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Chapter 32

Mark was in the door from school, chucking his book bag to the corner he figured that homework could wait until Ted was home to see him doing it. Anytime he'd gotten it done in advance his father would question him with `are you sure it's all done' and the dreaded, `let me look at it'. Mark decided that it was much easier to display the effort and use the computer before Ted got home. The freckle monster got himself a drink and headed for Ted's office. He logged in to the computer and went about his business, checking messages and e-mails. He got a strange one from a `puppydog13', which he almost deleted as spam but opened it. It was all about global warming and stuff but Mark then recalled his instructions from Jason and searched the document for the word `strawberry' and was rewarded.

Hey Strawberry sorry I haven't written, it's been busy but school's going well. I'm sure you're taking good care of both your dads tell them I miss them. I'll try and write again soon.

Marks elation at getting a message from Jason quickly turned to disappointment, that's all he was going to get? He immediately responded with a two-paragraph report on goings on back home. His disappointment then turned to dejection when the e-mail came back as unknown address. It seemed that Jason had deleted the account, what was the point in that? Mark slumped back in his chair, high expectations had led to big disappointment. He just sat there for a while he didn't even hear Ted come in until he spoke.

"Got your homework done?" He chided. The agreement was that Mark would do all his homework before any computer time but now he'd been caught.

"I was just about to start it" Mark countered and then quickly distracted his dad with, "I got an e-mail from Jason"

"Oh really? What did he say?" Ted asked eagerly

"Not much, just that he's ok" Mark said despondently.

"Well that's good" Ted consoled. He wondered if maybe he'd be getting e-mail as well from his former lover turned world adventurer. "I have something to tell you when you're off the computer," Ted continued.

"What?" Mark chirped, his enthusiasm returning but Ted had left the room. Mark leapt up and followed the man to the kitchen. "Well?" He interrogated.

"I have to leave for a conference on Friday, I tried my best to get out of it but no luck so I'll be in New York this weekend" Ted explained.

"Oh, that's all?" Mark said hoping for something more exciting. "Just leave me some money and I'll be fine"

"Yeah, I don't think so" Ted said chuckling "I've arranged a teen sitter"

"Oh please Ted, I can stay by myself, I'll check in with Emmett all the time" Mark pleaded.

"I don't know, Blaine might be pretty disappointed that you're not spending the weekend with him" Ted suggested jovially.

"Blaine" Mark replied, "I guess that'd be ok, what's his place like?"

"Well it might not be the five star accommodation that you've become accustomed to but I'm sure it's nice" Ted said jovially.

"Are you guys getting married?" Mark wondered, it seemed odd to him that Blaine was becoming the go to guy instead of Emmett.

"Married! We're not that serious Mark, Blaine just understands that he has to be your friend too. If it doesn't sit right with you I'll call Emmett" Ted explained.

"Naw that's fine, Blaine's ok" Mark replied. He recalled their last encounter and wondered what excitement they might get up to. The thought of finally getting to see the man's cock made him hard.

The week seemed to drag on for Mark, it was only a couple of days but the anticipation was getting to be too much. Finally the day had come, he would head over to Blaine's after school and be there until Ted got home on Sunday. He walked to the man's apartment building it seemed nice enough. Mark thought the elevators far to slow as he waited. Finally up at the door he knocked and after an over long pause the door swung open. Blaine was yapping on the phone as he motioned the boy in. Mark looked around, it was a nice place, not as large as his home but it was still very nice with mostly black leather furniture. Mark planted himself on the couch and flipped on the TV as Blaine continued his conversation. He was talking to a client so couldn't just cut it short. He finally had this beast of a boy alone with no chance of interruption and here work was getting in the way. Patience, Blaine reminded himself he had all weekend and this one was headstrong.

The man finally finished his call and then found the boy, lounging with his baggy jeans up on the couch, well at least he'd remembered to take his shoes off.

"So you want to have dinner first or go straight to the sex?" Blaine asked as he stood in front of the boy.

"Who says I want to have sex with you?" Mark thought the suggestion was a bit presumptuous.

"Well I'd say that tent pole in your pants does, loose clothing doesn't hide everything Mark" Blaine suggested as he nudged the boy's leg with his own.

Mark knew Blaine was right, he had been thinking about it all day. Mark moved his hand up along Blaine's inseam and found a bulge that wanted to be released.

"You've got your own tent pole" He commented.

Blaine unbuttoned his pants and yanked them down, leaving Mark to deal with the protrusion in his underwear. The boy quickly freed the cock, it was a decently thick seven incher. Mark tasted the head, teasing it with his tongue and then slipped it into his mouth. He sucked gently as Blaine moaned clearly enjoying it.

"Oh yeah Mark" He said looking down at the boy's reddish blond head bobbing on his shaft, "You know what you're doing baby"

Mark was enjoying the work as well, the encouragement wasn't needed but did make him happy. Blaine eased Mark down on his back, angling his body so that his head was just over the edge of the couch. Blaine returned the cock to the warm young mouth and pushed in. The man lay down on top of the boy as he worked through Mark's clothing seeking the young cock.

Mark made gagging sounds as the cock intruded deeper into his extended throat. Blaine kept pushing in and out as he encouraged,

"Oh yeah that's it Mark, take it deep" Blaine had found Mark's hard rod and was playing with it.

Mark wanted to speak to ask Blaine to back off but that wasn't possible with the cock down his throat so he put his hands on the man's belly and pushed up, hoping to get his point across. Blaine felt the resistant and thought that when a boy does that you push him harder, you don't give in and so he did just that. Mark wasn't in pain but it was uncomfortable having a fat cock pushing down his throat, making him gag. He felt an acidic taste and then suddenly his mouth filled with vomit. Blaine was out quickly allowing Mark to clear his airway by puking on the carpet. Much to the boy's surprise the cock was back in again immediately.

"That's fine Mark, we'll clean that up later"

Mark quickly twisted his body and freed himself from the mouth fuck. He sat up giving Blaine a rather dirty look.

"You were doing fine Mark," The man suggested.

"You made me puke, on the floor and on my shirt" Mark accused.

"It's ok, forget the throating for now you can just suck it the way you want" Blaine advised.

"The taste is terrible" Mark said of the bile.

"Ok go and rinse your mouth, I'll clean up" Blaine said softly.

Mark complied as Blaine cleaned the vomit, he pulled his shirt off, it was one of his nice ones and he was pissed.

"I'll get a another shirt," He snorted

"No, just go without, and get your pants off it's time for your fun" Blaine suggested.

Mark wasn't sure he like what Blaine had done and was a bit embarrassed about puking all over the place but he was still very horny so he finished undressing. Blaine was eager to get Mark on top of him into a 69 position but Mark wasn't ready to go back down on the man's cock just yet instead he pushed his own dick in deep and fucked like Blaine had done. The boy was amazed that the man took it all and opened his mouth enough to lick his balls too. Blaine was determined to get Mark off quickly, working in rhythm with the boy to fill his own mouth. Mark's moaning extolled his urgency, he'd never thought of oral sex in this way. Finally he flopped down on top of Blaine spent. As he lay he felt Blaine's fingers probing him, stretching him. The man rolled him off and repositioned for penetration. In Mark's post orgasmic state he was relaxed as he felt a lubricated condom covered dick pierce him. The man was in deep and pumping hard, taking full advantage of Mark's relaxed state. For Mark the feeling was awesome, being pumped by a full sized cock was pushing all his buttons.

"Blaine, oh yeah, slow down, god" He managed to say.

Blaine slowed but it wasn't for long as he was soon back to his natural pace. Mark was pushing back seeking to keep the man's stokes short but Blaine grabbed him by the hips and fucked him hard. Mark's body was wracked by a whirlwind of pleasure and pain until he felt the man lying on top of him, panting and spent.

"Blaine, I think I came again," Mark advised

"Awesome baby" Blaine replied.

"No I mean on the couch," Mark admitted.

"Who cares about the fucking couch, you're awesome baby" Blaine encouraged.

Mark grunted slightly as the man's wilting penis exited his hole. Blaine got off the boy and went to get cleaned up. He returned with a warm damp towel for his baby. Mark accepted it and cleaned himself. He looked at the fluids that he'd left on the couch and began to mop that up as well.

"Hey, that's my job little man. The guests don't clean up I do" Blaine said as he ruffled Mark's hair. "So what do you want for dinner?"

"Pizza?" Mark asked softly

"I bet you don't get that very often at the Taylor residence eh?" Blaine noted. He knew that Ted was a health freak and it well might be a good thing with the fine shape Mark was in with his six-pack abs and budding biceps. "Pizza with all the fattening toppings" He concluded getting a smile from his freckled faced boy.

Blaine stroked Mark's back as he ate his pizza, still naked. There seemed no reason to get dressed so neither of them did. Blaine put on a porn tape for them to watch during dinner, something that Mark thought was excitingly naughty. There was a young man, not a day over 16, being bottomed by a rough looking well endowed man. The cock must be nine inches at least and thick Mark figured. He watched intently as the boy received it.

"Now that's a bottom boy Mark" Blaine explained, "See how relaxed he is, that monster is just going right in there"

Mark just nodded.

"God he's loving it" Blaine continued clearly getting excited.

"He looks like it hurts" Mark suggested.

"I'm sure something that big would, a bit maybe" Blaine conceded. It was his favourite movie, the quality sucked but the subject was awesome.

Blaine put his arms under Mark and lifted him on to the couch, "come here my little bottom boy"

"Blaine I just ate" Mark protested as the man quickly entered him. Mark began grunting until he relaxed enough. Blaine was in a slower rhythm this time, likely due to keeping an eye on the video as he went. Mark's legs went all wobbly and his body was numb. He had little fluids left so this orgasm was going to be mostly dry. He moaned as Blaine reacted by quickening his thrusts. Mark turned his head to see the video again. Things were progressing, the boy was splayed out with his legs up as the man interested his fingers into his gaping hole. Soon the entire hand was in and part of his forearm! Mark was stunned by the movie as Blaine unloaded again, he wondered exactly what plans the man had for him and if he'd have a say in the matter.

Mark woke the next morning, cuddled up into Blaine. He was content in the warmness of the man's body. Things hadn't gone exactly to plan but he'd had two good fuckings and was sexually spent. His long dry spell had come to an end in the form of a flood! Mark stirred waking Blaine.

"Morning baby, you sleep well?" Blaine asked.

"Yeah, sorry I woke you" Mark replied.

"No, I was waiting for you, it's almost 10" Blaine replied.

Mark felt the man roll around and cuddle up behind as his hand wrapped around grabbing Mark's cock.

"Ready for more action baby?" Blaine asked, ready to fuck the daylights out of this one.

"No Blaine, I'm too sore" Mark replied.

"I'll go nice and slow," Blaine promised as he jerked on Mark's cock.

Sure you will, Mark thought, no he had to take some control of things the man had it all his own way last night.

"Blaine I said no" Mark said sternly.

Blaine released the cock and stroked the boy's face,

"That's ok baby, you were awesome" Blaine said softly. He knew that having an experienced boy was both a blessing and a curse. He didn't have teach him but Mark knew what he wanted and wasn't going to be talked into much, easily anyway. After all the kid was probably right, he couldn't return him to Ted rump raw and unable to walk a straight line. Perhaps later he'd take another shot at him but for now, it was how Mark wanted it.

The rest of the day was a lazy affair, with Mark on the computer or the Xbox most of the time. Blaine made a couple suggestive comments but Mark firmly shut him down, much to his irritation. The next morning Ted arrived to collect his charge.

Mark hugged into Ted strongly, perhaps overly so even for him.

"So how was the boy? Any problems?" Ted asked.

"This young man here? You kidding, he was awesome, you can dump him on me anytime" Blaine gushed. Mark was happy with the compliment, he especially liked being referred to as a man, Ted was going to have to stop treating him like a boy soon, Mark figured.

"Well thanks again Blaine" Ted said as the men kissed before parting.

Mark prattled on about his weekend, omitting a lot of detail but still he made it sound exciting and closed with "When can I stay over with Blaine again?"


Ok, that's the end of what I've written. I do have a few more chapters in my head if there's enough interest.