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Chapter 26

Mark woke from his slumber on the couch, the sunlight beaming into the open concept corner apartment. The boy popped his head up from behind the couch as if from a gofer hole, his hair a rat's nest of bed head. He stretched his lithe adolescent body. The couch wasn't uncomfortable but it certainly wasn't the nice soft bed that Tyler occupied. After taking his morning piss the strawberry blond stood shirtless by the window looking out onto the city below. The sun was rising as the city woke, he could already see traffic jams forming. He lamented that his summer days were dwindling and that too soon he'd be back in the routine of school.

"You're up early," Ted said in way of greeting as he descended the stairs.

"I'm sleeping in my own bed from now on" Mark reported petulantly as he stretched his arms up over his head revealing just a hint of dark pit hair.

Ted stroked his boy's face as he passed. Mark gripped Ted in a surprise hug from behind.

"Hey don't wrinkle the shirt," Ted ordered, as he was already mostly dressed for work. The man continued to the kitchen with Mark still holding on, waddling behind. The boy finally let go and took a bar stool while Ted busied himself with his morning routine.

"You want anything?" He asked.

"Coffee" Mark mumbled.

Mark was surprised when a mug full was placed before him, another step on the road to adulthood but what he didn't know was that it was half milk.

"Here have a banana," Ted said as he placed one before the boy as he continued to prepare his oatmeal. Ted turned to join the boy at the breakfast bar only to see Mark teasing the end of the banana with his tongue.

"Mark... it's for eating, not practicing." Ted said playfully.

Mark bit a large portion off and then spoke his mouth full of banana, "That's what's going to happen if I don't get my bed back"

"I think Jason is opening the pet store today you should go with him since your up" Ted suggested.

After Ted left for work Mark made his way lazily up to the shower, where he let the warm water flow over his back. He took the opportunity to stroke himself off, his mind wondering from cute guys in the mall to Ted then to Jason. Just then the shower door opened and his hero appeared, naked before him. Mark's eyes went immediately to the flaccid penis resting between Jason's legs.

"I have to shower, you've been in here long enough" Jason announced as he stepped in.

Mark moved from under the water giving Jason room to wash as he continued to stroke himself. "You wanna help?" He mumbled.

"You want to get me in trouble? I promised remember" Jason replied moving quickly to ready himself for work. "I bet Tyler's got a wake up woody to share".

"I don't know about Tyler anymore" He mumbled clearly close to orgasm as he stroked quickly.

"Yeah, you didn't think about having to share everything with him when we brought him home" Jason noted. Seeing that Mark was still working on his release Jason began running a finger along Mark's anus and took over stroking for him. The boy sighed and within five pulls he was unloading into the shower.

"There ya go, this never happened" Jason said as he left to get dressed.

Mark collected himself and stood nude in the bedroom doorway, "I'm coming with you, Ted said I should" he announced.

"Yeah? Well get dressed I'm gone in five minutes" Jason advised.

Mark just made it to the elevator as it arrived, dressed in a blue silk shirt with blue and white board shorts. He appeared to be prepared more for day at the beach than for work. The pair made their way to the store, Jason unlocked it and went right to opening up the cash having arrived a few minutes after 10am. Mark walked down the aisles and back up to the front. The morning was expectedly quiet until their first customer arrived just before eleven. Mark saw him first and recognized the old weathered face with short greying hair.

"Conundrum" Jason chirped as he turned to the man.

The name and Jason's reaction brought it all back for Mark, it was the man in the helicopter that day when he and Tyler were rescued from the camp.

"Banana Split" The man replied as he scanned around the room, pausing briefly on Mark. "What are we calling this man?" He said pointing to the boy.

"I'm Mark," the boy advised.

"I'm thinking Strawberry" Jason replied, "So what brings you here General?"

"Is there a place we can talk?" The General asked.

"Yeah in the store room, Mark you're in charge, call me if you need to" Jason said motioning to the back of the store.

Mark peered as the men disappeared wondering what was going on. The first actual customer of the day arrived, an older fat man came in. He looked at Mark behind the counter and asked,

"Did Emmett leave you here all by yourself cutie?"

"No, Jason's in the back" Mark said almost as a warning but he was used to being complimented by the men now.

Mark helped the man with his purchase and was again left to his wondering. The men were alone for half an hour before emerging. As they shook hands Jason said, "I won't let you down sir"

"I know you won't lieutenant" Conundrum replied before leaving.

"Lieutenant?" Mark asked

"Yeah it's a military rank," Jason explained.

"I know that" Mark whined. "But why did you he call you it, you're not in the army?"

"It's honorary, but Jesse's the real deal, he's been in cadets and now an officer cadet" Jason explained.

"So what did he want, you guys were in there forever" Mark quizzed.

"You'll know when it's time for you to know" Jason answered.

"You can tell me, I can keep a secret," Mark pleaded.

"Ha! Right, lets just keep it need to know for now Strawberry" Jason chuckled.

"Why can't I be Slayer or something cool," Mark whined.

"Cuz you're a fruit!" Jason teased just before the next customer arrived.

At three in the afternoon Emmett arrived to take over the store. Mark's head popped up when Jason greeted Tyler following the man through the door.

"Hey Tyler".

"I got him out of bed" Emmett complained.

"All right Mark its shift change, lets get out of here" Jason advised as he moved around the counter.

Mark looked back at Tyler who gave him just a head nod of acknowledgement. Mark took Jason's hand as they walked through the gay village towards home.

Tyler and Emmett took to their jobs without much conversation but when here was a lull in customers the man spoke to him.

"Tyler honey" he began "Ted's told me things aren't all that happy at home and we were thinking that you might like to come and stay with me for a while, see how things work out" he said leaning over the counter.

"Yeah" The teenager replied looking out the window as the herd of humanity passed them by. "Ted was saying something about living with some women too"

"I don't know what's going on with that, but my offer stands. Come live with me and if it doesn't work out we'll find something that does" Emmett said as casually as he could.


That evening at dinner it was just Ted, Jason and Mark at the table.

"Is Tyler coming home for dinner?" Mark asked.

"No he's still working with Emmett, they'll get something on their own," Ted advised.

"You think he'll go for it?" Jason asked.

"Go for what?" The ever-curious Mark chirped.

"Tyler living with Emmett" Ted explained, "We'll see, I told him to try and soft sell the idea"

"I want my bed back," Mark said at the idea of Tyler moving out.

"I heard from the lawyer today" Ted changed the subject, "the Edwards want to join the suit against the camp, if I drop the suit against them. Bernie thinks that might be helpful if we go to trial. The Crown it seems has no interest in criminal charges so I'm thinking we should consider the Edwards offer"

"Just settle it" Jason blurted, "The camp is being shut down over health code violations anyway, all that's left is the money so let's not get into messy trials and stuff, just work out a settlement"

"Is there a problem?" Ted quizzed wondering how Jason was up on the camp's situation.

"No, but we don't need one. Mark doesn't need to go through testifying and I'm not sure where Tyler's head is at either" Jason explained.

"Ok, good point, I'll tell Bernie to seek a settlement" Ted acquiesced.

"Will I get to see Peter again?" Mark jumped in.

"Well, if you want to I can ask but I'm not going to let you go to his place again Mark. There's no way I can trust the Edwards again," Ted said.

"He can come here," Mark said excitedly.

"Tell you what, you call them and ask," Ted instructed.


Emmett opened the door to his apartment and ushered the reluctant Tyler in.

"Now, it's not as fancy as Ted's place but its home sweet home to me" Emmett giggled as they entered.

Tyler looked around, the apartment was closer to his parents' house than the opulence of Ted's condo. He looked out the open window to the street below. There were two men kissing oblivious to those passing by.

"Welcome to the gay ghetto" Emmett said with a flourish. He could tell that the boy was nervous but he was unable to be anything but himself, regardless of Ted's directions to be less flamboyant.

"You have a boyfriend?" Tyler asked.

"Me?" Emmett said flustered. "Oh no, I like young studs like Jason but I'm getting too old for them. Guess it's time I act my age" He finished with a nervous giggle.

Tyler turned away continuing to evaluate his potential home.

"If I'm lucky enough to get a date now and then, don't worry I won't bring him back here, no chance of catching us going at it" Emmett continued, over communicated.

Tyler settled in on the couch as Emmett doted on him. The young man got his fill of pizza as they watched what ever he wanted on TV. Emmett couldn't help himself he stroked the back of Tyler's neck and played with his hair. Emmett found Tyler interesting a bit like Mark but more manly like Jason with some of Ted's button down formality.

"So I guess I'm sleeping over tonight?" Tyler asked.

"Well if you want to, there's no pressure" Emmett replied desperately hoping that he would stay.

Tyler unbuttoned his pants and out flopped a semi erect cock. It was a decent size and nicely shaped.

"Suck it," he almost whispered looking over at the man.

"Oh my... Oh would you look at that" Emmett stumbled for words. "I can't Tyler you're too young"

"I'm almost 17" He replied. "So you were just teasing me then" Tyler continued when Emmett paused.

"Oh I didn't realize I was exciting you Tyler and well you're Mark's boyfriend" Emmett explained.

"I'm done with little boys," Tyler advised in a serious tone.

Emmett looked down at the hard cock, the young top ready for action and he lost any self control that he had. Taking the meat into his mouth he gave the boy pleasure that only an experienced cocksucker could. Tyler moaned and whined, shocked that it could feel so good. He kept him hard and close to cumming for a while. Emmett then paused and put a condom on his turbid dick. Tyler didn't understand the man had pleasured him without one and suddenly change his mind? Then it occurred to him, Emmett wanted to something else.

"Get your pants off" Tyler snapped and Emmett quickly complied.

Tyler pressed his cock in deep and pumped the well-used hole. Emmett was chirping the whole time, "Oh yes Tyler, yes, oh slow down baby make it last".

Tyler was proud of what he was giving the man but nature took over and he unloaded. Collapsing onto him, sweaty and exhausted.


"Can we talk to you Mark?" Ted said as the boy watched TV.

Jason sat down and then Ted beside him, both sitting across from the prone boy. Ted noted that Mark had no issues lying on the couch for hours, just sleeping on it.

"What's wrong?" Mark asked reading their faces.

"Nothings wrong Mark" Ted began.

"Tyler is staying with Emmett?" Mark assumed.

"Yes, for tonight at least then we'll see but Jason has something he needs to tell you" Ted said sombrely.

"Mark, you need to know now" Jason began cryptically referring to their morning visitor. "I'm going to go to school in England this year, so you'll have to take care of Ted for me"

"What!" Mark shouted his heart pounding in his chest. "Why?" He whined.

"Mark, this is something I knew was going to happen someday. The man that I call my Uncle isn't, he actually found me homeless and took me in when I was a stray puppy not much older than you. A lot of things have been done for me, including your little rescue and now it's my turn to do something." Jason explained softly.

"What does that have to do with school in England?" Mark asked on the verge of tears.

"Well, I'll be watching some people, keeping an eye out for things, while I'm going to school." Jason advised.

"You'll be spying?" Mark quizzed.

"Yeah I guess you could say that, it's what I've been trained for since I was taken in. I didn't realize it at first but I figured it out soon enough. I may not be able to keep in touch with you but I'll try. If you get letters from someone you don't know, could be me Strawberry" Jason explained as he pulled Mark in for a hug.


A week later Mark stood with Emmett and Ted in the airport holding firmly onto both of them. Tyler was close by having already said his goodbyes to Jason. For Mark it was much harder and for Ted too although he didn't show it.

"Don't worry Mark, I'll be fine and so will you with your two dads here" Jason said gesturing to Emmett and Ted.

The young man quickly stood and strode toward the airport gate.

The end.

Well for now at least.

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