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Chapter 16

Jason took Mark to his first day of modeling. Mark found it strange having Jason around all the time. He acted more like an older brother than a parent to him, causing Ted to feel like he had two kids. Mark was introduced to the woman that watched over the kids during the shoot, Mark counted 14 other boys present and an unknown number of girls kept on the other side of the studio. Mark was given a set of clothes to put on and pushed toward a change room. Many of the other boys were in various states of undress, most seeming to know what to do. Dustin was right, the place was full of little hotties making Mark feel rather average. Even the heavy boys who were modeling the `hefty' clothes had remarkably clear faces, killer smiles and bright eyes. Mark went to his station and the photographer began shooting giving the boy directions to pose.

"You're pretty natural, they told me it was your first time," The man noted.

"Yeah, it's my first modeling job" Mark said blushing.

"You're doing great, your poses are very natural. Which modeling school did you go to?" The man continued to chatter as he took shots.

"I didn't Dustin taught me" Mark replied recalling the happier times with Dustin.

"Dustin who?" The man quizzed.

"Dustin Mathews" Mark responded.

"Wow" The photographer gushed, "He's in some pretty serious magazines, I'd never get to shoot anyone like him, you guy's related?" The photographer continued to talk to Mark, helping him relax.

"Sorta, I'm adopted" Mark replied.

"Ok, we're done, see Suzy over there for your next set" The man closed as another child was ushered on set as Mark moved off. Suzy presented him with another set of clothes and pointed him toward the change room. The process continued throughout the day. Sometimes the boys would sit in their underwear waiting for the next batch of clothes to be laid out. Mark was overwhelmed with the eye candy and found himself having to count in his head to keep from getting an erection. Several of the boys knew each other and for the most part Mark was on his own as the new boy. He had been waiting for half an hour and was eager to get going when Jason arrived at 4 to collect him.

"So how was it?" Jason quizzed.

"Boring, lots of cute boys though" Mark assessed.

"I hope you behaved yourself," Jason admonished.

"Yeah" Mark replied incredulously.

The next two days went much like the first. After Mark got home on Wednesday Ted called from the kitchen as he was preparing dinner, "Mark clean up this mess in lounge and set the table for dinner"

"I had a hard day at work Ted" Mark replied from his familiar reclining position in front of the TV.

"Ah the hard life of a super model" Ted jibed, "Come on, dinner will be ready in a few minutes"

Mark dragged himself away from the TV and complied with his Dad's instructions when the phone rang. Jason looked over at Ted and then answered the phone as the Master of the castle continued his cooking. Jason leapt up and extend the phone to Mark, "A Mr. Peter Edwards for you sir, should I have him call your agent?" He joked.

Mark took the phone surprised to hear Peter's voice on the other end. Like any teenager Mark didn't want an audience when he was on the phone and so he moved away from the men and sat on the stairs. Ted gestured for Mark to cut things short as he set out the evening meal. Mark jogged over holding the phone to his chest.

"Can Peter come over this weekend?" Mark asked excitedly.

"Is he running away or does his father know about this" Ted asked only half joking.

"His dad says he can," Mark confirmed.

"If the kid comes here I'm checking him for bugs" Jason noted.

"Bugs?" Mark chirped.

"Listening devices, spy gear" Jason explained.

"Mark tell Peter I'll call his father after dinner" Ted suggested.

As they sat and began eating Ted spoke, "Mark, if Peter comes here, do you think that he'll want you to go back to his place again?"

"Dunno?" Mark responded.

"Well it's something to think about, he or Bill might be expecting it so lets give some serious thought to having Peter over" Ted suggested.

"He can't come?" Mark interpreted.

"Sure he can come but what happens after? If you're not willing to go back to his place then you should tell him that up front. I just think that Bill might be trying to get you to go back," Ted warned.

Mark's excited desire to have Peter visit won out over any fear of having to be under Bill's control. In fact the boy deviously thought that he could agree to a swap and then back out, obviously Ted wouldn't make him go, would he? Mark also figured that Peter would have to catch up to him in terms of number of visits before feeling obligated to go back to his house.

On Saturday the trio were dressed and ready to receive Peter when he arrived surprisingly with Mary instead of his father.

"Welcome Peter, we're very glad to have you" Ted was able to get out before Mark dragged him away for the grand tour.

"Good to see you again Mary" Ted continued.

"I can't stay Mr. Taylor, I'm going to visit my sister before heading home" She explained.

Ted had a humorous vision of Bill sitting alone at home, staring at the kitchen and wondering how dinner was going to be prepared.

"Is there any thing I should be aware of? If there's anything that Peter needs to be comfortable," Ted asked.

"I'm sure he'll be fine Mr. Taylor but if you could ... Have your um ... Boyfriend watch his language around Peter, I would appreciate it," The woman asked subserviently.

"Of course" Ted replied and bid the woman goodbye.

Jason sauntered down the stairs, as Mark and Peter were ready for the upstairs tour.

"Hi Jason, you remember Peter" Mark chirped as the pair passed

"So old man what are you going to do with three teenagers in the house" Jason asked Ted as they stood alone in the living room.

"Keep my eye on them" Ted replied. "Peter's a small town kid, so let's keep that in mind and watch what we say around him"

"Right, like he's so innocent" Jason jibed.

The four toured the city's downtown in the afternoon leaving the boys to play in the condo pool before dinner. They met up with Jason who was working out in the gym. Both boys stood in awe of the speed and power of the young man as he practiced his martial art. Mark was especially enthralled as Jason's body moved sweat glistening from his muscular frame. While the older teen lacked hard definition in his muscles, their supple and graceful movement excited Mark. Jason noticed the boys watching him and moved toward the glass wall and comically posed in body builder positions.

Ted took the opportunity to prepare chicken fettuccini, a dish that he considered his best. It was silly but he felt that he should attempt to match Mary's culinary skill so that Peter might report that dinner was great. Ted put salad out on the table before the boys arrived back. As Mark came rushing down the hall Ted grabbed him whispering in his ear as he allowed Peter to continue on. Ted called Jason over and they all converged on the table. Peter found the only seat open was the opposing head of the table as Jason and Mark sat across from each other. It was a seating position that he would normally expect his mother to take and wondered why Jason hadn't. It allowed him to sit near Mark and so he took the position without enquiry.

"Peter, we want to make you feel comfortable so if you want you can say grace" Ted suggested.

Mark immediately held out his hands, more for an opportunity to hold hands with Peter than to support him but the boy's gesture caused the group to hold hands while Peter gave a quick prayer.

After dinner the group settled around the TV for coffee and desert. Mark as usual wedged himself comfortably between his men and snuggled in. After watching TV Ted suggested that it was time for bed.

"Peter you can have Mark's bed, I got an inflatable bed for him." Ted explained. "We can set Mark up in my office if you two don't want to share a room"

"We'll just share my bed" Mark suggested.

"I don't think that's a good plan," Ted advised.

"I've shared a bed with my cousins before Mr. Taylor" Peter replied.

"Peter, please just call me Ted," The man requested.

Ted did inflate the bed next to Mark's and left the boys for the evening knowing that it wasn't like going to be used but at least Peter would report that it was, he hoped.

Mark stripped down and climbed into bed naked.

"You're not wearing anything?" Peter asked disbelievingly. He'd seen Mark's body before but boldly going without anything on shocked him.

"I'll just be taking it off anyway," Mark suggested.

"I'm not sure I want do anything Mark" Peter replied.

"Oh, ok, well you want me to sleep on the air bed? That's cool" Mark said trying to hide his disappointment.

"No we can share, but put some shorts on or something," Peter asked as he decided to go with only his pajama bottoms, living on the edge in his own way.

Ted climbed into bed with Jason who was already naked. He cuddled in and kissed his man.

"Sorry Jason, we're not going to be able to do much with a guest in the apartment," Ted advised.

"What? Mark's the only one getting any action tonight?" He suggested.


As the boys slept Mark felt Peter's back against his own. Perhaps he was just trying to roll over but Mark still enjoyed the physical contact.

"Mark?" Peter said.

"Yeah" Mark replied.

"You wanna do that circle thing?" Peter asked tentatively having changed his mind.

"No" Mark answered.

"Oh, ok" Peter conceded in the darkness.

"I wanna suck your dick instead!" Mark advised as he rolled over. Peter didn't respond but pulled his pajama bottoms down. Mark moved around and yanked them off, leaving the teen naked. He spread Peter's legs and then took the teen's dick into his mouth. Peter shuddered and moaned. Mark worked on the cock as Jason had taught him, moving slowly to try and help Peter last. As Mark felt Peter getting close he released the cock and lapped at the base of his balls and licked in the taint below. Peter continued to express the pleasure he was feeling while trying to keep as a quiet as possible. Mark could see that Peter was oozing already and took it back into his mouth. Peter unloaded immediately and Mark gulped down as much as he could, this time swallowing it effectively. Peter contorted his body thrusting his hips up instinctively as Mark finished him off. Finally the boy was reduced to soft whiny moans as Mark gently licked him down.

"Wicked" Peter sighed.

Mark sat on Peter's chest his legs straddling the teen and placed his own dick proximate to Peter's mouth. It was obvious that Peter wasn't that interested in returning the favour Mark had just done for him.

"Just put the head a little bit in your mouth and put your tongue on it while you stroke me" Mark instructed.

Peter opened his mouth and allowed the short thick penis in.

"Guooowse" Peter said with his speech impeded by the cock in his mouth.

Peter's position didn't allow him to effectively stroke Mark so the boy took over himself. Mark's movements caused his dick to move in and out of the other teen's mouth slightly. When it got close to half way in Peter pushed Mark back.

"Hurry up" He snapped.

"Almost there" Mark suggested shoving his dick back into the moist hole. As soon as Mark began to unload Peter turned his head to avoid further juices from entering his mouth. Pushing Mark off he rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom saying,

"Fucking gross man"

Mark giggled and then consumed what was left of his own ejaculate.

Returning to the bed room Peter commented

"You are gay, no one could like doing that if you weren't"

"Yeah, I'm a gay boy. Well... mostly I think" Mark replied before the pair returned to their slumber.


Authors note:

Well this completes what I've written. I'll try and incorporate some of your suggestions when I'm inspired to write the next chapter.

Here's some Trivia for you; the original working title was `Sunday morning' another title I considered was, `two and half gay men'. As some of you have noticed the character Emmett was shamelessly stolen from the TV series `Queer as folk'.

I didn't expect the story to make it to 10 chapters so I appreciate all the feedback and ideas.