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Chapter 19

The hallway was dimly lit and somewhat cool. That was appropriate Ted thought as he followed the police officer into the morgue. Pushing through the double doors he expected the stench of death but was surprised to find the room had an antiseptic smell, as if he were in the dentist's office.

"Now we've got the body's of two young males in, one was in the water so it's pretty bloated and the other is a gun shot to the head, so you're going to have to look carefully to determine which one is your son Mr. Taylor." The cop said as he pushed a donut into his mouth. How the man could eat in such a place was beyond Ted.

Ted set about his gruesome task of examining the young teenage bodies, looking for the triangle of freckles below Mark's left ear or the mole just south west of his left nipple. Ted could hear two young men in the hallway, he couldn't make out what they were saying but it distracted his examination.

"Come on I haven't got all night," The cop finally announced as Ted still hadn't decided.

Ted scowled and then went back to his grim task. The young men were laughing now and Ted had enough. He burst through the double doors to find Jason and Dustin naked and holding hands.

"Would you two shut up, I'm trying to identify a body here!" He shouted at them.

"It's not going to come to that Ted, we'll find him" Jason replied softly. Ted found the room suddenly bright and realized that he wasn't in the morgue but rather at home on his sofa, the sun flooding the room. A dream, oh thank god a dream, Ted thought as he sat up.

"What time is it?" He asked.

"Just after 6 am, did you have a bad dream?" Jason asked.

"A nightmare" Ted lamented rubbing his hands in his face.

"It's ok Teddy" Dustin advised as he sat and embraced his former love.

"I appreciate your help Dustin." Ted said accepting the reassuring embrace.

"Well, I think we know all the places he's not but don't worry Ted he'll turn up" Dustin replied

"Maybe it's time we called the police," Ted suggested.

"They won't do anything Ted" Jason explained, "He's a teenager that ran away after a fight with his dad and hasn't been gone 12 hours yet. I think he's holed up somewhere, we'll find him when he starts moving again"

Ted got up and left for the bathroom. Dustin returned to the kitchen to reclaim his coffee mug. It was at the back of the cupboard presumably unused since his departure. He poured himself a coffee from the pot, it was starting to get cold so he heated it in the microwave. He returned to the lounge and saw that the artistic photograph of his bare backside was gone from its place on the wall, replaced in stead with one of Mark's beaming face.

"I'm not surprised he's kicking you out" Dustin continued his conversation with Jason, "You're not his type"

"His type?" Jason quizzed.

"He's into guys more like me, like Emmett" Dustin explained.

"He's just pissed cuz I don't follow all his old guy rules" Jason noted.

"Exactly!" Dustin replied.

"So you moved out of lesbian vile" Jason said to change the topic.

"Yeah I've got my own apartment now, it's nice being on my own again" Dustin lied.

Ted came down the stairs, freshly showered and dressed.

"Ok, I'm going to drive around some more" He announced.

"I'll stay here," Jason advised.

"I'll go back out after I eat" Dustin noted.

"Emmett went home to get some sleep, I'll call everyone if he shows up" Jason announced.


Ted gave up his patrol and returned home after a couple hours. He was tired of being disappointed as he slowed to examine every one that might be Mark. He called in a sick day for work and released Jason for more searching. Still Ted had do something and so sat at his computer checking his e-mail. He was startled when the phone rang, he pickup up immediately.


"Hello Mr. Taylor, its Bill Edwards calling" the voice announced.

Great just what I need, Ted thought trying to find a way to get rid of him quickly without appearing that was what he was doing.

"Listen Bill I'm really busy right now ..."

"You can stop looking he's here" Bill interrupted.

"Mark's there? With you now?" Ted confirmed.

"Yes he called from the train station, Mary's gone with Peter to pick him up" Bill said flatly.

"Oh thank god," Ted said aloud.

"Yes, praise be to god" Bill intoned.

"I'll be there in a couple of hours," Ted said excitedly.

"Mr. Taylor, why don't you let Mark stay here for a few days, he's come all this way for a reason" Bill suggested.

Ted was crestfallen but Bill was right, Mark had left him not just runaway. The boy clearly wasn't just trying to make him feel guilty about the Jason incident, he had a plan, he went to Bill's the only place he knew would be a viable alternative to living with him.

"Ok, just till the weekend and I want him to call me everyday at 6pm to check in" Ted gave in.

"Alright I'll have him call you" Bill advised.

"Everyday, starting today at 6pm, he calls himself, or I'll be on my way out there Bill" Ted said more forcefully.

"I understand Mr. Taylor" Bill advised before ending the call.

Ted made his `found Mark' phone calls to all concerned and had to explain what had happened with Bill upon Jason return.

"This is mistake Ted" Jason advised, "I don't trust Bill and Mark's upset, who knows what he's going to say and how Bill is going to use it"

"I think you're overreacting here a bit," Ted advised,

"I'm not, let's go get him, tonight!" Jason insisted

"I'll see how it goes when he calls at 6 and if he doesn't call we'll take a drive out there," Ted decided.


"So you ran away," Peter said admiring the younger boy's independence, when he and his mother picked Mark up.

"Yeah, it wasn't that difficult, we talked about me taking the train out here before all this stuff with your dad happened" Mark explained. "I took the subway to the train station, got a ticket for the train and waited, then called you guys when I got here"

"So what are you going to do now?" Peter wondered if he had a new brother.

"Wait for Ted to beg me to come home" Mark said devilishly.

"Why did you runaway in the first place?" Mary asked as she drove.

"Ted and Jason had a fight and I thought Ted was being unfair," Mark said as vaguely as he could.

"They hit each other?" Mary said stunned.

"No! A fight with words" Mark corrected.

"Oh an argument, that's not abnormal for adults Mark" Mary suggested.

After arriving at Peter's house the boys went straight for the dirt bikes and were off riding for the bulk of the day. Peter took Mark along the same tails as before and stopped to satisfy his nicotine habit. Mark just looked the other way preferring not to notice.

When Bill got home from work Mark had to explain why he ran away again.

"Well" Mark began, "Ted said he was kicking Jason out and I still kinda miss Dustin, his old boyfriend and well now that makes two boyfriends. I didn't like that"

"I bet it's difficult for you with things being so unstable" Bill sympathized.

"Yeah" Mark replied without making eye contact.

At 6 pm he dreaded making the phone call to Ted and in the end got Mary to make the call before handing him the phone.

"Hello?" Mark said.

"Hello Mark" Ted replied.

After a pronounced pause Ted continued, "What exactly do you think you're doing, running away?"

"If I can't have Jason you can't have me" Mark challenged.

"So you think running away is going to change my mind? Mark if you would really rather live with Bill and Mary then I'm not going to stand in your way" Ted announced. Mark was stunned at the statement this wasn't going at all like he'd planned. Ted was supposed to be begging him to come home.

"Fine I'll just stay here," He announced in defiance.

"Alright then, call me again tomorrow" Ted advised.

"Why?" Mark quizzed.

"So I know you're alright, that things are ok between you and Bill" Ted explained. Mark recalled the dinner table incident and understood Ted's suggestion.

"Ok" he replied and then hung up the phone, bitterly disappointed that his plan wasn't having the desired effect. Perhaps Ted didn't care for him as much as he thought, Mark figured.

"That didn't sound good" Jason noted as Ted hung up.

"Yeah, he wants to stay there" Ted lamented.

"No he just wants you to tell him to come home. Let's go get him!" Jason suggested as he massaged the man's neck and shoulders. The pleasure was intense as the last couple of days had been rather stressful. Jason rounded his man and kissed him passionately. Ted reluctantly joined in and then relented aggressively kissing the younger man. Jason freed Ted's cock and began to lick it. Ted wasn't eager about their first sex since the fight but soon forgot about his issues as Jason sucked on him. As the man's mouth worked the stress from him Ted moaned softly. Jason wasn't just good at this, he liked doing it, or maybe he liked who he was doing it for, Ted wondered as he could stand it no longer and exploded into Jason's mouth.


Mark was stressed too. As soon as Peter's parents had gone to bed he jumped down from his upper bunk,

"So, you wanna jerk each other off?" Mark asked.

"I guess so," Peter said unenthusiastically.

Mark stripped off his required pajamas and climbed in naked with his cousin. Peter pulled off his bottoms but left his top on. Peter pulled the covers up and found Mark's already hard dick. Both boys began to pleasure each other as they lay side by side in Peter's bed.

Mark moaned as Peter was getting better at living up to his share of the mutual masturbation bargain. Mark knew that Peter was straight and that his was just sexual relief for him, which was all that Mark wanted right now anyway. Mark grunted as thick streams of semen were expelled from his cock. Peter kept his hand on it until he was done this time. Mark sighed in contentment, giving himself a few last strokes of pleasure. He could see that Peter was unsatisfied and only half erect at this point. Mark knew that Peter would never be his boyfriend but he still liked him. Mark moved down and took the cock into his mouth. Peter moaned and hardened instantly. He found Peter's cock easy to suck, as it was a nice size and shape. Mark worked the up and down on the shaft going all the way down to the pubic bush. He pulled back and sucked on the head, then licked along the sides down to Peter's hairy balls and began lapping at the scrotum. Mark then went back to throating Peter's shaft as he massaged the teen's testicles. The older teen was in heaven, moaning in pleasure.

"Oh yeah, suck it baby, suck it Suzy" Peter said with his eyes shut.

At first Mark was offended that Peter was thinking of someone else but he quickly got over it as he worked him expertly, keeping him on the edge until finally Peter could take no more and with deep throaty grunts gave Mark his fluids, forcing his cock as deep as he could into Mark's mouth. Suddenly Peter pushed Mark back with such force that he rolled off the bed, cum still dripping from his lips. Looking up at the doorway he saw why Peter had pushed him, as a shocked Mary stood speechless before them.


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