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Marks Two Dads 37 -- Epilogue

The sun-drenched schoolyard was full of teens on the hot and humid day. It was way too hot for June, certainly too hot for track and field but that's what they were doing. Mark had enough of jumping, leaping and sprinting for the morning at least. There was some crazy thousand-metre run that he was supposed to do later but for now he had other plans. The muscular fifteen year old walked toward the school in his skimpy running shorts and tight T-shirt. He'd rather go shirtless but the school regulations wouldn't allow that. He had hopes that going to a public High school would mean less prudish rules but that wasn't turning out to be the case. The teen welcomed the shade as he entered the mostly vacant school. It was slightly less humid indoors but not by much, as an older building there was no air conditioning and relatively poor ventilation to begin with. Mark entered the arts wing at the far end of the school and headed for the boy's bathroom. Certainly there were closer options to relieve himself but he had ulterior motives.

Mark pulled off his white school crested T-shirt with some effort. As he'd been running about in the heat all day it was sweat soaked and he couldn't wait a second longer to liberate himself. Finally free of the thing, Mark looked at himself in the mirror briefly. His longish strawberry blond hair was pasted to his head in the summer heat. The teen wondered if he shouldn't get his hair cut short for the summer if it was going to be this hot. Mark's broad shoulders were heavily freckled, as were his arms. The freckle density decreased further down his body to just a gentle sprinkle on his flat belly. The boy made a pose as he looked proudly as his biceps in the mirror.

Mark turned the water on in the sink and washed under his arms to try and take some of his stink away. He could have gone to the showers in the boy's change room but they would have been crowded. It wasn't as though Mark was shy, in fact he was the opposite almost to the point of being an exhibitionist, much to the consternation of his surrogate parents.

He heard the bathroom door squeak open and turned to see who was joining him.

"Finally" He greeted as a tall blond fifteen year old entered.

"Getting ready?" Tom asked of Mark's shirtless condition.

"Yep!" Mark replied gleefully.

He and Tom had been boyfriends for almost a year, although there were times when they broke up when adolescent tempers prevailed. In those times Mark sought affection from senior boys seeking the relief that an inviting mouth provided but in the end he always made up with Tom. He wondered if his same age friend was the only other gay boy in the school but he figured there were others unwilling to reveal themselves. Mark was open about his homosexuality, not that he paraded himself but if asked he'd tell. Most kids were shocked that an attractive athletic guy could be gay, as though he should be effeminate or `emo'. Tom still clung to his secrecy but that shield was rather thin with him spending most of his time around Mark, at least his parents were still in the dark.

Tom went straight to the toilet stall, the one they always used and sat down. Mark joined him closing the door and kneeling down. Tom was hard instantly as Mark began to lick his cock. He always did Tom first as it had just become the order of things. Once his friend was hard Mark began to bob up and down taking most of the cock into his mouth. He came off the cock a few times to rest his jaws instead swirling his tongue around the blond kids balls. Mark felt the double tap on his head that told him his friend was about to fill his mouth. He backed off a bit and soon found himself gulping down what Tom had to offer. The boys quickly switched positions and Tom returned the favour. He had gotten much better at cock sucking but wasn't as good as Mark. The freckled teen struggled to stay quiet, something that came naturally to Tom, as he was tongue washed. Mark grunted softly as he came causing his friend to gag.

"Big load" Tom complained.

"Saved it for ya" Mark replied gleefully.

The boys cautiously exited the stall and made for the sinks to clean up.

"You coming over tonight? My dad is Barbequing." Tom asked

"Sure, can't wait" Mark said sporting his infectious smile.

"You ask Bill?" Tom quizzed.

"I tell cousin Bill what I'm doing I don't ask" The confident teen reported.

"Ok" Tom replied not fully buying it. "Just call if you're not coming"

"I'll be there, then maybe we can get some bush time," Mark suggested. It was their code phrase for riding their dirt bikes to a secluded area where Tom would fuck Mark senseless. Neither boy got the house to themselves very often so it was really the only option, other than the school.

The boys left the bathroom separated by a few minutes to rejoin the track and field event. Mark ran his stupid race and then showered before changing into his board shirts and loose fitting sleeveless shirt.

Mark caught the school bus home and as he came in the door told Mary of his plans.

"I'm going to Tom's for dinner, his dad is Barbequing."

"Oh, well ok then" Mary replied used to Mark making his own plans, "Don't forget Ted is picking you up early tomorrow".

Mark of course new that already, he always looked forward to visits with his dad in the city, something that started just after Christmas. Now that Ted had been cleared by children's services the teen knew it was time to put his plan in motion.

"Yep, when is Bill getting home?" Mark asked.

"Oh after six at least, why honey?" Mary asked. She had become a second mother to Mark and really did care deeply for him.

"I want to talk to him about stuff" Mark replied.

"Is there anything I should know?" Mary asked knowing that her husband was often reactive to bad news.

"I'm not in any trouble, don't worry" Mark explained as he made for the door, but Mary did worry.


Mark jumped on his dirt bike and sped over to Tom's house. He saw the men out on the deck singeing the evening meal. He parked the bike and took off his protective gear before heading up to join them.

"Helloooo Mark" Tom's dad greeted, he always seemed happy to see the affable freckle face. "Tom tells me you did well at the track"

"Yeah" Mark replied disinterested in the stupid events.

"First place in the junior boys 1000 is really good" The man explained as he tried to be supportive without making his own boy feel inadequate.

"Just a race" Mark dismissed. "What's for dinner?" he chirped.

"Steak and burgers but I know what you want" Tom's dad replied.

"Oh yeah" Mark said enthusiastically. He wanted steak, Ted had given him the taste for it but he never understood why Tom didn't like it.

"You around tomorrow?" Tom asked.

"No, I'm going to my dads" Mark replied, knowing that his friend wanted a get together in the bush. "You should come" Mark added excitedly.

Tom looked expectantly at this father.

"Ah, well that's rather sudden boys, I bet you haven't even asked your dad Mark" the man dodged.

"No but he'd ok with it" Mark replied confidently.

"Maybe another time" Tom's dad advised.

"Ok I'm going again in two weeks" Mark reported. "Tom can come then"

"We'll see what his mother says" The man replied as he flipped the meat.


Mark arrived back at the house just after eight. As he came in he saw Bill in his usual commanding position in front of the TV. Mary was unseen and their son Peter was absent, likely out with his girlfriend. Mark stopped right in front of the man.

"Mary tells me you wanted to talk?" Bill replied to his young cousin's interruption.

"I was thinking that now that school is over I should move back with Ted" Mark said confidently.

"Oh really? Does Ted know about this?" Bill replied used to the boy's proclamations.

"I told him what I thought, I figure that since I'll be sixteen in the middle of the year I should go now so that I don't have to change schools mid year" Mark explained.

"Well, you could just finish school here then decide what you want to do" Bill countered.

"I told you guys, I'm not staying a day after I turn sixteen" Mark said as he tried not to sound petulant.

"It's not that simple Mark, we'll have to talk to your social worker and of course see what Ted and Emmett want" Bill dismissed.

Mark put his hands on the man's forearms as he leaned in. He knew Bill wasn't one for affection, he'd rarely seen him touch his own son but that was another barrier Mark had broken with the man.

"I know you can make it happen, I appreciate what you and Mary did for me, getting me out of that jail but it's time for me to go" Mark said softly.

"I'll look into it Mark" Bill replied knowing that the boy was an irresistible force.

"Thank you" Mark replied with his best good boy smile.

Mark trotted off to his room knowing that the best way to work most adults, even Bill, was to chip away at them until they gave in. Each had their own way of doing things with Bill it was through respect.


Mark woke early the next morning excited to see his dad. The boy bounded out of bed and was showered quickly, incase Ted arrived early. Mark wasn't surprised to find Bill at the breakfast table as he scurried about getting his stuff ready for the weekend. Mark lugged his bag to the door and then took a chair at the table with Bill, ensuring that he was facing the window so that he could see his ride arrive. The man stolidly read his newspaper not entirely ignoring the boy but making it clear that he was unavailable for conversation. Mark respected the obstruction between them that was until he saw Ted's vehicle pull in. The teen then pulled down the top of the paper to present his freckled face.

"Ted's here, I'm going now," Mark announced before he bounded for the door. There was a time that Mark wouldn't have dared to interrupt the man but once he stopped taking Bill so seriously the man proved to be more accepting than Mark thought possible.

Ted didn't bother to get out of his SUV, he knew Mark would be along in a few minutes, as he always was. The man had stopped going to the door for the obligatory greetings as he'd just run out of things to say and Mark was always anxious to get going. As Mark bounded for the car Ted noted that his boy hadn't really gotten much taller but rather wider. Not that Mark was fat, in fact he was the perfect specimen of a teenager, soft skin, firm muscles and a flat belly. He figured that Mark was due for a growth spurt soon, recalling his mother Ted figured that Mark might not get to be a big as himself but certainly there was more height to come.

"Let's go" Mark chirped having already entered the car and put his seatbelt on. The boy's voice broke Ted's daydreaming.

"Ok, we're off ... good to see you too" He said wondering when it was that Mark stopped greeting him.

As they rolled out down the highway Ted began his usual interview,

"So how's school?"

"Almost over. I was talking to Bill about next year, we figure that I should move back home this summer so I don't have to switch schools mid year" Mark reported

"Bill said that?" Ted asked somewhat surprised.

"Well you know Bill, he'll look into it, consider the options and then announce his decision" Mark mocked in a deepened voice.

"So this is really your idea" Ted replied knowing his son.

"Well there's no point in waiting til I'm sixteen is there?" Mark asked rhetorically.

"What about your boyfriend, you guys are still together right?" Ted asked having heard about each time they temporarily broke up.

"He's the only other gay guy in school" Mark replied.

"I'm sure there's lots of others but they're not ready to be as brave as you Mark" Ted admonished.

"Yeah, hey can Tom come too next time?" Mark asked seeing his opening.

"I suppose, are his parents on side?" Ted asked suspecting they wouldn't approve as he'd met them only once and very briefly at that.

"His dad is, he has to ask his mom" Mark explained.

"Well let me know, I'll have to talk to them first just don't be surprised if they won't let their straight acting son hang out with a gay couple" Ted said trying to get Mark to be realistic.

"Can't you just say you're divorced or something?" Mark suggested.

"Not when they're trusting me with their son. I can just imagine what they might say about me when he finally comes out to them." Ted replied thinking he couldn't stand any more trouble it might be best if he had Emmett call them that should put cold water on the issue.

The remainder of the car ride was uneventful although Mark remained giddy the whole trip. When he arrived back at Ted's condo apartment he rushed through the door to find it just as it was two weeks ago. Ted always found it funny that Mark was so excited to get back to the same old place.

"Where's Emm?" He asked of Ted's partner.

"Working at the Pet store, we'll meet him for dinner. I'm not rushing down there again but you can go on your own if you want to help out" Ted replied as he recalled how eager Mark usually was to check in with everyone.

"Can I?" Mark asked expectantly.

"Off you go I'll be down later" Ted sighed.

Mark quickly made his way down to the pet store passing all the familiar shops along the gay village. He burst into the store to find his other dad behind the counter.

"Marky!" The man greeted in his effeminate manner.

The two hugged as Emmett rounded the counter. The teen got his usual kiss on the cheek before they broke off. He remembered being frightened by the man when he first met him, his style so foreign to him then was refreshingly familiar now.

"So what's the dish, tell, tell" Emmett chirped.

"You two are so alike it's scary," A young man said as he appeared from the isles.

"Hi Tyler" Mark greeted his former boyfriend. He'd moved out of Emmett's old place but still worked for him in the pet shop. Mark found himself suddenly erect as Tyler gripped him by the shoulders from behind. It was just an affectionate gesture he knew but it had been so long since he'd had a man cock inside him that he wondered just how big Tyler was now. Tom did a good job but Mark still had hopes that Ted would fuck him someday, although deep down he knew that idea would be limited to his masturbatory fantasies.

"You still with Tom?" Emmett asked

"Yep" Mark replied

"Same guy for a whole year that must be a record for you" Tyler replied cheekily.

"Tyler!" Emmett snapped.

"We've broken up a bunch of times so I suppose it doesn't really count" Mark suggested somewhat embarrassed at the older boy's comments.

"Well I was just about to go to the bank do you want to come or help Tyler here?" Emmett asked as he a scowled at the young man for his comment.

Mark had a fleeting though of trying to get Tyler excited enough to bang him in the stock room. It wasn't as though he and Tom had a formal relationship, they were just friends that had sex, Mark figured. In the end he decided it wasn't going to happen anyway so he joined Emmett for the walk.

"I'm going to move back home soon," Mark announced.

"Oh that's great Marky Ted didn't tell me" Emmett gushed at the thought of having the boy back full time.

"I just told him today, Bill's working out the details" Mark replied confidently.

"I can't wait for you to be home, you've been with those people way too long, the police cleared Ted ages ago." Emmett said irritated.


Mark hoisted his last bag of clothes into the SUV, he didn't realize that he had so many until he started packing. What he couldn't fit in his suitcases ended up in garbage bags, his other possessions were in boxes filling the back of the vehicle. Ted worked to cram it all in, happy that he convinced Emmett to stay home, he knew that he'd need the rear seats folded to take all Mark's cargo. It had taken a month since the boy started his campaign to get it all done. It was far quicker than Ted thought possible but apparently all that was required was Bill and Mary's signatures on the custody order. The lawyer would process it all later but what surprised Ted the most was that Children's services seemed completely disinterested in Mark now.

"We waiting for Tom to say goodbye?" Ted asked surprised that the boy wasn't there.

"Naa, we did that last night," Mark said with a wink, giving Ted some idea how his son said goodbye. "We'll keep working on his mom to let him come visit us"

"So we're all set then?" Ted asked

"Yep" Mark replied as he gave Mary one last hug and then shook Bill's hand.

As they drove off with his life's accumulations in the back Mark had a feeling that this was the first day of the rest of his life.