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Chapter 23

The next day Ted and Emmett took the boys to see the lawyer. After listening to as much of the story that could be told he spoke, "Well I'll withdraw the custody order but I think the Crown attorney might still be interested in proceeding with an unlawful custody charge against the Edwards, that might be enough to get them to drop their challenge for Mark. More interestingly though I think we should sue them, the church and the camp on Mark's behalf"

"Sue them for what?" Ted quizzed.

"Well Mark was placed in what they call a treatment center without proper parental consent and from what I've just heard Mark was given medical treatment without your knowledge that could be malpractice" Bernie explained.

"I'm not really interested in getting any money from them or dragging Mark through a long drawn out process" Ted advised.

"It might be something we can do as a class action or out of court settlement either way we could impair their ability to run these camps," Bernie noted.

"How so?" Ted wondered

"Well if we get a settlement that would be cash they can't use even if their insurance covers it all, their premiums and those of similar facilities will jump significantly. I suspect they aren't a licensed medical facility so that might open them up to further charges, in any event we'll be shining a rather bright light on them. Should we get a settlement that exceeds Mark's needs you could always donate the excess to a group that opposes such camps." Bernie explained.

"Yeah let's screw em" Mark said excitedly.

"It was fortunate that you boys were able to runaway but we don't yet know if you'll have any long terms physiological effects of being there." Bernie suggested.

Jason cleared his throat, ready to jump in should further explanation of how they got home be asked. He had prepped the boys with a story about hitch hiking to town and finding a phone that they used to call Ted but he worried that these two might not make good liars.

"As for Tyler here, he's over 16 so he can really do what ever he wants. I'd recommend that he inform his parents of his situation so that he doesn't end up on a missing persons list." Bernie continued.

"I'm not going back," Tyler blurted.

"You don't have to, but options for gay teens are pretty limited, social services can give some help but in my experience finding a foster home for a gay kid is very difficult. Oh it starts out all right, he's a good kid, no legal problems, does well in school but when you have to tell them he's gay, forget it. Group home's aren't ideal either, is there anyone who might take you in Tyler, relatives maybe?" Bernie asked.

"He can stay with us for a while" Ted offered.

"That might be good for the short term Ted but if these two are going to be boyfriends then you'll want the perception that underage gay sex isn't going on in your apartment," Bernie advised.

An awkward silence fell over the room until Mark's schoolgirl giggling became uncontrolled laughter.

"I have an Uncle in the city I could ask, or maybe my grandparents but they live kinda far away" Tyler reported.

"We'll work something out Tyler don't worry. I'll help you make some phone calls tonight" Ted advised.


Ted and Emmett went off to work after dropping the boys off at the condo. Mark and Tyler lazed about watching TV, until Tyler said, "I didn't realize we were boyfriends"

"You don't wanna be?" Mark asked concerned.

"Yeah I wanna" Tyler mocked.

"So you're my first real boy friend then" Mark said as he sat up and embraced Tyler. At first the older teen resisted kissing but once they got started he pinned Mark pushing his tongue deep inside. Tyler shucked off his shirt and began pulling on Mark's.

"Let's go upstairs" Mark said breathlessly.

Mark led the shirtless teen upstairs noting the beginnings of abdominal definition on his friend. The pair stripped down and leapt into bed, where the kissing and touching continued. Things quickly developed and both were rock hard and passionate. Mark reached over into his night table drawer and found his bottle of lubricant. He lubricated himself by inserted a finger as Tyler sucked on his sensitive cock. Once he was ready Mark rolled over and pushed his ass up.

Tyler got the idea of what he wanted but still confirmed, "You sure?"

"Yeah let's do it" Mark replied.

Mark grunted as Tyler's cock head pushed in. The over excited teen wasted no time in pushing himself fully into Mark's ass, causing the younger boy's head to snap back as he whined in pain. Tyler pumped quickly to satisfy his own urges, as Mark's grunts soon turned to moans of pleasure as his hole relaxed. Tyler emptied himself rather quickly and dismounted Mark, lying on the bed beside him.

For the second round Mark lay on his back and pulled his legs up to his chest. Tyler positioned himself and then pushed right in. Again Mark grunted as he adjusted to the intrusion. Tyler pumped furiously until his second orgasm was upon him. Mark was enjoying himself but was disappointed at his boyfriend's lack of stamina.

"Can you go again?" Mark asked hopefully.

"Yeah give me a minute" Tyler replied as he cuddled in with the younger boy.

Mark touched and stroked his boyfriend's firm pale body, exploring the contrast of his strong muscles to his soft skin. Tyler's flat belly and strong arms excited Mark; he wanted their love making to last forever.

It was on Tyler's third entry that Mark felt fully relaxed. The older teen had recovered from his second orgasm and was ready to return his cock to Mark's tight hole. The boys didn't say much to each other but rather communicated with grunts, moans and touches. Once Tyler got up to speed Mark moaned softly in rapture, the warm feelings of an anal orgasm washing over him. Tyler was able to last much longer as he plunged his cock in and out. It was the prefect size penis for Mark to loose his virginity with, not too thick but long enough to give him the deep warm feeling of anal love. Tyler was panting as he began to tire of pounding into Mark's now completely willing hole. Mark pushed back on each stroke wanting his prostate massage to last forever. Mark wondered what it might be like to have an even larger penis inside him, his thoughts turned to Jason and then quickly to the monster that lived between Ted's legs. He had surreptitiously sucked on it and now wondered if he could accept something that big in his ass. Finally Tyler's third orgasm ended the proceedings as he crashed his weight down onto the sweaty body below. The two teens lay locked together shuddering in after shocks; Mark's thoughts were only of Tyler in the end.

The pair recovered and came down stairs to find Jason home. He threw Tyler's shirt to him, "I don't want to know what you two have been up to," he said as Mark beamed a big smile.

It wasn't long before Ted got home and they sat down for dinner. He prepared a chicken fettuccine with salad. The boys slurped the noodles leaving both with Alf redo sauce comically on their lips.

"I called about my dorm room today" Jason announced, "They told me that I didn't have one, apparently I withdrew my application or some kind of screw up"

"Oh yeah ... they called when you were off on your, `mission', I told them you didn't need one anymore" Ted said flatly as he reached for more garlic bread.

"Really, so I guess you have no choice but to keep me now" Jason chided, "I will require a firm ass pounding at least three times a week I hope you realize"

"Jason please, not in front of the kids" Ted said chuckling.

"They can watch if they want" Jason quipped.

Ted pointed his parental finger at Jason and raised an eyebrow.

"I've already seen you two going at it" Mark chirped without thinking about he had just admitted.

"Really? You were spying on us?" Ted quizzed.

"Well just for a second when I was going to the bathroom, it's not like you two are quiet or anything" Mark explained, leaving Tyler to wonder just went on at night in the apartment, he too wondered what making love with a man would be like. Mark was nice and all but he lacked the penis size to reciprocate anally.

"It's a private thing Mark" Ted explained. "Maybe I should move my bedroom down to my office with all you kids living here!"

Mark smiled hoping to himself that Ted meant to keep all four of them together.

After dinner Ted approached Tyler about contacting his relatives. The boy was too shy to make the initial call and so it was left to Ted to make the calls.

"Yes, hello Bob, my Name is Ted and I'm calling about your nephew Tyler" Ted began.

"Oh, yeah what's he done now?" The man asked.

"He hasn't done anything but he has decided that he can't live with his parents any longer and is looking for relatives that might be able to help him out" Ted advised.

"Well I haven't seen Tyler in years so all I know about him is what I'm told and from what I hear he's quite a weird one. I have a baby now and I don't think my wife and I could take him in" The man rejected.

"By weird you mean he's gay?" Ted asked gruffly.

"Gay huh? Yeah I always figured him for a queer but he's got more problems that just that, the boy's just not right in the head," The man advised.

"He's living with me and my son temporarily, so perhaps I can ask you to explain what you mean by that?" Ted quizzed re-evaluating Tyler.

"Well, all I know is what I've heard which is pretty vague but he has put himself in the hospital when he burned or cut himself or some such thing on purpose. I surely wouldn't leave him alone around young kids," The uncle advised.

"Well thanks for your advice Bob" Ted ended the call.

Next he dialed the boy's grand parents and got an old woman on the phone.

"Yes, I'm calling about your grandson Tyler" Ted began.

"Oh yes what a nice young boy" The woman replied.

"Well he's almost a man now and things aren't going so well with his parents" Ted continued, "He was hoping to find a relative that could take him in"

"Oh my husband's not well and we're too old to take care of kids now. My son has been a good father to Tyler why can't he go home?" The woman quizzed.

Ted wasn't sure what to say, it seemed the grandmother was out of the loop on the issues.

"Here I'll put Tyler on the line" Ted said as the teen recoiled at phone being handed to him. Tyler relented and began benign banter with his grandmother, which went on without resolving the issue at hand.

Ted felt bad for the teen, he seemed to have no support among his family but still Ted wondered about what he was told. Maybe Tyler really did need professional help, just not the kind of unqualified help he got at the camp.

"It's ok Tyler, I'm not going to kick you out" Ted consoled the obviously upset teen.

"Thanks Ted" The teary eyed boy said as he leaned his head into Ted's chest. Instinctively Ted drew him in and held him.

"Tyler, did you ever put yourself in the hospital?" Ted asked a few minutes later.

"Yeah" Tyler sighed. "I cut my wrists once"

Ted didn't press further on the question, Tyler's answer seemed honest and he certainly wouldn't be the first gay boy to try and kill himself. Just then Mark arrived on scene and saw the two embracing.

"Hey! No boyfriend stealing" he chirped playfully in his soft young adolescent voice. When he realized that Tyler was almost crying he came over and hugged the boy from behind. He loved Tyler and he knew how safe it felt to be surrounded by Ted's strong body.