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Chapter 14

"Need some help with that?" Mark whispered.

Peter stopped what he was doing and went very still.

"I though you were asleep. Please don't tell my parents" Peter asked clearly panicked.

"What? That you jerk off? I think they know all boys do it" Mark noted.

"It's a sin," Peter whispered.

"To jerk off? I'm going straight to hell then" Mark chuckled.

The younger teen climbed down and sat on the edge of Peter's bed, pulling the cover's down. Peter's cock was still throbbing as his pajama bottoms were hooked below his balls. Mark reached out to touch it as Peter grabbed his wrist.

"What are doing?" He snapped, surprising Mark who had assumed that Peter would accept his help, as the boy's he'd fooled around with before, so readily did.

"It's ok, it's better when someone else does it" Mark suggested as Peter loosens his grip and then allowed Mark to stroke him. The boy gasped at being touched by another's hand. Mark worked him quickly as he smelt the teen boy's scent. Peter had clearly been sweating in his pajamas as a result of his efforts to relieve himself. He didn't smell like the men in Mark's life, nor like any of the boys before. Peter had a fresh off the sports field scent, musky and unmasked. It wasn't long before Peter unloaded firing his young juices onto his belly grunting softly.

"Like that?" Mark asked.

"Wicked" Peter sighed. "Get me a cloth to clean up with"

Mark surprised even himself as he leaned over and began licking up the teen's ejaculate. When he was done he sat back up and gently touched Peter's softening member. The older teen shivered and then asked,

"What does it taste like?"

Mark crinkled his nose and then replied, "Cut back on the salt dude"

The boys giggled and the suddenly the bedroom door flew open and Peter's mother appeared. "What are you boys doing?" She asked.

Peter had whipped the cover back over himself, hoping she hadn't seen anything, "Nothing mother, we were just talking" he replied.

"Ok, well get to sleep!" She ordered in a stern tone that Mark hadn't heard her use before.

Mark climbed back up to his bed and fell asleep.


Jason met Ted at a sports bar near the arena where they were to watch the Leafs again. Jason was somewhat difficult for Ted to spot as almost everyone was wearing a hockey jersey.

"I'm so excited Ted" Jason advised as they ordered some food.

"It should be a good game" Ted replied. "I hope you'll still be as excited later tonight"

"Oh yeah, I gotta get as much as I can from you before I leave" Jason responded.

"Leave?" Ted said somberly

"Yeah, school's over next week, I have to be out of my dorm by June 21st. If my cousin comes in I might go up north with him and my Uncle but then I'm back in Victoria looking for a summer job" He reported as though Ted should have known.

"Oh, I though you'd stay here" Ted said softly.

"Well, renting a place for a couple of months in this city would eat up most of what I'd make. I don't actually live here, I'm just going to school here" Jason explained.

"I guess I just didn't think about it, you can't stay at your uncle's?" Ted suggested.

"His place is too small besides he still thinks I'm a little puppy, I like being my own man" Jason advised. "Now if you know of a cheap place to stay I might consider it" He added cheekily.

"Well, I guess you could stay with me but I'm concerned about how that might end. What if Dustin comes back, what if we can't stand living with each other?" Ted wondered still shocked by the news.

"I'm back in my dorm the first week of September, I'll sign up for it and I'll know that I'm moving out. It won't be like you have to kick me out or anything," Jason suggested.

"Ok, I'll think about it, don't buy any plane tickets just yet" Ted replied.

That evening after witnessing the Leafs win their first Stanley cup in forty years, Ted got his half drunk over excited young man back to his place. Ted got him into bed and then crawled in beside him.

"You're not really going to let those people take Mark away from you?" Jason asked as he rolled over.

"I have to think about what's best for Mark" Ted replied as he turned the lights off.

"What's best for Mark is firm dick up his ass" Jason noted in his inebriated state. "I could use one of those myself right now"

"In the morning baby, just sleep now" Ted suggested.

On Sunday morning Ted woke to the sound of the phone ringing. He wouldn't normally make a huge effort to get up and answer it but with Mark away he just had to check.


"Ted its Sally" Dustin's cousin greeted.

"Morning Sally" Ted said flatly giving an indication that he'd been woken up.

"Sorry to call but I'm worried about Dustin, he's been moping around a lot and just doesn't seem to be himself" She explained.

"So we're back to where we started with all this, you calling me about troubles with Dustin" Ted replied noting how it had all began 6 years ago.

"Yeah I guess so, I think he just needs an end to it, one way or the other" She explained, "would you come over and talk to him, please, he's driving us nuts"

"Ok" Ted sighed. "If Dustin wants to see me I'll come over"

"Oh thanks Ted, I'll call you right back" She indicated as she hung up the phone.

"Who was that"? Jason chirped groggily.

"Sally, Dustin's cousin. I'm going over there to talk to him," Ted reported.

"Right after you fuck my brains out you mean," Jason mumbled.

"Yeah, don't worry, I'll take care of you baby but I'll need you to pick up Mark for me this afternoon" Ted asked.

"I don't know where he is," Jason lamented.

"It's programmed in the navigation system" Ted advised, "You'll need to leave in two hours"

"Hrm, alright" Jason agreed as Ted positioned to satisfy his man.


Mark and Peter went back out on the dirt bikes late in the morning. They met up with a couple of other boys who also had bikes and one with an ATV. They rode with them for a while and then separated for the way home. Peter stopped for his nicotine fix while Mark rode up next to him, now more confident on his machine. They could see the house from their high ground position.

"That's Ted's truck" Mark said pointing to a vehicle moving toward the house.

"I guess it's time for you go home," Peter lamented as he started his bike.

The pair rode down as the Lexus pulled in. Mark was surprised when Jason emerged, "Jason!" He greeted. "This is my cousin Peter" he introduced excitedly.

Bill came out of the house to investigate and hurried up to the trio.

"Bill this is my friend Jason" Mark introduced.

"Ted sent me to get Mark" Jason advised flatly.

"Oh, you're Ted's partner then?" Bill assumed.

"Well, no, I'm his boyfriend right now" Jason tried to explain.

"Oh, I suppose he has a lot of those" Bill jibed.

"Listen asshole; don't be pissing in our cornflakes if you expect to see Mark." Jason snapped, clearly not in the mood for Bill's slights.

"Oh my" Bill replied.

"Come on Mark" Jason ordered as he rounded the vehicle and drove off.

"I'm sorry you had to hear that Peter" Bill said to his son.

"It was shocking father, why did he speak to you like that?" Peter asked

"I suppose he just lacks morality," Bill suggested.

"Poor Mark" Peter replied.

"Did Mark speak like that while he was here?" Bill asked.

"No father he didn't swear or blaspheme." Peter confirmed.

Mark allowed a brief silence as he drove home with Jason. It occurred to him that Ted never allowed anyone to drive his car; he certainly couldn't recall a time when Dustin did.

"I thought it was Ted when I saw the truck" Mark started.

"Truck? This is a living room on wheels. I used to drive my Uncle's hummer now that's a truck" Jason replied.

"Well I haven't seen anyone drive it but Ted" Mark advised.

"So how was it?" Jason asked as he guided the machine onto the highway.

"Different, Peter was cool" Mark replied.

"Get into his pants yet?" Jason joked.

"Yeah" Mark replied smiling.

"Man you work fast!" Jason said surprised.


Ted found Dustin in his bedroom. He arrived by taxi, Sally had let him in and then pointed him to Dustin's bedroom. The younger man looked over as Ted entered but didn't speak. Ted sat on the bed facing Dustin who was slumped in his chair.

"So what's this all about?" Ted started.

Dustin shrugged, much in the same way he did when Ted first met the then shy teenager.

"So is all this, the crying, and the moping a ploy for attention? Trying to make me feel guilty?" Ted started. "It seems that's all you've done, tried to make me jealous or guilty." Ted continued, as Dustin remained silent. "You haven't done anything to work things out and I'm just not going to play the game anymore. We're done Dustin move on. There's nothing wrong with having a series of boyfriends until you find the one that's right for you"

"I fucked it all up Ted" Dustin sobbed.

"Yeah you did, now we're both starting over. One day maybe we can be just friends again" Ted offered.

Dustin nodded. "I'm sorry Ted"

"Well there is one thing I'd like you to do. Talk to Mark, let him know that none of this was his fault. Ok?" Ted advised.

"Ok" Dustin replied as Ted got up to leave. Dustin shot up out of the chair and gave Ted one last embrace.

Ted arrived home to find Jason and Mark settled in on the couch. Mark was leaning into the older teen who had his arm around the boy.

"So how did it go?" Ted asked.

"Hi Ted, it was ok, they're different" Mark explained.

"So you want to go back again in two weeks? I know Bill will be calling me soon enough" Ted asked.

"Yeah" Mark replied. "Could I invite Peter to come here?" Mark asked in a sudden epiphany.

"Sure you can but I don't think Bill will let him" Ted responded.

"Why not?" Mark asked

"I don't think Bill would like the idea of a gay man taking care of his son" Ted explained.

"You take care of me?" Mark suggested.

"Yeah, I don't think he likes that either" Ted said cryptically. "Come into my office for a minute I've got a couple of other thing to tell you"

Ted led the boy into his office and closed the door. Mark was worried about what Ted might tell him, his mind racing in all directions of thought.

"Mark, Dustin and I are officially broken up now" Ted began. "He's not coming back, maybe he'll want to be our friend some day but I want you to really understand me here, none of this was your fault. Ok?"

"Ok" Mark sighed.

"Now another thing, I'm going to let Jason move in for the summer," Ted continued.

"Really!" Mark said practically coming out of the chair.

"Now, it's just for the summer, then he's back to school in the fall" Ted warned. "You ok with that?"

"Yeah sure!" Mark said excitedly. "Ted, does he have to sleep in your bed every night?"

"Does it bother you that Jason sleeps with me?" Ted asked softly.

"No but I though he could sleep with me some nights too" Mark requested innocently.

"Get your own boyfriend!" Ted said chuckling.

"We can share!" Mark suggested with a big smile.

"I don't think so" Ted replied as he led the boy out of the room.

"Daddy" Mark yelled as he leapt on Jason.

"Hold on here a minute, I'm no ones' daddy" Jason protested, making Ted inadvertently concerned about what he had arranged. "Uncle is about as far as I'm willing to go puppy, at least until this guy actually marries me," Jason continued.

"Hey now, I told you Mark it's just for the summer, lets not get ahead of our selves here" Ted cautioned.

"I get to sleep with Jason on Friday nights!" Mark claimed.

"I'm sure Ted won't mind if we all sleep together sometimes," Jason suggested.

"Oh yes he would mind" Ted advised.

Mark nodded in confirmation.

Chapter 15 coming soon.