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Chapter 15

"So you're off to see your relatives tomorrow?" Emmett asked as he and Mark worked the store on a Friday night.

"Yeah, I was there two weeks ago. Peter, he's 14, he's cool" Mark explained. He liked working in the store with just himself and Emmett. He was proud that he'd earned some trust from the men in his life. Things were good for Mark, school would be over in a week and then he'd have the summer off.

The door chime went and a well dressed young blond man entered. Mark didn't pay him much attention until Emmett greeted him.

"Hello Dusty"

Mark emerged immediately and offered his own greeting "Dustin!" as he hesitated for a second and then plunged into a full body hug.

"Hi Mark" Dustin returned softly. "Emm, can you spare him for a bit, we'll go next door for a coffee"

"Sure Dusty" Emmett replied.

Mark accompanied Dustin next door and entered the café. Once they had been served Dustin began.

"Ted told you I'm not coming back?"

Mark nodded.

"I had a good thing Mark, I guess I didn't realize it until it was too late" Dustin lamented. "Ted took care of me when I needed someone. We really were in love you know. Ted's the one who pushed me into modeling, I thought he just wanted me to make some rent money for him but looking back now I see he wanted me to be independent. He didn't want me to be just his sex kitten. I guess it worked too well," Dustin explained.

"I never wanted you around Mark" Dustin admitted. "It wasn't you, it was that I had to share Ted with you. I'm sorry I wasn't a better friend Mark but what happened between Ted and I was going to happen with or without you."

"You came and got me from the police station" Mark offered in balance to Dustin's negative rant.

"Yeah, but that was Emm really, I was just there" Dustin dismissed.

"Maybe Ted will change his mind" Mark offered like a child of divorced parents hoping for a reunification.

"He's got Jason now" Dustin countered.

"Only for the summer then he's back at school" Mark explained.

"What are you doing for the summer? Is Ted making you get a job?" Dustin asked.

"I don't know, I guess I'm just working at the pet store" Mark replied not having given the idea of working during the summer much thought.

"Emm can't be paying you very much" Dustin noted.

"It's enough for some spending money," Mark suggested

Dustin returned Mark to the store and a got a kiss goodbye for his trouble.

The next day Mark was off on his second trip to his cousin's house. This time it was just Bill who came to get him. Rolling down the highway in the minivan Bill did most of the talking but Mark really didn't pay much attention to what was actually being said as he watched the world go by.

Peter seemed happy to see Mark and after the pleasantries of lunch they were off on the dirt bikes again. Mark was beginning to see why Peter liked riding them so much. It offered the freedom of mobility, a chance to be away from his parents and an opportunity to smoke.

"You really should quit, it's disgusting" Mark advised as Peter satisfied his addiction.

"Yeah, I guess" Peter replied noncommittally. "I gotta piss," he announced as he made for a heavily forested area and began urinating. Mark came over and examined the seclusion of the area and then suggested,

"You wanna circle?"

"Circle?" Peter asked.

"Yeah, circle jerk, you know stroke each other off" Mark suggested.

"Here? I don't know" Peter replied.

"Well it's better than in your bedroom, we almost got caught last time!" Mark reminded.

Mark already had his pants unbuckled and was looking for a good place to sit. He yanked his pants down and sat by a large bolder, figuring that it would cover them from behind. Peter came over sheepishly and followed Mark's lead. The older teen gasped in shock again as Mark touched him. As Peter became rigid, Mark took the boy's hand and placed it on his own dick. Peter reciprocated but didn't look at Mark's penis; instead he scanned the top of the ridge for any possible intruders. Peter blasted first but Mark was able to expertly aim him away from his body. Peter shuddered as he grunted his pleasure. Mark took a little longer as Peter became impatient.

"Are you close yet?"

"Yeah" Mark sighed as he closed his eyes and though of Jason's fingers up his ass. Suddenly he exploded. Mark could see that Peter was softening and decided to lean over and lick the residual cum off his dick. Peter groaned as Mark sucked him down and swallowed what little was left of the ejaculate.

"Like that?" Mark asked rhetorically.

"Wicked" Peter sighed.

"Ok your turn" Mark gestured to his own glistening cock.

Peter looked over and shook his head, "Naa, I can't do that," he said

"I just did it to you" Mark protested.

"Sorry, that's too gross" Peter replied.

"There's lots of gross things that feel great" Mark explained as he wiped himself clean with his hand and stood to pull his pants up as Peter was now doing.

"If doing it with a girl is anything like this I can't wait" Peter suggested.

"You have a girl friend?" Mark asked.

"No, I'm not allowed" Peter replied.

"That sucks" Mark suggested of Peter's restriction.

They hopped back on the bikes and made it home in time for dinner.

There were really two things that Mark liked about visiting his cousins, Peter and Mary's cooking. The meals were always well laid out and delicious.

"Bill, can Peter come visit me next time?" Mark asked.

"I don't think that would be a good idea Mark" Bill advised,

"Why not?" Mark asked

Bill scowled not used to being questioned, "Well Mark, we don't know Mr. Taylor very well"

"Ted doesn't know you either and he lets me come here," Mark pleaded.

"I said no Mark!" Bill thundered "and I don't think it respectful of you to use my first name, you should call me Cousin Bill"

Mark was now beginning to understand what Peter meant about his parents but he wasn't about to give up so easily.

"Cousin Bill?" Mark asked as the man looked over. "Why can't Cousin Peter come stay with my Dad and me?"

"Mark you're excused, go and wait in Peter's room" Bill ordered.

"I'm not done eating yet," Mark pleaded.

"Yes you are" Bill snapped.

Mark looked over at Mary who confirmed her husband's orders, "Go and wait in Peter's room Mark"

Mark looked down at his half eaten dinner and then began shoveling as much as he could into his mouth, all rules of etiquette forgotten.

"Now Mark!" Bill thundered as he stood.

Mark bolted in fear of the man and moved quickly to Peter's room. He knew the man wouldn't be happy with him for challenging his decision but now he wondered just how far Bill was willing to go; Ted had never taken such a threatening tone with him.

It wasn't long before Peter entered. "That was stupid," He said as he strode in.

"I'm going to call Ted, I wanna go home tonight," He reported.

"You had balls challenging him but at the table? And in front of mother? You were never going to win." Peter suggested.

"I don't care" Mark pouted.

The two boys played video games until Mary came in.

"I wanna go home!" He snapped before the woman could speak.

"Oh my" was all the woman could say. Bill must have been lurking in the hallway as he came in directly.

"I wanna call Ted now!" He repeated to the man.

"No, you'll be going home as planned" He told Mark flatly.

"Now!" Mark said with conviction.

"Mark your rude behaviour is only hurting yourself. The adults in your life will decide when and where you go and don't worry I will be talking to Mr. Taylor about your behaviour tonight so I'd suggest that you not push things further" Bill advised.

"Father I think he..." Peter began.

"Was I talking to you?" Bill snapped.

"No sir" Peter mumbled.

"You boys should get to bed early," The man announced as he disconnected the power cord for the game system and took it with him. Once the adults had left Mark hissed.


"Don't make it worse Mark" Peter requested.

Ted arrived on schedule the next afternoon. Mark stormed from the house without saying anything and entered the vehicle immediately. Ted was already out and wondered what was up.

"How did it go?" He asked as Bill approached.

"We had some issues with rudeness, he seems to lack respect," The man reported.

"Really, he's always been respectful with me, I'll have a talk with him" Ted replied thinking that Mark's promise to stay out of trouble seemed short lived. The men shook hands and Ted got in the car.

"Everything all right?" He asked the boy.

"Lets just go" Mark snapped.

On the drive back Mark related the events of the weekend and finished with "I never want to go back there again"

"That's fine with me" Ted replied.

By the middle of the week Mark had returned to normal, leaving Ted to wonder if the boy's story wasn't exaggerated a bit. Nonetheless he wouldn't be encouraging him to go back.

"Mark, did you see Dustin?" Ted asked.

"Yeah, last Friday, he came by the pet store and took me out for coffee" Mark replied as they ate dinner.

"I got a call today from a modeling agency, they want you to do a back to school shoot for a catalogue." Ted advised.

"Back to school, it just ended!" Mark suggested.

"Well I'm told they need the photos well in advance" Ted replied.

"It's been a long time since we sent in my portfolio why are they calling now?" Mark asked.

"I'd suspect that Dustin must have moved things along," Ted advised. "It starts next week and runs for two weeks, you'd be there from 10am to 4pm and they'll pay you $1500."

"$1500!" Mark shouted his mind raced through all the things he might buy with that kind of money. "How much does a dirt bike cost?" He asked.

"A dirt bike? Just where would you ride it?" Ted wondered.

"There are parks around here," Mark explained.

"None that I've ever seen dirt bikes in, and where would you park it" Ted continued.

"Downstairs, other people have motorbikes down there" Mark considered.

"Well, I don't know how much one costs but you'll have to pay taxes and your agency out of that money so don't count on all of it" Ted cautioned hoping the boy would settle on something more practical before he got paid. "So you're in then?"

"Yeah" Mark replied thinking the question unnecessary.

As Ted expected he got a call from Bill that weekend wondering if Mark would be down again the following weekend.

"Well Bill, I did speak with him and it seems he's afraid of you now and doesn't want to visit again, well done!" Ted began.

"He's being silly I never threatened him," Bill advised.

"Well if someone bigger than me stood up and yelled at me I might feel threatened, especially if they made me go hungry. There are some basic needs that you just don't touch, food should never be used as a punishment," Ted snapped.

"He was asked to leave the table because of his behaviour. Mary would have made him something to eat if said he was still hungry," Bill advised dismissively.

"Well Bill, he doesn't want to see you again," Ted explained.

"Mark's a child, you make the decisions for him" Bill suggested.

"Mark's a young man and I respect and share his feelings on the matter. I had to push him to see you guys in the first place and after this incident I don't see why I should encourage him any further," Ted advised.

"So where do we go from here?" Bill quizzed clearly irritated.

"We don't go anywhere Bill, we're done. What Mark did was youthful petulance what you did was wrong and perhaps illegal." Ted said with finality.

"Mark wasn't starved at my house as he'd have you believe Mr. Taylor. My son Peter would be happy to tell you what he witnessed" Bill countered.

"Bottom line, Mark doesn't want to go and I'm not going to make him. I don't think we have anything further to discuss" Ted said before ending the conversation, hoping that would be the end of things but in the back of his mind he wondered if Bill would let it go.

Chapter 16 coming soon