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Chapter 17

Ted banged on Mark's bedroom door and then eased it open. Both boys' heads popped up from their burrow under the covers.

"We have to leave in two hours Peter, so lets get up and I'll make you guys some pancakes" The man suggested knowing Mark's motivations. Ted descended the stairs and began the meal preparations. It wasn't long before the smell of sausage cooking generated the arrival of two teenagers. Mark came down still wearing his night shorts and a red T-shirt. It was one of the originals that the boy had brought with him from Calgary what seemed a lifetime ago for Ted. The shirt was now very tight on the boy's expanding body. It seemed to the man that Mark's shoulders were widening as quickly as he was gaining height. The only thing that reminded Ted of the little boy who arrived months ago was his smooth round freckled face. Mark's long strawberry blond hair was a complete mess, he really needed a haircut but Ted was reluctant to force the issue, given that Mark did normally keep it fairly neat and the longer style suited him, off setting the boy's long neck. Ted knew that Mark loved him; it felt strange not to just love someone but to know for certain that someone loved you. Ted reached out and stroked Mark's soft face as he ate. The boy didn't react to the affection as the man moved his hand around to the back of the boy's head and rubbed the palm along his shoulders. Mark turned his head and gave his man a maple syrup tasting kiss on the lips. It was almost as though the boy had read his thoughts of love. Ted retired to the lounge to read his Sunday morning paper and enjoy his coffee as the teens devoured incredible amounts of food, Mark's pancakes and sausages swimming in a soup of syrup. It wouldn't surprise Ted if Mark licked the plate clean. In this moment he realized that he couldn't imagine life without Mark.

Peter trotted off to the bathroom to prepare for a return to his normal life while Mark planted himself abruptly on Ted's lap. The man put his paper down and started massaging the boy's back knowing it was desired, both to relax tight young muscles and to continue the morning's affection.

"This shirt's so tight you're not going to be able to wear it much longer" Ted noted as he tried to get his hands under the red barrier and touch the boy's bare back. Mark struggled for a moment and then freed himself of the constricting shirt, throwing it halfway to the stairs. Ted continued his work as Mark moaned softly. The man knew it must both be comforting and erotic for the teen, having a strong pair of hands working his back. Ted figured it would have been that way for him at Mark's age.

Peter arrived now presentable for a return to his parent's house. Ted pushed Mark up and stood to get ready to leave. Mark turned away to adjust himself, as he was indeed rather hard from Ted's affections.

"See ya again in a coupe of weeks" Mark fare welled.

"Hope so" Peter replied less confidently.

As Ted and Peter left Mark was alone. Ten more minutes was all he needed and Mark figured he would have blown his load right there in Ted's lap. The teen considered the possibility of orgasm by massage alone and concluded that he would need something to at least rub up against. Maybe next time he'd lay down for Ted's attentions, or better yet convince him to provide one of the hot oil massage's Jason got from the man.

Suddenly Mark realized that he wasn't alone when he heard stirring up stairs. Mark bounced up the stairs to find Jason in the bathroom. The door was left open so he stepped in and waited for the man to finish draining his bladder. As Jason turned, already naked and strode toward the shower, he commented,

"So you like watching me piss"

"Hmm didn't see much" Mark replied.

As Jason disappeared into the shower Mark yanked his shorts off and followed. As he was adjusting the water Jason was joined in the stall. He allowed the warm water to flow over his body and noticing that Mark was already erect said,

"You're happy to see me," as he gave the young teen's penis and gentle squeeze.

"Yeah" Mark sighed at the contact. He reached out and touched the older teen's member and began stroking it with both hands as he leaned into Jason's chest. With a hand on his shoulder the man pushed Mark to his knees and inserted his penis into the boy's mouth. He wasn't forcing Mark but he was being aggressive with him, pushing his cock deep into Mark's throat. The boy gagged as he adjusted to the intrusion and then sucked on the full sized cock. Jason yanked his turbid cock from Mark's mouth and slapped it against the boy's face playfully. The novice cocksucker had excited him but hadn't brought him to a full arousal. Jason turned and squatted his ass toward Mark, leaning against the shower wall. When the boy remained motionless Jason turned his head and ordered.

"Put you tongue in my ass"

Mark complied, in fact he buried his face as deep as he could between Jason's cheeks and lapped at the man's hole for all he was worth. He knew the pleasure it gave him and he hoped he could give Jason the same. Sure enough Jason's moaning confirmed Mark's wishes.

"Stand up" Jason ordered as he turned his head. He noted that Mark was still hard and dripping, rather normal for a young teen. "Ok fuck me".

"Me? In you?" Mark confirmed.

"Yeah go, I'm ready" Jason advised as he bent over again. Mark tentatively positioned his dickhead at Jason's hole. "Push it in lets go" Jason encouraged.

Mark pushed and felt as though his dick were sucked into the older teen's ass. The feeling was overwhelming as he pumped, getting to perhaps a dozen strokes before exploding. He grunted in both relief and amazement and then collapsed on Jason's back.

"Wow sounds like that was good for you!" Jason complained.

"I've been horny all morning," Mark explained.

"Peter didn't take care of you before he left?" Jason wondered.

"Naw" Mark replied as Jason stood, disengaging from the coupling. He gave the younger teen a full body hug as his still erect cock mashed with Mark's softening yet over sensitive organ. Jason licked along Mark's neck and into his ear as the boy moaned in post orgasmic bliss.

"Ok you fuck me now" Mark ordered.

"You're not ready" Jason chuckled.

"Yeah I am" Mark protested, as he took the same position as Jason had.

Jason put his member up against Mark's hairless hole and slowly pushed in.

"Hurts, hurts," Mark hissed. Jason withdrew in response. "Come on keep trying I can take it" Mark encouraged.

Jason once more positioned and pushed but to no avail.

"You're too tight" he advised.

"Push harder" Mark ordered.

"Yeah then it'll hurt more" Jason noted.

"I can take it!" Mark insisted.

"There's no point in hurting you" Jason said. "Look, I'll give you something to help you stretch later, just suck me off for now"

Mark returned to his kneeling position and accepted Jason back into his mouth. At first he was disappointed not to have been mounted but he quickly got over it and eagerly sucked, trying to give Jason as much pleasure as he could, finally swallowing everything that the man gave him.


Ted returned home in the late afternoon to find Mark in his typical position, reclined in front of the TV.

"Hey Ted" Mark greeted softly.

"Well you can guess what Bill asked me?" Ted began.

"He wants me to come visit again?" Mark expected.

"You got it" Ted confirmed. "But don't feel like you have to, you decide"

"Jason went out, he said he'd be home late" Mark passed on.

"Yeah he told me he was going out" Ted replied as he prepared coffee for himself. Mark got up from the couch and waddled towards the stairs. Ted could see from the breakfast bar that the boy was walking funny.

"What's wrong Mark?" He asked

"Nothing, I just have to use the bathroom real bad" The boy noted as he paused doubled over in pain. Ted walked toward to Mark, who was leaning on a chair for support.

"Your belly hurts?" Ted confirmed as he approached.

"Yeah" Mark winced.

Ted picked the boy up as gently as he could and carried him up the stairs, noting that the young man was heavy, maybe 120 or 130 pounds Ted figured. Arriving at the bathroom he set him down beside the toilet and left him to his business. Kid ate like an animal at breakfast so now he's got to get rid of it, the man thought as he returned to his coffee. Not ten minutes later Mark called for him.

"Ted, I need you," The boy pleaded in a tone that caused the man to bolt up the stairs to find Mark standing pant less beside the toilet. Ted stole a glance of Mark's pubic bush and realized that Mark was growing down there as well.

"What's wrong?" Ted demanded.

"I can't get it out," Mark advised as he turned his back to the man and bent over slightly. Ted was astonished when he recognized the unmistakable T end of a butt plug protruding from the boy.

"You've got a plug in there?" Ted said disbelievingly as he knelt to examine Mark's smooth behind.

"Yeah it won't come out and I have to poo real bad" Mark said almost in tears.

"How did you get a butt plug?" Ted asked unable to accept the impossible situation he found himself in.

"Jason gave it to me" Mark said and instantly regretted it. He should have lied, blamed Ryan or some other nameless friend but now the truth was told.

"I see" Ted said sternly as he continued to examine the situation. "You can't just push it out?"

"It hurts too much" the boy wined.

"Ok, bend over and grab your ankles, you push and I'll give it a little pull and it should come right out" Ted suggested without advising that it might hurt.

The boy contorted himself as Ted had instructed and as he pushed out Ted pulled on the T end. The plug did come out but with a sharp pop followed by the screeching of a young male. Ted tossed the plug, which seemed small enough to him, into the sink as he directed the wailing Mark to sit on the toilet. A rumbling of excrement thundered into the bowl while Mark gripped both of Ted's hands firmly. After a couple of minutes Mark went quiet as Ted lifted the boy to see what was expelled into the toilet. Grotesque it certainly was but thankfully no sign of any blood.

"How long did you have it in?" Ted asked the recovering teen.

"Most of the afternoon" Mark replied. "It felt so amazing I came like three times"

"You forgot about having to go to the bathroom eh?" Ted chuckled.

"You're not mad?" Mark asked

"No, I'm just glad you're ok," Ted advised.

Mark was relieved his pain was subsiding and Ted was comforting him. The boy figured he might get out of this situation without further embarrassment when he suddenly realized that it would be Jason who would answer for this unpleasant incident.

"You're not mad at Jason are you? It's my fault I left it in so long," Mark suggested.

"Oh don't worry, Jason's going to take responsibility for this, he's got a lot of explaining to do" Ted said with conviction.

"Not again! Please Ted I like Jason. I don't want you guys to fight over me," Mark pleaded fearing that he had cost Ted another boyfriend.