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Chapter 9:

Ted consumed the man's aroma, his pleasantly masculine smell excited him. As they tongue wrestled Ted clutched and stroked the bare-chested teen. Jason didn't have a sweet scent like Dustin, nor was he as lean and firm. Jason was just more natural Ted thought.

"You wanna do it right here?" Jason presumed with a big smile.

"I don't know Jason, I don't want to rush things, and it's our first date really." Ted explained, as they broke apart.

"You don't do it on a first date? Is that a rule or something?" Jason asked playfully.

"Something like that" Ted lamented.

"Is there a book of these rules somewhere?" Jason quizzed, "If we wait till the second date it's not a one night's stand right?" Jason concluded.

"I really like you Jason, you're ... Unique" Ted said trying to soften his rejection.

"It's ok, I know you mature guys can get performance anxiety sometimes" Jason continued his bantering.

"Very funny Jason. ... What are you doing?" Ted asked as Jason yanked his pants down. The teen didn't respond but turned his bare ass to the man.

"See, that's what you're missing" Jason taunted as he bent over.

Ted couldn't resist, he brushed his fingers along the soft bottom and rested his hands on the man's hips. "I'm not used to a guy with hairy legs," He reported.

"Dustin shaved?" Jason assumed.

"Waxed actually" Ted sighed, he wished that Jason hadn't uttered Dustin's name, it brought back a flood of sexual memories. It was only natural, having a partner for six years meant that you became accustomed to thinking of sex and him at the same time.

"Is that the price of admission?" Jason quizzed.

Ted didn't respond but instead took Jason by the hand and lead the now naked teen up the stairs. Once in the bedroom Jason dove onto the bed and assumed a position with his head down and his ass up, waiting to be mounted. Ted came around back pulled his pants off and started stroking his semi erect member. He took a condom from the drawer and lubricated before getting into a mounting position.

"It's been a while so go easy," Jason requested as he gripped the headboard.

"A while? For a hunk like you?" Ted quizzed.

"I'm pretty selective and you're pretty big," Jason explained.

Ted began easing in as Jason grunted, groaned and growled into the pillow. About half way in Ted asked, "You ok?" concerned with the teens sounds.

"Yeah, push it in" Jason ordered.

Ted continued to ease himself in when Jason pushed back and plunged Ted's cock fully inside himself. The teen made a noise that could be described as a high-pitched grunt, somewhat muted, followed by a sigh.

"So much for taking it easy" Ted remarked as he began to thrust. Jason surprised the man by being just as aggressive pushing back on each stroke, loudly grunting out his pleasure. Ted's previous partners had all tended to be passive players in the bedroom making this a new and exciting experience for him. What's next is this kid going to try and top me? Ted wondered to himself. At this pace neither was going to last long and sure enough Jason erupted quickly followed by Ted. The man's body lay on top of Jason as they caught their breath.

"You want it out?" Ted asked, knowing it was Dustin's preference to be dismounted immediately.

"Naw, leave it in till you go soft," Jason requested. Ted enjoyed a few aftershocks his cock still imbedded deeply in the constricting hole. He kissed Jason on the back of the neck as they both moaned in the after sex bliss.

"What are you doing tomorrow night?" Jason asked.

"You're insatiable" Ted sighed.

"No really, you available tomorrow?" Jason continued playfully.


Jason made his way downstairs the next morning, collecting his clothing as he headed for the kitchen.

"Jason!" Mark called from his typical position in front of the TV. "You sleep over?" he asked.

"Hey Mark, Emm ditch you?" Jason asked, avoiding the question posed to him.

"I didn't wanna go to the store and he had to open it today," Mark explained.

"Yeah I'm due at the store for noon," Jason advised.

"So, you and Ted, ya know," Mark asked suggestively moving his hands.

"Nothing like a big cock up your ass, I haven't cum like that in years" Jason shared.

"Doesn't it hurt?" Mark asked as he giggled nervously.

"Naw, it's amazing, anal sex is like a big secret, that you don't know until you experience it." Jason advised as he raided the fridge for breakfast.


Two weeks went by before Ted got a call from the pet store and was only half surprised when he heard Jason's voice. He had resolved not to pursue the teen, choosing instead to allow Jason to dictate the pace.

"So, where are you taking me out to dinner tonight?" The teen asked. "I'm hungry again" Jason jibed.

"Yeah and I bet I know what you're hungry for" Ted chuckled. "I've got Mark tonight" he concluded.

"Bring him." Jason suggested.

"Alright, if he wants to go out then we'll come by the store" Ted gave in.

Ted arrived at the pet store with Mark in tow. He greeted the teen with a kiss and the three were off for dinner.

After dinner Jason had taken to holding Ted's hand as they walked home. Not to be left out Mark held the man's other hand. They passed three young men walking toward them.

"Oh look it's a whole fag family," One of the men said loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Yeah the little one wants to suck my dick, I saw him check me out," Another said.

Jason stopped and turned to face the men. He didn't respond but did examine each of them in turn.

"Jason, ignore them, keep moving" Ted said urgently as their handhold was broken.

"Look the fag's eyeing ya" one man said.

"Jason!" Ted snapped feeling that the situation was turning bad as he pulled the teen around by his shoulder. Jason turned walking away with Mark and Ted but didn't change his focus on the men behind. There was a sudden rush of footsteps from behind the trio. Before Ted realized Jason had turned and kicked the feet out from under the first pursuer sending him crashing face first into the cement. Jason punched the second man full force in the throat and then kneed him in the groin, sending him down. Ted pushed Mark into a storefront alcove protectively as he fumbled with his cell phone seeking to call for help. The third man to approach wasn't one of the original three that Jason had seen. At least two more he thought as the man swung at him. Jason grabbed his arm and twisted it around forcing the man to the ground with an awful snapping sound. The fourth man made his move brandishing a knife as he lunged for Jason. The teen spun around a lamppost and kept his distance from the armed man.

"Now that's a deadly weapon you've got there" Jason said coolly, "I'd be justified in using it when I take it away from you" he continued boldly.

Before he got the chance the blare of a police siren frightened him into running, his injured compatriots doing likewise as they stumbled away.

"Let's get out of here" Jason advised.

"The police will want our statements" Ted suggested.

"Ted, the cops aren't going to do anything about fag bashers," Jason advised.

"You're not supposed to say that word" Mark quietly remarked still shocked.

"You part of the pink posse or something?" Ted asked as they quickly made for home.

"I never wear pink" Jason replied smiling quickly returning to his playful self.

"Where did you learn all that kung fu stuff?" Mark asked as they safely made it back to the condo.

"It's called Krav Maga actually, my uncle Andy taught me when I was in high school," Jason reported.

"You were awesome" Mark gushed in hero worship.

"It's not something you use unless you have to defend yourself Mark" Jason chided before Ted could jump in. Ted was quite impressed with Jason's response and his rejection of Mark's ego stroking.

"Will you teach me?" Mark asked excitedly.

"I can teach you some basic moves if you have to get away from someone bigger" Jason advised, "If Ted's ok with it" he added.

They spent the remainder of the evening watching TV as the three cuddled in close attendance. Ted ordered Mark to bed and followed him upstairs shortly after. The boy was in bed lying on his belly. Ted sat beside him running his open palm along the boy's soft bare back. Mark rolled over and allowed the man to continue his affection on his chest. Ted moved to stroking Mark's soft freckled cheeks and then leaned in for a gentle brushing kiss on the lips.

"Everything is going to be fine Mark" Ted reported softly, "We'll just have to be more careful"

Once Mark was tucked into bed Ted returned to his other teen. He stood directly behind Jason, who was still sitting on the sectional watching TV.

"I guess you don't need anyone to walk you home" He suggested.

Jason put his head back and replied, "I don't know, it's dangerous out there"

The two embraced in a warm kiss.

"I'd feel better if you stayed the night," Ted suggested.

"You're going to feel alot better if I stay the night" Jason offered as he stood. It was his turn to lead Ted by the hand. They ascended up to the bedroom and undressed for the evening.

"Do me on my side" Jason instructed.

"On the side?" Ted quizzed.

"Yeah" Jason replied as he lay on the bed, putting a pillow under his upper leg as he pulled his knee forward. Ted got in beside him and entered. Jason grunted with the initial invasion and then settled into moaning as Ted found his rhythm in the unaccustomed position.

"You'll last longer this way" Jason suggested.

Mark knew what must be going on in the bedroom next to his, he swore that he heard the tell tail grunting from Jason. He went to the bathroom as a pretense and then paused outside Ted's bedroom door, listening to the sounds of sex. Noting the door wasn't fully closed, Mark peered in through the narrow slit. He could see Ted behind Jason and guessed that they were fucking based on their motions. Jason was moaning softly as Ted gasped his pleasure. Suddenly Mark was aware that Jason was looking right at him and froze, their eyes locked. Jason smiled and then winked. Mark stumbled back from the door afraid that he'd been caught. Jason became more vocal and urged Ted on, Mark assumed that the sound of the bed moving was Ted increasing his pace. The boy listened intently as the men grunted and vocalized their collective orgasm. Jason said with finality, "Oh that was amazing, I love you Ted".

Mark made quietly for his bedroom, his own sexual excitement evident in his erection. As he stroked himself off in the comfort of his bed, he resolved to discover this secret of anal sex.


Jason woke on Sunday morning. He left Ted to drain his bladder and decided to head downstairs as he was up anyway. Mark was typically in front of the TV as he made his way for the coffee pot.

"Enjoy the show last night?" Jason asked.

"Huh?" Mark replied in mock bewilderment.

"Huh? Huh?" Jason mocked playfully as he gripped the boy's shoulder and messed his hair.

Both froze as they heard the sound of the apartment door opening. Jason moved defensively into the hallway seeking to confront the intruder. A blond man appeared and Mark cried "Dustin!" in acknowledgement.

Jason relaxed at the identification as the other man entered the room. Dustin examined the nineteen-year-old standing before him in his underwear.

"Didn't take him long to replace me" Dustin replied dismissively.

Jason smiled disarmingly and held out his hand, "I'm Jason, I work at the pet store with Mark"

"And hang out in your underwear at Ted's apartment on Sunday mornings." Dustin noted sarcastically as he shook hands.

Jason was amused with the limp shake that he got from Dustin. He didn't feel threatened by the queen before him, rather he felt empowered by the man's indifferent stance. Mark was disheartened by the lack of greeting from Dustin, he had a million questions for him but felt ignored by the two younger men's banter.

"I'll go get Ted" He offered as the lanky teen leap over the sectional and raced up the stairs.

"So how long have you lived here?" Dustin asked in his effeminate voice as he got himself some coffee.

"I don't live here" Jason replied flatly.

Ted had been awoken in his voluptuary by the repeated sounds of `Dustin's home' as Mark bounced on the bed beside him. As Ted's mind raced to make sense of things he made his way down the stairs to find the two objects of his passion drinking coffee in the lounge. Ted stopped, faced with a dilemma whether to embrace the lost Dustin as his heart desired or to disavow any love for him and order his expulsion. Mark's presence was an annoyance but Jason's was a complication. Ted knew that his reaction in front of Jason was something that he needed to manage as well.

"Dustin I'm glad to see you're alright," Ted offered as a greeting.

"Yeah I just got back from Greece" Dustin said, bragging for Jason's benefit.

"How's Jacques?" Jason countered cheekily thinking Dustin was completely out classed against him.

Dustin rolled his eyes and asked, "Could we talk without him around" flamboyantly waving his arm in Jason's direction.

"Yeah, that's probably a good idea" Ted agreed, "Jason would you mind.."

"Yeah no problem" Jason interrupted in an irritated tone as he got up to get dressed. He was frustrated that Ted would so quickly fall back in with Dustin, he thought that they had something special.

"Jason" Ted repeated to stop the man, "Would you mind taking Mark out for breakfast while I deal with this" he said waving his arm as Dustin had done. "Just take some money out of my wallet on the night table" he continued.

"Sure" Jason replied in a happier tone as he headed up the stairs.

Mark was overcome with emotion but didn't understand it nor did he know entirely how to deal with it. He had totally conflicted loyalties. The boy gave in and gripped Dustin around the waist, hugging him tightly. Dustin messed the boy's hair.

"Its ok kid," Dustin advised as Jason returned to take him out.

"So Jason is your new boyfriend" Dustin accused once they were alone.

"Yeah, a friend, you know, someone who returns your calls, lets you know everything's ok" Ted began angrily.

"Look, this daddy thing was just too much for me" Dustin lamented. "I just had to get away"

Ted was completely confused, part of him wanted to hold his lover and forgive him instantly, another part wanted to carry him up to bed right now, and a third wanted to throw him off the balcony. Ted sighed, six years of love wasn't easily thrown aside but after what Dustin had put him through and with Jason in the picture he had no idea what to do next.


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