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Chapter 5:

Ted was alone in bed on Sunday morning. They had been home barely a month and Dustin was off on another modeling job. He rolled out of bed and drained his bladder. Trudging down the stairs he made his way toward the kitchen for his morning coffee. Ted was surprised to find the coffee already made. He poured himself a cup and tasted it, not bad, he thought. On his way to the lounge he complimented Mark,

"Thanks for the coffee, pretty good for a first try"

"D man showed me how," Mark reported as though Ted should have known.

Ted sat in a lounge chair to read through yesterday's newspaper.

"Yo Ted" Mark interrupted his morning respite.

"Yo Ted when is D man coming home?" Mark repeated.

Mark leapt over the back of the sectional in front of the TV, still in his night shorts. Ted noted that the boy appeared to have begun a bit of a growth spurt and seemed even lankier. His pale upper body was now gently tanned, the way Mark was transforming reminded Ted of Dustin even more now.

"Yo Ted, you ok? I was talking to you." Mark said as his freckled face showed real concern for the man.

Kid needs a haircut, Ted thought. He had let the strawberry blond grow it long since their return from the Caribbean, knowing that Adam's hair style had clearly influenced him.

"Oh sorry, I thought you were talking to yo-ted, not me" Ted reported sarcastically. The man was becoming disturbed by the amount of urban speak that the boy was picking up.

"You old guys think you're so funny" Mark shot back.

"Old, who do you think you're calling old" Ted accused.

"You. So when's he coming back?" Mark continued.

"Six more days, he should be in Paris now" Ted hoped that Dustin would be home early.

Mark was kneeling beside the lounge chair, stroking a hand through Ted's ample chest hair.

"You grooming me?" Ted asked playfully.

"No, looking for gray hairs" Mark replied cheekily.

"That's it" Ted announced as he stood up. Mark backed away and turned to run but the muscular man quickly had him around the waist and up into the air. Guiding the boy down to the floor Ted pinned Mark in this powerful thighs and tickled his soft belly. After a minute of shrieking Ted stopped.

"So who you calling old?"

"You grampa!" Mark replied, as the tickling continued.

"Ok, ok, I give" Mark panted.

"Why are you screaming like a girl?" Ted teased. "So you surrender then?" he continued.


"Excellent. Do you know what I do to prisoners?" Ted asked playfully as he worked on the boy's sensitive belly.

"Stop!" Mark ordered.

"So who's so old now?" Ted asked playfully as he complied.

"Get off me you fag!" Mark shouted angrily.

Ted leaned in to bring his face very close to Marks and spoke in a low stern voice, "There are words you don't use ... and that's one of them"

Ted got up and returned to his chair as Mark scrambled to his feet.

"Told you to get off" he mumbled standing half turned away in a pouting stance.

"Did you honestly think I was going to hurt you?" Mark asked rhetorically.

Mark mumbled something that could have been `screw you' or `fuck you' but Ted wasn't sure.

"You got something to say?" Ted said sternly

Mark withdrew wordlessly and made his way up the stairs.

A half-hour later Mark trundled down the stairs, his helmet and skate board in hand.

"I'm going to meet Ryan," he announced.

"No you're not, you're grounded for the afternoon" Ted reported.

"What for!" Mark shouted.

"Disrespect" Ted decided.

"You're not my father" Mark shot.

"You're not my son" Ted replied without thinking how much his words might hurt.

"Asshole" Mark hissed as he pounded back up the stairs.

Mark sat on his bed, his mind a whirling storm. He told his school friend that he would be there. Now he was going to have to admit that his `daddy' wouldn't let him out, how lame was that. He could hear Ted showering and wondered if he could sneak out before the man noticed. Although he didn't want to let Ryan down he also new Ted would be even angrier if he ran out. It was the fag thing Mark thought, now he knew only to use that word when he really wanted to upset the man. Mark's adolescent mind drifted, he though of Ted in the shower and recalled seeing him unencumbered of clothes on the beach. His thoughts then turned to Adam and his sexual interludes with the older boy. Mark eased his pants down and took care of things.

Mark took to reading a book, as he was bored of the PS3. He put his book down when he smelt dinner. For a fleeting moment he thought he'd defy Ted further and refuse to eat, but his empty stomach dissolved any such ideas.

"Is the prisoner allowed to eat?" Mark asked solemnly as he stood at the bottom of stairs.

"What would make you think I'd ever withhold food from you?" Ted asked taken aback.

Mark entered the kitchen and gripped the man firmly in a hug, pressing his face into the man's chest.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled.

"Ok, just remember to think before you speak" Ted suggested as he rubbed the boy's back with is free hand.

"I'm so stupid" Mark lamented as he allowed the man to finish preparing the meal.

"You're not stupid Mark, you're just a teenager, you'll make mistakes just remember to learn from them" Ted advised as he presented the evening meal.

His friend Ryan was right adults are so easily swayed by remorse Mark thought. As they ate he decided to press his luck.

"Ted, would it be ok if Ryan came over after school?"

"Sure, I'd like to meet this Ryan or should I call him R-dog" He said jovially mimicking what he heard Mark call the boy when they spoke on the phone.

Mark forced himself to smile. Lame, he thought.


"How'd you get an A and I only got a B?" Mark asked Ryan as they compared assignments in their grade 8 English class.

"Mister White is such a sucker, ya just gotta work him" Ryan advised.

"How?" Mark asked innocently.

"Go up there stand really close to him, bump into him a few times tell him how hard you worked on the paper all emo like. Tell him he's your favorite teacher and stuff like that" Ryan taught.

Mark went up to the teacher's desk and did as Ryan suggested, pressing his shoulder against the seated man's as he stood beside the desk. Ryan came bounding back and announced.

"He gave me an A!"

"Told ya, did he rub your back?" Ryan asked.


"He does that with me all the time, always tells me how much better my work is getting, sucker!" Ryan explained.

"We going over to my place after school?" Mark asked hopefully.

"Sure" Ryan said noncommittally.


"Man what a place!" Ryan commented after Mark had led him in. "I never saw a two story apartment before. Who cares if this Ted guy is an asshole, I'd put up with it to live here!" Ryan gushed.

Mark didn't say much about Ryan's tribute to the condo, knowing that the other boy's apartment was rather meager. The tour ended with a peek in Ted's office.

"Can we use the computer?" Ryan asked gleefully.

"Sure Ted doesn't mind" Mark reported proudly.

Mark wasn't sure what Ryan was up to as he took control of the keyboard until pictures of large bare breasted women began to appear. As Ryan pulled up various pornographic images it was clear that he was getting excited. Mark wasn't sure what to do when his friend slipped his pants down far enough to stroke himself, so Mark did the same. Ryan was vocalizing his lust, speaking to the naked women on the screen.

"You want me to stroke it for you?" Mark asked cautiously hoping.

"What?" Ryan quizzed his face displaying a puzzled expression.

"It's better if someone else strokes it" Mark advised recall his times with Adam.

"You wanna stroke my dick?" Ryan confirmed.

"Only if you do mine" Mark negotiated.

"Oh circle jerk, I read about that," Ryan said with less conviction than he intended.

"Not much of a circle with just two of us" Mark chuckled as he reached over.

Ryan allowed him to touch his penis, stroking the 4-inch member as he gasped. Ryan reciprocated and soon both were panting as they pumped each other ever quicker. Mark exploded first quickly followed by Ryan whose sounds reminded Mark of the noises he could hear Dustin making in the bedroom.

"Fuck yeah! That was way better" Ryan reported.

As the two boys recovered from their bliss Mark heard the apartment door open.

"Ted's home!" He blurted.

The boys frantically cleaned up and left the office through the door into the kitchen. Ryan grabbed Mark by the shirt and pulled him to the fridge.

"We're getting a drink," He whispered as he threw open the fridge door just as Ted arrived down the hall.

"Hey Mark" Ted greeted.

"Hi" Mark returned as they thankfully found something to drink.

"And this must be Ryan" Ted assumed. The boy was a bit talker and heavier than Mark but otherwise could be mistaken for Marks's brother. His freckles seemed more numerous and his hair a darker shade of red but otherwise anyone might assume a relation.

"Yes sir, I am, it's nice to finally meet you" The boy greeted with a handshake, "Mark's always talking about you" Ryan continued as Mark shot him a `shut the heck up' look.

"Ah, I've heard a lot about you too" Ted advised coolly.

"This is an awesome place, it was really nice of you to let me come over sir" Ryan continued too politely causing Ted to wonder just what game this one was up to.

"I'll be in my office if you need me" the man announced as he left the boys.

Leaping onto the sectional Mark wondered, "Why were you so polite?"

"Adults like that kind of thing" Ryan explained as Mark flipped through the channels.

Ted began opening the mail in his office, there were a few addressed to Dustin. He opened the business mail for him, as he usually did when Dustin was away. Ted was a bit surprised to find one letter was a receipt for the air travel to France. Normally the agency took care of all that so it seemed odd for Dustin to be paying for it himself. Ted wondered if it was flight selection issues or something.

Ted joined the boys in the living room, still watching TV.

"Did you guys want me to order pizza?" Ted offered.

"Pizza!" Mark replied.

"Yes sir that would be great" Ryan added.


Dustin arrived home on schedule. He greeted Ted at the door with an over long passionate embrace until Mark interrupted.

"Hey I missed him too!"

Dustin turned and kissed the willing Mark on the lips as well, with a little more passion than Ted had expected. Mark was taken aback for a moment but quickly recovered to ask his typical questions,

"Where did you go? How was it? Did you bring me anything?" Mark quizzed all at once.

Dustin produced a game cartridge for Mark's PS3. After a profusion of, "Thank you, thank you, thank you" the boy was gone.

"You don't have to buy him things when you go away" Ted admonished.

"Well, it's rather selfish of me actually" Dustin admitted. "He's occupied for the next three hours at least, what ever will we do?" Dustin continued playfully.

"I wonder" Ted joined.

"Let me ride the pony right here on the couch like we used to" Dustin asked.

"Yeah I don't think we need Mark catching us doing that" Ted explained.

Ted led Dustin up to the bedroom where the pony ride took place. Dustin gleefully riding up and down on his prone lovers thick member.

After Dustin was satiated he popped his head into Mark's room to see how he was getting on.

"Don't stay up too late playing that thing and get me in trouble" Dustin warned.

"Hey D man, don't worry I won't stay up" Mark promised.

Dustin playfully messed the boy's hair, causing Mark to swat the man's arm away when he suddenly realized that Dustin was naked.

"Hey you're naked" He accused.

"How many times have you seen me nude Mark?" Dustin asked.

"Well, lots but since you've been away there's no nude guys walking around" Mark said cheekily of Dustin's frequent nudity.

"Yeah yeah, Good night kid" Dustin said dismissively before leaving the boy's room.

Part Six coming soon...