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Chapter 4:

Ted looked over at his lover, laying naked on the lounge beside him. He never got tired of looking at his hunk's firm body, although his connection to him was far more emotional than physical. Ted could still see remnants of the teenager he'd guided into manhood. The bright sun glistened off his man's drying body. Ted felt the warm sea breeze across his also naked flesh. Unlike his partner he preferred the sunshade to the baking tropical sun. The sound of the ocean was the dominant background noise, quite a difference to Ted's daily grind in the city.

"I'm so glad you talked me into coming here" He said to Dustin.

They had stayed at this resort, on the Dutch side of the Caribbean island twice before.

"You always say that" Dustin informed without opening his eyes.

"I do?"

"Yeah ... You're always saying, I can't get time off, it's bad timing, it's too late to get a good place and then we go somewhere and you say I'm so glad we came." Dustin lamented.

"Well I guess that's the reason I keep you around" Ted joked.

Dustin chuckled in response.

"We have our massages in an hour up at the spa" Ted informed.

"Yeah I'll want to shower, get all this sand off me" Dustin advised.

"Yep, me too, I think the shower's big enough for both of us" Ted suggested.

Dustin smiled.

Ted's view of the ocean was blocked when a fine specimen of youth stood before him. Nude teens on the clothing optional beach were fairly common but this one was striking with his muscular frame, long sandy blond hair, worn wildly as though he might be living on the beach. His ample pubic hair and genitals told Ted he was 16ish but his face, smooth chest and belly along with his round face made him think perhaps the boy was a bit younger.

"This is Adam, he's from Norway" Mark introduced standing beside his new friend. Mark was quite a contrast to the older youth. He was a rarity on the beach, wearing board shorts that coved him from waist to knees. Other boys did wear bathing suits, usually the speedo style popular in Europe while others wore shorts that still exposed a fair bit of thigh. Ted had slathered waterproof sunscreen on his pale boy's body but he could tell that Mark was starting to get red anyway.

"This is my dad Ted" Mark pointed, "and that's my other dad Dustin" the boy introduced, causing Dustin to look over and smirk. Ted wasn't sure if Dustin would be happy with his new title or insulted by it but it was the first time that Mark had used it with either of them. Before today Ted was always `the guy who takes care of me' and Dustin `Ted's friend'. The older teen shook each man's hand firmly without speaking. Ted and Dustin's life had become a compromise and this vacation was a prime example. They got away for some alone time while Mark was enrolled in the resort's children's program, keeping him out of the way and entertained with kids his own age for the better part of the day. He was in the 12-15 group, although the actual ages of the kids was based on how many were at the resort at the time.

"We're going to go snorkeling in the lagoon," Mark announced gleefully.

"Ok, we're going up to the spa but we should be back by 5" Ted advised.

"I need a snorkel and mask oh and flipper things, like Adam has" Mark advised.

"See that brown hut with the orange roof" Ted said pointing, "Go there and ask the attendant, show him your wristband and he'll give you what you need." Ted instructed. "Where is your wrist band?" Ted asked noting that it wasn't on either wrist.

Mark lifted his leg up onto the lounge to display it around his ankle. Ted quickly noted that Adam was wearing his in the same way, obviously it was far more cool in that position.

"Just don't lose it" Ted ordered as the two boys bounded off, Adam waved as they left.

Then men showered and went up to the main building for their massages. They had elected the couple's massage where they could lay next to each other on the special tables while two women worked them over. Ted was always amazed at how good professional massages were, even though Dustin tried his best and knew him so well, he just couldn't match the skill of someone who did it every day. Ted had suggested that Mark get a massage as well but he just couldn't get over letting some he didn't know touch him all over, as the boy put it. It seemed that Mark had found his own stress relief in the children's group anyway.

Ted and Dustin returned to the villa to discover that Mark was absent. Ted decided to walk out to the lagoon to see if he could haul him in to get read for dinner.

Dustin was surprised when a middle-aged woman approached the villa. It wasn't often but sometimes Dustin was recognized from his modeling. It wasn't as bad as being an actor but he did have to deal with fans on occasion.

"Hello" The woman greeted.

"Hi" Dustin returned flatly.

"I am the mother of Adam," She announced. "Mark will go with us to the town for dinner, ok?" She asked in a Norwegian accent.

"Sure that would be great, what time will you be back?" Dustin asked.

"About 9 o'clock" The woman responded.

"Great, thanks" Dustin said as the woman left.

Ted arrived back shortly after and advised, "Couldn't find him"

"He's gone to town for the night with Adam's family" Dustin advised. "Adam's mom came by and asked," he continued seeing the puzzled looking Ted's face.

"Why didn't you wait to talk to me?" Ted asked sternly.

"I'm his daddy too," Dustin said sarcastically. "What's the big deal"?

"We don't know Adam's family" Ted explained.

"What are you some kind of hetro-phobe?" Dustin asked, "Heck the poor kid might even turn out to be a breeder himself". He continued jovially.

"And what if he doesn't come back? Where exactly are they going? Was Adam with this woman when she came?" Ted quizzed.

"Yeah I guess you're right, I should have asked more questions. She didn't bring either kid, I'll run and catch her she can't be that far down the beach," Dustin suggested as he made for the doorway. Ted followed at a walking pace eventually arriving at Adam's villa where Dustin was standing on the porch talking to the woman.

"Ah! You are the father" The woman greeted Ted.

After a short yet specific discussion Ted confirmed Dustin's decision to allow Mark to go out. He had even thought to bring clean clothes for the boy knowing that everything was likely going to be ok.

"So what are we going to do with our night now that you know Mark's not being sold into slavery" Dustin quizzed as they walked back along the beach.

"You're excited about a free evening, how interesting" Ted noted jovially.

"What you are you accusing me of? Trying to get you alone for some reason?" Dustin replied in a sexy tone.

"Maybe we should just go to be early, I could use the rest," Ted suggested.

"Oh we're going to bed but not you're not getting any rest" Dustin replied as they entered the villa. He pushed Ted up against the wall and began deep passionate kissing.

Ted broke off to ask, "What about dinner?"

"Consider me the appetizer" Dustin responded cheekily as he pulled his man into the bedroom.

Ted mounted Dustin forcefully, the younger man had always preferred aggressive sex, not rough but lustful. He worked Dustin hard and fast bring him up to a level of groaning pleasure and then slowed so that they could both enjoy it as long as possible. Eventually Dustin exploded in a twitching, convulsing orgasm causing Ted to remark,

"Wow that was a good one".

"Oh yeah" Dustin sighed.


While the trio were lounging after breakfast Adam arrived at the door, naked as usual. Even Dustin stole a glance at the youth's beautiful body. Mark and Adam spoke quietly on the porch and then came in side.

"Ted, Adam and I want to do the submarine ride today" Mark announced.

"Sure, you need some money for that?" Ted said suspecting it wasn't part of the resort's operation.

"Yeah and we need someone to take us, you need to have an adult with you"

"How old is Adam?" Ted wondered.

"He's only 15" Mark advised, only indeed Ted thought as he wondered if Adam ever spoke.

"Your parents are ok with this Adam?" Ted asked the boy directly.

"Yeah but my sisters get sea sick so my mom can't take us" The boy said clearly.

"Well I wonder if Dustin might like to go with you guys" Ted said aloud.

Mark shifted, uncertain if he was expected to ask Dustin himself.

"No Dustin does not want to go thank you" The younger man replied.

"Is Dustin sure, it might be a fun time for you youngsters" Ted suggested.

"Dustin is sure, he'd rather lay on the beach" Dustin continued the banter.

"All right I'll take you guys but I'm guessing Adam is going to need some clothes" Ted reported.

Mark gripped Ted firmly crushing his body into Ted's. A muffled "thanks" came from Ted's chest area and then the two boys bolted out the door.

Ted really was just an escort on the sub ride. Adam and Mark pointed and yapped about the underwater world as he watched. It seemed to Ted that this trip had been good for Mark, he was far more relaxed than he had ever seen him.

As they returned to the resort by Taxi, Ted could see Dustin over by the sports courtyard. Walking along the path in a different direction he noted that Dustin was talking to another man his age. The two seemed rather friendly and Ted assumed he must know him from somewhere but it still made him momentarily jealous to see them together. Ted had friends, surely Dustin made friends on his travels Ted thought as he found himself disappointed with his own feelings.

"You guys go on, I'll meet up with you for dinner Mark" Ted advised as he changed course to intercept Dustin.

Mark and Adam made for the beach, the older boy stripping off his clothes as he went.

Ted surprised Dustin by gripping him at the waist from behind.

"Hi baby" Ted greeted with a passionate kiss, lest anyone get another idea about their relationship.

"Uh, yeah, Ted this is Jacques, I worked with him on a job in France" Dustin introduced.

"Nice to meet you Jacques" Ted greeted with a firm handshake.

"And you too sir, I will leave you two love birds" The Frenchman indicated as he walked away.

"See ya Jacques" Dustin fare welled.

"You should invite him to dinner" Ted suggested.

"Naa We just worked together really" Dustin explained, although it seemed to Ted that they must be closer than that based on what he saw from a distance.

"Your friends are our friends Dustin" Ted advised. He reasoned that since Dustin was getting constant action from him he couldn't possibly be sleeping around and tried to put the thought out of his mind. "After all, I make you put up with Emmett"

"So how was the submarine?" Dustin asked as they returned to their suite.

Mark and Adam retired to Adam's villa. The older boy got them soft drinks and they lounged in the bedroom. After some chitchat Adam asked,

"Why do you always where those long shorts?"

"I like em" Mark replied, "and well I don't have a big one like you" he continued seeing the older boy's puzzled expression.

"You think anyone cares about the size of your penis? Lots of little boys on the beach don't cover up" Adam suggested, "Let's see it" he ordered.

Mark was surprised and cautious about the request but he really liked Adam. Finally he gave in when the older boy tugged on his shorts reporting,

"You see mine all the time"

Mark untied his boardies and slipped them down to reveal his dick. It sprung out from his moderate mound of pubic hair. Before he realized, Adam yanked his shorts right off.

"It's not so small" the older teen encouraged.

Mark gasped as Adam touched it, both from shock and the electric feelings it gave him. He was instantly hard.

"See! I bet almost four inches," Adam said being a bit generous as he sat beside his friend.

Mark grabbed his friend's semi erect 5 incher and stroked slowly.

"Pervert" Adam teased while smiling.

He nudged Mark back on the bed and lay on top of him, rubbing their genitals together. Propping himself on his elbows he humped into Mark moaning with his eyes closed. Mark was overwhelmed with the feeling and offered no objections. Soon Adam was panting and became more vigorous in his thrusting. He began grunting and sprayed his goo onto Mark's belly and chest. Finally spent he rolled off.

"You shoot too?" He asked.

"I don't think so," Mark answered honestly.

Adam took the younger penis in his hand and began stroking. Mark was quivering in excitement, as it was so much better than when he did it by himself.

"Close your eyes, think of a pretty girl," Adam advised as he quickened his pace.

Mark quickly blasted his smaller load up and onto himself. Laying in bliss until Adam warned,

"We better go shower before someone comes in"

Part 5 coming soon.