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Chapter 33

Mark was bored at school, he just seemed to lack interest in ... well everything. That was except for Bryce but he hadn't made eyes with him since this morning's English class. They did get a chance to chat at lunch, Bryce was starting to open up and communicate more which was welcome as Mark wasn't keen on one sided conversations. When the jocks came by and drafted him into playing outside, Bryce had just waved him along, he was so good about not getting jealous of Mark's other friends.

At the end of the day Mark was a little late in getting out of class as his math teacher demanded they stay to finish the lesson, she claimed that it was their fault for interrupting her. Finally he was released and bolted to the front of the school, hoping that Bryce had waited to be walked home as had become their ritual. The Math class was on the far side of the school so Mark had to navigate the hallways slowly enough not be detained for running but still at a maximum speed. As he rounded the corner there his blond beauty was, waiting alone. Mark slid up, almost daring to kiss the boy right in the school but instead he put his arm over the boy's shoulders.

"Miss me?" He chirped

"What took you so long?" Bryce wondered.

"Math class, I came straight from there" Mark replied.

"Lets go" Bryce said showing some impatience, after all their time would be limited to when his mother was expected home and he really wanted some alone time with his muscle boy.

Mark and Bryce just made it out of the door when Bryce was pulled away and pushed up against the wall roughly. Mark fought his first instinct to grab at Bryce and instead stood back surveying the gang of assailants. Mark counted, two holding Bryce who was clearly upset and six more surrounding him, each unsure of who would dare to challenge first. His nemesis bullies where there backed up by the posse but none seemed to want to make the first move.

"Ok, so who wants it first?" Mark said confidently.

"Let me go" Bryce whined in response.

"You just take you lumps and we'll let your faggot boyfriend go after were done" The lead bully announced.

"I have a better plan, I beat the crap out of all ya" Mark said before swinging a leg around in a roundhouse kick.

The crowd backed up a bit each looking at the other suggesting with hand motions as to how they should attack Mark. In that moment of confusion Mark lunged forward and slammed his fist into the leaders face. The others closed in fists flying. Bryce screamed and railed against his captors as the crowd pummeled Mark.

"Leave him alone!" He shouted finding unknown courage.

"Shut up fag" His captor said, pushing him harder against the wall.

Bryce could hear screams of pain as one boy broke away, "fuck, you broke my fucking arm!"

Mark emerged bloodied but not beaten in fact the opposite was true, two bullies were down on the ground and the boy with the broken arm was still screaming. The remaining three sought to run but Mark grabbed one back, smashing his knee up into the boy's gut. Mark flung the boy down and approached the two holding Bryce, with fire in his eyes. One boy fled immediately, in response the remaining boy called to him,

"Get back here fool!"

Mark was almost on top of him when he produced a handgun. Mark stopped instantly as the gun was held to Bryce's head.

"Stay back" The boy ordered.

Mark tried in the fleeting seconds he had to determine if it was real, could he take the chance? It would certainly not be the first middle schooler to bring a gun to school. Before Mark could decide what to do he heard the familiar voice of his favourite teacher.

"What's going on here? What is that Tyrone?" The man snapped as he was walking toward his car, he then diverted towards the fight.

"It's just a toy, we're just playing" Tyrone answered

I'm not playing, Mark thought as he grabbed Tyrone's arm and twisted it around, forcing Tyrone to drop the gun, real or not.

"Stop that Mark, right now!" Mr. Blackburn shouted

Mark swung his fist smashing it directly into the captive's nose with a discernable crack. He released Tyrone who crumpled in a screaming heap.

"Mark, stop it!" The teacher ordered now on top of him. He grabbed Mark by the arm in an attempt to control the boy but Mark yanked it back, restraining himself from punching the teacher too.

"I'm just getting warmed up," He said in a low venomous tone.

The teacher picked up the now obviously fake gun and announced, "Right everyone to the office, let's go"

"We're going home," Mark said as he pulled Bryce close to him.

Mr. Blackburn wanted to console Mark, he wanted to touch him but he knew what that might get him. "It's ok Mark" he began softly, "You're safe now, we'll call the police and well ... an ambulance too," He said seeing four students in various need of attention. Mark too was bleeding, or maybe it was just the blood from the other kids. Mark put his arm protectively around Bryce and allowed himself to be herded with the walking wounded back into the school. The blond boy was thankful for the comfort and was still a bit shocked by what he initially thought was a real weapon pointed at him. He trembled and allowed a sob.

Once they were all in the principal's office Mark relaxed enough to sit down. The Principal and some of the remaining teachers rushed about. Mr. Blackburn took it on himself to clean up Mark, who did end up having a small cut on his face. As Mark allowed the man to wash and bandage him he could tell that the others were in need of professional medical attention.

"I've never seen you like that Mark" The teacher consoled.

"Tyrone's lucky you came by" Mark snapped.

"Don't say stuff like that to the cops when they get here" Mr. Blackburn suggested.

The arrival of the police was rather low key, another school fight to interrupt their donut run, take statements call the parents all routine. But Mark could hear a far more announced arrival was coming down the hall. Bursting into the office in all his flaming glory Emmett rushed over to Mark aghast at the tiny bandage on the boy's face.

"Oh my god Marky your face!" His pseudo-father pronounced.

The cops scowled at the gay man, while Bryce chuckled giving the first sign that he was back to normal, well mostly.

"Is this the boy who hit you?" Emmett demanded.

Mark rolled his eyes, "No Emm, this is Bryce my boyfriend, the boys who hit me all went to the hospital"

"Oh he's so pretty" Emmett gushed, causing Bryce to blush.

A police sergeant grunted to announce his presence.

"You're not going to arrest him," Emmett stated more than asked.

"No, we've arrested one boy right off but we'll sort out all the statements first, some of the boys have pretty serious injuries so charges may be laid but you can take him home for now. We'll contact you later if there's any follow up required from your ... son" The officer announced.

"Oh Bryce, are you ok?" Bryce's mother asked evenly as she entered.

"Yes mother I'm fine" Bryce replied as he stood to greet his mom.

"Thanks to Marky he is" Emmett blurted.

"Are you Mark's father?" She asked.

"Well sort of, more like his mother I guess" Emmett said in his effeminate manner, ending all doubt of his sexual orientation.

"I see, well come along home Bryce" His mother ordered eying Emmett.

Bryce hugged Mark quickly before trotting off with his stern mother.

"Thanks Emm" Mark said sarcastically.

"What?" The man replied.


Mark was sitting on the couch watching TV when Ted arrived home, he was late and had thought to bring take out chicken home with him. Emmett had dropped Mark off and was gone to prepare dinner for his own boy.

"So I hear you had an eventful day" Ted said as he laid out the meal.

Mark joined him and replied, "There's nothing I could have done"

"No? Couldn't have run back into the school and got a teacher?" Ted suggested

Mark paused he didn't understand how Ted could think this was his fault, "Would you have, it if was Emmett?" he countered.

"It doesn't matter now, we have to deal with what you have done, not what you should have done." Ted announced.

As they began eating Ted dropped a bomb, "They've suspended you"

"What!" Mark shouted.

"Relax they suspended everyone, even your boyfriend" Ted noted, "It doesn't matter though, I'm enrolling you in a private school"

"No way!" Mark blurted.

"Mark they pulled a gun on you" Ted began

"A fake one" Mark countered.

"What about next time? Even if they're charged they won't get any time and they'll be right back in school with you," Ted said pragmatically.

Mark thought about what Ted was saying but he didn't want to leave the school, the others should have to leave he figured. He ate in silence for a bit before suggesting,

"I'll call Blaine, maybe I can see him while I'm not in school"

"He'll be working Mark" Ted corrected.

"Not at night and if I don't have school I can stay out late" Mark reasoned.

"Well" Ted paused before dropping the next bomb, "Blaine and I are taking a break"

"What does that mean?" Mark asked exasperated that Ted spoke cryptically when he didn't want to reveal the whole story.

"Mark, there are ups and downs in every relationship and right now Blaine and I are in a down, so were not going to see each other for a bit and see where we go from there" The man explained.

"So what does that have to do with me, I can still see him," Mark suggested.

"Mark, we're sort of a package deal, he's only your friend because of me" Ted attempted to explain.

"So?" Mark replied

"So you can't see him right now, just give me some time," Ted continued. Seeing the expression on the boy's face he added, "We've got a lot going on here"

"What am I supposed to do then?" Mark asked slipping into a funk

"You can work at the pet store with Emmett until I get you setup in a new school" Ted advised.

"Great" Mark said sarcastically.


The next day Mark called Bryce to see how he was. He assumed that the boy would be home being suspended as well. As the phone rang a fourth time he wondered if Bryce's mother might have packed him off somewhere but on the fifth ring there was an answer.

"Hello" The sweet voice of his friend said.

"Hey it's Mark, everything ok?" He asked.

"No" Bryce replied in a sullen tone. "I'm suspended and I didn't even do anything"

"Yeah, I know we all got suspended, can I come over?" Mark asked.

"No, my mom said I wasn't to have anyone over and I'm not supposed to see you anymore" Bryce lamented.

"That's bullshit, we didn't start anything" Mark spat, "So if I can't come over can you come here?" He suggested

"Well I'd be seeing you" Bryce explained.

"Are you even allowed to talk to me?" Mark wondered thinking that his blond friend was so whipped. Mark respected Ted but he'd never allow himself to be dominated like Bryce was.

"Well ... not really" Bryce muttered.

"Look if you're not coming over here then I'm on my way to your place" Mark said forcefully.

"No wait, my mom can't catch us here ... Ok fine I'll come to your place" Bryce gave in.


Mark opened the apartment door his heart fluttering with excitement, he was nervous but didn't quite know why. Bryce was inside quickly as though he was being chased but in fact he was just desperate not to be seen by anyone his mother might know. Once the door was secured he took off his boots and coat, then he was able to relax. Mark was silent as the boy took in the open concept unit.

"This place is awesome ... look at the size of that TV!" He gushed.

"Yeah, I'm pretty lucky I guess" Mark offered.

"I should say so" Bryce replied

Mark leapt over and landed on the sofa, rolling onto his back he motioned for Bryce to climb on. The blond boy stood at the edge finding Mark's informal use of the sofa a bit strange. At this house people sat on the furniture they didn't lie on it, let alone leapt on it.

"Come on" Mark ordered

Bryce lay atop his boyfriend wondering if they might be caught in their compromising position. They brushed lips gently.

"What do you want to do?" Bryce asked.

"Oh I don't know, I'm sure we can think of something ... Let's get naked" Mark replied

"Here?" Bryce wondered

"Yeah, Ted won't be home for hours ... you wanna suck each other?" Mark suggested as he stripped down.

"I guess" Bryce as he undressed more slowly.

Mark began to assist Bryce now that he was fully naked, his hard cock waving in the wind. Soon Bryce lost his inhibitions and the two were lying on the sofa on their sides in the 69 position. Mark sucked gently swirling his tongue around, hoping Bryce would learn from example although having his dick in a warm mouth was pleasant enough. Mark was able to take his smaller friends dick fully into his mouth, right down to his sparse pubes. While Bryce confined his efforts to the upper part of Mark's longer, thicker meat. Mark lapped his tongue on his beauties sack and then drew it behind the balls. He followed the trail to the boy's ass and dove his tongue into the crevasse. Bryce had been able to continue working on Mark's cock but now that the boy had moved so far out of position he had to chase it. The little blond boy moaned loudly as his friend swirled his tongue around his soft hairless hole. Mark licked a finger slowly began easing it in, at first Bryce tightened up but gradually he allowed the finger inside. First just to the second knuckle and then he relaxed enough for it to go all the way in. The phone began to ring but Mark ignored it, who ever was calling seemed persistent as they called back again immediately

"Aren't you going to get that?" Bryce asked.

"I'll check the message later, its just Ted checking up on me" Mark replied before getting back to work. The fingering was having the desired effect on the slim boy, as Mark worked it back and forth. Mark returned to sucking on his boy's pretty little cock, it was jumping in Mark's mouth and leaking precum profusely. Suddenly Mark felt the salty taste of cum in his mouth as Bryce involuntarily pushed his hips forward, emptying into Mark's mouth. He swallowed the moderate amount of ejaculate and continued to stimulate the cock. Bryce was moaning and grunting in his sweet voice until he was spent and lay still. Mark rolled over on top of Bryce and kissed him.

"You wanna try it in your ass?" He asked softly.

Bryce shook his head side-to-side, "I could suck it some more," he offered.

"That's ok, I'll just do rubies, you're so soft I'll come pretty quickly" Mark suggested as he began to gyrate his hips and hump his friend. Mark was right the soft body beneath him was enough to bring on his moaning grunts. As Mark mashed his cock against the soft skin he was lost in a world where only he and Bryce existed. He gripped the boy's shoulders pressing his face against Bryce's as he humped. As expected fluid flooded across Bryce's pale belly as Mark grunted. Mark lay spent with his boyfriend, in sticky repose.

After a while he spoke,

"You think you're mom would want you to go to a private school?" He asked.

"I don't know, she hasn't said anything about me changing schools" Bryce responded, perplexed by the question.

"Ted is making me go to a private school, he thinks things will get worse at ours ... When I find out the name of place I'll let you know, maybe you can hint to your mom without her figuring out I'm there" Mark suggested deviously.

"I don't know" Bryce replied. He felt comfortable and safe with his big boy on top of him. He wasn't sure about changing schools but he was determined to find a way to keep Mark.

Mark pushed Bryce up and off him as he heard something at the door, reaching for his pants he clearly heard the door open. Bryce was stunned and didn't move. Mark had his pants half up when Tyler appeared.

"You just can't keep it in your pants can you Edwards" The teenager noted jovially.

"What are you doing here?" Mark snapped, going on the offensive.

"You were supposed to work at the pet shop today, Emm was worried so I had to come to see what you were up to" Tyler explained.

"I'm not supposed to be there until tomorrow," Mark protested.

"Well he thinks you should be there now," Tyler countered.

"Bryce this is Tyler, Emmett's boyfriend, Emmett's the guy who came to the school yesterday" Mark explained.

"This is your dad?" Bryce said disbelieving.

"No R-tard Ted and Emmett aren't boyfriends now, they used to be" Mark snapped.

"I used to be Mark's boyfriend but its better he's got someone his own age now" Tyler offered in a softer tone. "You should call Emm now and tell him you're alive" he told Mark.

"I have to walk Bryce home first" Mark countered.

"No, we can't ... my mom would ...I'll go by myself" Bryce blurted, now upset with his friend.

"Hey Bryce, I had a great time, we'll see each other again soon" Mark offered as Bryce made for the door having dressed. The boys kissed in parting and he was gone.

"He's pretty cute for a little guy" Tyler complimented.

"You're not going to say anything are you?" Mark asked.

"You know me better than that" Tyler confirmed, "I'm outta here, call Emm right now".

Alone again Mark made for the phone