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Another author has brought it to my attention that the jump from Chapter 4 to 5 was perhaps confusing so I am providing this insert between the two. In compensation I will provide a gratuitous sex scene.

Chapter 4B

Adam and Mark successfully made their escape and were cleaned up before Adam's younger sisters arrived on scene. Sadly their vacation time came to an end before they could repeat their tryst.

On the flight home, Dustin and Ted sat beside each other in first class. Mark sat behind Dustin next to the window. He was pleased when a boy with dark curly hair sat beside him. They soon started to chat. He learned the other boy's name was Andreas, he was also 13 and living outside of Toronto. Andreas had been vacationing with his grand parents and was now returning home by him self. As the adults around them slumbered the boys jabbered and played with the cards that the flight attendant provided to try and keep them quiet.

"I have to piss" Andreas announced. As the slim boy stood, Mark could tell that he was a bit taller than himself. "Come" He motioned.

Mark sheepishly followed. When Andreas opened the door and motioned Mark into the tiny bathroom he thought the other boy was offering him the chance to go first and so was a bit startled when the door closed and Andreas was squeezed in with him. Mark had already unbuckled his pants in preparation for urination so the other boy took advantage and yanked them down. He slowly sucked on Mark's hardening penis as he kneeled in front of freckled faced boy seated on the toilet. Mark sighed as he was serviced and quickly blew his load into Andreas' mouth. Mark was amazed by the intensity of the feeling. The dark haired boy swallowed it down and then stood. Mark suddenly found himself staring at the stranger's 4 incher being motioned to get busy. Mark leaned forward, stroked it into hardness and then took the plunge. Taking the penis into his mouth, he was surprised to find it wasn't bad at all as he worked the softly moaning boy to orgasm. Mark gagged when the boy ejaculated.

"Lick it up" Andreas instructed, indicating the cum dangling from the head of his penis.

Mark reluctantly complied, not sure if he liked the taste of it or not. Once cleaned up the boys exited the bathroom and then froze in front of the male flight attendant.

"What were you two doing in there?" The man asked quietly.

"Nothing" Mark responded automatically.

Andreas just smiled.

"Get back to you seats" The flight attendant said smiling, as he stole a gentle caress of Andreas's face.

Mark returned quietly, now an unknowing member of the mile high club.

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