

The silence of the night was soon pierced by the loud clangs of cymbals and the soulful moans of the conch as the Royal Inelsemen, who had been, till then, performing the Sealing Rites over the dear departed King's grave, making sure that the Royal Soul was safe and sound for all eternity, well on His way to the Happy Land of Harr'Omog... entered the courtyard, followed closely by the Modos Guards and the Nnegemi boys.

The men hurriedly got up and stood facing the entrance of the yard, heads respectfully bowed in honour of the Royal Priest.

"O, Honourable Priest," greeted the Prime Minister, "everything is ready and the members are assembled. Please help choose the Masters of Rites so that you may then take the Prince and prepare him for the Rites and the Coronation."

"It's my privilege, O, Honourable Ttswamin," the priest replied as the two men bowed before each other and then clasped each other's arms. "Come my son," he said turning to the waiting Prince, "let me lead the way."

The old man sat Mgabo on the special podium that had been erected for the purpose and began to draw the Magic Circle on the hard ground. Chanting sacred spell he drew three consecutive circles and soon filled them with magical figures and sacred inscriptions... Taking a handful of white powder from his cloak pocket he flung it within the drawn rings and soon a heavy, thick cloud of grey smoke rose high, crackling and hissing as if a great fire was raging. Lifting his hands high, and his eyes closed, the Royal Inelsemen muttered charms, and as the awed assembly watched... a bright, orange tongue of flame shot out of the smoke and spread out forming squiggles in the still air...

"Kirabo," he called out, and the orange glow quickly changed shape... "Salifu," he called out again... and finally, "Abidemi..."

The smoke got thicker and changed colour, now blue... and another column of dancing flame rose from it... going higher and then spreading out to take a new shape...

"Adisa... Mbongani... and Kwadwo," the Priest called rapidly as the flame changed shape and spelled out the various names.

"The six have been selected..." he said in a low voice, bowing before the smoking magical ring and then with the flick of his wrist put the flame out, the smoke vanishing as suddenly as it had appeared. The ground was bare again, the three circles with it's magical figures and inscriptions dissolved!

"EKENEDILICHUKWU," chanted the council members and the veterans, wonderstruck at the Greatness of their All Merciful Lord, Harr'Omog, His Great Wisdom and His choice of the men.

"Royal Prince," the gentleman said addressing the Prince, "you may now select your companion for the Manhood Rites, and then we shall proceed to the Modos, the Holy House of the Rites."

"I choose my dear friend and companion, the brave Yalunka."

"So be it, Your Highness," replied the Priest, and then turning towards a Modos Guard asked him to fetch the named boy.

The Prime Minister and the Prince waited, and soon Yalunka was led in, and after paying his respects to all the assembled elders, went and took his place by the side of his friend, his Prince.

"And now, that the six wisest, and bravest, men of our tribe have been chosen for the initiation rites by the All Knowing Harr'Omog," the Prime Minister addressed the collected members, "this meeting comes to an end. The selected members shall prepare for the ceremonies and all other members shall participate, as per our tradition, and bless our new King.

With much back-slapping, and grudging best-wishes, the men rose and slowly filed out of the courtyard, every person looking forward to the full moon night two days away... excited to be a part of the Royal Manhood Rites.

Now, only the Prince and his companion, the Prime Minister and the Priest remained...

Turning towards the Inelsemen he said, "O, Honourable Priest, now please lead the Prince to the House of the Rites, he is now in your charge till he becomes a Man and returns to rule this great land of our forefathers."

"It shall be done, O Mighty, Ttswamin," replied the priest and then turning to the boy signalled him to come forward, "Come my boy, let us go..."

Slowly the party went out of the Royal Complex, the Priest leading the way, followed by the Prince and his companion, surrounded by the twelve Modos Guards, the Nnegemi boys bringing up the rear. Winding their way through the silent huts, the party made its way out of the village and headed for the nearby hill on which stood Modos - the House of Rites.

This was sacred territory, a male bastion that was barred to all, but the bravest and the wisest. An all-male domain where no woman could ever lay her eyes on... It was said that, if ever, the holy grounds of the Modos was defiled by the touch of a woman's feet, the tribe would be annihilated. This was the House of Rites where every youth of the tribe, between sixteen and eighteen, had to visit once, before he could become a mnarabot, and be inducted into the Royal Army or the Royal Council. An Institution that was the most holy and powerful, and held in great esteem by the primitive Omoh Tribe members. Steeped in myth and mysticism, it was here that aspiring youths of the tribe were led, by the Priest and the elite - wise elders and the brave warriors, into their Manhood. And it was also here, that every Crown Prince spent the days or weeks before his Coronation, being invested, on the final night, with combined wisdom, and strength, of the nobles and warriors.

It was a Manhood Rite that every youth - aspiring warrior or councillor, looked forward to, and felt immensely grateful to finally be allowed the right... And once he was older and wiser, and skilled in war, would, in his turn, help future young members of the tribe, in their Manhood rites.

Even effeminate youths, as young as fourteen, who's family suspected them of being moffie, were sent here to serve the warriors as a koukou-gast, not with any expectation of enrolling them into the army or council, but with the hope that, having pleased the brave warriors and hunters, and having been impregnated by their manly seed, these boys too would become brave and strong... become a mnarabot.

But it didn't happen that way always, and even after months at the Holy Modos, as a koukou-gast, some boys still remained what they were, and most were then allowed to stay on, as a Mnoroe, to serve the unmarried, young warriors and hunters, who visited the facilities - after a big hunt, or victories at war... or just for unwinding, and some pleasure, to fouzhan with these Mnoroes.


Finally it was the night of the full moon... and all the villages across the Omoh Land celebrated... it was the night of the Rites, the night that their lovely Prince would be made a man, be initiated into Manhood and invested with the wisdom and valour of the leading members of the tribe, become eligible for the Throne...

The room fell silent as Mgabo was slowly led into the Hall of the Rites by the Nnegemi boys, dressed in the bright, Royal Robes of the Crown Prince. He was a strapping youth of eighteen, tall and strong limbed. The skin glowed with health, and the youthful muscles were well developed and powerful. But all this wasn't gained in some high-tech, air-conditioned gym, but rather attained by sheer physical hard work, in the heat and dust of the open savannah. And with his handsome face, and graceful manners, he was a most worthy Prince, brave and skilled, in both hunting and warfare, fit to become the Kgosi, well loved and respected by the whole tribe... And all were happy to now have him as their King.

Mgabo silently looked around the packed hall... looking at his tribe elders and soldiers, people he had known since childhood, uncles and relatives... and his father's friends, noting each face. He knew about the rites, had been told by his father, and felt privileged to be part of the ceremonies now, looking forward to his Manhood rites to begin, so that he could be made a Man, and take his place amongst men.

The Nnegemi boys were an integral part of the Manhood rituals and other than the Council Elders (nobles and veteran warriors), no one else was allowed to enter the Hall of Rites during the period of a Prince's initiation ceremony, and even the koukou-gasts and the Mnoroes were sent away to the Temple of Nemyh, a lesser God, in charge of safe-keeping. The Nnegemis were older Mnoroe, who had served the Tribe well and for long, and as a reward were castrated, their whole genitals ceremoniously removed, so that they could remain youthful and effeminate, and serve the Tribe as the Ritual Boys at the Modos. They had prepared many a Prince, and young boys, for their Manhood Rites and had now prepared Prince Mgabo too. But sometimes, Princes had weeks to await their initiation and coronation, waiting for the full moon, but this time, Prince Mgabo was lucky, the Moon was just two days away and they had just a night and 2 days to prepare him... They had given him the special oil and herb rubs and had massaged his whole body well, paying special attention to the Royal Genitals and the Royal Tokhes... They knew what the rites entailed, and they were happy to get him ready for the ceremony and the initiation, so that he would be totally loose and relaxed for the final act... Admiring their new King's large xufa and heavy mTasuk as they went about their pleasant job, sneaking in a sly fondle every now and then... But they didn't dare to go beyond, give him any pleasure, spill his seed, even though the shaft had gone rigid with their handling, and the tip had oozed the Royal Juice of Arousal... for that would be the worst possible sin to commit on a boy being readied for his Manhood Rites. They had just licked their lips in lust and performed their duty silently... hoping that maybe, as a reward for their diligent services, the Prince might, after becoming the Kgosi, give them the pleasure of taking him in their hungry mouth or willing belly... for once a Mnoroe was transformed into a Nnegemi, they became the personal property of Harr'Omog and no man could touch them, except the Inelsemen and the Kgosi.

"Let the Ceremonies begin..." announced the Royal Inelsemen, getting up from his ornate chair as the Prince was led to the centre of the hall and stood by the side of the Royal Initiation Couch.

Instantly the hall fell silent, as every pair of eyes looked on hungrily at the Crown Prince in the centre, standing tall and proud, surrounded by five Nnegemi boys.

Other Nnegemis now led Yalunka into the hall, dressed in the ornate robes of the Royal Companion, and stood him at the head of the couch.

At the nod from the Royal Priest, the five Nnegemi boys began the slow Disrobement of the Prince... undoing the sashes, and the knots... pulling away the golden tassels and then undoing the robe before sliding it off the broad shoulders. A loud gasp resounded in the great hall as the men looked on, scarcely trusting their eyes... wonderstruck by the sheer beauty of their royal Prince...

"yHestkuk... yHestkuk..." they chanted in a hushed voice, their eyes disbelieving, wide with awe and desire.

Gathering the garment, the boys silently left the room...

At another nod from the Priest, Yalunka too was disrobed and soon he was standing naked, ready to serve his friend, and future King.

"Now bring on the Tikjemnst and let the bohboh be laid!" ordered the Royal Priest.

A pair of Nnegemis entered now, carrying a tray on which lay something that looked like a thick, dried parchment, about the size of a large scarf, with two slits for the eyes. It was of a dull, dark colour... and though dry and stiff, didn't look brittle... This was the Tikjemnst... the Royal Veil - a veil made up of the stitched foreskins of all the previous Kings... And soon Mgabo's foreskin too would be added to it. Once his Manhood Rites and Initiation was over, his foreskin would be ritually removed and then treated and dried, before being added to the veil, stitched on so that his son may wear it during his Manhood Rites...

Carefully they placed the Royal Veil over his face, making sure that the eye-slits were in its proper place, and then with great care tied it with the golden tassels. Then holding his hands they first sat him down on the couch... before, with great care and respect, lifted his feet up, laying him down.

A rustle of murmur ran across the hall as every member craned their neck to get a better view of the Prince, laid out bare in front of them... so beautiful, so desirable!

Walking forward, to where the boy lay on the couch, the priest spoke, "Honoured members of our glorious Tribe, brave warriors and wise councillors, we are gathered here today for the Rites of Manhood of our beloved young Prince, so that he may be showered and filled with your combined wisdom, strength and courage, and be transformed from a mere bohboh to a worthy mnarabot, and become our Kgosi."

He paused for a while as he reached the foot of the couch and then signalled to the two Nnegemi boys that still remained standing on either side of the couch. Immediately they bend forward and kissing the Prince's broad thighs, slowly lifted up his legs high, and then parted them wide, and down, splayed... exposing the Royal Vitals for all to gaze at...

"All of eighteen summers," the Royal Priest spoke again, "he is most worthy of the honour of becoming our Kgosi, well trained and well advised by His Royal Father, brave and wise, he is the best hunter amongst all the youth, and has also proven himself in the last war with the Llwanto tribe... Just look, O honourable nobles... what a strapping lad he has grown up to be... note the muscles of his young body, oh, how they flex and twitch... His chest, arms and thighs, so well formed and strong..." he paused for breath, looking around the assembly and noting the hungry gaze of the people seated. "And now pay close attention, O, Elders and Veterans..." he continued, "note the Royal Xufa... how massive it is, surely a most befitting Royal Sceptre, worthy of breaching any of the Tribe's most desirable and nubile rudofaro to plant his Royal Seed for the continuation of His Royal Line..."

"yHestkuk... yHestkuk..." a soft murmur rose, as every eye longingly gazed at the dark and large Royal Appendage resting limply on the belly...

"And see the rounded mTasuk," the priest was speaking again, "how awfully large, and loaded with the Royal Seed, ready to impregnate any of our adinnyas..."

"CHUKWEEMOKA!" the assembly murmured, numerous robes already tented with arousal.

"This can give immense itumeleng to anybody desiring so - be it a bohboh or a mnarabot... an adinnya or a farai.

"True... true," the assembly chanted in a hushed voice.

Running his long fingers along the thick shaft, the priest chanted sacred hymns... and reaching lower, gently grabbed the low hanging balls, handling them tenderly as he hefted them up and away... exposing the tiny rosebud of the Royal Anus... Placing his fingers between the parted cheeks of the buttocks, he again addressed the assembly, "Oh, just look at the Royal Tokhes, how wonderfully they bloom, so full and plump, like two juicy melons... like the twin hillocks of Monsderriere, as if built for the sole purpose of absorbing the powerful ploughing of the xufa..."

Wondrous gasps filled the room as men craned their necks for a better view.

"And now, note the Royal Fumninya... how it clings shut... so pure, and totally untouched!"

The assembly roared in one voice, truly grateful to the Almighty Harr'Omog, and most pleased to discover that their Royal Prince, and the future King, had remained unsullied in his eighteen summers...

"Yes... untouched and unbreached... a most worthy Prince. And now his introduction to Manhood may begin, and he may be Inseminated with our combined wisdom and valour!"

People clapped and cheered, and the Masters of Rites, the chosen six Nobles, were led into the room, each escorted by a Nnegemi boy, and made to sit around the foot of the Royal Initiation Couch.

The Priest extracted his korojaba and a bamileke from the folds of his flowing robes, and dipping the shaft into it sprinkled the liquid over the Royal Genital, repeating it several times before running the glistening shaft around the Royal Xufa and mTasuk... gently rubbing in the lotion over and around the large genitals... making it tingle and radiate heat... Dipping again into the bamileke he reached with the shaft under the heavy scrotum, running it along the deep cleft of Mgabo's buttocks as the two Nnegemi boys held it open, wide apart, the magical shaft sliding up and down, along the deep valley between the plump cheeks... gently rotating the rounded tip over the anus, careful to lubricate it well, yet mindful not to breach it...

The whole area glowed and the Royal Xufa filled out... rising slowly off the belly, flex and twitch... to the hushed cheers of the assembled elders and warriors.

"yHestkuk... yHestkuk..." the hall resounded with the awed gasps as Mgabo's cock throbbed hotly, expanding to it's full length, the balls rolling in their thick scrotal sac...

The room seemed to grow hotter and hotter every moment... and robes got parted, as glistening shafts were extracted and exposed...

"Yalunka..." cried out the Priest, "Now, in respect of the honour of having been selected as the Prince's Rites' Companion, perform your duty and get the bohboh ready for his Manhood!"

Silently, on trembling legs, Yalunka moved towards the foot of the bed, and took his position. He had done this for his Royal friend many times before, when they went out camping or hunting, but today was different, today was his dear friend's Manhood Rites and he, Yalunka, was the chosen Companion... with his heart brimming with joy and gratitude, he dropped on his knees and bent forward... inhaling the sweet scent of the Royal Genitals... lashing out with his tongue, ready to gratify the Royal Xufa on it's night of Initiation.

Mgabo groaned and hefted his pelvis... The liquid lotion, that the Priest had applied, had already send the blood pumping into the flaccid shaft, swelling it up to turgid readiness... and now the moist heat of Yalunka's mouth, around the pulsating head, was unbearable... He wanted to shove in and fuck that loving mouth, as he had done before, many time... but knew better. Forcing his hips to remain still he bit down on his thick lower lip and sucked in air... Praying to the Almighty Harr'Omog, to give him the strength to bare the arousal with fortitude...

Licking the solid shaft, and the jingling balls, Yalunka pleasured his master and friend, enjoying every moment... and then slowly, ever so slowly, shifting and moving his head, wrapped his lips around the bloated head... sucking it in!

An involuntary gasp escaped the Prince and his tummy flexed as his ass rose off the couch... Deeper... and deeper Yalunka took the shaft in his constricted throat, his jaws aching from the stretching... the incredible girth nearly dislocating his lower jaw... but he persisted... he was happy... he wanted the Prince to flood his mouth and belly with the Royal seed, as before, but he too knew the rules and so drawing his lips up he just retained the glorious, purple glans within, swirling his tongue around the sensitive tip, making sure that the xufa would attain it's greatest proportions, and amaze the elders with it's fantastic dimensions.

"Good..." cried the Priest, "Now you may take your position Yalunka," he said. And as the boy moved away, he gripped the thick base of Mgabo's xufa and lifted up the turgid shaft for the Nobles to see... Tall and rigid, throbbing in Royal Glory, the rod was of such massive proportion, that very few had ever seen one comparable...

Once more the murmur of "yHestkuk... yHestkuk..." filled the hall. "CHUKWEEMOKA," they recited, totally enchanted by the sight of the Royal Xufa.

"Let the Prince enter Manhood, Mighty Harr'Omog," the priest shouted, raising his hands high, looking heavenward, and then turning to the six Chosen Ones said, "You may begin..."

The room fell silent and twenty-one pair of eyes looked on expectantly... twenty-one xufas throbbing desperately to release their liquid wealth...

Kirabo, the Ttswamin, rose silently and dropping his robe went over to the couch... getting up and crawling between the parted Royal Thighs...


Prince Mgabo's jaws snapped open and his eyes nearly popped out at the first power thrust of the Ttswamin's pelvis... The Prime Minister was still a strong and virile man of forty-five, and his xufa, which had breached many a rudofaros and an equal number of fumninyas, was still something to reckon with... large and thick, it was steely stiff and determined!

Biting down on his lips Mgabo stifled the cry... and pushing down hard, tried to open up, let in the cock that was relentlessly knocking at his back door...

"Tugpritt... aaah... tugpritt..." grunted the man, shoving harder. "Oh, xuftin..." he panted, as beads of perspiration formed on his forehead and rolled down his flushed face. And then steadying his hips he shifted his knees, drawing in air as his buttocks flexed in preparation... and then with a roar and a massive heave plunged into the Royal Fumninya in one single thrust... burying more than half the throbbing length of his cock into the virgin bowel.

The hall broke out in a loud roar of celebration... as anxious hands grabbed erect cocks, while the eager eyes drank in the scene on the couch...

Prince Mgabo just hissed and gripped his friend's hands tighter... sucking in air through flared nostril... chest and stomach heaving with the effort of taking in his first penis... He had been breach... he was a Man now!

The Ttswamin, pulled out and slammed in again... and as the resistance of the virgin hole eased, he began the ancient ritual of their tribe... began the Holy Fouzhanu.

People watched silently, only gasps and groans coming from the parted lips, as hands flashed rapidly, each flogging their own cock... trying to keep up with the rhythm that the Prime Minister was setting.

Pushing the clinging membranes aside, and straightening the twisted channel, the cock bored deeper and higher... filling the boy-belly to the brim... exploring areas that nothing had ever reached before... And as the Prince twisted and turned in the agony of ecstasy, the man grunted away... enjoying the suffocating grip and the sizzling heat of the Royal Fumninya, his thrusts now more vicious, more powerful... and suddenly he went stiff, grinding his pubes into the parted buttocks... holding still before the tremors started... the cock twitching and flexing wildly as the veteran balls regurgitated their treasured seed into the Royal Colon... filling the channel with it's creamy discharge.

The hall burst out in applause, as numerous cocks exploded, surrendering their loads into the heated air of the assembly, in honour of their Beloved Prince.

Mgabo groaned as the large head popped out... but this was just the beginning... and even before the Prime Minister had fully dismounted, the next man was clamouring onto the couch... taking his position between the widely spread thighs... impatient to slam in and give the future King his wise seed. With a passionate whimper and a low groan he steered his rigid shaft to the waiting anus and bringing his hips forward rammed in!

The hole was still tight, very tight... but the just released load had made the passage slicker, lubricating the tender linings with a soothing coat of man-cream... making the entry just a wee bit easier.

His, so long, untouched hole arched and throbbed... and he knew that this was just the second one, and that he had to take four more xufas into his belly, accept four more loads of semen... Gripping Yalunka's hands tighter he flicked his eyes open and shut and looking up between his friend's solid thighs, watched Yalunka's xufa, which had till then been only partly erect, but now flexed with passion, thick, long and rigid!

Lying under it, as he was then, he admired the raw beauty of his constant companion's cock, noting the details of the shaft, the thick vein as it pulsed with the gushing blood, the regular throb and jerk it gave as the boy watched his Prince and friend get fucked... Mgabo wanted to reach up with his mouth and take it in... suck on it as a giant pacifier, to ease the fire in his own ravished fumninya... but though he tried to lift his head and reach up, he was unable... And licking his full lips he just lay, fluttering his eyes open and shut... for he knew, he couldn't flinch or resist... show any sign of weakness. No matter how much it hurt he had to take it like a man, and a very brave man he was... getting fucked in silence for all he was worth... becoming a man... being inseminated by the seeds of the veterans of his tribe...

But soon the discomfort and the pain was a faint counterpoint to the amazing arousal he was feeling now as the second cock began to rub the Hidden Seat of Ysnap... another minor God. He was the Lord of Pleasure and Good-Times, and resided within every member of the tribe... hidden from the eyes or touch... only making Himself known, when the time was right, only when a xufa entered the rudofaro or the fumninya...

Mgabo's cock, which had remained a rigid column ever since Yalunka's mouth had aroused it, through the entry of the two xufas, was now jerking violently... desperate to relieve the pressure from the swollen balls... frantic to explode and spurt out the teen cum... but no matter what, no matter how much he wanted to, Mgabo must hold on, desist from shooting his load... for that would be catastrophic! He would be considered not worthy of the High Office of the Kgosi... He knew that if he let go and spill his seeds they would consider it as unpardonable... it would be like letting go of the power, wisdom, strength and bravery that these most honourable men were pumping into him, he was letting it go, instead of retaining and absorbing the offerings, and the blessings!

So, gritting his teeth he willed his painful and desperate balls to stay shut and desist from releasing their treasures of seed... He wanted to be a King with full rights, with full respect of the tribe... He wanted to command their unflinching loyalty... he had to hold back, keep his seed in his swollen mTasuk.


One by one, the remaining four members mounted the thrashing Prince and laboured away between his spread thighs as they fucked him till their balls burst, and with loud grunts they poured their liquid treasures into the willing belly... giving him their seeds, inseminating him with their combined wisdom and strength... making a Mnarabot of the mere bohboh... making a King out of the Prince!

The six chosen men lay exhausted... and so were the audience, drained... all the twenty-one watching cocks had spilled their seed, not once, but two or three loads each, and they all knew that this bode well for the King, and the Tribe... The Priest seemed very happy... the Prince had been exceptional... incomparable! Not only had he taken all six xufas, without a hint of resistance, or sign of weakness... He had also made each one expel the full contents of their Noble mTasuks! And the assembled onlookers too had shed their blessings, more than once!

With a joyous cry he praised the Great Harr'Omog, congratulating the assembled nobles, and showering blessings on the Prince who still lay on the couch... sore and tired, but happy... his balls still aching painfully from withholding it's boiling and bubbling creamy seed...

"KAYODE!" he shouted, looking around with a smiling face... "KAYODE!" he repeated, "And so shall, our new Kgosi be known as 'Kayode Mgabo', Pride of the Omoh Tribe!"

"EKENEDILICHUKWU," came the enthusiastic, but subdued, barely audible, cheers from the assembled nobles, still sprawled out, drained... still recovering their breath...


As the hall emptied, the priest gently helped the Prince up, congratulating him on his new status of Manhood, and informed him that he could now have anyone he chose... as many he wanted... and tomorrow his foreskin would be removed at the Great Temple of Nemyh, before he was crowned King... and then, on the following day he would return to his Palace and take his brides, so that the Royal Line may continue.

He nodded and turning towards his companion announced, "I choose Yalunka for tonight."

And together, the two boys were led into the inner chamber by four Nnegemi boys... ready to lend a helping hand, as the Prince indulged in his own pleasure, and finally let go and relieve the pressure from his painfully swollen balls...


It was two days later, that the new Kgosi was led out of the Modos at the head of a huge procession, to the cheers and greetings of all tribe members, and led to the Royal Palace. He sat on a throne, carried by a dozen Royal Guards, dressed in his colourful Royal Robes, with the Royal Crown of ostrich feature adorning his head... Colourful pennons, streamers and banners fluttered in the light morning breeze, as the air resounded with the loud clangs of cymbals and the rhythmic beat of drums. Men and women bowed as the procession passed by, and young children ran along... hailing their New King... all gasping with awe as they set their eyes on the exposed Royal Sceptre (this was the only occasion when the ordinary subjects would get to see the Royal Xufa... and never again, unless the King chose to show), the large head, a dark purple, circled by an angry red ring, where the foreskin had just recently been snipped off.

Kgosi Kayode Mgabo smiled and waved back at his people, happy. He was now a Man... and the King!


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