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Chapter 34

Mark tugged at his tie, as he wasn't used to having something around his neck. He looked like a goof in his new school uniform he thought as he examined himself in the mirror.

"Are you ready for your first day?" Ted asked as he appeared in his own suit, ready for work.

"I look stupid" Mark replied, meaning not just his school uniform but also his shorter haircut.

"You look like a mini-me" Ted said jovially.

The man was right Mark figured. He did look like a little Ted, crisp white shirt and tie with a jacket. It was quite different from the casual clothes that he'd always worn, even when going out for dinner it had always been just a nice shirt.


Mark wasn't sure that he wanted Ted to take him into the school, it seemed so childish but another part of him wanted him there. They found the office after wading through a sea of boys dressed exactly the same as him. It was going to be difficult to identify anyone once he made some friends but he hoped it would also allow him to blend in. Starting mid term though he was going to be on the outside of the social groups. His best bet was with the jocks he figured, they'd accept anyone who could play their sport well, as long as he wasn't a show off.

School was boring, more so than his public school Mark thought. The work was harder and the homework more voluminous. On top of that all the sports teams were pretty much set, he couldn't get on any unless someone dropped out. He made some casual friends but found his popularity wasn't as high without girls at the school. Being an attractive boy he could at least count on the attentions of the girls to raise his profile at his public school, but not here.

His only enjoyment was Karate on Tuesday and Thursday nights. It helped to clear his mind and focus him as well as kept him in good shape with the lack of school sports. He had spoken to Bryce a couple of times on the phone but there seemed little hope of getting him over to his place any time soon. Mark usually did his homework at school and then took the subway from school to the community center for his Karate class. Today he passed his stop on the subway as he sat at the front car looking down the tunnel. He went two stops further as the train rumbled underground and then made his way up to the street level. Then he went into a building and up to Blaine's apartment, he was desperate to see the man again and Ted wasn't going to miss him when he was supposed to be at Karate.

It was almost six when he rapped on the door, he wondered if it might still be too early until the door flung wide and a grinning Blaine pulled him in.

"Well look at you all dressed up, just for me?" Blaine greeted

"No, it's my school uniform" the boy lamented

"I think it makes you look hot," Blaine advised as he helped the boy out of his jacket. The man undid the boy's tie and hung it carefully. He then proceeded to unbutton his shirt.

"What are you doing?" Mark asked.

"I'm making you more comfortable, isn't that what you want?" Blaine asked softly as he placed his palms on Mark's cheeks.

The boy leaned forward and rested his head against the man's chest.

"It's ok Mark" Blaine consoled.

"Ted's an asshole" The boy replied.

"Yeah I can agree with that, but you've got to live with him Mark. Fighting him isn't going to work," Blaine said pragmatically.

"I'm still going to see you" Mark said forcefully as he lifted his head.

Blaine stroked the boy's head and replied, "You sure you won't get caught?"

"He thinks I'm at Karate Tuesdays and Thursdays, I could come then," The boy suggested.

"Ok, but mix it up don't come just on Tuesdays and make sure you go to Karate enough not to raise any questions" Blaine co-conspired as he continued working on Marks shirt. Once he had it off Blaine pulled the boy's undershirt off and then began working on his pants. The boy started to take over but the man protested.

"No, baby let me undress you" He said softly.

It seemed silly to Mark having someone undress him but it was strangely soothing. With slow finality Blaine gently slid Mark's under ware down and his half hard cock popped out. The man knelt down and cupped the boy's balls in his hand. He licked the head of the penis until it fully hardened and then began to suck on the shaft. Blaine moved both his hands around the boy and was squeezing his butt cheeks as the boy moaned. Being sucked while standing was new for Mark as he looked out the window. Sexual frustration and stress came together as Mark unloaded into Blaine's mouth without realizing. The man came up licking his lips.

"That was tastey Mark, and quick you must have been so horney"

"Yeah I guess, want me to suck you?" The boy asked.

"I think you know what I want" Blaine replied as he stood.

He took Mark by the hand and led him into the bedroom. He laid the boy down with his ass right at the edge of the bed. Blaine was prepared and quickly had a lubricated finger going in and out of Mark's hole.

"What am I going to do?" Blaine asked.

"You're going to fuck me," Mark said softly

"Do you want it?" Blaine asked

"Yeah" Mark replied as Blaine continued to open him up.

"Ask for it" Blaine hissed as he yanked his own pants off.

"Fuck me Blaine" Mark replied without understanding why.

"Beg for it" Blaine said as he put a condom on his hard dick.

"Please fuck me Blaine, please I need it so bad," Mark said getting into the game.

He felt the pressure of penetration and grunted. The boy groaned as Blaine pushed right in as far as he could. He had his weight on top of the boy as he slowly began to fuck. Once the initial penetration was over Mark began to enjoy it. He liked the way Blaine was fucking him slowly with his body covering him. He felt the man's hot breath and then his tongue on his neck. Mark began to moan,

"Yeah, oh yeah just like that. It feels so good"

"You love it don't you baby" Blaine hissed.

"Yeah, I love it" Mark moaned.

Soon Blaine tired of the slow fuck and lifted himself off Mark. He grabbed the boy's hips and began pounding his ass. Mark was grunting with each push finally protesting,

"Blaine slow down!"

"I'm close baby" Blaine replied without slowing and true to his word did unload inside the boy almost shouting out his orgasm. He collapsed back down on the boy and just lay with him quietly. As his dick softened he withdrew and shuffled away.

Mark looked over his shoulder at what the man had gotten out of the drawer it was a large vibrator.

"Is this as big as Ted's dick?" The man asked showing it to the boy.

"Almost, I think he's a bit thicker" Mark answered and then suddenly realized that he'd told Blaine he'd seen Ted in an erect state.

"Ted ever fool around with you?" Blaine asked.

"No, he'd never do that. I saw him once in the bathroom" Mark replied with a white lie.

"You ever dream about him fucking you?" Blaine asked as Mark felt the buzzing tool press up against his hole.

"That's too big" Mark protested.

"You can take it you're an anal boy Mark besides I opened you up already" Blaine suggested as he pushed in.

Mark grunted loudly and then groaned as he gripped the bed sheets tightly. It was a new experience for him, the vibrations sent waves of pleasure through his body but the sheer size of the thing in his ass was painful.

"Half in now" Blaine reported.

"Half?" Mark protested he was sure it must have been the entire thing.

"Who's fucking you?" Blaine asked as he moved the tool in and out slowly.

"What?" Mark sighed

"Whose dick is this?" Blaine pressed.

"Ted's" Mark replied catching on.

"Ask him to fuck you" Blaine hissed

"Oh, god .. Fuck me Ted oh fuck it's big" Mark replied as he accepted more of the machine.

"Keep going" Blaine insisted.

"Ted, fuck me hard, grrrn yeah" Mark whined as he faced the bed in a grimace.

"Look this way" Blaine ordered as he snapped his fingers.

Mark turned his head back to the left so that Blaine could see his expression. The man increased the tool's vibration as the boy lifted himself up on his elbows.

"hmmmmaa" Mark continued to moan as Blaine selected a setting that pulsed the tool.

"Who's fucking you?" Blaine demanded.

"Ted, oh Ted" Mark whined as he pushed back on the tool in the throes of his orgasm. Blaine could see the boy's cock twitching as the stimulation continued. This was blowing the kid's mind Blaine thought, how lucky he was to have found such a great anal boy. Thick streams of cum fired out of the teen as he pushed the tool out. Blaine kept it half way in with his palm pressing on the end as he turned the pulsing down. Mark was quivering and moaning incoherently as the pleasure continued. Slowly Blaine let the long vibrator slip out as Mark went quiet. Blaine put three fingers inside Mark and moved them around the boy's totally open ass. He had a fleeting thought of putting his hand right in but figured he'd save that for another time.

"You ok?" Blaine asked

"Yeah" Mark said briefly opening his eyes as he lay on his side.

"How was it?" Blaine pressed.

"Awesome, I've never cum like that" Mark reported, "but it hurt a lot"


Mark had been to Blaine's apartment 3 more times in the month but hadn't taken the big vibrator again, much to the man's chagrin. The boy was happy with the coupling given that he couldn't seem to get Bryce alone for more than five minutes. Tonight he'd let Blaine rim him and then fuck him senseless. The man had amazing staying power and had learned how to make it more enjoyable for him by finding the right pace.

Mark arrived home and headed up stairs as he typically would but Ted stopped him.

"How was Karate?" He asked.

"Fine" Mark said seeking to continue on his way.

"So what did you learn?" Ted pressed.

It seemed a strange question to the boy, "Usual stuff"

"You know Mark lying is the worst thing," Ted said cryptically.

Mark paused giving his father a puzzled look.

"I went to the community center to see you and you weren't there," Ted advised.

Mark's eyes darted about, as he didn't know what to say, what his dad might believe.

"So I just got off the phone with Blaine" Ted continued.

"I thought you weren't talking to him," Mark said without thinking.

"Well I figured that's where you had to be when the instructor told me how many sessions you'd missed." Ted explained. "So I called Blaine and told him I knew what was going on. He said you told him that I had given my permission"

Ted took Mark's pause to mean that he was guilty as charged but in actual fact Mark's mind was racing trying to decide what to say. He'd never told Blaine any such thing and it seemed the man was putting it all on him.

"I told him that he should have confirmed with me, he knows now that you're not allowed to see him again and I expect both of you to respect that" Ted continued.

"I just wanted to see him," Mark said going on the offensive.

"Well you lied to me and to Blaine and now I'm not sure I can trust you anymore" Ted advised somberly.

"You're not allowed to have any more boyfriends!" Mark screamed. "First Dustin, then Jason then Blaine, you just fuck it up!" The boy said on the verge of tears.

As he stormed upstairs Ted stood dumbfounded. He expected Mark to be unhappy at being caught but he had no idea that the boy would have such an outburst. Ted had no energy for a fight, as Mark had taken the wind out of his sails with his preemptive comment. The man quietly retired to his office reflecting on how his relationships must have affected Mark far more than he realized. It was obvious that he liked Dustin and adored Jason but with Blaine it was different, he barely tolerated the man at first. Maybe it wasn't just teenage moodiness, maybe he didn't want to get attached again. Ted lamented that he was the likely cause of Mark's deception, it was going to be a long night.


Mark was still upset in the morning, so much so that he left for school without a word to his father. He knew that he'd been deceitful but Ted had forced him into it. Not allowing him to see Blaine was just unfair and now Blaine was lying to cover his own ass. As Mark rode the subway to school he wondered what his next course of action should be. He couldn't go back to Blaine without some type of retribution from Ted and he wasn't sure if the man would see him anyway. He thought about talking to Emmett but he was just as likely to pat him on the head and tell him his father knew best. No not Emmett he thought, but there was one person who might have the advice he needed to get Ted to do what he wanted. At lunch Mark used a computer in the school's library, he was surprised at how easy it was to find someone online, it may have been more difficult if his phone number was unlisted Mark supposed.

After school the boy rode the subway to his destination but not his home. As the train creaked against the rails sending an irritating noise through the car he wondered if he'd get the help he wanted. He knew that Ted was entrenched in denying him access to Blaine but hoped that there was someway to change that. He rode the elevator up the strange building, a nice lady had let him follow her inside, he figured he looked trustworthy in his school uniform. Arriving at the apartment door he rapped loudly. After a pause it occurred to him that the man might not even be home, maybe he should have called instead but what if he wouldn't talk to him? Rejecting someone was far harder in person Mark knew so this was likely his best shot.

The door opened and a twenty something man with black hair and dark clothing opened the door.

"You selling cookies or something?" The man asked curtly.

"No I'm here to see Dustin" Mark said as he took a step inside.

With the boy pretty much inside the apartment the man stepped back and called out.

"Duzz there's a little boy here to see you"

Mark looked around the living room. There was lots of artwork and knickknacks about and the furniture seemed odd to the boy, the coffee table was a strange shape and the couch didn't look as though it was something he should sit on. Then it hit him, there wasn't even a TV in the room.

"So Ted's got you in a tie now" Dustin said as he approached looking like the fashion model he was, even in his casual clothes.

"It's my school uniform" Mark lamented as he extended his arms for a hug. Dustin gripped him briefly and then stood back.

"You've grown," He announced.

"Yeah" the boy replied.

"So what can I do for you Mark?" Dustin asked as he motioned for the boy to sit.

"I've got a problem with Ted, he broke up with his boyfriend and now won't let me see the guy, it's so unfair" Mark whined.

"Jason finally ditched him eh?" Dustin quizzed.

"No, Jason went off to school in England, this is another guy" Mark explained.

"Wow he's really going through boyfriends" Dustin jabbed.

"You know him better than anyone, what can I say to get him to let me see the guy?" Mark pleaded.

"Mark, Emmett knows a lot more about Ted than I do but I can tell you this much, once he's made up his mind you're not likely to change it." Dustin advised.


It was almost seven and Mark still wasn't home. Ted had gone from being angry to being worried. His first thought was to call Blaine but when he did the man had reassured him that Mark wasn't there and wouldn't be in the future. Ted knew that Mark was a good kid despite his defiant streak. It wouldn't surprise him to learn that the boy was purposely late just to make him worried. When the phone rang Ted answered it immediately

"Hey Ted, you missing something small red and freckled?" The voice on the phone greeted.

"Dustin, it's been too long. So he's with you?" Ted responded softly to his former love.

"Yeah he just left, I figured I should call so you don't worry" Dustin advised

"I'm surprised he found you" Ted replied

"I'm in the phone book. You've got an unhappy boy Ted, I was surprised to see how much he's grown" Dustin reported.

"Yeah he's rushing toward manhood, he's almost fourteen now" Ted noted.

Ted and Dustin caught up on the goings on in their lives until Ted heard the door open.

"He's here Dustin, I'll let you go" Ted concluded.

"Dustin called you?" Mark said flatly.

"Of course, he didn't want me to worry." Ted said sternly

"Why should I care what you feel, you don't care about what I feel" Mark protested.

"You think pushing me is going to get you what you want? You're grounded for a week," Ted announced.

"What for?" Mark snapped.

"You should have at least told me you were going to be late but you're purposefully defying me." Ted thundered.

"You're so unfair, all you think about is yourself," Mark snapped on his way up to his room.

"You'd still be in a group home in Calgary if all I thought about was myself" Ted countered.

"Fine then send me back! I wish I'd never known you" Mark challenged as he reached top of the stairs.

That didn't go so well, Ted thought.


Things between Mark and Ted had remained tense during the week as both were waiting for the other to give in. Mark got up late on Saturday, it wasn't as though he would be going anywhere. He was surprised to find Ted dressed up when he arrived in the living room shortly before noon.

"I'm going out for lunch, you're welcome to come if you can shower in ten minutes," Ted advised.

"Na" Mark said dismissively as he entered the kitchen to prepare his own brunch.

"Ok my cell is on if you need anything" Ted instructed as he prepared to leave.

Mark had a bowl of cereal and a banana as he waited for the man to leave. Once Ted was gone Mark raced up stairs and did end up showering in record time. He knew that Ted was going to be gone for two hours at least most likely longer. The boy figured this was his chance to get over to Blaine's. As he took the elevator down it occurred to him that perhaps Ted was having lunch with Blaine but even so it wouldn't be at the man's apartment.

Running pretty much all the way Mark arrived out of breath at Blaine's door. The man was clearly startled by the boy's knocking.

"Oh, Mark come in" Blaine greeted. "Does Ted know you're here?"

"No, he's out for lunch" Mark said as he noticed a boy standing in the doorway to Blaine's bedroom. He was an unremarkable young boy with sandy brown hair and was wearing only his underware. "Who's this?" he asked.

Blaine hadn't noticed the boy's entrance and seemed a bit flustered.

"Oh that's Kevin, I'm looking after him for a friend" Blaine replied quickly.

Blaine tapped the back of the couch as he said, "I'll be back in second you guys have a seat"

As the man went into the bedroom the boy's sat beside each other on the couch.

"So how old are you?" Mark asked.

"I'm nine," The boy answered cautiously.

"Blaine is babysitting you?" Mark continued.

"He's my moms boyfriend, she works Saturdays so I usually stay with Blaine" Kevin advised.

Mark's mind was reeling how could Blaine have a girlfriend that made no sense. Blaine rejoined them, standing behind the couch. He put his hands on the sides of Mark's face.

"I'm so happy you came over Mark," He said softly as he reached down and pulled at the bottom of Mark's shirt. When the boy didn't lift his arms the man said, "It's ok Mark".

The freckled teen lifted his arms and allowed the man to pull off his top. Blaine came around and sat in a chair facing the boys.

"You two look so cute together," He said softly. "Kevin, rub Mark's chest" He instructed.

Mark looked incredulously at the man as the young boy ran his hands over the teen's exposed front. "Why is this little kid feeling me up?" Mark asked.

"I wanted to watch you two, ... make out with him Mark" Blaine instructed.

"You want me to kiss him?" Mark scowled. The teen stood up and went over to Blaine.

"What's wrong Mark?" Blaine asked.

"I came over to see you not fool around with your girlfriend's kid" Mark snapped as he retrieved his shirt.

"Mark don't leave" Blaine pleaded

Mark was out the door and on his way quickly, he put his coat on in the elevator and realized that Ted was right about Blaine he shouldn't be seeing him.

Mark got home long before Ted. He was lounging in front of the TV as his dad entered.

"Man it's cold out there" Ted greeted.

Mark got up and approached his father. He wrapped his arms around the man and hugged tightly.

"I wasn't gone that long" Ted joked.

"I'm sorry" Mark mumbled into Ted's chest.

"I have a surprise," Ted said as he broke the hug.

"What?" Mark chirped.

Ted unfolded a brochure with a ship on the cover.

"I booked us on a cruise. It'll be better than being on an island, there will be lots of kids and tons of activities" Ted announced.

"Awesome" Mark said softly as he flipped through the pictures.

"We'll have a cabin with our own balcony but I don't expect we'll spend much time in it" Ted explained.

"When are we going?" Mark wondered.

"Next week when you start Christmas break, you'll miss two days of school but I figured you wouldn't mind" Ted replied.

Mark smiled up at his father, he knew this trip was meant as a distraction and realized just how lucky he was to have a guy like Ted in his life.