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Marks Two Dads

Chapter 28

Mark's creative writing was interrupted when his teacher's hand slid gently along his neck. The boy was instantly erect as he turned to smile at Mr. Blackburn, his train of thought derailed. He stopped writing and thought only of his young teacher. The man must have known what the touch was going to do to the boy. Mark sighed, maybe Mr. Blackburn felt the same way as he did, maybe he could have a sex partner other than his hand, maybe. Mark lamented loosing Jason to his stupid trip to England, and then Tyler broke up with him so it had been a while since he had anyone to share carnal pleasures with.

At lunch Mark saw that Bryce was eating with a small group, an unpopular girl and an overweight boy. He wanted to talk to the blond boy, he wondered if he really was gay or was the bully's faggot comment just an insult to the not quite average enough boy. Mark arrived and planted himself in front of Bryce, not even bothering to ask if he could join, he just assumed that his social standing allowed him to do it.

"Hey" Mark greeted, as the group remained silent.

The blond boy looked up from his lunch and then slowly over at the tables where Mark typically sat. He didn't have a specific table but was usually in the proximity of the popular athletic kids.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Eating lunch" Mark pronounced

"You don't even know us," Bryce challenged.

"You're Bryce, he's George and I'm sorry I don't know your name" Mark said of the unpopular girl.

"I'm Becky," She said, giggling nervously at the thought of having a hot boy like Mark at the table.

"Why aren't you sitting with your friends?" Bryce quizzed.

"I want to make a new friend," Mark suggested.

"We have nothing in common" Bryce replied in a superior manner.

"We're both boys and we go to the same school, have the same teachers" Mark suggested. "And I think we live in the same building, at least I've seen you there".

"I live in a house" Bryce replied smugly, "Which building are you in?"

"200 park court" Mark advised.

"The Park Condominiums nice place, my uncle lives there," Bryce noted, thinking that Mark might not be such a clod after all.

A jock boy suddenly appeared behind Mark, gripping his shoulder, "come on we're playing soccer".

Mark looked over at an obviously disappointed Bryce and said, "You come too".

"No thank you" Bryce replied as Mark stood up.

He shrugged and then was off with his buddies.

The rest of the day seemed to drag on for Mark, he wondered why he was unable to make a better connection with Bryce. It was easy for him to make friends a fortunate side effect to being popular. It had always been this way for Mark even before he came to live with Ted.

Mark sought to follow Bryce out of class as the final bell rung ending the day. He was however waylaid by some girl. He caught the blond boy looking back, perhaps not even at him but regardless he saw him with a girl. It then dawned on him that living as an assumed heterosexual, he was unlikely get a gay boy to come on to him, or even to open up to him for that fact.

The girl was still prattling on while Mark wasn't really listening. Eventually he closed the one-sided conversation with, "I have to go".

Mark pushed through the throng of students approaching Bryce's locker. He heard the boy shout,

"Give it back!" Meaning his backpack.

The bullies were at it again Mark noted. He could see that Bryce was clearly upset as he reached for his bag. One bully pushed Bryce back on his last attempt to get his possessions, slamming him into the locker.

"Oh is the fag gunna cry" Another one taunted as a crowd stood by as though they were spectators at a sporting event.

Mark looked around for any teachers that he might call upon and seeing none decided to act. He hadn't really thought it through, he just grabbed the backpack from the unsuspecting bully and gave it to Bryce.

The bully hesitated, his work was interrupted by a jock that simply wasn't supposed to happen. He stepped up to Mark shouting, "What are you doing fool"

Mark expected the posturing and turned to face the challenge. He extended his hand straight out to the soft spot just below the boy's Adams apple and forced the boy to step back. The bully moved to grab Mark's arm but he was faster, twisting the bully's arm around and forcing him to withdraw. A second bully the fat boy, moved toward Mark. He expected it, these kinds always-acted in packs. Mark could see a couple of his friends circling but didn't expect them to step in. He waited for the large boy to grab him before slamming his fist firmly into the boy's face. The gorilla stumbled back before regaining his balance. He looked at Mark with a fury in his eyes and pronounced, "Now you're going to get it"

Mark easily dodged the lumbering boy and then kicked his feet out from under him. The bully crashed head first into the lockers and crumpled in a heap.

"Oh is the big bully going to cry?" Mark mocked.

The others were giving distance at this point but one was still yapping at him, "You must be a faggot yourself, is this one your boyfriend?" He taunted.

"Come here honey and I'll give you a kiss" Mark replied in an Emmett like effeminate voice while positioning for attack.

Mark swore he heard gasps from his silly response, most likely from the `Mark's a hottie' fan club of girls.

The bullies withdrew leaving the crowd with nothing to watch.

Mark waited for the hall to clear before turning to Bryce, "So you want to come over to my place?" He asked.

"I have violin tonight" Bryce replied, "You didn't have to do that" meaning the rescue.

"Yeah you were great on your own there," Mark countered.

"Are you really gay?" Bryce wondered softly.

"Come over to my place sometime and you'll find out" Mark replied flippantly.

"They aren't going to leave it like that Mark, they'll come after you too now" Bryce suggested.

"I don't care, I can take'm" Mark said standing with his hands on his hips.

"I have to go" Bryce hushed, not used to such gregarious posturing.


Mark was too busy playing Halo 3 on the TV to notice that Ted had put out three places at the table for dinner. It was only when Blaine arrived that he clued in to the fact that they were having a visitor. After the men greeted Blaine stepped over to the sectional couch and said,

"Hi Mark"

"Hey Blaine" Mark replied not wishing to get another lecture from his father on civility.

"What's that you're playing?" Blaine asked rhetorically.

"Halo 3" Mark responded still focused on the game.

"Ted tells me you've got the NASCAR game, maybe we could play that after dinner" Blaine suggested.

"You feel like loosing?" Mark chirped.

"I don't know I'm pretty good," Blaine teased.

Mark went back to his solo play while the men talked.

"You're so patient with him Blaine" Ted noted.

"He'll come around" Blaine replied

"I hope so, he can be stubborn" Ted lamented.

"It's worth the effort Ted, I've wasted too much time in other relationships only to get dumped because the kid didn't like me" Blaine explained.

"Really?" Ted wondered.

"It was a girl that didn't even live with the guy but she had her daddy's heart and wasn't going to let me take any part of it" Blaine reported. "It might sound harsh Ted but if Mark doesn't like me, you and I don't have a chance"

"Well Mark's not in charge here, and I guess being recently adopted puts him in a less powerful position than someone's natural child. He needs me more than I need him" Ted reported confidently.

Blaine smiled and didn't say, `I'm not so sure about that'.

It wasn't until Ted bellowed that dinner was getting cold that Mark leap up from his gaming position and joined them at the table. Blaine was amazed at how athletic Mark was his fluid movement and poise was captivating to watch. Mark sat opposite Blaine during the meal. He kept his irritation under control when the man kept smiling at him and tried to draw him into conversation. Afterward Mark excused himself and Blaine called out, "Get the NASCAR game ready, you're going down!"

"In your dreams" Mark replied.

Blaine took his coffee over to the TV area where Mark was setup. He took a wireless controller from the boy and began to play. As expected Mark was a far superior player. Blaine started to cheat by bumping Mark over on the couch eventually turning the game into a physical sport.

Ted appeared behind them, "It's bed time Mark," He announced.

"Ok" Mark sighed, knowing it was useless to fight it. He got up and shut the game down. The boy then leapt up and hung onto Ted. Blaine watched with envy as Mark kissed his father. Once the boy had trotted off Blaine said,

"He's a good kid"

"When he wants to be," Ted noted. "I'm glad he's warming up to you".

It was about two in the morning when the phone rang waking Ted and Blaine.

"Emmett calm down" Ted began, "Sorry I've got to deal with something," He said to Blaine as he left the bedroom.

"Tyler hasn't come home," Emmett lamented.

"Well I told you not to let him go out in the first place Emm, but I'm sure he's fine" Ted consoled.

"Can you come over?" Emmett whined.

"Alright I'll come but he's done this before Emm, you shouldn't worry so much" Ted admonished.

"I know, I know" Emmett replied.

Ted explained the situation to Blaine and left the apartment.

The next morning Mark woke up to his Saturday routine, arriving downstairs in his shorts he found Blaine sipping a coffee by the TV.

"You slept over?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, I hope that was ok" Blaine asked.

Mark shrugged in response before joining the reclined man on the couch.

"Ted's sleeping in a bit" Blaine explained. "He had to deal with something last night"

"Tyler again?" Mark asked

"I think so" Blaine replied not really interested in all the dramatic details. He was however interested in the boxer clad boy sitting on the couch. Mark's firm young body was exciting to look at, with his flat belly and powerful arms. Blaine was infatuated with the creature before him. From the second he saw Mark's picture on Ted's desk he knew that he wanted this boy. He gently rubbed Mark's back as the boy flipped through the channels searching for something to watch. Mark looked over at Blaine and then moved to recline on top of him. Mark knew that he was an attention slut but he didn't care. Blaine continued to rub Mark's soft body caressing ever lower along his belly. Mark wasn't sure he liked Blaine but he sure liked what he was doing to him. It was an intensely erotic experience for the teen, as Blaine brushed along the waistband of his shorts. Blaine was suddenly alarmed when Mark firmly grabbed his wrist. He was afraid that the boy wasn't happy with his stroking but his fear turned to surprise when Mark lifted his waistband and thrust the man's hand into his crotch.

Blaine felt the hard young cock and began to slowly stroke it. Mark sighed as he leaned his head back against Blaine's chest. The man didn't have the amount of chest hair that Ted did but it was still pleasing enough for the boy to rub his face in it. Blaine too was aroused as he shifted slightly. He kept glancing over at the stairs, afraid of what Ted might do if he caught them. Mark's breathing was getting rapid as Blaine stroked the teen quickly. He was surprised that Mark was so well endowed as he examined the cock between his fingers. Mark grunted softly as he experienced the first release not by his own hand, in a long time. He sprayed onto his belly and wet the man's hand. Blaine licked the sweet cum off his fingers and then collected what was available on Mark's belly and consumed that.

As Mark regained his senses all he could think about was doing it again. Blaine spoke first, "We can't tell Ted about this".

"I'm not stupid" Mark snapped, "Let's take a shower together." He continued more cheerfully.

"I don't think Ted would like that," Blaine suggested.

"He won't care" Mark replied, thinking about showering with Jason.

"You shower with all his boyfriends?" Blaine chuckled as he stroked Marks's soft cock.

"Some of them" Mark replied, sending a surprise shiver down Blaine's back.