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Chapter 8:

Ted didn't reply, his head was swirling, reevaluating the last few minutes of joy. He was torn, on the one hand he couldn't deny the pleasure he been given by the strawberry blond teen, but on the other he was revolted with himself for allowing it to happen. He should have known that Dustin was far more skilled and would have done a better job. Ted's mind descended to a new realization, he wanted it to happen, at least on some level.

"I don't have to lick all this up, do I?" Mark asked breaking the silence. Ted had made quite a mess of Mark's face and chest as well as himself.

"No" Ted snapped, "Go get cleaned up" Ted gestured toward the bathroom. The man sighed and then got up to do the same.

He stepped into the shower, oblivious to Mark pissing into the toilet. The warm water felt good on Ted's body, he needed to clear his mind, to think. He was startled when the boy's naked body bumped his as Mark entered the shower.

"What are you doing now?" Ted asked.

"Getting cleaned up," Mark answered thinking his actions were obvious.

Mark stood in the shower spray, the water flowing off his body making it glisten. Ted grabbed the soap and began lathering it on the boy, both to have something to do and to hurry the process along. Mark passively allowed himself to be washed, enjoying the physical attention. Once completed Ted guided him out of the shower where they dried themselves. Mark left Ted in the bathroom to busy himself with shaving.

Why didn't I lock the bedroom door? Ted thought, although he knew answer already, Dustin. He didn't want his man coming home to find himself locked out of their bedroom. God Dustin why won't you call me? Ted lamented. He went down to the kitchen to find Mark had already made the coffee. He poured himself a much-needed cup and found the boy in front of the TV.

"Mark, we're going out for Brunch do you want to have something small before we go?" Ted asked, "Why are you naked?" he added upon seeing the boy sprawled out on the sectional.

"Dustin's always naked" Mark explained.

"Dustin's not 13, make yourself some toast or oatmeal if you want, we're leaving at 11 and put some clothes on" Ted ordered as he made for his office computer, hoping to find a much anticipated message from Dustin.

Mark made himself some toast and took his time getting dressed, he didn't see the point in putting on something only to have to change again before going out. Mark now had an appreciation for why Dustin preferred nudity, it felt natural, relaxing and somewhat naughty.

"Where are we going?" Mark asked on the way down the elevator as they left for brunch.

"We're going to see my friends who introduced Dustin to me, it seems that I need advice on that subject and other stuff" Ted said cryptically.

They arrived at an older well-kept house not far from the core of the city. They were greeted by a middle-aged woman at the door and ushered inside.

"Liz, Sally this is Mark" Ted introduced the boy to the two women.

"Oh he's so cute" Sally gushed.

"You're the lesbians" Mark assumed.

"Hear that Liz, were not just lesbians, we're the lesbians." Sally said amused.

"You can thank Dustin for that phrase" Ted advised as they gathered around the table for brunch.

The discussion turned quickly to Dustin and where he might be. The adult's bantered around contacts made and possible courses of action as Mark ended up doing most of the eating.

"Jason, the guy at the pet store, said his uncle was a cop and he was going to try and find out where Dustin went" Mark interjected during a lull in the conversation.

"Mark, the cops aren't going to make finding someone's gay boyfriend a priority," Ted explained.

"I just wanted to help" Mark lamented.

"Mark, you can help me the most by taking care of your self, I just can't take anymore messes right now" an exasperated Ted advised.

"I'm sorry" Mark said to the plate of pancake residue before him.

Ted got up and touching Mark's face said, "I know, I appreciate the thought but just check with me before you start helping again".

Mark stood and wrapped his arms around the muscular man, burying his face in Ted's chest. Ted rubbed Mark's back as he smiled at the lesbians.

"We have to go, Emmett needs us at the pet store" Ted announced.

"What's happening?" Mark quizzed, still clinging to the man.

"There's been a big recall of pet food and he needs help, clearing the shelves and then restocking with whatever product that's OK to sell" Ted explained.

They left the women and drove down to the pet store. On entering they found Jason and Emmett loading stock into boxes.

"Oh thank god you got my message" Emmett said, clearly upset.

"It's OK Emm, we're here to help" Ted reassured. "I'm going to need your help with something later."

Emmett put both to work, while he shuttled between giving instruction and customers arriving with questions as well as returns. During the afternoon Jason and Mark got the chance to work together restocking.

"So does Ted work out?" Jason asked seeing the older man's biceps bulging through his shirt.

"Yeah, why?" Mark quizzed.

"I think he's hot ... for an older guy" Jason said smirking.

"You're gay too?" Mark wondered.

"Yeah! We're in the gay village, you might be the only straight guy around" Jason explained.

"I'm gay" Mark confirmed, "Well I think I am anyway, you don't sound gay" Mark continued.

"You mean I don't talk like Emmett?" Jason quizzed.

"Emmett and Dustin and well everyone" Mark advised.

"Ted doesn't talk like that does he" Jason asked rhetorically.

"No, he doesn't" Mark replied now clearly confused.

"Some guys talk like Emm, we call them queens, guys like Ted we call butch but it's not a this or a that lots of guys are in between" Jason explained.

"Oh like top's are butch and bottom's are queens" Mark reasoned.

"No, I'm butch and a bottom" Jason explained, "Just how big is Ted's cock?" Jason continued cheekily not really expecting a response.

Mark used his hands to give the older teen an approximation of Ted's circumference from his memory of this morning adventure.

"Wow, wouldn't mind having that in me" Jason mused before Emmett arrived to survey their progress.

"Dinner at the Rosewood, on me" Ted announced after they had finished their shelving and closed the store. "Jason you're welcome to join us," Ted offered not expecting him to respond positively.

"That would be great Ted" The nineteen year old replied with a killer smile.

After ordering appetizers Jason jumped in with "I have news about Dustin" causing Ted's head to snap up.

"He flew Air France to Charles De Gaulle airport nine days ago" Jason reported in a steady tone.

"Is he still there now?" Ted asked anxious for news.

"There's no record of him flying anywhere else but it's possible he crossed at a land boarder. His cell phone is active in the Paris area though" Jason replied.

"So he's OK?" Mark joined in.

"Most likely, in the last week he's ended all his text messages with Capital D" Jason advised.

"Yeah that's him," Ted confirmed.

"Most of the messages started with J A C" Jason reported.

"Jacques" Ted said disappointedly, feeling that his fears were confirmed. "How do you know all this?" He wondered.

"My Uncle used to work with the police and still has some contacts," Jason advised, as he pushed a post it note across the table with a string of numbers written on it.

"What's this?" Ted quizzed.

"Jacques Laurant's home phone number" Jason advised with a slight smile. "Dustin's called it more than any other number this week."

Ted slipped the paper in his pocket as the first round of food arrived at the table. He was interested to know more about his cute benefactor and decided to quiz him during diner.

"So Jason what's your story" Ted asked vaguely.

"I grew up in Vancouver, came out here last year to go to U of T for history and poly sci" Jason replied.

"You live on campus?" Ted continued.

"Yeah" Jason lamented, "The residence dorms suck but rent in this city is so high. I almost rented a house with some guys but it fell through in the end."


After dinner Emmett went home with Mark and Ted. Mark didn't think to question why Emmett was with them but it became apparent when he was told to sit as they had something to talk to him about.

"Mark, we want to talk to you about what happened this morning" Ted began. "You're not in trouble Mark," he continued when the boy hung his head.

"It'll be OK honey" Emmett chimed in.

"Mark, you tricked me this morning, yes it was enjoyable and as you witnessed it was a big release for me but it wasn't right" Ted attempted to explain.

"Why not?" Mark quizzed.

"Well you didn't ask me if it's what I wanted, you can't just crawl into someone's bed and start something without permission," Ted advised.

"If I ask first then we can have sex?" Mark asked excitedly.

"No Mark, I already have a boyfriend, you should find one of your own, closer to your own age," Ted suggested "but not Ryan" he quickly added.

"Doesn't sound like Dustin's your boyfriend anymore" Mark suggested somberly.

"That's a separate issue. Mark I think it would be best if you kept what happened just between the three of us" Ted continued.

The boy nodded in agreement.

"Marky, would you like to come and live with me for a little while" Emmett asked

Mark looked back and forth from Ted to Emmett and then blurted, "No, I wanna stay here!"

"Just for a little while, until things settle down" Ted advised.

"No!" Mark said more forcefully.

"OK, well if you change your mind just let us know" Emmett suggested. Ted had wanted to be more forceful on the issue but Emmett had convinced him that pushing Mark would do more harm than good. In the end Emmett could still take him for the weekends as he had done before.


Ted dropped a letter into the mailbox. It was address to Dustin's model agency, Ted knew that they would route it too him. It had been six weeks since the man's sudden departure and enduring silence. The letter was a factual statement advising the blond model that he was to make arrangements for his possessions within 30 days or Ted would dispose of them. Ted chuckled to himself at the thought of a homeless shelter getting Dustin's designer clothes. The damn cat would be a different issue, he wasn't sure if Mark would allow him to give away miss piggy. The letter represented an admission by Ted that he wasn't expecting Dustin to return, that it was over. He held some glimmering hope that the letter itself would spur on a last ditch reconciliation but as Emmett had suggested he might not be able to trust Dustin again anyway. Ted had decided not to call Jacques; he'd rather not have to confront his own replacement or worse, have Dustin hang up on him.

It was Friday night. Ted made his way to the pet store the letter still fresh in his mind. Entering he found Jason behind the counter reading a textbook.

"Hi Jason, where's the little monster?" Ted asked meaning Mark.

"He and Emm went to a movie" Jason responded. He found Ted even more attractive in his button down business wear and still pined for what he was told lay between the man's legs.

"Oh right, forgot" Ted explained. For some reason Ted thought it was Saturday night that they were going out.

"I close up in a hour if you want someone to hang out with" Jason asked casually.

"You asking me out Jason?" Ted quizzed.

"If that's what you call it, yes" Jason smiled boldly.

God the guy was cute, Ted thought; fit, almost six feet tall, youthfully rounded features and his longish sandy brown hair.

"It's been years since I was asked out; I do have pretty expensive tastes are sure you can afford to take me on a date?" Ted said quipped.

"You buy dinner, I'll do the massaging, I'm told I have magic fingers" Jason flirted

"Jason, I'm sure you're a great guy, Mark is always talking about you but I think I'm done with younger guys, nothing personal" Ted replied rejected him as softly as possible.

"Yeah, you and Dustin were together what six years? I get it" Jason advised.

Ted stepped out of the store heading home. It struck him that Jason's reaction was the opposite of what he expected, he found that Jason was a very different young man, perhaps mature beyond his 19 years. Ted stopped in the street. Fuck if Dustin can move on so can I, Ted thought. He turned around and reentered the store.

"OK, we'll go out to dinner" Ted informed Jason.

"I get off at seven" Jason advised smiling brightly.

"OK I'll go change and be back, but I want to be honest with you Jason, just dinner, no massages or anything else," He explained.

Jason nodded and Ted left to get changed.


"Oh god that feels so good," Ted moaned as Jason's fingers worked along his shoulders. Dinner had been an awkward affair after which Jason suggested coffee. It was Ted that offered his place rather than a café. Ted new that Mark would be with Emmett overnight and so could relax without any time constraints. Ted was amazed at Jason's skill; it was almost as good as a professional massage and far better than what Dustin had ever managed. Ted was suddenly upset that he compared the two but he supposed that was inevitable. Ted was sitting backwards on a dinning room chair, with his shirt off, as the younger man worked his muscles. Jason was the one who kept pushing the idea of a massage and while Ted had resisted at first he was surely glad he gave in. He found it refreshing to be with someone more confident and aggressive than Dustin. There was that comparison again I have to stop doing that, Ted thought.

"How was that big boy?" Jason asked, completing his work.

"That was amazing, I had a professional one when I was at a spa on vacation and you know, I think you were better" Ted complimented, carefully avoiding the fact that he wasn't alone at the spa.

"Now it's your turn" Jason announced coyly.

"I'll give it a try but to be honest I'm nowhere near as good as you" Ted offered.

"I don't want you to massage my back; I want you to massage my prostate." Jason explained as he pulled off his top to reveal his flat belly. The teen was certainly fit but his muscles lacked definition, Ted noted.

Ted was suddenly taken aback by the decision he had to make. Everything up to this point could be considered borderline but what the kid was suggesting would be a definitive act, this would be sex, no question. Ted wasn't sure he was ready to take this next step, on the first date no less.

The brazen teen flicked his tongue along Ted's ear and whispered, "Resistance is futile"

To be continued.