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Chapter 18

Ted knew himself well enough to know that he should wait to call Jason, calm down somewhat. It had been two hours since the butt plug incident and he was no calmer. Defying his own common sense he dialed Jason's cell phone.

"Hey Ted" Jason greeted, obviously having checked the call display.

"Jason, I was calling to ask why you thought giving a thirteen year old a butt plug was a good idea." Ted asked his voice steady but stern.

Jason laughed, causing Ted's anger to swell, "Oh he showed you that eh?"

"He couldn't get it out actually, I had to help him" Ted snapped

Jason shrieked with laughter.

"I'm glad you think it's funny," Ted blurted. "I'm extremely unhappy and very disappointed in you"

"Listen Ted, I can't talk right now, I'll be home late tonight so let's talk tomorrow, bye." Jason replied in a calmly confident tone that Ted took as smugness. Ted was dumbfounded that Jason had hung up, his tirade was just starting, and he had so much more to say to the young man. Ted stared intently out the window replaying his intended conversation with Jason in his head. He had no idea how much time had passed when Mark touched him on the shoulder.

"Ted? You ok?" The boy quizzed seriously concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine" Ted dismissed.

"Are we having dinner?" The boy pragmatically asked.

"Sure I'll make something soon" Ted replied starting to clear his mind.

Mark climbed into the lounge chair with the man, straddling his legs while leaning in to hug him. Ted gently stroked Mark's back causing the boy to yank off his shirt to get the pleasurable touching on his bare back. As the man provided affection to his boy his mind continued to wander when he realized that Mark had unbuttoned his shirt. The boy must have assumed that after the first couple of buttons permission to continue was tacitly given. Ted gave in and allowed the boy to rub their chests together. He knew Mark was an affection pit, which was likely why he and Emmett got along as well as the other man would stroke him endlessly. Mark moved down and was now rubbing his face through Ted's thick chest hair. He half wondered if the boy might try and start breast-feeding. Mark moved up to rub his smooth face against the man's in cat like affection while running his hand through the man's chest hair.

"I love you Ted," The boy whispered as he settled with his head on the man's shoulder.

"I love you too Mark" Ted replied as he crushed the boy in a hug.

"You still mad at Jason?" Mark wondered.

"I'll deal with Jason don't worry. I need you to tell me what else you guys have been up to," Ted indicated wondering how far things had gone between them.

"Not much" Mark said with his face buried in the man's chest.

"What does that mean, exactly Mark?" Ted asked in his parental tone, the one that Mark knew meant that he was going to have to come up with a better answer.

"We sucked each other and he put his fingers in me, oh and he let me fuck him" Mark said, without making eye contact.

Ted sighed as he paused, "So he hasn't ... entered you?"

"No, he's too big, that's why he gave me the plug, so I can stretch" Mark advised.

"I see" Ted replied, a phrase that Mark knew meant `I understand but I'm not happy about it'.

"When do I have to tell Bill if I'm going to visit Peter at his house?" Mark asked to change the subject.

"There's no time limit, if he asks I'll just say you're not ready. If that means Peter can't come here then so be it" Ted explained, "Ok, let me up and I'll make some dinner"


Ted turned off the TV when he heard Jason enter the apartment. It was one thirty in the morning; he had tried to sleep but couldn't and so waited up for him.

"Hey Ted, you're up late" Jason greeted gleefully.

"Waiting for you," Ted said factually.

"You don't listen do you? I said we'd talk tomorrow," Jason noted. Ted could tell that Jason had been drinking by the way he spoke.

"You've been drinking," he stated.

"Yep" Jason advised as he settled into the couch.

"What's the occasion?" Ted wondered, knowing that it was a rarity for the young man to overindulge.

"It's my birthday, I'm not a teenager anymore" Jason reported.

"Your Birthday! Why didn't you tell me?" Ted asked.

"Ah, it's just another day, you'd make a big deal out of it or something" Jason replied.

"But you found some other people to celebrate it with" Ted noted dejectedly.

"Just some guys from school" Jason advised.

"You have sex with them?" Ted accused.

"NO! But now that you mention it I am kinda horny" Jason reported.

"I'm not happy with what's been going on between you and Mark" Ted blurted.

"Oh that, come on Ted, Mark's hot all the time. At his age the hormones are flowing, he'd have sex with anyone! I'm surprised he hasn't put the moves on you" Jason suggested and then on seeing Ted's face continued, "He has!"

"Mark understands the difference between affection and sex now" Ted explained away, "But you are supposed to be my boyfriend and here you are having sex with my son!" He continued finding it strange to use the phrase `my son'.

"Come on Ted, we're just fooling around and besides you and I aren't in an exclusive relationship" Jason countered.

"You live with me! You sleep in my bed" Ted snapped.

"Back it up here; you're the one with the `I might get back with Dustin, keep your options open' talk." Jason reminded.

"I told you I ended it with him and then I let you move in. You're very perceptive you knew I thought we were exclusive at that point," Ted countered finding himself challenged by the young man's sparing. Clearly this wasn't Dustin he was talking to.

"It's just been you and little bit of fooling with Mark, not like I've been sleeping around" Jason responded.

"Jason, Mark thinks you're his boyfriend. This fooling around is pretty serious for him. I don't think you realize what you've started here," Ted snapped.

"Puppy love, come on Ted" Jason replied in his glib tone. When Ted paused, simmering, Jason continued. "Fuck me Ted, right here".

"What? I'm angry with you and you're drunk" Ted spat.

"I've been drinking I'm not drunk and angry sex is great. Come on Ted, I've been a bad boy, take me upstairs and pound my ass" Jason mocked. "It's my birthday," he pleaded

"It's two o'clock on Monday your birthday was yesterday," Ted noted.

"Technicality" Jason replied, "Ok, I'll fuck you, being the bottom is such a great stress reliever Ted you gotta try it"

"Jason, I'm going to bed now, alone. You can sleep on the couch," Ted said as he rose to leave.


Mark woke up to find his dream had come true, beside him in bed was the hulking warmth of Jason's body. The boy got out of bed, his bladder busting. He could see that Ted's bedroom door was open and the bed made as usual, indicating that he was off to work. Mark returned to bed and yanked down his shorts, climbing back in naked. He nuzzled up against the man until he woke.

"Morning" Jason greeted.

"eww gross" Mark replied having smelt the man's morning breath in close proximity. Mark reached under the man and began to stroke his penis, hoping to get the same in return. It felt natural to Mark to have the hardening member in his grip.

"Ted doesn't want us doing this anymore" Jason reported.

"He's gone to work" Mark replied as he repositioned himself to take the cock into his mouth. Jason didn't resist, he rolled slightly to make it easier for the boy to accept him. He toyed with the boy's rock hard dick while he was being serviced. It wasn't long before Jason reached his climax, the warm feeling accentuated by the sounds of the young male gulping frantically. Mark released the satisfied dick as it softened and moved to get his own helping of joy. Propping himself against the pillows Mark lifted his knees and spread his legs. Jason knew what he wanted and pressed his face into Mark's pubic bush, teasing the cock as he moved his fingers into Mark's anus. Jason's finger found the prostate and gave the boy sexual pleasure in the form of moaning grunts. He lapped at the boy's nipples to give the penis a rest, lest he moved things along too quickly. Jason pushed his face into one of Mark's armpits and licked slowly. The boy shuddered at the new sensation wondering just what other parts of his body could stimulate him. When Jason got back to Mark's cock he found it already oozing, clearly the boy was on the verge. He sucked while pumping with his finger and Mark unloaded immediately. Jason continued his aggressive prostate massage hoping to prolong Mark's pleasure. Mark grunted with each deep plunge, his body tingling with sexual energy. He could feel Jason slowing and encouraged him,

"More, more, oh god, Jason I love you" and in this moment Mark meant it with conviction, he didn't just love Jason he needed him.

Mark was finally spent and Jason withdrew, leaving the boy to rest in post orgasmic bliss. He had a fleeting though of trying to mount the boy, now that he was relaxed. It would be easy to push his dick in deep without Mark realizing what was coming and his recent orgasm would cover some of pain of such an intrusion. No, he decided, Ted was already upset enough with him.


It was Tuesday when Mark came home from a day of working at the pet store to find Jason and Ted waiting for him. He couldn't quite put his finger on it but there was something amiss. Jason wasn't his usual chipper self and Ted was obviously stressed. They must have had another fight Mark figured, hoping that it wasn't over him. Half way through dinner he couldn't take the silence anymore.

"Ok, so what's up with you two?" He started with authority.

Ted looked amused with Marks' directness, perhaps seeing some of himself in the boy.

"Mark, Jason's going back to school soon; he's going to be able to get into his dorm room in three weeks. We've decided that ..." Ted began.

"You decided" Jason interjected.

"Jason's going to stay with his uncle until then" Ted finished glaring at the younger man's break in solidarity.

"NO!" Mark snapped.

"His living here was always temporary, you knew that" Ted reasoned.

"No!" the boy repeated, throwing his fork to the floor.

Ted sighed, looked at Jason and then continued, "Jason is still going to be your friend, our friend, he's still going to see you but I've asked him" Ted paused looking at Jason again "not to be your sexual partner anymore"

"What? Why?" Mark blurted on the verge of tears, this was Dustin all over again but worse, he needed Jason.

"I think things were getting too serious between you, maybe in a couple of years, you'll be ready for things you want today, there's no rush" Ted explained softly.

"You don't want me to have anyone but you!" Mark accused his parent.

"What?" Ted wondered not following the boy's line of reasoning.

"First Dustin, now Jason. You're not allowed to have anymore boyfriends" Mark ordered through his sobbing.

Ted couldn't help himself he chuckled. "Mark, I never meant to hurt you but you're not loosing Jason" he explained.

"This old guy is not going to keep me from seeing you Mark, you know I mean that" Jason said with conviction.

Mark pushed his half finished diner away and stormed up the stairs, fully crying as he went.

"So there goes your father of year nomination," Jason said mockingly.

"Thanks for being so supportive there" Ted countered.

"I'm outta here" Jason replied as he left the apartment thinking this shit was Ted's to clean up.

Ted sighed and cleared the dinner plates.

Mark was angry; he didn't understand how Ted could just dump Jason like that. He wasn't going to stand for it; he was going to show Ted. Mark packed a few things a bag and waited until the man had retired to his office to check his e-mail and whatever else he did on the internet. Mark then left the place he'd called home for the last six months, vowing not to return. He waited impatiently for the elevator and descended when it arrived without a destination in mind.