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Chapter 24

Tyler and Mark slept together for the first time that night. The older teen was happy to have his friend close by but truth be told he'd rather be in Ted's strong arms. Mark squeezed himself tightly against his lover pressing their flaccid cocks together. For Mark the feelings of constant body contact were electric. Finally Tyler grew tired of the younger boys gyrations and rolled over on top of him.

"Just go to sleep," he whispered as he gripped the boy's shoulders.

Mark woke to find himself alone in bed. He got up and went to the bathroom and as he passed Ted's open bedroom door he could see that Jason was still slumbering. After he pissed he had a fleeting thought of climbing in with the young man but instead followed the sounds of Tyler's voice to the kitchen below. Ted was dressed for work, his strong body hidden by his business wear. Tyler stopped prattling when Mark appeared,

"Good morning" Ted greeted.

"Morning" Mark mumbled as he got his hair messed by his Dad.

"I'm off to work now, try not to get into too much trouble and don't wake up Jason" Ted asked in his parental tone.

"Yeah I guess you wore him out last night" Mark said of the noises he heard from Ted's bedroom.

Ted extended his finger and repeated, "Let him sleep" before leaving the apartment.

The boys lounged by the TV, Mark cuddling into his older friend. It wasn't long before Mark made an effort to get Tyler excited by stroking his bare chest and licking his neck. Tyler looked down at the strawberry blond,

"Go ahead and suck it," he said of his protruding erection.

Mark pulled down Tyler's shorts to allow the penis to pop out.

"Lets fuck" he said lustily, looking at the firm cock.

"I'm kinda tired" Tyler replied.

"I could sit on it," A disappointed Mark suggested.

"Alright" Tyler conceded.

Mark bolted upstairs to get his lubricant and returning seconds later prepared his hole for action. Mark straddled Tyler and braced himself against his lover as he lowered his body into position. Tyler manoeuvred his cock and helped Mark ease himself down on it. Slowly the teenage cock disappeared into Mark's ass. He sighed as it reached the magic spot inside him. Mark began to slowly bounce giving him self and Tyler pleasure. He decided that he liked it his way, being able to control the speed and interact with Tyler. Kissing him and looking into his face, the younger teen could tell that Tyler was enjoying himself, to the point of being very close to orgasm. Mark worked his own cock trying to hurry his release along. Tyler began grunting and pushing his hips upward as he unloaded. Mark continued to ride him, rubbing his dick along Tyler's soft belly but he wasn't able to orgasm. He stuck with it, keeping the teenage cock inside him as it softened and after a brief time of Mark's slow movements, it began to harden again. This time Mark did reach a state of anal orgasm. His body tingled all over as he oozed cum from his dick. The younger boy was lost in his own world until he felt Tyler thrusting hard up into him. The older teen had taken over when Mark went all mushy and stopped riding him. As Mark came down from his orgasm Tyler's hard thrusting became uncomfortable causing him to join Tyler in grunting. The older boy pushed down on Mark's hips as the younger teen sought to take less of the cock inside him. Thankfully Tyler didn't take long to finish off, leaving both boys to collapse onto the couch.

Mark woke alone again. He could hear voices and the realized the TV was on. Tyler had moved over to the other side of the sectional and was lying prone, still naked, with his head on Jason's thigh.

"Look who's up" Jason said playfully.

"Yeah" Mark sighed as he stretched.

"I was thinking that after you two sex maniacs get cleaned up we could go down and see Emmett for lunch" Jason suggested.

Mark mumbled his approval as he left to clean up with Tyler following along, his flaccid cock swinging as the naked boys made for the bathroom.

As expected Emmett was happy to see the trio arrive, greeting each in his typical style. Tyler stepped back a bit, still unaccustomed to the public display of male affection.

"Is everything ok with you, honey?" Emmett asked Tyler as he fingered his straight longish blond hair.

"Yeah" Tyler replied still taken aback by the effeminate man.

"I'll make you an appointment to see Marcel, he can do your hair and help with your face" Emmett advised as he stroked the boy's acne ridden cheek.

Tyler wasn't happy that Emmett had drawn attention to his acne, he was as one might expect rather self-conscious about it.

"Yeah whatever" He snapped.

After lunch the trio departed for home, leaving Emmett to note that Tyler was closer in size to Jason than he was to Mark, whom appeared to be the puppy dog little brother as they walked away.

Ted arrived home to find Jason was preparing dinner while the teens were playing on the game console. Not long after Ted settled in the phone rang, he could see who was calling on the display. He let the phone ring initially planning to let it go to voice mail but at the last second picked it up.

"Hello Mr. Taylor" A man's voice greeted.

"Hello Mr. Edwards, what can I do for you" Ted replied.

"I was calling to tell you how sorry Mary and I are about sending Mark to that camp. We had no idea that kind of thing was going on there. We got Peter out as soon as we heard" Bill advised.

"I'm sure Peter appreciates being home," Ted said.

"Mr. Taylor, we understand now that you're Mark's father and we aren't going to interfere but I was hoping that we could bring the legal proceedings to an end, we don't want to loose everything we have." Bill asked.

"You should have thought about that before, but let the lawyers work that out Edwards, I'll do what's best for Mark" Ted replied thinking that he'd rather not risk airing any dirty laundry.

"We were hoping we could see Mark to ..."

"No" Ted interrupted in mid sentence.

"Ah, perhaps I could apologize to him..."

"I'll convey your apology" Ted snapped.

"Thank you Mr. Taylor, perhaps I'll contact you again when everything has been resolved" Bill asked.

"I'd prefer that you not" Ted replied flatly before ending the call.

Just as he hung up the phone, his lawyer called. Ted answered thinking that was rather fast. After speaking to the man briefly Ted joined the lads for dinner. Salad and rolls had already been consumed as they waited impatiently for Ted to arrive to serve the main course. Ted was fairly quiet as they consumed Jason's spaghetti and meat sauce. The boy's of course prattled on but Jason sensed something was up.

"Everything ok?" He asked.

"Yeah, I've got something I need to do with Tyler after dinner, I'm just thinking about how we'll handle it" Ted replied.

"I'm here to help" Jason advised.

"Thanks" Answered without explaining himself further.

After dinner Ted approached the teen,

"Tyler can I see you in my office please" Ted asked softly.

He led him into the room and closed the door prompting Mark to ask Jason, "What's going on?"

Jason shrugged "Dunno"

Ted motioned for Tyler to sit at his desk,

"Tyler, we need to call your parents now" Ted announced.

"What for?" Tyler protested.

"They need to hear that you're alive and well, and then you can tell them yourself that you're not coming home" Ted said, repeating what the lawyer had instructed.

"I'll make the call and we'll leave the phone on speaker if that's what you want" Ted offered, seeing the boy was reluctant.

Tyler nodded. Ted began dialling.

"What the hell is taking so long, what could they be doing?" Mark pestered, "They've been in there over an hour!"

"I don't know Mark, go knock on the door and see" Jason blurted, frustrated with the young teens questions.

Mark went to the office door and knocked softly.

"Come in" Ted called.

Mark opened the door and entered, Tyler was slumped in Ted's arms. It was clear from his face that he was upset about something.

"What's going on?" Mark asked more sternly than he intended.

"Tyler's had a rough time talking to his parents, Mark" Ted advised.

"You're not sending him back?" Mark asked

"No, I don't think he can go back anyway, his father said some pretty mean things to him" Ted noted as he stroked the blond boys' head.

Ted pushed the reluctant Tyler to his feet and the three returned to the living room.

"You guys watch some TV for a while and then Tyler is going to sleep with Jason and me" Ted ordered.

"Why?" Mark quizzed.

"I want to keep him close for now" Ted replied cryptically.

"I'll take care of him" Mark insisted.

"Mark, Tyler isn't as strong willed as you. Right now he's pretty upset and I don't want anything bad to happen to him" Ted reported.

"What could happen?" Mark asked refusing to drop the issue.

"He'll be better with me tonight, don't worry you'll get him back" Ted said chuckling.

"Fine, but Jason sleeps with me," Mark said petulantly.

"I'm not sure that's a great idea Mark" Ted replied.

That night Tyler slept between the men, clinging firmly to Ted. In a quiet moment Ted had warned Jason of his concerns about Tyler hurting himself, that way if the boy got out of bed during the night, one of them were bound to notice. This however left Mark alone and rather resentful of the situation. Ted hadn't shared the information about Tyler's past wrist cutting making him wonder what exactly was going on.

In the morning Ted woke with Tyler pretty much on top of him and fully erect. It would be common for any teen to get a woody in the morning; surely any kind of touching at that age would set him off. Ted got up for work, leaving the teen to slumber safely with Jason. Once Ted was gone Mark passed by the open bedroom door and enviously eyed Tyler alongside his Jason. Mark didn't even bother to go in, he just went down stairs.

It wasn't long before the pair was up and dressed.

"I'm taking Tyler to his hair and facial and then I'm going to show him the ropes at the Pet store" Jason announced.

"OK, I'll be ready in ten minutes" Mark said as he leapt over the sectional.

"Ah, you're not coming actually" Jason reported, as he wondered why Ted hadn't made things clear.

"What! Why not?" Mark thundered.

"Well, the hair salon isn't really a spectator sport and if both of you hooligans are at the Pet store, nothing would get done. I'll be back this aft when Emmett takes over and then we can hang out," Jason explained.

"Forget it" Mark moped as he returned to the TV.

"See ya" Tyler waved without getting a reply.

Tyler eyed the diminutive man from Quebec with suspicion. He sat in the chair as instructed while the men spoke in French. Tyler's language skills were limited but he thought that Jason told the man to make him beautiful or that he was beautiful, well at least someone was beautiful in the discussion anyway. After having several applications of goop on his face, his hair washed and cut, Emmett arrived.

"Oh my gosh, look at him Marcel, magnifique!" Emmett gushed with a little clap of his hands.

Tyler had to admit he did look good, his face was much clearer and his hair fuller, styled a little shorter in a more random way than his typical straight fashion.

"Well come on my pretty little prince, we're off to the pet store" Emmett gushed after paying Marcel for his work.

Tyler followed Emmett to the store, he didn't really feel comfortable enough to walk along side him.

"Well who's the cute gay boy?" Jason greeted when they entered. Then it hit Tyler he had gay hair! Now anyone that would look at him would know he was gay.

"What's wrong?" Emmett asked.

"My hair's gay looking" Tyler mumbled.

"Naa, it's metrosexual, it's cool" Jason advised but Tyler still wasn't convinced.

After orienting Tyler on the stock boy duties he left him to Emmett's designs and returned home to Mark, wondering as he walked what mood he'd find him in.