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Chapter 31

Mark arrived home to an empty apartment. He threw a frozen dinner into the microwave and then went upstairs to collect his karate gear. Mark grabbed his meal and ate it on the bar. He consumed it quickly and was out the door again. Making his way to the community center he checked in with the Karate instructor and then went to get changed. The usual warm ups were done and then he joined a few others in the belt presentations. As expected Mark performed all of the required moves and received his Brown belt. He followed the form in exchanging belts and only when the ceremony was over did he notice that Blaine had been watching him. Now that the serious part of the event was over he smiled at the man and rushed over to greet him.

"You were awesome" Blaine gushed, thinking that a sexy boy who could kick his ass was a big turn on.

"Thanks" Mark replied confidently.

"Let's celebrate" Blaine announced as he put an arm around the boy.

"What did you have in mind?" Mark asked.

"Ice cream Sundae!" Blaine suggested.

"I guess" Mark replied, not finding ice cream so appealing on an autumn day.

They jumped into Blaine's car and were off. At the first stop light Mark felt a hand moving along his thigh, working its way up. At each progressive stop in traffic the man's hand moved ever closer until it finally began to massage his erection. Mark thought it naughty of them to be doing it in the car and somewhat dangerous lest anyone notice. Blaine parked near the back of the ice cream place. His penis rubbing continued as he said,

"Unbutton your pants"

"Not here" Mark replied opening the car door.

"Come on it'll be fine" Blaine snapped.

"Not here!" Mark said more firmly.

"Just a quick one" Blaine continued to lobby.

"Not fucking here!" Mark protested as he got out of the car. He immediately got into the back seat and announced, "Take me home"

"What about the ice cream?" Blaine asked.

"Screw it, take me home" Mark insisted.

"Sorry Mark, I thought you were enjoying that," Blaine said softly before driving away. He looked at the angry boy in his rear-view mirror, it seemed odd that such a cute freckled face was able to convey anger but it was surely doing so now. The rest of the drive was silent until Blaine brought the vehicle to a halt in the visitors parking area where they both got out.

"You don't have to come up," Mark noted.

"Well I want to say hi to Ted" Blaine said really hoping to make up with Mark. "But if you'd rather I just go then I'll do that"

"Come up if you want" Mark said as he headed for entrance.

Blaine trotted along to catch the boy as he went inside. He hoped he hadn't blown it with Mark, things seemed to be going so well. When Ted had suggested that he go to Mark's karate class he jumped at the chance to spend some alone time with the boy. It was stupid to push him like that, Blaine thought. This kid was stronger than the others, mentally and physically.

Arriving at the apartment they found that Ted wasn't yet home. Not that surprising when he's out with clients, Mark knew.

"Well I guess I should go then," Blaine announced.

"You still owe me an ice cream," Mark said quietly thinking perhaps he'd been a bit harsh with the man but he didn't get how bad his timing was. What if someone had caught them, what then?

"Sure next time" Blaine promised and then paused, "unless there's something else I can do for you" He hoped. Seeing a slight smile out of the boy he decided to go for it. "I give great blow jobs," he suggested.

Mark was silent for what seemed like an eternity and then Blaine got this answer when Mark's pants fell to the floor.

Blaine scooped him up and carried the heavy boy to the couch. He yanked down the underwear and went right down to the pubes. Mark went instantly hard as Blaine worked his Magic, the boy moaned as he flung his head back on the couch. The man sucked until the boy was on the edge. He then lapped at his balls and worked down underneath them. Mark was ready to cum but each time Blaine sensed it and backed off, prolonging the pleasure. He knew young ones were quick to squirt and he wanted the boy to remember this. Mark could feel a finger moving around his hole as Blaine continued the oral pleasure. He pushed his hips forward, inviting the finger, it teased him roaming around the outside of his hole.

Mark gripped the back of Blaine's head as he got close again, he was determined to have a release this time. Groaning as he came, Mark emptied his load into the man's mouth. Pressing upward as it was swallowed, the man continued to suck him. As Mark came down from his orgasm, Blaine had lifted the boy's shirt and was lapping at his large sensitive nipples. Mark was in ecstasy, Blaine seemed to know instinctively how to please him.

"You can come again can't you?" Blaine asked as he returned to the softening penis. Mark nodded and then moaned as the sucking continued. His cock was so sensitive and feeling so overwhelming that Mark was lost in his own heaven. Blaine lifted Mark's hips and plunged his tongue between the boy's ass cheeks. Mark's noises became more passionate as he was rimmed. Finally Blaine came up for air.

"You like that eh?" The man asked rhetorically. "Rimming is so gross but feels so good"

Blaine returned to the boy's rigid cock sucking deep and fast, seeking to bring the second ejaculation on. Mark thrust his hips up as Blaine went down until he unloaded again. Mark lay panting, he was spent, a quick little blow had turned into a half hour of oral enjoyment. Blaine gave him a warm kiss on the lips and stood.

"Well, I really should go now" Blaine announced.

"You don't want me to do something for you?" Mark asked, thinking of the adult cock that he'd yet to see.

"No, this was my gift to you Mark, not some trade of sexual favours" Blaine proclaimed, "pull your pants up before Ted gets home" He warned cheekily as he made for the door. "Night sweet boy" he said.

"Night Blaine, thanks" Mark managed to say before the door closed.


Mark caught Bryce just as he was going into the school. Today there was no sign of the bullies, perhaps that issue was resolved now that they had been associated with the tougher kids.

"Hi" Mark chirped as he gripped the blond boy by the arm.

"Hello Mark" Bryce replied formally. It was his normal manner of speech but Mark thought they were past the formalities, unless of course Bryce wasn't gay after all and had been freaked by his actions yesterday.

They funneled into English class, it was the one morning class that Mark could tolerate. To him it seemed that starting school early in the morning was a waste, he wasn't even mentally awake until ten at least. Mark was semi erect while his favourite teacher droned on about the novel they were reading. Truth be told Mark was usually semi hard most of the time, it didn't take much at his age to get aroused. He stole glances of Bryce two rows over when he could but his friend didn't turn back to look at him. Mark worried that he had blown it with the shy boy by moving to quickly.

As the bell rang for lunch the class began moving as a herd heading for the feeding trough. Mark smiled at Mr. Blackburn as he made for the doorway. He felt the man's palm against his chest, as the teacher stopped his progress. It was an electric feeling for Mark, he stopped hoping the hand would remain but it didn't.

"You seem distracted, is everything all right?" The teacher asked. Mark was typically one of the attentive students but today especially it seemed that his mind was elsewhere.

"Yeah, I'm fine" Mark said curious of the teacher's strange question.

Mr. Blackburn caught the blond head of Bryce peering back into the classroom. Ah, it made sense to the man now; Mark wasn't just distracted he was smitten. It was abnormal for Mark not to have a girlfriend in grade 8. Even though they switched around frequently he expected Mark, one of the most attractive boys, would have gone through a few girls by now. It seemed though that he had an explanation with Bryce flittering about. Nothing may come of it, in fact it wouldn't surprise the teacher to find out that Mark was banging his way through the grade 9 girls next year.

"Off you go" He concluded as the puzzled boy looked up at him.

Mark exited the room and joined Bryce for lunch. They again sat at Ryan's table, although he was at the opposite end today.

"My mom's working late today," Bryce, said between bites of his sandwich.

"You sure she wants me over" Mark replied, thinking the boy too concerned about what his mother thought.

"She won't mind, `sides you'll be gone by the time she gets home" Bryce suggested.

"I don't know, I've got a lot of homework," Mark replied

"Don't you have something you wanted to show me?" Bryce said, referring to Marks' comment when he was last over.

"Really? You want me to show you something?" Mark asked seeking confirmation that it was what he thought, even hoped, it was.

"Yeah" Bryce sighed.

"Ok, your place after school then" Mark closed.

Mark was excited as he walked Bryce home, he hoped that there would be more than a couple of minutes of show and tell. He didn't allow his excitement to get the better of him though, he scanned around regularly looking for anyone following them. Thankfully they weren't accosted on the way. Bryce prattled on about nothing, which was pretty atypical for the quiet boy, so Mark knew that the blond lad was nervous. They made it up to his room before the awkward silence fell over them both. It was Mark that spoke first,

"So what do you want to do?"

"We could play a game?" Bryce suggested not really knowing what to say.

Mark loosened his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. He had his zipper down before he paused to look at Bryce. There was no protest from him this time he just stared. In one motion Mark pulled his jeans and underwear down allowing his cock to spring free. Bryce was initially silent but Mark could see that he was staring at it. Finally the boy spoke,

"It's bigger than mine and you've got more hair"

"Yeah I know" Mark said quietly as he stepped forward. "It gets bigger," He added. Bryce was wide eyed staring at the turbid cock.

"Touch it" Mark ordered.

Bryce tentatively moved his hand forward, just brushing the head. Mark took Bryce's hand and pushed it down fully to his pubic hair. Bryce moved his fingers around the hardening penis and through Mark's fur. The feeling was amazing for the horny teen, Mark though was in urgent need of relief.

"Do it like this" He ordered as he guided Bryce's hand, stroking his cock.

After a few minutes of joy he reached over to unbuckle Bryce's belt and began working on his pants.

"Don't stop," He snapped as Bryce let go of his erection.

Bryce yanked down his own pants and allowed Mark to fish through his underwear in search of his boyhood, while he returned to stroking the more developed boy. Mark gripped Bryce's three incher and stroked. He pulled the pale boy's underwear down so that he could work more easily. Mark began to sense Bryce's arousal as he cupped his tight testicles.

Mark broke the mutual masturbation and pushed Bryce back on the bed. He lay on top mashing their hard cocks together. Mark yanked his shirt off, revealing his soft muscular frame.

"Take it off," he said pulling on the bottom on Bryce's shirt

"Why?" Bryce wondered.

"Ok, just pull it up then" Mark said as he crushed his body down. He was excited by Bryce's soft moans as he ground their bodies together, rubbing his face against the other boy's. It was a different feeling compared to the manly faces he'd felt, it was so soft. Mark was getting close as he humped more vigorously. He allowed their faces to meet and pushed his tongue into a surprised Bryce's mouth. The blond turned his head to break the kiss.

"I'm really close" Mark announced. "You want it in your mouth?" He asked.

"No way" a disgusted Bryce answered.

Mark's movements became more urgent as he growled out his sexual energy. Soon he stiffened and then went limp, panting.

Mark finally lifted himself off Bryce who exclaimed, "You've goo'ed all over me"

"Told you to take your shirt off" Mark chided as he examined the boy's cum soaked belly. He scooped up a finger full and offered it to Bryce's lips. The boy twisted and squirmed to avoid contact. Mark licked the finger himself, taking his own cum into his mouth and smiled.

"Ewww, gross" Bryce whined.

"No it's not, it's great" Mark countered. He noticed that Bryce's little soldier was still at attention and decided that the boy must not have orgasmed yet.

Mark moved down and enveloped the little cock then he began to suck. Any comments from Bryce were lost in his incoherent moaning, clearly the new sensation was overwhelming. The blond pushed his hips up as Mark teased the end of his cock Bryce wanted it desperately. As he lapped at Bryce's tightly retracted balls, Mark could feel him orgasm. He didn't have an emission as such, all Mark could see was a bit of precum, but his thighs jiggled as his back arched. The sounds Bryce made were more of a sigh than a moan. Mark bobbed on the super sensitive penis until Bryce finally finished contorting himself.

Mark moved back up on to the bed and lay beside his friend, touching his chest gently.

"That was awesome" Bryce noted as he returned the gesture.

"You're so hot" Mark noted.

"Me? You're the one with all the muscles," Bryce protested.

"I'm hard again," Mark advised, after a few minutes of resting, "Lets suck each other at the same time"

Seeing the boy's reluctance as he flipped himself around for the 69 he added, "Come on I did it for you"

"Ok" Bryce sighed as he tentatively took the larger dick into his mouth.

His body quivered as Mark lapped at his own cock. It was a strange feeling for Bryce as Mark's shaft entered his mouth. He could taste the previous releases cum and didn't agree with his larger friend that it tasted good at all. It wasn't long before he felt Mark pushing his cock deeper, groaning. He could feel the taste of something leaking out of the end and pulled off.

"Don't come in my mouth," He protested.

"Finish me off with your hand" Mark said as he rolled on this back.

Bryce complied but lacked the correct rhythm, so Mark took over. Bryce watched, fascinated with the bigger boy's orgasm throes.

"We better clean up" Bryce announced as Mark recovered. He nodded agreement as he smiled in satisfaction, things had gone much further than he had hoped.