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Chapter 35

The sheer size of the thing amazed Mark. When Ted had described the ship as a floating hotel the boy had envisioned a much smaller vessel, certainly he'd seen the photos but they didn't provide much in the way of scale. It was a bright sunny day in the Caribbean as they started their second day at sea. Mark tired of waiting for Ted in their small cabin, while his dad was in the shower he headed out to brunch on his own. They'd found the cabin configured for a double bed as the cruise was billed as `gay friendly' the steward had assumed two men would be sharing given Ted and Mark had different last names. Mark was completely happy to share with Ted but not surprisingly Ted declined. The room steward quickly made the pull out couch into a single bed and promised to configure the room into two separate beds for the next night. Mark reluctantly agreed but insisted on getting the bed closest to the balcony. The boy liked the idea of having a balcony, it gave him an unobstructed view out onto the ocean. It was his first time on the big water and while he had to get used to the rocking motion of the ship he found it pretty exciting.

Their cabin was high up on the ship so Mark was able to walk right out to the food stations. Ted had reasoned that they should sleep late and set their schedule a bit later than the crowd to avoid the massive lineups. The one thing that Mark didn't like about the cruise was that he always had to line up. He got his eggs and bacon, and then sat at a table waiting for Ted. The man had uncharacteristically made it clear that Mark was off the leash, he could go where he wanted and do what ever he wanted while they were on the ship.

While the cruise was clearly dominated by gay couples, mostly men, there were some kids on board. There were those like himself, children of gay couples and `breeder' families as Emmett would have said, who didn't mind open gay affection or maybe were just unaware and took the best last minute priced cruise.

Ted joined his charge with his own breakfast when Mark was close to finishing.

"So what's the plan for the day?" he asked.

"I was thinking I'd go to the gym then check out the teen program this afternoon" Mark advised.

"Ok, if you get bored I'll likely be in the room or on the sun deck. You can leave me a phone message on our cabin line otherwise I'll see you at dinner" Ted explained.

Mark wandered off finding it strange to be wearing just his shorts in December. He'd selected his swim shorts not his boardies but there were men wearing far skimpier suits, leaving little to be imagined. Some caught Mark looking and most of the men smiled but a few scowled at him, as though it was his fault that they were walking around on deck, wearing a piece of floss for pants! He found the gym on the upper deck and selected a weight machine. There were a couple of men there working out but they ignored the young lifter. Mark left the gym mid day and walked out past the top of the waterslide. He looked at it and the few little kids waiting in line to use it. At first his instinct was to avoid it as a child's thing but the kid in him won out as he walked over and stood behind some little boy. Pragmatically Mark figured it would wash the sweat off his body when he arrived in the pool three decks below.

Mark accelerated down the tube, stretching his body out to get maximum speed. The water rushed past him as he swirled around. Coming down the final tube suddenly the little boy was right in front of him, the cautious kid was sitting up making himself much slower than the teenager. A crash was inevitable with the pair arriving together in the pool. Mark jumped out the pool and went on his way quickly, lest anyone notice his `playing with little kids'.

He found a lounge chair and baked himself dry in the sun. It was comforting to feel the hot sun on his body, it reminded Mark of the time he Ted and Dustin had stayed on an island. Mark wished for the freedom of a nude beach again but that wasn't allowed on the ship. Mark decided he'd go to the teen program and at least check it out. It was four decks below in what served as one of the ship's nightclubs in the evening. Mark saw four girls and one boy perhaps about 15 or 16.

"I'm Mark" He greeted to the giggles of the smitten girls.

"Logan, glad you're here dude" The taller boy returned. He was an attractive surfer type with wild blond hair and an athletic body. "Not sure how much longer I was going to stay at this tea party" He said dismissively of the 13 and 14-year-old girls.

"Yeah, there seems to be a lot of little kids on board" Mark agreed, hoping that he wasn't counted among them.

"Yeah, we might be the only straight men on board" Logan replied.

"Well ... I'm gay" Mark replied.

"Really?" Logan challenged

"Yeah, I'm here with my gay dad, he adopted me" Mark explained.

"Hmm, I'm here with my dad and his boyfriend. He turned gay after he married my mom" Logan tried to explain.

"You sure you're not gay?" Mark said jokingly in a role reversal from his normal life.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Sorry dude" Logan replied

"Yeah you're hot, guess you've got all the girls to yourself" Mark said getting a disgusted smirk from his new friend.

"Let's get out of here," Logan said as he headed for the door.

Mark quickly followed on his heels anxious to have a friend, that fact that he was a hunk was just a bonus.

Over the course of the cruise Ted was left to his own ends with Mark and Logan spending most of their time together. They went on shore excursion, scuba diving and all the sports activities that both fathers were willing to fund. Mark had tried scuba before but wasn't certified like Logan was. The instructor swam around with the group of four young men, Mark was the youngest and thankful not to be put in with the kids group. Logan was a strong swimmer and seemed completely comfortable underwater. Mark was decent at it but cautiously kept close to his friend.

One evening the boys were bored as the ship turned into an adult's only place at night. They deiced to go back to Logan's cabin to watch a movie. They sat on the couch, which became Logan's bed at night.

After the action film ended Mark decided to explore his friend's interest, hoping to get some action himself.

"So do your dads kick you out when they want to fool around?" Mark asked.

"I have one dad," Logan corrected. "I guess they do it when I'm not around, not that I want to think about it"

"You ever done any gay stuff?" Mark asked

"Ah no I'm straight remember?" Logan advised as he knocked playfully on Mark's head.

"You ever done stuff with a girl?" Mark quizzed

"Sure" Logan replied confidently.

"You ever fuck a girl?" Mark continued

"No" Logan replied quietly.

"I'd let you fuck me," Mark said cautiously. He'd wanted to suggest it earlier but he needed to be sure his friend wouldn't completely freak out.

"Why would I want to do that?" Logan said scowling.

"It's a hole," Mark suggested, hoping his surfer hunk would get the idea.

Logan sat quietly watching the movie for a while and then said, "I'd let you suck me off I guess" Thinking it the same as getting a blowjob from a girl.

"Well you wouldn't give me one in return so why would I do that?" Mark asked

"Well you're sure as hell not going to fuck me!" Logan retorted.

"No but getting fucked feels great, I wouldn't need to do that to you" Mark continued.

Logan sighed. He was horny and Mark's offer tempted him. Mark was pretty much hairless as far as he could tell and fucking him might be ok.

"You have a condom?" Logan asked.

Mark produced one from his pocket and smiled. "I plan ahead"

"Ok, if this gets too weird I'm stopping and that's it" Logan announced.

Mark pulled off his T-shirt and yanked his shorts off in record time. Logan was slower to get undressed but when he did Mark wasn't disappointed. Logan had a nice thick cock, maybe a bit over six inches long. It was already semi hard as Logan began to stroke it. Mark was mesmerized as he watched his straight friend slip the condom on his meat. Mark spun around and lay spread on the bed with his ass at the edge. He let Logan mount at his own pace, he didn't want the teen to have any cause not to enter. Mark sighed as he was penetrated the feeling of fullness comforted him. Logan began rapidly pumping, clearly stimulated by Mark's ass. Mark wanted to say something but he figured that his friend was imagining some girl and again he didn't want to give the boy reason to stop. Mark was getting a lot of pleasure out of his friend's vigorous fucking, so much so that he began to moan without realizing it.

"You ok?" Logan asked, halting his actions.

"Yeah, it feels great, keep going" Mark encouraged.

The larger teen returned to slamming his dick fully into Mark's ass making a constant slapping sound as he sought his own relief. It wasn't long before Logan was making his own noises as he filled the condom, deep inside Mark.

"Leave it in until I cum" Mark ordered as he stroked his own hard cock. It took but a few seconds as his friend remained deep inside, still hard. As Mark grunted his orgasm he could hear sounds that told him the tight squeeze on Logan's cock was giving the older teen additional pleasure. Mark was hoping that the big boy's cock would stay in for a bit longer but that hope was dashed as Logan suddenly pulled out, a bit too quickly, causing Mark to groan with discomfort.

"What's going on here?" a man's voice asked. Mark didn't hear anyone come in but clearly Logan had as he pulled his shorts up. "Who are you? Put some clothes on" The man said to Mark. "How old is this kid?" He demanded.

"Hi, I'm Mark" the boy said cheerfully, "I'll be 14 soon"

"What are you thinking Logan? What happens when this boy's parents find out what you've done!" The man challenged.

"It's none of your fucking business Bob, knock before you come in, remember it was your rule" Logan snapped as he pushed past the man heading for the bathroom.

"Don't be rude with me Logan, I'll tell your father" Bob snapped.

Mark could hear his friend pissing with the bathroom door open as the man spoke to him, "You ok?"

"Oh yeah I'm fine, he wasn't hurting me" Mark advised as he finished dressing.

"Come on Mark we're outie" Logan ordered.

"Bye" Mark chirped as he left the cabin with Logan.

Logan stormed along the hallway as Mark wondered where they might be going. He followed his angry friend to the deck where the boy vented about his father's boyfriend. After exhausting his anger Logan went quiet and Mark took the opportunity to speak.

"I liked it you're pretty good for someone who's never fucked before" Mark offered.

"It was ok" Logan said quietly

"You came didn't you?" Mark asked

"Yeah but, it's not the same, I'm not gay... I don't wanna do it again," Logan advised.

"Ok, so were still friends right?" Mark hoped

"Yeah, unless my dad puts me off the boat" Logan replied

"He won't do that," Mark said confidently

"You don't know him that well" Logan replied

"We'll get Ted to talk him out of it, if he tries" Mark suggested.

The boys hung out on deck until midnight, the latest they dared stay out. Mark returned to his cabin to find Ted wasn't back yet. He went to bed hoping Logan wouldn't be in too much trouble.


The next morning it was cloudy and cooler as the ship turned north heading back to port. Mark joined the teen girls for most of the day playing silly games until thankfully Logan arrived and dragged him away.

"So it go ok with your dads?" Mark asked

"I have one dad!" Logan snapped

"Ok, sorry" Mark apologized thinking that maybe he should be thinking the same thing. Ted had been the only constant in his life since his mother died.

"My dad reamed me out, nothing new really" Logan complained, "You wanna go to the pool? It's warmed up now"

"Sure but I have to get my shorts first, I'll be back" Mark said as he bolted toward his cabin. He fished his key card out of his pocket and quickly inserted it into the door. He entered the cabin and stood frozen by what he saw. Ted was pumping his large cock in and out of a younger man. Mark figured it was likely the guy's first big cock by the way he was groaning. Ted stopped and the men looked back at him, Mark grabbed his shorts and quickly made for the door,

"Sorry, just needed my shorts" He called. Having seen the younger man's face he wondered just how old the guy was, he might even be a teenager Mark figured.

He continued on his way and joined Logan in the pool where he discovered the teen girls had already invaded. It didn't matter much to the boys as they played aggressively anyway. Mark enjoyed the bodily contact with his strong straight friend even though he knew there wouldn't be any more action between them.


At dinner Ted seemed concerned about what Mark had seen and felt the need to explain it to him.

"Mark about this afternoon" Ted began

"Yeah sorry" Mark interrupted

"It's ok I just didn't expect you to be back so soon, but I want you to understand that it was just a fling not someone I'm going to see again, he lives in Colorado" Ted explained.

"How old was he? He looked like he was sixteen" Mark asked

"He's nineteen Mark" Ted reported

"Didn't look nineteen" Mark insisted

"Well he is" Ted concluded.

"Were you his first big cock?" Mark asked out of sheer curiosity.

"That's none of your business, now are we staying for desert or not?" Ted said changing the subject.


The last day of the cruise was quiet. Before they docked Logan exchanged information with him but Mark knew that having a friend in Chicago meant that he'd likely never see him again. Mark and Ted flew home tired yet happy. As they came off the plane in the afternoon Ted saw four cops standing at the exit to the gate. He lamented that his tax dollars were paying for the illusion of airport security. He paid them no real attention until one stepped forward with his arm out.

"Ted Taylor? Mark Edwards?" The cop asked holding a photo of Mark.

"Yes?" Ted answered

"Step over here please" The cop ordered. It was then that Ted noticed two of the cops were city police and the other two were airport cops.

"Mr. Taylor we have an order to take Mark into protective custody" The cop announced.

"What for?" Ted blurted and then caught Mark out of the corner of his eye turning away. Ted grabbed his arm just as the boy sought to run. Ted pulled him into a big bear hug protectively.

"Let me go!" Mark protested

"Settle down! I don't want to see these goons taser you" Ted reasoned.

The cops had surrounded them and as Ted released Mark two cops took an arm each. "No one is going to hurt you son," the senior cop said to Mark.

"Where are you taking him?" Ted asked finding his mental footing.

"Into protective custody" The cop replied.

"I know that officer but where exactly and for what reason?" Ted asked

"I can't say the court order requires you to not have any contact with him" The man said as he handed over papers. "Give these to your lawyer"

Mark was clearly upset and not happy at being held. Ted knew they had to cooperate but Mark wasn't likely to understand that so he approached and spoke softly.

"Go with these men, you'll be safe. Cooperate and we'll get this all sorted out Mark, there's nothing to worry about" Ted consoled. While in his head Mark thought the man's words stupid, of course there's lots to worry about.

The city cops marched Mark out of the terminal still holding him firmly and then loaded him into the back of a cop car. The boy was happy to be released but very worried about what was happening to Ted, would he be arrested too and who exactly was he being protected from?

The cops chatted about their mundane lives, ignoring their charge in the back. Mark found the car was cold, likely due to just arriving back from a warm vacation. Finally arriving at the station Mark was taken to an interview room, like the one's he'd seen on TV where a large mirror dominated but he knew that people were behind the mirror likely watching him. Two plain-clothes cops came in to see him, a man and a woman. After the initial banter they got down to business.

"Mark, we know what Blaine was up to" The male cop announced and then waited for a reaction. "But we need you to fill in the blanks for us"

"Do you know of any other kids Blaine was involved with Mark?" The woman chimed.

"I'm not saying anything until I get a lawyer" Mark said confidently

"You've been watching too much TV Mark, you're not charged with anything so you don't need a lawyer but if you don't help us you can be charged with obstruction," The male cop said sternly.

"Mark we can send you to a group home or a detention center it's up to you" the woman said more softly.

"We'll let you think about it" The man said as they left him alone.

Mark laid his head on the table and rested, he figured he could out last them, he'd even piss in the corner if he had to.


On their third visit back to see him the man was getting more aggressive in his tone, clearly not happy with the lack of cooperation.

"Look kid, we know about Kevin and we know you were at Blaine's apartment with him, so there's no point in protecting him just tell us what you know!"

Mark giggled as he turned to the woman, "and the good cop says?" He mocked.

"Fine, we've got all night" The man said as he motioned for the woman to leave with him.


Mark had no idea what time it was, there was no window in the room and they took all his possessions, including his watch. Finally a uniformed officer opened the door and motioned for the boy to come out. A woman was waiting for him, a social worker Mark could tell. She was out of shape and openly unhappy to be there, obviously not a cop. It was clear that she wasn't getting any overtime to shepherd him. When they got outside it was observably late, well into the night from what Mark could tell. He remained silent to all questions as they drove to what he assumed would be his detention. He was somewhat surprised that they pulled up to an old institutional building. It looked like it might have been a school or something at one time but was now rundown. The cop waited at the door as Mark was taken inside by the social worker.

"We were expecting you a lot earlier" A young man said as he greeted them.

"I had to wait until the police were done with him," the woman said disinterestedly

She handed Mark a plastic bag with his possessions and turned to leave. The man put an arm around Mark's back and attempted to lead him away. Mark spun around and faced the man.

"It's ok Mark, I'll take you to your room now it's almost midnight so the other boys are all in bed." The man said quietly.

"I'm hungry I haven't had anything since lunch" Mark replied.

"Ok" The man sighed, "We'll get you a peanut butter sandwich, you're not allergic to peanuts are you?"

"No" Mark replied as he followed the man to the kitchen.

Mark relaxed a bit as the man made him two sandwiches. He wasn't really worried about what might have happened at the police station but he was thankfully to be relatively free.

"If you need anything else we'll get it for you in the morning" The man said. "All the doors are locked and the windows don't open so please don't try and get out"

"How long am I going to be here?" Mark asked.

"I don't know, it's not up to me but they don't typically keep kids in a closed facility for long. If you're behaviour is good then your worker will want to get you off to a group home and back to school pretty soon" The man said as he fed the boy.

Mark consumed the food quickly as he was famished. He could have asked the cops for food but he didn't want to show them any weakness they might exploit. The man led him up to a dorm room and paused at the door.

"You can have the upper bunk on the left, I won't turn the lights on as the others are sleeping. We'll get you some clothes in the morning" The man said as he opened the door. Mark stepped in and waited a second for his vision to adjust. He moved over to the bunk and stripped down to his boxers. He then climbed up and into bed wondering exactly what tomorrow might bring.