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Marks two dads



Ted 38 Button down businessman, Mark's adoptive gay father.

Mark 13 Ted's gay adoptive son (Mother deceased, father unknown)

Emmett 36 Ted's former high school boyfriend, now his closest adult friend.

Tyler 17 Mark's former boyfriend and religious camp co-conspirator

Jason 20 Ted's absent former boyfriend.

Where we left off: Mark's boyfriend Tyler went off to live with Emmett who found he had a tiger by the tail. Jason went off on his spy mission leaving a distraught Mark behind with Ted. If you'd like to read about Jason's adventure then go to the College section and you'll find `Jason secret Agent'

Chapter 27:

It was Sunday morning when Mark heard Ted calling him again.


"Come on Mark, we don't want to be late" He bellowed in his parental tone, the one that told the boy that he shouldn't push it.

Mark swung his feet onto the floor and stood. He liked having a single bed again after sleeping in a double for so long. It gave him room for a desk and it made the space feel more like his own, rather than Ted's guest room. His father had put a pull out couch in his home office to serve that purpose when he allowed the boy to redecorate somewhat. Mark waddled into the bathroom to drain his bladder. His puberty was in full swing now, he was up to 5 foot 4 inches tall and his muscles were continuing to define. He was proud of his biceps and flat belly, as he'd continued to work on the exercises that Jason had taught him. Mark's shoulders had broadened and his weight was up to 110 pounds, he was ahead of most of his classmates physically. Mark had begun to show more pit hair and he had a bit of a moustache starting but with his fair hair it was hardly noticeable. Even his genitals were developing with a thick pubic bush around his lengthening penis.

The freckle face boy made an appearance as Ted was preparing for departure.

"It's getting a bit chilly for a T shirt don't you think?" Ted asked

"I'll bring a jacket" Mark replied pragmatically.

"Alright" Ted replied as they left the apartment.

They walked to the restaurant to meet Emmett and Tyler. Mark didn't really like the idea of getting up on a Sunday morning to go out to eat but he didn't see much of his former squeeze now that he lived with Emmett. Once inside they couldn't miss Emm waving his hands flamboyantly for them to come over. Emmett kissed Ted in greeting and then gave the boy a gentle stroke on his cheek, knowing that Mark didn't like too much public display of affection.

"Good morning honey," He chirped.

"Hi Emm" Mark replied and then gave Tyler a nod. The other boy barely acknowledged them, clearly just as unhappy to be out early on the weekend as Mark was.

"This one was out late again last night," Emmett noted as he pointed toward Tyler.

"I hope you're being careful Tyler" Ted admonished, still feeling somewhat responsible for his former houseguest.

"Yeah" Tyler mumbled dismissively.

"Not careful enough to call home, leaving me up all night worried!" Emmett buzzed.

"You want to fight about it again?" Tyler snapped, clearly not in the mood. Living with Emmett had provided Tyler with his own space but it also meant that he had a worrywart of a boyfriend/parent to deal with. He didn't know why Emmett was so stressed about it, after all he got a young cock to fuck him on a regular basis out of the deal.

"Mr. Taylor... can I speak to you about a portfolio transaction?" A strange man asked Ted.

"Blaine! Good to bump into you" Ted replied as he gripped the man's hand warmly.

"And this must be young Mark" Blaine suggested, getting a puzzled look from the boy as he ruffled Mark's hair. "Ted has a big picture of you on his desk, did you know that? Prattles on all the time about how wonderful you are" Blaine continued.

"Blaine is a fund manager at my company, we work together sometimes," Ted explained.

Mark wasn't really interested in the thirty something man, he was nice looking for an old guy but between Ted and Emmett he'd met so many of their adult male friends that he just couldn't keep track. He usually never saw them again anyway but they often remembered him when they did.

"You know Emmett" Ted noted.

"Everyone knows Emmett" Blaine said warmly, confirming his sexuality as far as Mark was concerned, being that they were in the gay village anyway.

"And that's Tyler, Emmett's teenage mutant boyfriend" Ted said getting a bit of a smirk out of the disinterest teen. "Can you join us?"

"No, I'm running off to see my sister and her two brats, but we'll catch up another time" Blaine replied as he waved goodbye.

Emmett smiled at Ted and then turned to his menu. Mark noticed the two old friends communicating silently, making him wonder just whom this Blaine guy was to them. Mark ordered his usual, syrup with pancakes causing Ted to wonder how Mark kept himself so lean. He certainly had become a frequent visitor to the gym in their condo, but it was likely due to his growth spurt that he could eat anything at anytime.


Mark had been back in school for a month now. Grade 8 wasn't that much different from the previous year in his middle school. He kept his distance from his former friend Ryan despite the boy's best efforts to reconcile. Mark just wasn't interested in the troublemaker. He had easily fallen in with the pubescent girls who all thought of him as the class hottie, and a few of the jocks, given the boy's propensity for athletics.

As he made his way to English class Mark noticed a smaller boy, Bryce, being teased by a larger fat boy and two black kids.

"What are you going to do about it faggot" He heard one boy say as they refused to give the smaller blond kid his book bag back.

A teacher, Mr. Blackburn, came by and the bullies scattered. Mark liked his English teacher, he was a down to earth guy that didn't feel the need to dominate his students. Mark figured the fit man for mid to late twenties. Mark was no English fanatic but he surely liked gazing at his teacher all class long.

Creative writing was a challenge for the strawberry blond boy, all he wanted to do was write stories about gay boys but that wasn't going to go over well he figured. So Mark ended up writing adventure stories about his friend Jason and all the fun he must be having in England. He missed his `older brother / mentor' and wished that he would call or e-mail or anything!

Mark snapped back into reality as Mr. Blackburn walked near him, patrolling the aisles to see that everyone was still working on the assignment. He breathed in as much of the man's scent as he could, beaming up with his best `goodboy' smile. The teacher gave Mark a gentle touch on the head as he passed, sending tingling feelings though is body. Mark shifted in his seat, his erection searching for additional room in his pants.


The following weekend Ted announced, "Blaine's going to come out to the movies with us, if that's alright"

The statement seemed odd for Mark's confident parent, he didn't normally ask Mark's permission for things, "So... He's like your boyfriend now?" The teen asked flatly.

"Well... we're just friends" Ted replied, not sure of the correct answer himself. Blaine was far more like himself than most of his other partners. He was in the financial industry, straight acting and muscular. In his early thirties Blaine was an accomplished man, perhaps a better fit for Ted compared to the young men he'd been with.

"If you don't want to go I could call Emmett and see if you can hang out with him and Tyler" Ted suggested.

"I don't think Tyler hangs out with Emm very much" Mark advised as he continued flipping through the TV channels on the lazy Saturday morning.

"Yeah, that's a point of concern" Ted agreed cryptically.

"Yeah I guess he can come" Mark replied. He had become accustomed to the large circle of friends that Ted and Emmett maintained but going out with another guy seemed too much like dating. Mark wasn't sure he was ready for Ted to have a new boyfriend just yet. It had been just the two of them for the past little while and he was starting to like that.

"I was thinking we'd meet him at that Italian place for diner, that work for you?" Ted asked. Mark was a bit irritated with the way Ted was asking. He preferred it when the man would just tell him, rather than pretend to offer him a say in the matter. Ted stood behind the couch and placed the palms of his hands on the sides of the boy's face. He drew his hands up along the soft freckled cheeks, breaking Mark's attention from the TV. The boy was an affection pit and Ted knew it. He looked up at the man and sighed.

"Italian place, yeah ok" Mark agreed.

"Are you ok with all this?" Ted asked.

Mark stood on the couch now at eye level and put his arms around Ted. "No" he replied.

Ted kissed his boy on the lips, "I love you pumpkin"

"Strawberry" Mark replied with the code name that Jason had given him.

"Oh yeah, have you heard from him?" Ted asked.

"No" Mark lamented.

"I'm sure he's fine Mark, Go get ready" Ted consoled. As the boy leapt over the couch and headed upstairs, Ted noted just how quickly Mark had grown in the seven months since he'd arrived.

That evening Mark was quiet most of dinner, he was disinterested in the men's conversation and irritated with Blaine's inane questions in an obvious attempt to draw him in. At the end of the meal Ted excused himself to use the bathroom. Blaine used the opportunity to address Mark again,

"He talks about you at work all the time" Blaine suggested "and he's got this massive picture of you on his desk, it's the first thing I noticed when we had a meeting there"

"Really" Mark responded flatly.

"Ted really cares about you and we could be friends too Mark. Ted's told me how witty and fun you can be." Blaine suggested.

"Ted has a really big cock, I'm sure you'll like it" Mark replied flippantly. He wasn't impressed with the man's overt efforts to win him over. In some ways he preferred the honest hostility of Ted's ex boyfriend Dustin. The banter ended when Ted returned.

Mark preceded the men toward the theatre when they left the restaurant.

"Sorry he's a bit aloof tonight" Ted apologized.

"It's ok, he's just not used to me." Blaine deflected. "Gosh he's so cute, he must be beating the girls away"

"Well actually, he thinks he's gay" Ted replied.

"Thinks?" Blaine quizzed.

"He's young and easily influenced, we'll see where he ends up" Ted explained. "It wouldn't surprise me if he put the moves on you before long" Ted chuckled.

"Lucky me!" Blaine retorted.

Mark was allowed to select the film and chose Rush hour 3 mostly for the martial arts. He sat a couple of seats apart from the men, rejoining them when the movie was over. The boy flung himself though the air and landed on Ted's back with a thud. Blaine was startled and jumped aside but Ted wasn't surprised with his son's aggressive affection. He knew the film would excite him, despite its corniness. Ted's large muscular frame was sufficient for the impact of the flying boy. Ted carried him outside before dropping the teen to his feet. Mark erupted in an excited tirade of `did you see that's' as he demonstrated many of the movie characters moves bumping his body up against Ted.

"Careful Mark, don't be bumping into people," Ted cautioned the over excited child.

Blaine put his hand on Mark's shoulder as they waited to cross the street. Mark's demeanour changed instantly. He looked at the offending hand and then directly at Blaine who quickly withdrew it. Mark was willing to tolerate Ted's friend but he was going to draw the line at familiarity.

When they got back to their building Ted spoke to Blaine as Mark swirled exuberantly around the lobby, waiting to enter.

"Thanks for coming out tonight" Ted said.

"It was a lot of fun" Blaine replied.

Mark stopped and stared thinking `oh snap they're going to kiss!' and then his fear was realized.

"Just a friend eh" Mark said to himself.

Blaine and Ted then joined him the lobby while Mark thought `please don't come up to the apartment'.

"Good night Mark, I had fun" Blaine announced as he extended his hand. The boy stepped back to prevent the man from touching his head.

"Mark! Shake Blaine's hand, what's wrong with you tonight!" Ted snapped.

Mark looked at his father irritated with his scolding and then shook hands with Blaine, "'Night Blaine" He blurted, thinking that he and Blaine both knew where his hand was originally going.

Blaine was off home, while Mark and Ted ascended to their condo. In the elevator Mark knew that Ted wasn't happy with him.

"You were rude tonight," he blurted.

"Sorry" Mark mumbled not making eye contact.

"No you're not but you should be" Ted scolded. "I thought you were mature enough to go out with my friends but if I have to I'll get Emm to baby sit you again"

Mark scowled at the suggestion, he was old enough to be left on his own. Why the heck Ted wanted him to go out on his dates was beyond him.