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Chapter 6:

"You sure? ...You really want me to take care of the kid?" Dustin asked.

"I'll only be gone for two nights Dustin, I'm sure you'll be fine" Ted reassured looking up from his newspaper on Saturday morning. It had been almost three weeks since Dustin's return and life had settled down somewhat.

"Why can't Emmett take care of him?" Dustin continued to plead his case.

"Emm has him this weekend we can't be over using the poor guy" Ted explained.

"You kidding me, he'd take Mark any time" Dustin continued.

"Well during the week Mark needs to be here for school" Ted added.

"Oh right Emmett's apartment is sooo far away," The bond nudist noted sarcastically.

"So you don't want to help me out with this?" Ted asked trying to lay on the guilt.

"Fine" Dustin sighed, "But you'll owe me"

"I'll send you the bill for all the times I've fed your cat and cleaned her damn shit box" Ted countered.

"Oh I was thinking rim job," Dustin said in a sultry voice as he leaned in for a passionate kiss.

"Oh were you now?" Ted asked.

Dustin slithered down to the man's crotch and freed his penis. He began licking and stroking it to hardness.

"You want to go Again!" Ted wondered how the younger man could be horny after last night's passion.

"You're going to be gone for three days, I have to get my ass pounded while I can" Dustin suggested.

"Maybe we could do something a bit less strenuous." Ted suggested.

"What, you getting old?" Dustin asked cheekily.

"Do you know what happened to the last guy that called me old?" Ted quizzed.

"Yeah I heard about that," Dustin advised.


"I told the little punk to stop picking on my man" Dustin added cheekily as he positioned himself to accept Ted's now fully erect member. Dustin sighed as he sat down on it pushing the thick penis deep into himself. The man lifted and lowered himself as he groaned out his pleasure. Increasing his pace and his volume until he finally exploded in orgasm. Collapsing on his man he mumbled into his chest,

"I love you"

"I love you so much baby" Ted replied.


Mark and Emmett opened the pet store at 10 after getting the man's morning coffee fix at the café next door. Renting a storefront next to the coffee shop might not have been the best plan for expenses but it certainly provided a lot of walk by traffic. Mark was given the job of restocking shelves while Emmett dealt with the handful of customers that came by. At noon another of Emmett's employees joined them, a fit young man with longish sandy brown hair, in his late teens. Emmett greeted him with the usual fake kissing embrace. Mark found the work boring and relished the interaction with customers when he was instructed to help them find something in the store. One such customer was an older fat man who found Mark near the back of the store.

"Oh where does Emmett find all you cute boys" The man greeted standing a bit closer than Mark would have liked. "Would you get me one of those blue boxes of cat litter for me?"

Mark was forced to brush up against the man as he passed in the narrow isle. He lugged the heavy box up to the counter with the man following close behind. Mark grunted as he hoisted the box up.

"Would you carry it to my car cutie" The man asked after Emmett had taken his money.

"Jason, carry out!" Emmett called.

The teen arrived and provided the requested service.

"I could have done it" Mark pouted.

"Oh I know honey but it's Jason's job he always does the carry outs" Emmett consoled thinking it safer to keep Mark in the store.

Returning to the store Jason held out a dollar coin to Mark.

"What's this for?" he quizzed.

"The man gave me two bucks, you did half the work, so one's yours," The man explained.

"Thanks, ... you worked here long?" Mark asked ever curious.

"Couple of months, I can use the extra money while I'm in school" Jason explained.

"Aren't you kinda old to be in school?" Mark quizzed cautiously.

"I'm 19, I go to University" Jason said smugly at being interrogated by the younger teen.

"Oh" Mark responded sheepishly.

"I take history and political science," Jason continued in a more friendly tone.

Later in the afternoon Ryan arrived in the store getting a smiling wave from Emmett. Ryan ignored the man and went over to Mark.

"Hey Ryan" Mark greeted a little too cheerfully.

"Hey" The other teen replied casually. "So this is the pet store"

"Yeah, it's ok" Mark replied.

"A bunch of us are going out boarding tonight you should come" Ryan offered.

"Can't, I'm staying over with Emmett" Mark explained.

"Tell him you want to go out with us," Ryan suggested looking over at the man.

"Naaa, I'll go next time" Mark replied.

"You're missing a good time, we found an awesome place to go boarding." Ryan continued.

"What are you doing?" Mark snapped as he saw Ryan put a bag of cat treats in his pocket.

"No one will notice" Ryan advised coolly.

"You don't even have a cat," Mark noted.

"Everything ok?" Emmett asked cheerfully as he appeared behind Ryan.

"Oh yes sir" Ryan replied, "Mark was telling me these treats are the best for my cat"

"Do you want to buy them?" Emmett asked wondering about Mark's `deer in the headlights' look.

"No, they're too expensive" Ryan said in mock disappointment. " I should go now"

"Yes, good idea" Emmett replied.

Once the boy had left he spoke to Mark, "Honey, when we're working we shouldn't have our friends come by" in a voice more condescending than he meant.

"What ever" Mark snapped as he returned to his stocking.

Ted and Dustin approached the Pet store just as Ryan was leaving. Ted locked eyes with the boy but neither spoke. There goes trouble Ted thought as they entered.

"Oh no the boss is here!" Emmett snapped in mock panic.

"You're the boss Emm, I'm just the investor. Wasn't that the point of getting your own store, so you could be the boss." Ted noted.

"What are you guys doing here?" Mark asked surprised to see his dads.

"Nice to see you too" Ted replied.

"You, servant boy, get me two boxes of cat litter." Dustin ordered.

"I can't carry two boxes," Mark lamented.

"Ok I'll get the litter you get can get Miss Piggy's food" Dustin advised as he guided the boy down the isle.

"So how's he been?" Ted asked.

"Great, until his friend showed up" Emmett advised.

"Yeah I saw Ryan leaving, I don't know about that kid" Ted replied.

"Jason honey I'm going next door for a break, take of things" Emmett said as he rounded the counter and ushered Ted out the door.

"You have another assistant? How much is that costing us?" Ted wondered as they entered the coffee shop.

"When I can find ones I trust, they're worth it, his uncle comes in here to buy stuff for his dogs all the time." Emmett argued. "That he's cute is just a coincidence honey"

"Well he's cute I'll give you that" Ted replied


Emmett closed up at six and took Mark back to his apartment where they ordered pizza, of course. The two watched movies and chatted until it was time for Bed. Emmett set the boy up on the pull out couch and then sat beside him, stroking his hair.

"Emm?" Mark quizzed.

"Yes honey"

"How do you know if you're gay?" The boy asked.

"Well you just know, nobody has to tell you or anything" Emmett tried to explain.

"I think I might be gay," Mark whispered.

"Oh honey you don't have to worry about being gay just because you live with gay men" Emmett chuckled thinking, I can't believe I'm consoling a straight boy.

"I've done it, with two other boys" Mark admitted.

"Done it?" Emmett enquired.

"Well fooled around, touching and rubbing" Mark was suddenly very embarrassed to be describing his sexual activities. He now understood why Dustin wasn't interested in talking about what he and Ted did in bed.

"A lot of boys do that Marky, even Teddy had a couple of girl friends in high school, so don't be in a rush to label yourself honey" Emmett explained as he stroked the lad's soft face.

"Did he have any boy friends?" Mark asked "In high school"

"Just one, well one that I know about" Emmett advised

"You knew him? His boyfriend I mean" Mark continued.

"It was me Mark, I was his boyfriend" Emmett advised as though he were giving away a secret.

"Really?" Mark said amazed.

"Yeah I was 14, he was 16. Teddy was my hero" Emmett said inwardly reminiscing about the time they met. Emmett was pinned to the wall at the end of a bullies arm when Ted came by. Emmett assumed the jock was going to join in on the fun but instead rescued him from his tormentor.

"Why did you break up?" Mark asked unabashedly.

"Well we went separate ways after high school. So are you and Dusty getting along better now?" Emmett replied changing the subject.

"Yeah, it's better" Mark advised with a yawn.

"You know you can call me anytime" Emmett suggested as he kissed the boy on the nose.

"Sleep tight honey bunny" Emmett said as he got up.

"Goodnight" Mark replied.


"Mark's downloading porn" Dustin snitched as he climbed into bed. He felt bad for ratting the kid out but he'd rather not been blamed as an accomplice.

"How do you know that?" Ted asked as he turned the light out and rolled over.

"There's breeder porn on the computer and unless you've developed a fetish for big breasted woman, it's Marks" Dustin explained.

"I'll talk to him when I get back" Ted replied.

"Yeah I read the book of instructions you left me, I didn't think I would have to read a manual!" Dustin lamented.

"It's 3 pages Dustin, just covers all his daily stuff. You can call me or Emmett if you get stuck" Ted advised as he cuddled in with his man.

The next morning Ted was gone and Mark was left in the less than confident hands of this other daddy. On their second night together Mark approached him after dinner.

"Dustin, can I go out skate boarding?" He asked with a big cheesy smile.

"Let me consult the manual" Dustin said as he flipped through the pages. "Yes, but you have to be home by 8:30."

"Thanks D man" Mark said moving to get his equipment.

"Wait, wait, there's something else here" Dustin stopped him as he reviewed the pages, "Is your homework done?"

"Yeah" Mark advised.

"Ok you're good to go then," Dustin confirmed.

Mark left with his helmet and board meeting up with Ryan and his friends.

"This place is so cool Mark" Ryan advised as they made their way to the baseball stadium. Everything was dark as no events were going on. The dozen teens snuck in through the parking garage and made their way to one of the large wide ramps that allowed the crowds easy access to the stands. Tonight those ramps would be a skate park. The boys rode down and then walked back up twice. On the third run down a contingent of security guards were waiting. The larger teens barreled their way by the guards. Mark was bumped and went flying into one of the men, both crashing to the cement floor. He recovered to see the crew escaping down the ramp while the guards called for backup. Mark was pulled to his feet and shoved over to the wall where another of the younger teens was held captive. The guard that Mark had crashed into was writhing in pain having broken the teen's fall.

The police arrived and arrested the pair. Mark found the handcuffs to be uncomfortable but what really upset him was not what Dustin might say but rather what Ted would think when he got home. At the station he was questioned for his information and then put in a small room for what seemed like hours.

Part Seven coming soon...