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Chapter 11 R3

Mark blinked in shock; he wasn't sure if Jason was joking or if he even heard him correctly.

"Really?" Mark confirmed.

"Yeah, I've never found a way to do it with your pants still on" Jason joked.

Mark slowly undid his pants and started slipping them off, looking up occasionally to see if Jason was going to stop him, or make fun of him. Finally he got them off and paused.

"You don't really wanna do this do you?" Jason asked.

"Yeah I do!" Mark protested.

"Well at this rate you'll just be getting naked when Ted gets home" Jason said half laughing.

Mark plunged his underwear off immediately and pulled his shirt off, exposing himself completely to Jason.

"How old are you now?" Jason asked as he examined the boy's body.

"13" Mark replied sheepishly.

"You've got a lot of hair down there for just 13" Jason noted seeing that puberty was clearly upon on the boy with his full bush of pubic hair.

"So how do we do it?" Mark asked honestly.

"Ok, get on all fours, knees up to your chest" Jason advised.

Mark maneuvered himself on the couch and waited. Suddenly he felt a warm wet feeling from behind. Mark moved forward pulling away from the strange sensation.

"What did you do?" Mark quizzed.

"Well, not much, I was trying to tongue you, hold still this time" Jason explained.

Mark eased himself back down into position and allowed Jason to lap at his hole, moaning at the overwhelming sensations.

"Like that?" Jason asked rhetorically as he paused.

"Awesome" Mark sighed as Jason returned to pleasuring him.

Jason slowly stroked the teen's erection, which was already leaking pre cum. Jason eased a finger in and pushed all the way to the knuckle. Mark gasped as his hole tightened on the finger. Jason lapped at the back of Mark's peach fuzz covered testicles. He knew the boy wasn't going to last long, quivering and moaning. Jason made small circles with his finger and then when Mark loosened he began pumping. The boy ejaculated almost instantly, making loud uncontrollable grunting sounds. Jason caught most of the cum in his hand and was surprised by the volume. Mark lay silently catching his breath as Jason continued to slowly pump his hole. Jason added a second finger as Mark relaxed, pushing it all the way in. The boy's head snapped back as he groaned.

"We can stop whenever you say" Jason advised.

"No, no ... don't stop" Mark said almost in a whisper.

The boy was quickly erect again as Jason stroked his shaft. He noted that it was thicker than he expected for a boy of Mark's age. Mark suddenly ejaculated a second time, taking Jason by surprise. He eased the boy onto his side and raised the top leg. Jason placed his head on Mark's soft thigh and slowly suckled at the short thick member. Jason pulled back and inserted a third finger, moving in ever-deepening circles. Mark had relaxed to the point where he was no longer resisting as Jason pumped. Mark lasted a bit longer this time but still found something to unload into Jason's mouth.

"Awesome" The younger teen sighed. Mark lay on the couch, spent from Jason's attentions. Now he understood what Jason was talking about, there would have been no way for him to explain what had just happened.

"I should do something for you" Mark said softly as he regained his senses.

"Naa, you don't have to" Jason declined.

"I could suck it for you" Mark suggested eagerly. "I've done it before" He added.

"Alright" Jason said as he unbelted his pants and exposed his flaccid penis.

Mark gripped it at the base with both hands and began licking and then sucking on it. Jason was soon hard as the boy bobbed on it making slurping sounds.

"Here, relax, let me show you" Jason suggested as he put his palms on the sides of Mark's head and guided him in the desired motion. Once Mark got the hang of it Jason let him go and leaned back, enjoying the lad's attentions. Jason moaned as the mop of strawberry blond hair flopped around, giving him pleasure. Jason could tell that Mark was tiring and took control of stroking himself, while Mark kept the head in his mouth. It wasn't long before he filled the youngster's oral cavity causing Mark to gag as he tried to swallow. After finishing Jason lay back and chuckled as Mark coughed.

"Go get a drink of water or something" He suggested and the boy complied.

"Jason?" He asked upon returning. "Will you ... fuck me?" He asked unable to come up with a better word to describe what he wanted.

"Not tonight Mark, you'll need a lot more stretching to be able to take a dick up there" Jason advised.

"Oh" Mark replied disappointedly.

"Something else to think about... You only get one first time, are you really sure you want me to be your first? Maybe you should save that for a serious boyfriend when you get one" Jason suggested, knowing that his own first had been less than ideal.

Mark was saddened to hear that Jason didn't consider himself his boyfriend, after what they'd done tonight he thought it assumed.

"Lets get cleaned up," Jason said as he took Mark upstairs by the hand.

Ted arrived home late, to find the apartment dark and quiet. No one was up greeting him, not even the cat who would sometimes sit on the back of the couch but she was gone now. He noted that Jason's shoes were in the hallway as was his book bag, so the teen must still be here. Ted went up to the bedroom expecting to find him there but did not. He quietly navigated the hallway to Mark's room and eased the door open. He could see two heads in the bed and assumed them to be Jason and Mark. He crept back down the hall and retired to bed alone.

On Friday morning Ted called them both to breakfast after showering and preparing himself for the day. A pair of mop headed teens arrived for fruit and toast. Ted put a cup of coffee in front of Jason and a glass of juice on the breakfast bar for Mark. The freckle monster examined his breakfast and then announced, "I want coffee too"

"You're too young" Ted replied

Mark looked over at Jason, as if he was appealing the ruling.

"Don't look at me puppy, he's the daddy around here" Jason advised.

"Ok, I'm leaving, don't be late for school mister" Ted ordered before kissing them both goodbye, Jason's kiss however was far more passionate.

Ted got to work and busied himself with his normal Friday routine, until he got a phone call mid day.

"Mr. Taylor, this is Cathy Jones from Calgary children's services" The female voice announced. It took Ted a few seconds to remind himself that this was the social worker who first contacted him about Mark.

"Oh right, yes" Ted recovered.

"How are things going with Mark?" She asked.

"We've had some bumps in the road but on balance it's been alright." Ted assessed.

"Well I have some news, we've found one of Mark's relatives," The woman announced sending Ted's mind reeling.

"A cousin, Bill Edwards, he's married with one son, 14" The woman continued taking Ted's silence for permission. "They were apparently working out of the country and only now got word about Mark. They don't live too far from you actually, Cambridge"

"Yeah that's about an hour and bit drive," Ted reported.

"They are very eager to see Mark but of course that's entirely up to you as his legal guardian" She explained.

"I don't see an issue with that" Ted said still shocked by the news.

"They called me wanting to adopt Mark but I told them he already has a home so I'll leave it to you if you want to open that discussion, I recall you being reluctant to take him in initially but that was months ago" The woman advised sending a cold chill down Ted's back. It was true he didn't want a kid but now that he had one he couldn't see giving him away.

"Well he is settled now so maybe it's too early to consider a change. They can visit him and see where things go from there," Ted advised thinking that loosing Mark and Dustin both would devastate him.

"It's your decision Mr. Taylor. So I have your permission to give them your personal information?" She confirmed.

"Yes, have them call me and we'll arrange something," Ted agreed.

Ted sighed, this was simply too much change but he needed to think about Mark. The kid needed a stable home and Ted questioned himself as to whether he was really providing one, given recent events.

After work he walked to the pet store knowing Mark would be there. He passed a young man who could have been the knife-welding thug that Jason had confronted. If he was there was no acknowledgement. Ted didn't dare turnaround to look but rather quickened his pace. He felt a bit safer once the streets were crowded as he entered the gay village. Ted made his way to the pet store and found Jason behind the counter upon entry.

"What's wrong?" Jason asked seeing Ted's face.

Ted made his way over to the man and spoke softly as he looked around lest Mark overheard them.

"I think I saw one of the guys that attacked us," Ted reported.

"Is he still here?" Jason asked moving for the door.

Ted pulled him back, "No not around here but as I was walking here. I don't think he recognized me and maybe it wasn't him at all, maybe I'm just being paranoid"

"I guess you'll have to take me everywhere you go now," Jason suggested with a wry smile.

"I'll be fine Jason, I'm sure I'm just being silly but you keep your eyes open just the same" Ted suggested out of concern for his overconfident young friend.

"So where are you taking me out tomorrow?" Jason asked glibly.

"I've got a lot to get caught up on tomorrow, next Saturday for sure," Ted offered.

"What about Mark?" Jason quizzed.

"He might be ready to stay home on his own, things have been stable with him for a while now, or maybe I'll send him to Emmett's" Ted advised.

"No I meant what is Mark doing tomorrow maybe I could go out with him" Jason suggested.

"He's still grounded, so I've got him on a short leash" Ted reported.

"How long?" Jason asked.

"Until he gets his court stuff out of the way," Ted explained.

"That could be months! You can't keep the kid cooped up that long," Jason protested.

"I've got to many messes to deal with right now so I'm taking it slowly with him" Ted advised. "I have to talk to Emm would you mind distracting Mark for us?" he continued.

"Sure, my pleasure" Jason replied.

Ted gestured for Emmett to accompany him to the coffee shop. As the two men left the store Mark appeared from the isle way.

"What's going on? Did Ted leave?" He asked.

"Yeah, old guy meeting" Jason noted.

"So it's just the two of us," Mark said, as the store was now empty.

"Yeah climb under the counter and give me blow job," Jason suggested

"What? Now? Here?" Mark quizzed not believing the suggestion.

"Sure" Jason replied

"What if we get caught?" Mark asked.

"That's the thrill of it!" Jason advised.

"I don't think so," Mark decided as he kept his distance from the counter.

"I'm glad to see you have some limits" Jason covered.

In coffee shop Ted brought Emmett up to speed on Mark's newfound relatives.

"So you want to consider letting them take Mark?" Emmett asked incredulously.

"Well I have to think about what's best for Mark, they might be able to offer a better home life for him" Ted suggested.

"Because they're straight they're better?" Emmett asked still not believing what Ted was suggesting.

"Not better, but maybe more stable, a mom a dad and even a brother" Ted listed.

"How could a gay parent not be the best thing for a gay boy?" Emmett challenged.

"We have no idea if Mark is really gay, in fact we are likely influencing him" Ted countered.

"You can't turn him gay Teddy" Emmett blurted. He was frustrated with the line of thought that Ted was taking.

"No, of course not, but he might be pretending, saying what he thinks we want to hear, we're his role models after all. I remember when my father would ask about girls, I'd act like I had three!" Ted answered.

"He's had sex with other boys" Emmett argued.

"A lot of boys fool around at that age, then go on to get married and have kids, it's hardly abnormal" Ted explained.

"How old were you when you knew you were gay?" Emmett countered, knowing that Ted's rational mind required a logical argument.

"I started fooling around when I was 12 but I didn't really understand that I was gay until I was 16, when all the other guys had girl friends and I found my first boyfriend" Ted skirted the issue.

Emmett was happy that Ted recalled their early years as a defining moment in his life, although he was eager to forget their first sexual interlude in a high school bathroom. Thankfully Ted didn't take long to satisfy back then.

"Yeah I guess you do have to consider it but don't forget about his feelings" Emmett advised.

"School will be over in a month then we have the summer. If things go well then I could see him moving before the next school year but you're right it has to work for him, regardless of how I or even you feel about it" Ted explained.

"What does that mean?" Emmett asked aggressively offended by the suggestion that he wanted to keep Mark for selfish reasons.

"Emmett, you're as much his parent as I am, he loves you. It's going to rip us both apart to let him go but we have to set that aside and think about him." Ted explained making Emmett embarrassed of challenging Ted.

Chapter 12 coming soon.