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Chapter 25

Tyler stocked the shelves as instructed while he listened to Emmett interact with his customers. He despised the queen, openly flamboyant, gay for the entire world to see, just what was he trying to prove? Tyler wondered. He had spent his entire adolescence suppressing, denying what he was, and hiding it from the world. There was Emmett flailing his arms around as he spoke in an unnatural high pitch tone. Everyone seemed to like him thought and unfortunately they seemed to like Tyler too. He was subjected to unaccustomed compliments that made him feel a bit freaked out. Tyler wondered why all these old guys kept telling him how cute he was?

"So you're a quiet one" Emmett said to him once the store emptied.

"Yeah" Tyler replied.

"It's no big deal honey, I'm just used to Mark prattling on, he's like me never seems to shut up" Emmett giggled.

Yeah that's for sure, Tyler wanted to say.

"Mark's totally fallen for you honey, it's so cute to see him in love" Emmett sighed half talking to himself.

"Yeah he's a good kid" Tyler replied before heading back to get another box of cat food for the shelves.

`Good kid' Emmett thought, what a strange thing to say about someone who was supposed to be your boyfriend.

Tyler made his way home after work. He entered the apartment to find Jason and Mark lazing in front of the TV.

"How'd it go?" Jason asked.

"Fine" Tyler replied

Mark began giggling, "Nice hair" was all he could get out before burying his face in Jason's side and erupting in laughter.

"Mark, come on" Jason chided.

"Asshole" Tyler hissed.

"Oh Tyler, wait til Ted gets home, he'll take one look at your bottom boy hair and bone you right on the dining room table!" Mark teased.

"You should watch us, not like I'm going to be boning you anymore" Tyler replied vituperatively.

"Ah a lovers spat, how nice" Jason sighed.

As Mark looked back over the couch at Tyler smiling smugly the older teen unloaded his day's frustrations.

"Yeah that's right keep your mouth shut little boy, or I'll shut it for you" Tyler challenged.

Unfortunately Mark was no wilting violet, his smile disappeared as he leapt over the couch to face the challenger.

"I'm waiting, come on shut me up pizza face." Mark taunted the bigger boy.

Tyler swung and Mark grabbed his arm, twisting it down into a submission position.

"Teenagers" Jason sighed. He thought about letting them go at it but decided that wouldn't really resolve anything. Jason leapt up and quickly had both boys in a headlock, even in such a restraining hold they still tried to punch at each other yet both dared not strike Jason. Just then the door lock clicked and Ted strode in seeing both boys heads under Jason's arms.

"Ah daddy's home, perfect, they're all yours" Jason announced as he released the pair, giving them each a push to separate them.

"What's going on?" Ted asked.

Jason spoke after neither teen replied.

"Princess here made fun of Tyler's hair and then that escalated" Jason explained

"So you're kicking Tyler's ass because of his hair?" Ted scolded Mark.

"No, it's his fault he said he'd shut me up and then he swung first" Mark whined.

"The hair is my fault," Jason interrupted, "I should have told Marcel you wanted a more conservative style, I'm sorry Tyler"

"Go sit in the bathroom Mark" Ted ordered.

"What! Me?" Mark complained fruitlessly as Ted's parental finger pointed him to the downstairs bathroom. As Mark complied he slammed the door shut. Taking time outs in the bathroom seemed bizarre to the boy.

Ted sighed sending Mark to the bathroom was an effective punishment. He didn't have any games like he would in his room and there wouldn't be any excuses to leave confinement.

"Tyler, sit at the dinner table please, I'll come over to talk to you soon" Ted asked exasperated from his own day. He motioned for Jason to follow him upstairs so that he could change his clothes and talk to the babysitter.

After listening to Jason's recounting of the day he asked,

"So you just let them fuck on the couch? This situation is difficult enough without you encouraging them" Ted accused.

"Hey, lets not do this again, if you're mad at Mark, be mad at Mark not me." Jason countered.

After a pause Ted continued, "I think we may need to find Tyler a permanent home sooner than we thought"

"Not a group home" Jason challenged.

"No, maybe I'll call the Lesbians. I took a teen off their hands maybe I can get them to do the same for me" Ted suggested.

"I'll start dinner while you wrangle the hormone monsters" Jason offered leaving the room without waiting for a reply.

Ted tapped on the bathroom door before opening it.

"Finally!" Mark snapped clearly still not cooled off.

"It's not even been half an hour yet Mark" Ted commented as he stood in the doorway. Mark went quiet until Ted was ready to speak again. It was only a minute but felt much longer.

"Things with you and Tyler seem to be moving along a bit too fast. Remember Mark he's been rejected by his parents and here he is in a strange situation. It's weird but we allow our selves to get angry with those we care about, I suppose it's cuz we know they'll forgive us. Put everything else aside for now, just be a good friend to Tyler" Ted lectured.

"Ok" Mark sighed looking at the floor.

"Dinner's almost ready, don't rush it but find the time to tell Tyler everything's ok ... He's not ... Not as resilient as you." Ted asked.

Mark left his `cell' and found Tyler sitting at the table as Jason was putting out the food. He came around to stand beside the teen and leaned in surprising him with a passionate kiss.

"I guess that'll work too," Ted said as Mark took is seat without speaking. As Jason brought the last platter out Ted followed his son's lead and kissed Jason passionately. The young man was however very reactive causing Ted to break off.

"Jason, we're about to have dinner here"

"Yeah, enjoy kids Ted's got something he wants to give me" Jason said cheekily as he tried to pull Ted toward the stairs.

Mark shrugged while Tyler chuckled.

"You can wait til after dinner," Ted said as he took his seat at the table.

The rest of the evening was quiet, the teens gave each other space while Jason and Ted cuddled on the couch. Mark looked over at them, it was obvious that they were in love. He was jealous of Jason, oh he liked Jason but he really wasn't infatuated with him anymore. The boy thought about his relationship with Tyler. Maybe he was the only one in love. Their friendship was one of convenience, born out of a traumatic situation. The more Mark thought about it, the clearer it became, he was the one pushing things along, maybe Tyler even felt obligated after all that had happened.

Mark lay on the couch trying to get comfortable. He rolled onto his back and looked up at Ted who sat beside him.

"Why do I hafta sleep on the couch?" He quizzed.

"Tyler's the guest," Ted said as he slowly moved his hand around Mark's chest. The boy's skin was so smooth and soft. As Ted moved to stroking the boy's face he spoke,

"I can sleep with you and Jason," he suggested.

"I think Jason would be pretty disappointed if I don't give him what he wants tonight" Ted chuckled.

"It must be awesome to get fucked by a big dick like yours" Mark suggested as he guided Ted's affectionate hand back down onto his chest. He enjoyed the man's attentions as his mind drifted back to thoughts of Tyler penetrating him.

"Don't make it sound so cheap Mark, Jason and I make love, we don't just have a sexual release," Ted explained. "Things with you and Tyler have moved along pretty fast, I get that everyone develops at a different pace but it seems like you're a couple of years ahead of yourself."

"Straight boys my age think about breasts all the time, I think about big cock all the time" Mark reasoned.

"Yes but you're getting some, most boys your age only dream about it" Ted noted.


"So slow down take it easy, Tyler's more sensitive than you, it's been difficult for him" Ted suggested.

"You said that before but I don't know what you mean" Mark said.

"Mark, he's tried to kill himself. He's not like you, he's not strong emotionally" Ted explained.

"Why didn't you tell me that before?" Mark whined.

"If Tyler wanted you to know, he would have told you himself Mark" Ted noted.

"Yeah I guess" Mark said sombrely as he further discounted Tyler's feeling for him.

"Jason's waiting, I should go, goodnight" Ted said before kissing Mark.

"Night" Mark replied and then rolled over.

Ted arrived in the bedroom to find Jason ready and waiting, his eyes communicating his desires. Ted was already semi erect as he began to undress. It was likely the combination of stroking Mark's soft body and the anticipation of knowing Jason was waiting for him. Ted positioned himself and eased the head of his thick dick into Jason. The man then pushed the rest in with one motion. Jason's gurgling gasps from the rapid insertion conveyed his surprise. Ted withdrew fully and then repeated the entry, pushing his thick turbid meat into the younger man's hole. Jason grunted as Ted began a firm rhythmic pumping of his ass, their testicles slapping as he pushed deep every time. Jason was able to enjoy their love making for quite a while, but by the change his moans and the constriction of his anus Ted could tell that an orgasm was upon him. In that moment Ted thought of Mark and how the boy dreamed of taking a large cock. He then joined Jason in sexual bliss thinking only of his lover in the end.

Ted stayed mounted as Jason preferred until he softened and slipped out. The two lay beside each other continuing their loving touches. Ted felt so comfortable with Jason, perhaps this was the one to spend the rest of his life with but he thought he'd be doing that with Dustin. They almost made it seven years together, Ted thought for sure it was going to last forever.

Jason moved to get out of bed, presumably to use the bathroom or so Ted thought. Instead he felt the younger man's firm hands on his ass and then the pleasing wetness of a tongue lashing his hole. During the rimming Ted felt a finger go inside him, that was new but not uncomfortable, then it was two fingers. Before Ted could complain they were out and something bigger was pressing for entry.

"Jason, I haven't let anyone in there since I was 16, lets do something else" Ted asked twisting his head around.

"Relax Ted you'll like it" Jason said in his best sultry voice.

"I didn't enjoy it back then" Ted blurted.

"Don't compare me to some teenage amateur Ted, just relax my born again virgin" Jason teased.

Jason pushed and Ted relented, relaxing as much as he could before the cock was deep inside him. It was rather painful to accept at first but as Jason rocked back and forth Ted found it pleasurable.

"Now you know how I feel baby, and you're even bigger," Jason whispered as he converted his top man.

Jason found a pace at which he could massage Ted's prostate and give himself pleasure. It wasn't long before Ted tightened and exploded in a quivering orgasm. Jason withdrew from the hole and finished himself off with only a few strokes, spraying his goo onto Ted's back.

"You're going to want to do that all the time now aren't you" Ted said as he recovered.

"No, just every now and then. I like it better when you do all the work" Jason noted as he cuddled in for the night. The two men drifted off the sleep still clutching each other.