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Chapter 13

Jason gripped the headboard; he was beginning to relax enough for Ted to pound deeply into him. He tried to keep his grunting sounds quiet but to no avail. Jason pushed back as Ted thrust causing the slapping sounds of their bodies lustfully crashing together to echo in the room. During his rapture Jason thought of Mark and how the boy longed for the feelings now flowing through his body. He wondered if Ted would make a good first for Mark, well maybe with a lot of stretching. Jason knew one thing for sure, the kid was going to find someone to break him in, whether they liked it or not.


Mark was at school on Wednesday when as usual the girls waved and giggled when he passed them. He was cute enough to get their attention but never had any use for them. Recalling what Jason had told him, he decided today that he'd sit with them at lunch. Finding a group of them at a table he sat down in front of Cindy, she had always said hello to him every time they passed. Cindy was stunned to see him and flushed red.

"Hi Cindy, is it ok if I sit here today?" Mark asked thinking he'd done something wrong.

"OH yes, yes, yes" Cindy buzzed.

The other girls got up and moved, Mark hadn't wanted that to happen; now it was just the two of them. Mark tuned Cindy out as she yammered on about nothing when he noticed that she wore a cross on her necklace as his cousin Mary did.

"Cindy, you go to church right?" Mark asked.

"Yeah" The girl replied excited that her dream boy Mark was interested in her.

"What does it mean when someone strays from the path?" He asked in reference to what Cousin Bill had said.

"It means you went a different way compared to what god wanted" She replied. "Like if you went to jail or something like that" Cindy continued seeing Marks perplexed face.

He had no idea if his mom had ever been to jail he supposed he'd have to ask Bill about it. Deciding to change the subject he asked, "Cindy, who's the hottest guy in school?"

"You silly" She giggled.

Mark smiled, "Besides me"

"Well David is hot but his hair is awful, I don't think he even owns a comb. Shawn is cute too but Bobby's got the hottest muscles" Cindy completed her list with the most developed boy in the class. If Jason thought Mark was on the road to manhood, then Bob was half way there.

"Yeah, David would look so much cuter if he cut his hair" Mark suggested in reference to a blond boy with a rats nest for hair. Jason was right; he could talk to girls, about boys!

That afternoon he arrived home and began his homework on the dinning room table as usual. Ted appeared at the doorway on time and came over to mess the boy's hair affectionately.

"I didn't realize you were left handed" Ted said, surprised that he'd never noticed the boy writing with his left hand.

"Yeah" Mark said as he continued his work.

"You eat with your right hand" Ted noted.

"I eat with either" Mark replied.

"You use your right hand on video games, I've seen that enough times" Ted continued.

"Yeah, guess I'm bi-handed" Mark suggested

"Ambidextrous" Ted corrected.

"Huh?" Mark replied.

"It means you use both hands," He explained. "We're meeting Jason's uncle tonight remember, so finish up and change by 6:30" Ted ordered.

"Ok" Mark replied without looking up.

"You nervous about meeting him?" Ted wondered.

"Naa" Mark replied.

"It's ok if you are" Ted continued.

"It's not like he wants me to come live with him or something?" Mark jested referring to his cousin's desires on him.

"Not that I'm aware of" Ted informed.

"Do I have to go see Mary and Bill this weekend?" Mark asked.

"You told me you wanted to" Ted reminded, "I called Bill yesterday and arranged it all, so you're committed now mister"

"Ok" Mark replied, He wasn't sure about all this but Ted was right he did agree to it.

The pair got dressed for dinner and left to meet Jason and his Uncle. They arrived at a steak house near the university where Jason was watching for them. He motioned for them to come over to a booth. They approached and a short stocky man got up to greet them. He was at least 10 years older than Ted and perhaps only 3 inches taller than Mark, a bit overweight but his arms were thick and muscular. When they shook hands even Ted was impressed with the man's firm grip.

"This is my Uncle, Professor Sandy Beech" Jason introduced.

"Well I can see why Jason's so enamored with you sir" Sandy noted.

"Oh?" Ted replied curiously.

"He's always had a soft spot for the muscle types" The man replied. "And this cute puppy must be Mark, Jason's told me a lot about you"

Mark giggled nervously hoping that Jason hadn't told the man everything. The boy did notice that he was called puppy again figuring that Jason's Uncle was the originator of that phrase.

"Let's get the serious stuff out of the way first" The older man suggested as they took their seats. Mark maneuvered himself to sit beside Ted and across from Jason. "Mark I wanted to tell you something, man to man as it were"

Mark shifted nervously wondering what other surprises lay in store for him.

"Jason's asked me to take care of some things for you and I wanted to let you know that you only get one get out of jail free card. It would be a big embarrassment for me if you were to get into trouble again" The professor announced. "Do you understand?" He continued, as Mark didn't react.

"Yes sir, I'll stay out of trouble," Mark promised.

"So you were a cop at one time?" Ted quizzed, hoping to gain more information on the man than Jason had provided.

"No, I was in the military but did work a lot with law enforcement, sharing information and resources. I've kept my contacts so I was able to call in a favour in Mark's case" The man advised.

Ted thought it likely the truth, given the man's physical condition even at his age.

"So Ted, how many cows will you offer for my nephew's hand in marriage?" Sandy asked.

"Cows?" Mark chirped as Ted laughed.

"It's an expression Mark, in some cultures a bride is given with a gift of livestock in your case though I think Jason's more valuable, given his recent service as your bodyguard." The professor advised.

"Well we do appreciate what Jason did but I have no cows to give sir" Ted said jovially as he put his arm over Mark's shoulder. "But I could trade you this slightly used boy for him"

Mark's face displayed his shock, his bright blue eyes wide and his mouth agape.

"Don't worry Mark" Jason advised, "He's just joking, Ted would never give you away," meaning more than just the current jest.

The rest of dinner was lighthearted conversation, which included embarrassing stories about Jason's youth. The group broke up with suggestions that they should get together again and Ted reminding Jason that they had a date on Saturday.


Mark woke early on Saturday morning, in fact he didn't sleep that much at all. He was stressed about his impending visit with his strange relatives. He got some fruit for breakfast and then lazed by the TV until Ted came down.

"You're up early, all ready to go?" He asked.

"I still have to pack and I should shower I guess" Mark reported.

"Yeah put some clothes on at least" Ted advised the boy who was still in his night shorts.

"Ok" Mark replied as he slowly went about his tasks.

"Mark" The man called, "It's going to be fine, I'll be there to pick you up on Sunday" Ted reassured.

The man and woman arrived on time and took Mark down to their minivan. He was bored on the drive as the pair prattled. He didn't say much to them and was happy that they were willing to do all the talking. They arrived at an average house in the small city. As they hopped out Mark saw a brown haired boy approach from the house. He was a bit taller and heavier than himself. His hair was cut short and his face had a band of freckles stretching across his nose from cheek to cheek. The older teen confidently strode up and kissed his mother politely on the cheek and got a pat from his father.

"Peter this is your cousin Mark" The man introduced.

"Hello Mark" Peter greeted with a firm handshake.

"Hi" Mark replied sheepishly.

Mark got the tour of the house before lunch. Mary served sandwiches as they gathered around the table. Mark began eating as soon as the food hit the table, he knew he should have eaten more for breakfast but his stomach was in knots this morning.

"What are you doing?" Peter asked as Mark consumed his food.

"It's ok Peter, Mark doesn't understand" Bill interrupted. "Mark, we say grace before eating"

"Oh like at thanksgiving" Mark noted with food still in his mouth.

"Yes, like that but we give thanks for every meal, I assume that's not something you do at your house" Bill advised.

"No" Mark mumbled as the family joined hands. Mary took Mark's hand as Peter held out his; Mark took the other boy's hand, feeling weird to be holding it. Bill said grace and Mark's social faux pas was forgotten.

After lunch Peter asked, "Father can Mark and I go out on the 50s?"

"Sure son, helmets on and don't go too fast, I expect it's Mark's first time" Bill allowed.

"Come on" Peter called to Mark.

"What's a 50s?" Mark asked as they made for the garage.

"50cc dirt bike, you can ride my old one" Peter reported.

He found a helmet that fit Mark and taught him how to start the bike and gave a brief demonstration of the throttle and brakes, and then they were off. Peter was immediately away leaving a large gap as Mark followed more cautiously. It was like riding a bike but he found if difficult to keep his hand steady on the handgrip throttle. Mark arrived at the top of a hill to find Peter waiting. Mark stopped the bike and walked it in the last bit to avoid any possible collisions, as he wasn't confident in his ability to control the machine. He was stunned to see Peter smoking, he had seen young people smoking before and found it disgusting but Peter seemed so straight laced that it surprised him.

"Wanna drag" Peter offered.

"No, it's gross" Mark suggested.

"You're not going rat on me, are you?" Peter said in a threatening tone.

"No" Mark replied.

"My parents would kill me" Peter lamented his possible consequences.

"You seemed close to your parents, they wouldn't be that hard on you would they?" Mark asked.

"You don't really know them." Peter noted.

"Come on" He snapped as he threw his cigarette down and started his bike. The boy's rode through the afternoon and arrived back in time for dinner. After washing they found their way to the table where Mark was cautious not to repeat his earlier mistake. He paid close to attend to Peter and followed his lead. When it was time for bed the boys made for Peter's room. It had to be the neatest room Mark had ever seen. There was a bunk bed against the wall opposite to where the open window allowed a gentle spring breeze in.

"You get the top" Peter announced, "I'll change first then you"

"Wait out side" Peter ordered when Mark didn't react, pushing him out the door.

When Peter opened the door Mark laughed at the teen in his full pajamas, thinking he looked like a giant 8 year old. The older teen pushed past him and Mark stepped in and changed into his night shorts. He allowed Peter in who look at him strangely.

"That's all you sleep in?"

"Yeah, sometimes less" Mark giggled and then realized what he'd just admitted to.

Mary entered the room and turned around seeing Mark in his shorts.

"Oh sorry Mark, I didn't know you were still changing," She noted.

"That's what he sleeps in," Peter reported.

"Don't you have pajamas?" Mary asked her back turned to the teens.

"No" Mark replied softly

"Peter will loan you a set," She ordered.

"Sure" Peter replied, he got up handing Mark a set of night ware "Here"

Mark put his strange soft garments on and climbed into bed. Mary tucked the two teens in for the night and then it was lights out. Mark was tired and so drifted off to sleep quickly. He stirred later hearing a strange sound from beneath him. He craned his head around as he heard the bed squeaking. In the darkness he could see Peter engaged in an unmistakable motion, he was masturbating.

Chapter 14 coming soon.