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Marks Two Dads

Chapter 30

Mark rolled over on Sunday morning and slapped his alarm clock. He had to work at the pet store so reluctantly he got out of bed. Mark didn't mind working with Emmett, it was always a fun environment it was just that he didn't like getting up early on the weekend. Sleeping to the last possible moment Mark didn't leave himself much time. He jumped into the shower and turned the water on. His cock was still hard as he pissed down the drain. The water splashed over his head as he leaned forward. He grabbed the shampoo and lathered his hair, then rinsed. Mark maneuvered the bar of soap over his body quickly before turning around to allow the water to wash him clean. Mark left the shower and grabbed a large towel. He quickly ran the soft material around his nakedness and then used the blow dryer to finish his hair. Mark headed for his bedroom, still naked. Mark was comfortable with going without clothes, a habit he picked up from Ted's old boyfriend Dustin. He pulled on his jeans and yanked a T-shirt over his head. Mark trotted downstairs as he pulled on his hoody. He threw two pieces of bread into the toaster and got some margarine and Jam out of the fridge. Mark buttered the toast when it was done and made a Jam sandwich. The boy then left the apartment with his breakfast in hand and headed off to work.

Once he left the building Mark was encouraged to walk quickly with the brisk autumn air. He pulled his hood up as he moved along the quiet streets, past the closed businesses, save for a few cafes until he arrived at the pet shop. He flung the door open and strode in.

"Emm I'm here" He called on not seeing his employer behind the counter.

"Emmett's not here" a familiar voice replied. It was Cory another of the employees. After Jason had left the college student was moved up to second in command. "He had something come up and asked me to take his shift" The young man replied.

"Oh" Mark replied disappointedly. It wasn't that he didn't like Cory, it was just that he always worked with Emmett. It was like the man was a second father to him, or perhaps more like a mother with the way he doted on him.

"Ok stock boy, those shelves are waiting" Cory ordered as Mark stood silently.

"Yeah, ok" Mark replied as he got to work. It wasn't as though it was hard work taking cans and bags of pet food out of the storeroom and putting them onto the shelves, it was just that it wasn't going to be as fun without Emmett. It had to be Tyler, Mark thought with Ted's not so secret discussions on the subject. He wondered how his former boyfriend had gone from shy teen to wild party man, it didn't seem to fit the guy he knew.

The morning dragged on for Mark, he completed his stocking work and was assisting with carry outs and helping people find things. He had become accustomed to the customers that gushed about how cute he was and had stopped recoiling when they tried to pat him on the head or stroke his cheek. He figured out that they were harmless and generally kind.

"Carry out!" Cory shouted so that the boy would hear him throughout the store.

Mark trotted up to the front, carry outs often meant a tip, not always though. A short rotund man stood by the counter with bags of food and cat litter.

"Hi Marky" The man greeted as though he might be talking to a pet. As expected the hair ruffle followed. "Can you carry this home for me?"

"Sure Mr. Cole" Mark replied. He'd done it before for the guy and as one of Emmett's friends he was considered safe, although everyone seemed to be Emmett's friend.

"It's past three now, so there's no sense in you coming back" Cory advised.

Mark grabbed the heavy stuff and followed then man to his apartment as he waddled along the street. The man made cheerful chitchat along the way, Mark didn't really listen that much but was pleasant enough to ensure a good tip. The teen lugged the cat supplies into the apartment and was greeted by the three felines, all curious to see whom the invader was. One came over to him while the other two kept a safe distance away. Mark picked up the smaller and presumably younger animal. He rubbed faces with the furry creature as Mr. Cole watched. Mark felt a hand along his shoulders moving to his neck, where it paused before moving up into his hair. Mark wasn't afraid, the old guy might outweigh him by a huge margin but he knew he could hurt the man if he needed too. Mark turned to face the man as he put the cat down. A crisp twenty-dollar bill was presented and he snatched it quickly. It was twice as much as the man had given him previously making Mark happy. Perhaps it was because he came right into the apartment this time, either way the teen was ok with the man's roaming hands as long as they stayed above the waist. Mark suddenly wondered if the extra tip wasn't for tolerating the affection, it made him feel a bit slimy. Looking at the lonely old man Mark figured he was just trying to be nice and so he decided to give him his money's worth with a brief hug. Mark's arms couldn't get very far around, so it ended up being more like holding onto the man's belly.

"See ya Mr. Cole" Mark said cheerfully to the stunned man.

Once back on the street Mark made his way toward Emmett's apartment. He was curious as to why Emmett would change his schedule and not inform him. They always worked together so something must be up. Mark arrived at the old building in the heart of the gay village. He passed men holding hands as they walked making him jealous. Mark longed for a boyfriend again. As he buzzed in and made his way up to the apartment he wondered if Tyler would be there.

His question was answered when the other teen opened the door. After they greeted Mark searched around the apartment expecting to see Emmett.

"He's downstairs doing the laundry," Tyler advised.

"Oh... How'd it go with your mother?" Mark asked.

"You heard about that?" Tyler asked, not realizing it was public knowledge but then recalled that Mark was a rather nosey one.

"Yeah" Mark replied nonchalantly.

"She wants me to go home with her," Tyler advised

"Are you?" Mark wondered

"No fucking way" Tyler blurted, "We might have our differences but Emmett's the best thing that ever happened for me," He advised, insulting Mark somewhat.

"I'm glad you're staying" Mark replied.

"Yeah, so how are things with you?" The older teen asked.

"Ok, Ted's got another boyfriend, he's not bad. Wish I had a boyfriend" Mark advised.

"I'd help you out for old times but Emmett would freak if he caught us fucking on the floor," Tyler said joking.

Mark was instantly hard at just the suggestion of sex he hadn't masturbated yet today and was thinking about excusing himself to do so in the bath room when Emmett returned, laden with freshly washed clothes.

"Marky! Everything ok?" Emmett said on discovering their guest.

"Yeah" Mark replied

"Sorry I didn't come into work today but Tyler and I had a lot to talk about" Emmett consoled.

"It's ok, I carried stuff to Mr. Cole's apartment and saw his cats. He's got this little white one, it's so cute" Mark reported.

"He's a nice old man," Emmett advised as he left the room with his load.

When he returned he enveloped Mark in a big hug, Mark wrapped his arms around the man and held on until finally Emmett spoke.

"We're making Tyler jealous"

"Yeah" Tyler said sarcastically.


Mark stumbled out of bed on Monday morning, the beginning of another school week. The teen walked to the bathroom in his boxers passing Ted half dressed in his business wear. Mark stepped into the shower and allowed the warm water to wake him up before washing. Once he was done he stepped out and grabbed a towel. Ted was in the bathroom with him, just finishing up.

"I can't make it to your Karate thing tonight" Ted advised the naked boy.

"That's ok" Mark replied.

"Isn't it your belt thingy?" Ted asked.

"Yeah my presentation, it's no big deal" Mark advised moving to dry his hair.

"Don't the other parents come to these things?" Ted asked.

"I don't care what the other parents do" Mark said mocking Ted's typical parental response, putting his hands on his hips and allowing the towel to fall to the floor.

"Funny" Ted said flatly. He looked at the nude muscular creature and thought him more a man each day, hardly a skinny little boy anymore. "Blaine said he'd come in my place if you wanted. I'd asked Emmett but I know he's got a lot going on right now"

"He can come if he wants, but it's boring really. I do the moves and they give me the belt." Mark said as though it was a forgone conclusion.

Ted left for work as Mark was eating his breakfast. The teen finished quickly and was out the door, on his way to school. It wasn't that far to walk and he enjoyed the morning exercise. Passing deeper into the residential area he came across two of the three bullies along with the rest of their `posse'. It was perhaps a dozen kids but Mark didn't stand around to count, he kept walking as though he didn't see them. As Mark's normal gait was rather quick the posse had to walk much faster than their normal saunter to keep up. He could see them as he turned the corner, he didn't want to run, that might cause a chase but he knew none of them would bother to put much effort into it. As he approached the school he saw Ryan talking to another kid. Looking down the street he could see Bryce walking in with his friend George. They would likely intersect the bully posse Mark figured. He paused wondering if it wouldn't be wiser to just go into the school but he couldn't risk leaving Bryce open. He passed by the school and walked toward the slim blond boy.

"Hey Bryce, George" He greeted.

"You're going the wrong way," Bryce said smugly.

Mark laughed as he joined in their formation. As they walked toward the school the posse had stopped, causing them to walk right past.

"Hey look the faggots are holding hands" one of the bullies called.

"Don't pay any attention," Bryce instructed but Mark wasn't about to take his eyes off his potential assailants, they were simply too close for comfort.

"Hey Mark" Ryan said as he walked up with his friend in tow. "Haven't seen you around much"

"Yeah, my Dad doesn't want me hanging around you, after getting arrested and all" Mark explained.

"Parents can be pricks," Ryan noted as he nodded.

The gang had dispersed into the schoolyard without further chatter. Ryan was a fair sized kid himself and had a deserving reputation as a rebel. His presence and that of his friend had dissuaded the crew from further action. They came from a culture where the idea of a fair fight was foreign. If the odds weren't 10 to 1 then they'd move on.

"Thanks Ryan" Mark said with a nod towards the gang.

The school day was typically boring for Mark, the only highlight was Mr. Blackburn's English class. The content was irrelevant for the teen, only the presenter mattered. He was disappointed that the young teacher didn't walk around the class today and there was no chance of casual affection. Mark waited at the end of class to speak to him,

"Mr. Blackburn, we're supposed to read chapter 10 and 11?" Mark asked confirming the assignment that he already understood and got a gentle hand on the shoulder as the man ushered him out into the hallway.

"Yes Mark, 10 and 11, good luck tonight" The teacher replied. On seeing Mark's puzzled face the man continued, "The karate presentation, you told me about last week"

"Oh yeah, that's nothing, I'll get the belt easy" Mark replied confidently. He prattled on to his young teacher so much that he didn't really remember what he'd told him.

Having gotten his affection Mark bounded off toward the lunchroom to find Bryce.

He entered the lunchroom, it was crowded with the buzz of middle schoolers rushing about. He quickly scanned for Bryce but didn't see him until the boy appeared alongside.

"Hi" Bryce said quietly.

"Hey there you are" Mark replied excitedly. He was happy to see his blond friend appear and wondered if the boy might have been waiting for him.

They entered the lunch line and bought their food. Mark guided them towards a table where Ryan and his group were sitting.

"Let's sit here," He suggested.

"I don't know them" Bryce whined, unhappy with the idea of sitting with the rougher crowd.

"You met Ryan this morning ... People aren't going to be so quick to pick on you if they think you have a lot of friends" Mark suggested pragmatically. Bryce gave in and sat at the end beside Mark.

Ryan looked up from his lunch "Mark buddy, twice in one day"

"This is Bryce" Mark said as Ryan looked at the boy.

"Hey Bry" Ryan greeted shortening the boy's name to something more masculine sounding.

Bryce smiled back but remained silent, still somewhat intimated. Mark gave him a little kick under the table.

"Nice to meet you" Bryce replied. Ryan gave Mark a puzzled look as if to question whom this kid was.

"Ryan was my first friend when I moved here" Mark told Bryce. "I was the new kid and didn't know anyone"

"And then I got you arrested" Ryan completed.

"What ever for?" Bryce wondered revaluating Mark.

"A skateboarding related crime, nothing serious. They dropped the charges but I'm not allowed to go back to that stadium again" Mark explained.

"You should come out to the skate park with us sometime" Ryan suggested.

"Yeah, I could and maybe just happen to see you there" Mark noted.

"It's totally legal there dude" Ryan replied rolling his eyes

"I know, but my Dad doesn't get it. We can hang but just don't call me or anything" Mark explained.

"Yeah whatever" Ryan replied casually.

As lunch came to a close, Bryce accompanied Mark as they headed to math class.

"Do you want to come over to my place after school?" He asked hesitantly

"Today?" Mark quizzed

"You don't have to" Bryce withdrew.

"No I want to but I've got Karate tonight, I could come for a little bit I guess" Mark offered.

"Ok" Bryce sighed.

After school the pair walked towards Bryce's house, this time they didn't attract any bullies. They arrived at an older moderate sized house. It was well kept and once inside Mark could see that it had been updated. Bryce ushered his guest to his room. It wasn't a typical boy's room, paintings and sketches lined one wall and the boy's violin was on a stand next to a chair.

"You draw these?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, I draw a lot" Bryce advised.

"Is anyone else home?" Mark asked

"No my mother will be home soon though I expect" Bryce advised innocently.

Mark unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zipper.

"What are doing?" Bryce asked aggressively.

"I'm going to show you my cock" Mark said mischievously.

"I don't want to see that!" Bryce protested.

"You're 13, you know how good it feels to play with it" Mark accused

"I do not play with myself, that's disgusting" Bryce advised.

"Yeah, we all do it Bryce, you're not the only one" Mark countered as he buttoned his pants. He pushed the smaller boy backwards onto the bed and then leapt up with him. Bryce didn't try to get away as Mark lowered his body on top, pinning the boy's arms. Mark slowly rubbed himself against the boy becoming erect in the process but couldn't tell if Bryce was similarly excited. Mark released Bryce's hands and lay down, bringing their faces together.

"There's lots of stuff I could show you" Mark said softly.

"Yeah" Bryce replied his breathing rapid. Clearly he was enjoying the stimulation of humping fully clothed, Mark wondered if he'd be ready to do it naked. Before he got his chance Mark noticed a shadow move in the hallway. He gripped Bryce by the shoulder and rolled him over and then pulled him into a tight headlock, the smaller boy was easily handled. Before Bryce could protest a woman appeared in the doorway.

"Hello, I'm Mark" He greeted the woman, stilling holding Bryce.

"Hi mom" Bryce joined.

"What are you boys doing?" The mother asked

"Just playing" Mark suggested as he released her son.

"You're a bit old for rough housing," She scolded.

Mark chuckled thinking that he was the prefect age for it. Bryce shot him a hard glance stunned that he would challenge his mother like that.

"I won't hurt him," Mark promised with his best good boy smile.

"Are you staying for dinner Mark?" The mother asked.

"No thank you I have to go to Karate tonight." Mark explained, "You should come too" He suggested to Bryce.

Bryce stood silent, waiting for his mother to answer for him, "Some other time" she pronounced.

The rest of the short visit was muted with wrestling no longer an option, humping was certainly out of the question.

"I should get going" Mark announced.

"I'll walk you to the door" Bryce stated.

Mark brought his face right up to Bryce's. After a short pause he brushed his lips up against the blond boy and stepped back.

"See ya tomorrow" He said as he made for the stairs.

Bryce still shocked by the kiss, moved to the top of the stairs just as Mark was opening the front door. They gave each other a quick wave and the freckle monster was gone. Bryce licked his lips he could still taste Mark.

Mark bounced his way home, happy with his first contact with Bryce. He mused how far the boy might be willing to go with him. Surely the humping and the kiss had awakened something in the sheltered boy but Mark figured he'd have to work on getting his pants off next.