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Chapter 21

Mark was exhausted when they arrived at the camp. It was three in the morning when they pulled in but he had no idea how long they'd been on the road as he dozed along the way. There were about a dozen boys including himself and Peter that got off the bus. They arrived without any luggage as Bill had told them they wouldn't need any because the camp provided everything. Each boy was checked in and taken to into the lodge. When it was Mark's turn he followed a young man to a change room. Some of the other new arrivals were already there in various states of undress. The boys were required to change into the camp's uniform, which was little more than a pale blue T-shirt and pants. Everything else was taken from them, all personal items, jewelry and such. It was four in the morning by the time Mark was led to a cabin and pointed towards an empty bunk. He thankfully drifted off into a restful sleep.

Sadly it lasted only two hours when he was woken by the sound of a bell. Everyone moved at once, rushing to get up and get dressed. On two hours sleep Mark wasn't doing anything quickly, that's when Tyler appeared. He was a mid teenager with light brown hair, taller than himself. The older teen had brown eyes and a complexion riddled with acne. Mark could see his facial features beyond just that, he had an angular face with a wide mouth and slightly pouting lower lip.

"I'm Tyler, your accountabillabuddy." The older teen announced cheerfully.

"My ... my wha?" Mark asked trying to make sense of the situation in his sleep-deprived state.

"We just say `buddy' I'm supposed to help keep you from temptation, answer your questions and stuff." He explained.

"You work here?" Mark asked as he pulled himself to his feet.

"No, I'm a resident like you" Tyler replied. Mark did notice that his uniform was the same as his own, whereas the staff last night wore navy blue.

"How long have you been here?" Mark quizzed.

"A little over three months, I hope I'll get to go home soon, I think I'm almost cured." Tyler reported as they started out for the lodge as a group.

"Cured of what?" Mark asked.

"Being gay," Tyler replied as thought it was common knowledge.

"How can you cure that?" Mark continued his questioning.

"Prayer, abstinence. You have to find your way Mark" Tyler said as they all lined up to go in for breakfast. Mark was about to ask another question but Tyler hushed him as the staff came around counting heads.

They filed in and were fed an adequate yet bland meal.

"How old are you?" Mark asked now that the silent time was over.

"16" Tyler replied between mouthfuls.

"I'm 13" Mark advised.

"Yeah I know" Tyler said smiling.

"Am I here for the same reason as you?" Mark quizzed.

"Yeah that's why we're buddies. When I told my parents I was gay they sent me here to get the help I need" Tyler explained.

"But I like being gay, I don't wanna change" Mark explained as though he had been delivered to the camp by mistake.

"That's ok" Tyler chuckled, "We all start out like you, then we see the light and set out on the path that god has planned for us and we change"

"Not gunna happen" Mark said defiantly.

"Mark, what you do reflects on me, so please don't make trouble and if you feel like you might hurt yourself come talk to me" Tyler said quietly.

"I'm not going to hurt myself" Mark blurted not fully comprehending Tyler's meaning and insulted at the thought that he couldn't take care of himself.

The week went by slowly, most the day was spent in bible study. Peter at least understood what was going on but Mark didn't even have a basic understanding of the bible and so was lost and bored to tears most of the time. The other times were spent in silent prayer with a sliver of recreational activities. It wasn't the kind of camp that Mark was expecting at all. Eventually he and Tyler became real buddies as Peter was kept away from him. At first Mark thought it was just coincidence but the first time he tried to speak to Peter, Tyler ushered him along simply saying, "Sorry, not allowed to talk to him" Peter's `buddy' was on scene just as quick.

As the sun set on Saturday Tyler and Mark sat apart from everyone around the campfire. Mark was again questioning everything and clearly Tyler was becoming upset.

"Listen, just go along with it, and don't question the Brothers bible interpretations. If you don't want to pray about not being gay then just pray about getting out of here. You're fucking me up too!" Tyler complained.

"What?" Mark asked confused by his friend's anger, hearing him swear for the first time.

"Sorry Mark, it's not your fault. I was hoping I'd be going home soon but Brother Richard told me that I'm staying, one of the excuses is that you're not getting any better, in fact they think you're getting worse with your defiance." Tyler lamented.

"I'm sorry" Mark mumbled. He felt bad for messing Tyler up, he really liked him and felt that the older teen genuinely liked him too. Mark eased his hand into Tyler's and squeezed, He felt Tyler's powerful grip return the gesture, giving him a warm feeling for the first time since he arrived.

"No one can see us doing this" Tyler reported as he scanned for staff.

"I know" Mark replied softly.

"If I don't get out of here soon I'm going to kill myself," Tyler admitted trying to keep his expression hidden.

"Let's run away," Mark suggested.

"You can't, they've got cammo dudes out on the fence" Tyler reported woefully.

"You tried?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, a couple of times when I first got here. They put me in the treatment center it was horrible, I won't do it again" Tyler advised.

The pair left the fire circle before the rest and found a quiet area in the forest. Tyler knew how long they could stay before being missed. He allowed himself the physical comfort he so dearly missed as Mark just held onto him. It wasn't long before Mark reached down and found the other teen's rigid cock. Tyler gasped at being touched sexually. Mark didn't even have to suck it as Tyler exploded rather quickly. Mark went down to lick up Tyler's juices anyway. It was a nice dick and Tyler tasted good too, Mark thought.

Mark presented his own dick for service and Tyler didn't disappoint. The teen worked him expertly. It was obvious that Tyler was experienced and not close to being `cured'.

Both satisfied they returned to the cabin for evening prayers trying to conceal their guilt.

Mark did pray, he prayed that he would soon be freed from the freak show that Bill had put him in. Mark knew now that running away from Ted's was stupid, running to Bill was insane. Maybe God was the only one that could get him out of this mess.


"God damn it Ted, I told you we should have gotten him back right away" Jason complained as he spoke to Ted on his cell phone.

"I know" Ted sighed.

"Where is he now?" Jason asked.

"I don't know, we filed a court document but our case won't be heard for another 10 days" Ted replied truly frustrated with the justice system.

"Ok, call me back with everything you've got on them, full names, address, the name of church, the type of van, license plate if you have it, anything" Jason ordered.

"Why" Ted asked.

"Everyone leaves a trail Ted, I'll find Mark, it might take a couple of days but I'll find him" Jason promised.

"Then what?" Ted asked exasperated.

"We go get him! You're his father, let em call the cops" Jason advised.

"You make it sound so easy," Ted noted forlornly before committing to call Jason back with the information required.

Jason arrived home about four hours later, Ted was relieved to see his confident young friend and accepted a crushing hug from him.

"I know where he is" Were Jason's first words. Ted was prepared to tell Jason how much missed him, how much he loved him but now that was all set aside.


"Camp New Grace. It's a treatment center outside of Thunder Bay" Jason reported.

"Thunder Bay! What kind of treatment center?" Ted quizzed surprised to hear the words in conjunction with a camp, his confidence that Mark was ok quickly fading.

"For addictions, drugs, alcohol, homosexuality" Jason said mater of factly.

"How did you find him?" Ted asked.

"The Edwards made a large credit card payment, ya see trails Ted, we all leave trails" Jason said triumphantly.

"Let's go get him" Ted declared.

"They do have security, so driving up to the front door might not work, now that we know it's not really a kid's camp. We could get the cops involved but then he could just be moved to some other place long before we got there" Jason advised.

"So what do we do?" Ted asked finding it strange to rely on his young lover's direction, usually he was the one in control.

"I have an idea, but I'll have to make a call. My cell phone died I just have to find my charger" Jason reported.

"Use my phone" Ted said pointing to the cordless on the table.

"Naw this guy doesn't take unsecured calls," Jason advised.

"Just who are you calling?" Ted wondered if not Jason's uncle.

Jason paused, wondering how much Ted really needed to know. Getting Mark back would be all that he cared about the method would be irrelevant. Jason stopped before ascending the stairs and turned toward Ted,

"Conundrum" he replied.


Mark and Tyler had become frequent visitors to the bushes for quick sexual relief. To keep their absences unnoticed they shortened their interludes by alternating which of them was pleasured. Mark found it strange that Tyler had turned so quickly from establishment apologist to co conspirator. Thankfully the teen had regained his stamina requiring Mark to work hard to get a release from him. Mark enjoyed slurping and sucking on Tyler's cock. It was as thick as Peter's but longer. Having to stay as quiet as possible the boys worked out a tap on the head as a signal that they were close.

After one such event the pair returned to their cabin.

"Cammo dudes" Tyler noted as they approached.

There were only two reasons for security within the camp, someone had hung themselves again or someone was going to the treatment center. Too late he realized which it was.

Brother Richard exited the cabin and greeted them.

"Ah, Tyler and Mark, there you two are".

Tyler froze while Mark was oblivious as the four men in camouflaged clothes surrounded them.

"You've been observed in oral copulation Tyler, I'm disappointed but I suppose set backs are inevitable even with those so close to getting better"

"It was just a set back Brother, I didn't even enjoy it, it won't happen again" Tyler said in a panicked tone.

"Good," Brother Richard replied before gesturing to the guards. A guard grabbed Mark with one hand on the shoulder, the other on his wrist. He twisted it up his back causing Mark to double over in pain as he was pushed away. Tyler was prepared and tried to escape. It was futile as the three men easily tackled him. Mark could see them pummeling Tyler with their fists as they subdued him.

"Stop hurting him!" Mark shouted as he was led away.

Mark was left in a small room over night without any bedding. In the morning the treatment staff arrived and let him out. He was taken to a room with strange looking chair. He was seated in a way that pushed him forward on a forty-five degree angle, his chest resting on a brace. One man kept him in position with a firm hand on Mark's back. The other man laid out two gay porn magazines, as he flipped through the pages he said,

"Tell me when you see something you like and I'll leave it open" the man asked.

"That one's fine" Mark said hoping to move things along quickly.

"Keep your eyes on the magazine" The man ordered as Mark tried to glance around the room.

"What are you doing?" Mark asked as a nasal spray bottle was inserted into his nose. There was a quirt and a strange taste. The man repeated on the other nostril, a few seconds later Mark was nauseous, his stomach knotted. The man behind him forced his head back down.

"Look at the pictures kid, come on lets get it over with," He advised.

A couple of minutes later Mark got another pair of quirts up his nose, this time however he vomited into a waiting bucket, clearly the men were prepared. The reaction became more intense as Mark was dripping mucus from his eyes, nose and mouth. It felt like he was crying, had a runny nose and was puking all at the same time.

"What kind of treatment is this" Mark managed as his retching finally subsided.

"Aversion therapy, smell is the strongest sense for memory, you see naked men you puke" The man explained.

"What kind of doctors are you guys?" Mark complained as was given a rag to clean his face.

"We're not doctors kid" The man said as they led him back to his little room.

Mark turned away from the open door and nailed one of the men in the genitals as Jason had taught him. Mark then bolted, without thinking about the direction he was headed. The other man grabbed him by the collar and flung him into the little room, slamming the door shut. Mark knew he was likely to pay for it later but he was satisfied with at least his attempt to escape.