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Chapter 3:

"Just who are you then?" Dustin asked in a quiet but stern tone.

"I'm Mark," The boy chirped.

"Where's Ted?" Dustin quizzed.

"He's still in bed" Mark replied gesturing upward.

"Kept him up late did ya" Dustin wondered, as he headed for the kitchen. He started the coffee and found a banana. When he noticed his cat he scooped her up immediately and rubbed faces with the animal.

"Oh my little piggy wiggy, who's my piggy, oh yes it's you, oh I love you" Dustin cooed in a childishly effeminate way as he spoke to the plump feline.

The shirtless boy parked himself on a bar stool and spun around. Putting the cat down and pouring himself a coffee Dustin addressed the boy.

"So what's your story?"


Ted stirred in bed. Mark must be up, as he could hear the TV. Ted trundled off to drain his bladder and in the middle of doing so thought he heard a familiar voice. There was only one person who spoke to the damn cat in that tone. Dustin was home! Ted sped down the stairs and spotted his man behind the bar with Mark sitting near him.

"Dustin! You're home early," Ted said excitedly stating the obvious.

Ted was around the corner and locking lips with his love before he could say anything. Their passion was interrupted when they heard Mark speak,


"Who's this?" Dustin quizzed.

"That's Mark. It's so great to have you home why didn't you call I would have picked you up at the airport" Ted was overexcited almost giddy.

"And Mark is ...?" Dustin pressed.

"Oh sorry, Mark is living with us, his mom died and named me guardian" Ted blurted.

Dustin hesitated at the news, "Yeah I thought he was kinda young, even for you. So just when were you going to tell me?" He snapped.

"Well I didn't just want to put it in an e-mail, I wanted to talk to you about it" Ted explained.

"So this is permanent then?" Dustin confirmed.

"We can make it work, there will be some adjustments but you've always wanted a baby" Ted jibed, still clutching his partner.

"I liked the idea of a baby, not the actually taking care of one part," Dustin noted. "How old is he?"

"I'll be 13 next month," Mark answered.

Dustin just looked over at the boy and then led Ted to the couch where more passion ensued.

"Where are you taking me out to dinner?" Dustin asked as they cuddled.

"I haven't made any plans, not like I was expecting you or anything" Ted advised. "I can try and get reservations at Rosewood"


"You want me to invited Emm, make it four?" Ted asked.

"Four? Who's the third?" Dustin quizzed.

"Mark of course" Ted advised.

"We have to take him with us? They don't serve hotdogs there do they?" Dustin said sarcastically.

"Dustin, be nice." Ted admonished.

"I guess we're not going skating" Mark said somberly as he leaned on the sectional.

"Of course we are" Ted said surprised. "I'm sure Dustin will want some quiet time to get settled. Why don't you go shower and get dressed". Ted suggested.

"Ok" Mark replied with some enthusiasm.

Once the boy dashed up the stairs, Dustin pulled Ted in for another round of passion.


Ted and Mark skated for most of the afternoon, until the boy tired. When they arrived home the happy boy bounded onto the couch as the men kissed in greeting.

"It's so great to have you home" Ted said blissfully.

"I made the reservations and called Emm, he'll be here at 6" Dustin informed.

"Excellent, Emm wasn't upset with the short notice? I know how he gets" Ted asked.

"Man, he was pumped about the idea!" Dustin reported.

"Well not many gay men get to baby-sit, some people don't think they're capable" Ted lamented.

"Most people don't think we can be trusted" Dustin corrected.

"Baby-sit!" Mark bellowed from his reclined position on the couch.

"Yeah, you'd be so bored tonight so I figured Emm could come over and stay with you" Ted said softly as he sat next to the boy.

"I can stay by myself," Mark said proudly.

"It's not fair to leave you when we're out so long, you and Emm will get along fine, everyone likes Emmett" Ted consoled.

As promised the door buzzer went just before 6 while Dustin was busy making himself pretty. Ted greeted his old friend and led him into the apartment.

"Hi, Marky!" Emmett greeted.

"Hi" Mark replied softly, not taking his gaze off the TV.

"I ordered pizza for you guys" Ted informed, causing Mark to look over and smile.

Dustin came down stairs now presentably dressed in fashion wear.

"Hi Dusty" Emmett greeted with a hug.

"Dusty" Mark laughed at the use of the pet name.

"Yes Markeeeeey" Dustin jibed in return.

"Wow you look so different" Mark advised upon sitting up to see Dustin.

"The clothes make the man," Dustin said with a pose, causing Mark to laugh.

"Mark said he might want to model," Ted advised.

"Child modeling is cut throat" Dustin advised, "freckle faces are fine when you're six but at your age, you have to be some kind of super hottie. Go work at the pet store with Emm" he suggested.

"Yeah! I could always use another assistant" Emmett clapped his hands flamboyantly.

"We have to talk about your labour costs mister, I think you have too many assistants already" Ted said seriously

"You two go have a good time, go go go," Emmett said waving them out.

Mark was suddenly apprehensive to be alone with Emmett. His mannerisms seemed strange to the boy. The door buzzer went and Emmett bolted up.

"Pizza's here little honey bunny," Emmett said as he answered the call.


At dinner Ted listened intently to all of Dustin's travel stories, he was still excited just having him home. It felt like he'd been gone for ages.

When Ted and Dustin returned they found Mark wrapped tightly into Emmett having given in to the affection that the man was so eager to provide. After the men spoke quietly Emmett kissed Mark on the cheek and left. Ted then carried the boy up to his own bed. Mark wasn't tired but didn't resist the man's efforts to convey him up the stairs.

Finally retired to bed Ted and Dustin got down to what they had both been waiting for. When Ted mounted him, it was like they just fit together and soon Dustin was making his typical pleasure noises.

Mark could hear Dustin and had some idea what must be going on. At first he was concerned so he got up and went to their door. Then he found the noises funny now that he could hear Dustin more clearly. The boy used the bathroom and went back to bed.

It was Sunday morning. Ted woke realizing that Dustin was already awake, "Morning baby, ready for some wake up action?" he asked in a groggy yet sexy voice.

"Sure but there's something in the way" Dustin replied gesturing between them.

Ted noticed the strawberry blond hair peeking out just below the covers. Mark was lying between them.

"Not again" Ted sighed.

"Again? Is this how's it's going to be?" Dustin said exasperatedly.

Ted shook the boy awake, "Mark wake up buddy. You know you're not supposed to be here," he continued as he lifted the boy out from between them and set him on his feet. "Go back to your own bed".

Mark silently trundled out the door.

"Ready now baby" Ted said cuddling into his man.

"No, I don't wanna anymore" Dustin replied in mock petulance.

"Oh you're a bad boy, do you want a spanking?" Ted asked playfully as he cuddled in with his love.

"I'm not the one that needs a spanking" Dustin suggested.

"Come on Dustin, his mom died, he's emotionally needy" Ted explained softly.

"Yeah, I'm sexually needy" Dustin said as he dove under the covers seeking Ted's manhood.

"Ok, we'll get a lock put on the bedroom door" Ted suggested just before Dustin found his target and enveloped it. Dustin was an amazing cocksucker, he had always been. Ted didn't really have to teach him he just took to it naturally, much to Ted's delight.

Dustin left the bedroom after they'd both been satisfied. After draining his bladder he went downstairs to start his morning coffee ritual.

"You're naked!" Mark accused as Dustin passed him.

Dustin didn't expect to find the boy on the couch nor did he think to get dressed as he usually wandered around the apartment nude. More adjustments to make, Dustin thought.

"Yeah" He said flatly as he entered the kitchen.

After satisfying his caffeine addiction Dustin sat on the couch near Mark who was watching some stupid thing on TV about twin boys living in a hotel.

"Is Ted mad at me?" Mark asked

"Stay out of our bed" Dustin ordered with his parental finger extended.

"Sorry" Mark whispered.

"Are you the bottom?" Mark asked.

"What?" Dustin spat.

"Well I read on the internet that one guys is the bottom and one guy is the top. The bottom guy is like the girl right?" Mark quizzed.

"I'm no girlie and I don't wanna be one" Dustin advised.

"You made weird noises last night, did it hurt, you know when he..." Mark continued.

"You should be asking Ted this stuff," Dustin dodged.

Mark returned his attentions to the TV until Ted came downstairs.

"No clean clothes?" Ted asked Dustin sarcastically.

"Yeah yeah" Dustin replied.

Ted returned with his coffee cup full and asked,

"Will `Chef Dustine' be preparing our brunch or shall I and endure your criticism afterward?" Ted asked playfully in an attempted French accent.

"I need to go shopping, you've got nothing fresh in the fridge" Dustin complained.

"Alright I'll make syrup with pancakes. You and Mark can go shopping this afternoon" Ted suggested.

"Pancakes!" Mark chimed his approval

"I don't think so. I'm an openly gay man, I need a letter of permission to be seen in public with a boy" Dustin replied.


Mark picked up a tomato and placed it in the clear plastic bag.

"No not that one" Dustin snapped.

"Why not?" The boy asked.

"It's too green, like you" Dustin jibed. "You'd be a big help if you stopped asking questions"

Mark glumly followed along as the man selected his produce. He wasn't that thrilled with the idea of helping Dustin shop in the first place. He was getting the feeling that Dustin didn't really like him.

"Could we get some ice cream?" Mark asked.

"No, we'll get some strawberries and you can put a little whip cream on them" Dustin advised.

"How long have you lived with Ted?" Mark asked.

"Six years" Dustin replied.

"Were you ... you know ... boyfriends before," Mark continued his investigation, innocent curiosity getting the better of him.

"Yeah for a couple of months" Dustin paused and then decided it would be easier to preempt the brat's questions. "I came out, told my parents I was gay, when I was 17. They pretty much threw me out so I went to live with my cousin and her partner. They're lesbians, gay women" Dustin continued trying to explain things in terms Mark would understand. "They had Ted come over and talk to me about stuff. I didn't realize an older guy would be interested in me until he asked if I was ready to give up the double dating and go out alone with him. We fell in love pretty much right away" He concluded.

Mark presented a bag of chocolate chip cookies and smiled crinkling his nose.

"Alright" Dustin acquiesced. "But you're going to get fat and then you'll never be a model" Dustin warned.

"You said I'm not cute enough" Mark reminded.

"You'd be fine for catalogue work, you'll just never be a super model like me," Dustin teased posing flamboyantly.

Dustin noticed an older woman scowling at him. Homophobic bitch he thought as the woman pushed her cart passed.

Mark laughed. "Do I have to take my clothes off, like you did?" he enquired.

"What? Nudes? You don't wanna do that. I'll hook you up with a local agency but modeling is a boring job Mark, a lot of standing around and being told what to do," Dustin warned.


Arriving home Ted asked, "so how was shopping?"

"Boring" Mark said as he passed the man on his way upstairs.

"Ted, kids don't help you shop, they slow you down" Dustin explained flippantly as he started putting the food away.

"I was just hoping you two could do something together," Ted advised as he helped Dustin.

"Shopping isn't really the place for male bonding" Dustin said sarcastically.

"Hey you want to get away for a week? St Maarten again?" Dustin quizzed.

"You just got home!" Ted reminded.

"Yeah I was working not on vacation," Dustin protested.

"Mark's Spring break is coming up we could go away then" Ted suggested.

"No, I didn't mean bring the kid, I meant you and me" Dustin explained,

"And what about Mark?" Ted reminded.

"Emm seems to love him, problem solved" Dustin suggested.

"A night is one thing but leaving him for a week, I don't know" Ted said conflicted by his desire to please his love.

Mark stood at the top of the stairs knowing he shouldn't really be eavesdropping. He was hurt by Dustin's desire to ditch him. He was starting to feel like he was in the way, it was better when it was just him and Ted, Mark thought.

Part 4 coming soon...