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Chapter 2:

"What are you doing in my bed?" Ted asked in an annoyed tone.

"I had a dream" the boy responded after a short pause. "I got lonely," he continued.

"You should be sleeping in your own bed" Ted said sternly.

"I though you liked me" Mark almost whispered.

"I do like you but that doesn't mean you should just get into my bed whenever you want to" Ted explained. "What are you doing?" He continued as he realized that Mark was running his fingers through his chest hair.

"You're hairy ... all over," The boy noted as he explored.

"That's pretty normal for some men" Ted explained, his tone softening. He began moving his hand gently around the boy's bare back to comfort him. Ted noted that Mark's freckles didn't extend below his face, his pale torso reminding him of a young Dustin. Ted found the boy's back so soft it was almost unreal. The man sat up in bed, bringing the brief period of affection to an end. There's no point in getting attached the kid will be gone soon enough, Ted said to himself as he got up.

"I'll make you breakfast when I get out of the shower," He informed as he strode out of the room, leaving Mark lying on his back where Ted had slept.

Mark snuggled into Ted's pillow and remained in the residual warmth of the bed. He didn't have a lot of experience with men, his mother didn't have many boyfriends. He was used to her providing a lot of affection before she got sick and he missed her even more now.

Ted stroked himself in the shower, his mind focusing on Dustin. He allowed himself brief visions of other men but always came back to Dustin at the moment of orgasm. There was however a brief though of Mark's soft back right at the end. As Ted dried his hair and shaved he realized that Mark was just as needy as Dustin had been, perhaps more so but he didn't show it outwardly. He resolved to be more aware of his subtle cues.

Ted found the boy still in his night shorts, in front of the TV.

"You want pizza for breakfast" Ted jibed.

"Could we?" Mark replied excitedly

"No ... how about pancakes" Ted said with a smirk.

"Ok" Mark replied disappointedly.

They ate at the breakfast bar, Mark shoveling large chucks of pancake drenched in syrup into his mouth, the residual clinging to his chin.

"You want some pancakes with your syrup?" Ted asked sarcastically.

"Huh?" The boy replied cutely crinkling his nose.

"Never mind. We'll go out this afternoon and get you some school supplies. You have all the appropriate clothing for tomorrow or do we need anything?" Ted asked.

Mark shrugged, causing Ted to realize that he was going to have to go check the boy's wardrobe himself.

After the pair had wandered the mall buying all the required items they went off the main streets for a late lunch. As they made for a café Mark took particular notice of a pair of young men passing them while holding hands. He looked back, paused, and then scurried to catch up with Ted. As they closed on their destination the boy noticed another pair of hand holding men and found himself suddenly alone having not paid attention to where Ted had gone. Just as Mark reached the panic point, his head swiveling around, he felt a firm hand on his shoulder pulling him into the coffee shop.

"Come on ... you know how much paper work they'll be if I loose you?" Ted said as he herded the boy inside.

As they approached a table a tall thin man about Ted's age shot up as he noticed them arrive.

"Oh my god, look at the cutie" The man said flamboyantly, as he reached to Mark. The boy stopped and started to back away from the man as Ted strode forward.

"Mark, this is my good friend Emmett" Ted said gesturing for the boy to join them as he sat.

"Oh he's afraid! It's ok honey, come here, I'm not a stranger" Emmett encouraged as he shot a knowing scowl at Ted's likely come back. `Not a stranger, just strange' Ted didn't say as he smiled.

Mark took a seat between the men as Emmett stroked his cheek and hair.

"You're such a cutie," Emmett repeated, as Mark remained rigid to the unknown man's attentions. "I bet Teddy's treating you like a little prince"

A pert late teenage waiter with short blond hair came over to take their order.

"I'll have a latte and a raspberry Danish" Ted ordered directly. "What would you like?" He gestured to Mark.

"Can I have a coke and a chocolate donut?" Mark asked as the young waiter crouched down to his level.

Ted nodded his approval as the teen asked, "more coffee?" while looking at Emmett.

"Oh yes please Corey honey" the man replied. Of course Emm knew his name, he knew everyone in the gay village it seemed, Ted thought.

"So you all settled in?" Emmett quizzed Mark, who just nodded in hesitant response.

"He just got here yesterday and we've got school tomorrow so it'll be a couple of weeks before it all settles down" Ted answered for him.

"Is everyone here gay?" Mark asked finally finding his voice.

"It's the village honey, our little corner of paradise," Emmett answered cryptically.

"This is the street where a lot of gay people come to meet" Ted explained.

"Do you work with Emmett?" Mark quizzed.

"No, Emmett owns a pet store, it's quite popular with people like us who can't have babies to have pets instead" Mark answered.

"Teddy owns 90% of the store, I just run it honey," Emmett said chuckling, inwardly thankful for Ted's munificence. "Teddy's always taken care of me Marky, he even used to beat people up back in high school"

"I never beat anyone up," Ted said scowling at the man, " I just didn't let anyone pick on little Emmett. It's not easy being a gay boy Mark"

It struck Ted that Mark reminded him of Emmett. Not in a physical sense, although Mark did have a slightly long neck like Emm, but more on an emotional level. Emmett needed someone to stand up for him and now Mark needed someone to take care of him.

Mark sat disinterested as the men chatted and consumed their snacks. When it came time to part Mark was shocked that Ted allowed Emmett to kiss him on the cheek. Mark stepped back as the man stroked his face.

"Bye bye Marky" Emmett fare welled.

As Ted and Mark took to the streets, the man lugging the bags of purchases, the boy reached up and took his hand. Ted took the hand firmly, at least he wouldn't loose the kid and with the age difference he'd be assumed the boy's father.

Mark's first week of school went as expected. He was the new kid, didn't know anyone, didn't know where to be and so he wandered around and muddled through, keeping mostly to himself. He didn't complain to Ted but just kept telling him everything was `ok' to any question asked.

On Saturday he joined Ted in the condo's swimming pool, splashing about as the man swam laps. They had the pool to themselves that morning, Ted eventually swam over to see him.

"Ok?" He asked.


"Everything ok? Having fun? Want to go?" Ted blurted

"I'm ok" Mark answered.

"I'm getting tired of being an amateur mind reader Mark. You have to tell me what you want," Ted said more aggressively than he meant.

He stroked the boy's head in consolation. Mark noted how the boy's freckles disappeared below the shoulders and not only was his neck a bit long but his nipples seemed oversized for his small frame. Cute he surely was but the road to puberty had begun, his body would be changing very soon.

Mark splashed the man, catching him lost in his thoughts. Ted took the cue and grabbed the boy around the waste throwing him across the water. The boy returned again and again, to be chased, caught and thrown. Finally Mark got out of the pool and announced,

"I'm ready to go now"

"Ok, we'll have some lunch" Ted agreed as he got out and headed for the showers.

Ted broke the silence as they washed the chlorine off their bodies.

"I have to do some work tonight, you can come with me or I could get Emmett to stay with you"

"I stay by myself after school" Mark protested the suggestion that he needed to be babysat.

"Yes but it's not fair to leave you all night" Ted answered knowing that their was much more mischief available to a boy left to his own devices for an evening compared to an hour after school.

"Where are you going?" Mark wondered.

"I'm taking a client to a traditional cultural event that pits teams of men against each other in a contest of strength and abilities" Ted pronounced.

"Wha?" Mark said crinkling up his nose again.

"Leafs verus Oilers" Ted blurted with a smirk.

"NHL hockey, like actually going, like to the game?" Mark spat.

"It's all business related of course" Ted chuckled, "The company has four seats"

"Oilers, can we go when the Flames come?" Mark asked hopefully.

"Don't push your luck, I take it you want to go then?" Ted asked rhetorically.

Mark jumped up and down and then leapt onto Ted gripping him a bear hug. Ted allowed himself to enjoy the moment but quickly pulled the boy off.

"Now remember, I don't announce I'm gay at work, so don't say anything about Emm, or Dustin" Ted advised.

"Why not?" Mark innocently asked.

"This is important Mark, business and personal stuff are separate" Ted said sternly so that the boy understood the importance and wouldn't question him further.

Mark enjoyed the game, although he started to get bored in the third period. When they got home he went to bed while Ted retired later.

It was late Sunday morning when Ted stirred. He quickly realized that he wasn't alone in bed again. This time the boy's head was resting on his chest, the soft body draped along his at a 45-degree angle. Ted pushed the boy gently off waking Mark.

"Morning" he mumbled.

"What are you doing in my bed again?" Ted demanded.

"I... I was ...I though it would be" the boy stumbled for words.

Ted rolled over top of the boy, gripping his shoulders and bringing their noses together. He hadn't meant to be so stern, he had to try to be softer with the kid.

"I can hug you in the living room, you don't have to sneak into my bed" He instructed with a softer tone. "I mean it, no more crawling into bed with me"

"Ok" Mark whispered.

Ted flung himself off the bed and went off to start his day by taking care of the semi erection caused by his soft bedmate. I need Dustin back Ted lamented as he started the proceedings, 17 days left and he still had to figure out the right time to tell him about the kid.

That week Ted met with an adoption agency, having the Calgary people forward all the documentation was a great help, he wasn't sure he could face another barrage of forms. Ted went to the meeting with mixed feelings, he was warming up to Mark but he knew it would be best for the boy to be in a traditional family and maybe better for his and Dustin's relationship too. An older woman sat down in front of him leafing through a file folder.

"I'm sorry Mr. Taylor, this is an unusual situation," she said chuckling to herself.

"Oh?" Ted said irritated.

"Well it's usually only gay couples that are willing to take boys as old as Mark" She explained.

"He's too old?" Ted asked.

"Couples would rather get babies from other countries than take in school age kids. They want new kids not used ones it seems, let alone a teenager" The woman went on.

"Mark is 12"

"13 next month Mr. Taylor" She said tapping the papers. Ted didn't think about when the kids birthday was, Mark certainly hadn't mentioned it. Guess I have to buy him an Xbox or something Ted thought.

"Let me be blunt Mr. Taylor, Mark is not likely going to be adopted if you release your parental rights he'll be placed in a group home" The woman explained. `Parental rights' the phrase burned Ted, he was suddenly embarrassed to be there.

"We'll it's not that I don't want Mark it's just that my partner and I lead very busy lives and I figured growing up in a traditional family would be better for him" Ted excused.

"Well a lot of kids only get one parent, usually I'd refer you to an agency that provides family support but your income is too high to qualify for any services" The condescending woman explained.

"So I should get him a nanny?" Ted blurted sarcastically.

"You could adopt another one, I've got a 14 year old right here," She reported holding up another file. Her inference being that she had enough unwanted kids already.

Ted cut the conversation short and left without signing Mark away, it wasn't like that bitch was going to let him anyway. After returning to work Ted found himself feeling guilty for trying to get rid of Mark at all. When did I sign on to save the world, he thought, adopt another one, right! On his way home Ted found himself thinking about seeing Mark, much in the same way he'd be excited about getting home to see Dustin. In some ways the two were beginning to occupy the same place in his mind and that scared him.

"Can I go to a friend's place after school on Friday" Mark asked hesitantly. A friend well that was something Ted thought.

"Sure, just get me the address and phone number." He replied.

When Friday came Ted enjoyed the solitude catching up on things. He found it relaxing to just be alone with his thoughts. Mark finally arrived home for dinner at 6:30.

"Everything go ok?" Ted asked as they enjoyed their chicken and pasta.


"So I bet it's nice to have a friend" Ted pushed.

"Yeah he's cool, his mom's nice" Mark said without much enthusiasm.

Ah, the mom thing, he must miss his Ted thought.

"You mad I was out so late?" Mark asked after a prolonged silence.

"Me? No. I'm just frustrated. I can't get a hold of Dustin, he's not where he should be." Ted said somberly. "Ah I shouldn't worry, I know things can change with his work, shoots go long with bad weather and such. What do you want to do tomorrow?"

"We could go skating?" Mark said more as question than a suggestion.

"Ok, skating it is" Ted confirmed.

It was Saturday morning, Mark got up earlier than Ted and resisted the temptation to join him in bed. Instead he went downstairs and got himself some juice and toast before plopping down in front of the TV. Eventually Miss Piggy, the cat, joined him on the couch. She licked the remnants off his plate when he was done with his toast and jam. The animal snuggled into him as he watched the Military channel still in his night shorts. Suddenly the cat shot up and jumped over the couch. Then Mark heard it too, the door opened and someone entered the apartment. An unknown man quickly stood before him, dropping a suitcase. Mark began to breathe easier when he recognized him from his pictures.

"Hi Dustin" he greeted.

Part 3 coming soon...