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Marks two dads

Chapter 29

Ted woke late, still unhappy with having to go over to Emmett's apartment in the middle of the night. He'd told the man not to let the boy out at all but apparently Tyler was a man now and was making his own decisions. Ted got up and headed for the bathroom but on arriving found it occupied, with the shower running. Ted sighed, his first night with his new boyfriend hadn't gone as planned, he hoped the man wasn't discouraged. Ted trudged down the stairs heading for the main floor bathroom. He saw the familiar shock of strawberry blond hair in front of the TV, the kid needed a hair cut again, Ted though.

"Morning, Blaine's in the shower" the boy reported.

"Morning" Ted returned.

"Coffee's made" Mark called as Ted passed out of sight. Well that was something at least Ted thought. He finished his business and got himself a cup. Just as he sat down the phone rang. Mark leapt up to get it, not that he was likely getting a call but he seemed over eager to know who was calling. The boy came trotting over and thrust the phone at Ted.

"Who is it?" Ted asked.

"A woman asking about Tyler" Mark replied.

Ted sighed, Tyler again, things with Mark had settled down for a while and now he had another troubled youth to deal with. He lamented the day that Jason had left him with the poor kid. His family had disowned him after he escaped from the religious camp that was supposed to cure his homosexuality. The things people do, Ted thought as he took the phone.

"This is Ted Taylor," He answered.

"Mr. Taylor, I'm Tyler's mother, I was hoping you could tell me how I can get in touch with him," A woman's voice announced.

Ted was stunned, it was the last person he'd have thought would call.

"I'll give you another number, he's staying with a friend of mine. Can I ask why you're trying to speak to him now?" Ted chided, wondering where the hell she was months ago, when the boy needed her. Some people just shouldn't have kids, he thought.

"I want him to come home... Things have ... changed and I'd like to give him another chance," She suggested.

Give him another chance when she practically abandoned him? It would be the other way around he figured. He gave her Emmett's number and then waited for the man to call.

Blaine came down the stairs dressed for the day.

"There you are, sorry about last night" Ted greeted.

"No worries Ted, I know Emmett remember" Blaine replied.

"Can you stay for breakfast?" Ted asked hoping to mitigate the situation.

"We had breakfast Ted" Blaine gestured to Mark, "It's almost lunch time but no I can't stay, I'll call you later"

"Ok, again I'm sorry" Ted repeated.

"Apology accepted" Blaine replied as Ted stood, to see him out. "You don't have to walk to me to the door" He said as he gave his boyfriend a brief kiss.

Mark at this point was sitting on his knees, backward on the couch. His freckled face rested on his arms. As Blaine passed he shot up and gripped the man with his arms. He surprised Blaine and his father when he kissed Blaine on the lips. The man took it in stride was he made his way to the door.

"See ya guys," He said in parting.

Once the man had left, Ted looked over at Mark and said, "Well that's quite a change, a guy plays video games with you and the next thing I know you're kissing him"

Mark shrugged and turned back to the TV. The boy thought that maybe it was a bit too much to be kissing Blaine in front of his Dad but he wanted the man to know that he enjoyed their morning interlude, even if it didn't end up with a shower.

It wasn't long before the phone rang again, Ted was almost certain that it was Emmett even before he looked at the call display.

"Hello Emmett, I suppose you've spoken to Tyler's mother" Ted began.

"Yeah the bitch wants to come see him tomorrow!" Emmett whined.

"What does Tyler think?" Ted asked.

"He's not here, he's never here" Emmett complained.

"Well then see if you can't talk to him before she gets there" Ted suggested.

"He doesn't listen to me Ted, I try all things you suggest but he just doesn't listen" Emmett whined.

"Well Tyler is almost 18, maybe it's time he was on his own if he doesn't want to go back with his mother. I know you're not a big fan of tough love but I don't want to take Tyler back and I sure don't want to be coming over in the middle of the night to deal with his shit" Ted said more firmly.

"I know Ted, and I really appreciated you coming" Emmett replied.

"Get the mother to come over in the morning, he's more likely to be there, I'm not sure what shape he'll be in but he'll be there" Ted suggested.

"Ok, Honey I'll let you know how it goes" Emmett closed.

"Tyler again?" Mark said, as his head appeared disembodied on the edge of the couch. Ted hadn't noticed him listening, he likely should have gone in to his office for privacy.

"Yeah, he's not adjusting so there might need to be a change" Ted said in his parent speak.

"You're going to make him go back to his homophobic parents?" Mark questioned.

"I'm not doing anything, it's up to him and Emmett but I'll tell ya, I'm about done with that kid." Ted said exasperated. "You can't help someone who doesn't want help Mark," He continued more softly.

"Are we doing anything today?" Mark asked moving on.

"Nothing planned, you have something in mind?" Ted quizzed.

"Is Blaine coming back?" Mark wondered.

"Man I still can't believe how quick you've changed your tune with him" Ted chuckled.

"He's ok" Mark said nonchalantly as he recalled the morning's relief.

"I guess he'd have to be to put up with you" Ted said as he ruffled Mark's hair, passing by on his way for another coffee.


Emmett was surprised when he heard the key turn in the lock. He looked up at the clock, it was barely 11PM, early for Tyler to be home on a Saturday night. Emmett watched as his teenager came in. He'd been drinking but he wasn't drunk, thankfully he had the sense not to overindulge. Living in the gay village had been amazing for Tyler. Once he quickly realized that he wasn't the sick deviant that his parents labeled him as, he opened right up. The downside was the liberal attitudes in the village, he shouldn't have been allowed into any clubs or parties but unless you looked really young a fake ID was accepted by most places. Emmett didn't worry as much about the clubs, it was the private parties that made him wonder if Tyler would be taken advantage of. Thankfully those were rare, well as far as he knew anyway.

"Hi Honey" Emmett called.

"Emm" the teen mumbled as he came in.

"We're having a visitor tomorrow" Emmett said in his giddy way.

"Yeah" Tyler replied as he entered the living room thinking that it was likely Ted come to give him another lecture. At first Tyler was appreciative of the man but had grown to despise his smug lectures, he certainly had his fill of those back home.

"It's your mother" Emmett revealed as Tyler came around to stand before him.

"What does that bitch want?" Tyler replied with quiet venom.

"She just wants to talk Ty, maybe you two can make peace," Emmett suggested.

"Is my dad coming too?" Tyler asked as he dropped his pants.

"She didn't mention him ... I see someone's happy to be home," the man said of Tyler's protruding cock.

The teen straddled Emmett and brought his face right to his.

"Lets fuck" He hissed lustily.

"Tyler... um... well things haven't been so ... Great between us, maybe we shouldn't" Emmett suggested.

"You want it ... I know" Tyler said with quiet authority.

"Ty honey, I'm worried about you going out all the time," Emmett said as he stroked the boy's powerful arms.

"I just party Emm, I don't do anything with anybody" Tyler suggested. "You don't trust me?" He accused.

Disobedient the teen might be Tyler had never lied to Emmett but still there were lingering doubts in his mind.

"Well Ty, you're young and I know ... Things happen" Emmett offered.

"Ok, so I let a couple of guys feel me but my dick has never gone into anyone else's mouth or ass since I moved in here" Tyler said as he rubbed his face along Emmett's.

"You want it" Tyler said again, he wasn't asking.

"Oh baby, I want it" Emmett moaned in response.

Emmett pushed his man back to a standing position and took the teenage cock into his mouth. He sucked on it to bring his man to full arousal. Tyler moaned sweetly as he pulled off his top, ready for the sweaty evening to come. Emmett slapped a condom on his partner and then turned in the chair, putting his ass up as he got on all fours. Tyler was in quickly as Emmett was a loose hole. The teen began to fuck his man with authority.

"Oh god Ty" Emmett moaned. He loved the aggressive way that Tyler fucked him. The boy didn't have the stamina or size of his former partners but he was willing and able to go for seconds, even thirds and sometimes fourths. As Tyler worked him hard, Emmett was taken back to a time when he was a flirty fifteen year old, getting the same treatment from Ted.

The next morning She arrived. Emmett was up but Tyler still slumbered on the lazy Sunday morning. Emmett raced to the door and flung it open. A clearly uncomfortable woman stood in the hallway.

"Come in, come in" Emmett waved flamboyantly.

Tyler's mother entered the apartment and looked around disapprovingly.

"Where is Tyler?" She asked.

"He's sleeping, I'll go wake him" Emmett said wondering if the adults weren't going to talk before the monster was awoken.

He brushed Tyler's soft face, causing him to stir. "Morning Honey" he greeted.

"Hmmm, lets go again" Tyler suggested as he woke.

"Ahhh, your mother's here," Emmett noted.

"She can wait" Tyler announced as he pulled Emmett in for a kiss.

"We better not" Emmett advised.

"You want me to go out there with my big wake up woodie going?" Tyler said pragmatically.

"Right, you go to the bathroom, get yourself dressed and then join us" Emmett said before leaving his lover in the warmth of their bed.

"He'll be out in a minute," Emmett said gleefully. "Can I get you something?"

"No thank you" the woman replied flatly.

"So is this your first visit to the city?" Emmett asked to break the uncomfortable silence.

"No" She replied curtly.

Tyler emerged from the bedroom, moderately presentable, just before Emmett was going to see what was taking him so long. It wasn't more than a few minutes but it seemed much longer with the silence.

"Hello Tyler" She greeted with out getting up.

"Mother" Tyler replied flatly.

She looked over at Emmett and said, "I'd like to talk to my son alone please"

"Oh, ... Right, Ok well, I'll go out and get a coffee or something," Emmett said taken aback.

Tyler gripped Emmett by the hand as he made for the door.

"My boyfriend is staying Mother" Tyler advised, giving Emmett a warm feeling.

"Boyfriend? ... He's seems a bit old for you" She commented.

"What do you want Mother?" Tyler demanded with more authority than she was used to hearing out of her boy.

"I want you come home, to leave this life of ... Sin" She commented. "I've left your father Tyler"

Tyler seemingly unmoved by the comment put his arm fully around Emmett and replied,

"I'm happy here"

"Tyler, I know it was a mistake to send you to that camp, I'm sorry for that. I should have stood up for you and not tried to fix you. You can be Gay and a Christian, I just want you to come home," She explained.

Tyler was stunned, his mother had never used the word gay to mean anything other than happy. Now she was implying that it was ok be gay, surely someone had kidnapped his real mother and replaced her with this abomination. If he had ever suggested such an idea it would have been tantamount to heresy.

"I don't need you anymore Mother, I'm my own man now" Tyler replied firmly. "I've got someone who understands me and takes care of me," He continued, squeezing Emmett again.

"Well Tyler I don't expect your answer now" His Mother said standing. "You can call me at home"

"I don't know why you want me back Mother, it's not like you're getting any grandchildren from me" Tyler challenged.

"We could adopt, I've all ways wanted a baby" Emmett chimed in, unable to stay out of the conversation.

Tyler's mother glared at him, disgusted by the idea. Making her way to the door she took a parting shot. "Tyler, your grandfather isn't doing so well, you should consider visiting him soon" and with that she was gone. Tyler had always been close to his Mother's father, he wasn't there for him during his recent troubles though, he would never have allowed Tyler to be sent away but he was old now. He was suddenly torn by her words wondering if they were sincere or just another manipulation.