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by: Kewl Dad

I had always prided myself on the fact that I had never once paid for sex. Of course when I was younger finding partners was easy. I wasn't the handsomest guy in the bars or cruising the t-rooms but I wasn't ugly or fat and I got laid regularly. As I got older I found it a little harder to hook up, but I still had sex regularly. The real problem was that I liked younger guys and as I got older they seemed less interested in me

That was the 60's and early 70's and life was good and sex was easy and free for the most part. The Aids crisis hadn't started yet and back then safe sex meant wearing a condom if you were boning a girl. I'd known I was gay even as a kid, but back then no one talked about that stuff, well not in a positive way, but by the time I  was 21 and hitting the bars I realized there was a whole subculture of guys like me. 

The younger guys were called Chickens and some as young as 14 or 15 hung around the bars back then and no one really did much about it, not even the cops. I bedded a lot of Chickens back then and the amazing thing was that most times they knew more about sex than I did. Some were pot heads, and though I never smoked the stuff myself, I often bought it for them and watched as they smoked it then balled them senseless afterwards.

By the 90's Aids was a real threat  not only to the gay community but to anyone who practiced unsafe sex and I was a lot more careful about who I slept with, not that I had that many offers. I had gained some weight by then and wore my hair a bit more conservatively than the shoulder length style  I had worn back in my disco days. 

Back in the 80's I had tried living with a guy for a while. His name was Mick and he was 25 and  I was pushing 30. At first it seemed like a good match, the sex was great and he was a genuinely nice guy, but then the cheating began and when I finally caught on and confronted him he got mad at me and moved out with a guy ten years older than me. That was my one experience with living with someone and once he was gone I fell back into my old ways and put sex on the back burner for a while. 

My job was consuming a lot of my time and energy and except for an occasional bathroom hook up at the park or with someone I met at the bar I relied on my hand for my sexual release. I got promoted and finally moved to a new city but soon discovered the gay life there and found it was a bit more active than the one in the old city.

I got laid more often and met a few nice guys that remained friends but nothing ever serious came of any of my encounters. Five years passed, then ten and by the time I turned 40 I  had pretty much given up on love. I seldom went to the bars. I felt like a dinosaur moving among the young gazelles and hardly anyone paid me any attention any more, not like today with the daddy/son thing going on.

One of the things I had discovered in the new city was that there was an active trade for sex in the downtown section where many of the bars were located. Cute boys were always lined up along Newton Street and many of them looked much too young to be peddling their flesh to strangers. 

It made me sad to see those boys down there and to think that they no other choice but to sell their young bodies to dirty old men just to survive. I knew many were from broken homes, some abused, others kicked out for being gay. The Chicken Strip, as it was called, was a half mile of sex and suffering and I avoided it if possible.

I never once thought I would find myself on the Strip looking for company, but that's exactly what happened that night so long ago when my life was at it's worst. I had just lost my mother to cancer and things weren't going that well at work. I was under a lot of pressure and my love life was non existent. I wasn't so much horny as I was lonely and for once I actually considering paying someone just so I wouldn't have to sleep alone.

It was raining that May evening and colder than it should have been that time of year and I figured there wouldn't be anyone out, but I had misjudged the needs of both the chickens and the hawks. I found out later that rainy days were good for both. Rain made guys horny and lonely and the boys knew it and bundled up and paraded down the strip giving the passing cars a real show trying to lure one to the curb.

I didn't know what I was looking for and had almost convinced myself to pack it in and go home when I saw him. He was cowering under an awning in front of a furniture store on the corner of 8th and Newton. He wasn't the cutest or the youngest boy on the strip that night but something about him called out to me. He looked genuinely lost and lonely and I decided if it was an act he deserved an Oscar for  his performance. He was skinny and about 5'8", a few inches shorter than my 6'1" and probably weighed a buck twenty five if that. He had long shaggy hair tucked up under a stocking cap and wore nothing but a tee shirt and baggy faded jeans. His shoes looked worn and I noticed a small hole in one and a bit of white sock peaking through.

He looked up when I approached and gave me a wary look, not at all what I expected. Was he refusing me as everyone else had? Then he nodded and grabbed his crotch, the universal sign for interest and I knew he was mine if I wanted him. But did I want him, did I want any of these poor wretched creatures that prowled the night looking for enough money to survive another day?

I drove on by and almost headed home, but something about the boy caused me to hesitate. I turned at the corner of 9th and went back up Main to 7th and turned back onto Newton. All the streets downtown were one way so it took me a minute to get back to him and by then another hawk was cruising him. Parked at the curb a white Chevy idled while the boy leaned into the window and they exchanged words. 

As I got closer I saw the boy look up and when he saw my car he said something to the driver of the parked car, raised his hands and went back to his post under the awning. The other car pulled away and sped off in a cloud of smoke. The light turned red and I stopped just across the street from his corner and looked his way. Our eyes met and he jerked his head in a come hither fashion and gave his crotch a good mauling while grinning lewdly the whole time.

I swallowed back the bile rising in my stomach. My heart was beating so fast I could feel the blood pumping in my ears. This boy was almost too bold to believe, but wasn't this what I had wanted? There was no doubt he'd be fun and willing in bed, but was he clean, would he try to rob me, would he make my loneliness go away? A million questions flooded my mind and a million scenarios appeared before my eyes, and yet when the light changed I found myself piloting my car to the curb and as I pulled up in front of the boy he left his perch and headed toward me.

I reached over and rolled down the window and he stuck his head in. He was cuter up close and I could see that his eyes were blue gray and very intense.

"Hey, looking for some company?" the boy asked automatically. The line was well rehearsed and I'm sure he was prepared for any answer thrown at him as well.

"I..uh, I've never done this before," I laughed nervously.

"Always a first time. It'll be fun, you'll see. I'm sweet in bed and I'm clean, not like some of the other chickens, I go to the free clinic every few months and get tested."

"Uh, well..I guess..if you want to..."

He opened the door and slid in and rolled up the window, "Damn it's cold our there and I'm all wet. You wanna go to my place or yours?"

I had originally thought I'd be taking him to my apartment but since he was offering to use his place I suddenly realized that might be safer. He wouldn't know where I lived so he'd be no danger to me if things didn't work out.

"Your place is fine or I can rent a motel," I suggested. 

"Why you married or something? I get a lot of married guys. They appreciate that I don't send any bugs back to the wife," he laughed.

"No, not married. Single and gay, just...lonely really," I said lamely.

"That's cool. I'll make you forget about being lonely real fast."

So far we hadn't talked money and while I had a pretty good idea about what a call boy cost, I decided I should probably find out up front what a night of his company was worth.

"Uh, how much?" I finally said as we pulled away and headed uptown.

"Ten for head, if you want to fuck it's 25, if you want me all night...40. And I'm worth me. I'm real sweet in bed."

"That's fine." I was thinking 50 and if things went well he'd get that extra ten whether I stayed all night or not.

"Okay, so my place then. Keep going up Newton to 11th turn right."

I nodded and followed his instructions and we wound up in an older part of downtown not far away. His apartment was over the top of a Dentist's office and accessible through an inside stairwell. The stairwell was lit only by a single bare light bulb and suddenly I had misgivings about going through with this. What if he had a roomy and they mugged me and robbed me or....killed me? I was sweating bullets as we climbed the stairs and I was ready to bolt at the slightest movement or noise.

"Relax...okay," the boy said frowning, "You're not having a heart attack or anything are  you?"

"No, no I'm fine. I just...I mean I don't even know your name..."

"Mars, my names is Mars. What's yours John?" He laughed.

I didn't get it at first then I smiled, "No, it's Rob. that your real name or just your...ummm...street name?"

"My dad named me Mars because he was like into Roman Mythology. Hey, it could have been worse, he could have name me Uranus," he laughed. 

That sort of broke the tension and though I was still wary I began to relax a little. He opened the door with a key that hung on a chain around his neck and let me into a small but tidy apartment. The floors were  hardwood but there was a braided rug covering most of the living room floor. In addition to the living room there was a bathroom, a small kitchen, and a bedroom about the same size as the living room.

Mars started removing his shirt as soon as we were in the door, peeling off the wet clingy tee slowly,  but when he got it to his head it got stuck.

"Can you help me," he said with a muffled laugh.

I grabbed the tee and helped him work it over his head and his hair was a mess by the time it was free. I laughed and he frowned.

"What, am I too skinny?" He asked completely misunderstanding what had amused me.

"What, no..but you hair.." I chuckled, "It's standing on end," I said trying to smooth it down. 

He quickly pulled away and ran into the bathroom. I felt embarrassed and a little guilty. Was my touch really that repulsive? I stood looking around nervously and was about to let myself out when he returned. He was wearing only a pair of skimpy bikini briefs that fit him nicely and his  hair was neatly combed.

"Sorry, I had to pee real bad and I can't stand for my hair to be messed up.

I laughed nervously, "Oh, I thought you were turned off by my touching you," I said trying to play it off as a joke.

"No, no way. Hey, you look nice and you act real nice. It's just how I am. Sorry if I bummed you out. I'll make it up to you. Hey, you smoke pot?"

I shook my head, "Naw never really developed a taste for it, but feel free if you want to."

"Maybe later, want a soda or something?"

"I'm good, uh can I use your bathroom?" I said suddenly realizing I needed to pee very badly.

In the small tidy bathroom I peed while standing on a fuzzy blue rug then flushed and washed my face and hands in the small sink. I dried on a worn but seemingly clean hand towel and I was about to turn and go when a suddenly impulse made me open the medicine cabinet door.

There was the usual stuff, alcohol, band aids, a shaver..then something caught my eye. I big blue bulb with a long white neck that screwed onto it. There were several holes in the end and it suddenly occurred to me what it was. It was an enema bulb, the kind guys used to clean out their bowels before anal sex. I knew guys did that, but being mostly a top I'd never really thought much about the mechanics of it.

I guess Mars had changed his mind about the pot because he was sitting on the couch smoking a joint when I came out. He blew a long trail of smoke out and grinned, "Sure you don't want a toke?"

"I'm good, but thanks."

"Hey, how come you're still dressed?" He asked sounding puzzled, "I thought you'd be naked by now," he giggled.

"I thought maybe we'd talk a while, get to know one another. I'm pretty nervous and like  I said, this is the first time I've ever done something like  this."

"It's cool. Sure sit down. We can talk, but not much to tell on my end. Kicked out when I was 14, moved in with a pusher who started pimping me out. I finally got tired of that crap and went out on my own when I was almost 16. I make enough to keep the apartment and I don't starve. Not much else to tell. How about you? What's a decent looking guy like you doing cruising the Strip?"

I sighed. I wasn't sure he really wanted to hear my story, but hell I was paying him for his time so I let lose and it felt good to get all that out of my system. By the time I was through I was dry and I ask for that soda that I'd turned down lately.

He had smoked his joint and eaten a package of Twinkies and swigged down two sodas while I was talking and when I was done he reached over and took my hand in his, "Damn man you need to get laid. That will fix 90% of your problems and not to brag, but I'm the best in bed."

Only problem was, I didn't want sex, all I wanted was to talk and snuggle and hold hands and fall asleep with someone warm and soft next to me, but how could I tell that to this kid who's only connection with most of the guys he met was his dick or theirs?

"Would it be okay if we know made out for a while?" I asked feeling really stupid by now.

His cocked his head and smiled, "Really? I mean most guys just want to rip off my clothes and pound me as hard as they can, get their nut and leave. But that's cool. I'm yours for as long as you wanna pay for me."

That sort of took some of the magic out of it, for a moment I guess I had forgot that his only interest in me was how much money I was willing to shell out.

"I think I'd like to stay all night if that's okay. I'll give you fifty...."

"Hey, that's cool. Fifty it is then....uh, I usually get half up front and the rest when the guy leaves."

"Oh, sure...." I said pulling out my wallet and handing him the two twenties and one ten I'd placed there before leaving the house. Other than that the only money I had on me was five dollars emergency money in my front jeans pocket. "I trust you," I said handing him the money.

He smiled, "Thanks, you won't be sorry. So..want me to take off the undies are you gonna do that later yourself?"

"Uh, how you're dressed is fine," I said blushing. Why was I so damned nervous? I'd been with hundreds of guys over the years and some much younger than this one, but something about this situation made me feel like a virgin.

He shrugged, "Okay, so..." he said scooting closer, "I'm all yours."

I managed to forget my nervousness long enough to kiss him and from there it got easier. His lips and tongue tasted like pot and Twinkies and soda and he really knew how to kiss. His hands were small and soft and felt really good against my skin. He really got into his part and for a moment I forgot that it was all part of an act that he went through with every trick and that I was nothing special to him, just another John with cash.

But your mind has a wonderful way of overlooking things and soon I was responding to his touch as if it were genuine. He took control after a while, coaxing me out of my clothes till I was down to my tighty whities. I wasn't completely  hard yet, but I was headed that way. I mean how could I not be turned on? The boy was sexy and a great kisser and he was paying more attention to me than most of the guys I'd ever been with. What had appeared to be a skinny body had turned out to be a slim, but muscled one and he was smooth, something I really appreciated in a guy. 

His cock was semi hard as well and filled out his briefs nicely. Once he took my hand and brought it to his crotch and I felt the warmth and hardness there and he moaned into my mouth. I wanted him, but something was holding me back, and it took a minute to figure out what. It was because I was paying him to like me.

Once I figured that out my cock lost some of it's steel and my enthusiasm waned. Mars must've noticed because he stopped in mid kiss and looked into my eyes, "Don't I turn you on?" he asked almost sadly.

"Oh,'re very...umm sexy, it's not's me."

"Oh, problems down there?" he said pointing towards my crotch. "I can fix that real fast."

"It's not that," I said quickly, "It's just that I suddenly realized that...well, that the only reason you like me is because I'm paying you." I said then looked away. What an idiot I was, he must think I'm crazy or a real prude.

"That's not true...sure I do this for money, but most of my...ummm Johns are older guys, not really that attractive, but some are really nice. I mean with you it's're good looking and I mean I'd get with a guy like you even if you didn't pay me."

I laughed nervously, "So...if I asked for my money back...."

He laughed, "If the rent wasn't due tomorrow I might give it back. Come on loosen up, enjoy yourself. I want to make you happy and well...I wouldn't mind if you made me  happy too."

We went back to kissing and making out and eventually he coaxed me into his bedroom. As I stood there looking around the room I got a better idea of who this boy was. In one corner a guitar case lay opened revealing an acoustic guitar. A few pages of sheet music lay scattered on a small wooden table next to it along with an empty soda can. It looked as if the boy spent a lot of time in the corner, perched on the wooden stool there playing or perhaps composing music and it made me like him even more than I already did. There were no dirty clothes on the floor and the closet door was closed. A singe upright dressed sat against the opposite wall and atop it was a photograph of a much younger Mars and a another boy a few years younger and resembling Mars a great deal, a brother perhaps, and they were smiling and looking very happy. 

Next to the photograph was a jar filled with loose change and a second one with ink pens and markers in it. A blue towel acted as a dresser scarf and other than a few scattered odds and ends the dresser top was clean. The bed was made but the covers had been pulled back, revealing light blue sheets that looked new and two fluffy pillows.

"You still wanna do this..right?" Mars asked as he looked at me with a puzzled look on his face.

"Oh, yeah.....just spaced out for a second," I laughed, "Uh, do you play the guitar?" I said stupidly, "I mean..yeah, of course you do," I said feeling like an idiot again.

"Yeah, I'm pretty good, not bragging, just been playing pretty much all my life so I should be."

"Is that..the that your brother?"

He looked sad then, "Yeah, it was." He said sighing, "He died when I was 14, just before I got kicked out. It was sort of my fault that's why my folks kicked me out," he added numbly.

" you want to talk about it?" I said suddenly feeling very sorry for the boy and wanting to help him.

He laughed sadly, "You wanna hear about my problems? You didn't lay out 50 bucks to hear about my shit."

"I...I'd like to if you feel like talking. I'd like to get to know you better."

He looked thoughtful for a moment then shrugged. He blew out a deep breath and laid down on the bed. I took that as a yes and stretched out beside him. He stared at the ceiling for a long time, then in a low almost emotionless voice he began.

"His name was Ricky and he was 12 that summer when I turned 14. Me and him got along real good for brothers, we hung out a lot and had a lot of the same friends. He was the first person I ever told that I know gay. He hugged me and said that was okay, that he thought he was gay too. We'd messed around a little when we were younger, I guess most brothers do," he said looking over at me so see if I was still listening or agreed or whatever and I nodded and smiled.

"Any way after I came out to him we started messing around again. He really sort of started it and I went along with it, cause I was 14 and horny and didn't really have any friends who felt like I did. I knew it was sort of wrong and that if we got caught our dad would kill us, but it was fun and Ricky really seemed to like it so we kept doing it."

"Did you get caught?"

"Naw, not really, but I think dad was suspicious and he gave us a talk one day and told us we'd go straight to hell if we touched each other down there or did anything "queer". That's what he called it "queer" and so I started hating that word.  We didn't mess around for a while after that, but you know how kids are? They forget what they're told when they want to do something. It was dirty and fun and we liked it a lot so we went back to it only now we were a lot more careful."

"So what happened?"

"We went camping that summer when I was 14 and Ricky was so excited about it. He was going to bring a friend named Josh that we both liked a lot, but he backed out at the last moment so it was just our family. Mom and dad slept in the camper on back of his Pickup and me and Ricky had our own tent."

"Sounds like fun," I said rolling over on my side and propping up my head with arm, "did you guys mess around in the tent." I didn't want to sound too interested, but it was kind of hot thinking about the two boys messing around.

He nodded, "Every night as soon as we were sure our folks were asleep. The last day we were there we went swimming like we had every day since we'd got there. There was a creek running through the camp grounds and a big spillway with a lake on the other side. You could walk across the bottom of the spillway and look up and there was always a little water running over it to keep the creek full. When it rained there was a lot of water running over, but it had been a dry summer."

I waited for him to continue as his face softened and he considered what to say next. It was obvious this part was hard for him and when he spoke his voice broke a little. "We were on the other side of the creek. The water was deeper there and there were rocks to dive off of and even a rope swing hung from a big tree. We were whooping and hollering and diving and swinging off the rope and having a lot of fun. I had to go pee. I usually just peed in the water but for some reason that time I went off into the bushes and peed."

"I heard Ricky hit the water just about the time I let loose and it took me a minute to pee and then I shook it off and went back to join Ricky. At first I couldn't see him, he should have been up by now and swimming back towards shore but I wasn't worried...he was a good swimmer. We both were, and our parents never worried about us."

After a few minutes I began to think that maybe he'd gone back to get a pop or something, then....I saw him. At first I wasn't sure it was him. All I could see was something that looked like moss floating beneath the water and I guess that's why I missed it the first time. But it wasn't moss, it was his hair. As soon as I figured out what it was I dived in and swum over. 

As soon as I got close I began to freak, there was blood everywhere on the rocks and when I pulled him up out of the water....." he choked out then he  started crying and couldn't go on.

Instinctively I rolled into him and took him into my arms, I kissed his hair. It smelled musky from the rain and his cap, but it wasn't dirty. It was soft and still pretty much in place from his earlier brushing.

"'s okay, you don't have to go on. I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have made you talk about it."

"'s okay," he said sniffing back tear, "I'm okay now. It's just that...that was so hard for me. Any way...what happened was he had missed the water when he swung off the tree and hit a rock. It broke his neck and he was already dead. Even if I'd been there it wouldn't have made any difference but my dad said it was my fault cause I was supposed to watch him. Then he said he knew I'd been messing with Ricky and that God took him away so I couldn't molest him any more. I was so upset I ran away after the funeral. The cops found me and took me back but it so hard being there in the same room that we shared. My dad kept after me day and night about what a horrible little queer I was and that I had killed my brother and my mom was so upset that she finally had a heart attack and died and he blamed that on me too."

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry. What an asshole your father is. You suffered enough just losing your brother and then to lose you mom too...."

"I tried to kill myself. I took a whole bunch of pills my mom had in the medicine cabinet, but all I did was get sick and puke. I was ready to try again but I didn't get a chance....he kicked me out the next day and I was too busy trying to stay alive to kill myself," he laughed sadly.

I held him against me for a long time and eventually I was aware that he was asleep. I smiled down at him, he was so beautiful and so fragile. I just couldn't wake him, I pulled the covers up over us and settled down next to him. He was warm and soft and felt so good in my arms. I breathed in his warm male scent and soon I joined him in slumber.

The sun was coming through a crack in the curtain on the window above the bed and I stretched and yawned. As my head cleared I remembered where I was and I looked over to where Mars still lay sleeping. He had kicked off the covers and lay atop them on his stomach. His bikini briefs had pulled up into his crack a little revealing the beginning swell of his cute buttocks. My cock stirred and suddenly I realized I had morning wood and needed to pee very badly, but I couldn't take my eyes off Mars' perfect body. His skin was smooth looking and blemish free and I wanted to touch him so badly, just to feel his softness, the muscles beneath, but I didn't want to wake him. My eyes traveled down the popple of his perfectly straight spine and to the beginning of his crack. There was small downy looking patch of hair just above the waist band of his briefs and I longed to nuzzle it and lick my way down the crevice to his inner sanctum, but again I hesitated.

He mumbled something in his sleep and rolled halfway onto his side revealing more of his small perky butt and I smiled. He was so beautiful laying there and my heart skipped a beat. Oh God, I thought, don't fall in love with this boy, it would only lead to more heartache, but who of us has control over such things?

I eventually pried myself away and padded off to the bathroom. I took a long much needed pee and washed my face and hands and debated what to do next. Should I dress and go, I'd only paid for the night even if I hadn't got to do much more than make out, but it seemed rude to just leave without saying goodbye. 

I was saved further debate as Mars came out of the bedroom scratching his perky butt like some little kid might. He smiled when he saw me and his whole face lit up, "I gotta go pee then we can go back to bed and we can have some fun. Sorry about falling asleep last night."

"Oh, don't worry about it, I slept really good for the first time in a long time."

"Well, you didn't pay 50 bucks to hear me whine and cry  and then fall asleep on you, so don't worry I'm gonna take care of you. Be right back."

He was gone before I could protest but by the time he returned I was fully dressed. 

He took one look at me and frowned, "So what's up, do you have to go to work or something?"

"No, but I'm just not feeling it now...." 

"I don't give refunds," he said cutting me off.

"I know that, besides I feel like I got my money's worth," I said smiling, "Like I said that was the best night's sleep I've had in a while."

He looked confused for a moment then he smirked, ''I told you I was clean...if it's about that...."

"It's not that," I said sighing, "Look...Mars, you're a beautiful and sexy boy, but I feel like if I had sex with you I'd be undoing everything we..uh.. I accomplished last night."

He scratched his chin and I noticed for the first time that he had a little peach fuzz on his face. I knew he was young, but just how young? He said he was 14 when he was kicked out, but when was that?

"I don't get it but it's your money. If you don't want some of this then that's your problem," he said sounding annoyed.

"I'm sure later I will kick myself for not finding out what's in those incredible sexy briefs, but for once I'm going to think with my big head and not my little one."

He shrugged, "Suit yourself. I tried."


"Yeah," he said studying me with those sad blue grey eyes.

"Can...can I see you again?"

He laughed, "Sure, any time.... I"m on the strip most every night. Easiest 50 bucks I ever made."

I nodded, "Yeah, that's not what I meant, but...I get it. Well, bye..thanks for the night and I'm sorry if I made you upset."

"Naw, I'm cool,"  he said giving me a genuine smile this time, "Thanks...uh, for the money and for....well, know...last night."

"Sure, no problem. Well, I better get going, uh would it be too weird if I ask for a hug?"

He laughed, "Naw, you paid enough for it. Sure you don't wanna stay and go back to bed?"

I nodded, "Tempting, but no. A hug would be great though."

I not only got a hug, but also a sweet kiss. He might put up a strong front, but he was still a lost and lonely little boy deep inside and that boy in him had touched me to my very soul. I had to get away before I did or said something that made me look even more stupid than I already did.

I left quickly and went out for breakfast but I didn't have much of an appetite. I wondered what Mars was doing for breakfast and kicked myself for not inviting him out for breakfast.  It was probably for the best though, I was already too emotionally invested in him and it was best to just forget him. So why had I asked him if I could see him again?

I laughed at my ignorance, his answer had told me what I should have known, I was just a trick and his time was mine but it came with a price. I went to the mall afterwards but I didn't buy anything, I just needed to be near people and there were plenty of them there that day. Young and old, rich and poor, fat and slim, and a few who were real show stoppers. 

I felt half way human by the time I got home and despite my good  night's sleep I took a two hour nap. When I woke the sun was setting and it had begun to rain again. It was colder now and there was no let up in sight. I worried about Mars. It had to be hard hitting the streets when the weather was bad, especially since he had to walk everywhere he went.

Would he be out there tonight or had I taken care of the rent and he could take a  night off? I wished I had some way to contact him, but this was way before cell phones and as far as I could see his apartment didn't even have a phone. No, if I wanted to see Mars again I would have to hit the strip and pay him 50 bucks. I didn't even get up for dinner, I just fell back down and went back to sleep and did my best to forget about Mars.

A couple of weeks passed and one Friday evening I got cleaned up and dressed up and headed downtown to the bars. I was feeling pretty upbeat that night and actually danced with a couple of different guys, but no one really caught my eye, or I theirs, so around 11 I made my exit. 

I wasn't even aware I was headed up Newton street until I got to 6th street and I almost turned the corner just to get away from the Strip. I had already seen four hustlers, but none of them were Mars. I wondered if 8th was his corner. Did the boys have their territory staked out? 

At 7th I almost turned the corner, but deep inside I guess I just had to see him again, if only in passing. That was if he was there. As I approached the intersection I saw him leaning into the window of a red Cadillac. He didn't even look up this time and as I waited for the light to change he slid into the front seat of the Caddy and it sped off. I had missed him by five minutes.

I shouldn't have been upset, but I was. Who was the guy in the Caddy? Some old pervert? Probably married and gross and fat and hairy. He'd probably want Mars to blow him then he'd want to stick his wrinkled old prick in Mars' cute behind and grunt a few time before he sprayed his greasy smelly seamen from his wrinkled old balls. Then he's get dressed, hand Mars the rest of his money and go back to the wife who was probably frigid and knew he liked boys but was too content with her life to cause waves. Sigh, why was I doing this to myself?

Suddenly I knew exactly what I needed...I needed to fuck someone. I turned at 10th and headed back up Main to 6th and back onto the Strip. If I couldn't have Mars then I'd find another boy and this time I'd get my 50 bucks worth, or better still pay 25 and just fuck him senseless and leave.

The first boy was a ginger, short and dumpy, but not fat and he looked kind of dirty so I passed on him. The next one looked promising, long smooth legs beneath his short shorts and a muscular looking upper body which showed nicely under his cut off tank top. His tummy was smooth and flat, just like I liked them, and he was cute on top of that.

I didn't even hesitate this time and as I pulled over to the curb he was at the window before I could get the window down. He leaned in and smiled.

"Hey, what's up?"

"My dick and I need some ass, you game," I said leering at him."

"30 bucks," he said sizing me up.

"20," I said grinning, "and I'll use a condom, no clean up." And I can protect myself in case you're not clean.

"25, and you gotta give me head," he said finally getting down to the right price.

"Great,  hop in. You gotta place or do we need to go to mine?"

"Yours, I live with some guys and they don't want me bringing guys home."

"Suits me just fine. What's your name?"

"They call me Red on the Strip," he said grinning as if it were a private joke.

"I'm Mike," I said making up a name. If these guys can play that game so can I.

He nodded, "I'm 15 in case you care," he said looking me over from head to toe.

He looked more like 17 or 18 but if he wanted to be 15 that was fine. I didn't give a fuck that night, I just wanted to use him and be done with him.

"I'm older," I said simply, "and I'm horny as fuck. I hope you aren't a virgin cause I'm kind of big."

"Uh, big," he said swallowing hard.

"7 and a half, closer to 8," I lied. I was maybe 6.5 and not that fat, but I wanted to make him think he was getting more than he bargained for.

"That's cool, just take it slow...okay?"

I shrugged, "For 25 bucks I should be able to plow you hard. If I take it easy I'm gonna want a discount." Why was I being such a dick all of a sudden?

"Okay, okay...fuck me however you want, I need the cash man," he said sounding annoyed.

"Good, now that we have that settled, are you clean? I don't want to find out later that I picked up something from you."

"I get tested regularly, my...ummm friend Mars taught me that."

Holy shit, he knew Mars? Damn what fucking bad luck. Now I wasn't sure I wanted to go through with this. I should have known all these street boys knew each other. Hell, they probably compared notes and warned each other about bad Johns and such.

"Good," was all I said and we were both quiet during the rest of the ride. 

By the time we got to the apartment I was ready to call the whole thing off and just give him the 25 and drive him back, but I hadn't gotten laid in a long time and I was horny as fuck. Taking a deep breath I led him upstairs to my apartment and when we got inside I told him to go shower. He didn't give me any grief so I guessed he was used to that sort of thing. I stripped off my clothes and surprised him by slipping into the shower with him.

"Oh..nice," he said looking my naked body up and down, "this is gonna be fun. You look pretty good know..."

"For an old guy," I said frowning, "yeah I got it, I'm old. Maybe if you live long enough you'll be old someday too."

"Hey, I was just trying to be nice. Most of my tricks are old fat guys and it's not much fun, but you look good man. I like being with guys like you."

"Okay, sorry if I was a dick, but I've had a hard week."

"Oh? I can fix that real quick," he said reaching down and stroking my dick to full hardness. He measured it with his eyes and I saw him relax a little when he realized his ass wasn't going to get wrecked after all. Then he dropped to his knees and began giving me perhaps the best head I had ever had. God he was good, and you don't get that good at sucking dick unless you like it a lot.

I was tempted to let him finish me off, I was sure I could get it up later for a piece of ass, but I decided I wanted the ass to be my main course so I pulled him up and started kissing him deeply with lots of tongue. He was a good kisser too and when I reached down and squeezed his cock he moaned into my mouth.

His cock was maybe 5.5 inches, uncut and pretty fat and I began to wonder if he wasn't 15 after all. He had a small patch of curly hair just above his cock but none on his balls and later I would discover he had none on his ass either. He was a cute boy and very sexy and probably had a story just as sad as Mars, but I was damned if I was going to find out. All I wanted was to have sex with him, not be his friend.

We washed each other then stepped out and dried off as best we could. I took his hand and led him to my bed and turned back the covers. We kissed again then I coaxed him into bed and quickly covered his body with mine. I kissed him deeply and passionately then slid down to his neck and nuzzled and kissed my way down to his nips. I suckled them as he moaned lowly then slid my tongue down his center to his belly button. 

He shivered beneath my touch and moaned softly and when I got to his crotch he whimpered lowly and pushed up against me. I ignored his cock and went for his balls and he spread his legs instinctively. I took the small plums in my mouth as he gasped and ran his fingers through my hair. 

" you know how to make a boy feel good...uhhhh..that's nice."

I spit out his wrinkled sack and grabbed his cock and pulled the foreskin back revealing a flared purple mushroom head that was leaking pre-cum profusely. I touched the tip of his cock with my tongue and tasted him and it was my turn to moan. I loved the way boy pre tasted and his was wonderful, almost sweet.  He smelled good too. Despite the shower I could detect his boyish fragrance mixed with a hint of boy ass and I was suddenly in heat. 

I  needed him and I needed him now, but I felt I owed him some fun first. Swallowing his cock to the hilt I gave him a mind blowing orgasm that would have put a French Whore to shame. He moaned, he whined, he gasped, he clawed at the covers, and toward the end he grabbed my hair and slammed his cock down my throat and cried out loudly as he began to unload a pint of tasty boy cum in my greedy mouth. I swallowed it all down and licked him clean then licked my lips and rolled him over.

I attacked his ass with the same enthusiasm as I had his cock and he was bucking and moaning once more as I gave him the most intense and wet rim job of his life. He was obviously not a virgin, but he was still tight enough to ensure a good fuck and I could hardly wait. I grabbed the lube and fingered  him till I had him loosened up then grabbed a condom and rolled it on my leaking steel rod of a cock. 

I hadn't been this excited or this hard in a long time and I was trembling as I pulled his ass up and knelt behind him. It took me a couple of trys to hit the mark but when I did I sank in easily and didn't stop till I was balls deep in his hot tight ass.

"Uhhhhhhh, sooo big," he moaned, whether rehearsed or genuine it didn't matter I didn't need my ego inflated, my cock was in control and this boy was in for a long hard fuck.

"You like my dick?" I said as I began to pound him.

"Yessssss...I love it..."

"What did you say? I can't hear you..." I said through gritted teeth.

"I said I love your dick....." he said loudly looking back at me and making the slut face.

"Good cause I love your's so tight and so hot and so good."

I fucked him doggie style for a long time then pulled out and rolled him over on his back, pushed his legs up high and entered him from the front. This time I got an inch deeper and he whimpered as I settled in. I leaned down and kissed him hard on the mouth then grabbed a foot in each hand and went back to pounding his tight hot hole. 

I must've been going at it a good 20 to 25 minutes when I noticed his cock was throwing out drops of liquid. Now mind you back then we didn't know about prostate milking or any of that stuff, but I had seen guys come just from being fucked and that was what was happening to Red. When I realized what was happening I started moving harder and faster and adjusted the angle a bit trying to hit that place inside that I knew felt good. 

Suddenly the kid cried out and his cock went off like a bottle rocket as he began to spray hot sticky cum all over us both. His ass clenched around my cock and that was all it took to get me off. I drove my cock all the way home then threw my head back and began to unload into the condom.  

I felt faint by the time my balls were empty and felt as if they had been turned inside out. I looked down and the kid had a goofy look on his face, sort of like he was passed out or something but when I leaned down and kissed him he giggled.

"What the heck was that?" he said looking into my eyes. "I never had that happen before. I didn't even touch my dick....."

"It's just how I fuck," I lied, "I make any guy I fuck come like that."

"Damn, you must be popular then. I feel like giving you five dollars back just for that."

"That's okay, you earned it. You got a nice ass. I haven't come that hard in a long time."

"If you wanna wash up or take another shower...." I offered rolling over and pulling off the condom, damn it was full. I dropped it in the wastebasket by the bed and fell onto my back.

Red took another shower and when he was dressed I handed him a twenty and a ten."That's a bonus for being the best fuck I've had in ages."

"Hey, thanks....that's great considering I got the best end of this deal. Hey anytime you want to do this again, I hang out on the same corner most every night."

"Thanks, but I think once in a lifetime is enough for a fuck like that."

He shrugged, "Sure, I get it. you mind dropping me off by my place. I'm not going back out tonight. There's a McDonalds near there and I can get some food."

I was tempted to buy him dinner and eat with him, but I needed to keep this as impersonal as fucking someone can be so I dropped him off in the parking lot instead. 

"If you ever change your mind...I'd let you do me for 20.00, it was that good."

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. Take care Red. Be careful, lots of crazies out there."

He waved as I drove off and I wondered if he would tell Mars about the cool guy in the green Monte Carlo and if he did if it would help or  hurt my case when I eventually approached Mars again. I headed back home and showered and fell into bed. I could still smell Red on the sheets and pillow and it made me so  horny I had to jerk off before I could get to sleep. It had been a great night, but I knew tomorrow I'd feel guilty as hell.

I didn't feel quite as guilty the next day as I'd feared. I'd given as much pleasure as I'd taken and even though I paid for the sex, what was the difference between shelling out cash and buying someone dinner or drinks to get them in bed? Heck thirty bucks was cheap compared to some dates I'd been on and we'd both got our jollies so no harm, no foul. Any way, I reasoned, it was a one time thing.

Chapter Two

Mars rising

Two months passed and though I thought of Mars a few times I avoided the Strip altogether. Sometimes when I was especially horny I'd think of Red and that one night of hot sex, but Mars was an unknown quantity and so peaked my imagination more.

I wanted to see him again, I was sure of that, but not on his terms. If it had been as simple then as it was now, I would have somehow got his cell number and contacted him, but like I said back then there were no cell phones and as far as I knew he didn't even have a land line. There was no social media to search, no email, Kik, Skype...etc, etc. so unless I was willing to cruise him and pay for the opportunity to see him, I was shit out of luck.

I managed to avoid the strip and might not have wound up there that night at all if not for what happened after I left the bar. Leaning against my car was one of the chickens from the Strip, he was red headed and looked familiar but I couldn't place him right then.

"Hey mister, want some company?" he said searching my face for any interest. My first thought was when did the hustlers start hitting the bars?

"Long way from the strip aren't you?"

"Well, yeah...actually I was on my way there but I saw you......" he said trailing off, "if you're headed that way could I get a ride?"

I had managed to avoid the Strip for all this time now so why was I suddenly entertaining the idea of giving this kid a lift. "Sort of out of my way," I mumbled.

"Well....I could give you a hand job on the way," he said grinning, "For the charge."

I laughed, and for the first time looked the kid over. He was a ginger but cute as fuck. He had a few freckles on his cheeks but they just added to his cuteness. He had one of those bodies that really defies categorizing. He wasn't fat but he wasn't slender. He was what I would call natural. Soft in some ways but not overly so. I guess you could say he had that boy next door kind of body and face.

"What's your name kid?"

"Bruce," he said grinning, "is it a deal?"

"I'll give you a ride, but you don't have to do anything."

He shrugged, "Okay, thanks."

In the car he gave me the third degree. "So what's your name? Is this car new? Do you hit the bars a lot? You ever been with someone as young as me before?"

I laughed, "Whoa, slow down. I'm Mike," I said  using the bogus name again. "And no it's not new, it's two years old. And yes, a lot of times, but I was younger then too."

He squinted his eyes and looked at me as if I were something of great interest, "I've seen your car before...on the Strip." He said in a non accusing way.

"Maybe, everyone who drives down Newton isn't looking for chicken."

He smiled, "You like chicken though, don't ya?"

I laughed, "Yeah, white meat is best though." I said trying to misdirect him.

He looked puzzled, "So you don't like black boys? That's cool, not many down here any way. I'm pink meat," he chuckled. "I bet you'd like my ass, lots of guys say it's a great ass. Not too skinny like some of these guys. 20 bucks for  you and I know a place we can go, do it right here in your car," he said checking out the back seat, "Yeah, big back seat. Ever done it in a back seat? I bet you'd like it."

I laughed again, "When you grow up you should be a salesman, you got a great line. If I gave you 20 bucks would you go home and forget hustling tonight? Be honest," I said giving him a serious look.

"I'd like to man, but I need to make at least 50 tonight or I can't go home. See...I sorta got a quota to make."

Oh shit, this kid had a pimp. I sighed, "Well 20 will at least get you on your way."

"Yeah, turn right up here and I'll show you where we can park."

"I'm not gonna make you work for the 20. Consider it a.... a gift."

He looked at me like I as crazy, "What are of those church guys or something?"

"No, I just have a soft spot for boys, that's all. Call me crazy. Take it or leave it."

"Hey, if you wanna give it, I aint got no problem with it. If you wanna collect later I'm cool with that too."

"Just curious, how old are you any way?"

"The truth or what I tell the tricks?"

"Does it matter what I say?" I chuckled.

"Fair enough, since I aint got nothing to loose, I'm really 13, but I usually tell em I'm 15 so they don't feel so bad."

I whistled, "God, that's crazy. 13, oh man how did you wind up on the street? No wait don't tell me."

He shrugged, "No problem. Doesn't matter any way. Nothing you can do about it. You already done enough, the ride and the twenty...."

"Oh yeah," I said as I dug out a twenty and handed it to him, "be careful out there, okay?"

He had me drop him at 6th and I realized that he was the first boy I had seen that night when I picked up Red. I guessed the boys did have their territory.

"I'm always on this corner if you want to collect or ever need anything else," he said as he opened his door.


He turned back around and leaned in once more, "Yeah."

"Do you know a boy named Mars that hangs out down here?"

"Sure, everyone knows Mars, why?"

"Just wondered, that's all."

"He's cool, he helps the younger boys out when he can. He let me sleep at his place a couple times when things were too bad at home."

Somehow I wasn't surprised. I knew there was more to Mars than what was on the outside and that made me want to see him again even more.

As soon as Bruce was back on his corner I pulled away from the curb and headed back up the Strip. I was tempted to turn at 7th and avoid Mars' corner, not because I was afraid he'd be there, but because I was afraid he wouldn't be. The thought of him being with someone else ate at me like a cancer. I knew it was silly, he wasn't mine to control or worry about. We hadn't even had sex, but what we had shared seemed even more intimate. 

As I got closer I relaxed, he was there and I knew what I had to do. The light stayed green but I slowed down and glided toward the curb and as soon as I was parked he headed my way. I rolled down the window and he leaned in.

"Oh, it's you...hi. What's up?"

"Get in," I said taking charge this time.

He opened the door and slid in, "What you in the mood for, head or ass?"

"Can we talk about that later? Right now I want to take you to my apartment and talk. Is that okay?"

"You paying?"

"Of course. You made it clear that I had to pay to see you. How much just to talk?"

He frowned, "What are you some kind of freak?"

"I guess so if being a freak means I care about you and just want to make sure you're okay."

He sighed, "Man I don't need no one looking out for me."

"Look, can we not argue? I'll pay you the same as before if that's what it takes."

"It's your money," he chuckled. He was quiet a moment then looked at me and frowned, "You're not one of those serial killers or anything are you?"

"If I was, your happy ass would already be dead," I chuckled.

"Yeah, oh yeah," he said smiling, "Guess you could have killed me that night at my place."

"Instead I held you while you slept....."

He looked at me with tender eyes for a moment then he nodded and looked away.  He was quiet the rest of the way to my apartment but when I parked he looked at me and laughed, "Pretty nice place for a serial killer."

"Yeah, well you know we like to live in comfort while we're chopping up bodies and stuff."

Mars laughed, "You're funny. I like you."

"Thanks, I like you too, but then I like all my victims."

"Keep it up and I might not go in with you," he teased.

"Long walk back to the Strip, suit yourself." I said pretending to leave him behind. 

He was right on my tail as I headed up the stairs and when I let him in he looked around and whistled, "Whoa, nice place. You live here alone?"

"Yep, just me. Wanna soda or a beer?"

"I'll take a beer," he said grinning.

"Grab us one, I'm gonna go pee. Be right back."

When I returned from the bathroom he was on the couch sipping his beer. He handed me mine and I fell down next to him and popped the top  and took a swig.

"So....what's up? You sure you don't want to get some of this? You missed out last time," he said squeezing his crotch."

I looked into his eyes and he looked away nervously, "I shouldn't have told you that stuff about Ricky," he said softly, "You're easy to talk too, that's all."

"Mars, look at me."

He brought his head around and our eyes met again and this time he didn't look away, "Yeah?"

"I don't think you belong on the street. I know what happened to you was awful and it wasn't your fault, none of it was, and I want to help you."

"How you gonna help me?" He laughed, "You gonna pay me to talk every night so I don't have to trick? No man, you can't help me, no one can."

I had to admit I had expected a bit more gratitude, but I had to put myself in his shoes. He'd lost everything he had through no fault of his own. He'd been used for a handful of dollars almost nightly and the only friends he could claim were the other chickens on the strip.

"You have to trust me, Mars. I know you've been hurt, abandoned, used.... but you have to trust someone, why not me?"

"I don't know,"  he said softening a little, "the only adults I know are my old man and the tricks and none of em are worth trusting. Maybe you're different..I don't know. Maybe I could try."

"How old are you Mars?"

"16, but I tell the tricks I'm 14,  it turns them on to think they're with someone younger," he chuckled.

"16, that means you could get a driver's license and a car and get away from all this...."

"Sure, if it didn't take every penny I earn to pay the rent and...well, to help some of the other boys out."

I smiled, "I met one of the boys you helped out, Bruce. So your secret is out, you do care about someone besides yourself," I said grinning.

He shrugged, "So did you fuck him?" he said sounding annoyed.

"No, I gave him a ride and 20 bucks. I'm not as bad as you think I am."

"Didn't' say you were bad," he said giving me an appraising look, "but you did fuck Red, didn't you?" he said smirking.

I blushed beneath his stare, "I should have known there are not secrets on the Strip."

"He said you made him come when you fucked him," he chuckled, "He's telling all the other chickens what a great fuck you were."

I shrugged, "Well, I am that, but let me explain why...."

"No need to explain, you were horny and you picked up a chicken and fucked him. I guess he was cuter or had a better ass than me, that's all."

"Wanna know the real truth? I saw you that were just getting in a Cadillac with some guy...I... I hated the thought of you being with some disgusting old man. I know it's crazy, but I got mad and I wanted to fuck someone...anyone, so I drove back up the strip and found Red. He's a sweet boy, we had some fun, that's all."

He nodded, "You don't have to explain things to me, but...if I hadn't been getting in that guy's car...that night, would you have picked me up?"

I  sighed, "I wanted to, I really did...but not to fuck you. I just needed to be with you. I know that's crazy. I can't explain it exactly. With you it's different."

"Listen man if you're falling in love with me or something, you better forget it right now. I aint nobody's boyfriend and aint never gonna be. I got plans for my life and it don't include getting hooked up with a daddy."

I felt as if I had been gut punched. I had laid my heart out to him and he was tossing it back at me. I nodded, "Yeah, I know. It's don't have to hang around if you don't want to. I can drive you back and I'll still give you the money. I sort of feel like I owe it to you....I mean you could've been with some old pervert in a Caddy by now...." I said looking like a whipped pup.

"Hey, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I didn't mean that in a bad way. I just meant that I'm not worth loving and I've never loved anyone...well, except for Ricky. I think when he died that thing that makes people love someone just died or whatever."

"Well, as long as you're here...are you hungry?"

"Starved, whatcha got to eat?" he said smiling.

"Thought I'd call in a pizza if that's okay. Pepperoni okay?"

"Love it, hey can I have another beer?"

He got us another beer and I phoned in the pizza and as we talked and drank I began to get over the hurt I'd felt earlier. I mean, what did I expect? I was trying to go too far too soon and in retrospect I decided I should have been a bit more subtle. I'd have to tread softly to undo what damage I'd done, but I was convinced I could get to him if I took my time and went about it the right way.

The pizza arrived and he ate like he was indeed starved. I wondered if the kids on the strip got to eat at all in the evenings, that is unless some nice trick like me bought them dinner. I wasn't that hungry so I only ate two pieces and he finished off the rest and drank two more beers. For a kid his size and age he handled his alcohol very well, but I supposed he had plenty of opportunities to drink while tricking.

"I know this is a tender subject, but your dad...does he still live here in the city?"

"Nope, he moved after he kicked me out. I think he got remarried or something...some lady with two kids," he laughed tragically, "More kids to abuse."

I nodded, "What about school? Hasn't someone tried to track you down and make you go back to school?"

"I go to street school, I go during the day, come home, shower and change and hit the Strip. It's just like having a job and working the night shift," he chuckled.

"That's amazing. I mean that you're trying to finish your education and all. I'm very impressed with you Mars," I said smiling.

He shrugged, "I know I can't get a good job unless I have a diploma, and trust me, some day I'm gonna be done with this and get a real job."

"I believe you," I said moving a little closer, "would it be all right if we made out a little?"

He smiled, "Sure, and I won't even charge you for it. You fed me, that's enough for tonight."

I didn't want to argue, but he was definitely going home with 50 bucks in his pocket. We kissed and touched and I found myself getting aroused, and yet I didn't have any desire to go further. What was wrong with me? I really cared for this boy, but having sex with him seemed cheap and tawdry. So why had I been so hot and horny for Red? The difference, I decided, was that I liked Red, but I loved Mars, and I wanted our first time to be because he wanted it and not because I was paying him for it.

He was hard, there was no mistaking that and he kept pushing his cock against me as he moaned into my mouth, "If you don't do," he said between kisses, "it's going to explode and make a mess in my pants."

While taking pleasure from him seemed wrong, giving pleasure to him seemed right. I don't know I guess it made sense, or not, but it didn't really matter, I was going to do it anyway.

"Well, maybe I can help you out there," I said reaching down and fondling his hardness. It felt hot to the touch and there was a wet spot where the tip of his penis touched his jeans. Was he even wearing underwear this time?

"Uhhh...hold on, let me get out of these," He said unbuttoning his jeans. He pulled then down to his knees revealing a pair of red bikini briefs tented nicely by his hard teenage cock.

I wanted him naked. I know, I know, I had been so noble up until now, but I still didn't plan to take any pleasure, only give it. I pulled off his worn tennis shoes and snaked his jeans off his legs as he watched me with a sly grin. I tossed them aside and knelt between his legs and looked up at him. He was so beautiful that it took my breath away. It was like gazing upon a work of art, a statue of a young God and I suddenly felt very unworthy, but also very lucky to have found him. He grinned then skinned off his tee shirt and tossed it on top of his jeans. His upper body was amazing as well, slim yet muscled and totally hairless. His nipples were erect and looked like little pink erasers surrounded by dime sized aureoles. I ran my hands up his chest and felt the soft smooth flesh and the taut muscles beneath. 

I leaned into him and kissed him and he moaned softly into my mouth as I rubbed his hard nipples. I had never met a boy or a man who didn't like a little nipple play and this one was no exception.  I nuzzled his neck then moved down to his chest and sucked on his nipples as he shivered and held my head against him. I knew I could spend hours just loving every part of is body, but I also knew he was horny and impatient to get off so I moved on down and kissed his cute flat tummy causing him to shiver as if a chill hit him. His belly button was an innie but not deep like some I'd seen. I stuck my tongue in it and he tasted salty there. I was in Heaven but there was more of Heaven to see and I was ready.

I buried my face in the warm soft fabric of his briefs and breathed in his musky teenage sex and I felt drunk with lust. I was tempted to tear his briefs off with my teeth but instead I reached up and took the waistband in my trembling hands and pulled them down.

He raised his cute rear to make it easier and I jerked them down quickly catching his hardness with the waistband. It sprang back and slapped his flat smooth tummy with a slapping sound and I laughed softly. I had dreamed of this moment, but nothing could have prepared me for the lovely sight before me. 

His cock was about 6", cut and straight as an arrow. It was slender but respectable and unlike some cocks it was pretty much the same thickness from just below the flaring purple head to the base. He had a spattering of soft looking curls just above his cock but his balls were still hairless and I assumed so was his ass, but I had no thoughts of seeing it...not this time. His scrotum was pulled up tight against his body and looked like a single sack containing two plum sized testes. It was smooth and almost without wrinkles and a shade darker than the rest of his body.

I was aware of a mewling sound then realized it was coming from me. If his body was a work of art, his boy parts were a gallery in themselves. A gallery of curves and crevices, wrinkles and soft looking angles, and I wanted to explore every inch of it.

He sighed and leaned back into the cushions sort of pushing his crotch toward me, but I didn't need any prompting. Leaning in I sniffed his lovely boy bouquet and swooned with lust. A tentative lick of his cockhead brought a soft moan from Mars and when I looked up at him his eyes were closed. 

Licking a single drop of pre off the boy's cock I savored the flavor before turning my attention to his balls. As my tongue ran down the length of his cock on my way to his balls he shivered as if cold. I loved the effect I was having on him and it encouraged me to give this boy the best I had.

The smell, the feel, and the taste of his balls was amazing. As he moaned softly I licked his balls then took them one at a time into my greedy mouth and suckled them. 

"Awwww....gawd....Red said you knew how to make a boy feel good...he was right."

I smiled up at him before diving back in and rooting around in his crack some more. I could smell his ass just inches away and for one microsecond I was tempted to grab his legs and raise them up and tongue dive into his boy hole, but I was afraid that once I got a taste of him back there the next step would be drilling for oil with my hard dick.

Instead I went down on his dick and gave him a long slow beejay, edging him over and over again until he was begging me to let him come.  When I finally allowed it, he bucked up driving his cock down my throat and began to unload. I pulled up so I could get a taste of him and was not disappointed. He tasted like honey and popcorn and pizza and boy and I couldn't get enough of him. 

When he was spent I licked him clean and moved up on the couch with him. His eyes were still closed and he was breathing hard. I put my hand on his chest and felt his heart beating like a little bird's. I nuzzled his neck and he sighed contentedly.

"I know you're probably going to think I say this all the time and it's just part of the job, but I really mean were amazing down there. I haven't felt this way or come so hard in a long time."

"Your cock is amazing," I said nuzzling his ear, "and your come is delicious."

"Yeah, you're just being nice. I'm nothing special."

I pulled back and looked into his eyes and saw the humility there. He really didn't know how special he was.

"You may not know this, or believe it, but you are....very special. I have never met anyone quite like you. From the first moment I saw you I knew you were someone special and that I had to meet you."

He laughed, "Man, you are so full of it."

I must've looked hurt because he gave me a serious look, "I'm're serious, aren't you?"

"It doesn't matter. All you need to know right now is that I care. It doesn't have to  a love affair, but I would at least like to be your friend, if you'll let me."

He sighed, "Man, I'm not sure I know how to be a friend any more."

"Just try, that's all I ask. If it doesn't work I'll drop it and only see you when I have 50 bucks to blow," I chuckled.

He smiled, "So if we become friends you don't have to pay...right?"

"Friends help friends out, if you need a few bucks to get by I'd be good for that."

"I'm kidding, I wouldn't expect you to pay me, but....what about sex, would we have friends?"

"That would be entirely up to you. I wouldn't want you to feel like I was using you."

He laughed, "Why does this mean so much to you?"

I really had no answer that wouldn't sound stupid or maybe creepy so I just shrugged, "I don't know, maybe I just need a friend and you happened to be in the right place at the right time," I said grinning.

"Right.... or the wrong time," he laughed, "You're not a stalker are you?"

"Define stalker," I joked, "I didn't bother you for two whole weeks...."

"So...let's say we become friends....then what. I mean what do we do..what do friends do?"

Was he serious? Did he really not know how to be a friend? Had he never had a real friend? Then I remembered what he had said about him and his brother being so close, like best friends.

"What did you and Ricky do?"

He looked sad for a moment then angry, "Don't talk about my brother like you knew him. What we had was special and you could never understand it."

Well, that went well. "I'm sorry that was stupid of me," I said trying to repair the damage I'd done, "What I meant was...what you and Ricky had was a sort of special friendship. Not that we could have that same kind of friendship, but something like that."

He frowned, "I don't know. I'll have to think about it."

"Fair enough. So do you want to spend the night or do you want me to take you home?"

"I sort of thought I'd be staying. I made a hundred bucks last night so I can afford to take a night off."

"You won't miss any money by staying, I'll make sure of that."

"Wait, I thought if we were didn't have to pay?"

"Well, you said you'd have to think about for tonight, I'm paying."

"Okay, buy only if you collect what you haven't so far. I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel."

I sighed, if only it was for the right reasons. "I felt good making you feel good."

"Did you feel good when you blew Red? Well, you still fucked him, so why not me?"

Was he jealous of Red, or any other boy I might get with? That was interesting, but confusing. If I said no I risked hurting his feeling, but if I said yes wasn't that using him as an object? The very thing I'd been avoiding. It was so confusing and I didn't want to make the wrong choice.

"How about this, we just take it slow and see what happens? No expectations, but I'm definitely game for making you feel good again later if you want."

"Okay, sure. Just don't go running off to Red again," he teased. Or was he teasing?

"Are you jealous," I teased back.

"Naw, I'm special remember? Red is just a boy you fucked, I'm your friend," he said grinning.

"Yeah, so does that mean you've thought about it and decided to be my friend."

"I guess I can give it a try, but don't be disappointed if I'm not good at it."

I smiled, "I think you'll be just fine at it."

We drank a few more beers and though Mars seemed to be doing just fine I was beginning to feel a little drunk. Not sick, throw up drunk, but feeling good, everything is funny drunk. You know that feeling, the one that makes everything more interesting and people more likable and everything funny. 

I leaned into Mars and sniffed him playfully, "God you smell good," I giggled.

"You're drunk," he laughed.

"Am not," I slurred, "Well..maybe a....little," I said holding up my finger and thumb and showing him just how little as I squinted through the gap between them.

"You mind if I smoke a joint?" he said laughing.

"I don't mind, why would I mind? Maybe then you'll be as happy as I am," I said burying my face in his neck.

He pulled a joint out of his pocket and lit up with a purple Bic. He took a deep toke and held it then blew the smoke directly in my face. Now usually I don't like pot, but for some reason it smelled great mixed with Mars breath so I inhaled deeply and immediately got a buzz.

"Wow, that must be good stuff," I said grinning.

"It's a special blend, one of my John's pays me in weed and it's good stuff."

I frowned, "Can we not talk about your Johns," I said feeling....what? Jealousy?

"Sorry, I won't mention them again. It's just's part of who I am and if you really want to be my friend you gotta accept that part of my life."

I nodded, "I know, but I just don't need to hear about it, okay? I....I don't like to think about some old guy touching you that way."

"Hey, I'm picky. I don't just lay down for any pervert that comes along. Like that night we met. That guy that was cruising me while you were at the light, he was gross and disgusting, but I don't like to hurt anyone feelings so I lied to him. I said you were a cop and that he should get out of there quick."

"No you didn't," I said grinning, then looking at the smug look on his face I knew he was telling the truth, "You did....didn't you? Did you do it because you didn't want to be with him...or because you wanted to be with me?"

He shrugged, "I saw you pass by the first time and you looked good. I didn't think you were coming back at first, but then there you were. So...maybe I lied about the guy in the car. He was actually not that bad, but you looked better so...I lied to him. You should've seen the look on his face when he thought he might get busted," he laughed.

He inhaled deeply of his joint and blew out a long trail of smoke. I studied his face for a long time memorizing every line, every feature. His blue grey eyes were a little glazed and he had begun to show the effects of the weed.

"I think I'm gonna take a shower, any interest in joining me?" I said grinning.

"Yeah, that's cool. Let me finish this," he said taking one last puff of his joint. It was so small now that it was mostly ash and fire. He put the rest out in an ashtray I kept on the coffee table and sighed,"That was some good shit." Then jumping up he offered his hand and I took it letting him help me up. 

I felt very comfortable with him now and when I slipped my arm around  his waist he leaned into me and cuddled. In the bathroom I started the shower and adjusted the temperature. Mars was still naked and he watched me with interest as I undressed.

"You gotta nice body," he said eying me up and down,"Red said you had an 8" cock though," he laughed. "Did you tell him that, or did he just guess?"

"I might have warned him that I was pretty big," I said blushing, "just to make him feel good that he could take one so big," I added grinning.

"You dick, you're not 8". He cackled, "but poor old Red sure thought you were. He said that's why you made him come, cause you were so big you rubbed something inside him."

"Well, you won't tell him the truth will you."

"No, of course not. On one condition," he said looking evil.

"Uh, I'm afraid to ask..." I stuttered.

"I won't tell Red you're not 8" if you fuck me tonight."

"Wait, what's the catch. I get to fuck you and you won't tell on me?"

"Yeah, that's the deal. Sometimes I get this urge to get fucked. I don't know if you've ever been fucked before, but with the right guy it's pretty amazing," he said looking thoughtful.

"I actually know what you mean. I'm mostly a top, but I had a lover for a while and we both went both ways and with him it was really good."

"That the guy who cheated on you?"

I nodded, "But when it was good, it was excellent. I felt...." I shrugged, "complete when he was inside me," I said suddenly feeling very emotional, another of the side effects of alcohol on me.

He smiled sadly, "It must be hard to love someone that much and then lose them."

"Yeah, his case I guess I never really had him. Since then I've been looking for someone like him, only faithful," I laughed.

"Look, I know you think I'm that person....but, I don't want to disappoint you," he said gently.

"I don' think that," I lied, "I told you I just want to be friends."

He nodded, "Okay, that's fine."

We stepped into the shower and I soaped up the poof and began washing him. He relaxed into me and let me bathe him submitting to me completely endearing him even more to me. He was like a child, innocent and pure in that moment as we stood beneath the spray as I washed away all his insecurities and pain. 

He sighed and leaned back against me and looked up at me and said softly, "What are you up to?"

"Nothing, I just like to pamper the people I care about," I said kissing the top of his head.

He laughed, "It won't work, I'm on to your tricks."

I shrugged, "I don't know what you're talking about," I said trying to sound innocent.

"Okay, whatever. Now it's my turn. I can pamper a guy too."

"Mmmm...go for it. I like being pampered."

He wasn't kidding, he knew how to treat a man. I was swooning by the time he finished and I knew if he continued to pay me this kind of attention I'd do anything he asked. The water began to get cool and we finally rinsed off and stepped out. As we dried each other I began to get a little nervous. All my resolve was quickly flying away and I knew that if he made a move on me, I was his. But wasn't this what I had wanted? For him to want it as much as I  did? 

As we climbed into my bed I was as nervous as if this was my first time. What was it about this young God that had me quivering like a new bride? Was it because I saw what others didn't? the strength and humility of this boy who had suffered so much. Yet there was a vulnerability and softness beneath all that, and it was that vulnerability and softness that cried out to me. I wanted to hold him and calm him and protect him from the world. It was a noble cause, but was I doing it for him, or for me?

We rolled together and he kissed me. His lips were soft and wet, but the the kiss was sweet and tender rather than nasty. I placed my hand on his chest and felt the thumping of his heart. His skin was still moist from the shower and warm to the touch and soft as velvet.

When we broke the kiss I looked into his eyes and saw a raw need there that almost scared me. It was as if I was looking into his very soul. I smiled and he smiled back and the rest was magic. 

We didn't fuck that night, we made love. Kissing and touching and pleasing. When I entered him it was pure magic. I felt as if my body and his were joined on more than a sexual level. Our minds were so in tune that I could almost feel myself moving within his body. We made love for hours, taking turns, and he felt as good inside me as I felt inside him. 

My orgasms (there were two of them) were more of a religious experience than a release and I was pretty sure he felt the same. When he came inside me he cried out wildly and clung to me as if I were his safety line, tethering him to life. 

His hot boy spunk filled my body and my mind. I had never experienced anything like this with any man or boy in my life and it scared me. What if he didn't feel the same way? What if this meant nothing to him and when he left tomorrow things went back to the way they were? What if, what if, I was making myself crazy worrying about it.

I held him and soon he was asleep. He was so beautiful as he slept. His face looked softer, almost childlike, and my heart swelled with love for him. He had been through so much and his life was so hard. It broke my heart to think about him out there every night selling his perfect, beautiful body to strangers who only saw him as a piece of meat, something to use and then forget.

He mumbled something in his sleep and I kissed his face softly. He smiled in his sleep and muttered, "Ricky, stop it, that tickles," and my heart broke all over again. He had loved his brother with all his heart and Ricky's death had been traumatic for him, yet he was punished even more by his bastard of a father. I hated his father and I didn't even know him, but I was quite sure that if I ever met him I would have no problem stomping his ass into the ground.

His eyes were moving beneath his eyelids now. He was in R.E.M. sleep now and no doubt dreaming. I prayed his dreams were pleasant but I stayed awake holding him and watching over him just in case. He mumbled a few times and sighed, but didn't seem to be in distress so I eventually succumbed to my fatigue and fell asleep snuggled up to him. 

When I awoke the next morning I opened my eyes slowly and looked over at Mars. He was still sleeping soundly and I swear neither of us had moved an inch, a fact soon evident when I tried to move my arm. It was asleep and I had to shake it to bring it back to life. Mars stirred when I moved my arm and slowly opened his eyes.

"Morning," I said smiling as he stretched and yawned.

"Hi, what time is it?"

"Mmmm...almost ten, do you have to be somewhere?"

"Uh uh, I got the day off..." he chuckled, "no school and I don't start my...uh night job till it gets dark," he chuckled.

I put my hands over my ears, "La la la, I'm not listening," I teased.

He laid there a minute then smiled, "What if I took the night off? You got any plans?"

I smiled then and my heart sped up. Was he suggesting we hang out together?"

"No plans, none at all. I was just going to watch some TV, maybe get take out. Why you wanna hang out with me?" I said beaming.

"Yeah, I can afford to take a night off...if you feed me," he said grinning.

"Is that code for something?" I teased.

"Mmmm...could be, you were pretty tasty last night."

"This is great, but hold that thought....I gotta go pee really bad."

"Oh, is that why you're so hard?" He giggled, "I thought you were horny."

God he was getting to me good. Suddenly I was ready to use my morning wood in a very  unconventional way. But hey, I was 40 and I needed to drain the lizard or there was danger of spraying us both with used beer.

I tried to hide my wood unsuccessfully as Mars giggled and pointed, "Today it might be 8 inches,"at least till you drain it."

"Very funny," I said sticking out my tongue.

"Oh yeah, I remember that thing sticking out of your mouth, it was all over my body last night, even up my butt," he giggled.

"And it was my pleasure," I said grinning, "hold that thought I'll be right back."

I was just shaking off the last few drops when Mars wandered in scratching his fine young balls and yawning, "I guess I better pee too if you're gonna do some...stuff," he said grinning.

I raised an eyebrow, "You know morning sex is one of my favorite things, but unfortunately I don't get it much. Most guys leave as soon as they wake up and see who they slept with," I joked.

He shook his head, "I doubt it's that, it's probably because they feel guilty or they don't want to make any kind of commitment."

"Wow, that's pretty insightful for a 16 year old," I laughed,

He reached over and squeezed my cock causing me to intake a deep breath, "I may be 16, but I've had enough experience for ten people. Trust me, it's not about you. If it was they wouldn't have gotten with you to begin with, it's just that most guys just want to get off and get gone, it's just how it is."

"I suppose", I said watching him pee. Even something as mundane as peeing was a thing of beauty with this boy. He continued to hold my cock the whole time and it was still rock hard. 

"He finished peeing and shook his cock a few times then flushed the toilet and led me back to the bedroom by the dick. I was laughing the whole way and loving every minute of it. I loved a boy who took charge and made me his bitch.

"Don't really feel like fucking, but what if we sixty nined?"

"Mmmm...I'd do anything to get your dick in my mouth again. Even let you suck me," I teased.

He laughed, "Get down here then and give me that dick," he commanded and I gladly obeyed.

His mouth was soft and wet and he was so good at what he was doing to me. He would pause every now and then to lick my nuts as his hands roamed my butt. Eventually his slender fingers were probing my hole and I moaned around his dick. If he kept that up I knew it wouldn't be long till I was begging him to stuff that gorgeous cock of his up my poop chute.

I followed his lead paying attention to his lovely balls and taint and feeling up his pretty butt, and to my surprise it was him who did the begging.

"Mmmm, I said I didn't feel like fucking, but...I really want you inside me right now," he said sounding desperate.

"On one condition," I said using his line on him, "that I get to feel you inside me next."

"Okay, no problem." he said sounding excited.

We made out for a while, getting our juices flowing and when he finally pushed my legs up and entered me we were both like cats in heat. This time our love making was less intense and more fun. We were familiar with each other's bodies now and we knew what  turned each other on. The result was a sweaty romp in the sack that lasted till way after noon. 

As we lay panting and spent, the sweat cooling on our ravaged bodies our smiles said it all. There was no need to speak as we cuddled and recovered and if hunger hadn't driven us out of bed we might have gone for round two.

We showered and I took Mars out for a late lunch. There was a little diner not far from my apartment that had great food and the best coconut cream pie I had ever tasted and over chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes we giggled our way to that place that usually only close friend or lovers dwell. I wasn't going to get my hopes up yet...but I felt like we were well on the way to something special.

Mars loved the pie as much as I did and I bought a whole pie to take with us. "So what would you like to do today?" I said as we pulled out of the parking lot.

"I..I don't know, I never do anything. I haven't even been to a movie since....well, since I got kicked out."

"We could do that, but it's so nice out. Do you like miniature golf?"

"I haven't played in years, but yeah...I used to be pretty good at it. Sometimes mom and dad would take me and Ricky to Putt Putt and we'd play as a family. Ricky was really good and usually beat all of us" he said smiling at the fond memory of his brother...and family.

"Then let's do it, I bet I can beat your skinny ass," I laughed.

"Skinny? You didn't think it was skinny earlier when you were begging me to let you fuck me," he teased.

"Begging you?" I chuckled, "I seem to remember it the other way around....I think you were begging me to fuck you."

"So who's counting? but, it's not skinny, it's just right."

"Well, maybe I spoke too soon. It is pretty nice," said smiling, "In fact....all of you is."

"You're pretty nice too," he said grinning, "for an old guy," he added giggling.

"Keep it up, and I'll really humiliate you on the putt putt course."

The place was busy as heck on this Sunday afternoon and there were lots of kids running around. The family in front of us had two teenage boys a bit younger than Mars and they kept looking his way and smiling as if  they were checking him out. 

I nudged him playfully and whispered, "I think those two boys are flirting with you," I teased.

"What, oh...yeah, cute, but I don't like younger guys," he shrugged. 

When they moved on and we were alone he explained, "Even before I figured out I know, gay...I was always interested in older boys and men. I loved hairy guys and well...I used to hang out in the bathroom at the park by my house and just stand at the urinal and sneak peeks of guys' dicks. Except for Ricky and one of two of my friends all my sexual experience has been with men."

"That's cool," I said as I sank the ball in two strokes, "otherwise I might not have a chance with you."

He gave me a warning look, "I told you not to get too attached, I'm not boyfriend material."

"Ahhh..but you're friend material...right?"

He sighed, "Just don't expect too much...okay?"

I nodded, but I was so sure of myself that none of his warning could burst my bubble that day. We played the next hole quickly and caught up with the two teenage boys and their family again and the boys were still staring. When they moved to the next hole Mars elbowed me and laughed, "I was watching them this time and they were checking you out, not me."

"What?  No way," I scoffed, "why would they be interested in me?"

He raised an eyebrow, "Look I know you're not that dumb. You get with younger guys all the time, don't you?"

I thought about it, except for one of two guys my age or a few years older all of my partners had indeed been younger. I had never really thought about it that much though, I just supposed it was me who sought them, but now that I looked back on it, I could remember a few who seemed to be pursuing me.

"Well, they have good taste," I said chuckling, but even I have my limits. Those two couldn't me more than 13 or 14."

"When I was 14 I was sucking dick regularly at the park bathroom, and it was man dick," he laughed.

"Well, trust me...they don't even compare to you."

He gave me that warning look again, but I could tell he was pleased with the compliment. We played through that hole and were tied by the time we got to the next hole. This one was a bit more difficult and had a water hazard that I knew was tricky form past experience. I took my first shot and as luck would have it wound up in the water.

"Ha, that's two strokes," Mars said reading the sign. Then he proceeded to sink his ball in one shot.

" way," I groaned, "But I'm happy for you, you're really good at this."

I took my two stoke penalty and managed to sink the ball in two more strokes. So now I was four points behind. We finished up in two more  holes and Mars won by three strokes and he was gloating as we turned in our clubs.

"I guess I showed you who was better," he laughed.

"I never had any doubt," I said humbly, "but I had fun anyway. Did you?"

"Yeah, me too," he said softening, "Makes me wish...."

"What?" I asked when he didn't go on.

"Nothing," he said as we headed to the car, "Just well...I shouldn't get used to having fun, it doesn't exactly fit into my life style."

"I don't understand, what's wrong with having fun when you can?"

"I have to keep my head in my business. I have to get my diploma so I can get out of this place and make a life for myself."

"What if....what if you didn't have to hustle? What if all you had to do was go to school and be a kid and have friends and a little fun now and then?"

He sat quietly for a long time, digesting what I'd said and I guess he figured out what I was really asking was: what if you moved in with me? He turned his eyes to me, two grey blue orbs probing into my very soul and shook his head. "You can't save me, I have to save myself."

"Why? Why can't you let me help?" I pleaded.

"Because I told you I can't be your boyfriend. I can't love anyone...ever...and wouldn't be fair to you."

"I'm not important," I said raising my voice a little. I was driving us toward my apartment, though I didn't know if he'd want to go back there now that I'd stirred him up. "What's important is you and your life. I've had a great life and things are just fine in my life, but it's you that needs a little help. Why won't you let me help you?"

"How can you say you're not important?" he said almost angrily, "I know what you want. I've seen that look in a lot of guy's eyes before. You love me, I don't know how, but you do. You want to save me so you can have me for your own. You think I'll fall for you if you're nice enough.'s not gonna work. I'm not that kind of boy. I'll only let you down and hurt you before it's over."

"I'm tough," I laughed, "I think I can handle myself, anyway it was just an idea, don't get all bent out  of shape. We can still be friends...right?"

He fumed for a moment then sighed, "I guess, but don't try any funny stuff. We can make out and fuck, but don't go falling in love with me, cause I'm sure not gonna fall for you."

That hurt a little, but I don't think he meant it personally. I think what he was saying was that he couldn't love anyone, but that if he could....I'd be in the running.

"Okay, so we have some time before you...uh, have to go to work, wanna go back to my place and have some dinner?"

He smiled sadly, "Naw, I need to get home, but thanks. You've done enough today."

I nodded, "Okay, but can I at least buy you dinner on the way. We can eat in the car or you can take yours to go."

He shook  his head, "Whatever you want to do is fine. I'm sort of hungry and I may not get a chance to eat later." 

I pulled into a Sonic and we ordered hamburgers and tots and cherry limeades and ate in the car. He seemed to have gotten over his earlier funk and was bright and cheery as he talked about school and how much he was learning. I was happy just being with him but when it was time to drive him home I felt a little sad. I knew what lay ahead for him that evening and it hurt me physically thinking about him being with some John who would use him for a hand full of cash then dump him back on his corner so he could start all over.

He must've sensed my mood because when we got to his place he leaned in and kissed me, "Don't think about it, I don't. I just do what I  have to and never look back. Someday this will just be a bad dream. Take care of yourself and....thanks...thanks for caring and for...for today, it was fun."

I nodded, too choked to speak. Tears stung my eyes and for a moment I thought he might change his mind and offer to go home with me, but instead he smiled weakly and opened the door, "I'll see ya, okay....friend?"

"Yeah, you can count on it," I said smiling sadly, "You aint getting rid of me that easy."

He was laughing as he closed the car door. I watched him go inside then sat there a long time hoping he'd change his mind, but after about fifteen minutes I finally put the car in gear and drove off slowly. I was vaguely aware of tears running down my face, but otherwise I felt very numb. There was nothing I could do to help Mars if he didn't let me. It would be so easy for him if he would just give in. He could live with me, go to school and get his degree. I'd help him get his license and even lend him my car when he needed it, or get him one of his own. I wasn't rich but I made a good living and had money in the bank. But I guessed it was easier to give than to receive when you were 16 years old and Mars wasn't  receiving, not this time.

I somehow made it home and the loneliness closed in around me like a dark cloud. It was just beging to get dark outside and soon Mars would be taking his place on the street corner and waiting for his first trick. I wondered how busy Sunday nights were. Did he get the after church crowd? I chuckled, were the tricks nicer on Sunday night? 

But my laughter turned to despair as I thought about Mars on his back being pounded by some faceless stranger. Drooling and grunting and finally shooting his greasy semen into Mars. Did Mars feel anything at all for these men? I thought about how he had treated me and I wondered if I was an exception or the rule. Was he able to learn to like his tricks despite what they were doing to his soul?  Or was I someone special that he'd connected with as much as I had connected with him? One thing was certain, I was not going to give up on him. I would somehow save him from all this, but I would have to take it slow.

I fell into bed and sniffed the pillow on which Mars had laid his beautiful head, his unique scent was still there and I cuddled up to it and soon fell asleep.

Chapter Three

What did I do wrong?

A week passed, then two. I was busy and didn't hit the bars and had no real reason to go downtown except to see Mars. A few times I drove down the Strip, but although I saw Bruce and Red and a few of the other boys, I saw no sign of Mars. I assumed he was always out with a trick, I mean in my eyes he was by far the loveliest and sexiest boy on the strip and I assumed he was very popular.

I considered going by his apartment, but the few times I figured he'd be home I was busy or at work. I finally decided the only way to see him was to wait for him on his corner. I took off early one Friday, went home, showered and dressed for the bar, but I had no intention of going there, at least not before I saw Mars. It was warm out and the skies were clear and when the five o'clock traffic began to clear out of downtown I parked my car as close to Mars' corner as I could and started walking that way.

It was still light out and I knew the boys didn't start congregating till dark, but as I was walking past a Coney Islander on the Strip Red came out and almost ran into me. He was holding a bag in one hand and a drink in the other and at first he didn't recognize me. 

"Sorry mister," he said then his eyes grew wide as he realized who I was,"Oh, hi Mike...right? Don't worry it's cool," he said winking.

"Hi Red, how's tricks?" I teased.

"None as good as you. Hey, you looking?" he asked hopefully.

"Actually I'm looking for Mars. Have you seen him?"

He frowned, "You didn't know?"

"Know what?" I asked suddenly feeling very sick at my stomach. Had something happened to him, had he been in an accident, arrested? A million scenarios ran through my head in the half second before he explained.

"He got beat up pretty bad. Some trick who likes it rough. We took care of him though, got him back to his apartment and we been taking turns staying with him. He was pretty bad when they found him on the corner. That stupid jerk fucked him then beat him up and dumped him back on  his corner, but we took care of that bastard."

I felt even sicker now but I had to know more before I acted, "What happened to the guy?"

He laughed,  "We got Bruce, you know he's only 13, and used him for bait. Then when the creep picked him up we had the cops waiting. He's gonna be in jail for a long time for soliciting a minor for sex, "Red laughed, "I know what you're thinking, we're lucky the cops didn't take all of us in, but some of em are pretty cool.  They know what we do and they watch out for us sometimes. They don't arrest the good Johns and they keep the creeps under control. This one was on their radar for a long time, but it took us boys to bring him down."

"But what about Mars? How bad is it?"

"Oh, he's a lot better now. No broken bones or anything. Just a couple of black eyes, a split lip, but it's almost well now. Mostly his pride was hurt and he's a little nervous about going back to work. Us boys been buying him groceries and we took up a collection and paid his rent."

I was ready to cry now, "Are you busy right now?" I asked trying to keep it together.

"No..uh, what's up?"

"Would you go with me to see him. I'm not sure he would want to see me alone after what happened."

"Well, sure..if you can bring me back later so I can make some money."

I nodded, "Sure no problem."

"Wanna wiener?" He said shaking the sack at me. At first I didn't understand and was about to say something curt then I realized he was offering to share his dinner and I laughed.

"Naw, I'm good. You can eat on the way. Thanks I really  appreciate this."

"Man, why couldn't I be the one you fell in love with?" he mumbled, but I let it pass. We both knew there was no rhyme or reason when the love bug bit.

On the short drive to Mars' place Red clued me in on things. "We tried to get Mars to let us find you and get you to come over, but he got upset when we mentioned your name, so go easy on him...okay?"

I nodded, "Thanks for taking care of him. Tell the other boys thanks for me too. I'll gladly pay them back for what they did."

"Hey, forget it. We got pride too. We take care of each other. You just do what you can and don't worry about us."

I smiled at Red, he was just as cute as I'd remembered and sometimes I wondered what would have happened if it had been him I had met first. We parked in a chat covered lot behind the dentist's office and walked around to the front and went up the stairs. Red rapped on the door, and I heard Mars holler from the other side of the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's me...Red and I got a visitor for you," he yelled back.

I heard a chain being undone and at least two locks being thrown back then the door opened a little and I saw Mars' blue grey eyes scan the hall. When he saw it was really Red he opened the door wide but when he saw me his face went slack.

"What's  he doing here?" he asked Red.

"We met downtown. I told him what happened, he wanted to see you. Don't be mad, but you need to talk to him. Please....."

He grunted and let us in but I felt a little odd being talked about as if I weren't really there. I looked at Mars and smiled nervously. His lip has a little scab on it but his black eyes were gone and he seemed no worse for wear than the last time I had seen him and I relaxed a little. Then it occurred to me that perhaps the real damage wasn't on the outside, but on the inside. Mars had prided himself on the fact that he could take care of himself and now he was afraid to go back to tricking because he felt like he'd lost control.

"Hi," I said grinning,"I heard you had some trouble. I wish I had known sooner. I would have been here for you." 

"I did just fine, but thanks," he said looking a little uncomfortable.

"Anyway now I'm  here. Is there anything you need, groceries, rent money, anything....?"

"I'm okay, but thanks. I'll be going back to work soon....maybe tomorrow. I just  couldn't go back till my lips healed, can't suck dick with a split lip," he laughed nervously.

I nodded, "Well, if you need to take a few more night off, I'll make sure you don't go hungry or lose your place."

"Look, I appreciate your offer, but I told you before...I don't need any one to save me. I do okay on my own."

"Damn Mars," Red said frowning, "Give Mike a break, he's on your side."

"Mike?" Mars snorted, "Is that what he calls himself with other tricks?"

Red looked confused so I explained, "My name is really Rob. That night when I met you I was feeling a little weird so I told you my name was Mike and well....just never got around to telling you the truth."

Red shrugged, "No biggie, my name's not really Red, it's Freddie, but I like Red better."

I smiled at him and he blushed, "I like both, but Red is cool."

"Are you two done bonding," Mars laughed softly, "the fact is you lied to him because all you wanted to do was fuck him and forget him...right?"

I blushed, at the time that was all it was, but since then things had changed. "You're right, that's all I wanted that night. I couldn't  have you so I found someone else, but I never did him any harm.  Hopefully I left him feeling  as good as I did, and I treated him with respect....didn't I Red?"

"You can say that again. I still tell all the boys about how you made me cum from fucking me," he said grinning, "As far as tricks go, you're number one in my ease up on him Mars, he's a good guy."

"Well, sounds like you two were meant for each other, so why don't you go back to his apartment and fuck each other senseless?"

Red lowered his head, despite his street ways he was still a sensitive boy. I could tell Mars regretted his words and his tone, but he was too stubborn to back down.

"Mars, Red has done nothing but help you, how can you turn on him like this?" I said shaking my head, "If we all had friends like him the world would be a whole lot better place."

"I don't need friends, I just need to be left the hell alone," Mars said jumping up and stalking to the door. Throwing it open wide he said angrily, "Get out, both of  you. Leave me alone. I'm not in the mood for this right now."

I was hurt, but I understood Mars a lot better than he knew. He was embarrassed and scared and our coming there together had been a bad idea on my part. I should have come alone, but it was too late now. All I could do was go and let him simmer down and hopefully try again tomorrow...alone.

"I'm sorry I never meant to upset you. I just wanted to help, that's all. I care about you and I had to make sure you were okay. I'll check on you later, when you're feeling better."

"I feel just fine, now go."

"Mars....." Red said looking hurt, "I didn't know....."

"We're cool Red, no sweat."

Red nodded, at least they were still friends even if I wasn't sure where I stood. But what had I done to mess things up? As we drove away Red touched my arm gently, "He'll get over it. He's just scared, that's all. Nobody has ever cared about him before and he doesn't understand what's going on in his head and his heart."

For a street kid he a lot of insight into the human heart. I patted his hand and gave him a smile. "I don't take it personal. Thanks for going with me, but I guess it wasn't the best idea I ever had. I just wish he'd let me help. He could move in with me and finish school and I'd help him get a part time job somewhere and his license...a car maybe."

"Is that why he's so upset? Oh my God, if someone as nice as you offered me that sweet deal I'd say yes before he had the words out of his mouth, but Mars is different. He feels like he has to prove something. He has to be in charge and do it all on his own. You're a danger to him when you talk like that. My advice is help him slowly and don't push him too hard or he's push you away.....just like today."

"You know you're pretty smart for a kid," I chuckled, "thanks, I'll take your advise, and for what it's worth, I'm sorry about lying about my name."

"Hey, it's no big deal. Soooo....are you lonely tonight?" he asked grinning.

"Yeah, I am. What did you have in mind?"

He seemed too surprised to speak at first then he mumbled, "Well, we could go back to your place charge cause you're a really nice guy and Mars' friend and all...."

"Am I your friend too?" I asked feeling very needy at that moment.

He nodded, "I don't have many adult friends, but if you want to be my friend that's cool."

"If I take you home with me, can we just hang out and talk? Maybe have some snacks and watch a movie...but  not sex?"

He looked at me like I was crazy, but he finally nodded. "If you can stand it, I guess I can, but it won't be easy...especially after the last time."

"I think I can handle it, but I really don't feel like being alone tonight."

"Okay, then let's go," he said cheerfully, "Can we stop along the way and get some burgers? I'm still hungry?"

I laughed, he was a typical teenage boy and always hungry. I was sort of hungry too so I stopped at a DQ and ordered cheeseburgers and fries for us. We took them to my apartment and I pulled sodas from the fridge and we ate in front of the TV. Red (Freddie) was quiet most of the time but when he finished his last fry he looked over at me and said, "You know that guys like you are what most of us chickens dream about? I mean maybe we don't expect them to whisk us off to some palace or something, but it's nice when someone cares about us, and listens to our story about how we got here."

"And I didn't listen to  yours? Is that what you're trying to say?"

He blushed, "It's no big deal. I guess once you heard Mars' story that was enough for one lifetime."

"No, not really. I was just being a dick that night and honestly didn't care about you or your story, but it's different so if it helps to tell it, I'd like to hear your story."

"Well, if you're sure, but any beer?"

As he popped the top on the first of many beers to come he began, "I was twelve when my mom and dad got divorced. At first it was kind of cool, my dad got custody of me and my mom got remarried right away. My dad said she was a cheating bitch and good riddance to her, but I sort of missed her, I mean she was my mom. Then my dad met this lady named Betty and they started dating. At first she was nice and I didn't even mind that she was taking more and more of my dad's time, then when they started getting serious  he didn't  have any time for me at all. They dated for over a year, I was 13 by then and when they decided to get married I thought that might make things better. I'd have a mom again, and dad would have time for me again..stuff like that, but boy was I wrong.

Once she moved in things began to change. She didn't like my friends and she was always after me to clean my room or do chores and my life was  hell. I tried to talk to my dad about it, but he was so pussy whipped he wasn't having any of it. He just told me to man up and not be such a baby. This went on for like another  year then one day I had one of my buddies over for the night, this one she hated less than the rest cause his dad was a preacher, but trust me he wasn't the angel she thought he was.

We'd discovered jerking together that summer when I slept over at his house and we were addicted. Of course one thing led to another and pretty soon we were jerking each other and that led to swapping beejays and eventually...well, butt stuff. We were pretty careful about doing stuff and that night we waited till my mom and dad were asleep and we were real quiet. We 69'd a while then I started banging my buddy....Les was his name, and suddenly the door burst open and I felt someone grab my neck and drag me off into the floor. Well my dick melted like a limp noodle and when I finally looked up there was my dad and my stepmom looking ready to kill someone.

My dad started yelling shit like, he knew I was a fucking faggot and that I had corrupted Les and we were both going to know that kind of shit. Well Les was bawling his eyes out and curled up in a ball and that was the last time I saw him.

His dad put him in a Christian school and last I heard he was studying to be a preacher, a Godamned preacher, go figure. Too bad he wasn't Catholic, he could have at least looked forward to fucking little Altar boys," he laughed, "Well, long story short I would up in therapy, that was my step mom's idea, and I told em exactly what they wanted to hear, but deep inside I knew I was queer and nothing was going to change that. I figured I'd play the game and do what I wanted in private and when I got old enough I'd split and never have to deal with those two again.

Then it happened again, this time I got caught with the neighbor man. He was married and had two little kids. He was sucking my dick in his garage when his wife walked in on us. The only reason he didn't go to jail was because she didn't want to raise two brats by herself. She didn't tell my folks but she made it clear just what a messed up, rotten little faggot I was and that did it for me. I felt like no one understood and there was no reason to hang around anymore. So I split." he laughed sadly, "and know one came looking for me," he sighed, "so here I am. I live with some older college dudes and they know what I do, but we don't talk about it. I don't bring home tricks and they don't ask questions about where my part of the rent comes from. One of them even hired me once, just once, but it was too weird and now we don't talk much. I think he's like one of those guys who won't admit he's gay and it's tearing him apart. Too bad cause he's a good looking guy and nice too. So that's my story, not as sad as Mars' but just as intense."

"I don't understand parents at all I guess. I mean there was just my mom and she would never had turned her back on matter what. When she died....I lost a part of me, I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel."

"Actually I'm doing okay. So far I've been lucky and haven't run across any assholes like the one that beat Mars up and when I turn 16 I'm gonna find a real job and quit hustling."

"I have a lot of respect for you boys now that I've gotten to know you. I guess before I just thought you were a bunch of delinquents who tricked for fun. I had no idea what it was really all about. You sort of opened my eyes to the pain and suffering you boys have gone through. It makes me feel guilty for what I did to you that night."

"What? No, man you were great. If all my tricks were as sweet in bed as you, I'd never stop hustling. You care man and it showed, even when  you thought you were being tough. I knew you weren't 8" by the way, but I told everyone you were...course I guess Mars knows better," he chuckled.

"Yeah, he called me on it," I said smiling at the thought of Mars.

"He's a good guy, but he's been through some shit and it's gonna take some time to bring him around. You won't give up on  him will ya?"

"No, but there's only so much I can do if he keeps pushing me away. I felt really bad today, like I had invaded his space and I wasn't welcome."

"He's proud and wants everyone to think he's tough, but inside he's just a little kid who still cries for his brother sometimes."

"You know about Ricky?"

"Oh yea, we all do. Do you know how special you are to him? He would never tell just anyone about Ricky. You got to him. Don't get mad, but Mars told me all about that night. He told me you held him while he cried and he fell asleep and you didn't try anything. He felt bad cause you didn' know, get off, but after he figured you out it just made him like you even more. He really does like you, but he's afraid of his feelings. He's been hurt so much, all of us have, and we're careful about showing our feelings."

I hugged him to me and kissed the top of his head, "I'm sorry for what happened to you, but I promise you this, you've got a friend now. I will do anything I can to make things better for you."

"Oh," he said grinning, "When can I move in?"

I smiled, "Well, let's see how it goes with Mars first before I take in anyone else."

"Just kidding, I'm fine where I am, but I could use a place to chill once in a while. My roomies are cool, but it's sort of crowded there sometimes."

"Well, maybe we can make it a regular thing if Mars doesn't make more of it than it is. He wasn't too happy about my fucking you that night."

He laughed, "He doesn't care about least not now that you fucked him too. He was just worried that you liked me more than him.  Boy, don't you know anything about people's feelings?"

"I guess not," I sighed, "I've certainly made a big enough mess of things this time."

"Not to worry. Again, don't be upset, but Mars told me about that night and trust me, he was very impressed by you and your not quite 8" dick," he teased.

I blushed, "Are there no secrets among you guys?"

"Oh, he doesn't tell everyone on the Strip his business, but me and him are like brothers, we got no secrets from each other."

"Well, I'm  glad he was impressed, but if he was so impressed then why is he pushing me away?"

"I told you, he's scared. He's afraid he's losing control and for him that's the worst thing he can think of."

"He's 16 he shouldn't have to be in control. He deserves to just be a kid and let someone else do the worrying."

"Hey, I agree. I'd personally love to have a man to look after me, but I'm smart enough to know it's not gonna happen and meanwhile I gotta take care of myself."

"I wish I could be that man," I said taking his hand in mine, "but unfortunately I got bit by the Mars bug first and I gotta see this through. If it don't work, maybe....."

"Gee thanks, nothing like being second best," he teased.

"You're not second best, you're just next in line," I said grinning.

"You're smooth," he said leaning into me, "If you weren't Mars' man, I'd rape your ass," he giggled.

"Oh, is that right," I said tickling him till he was laughing so hard he couldn't talk.

Eventually I tired of tickling him and when I stopped he practically jumped into my lap and before I knew what was happening he was kissing me and I was kissing back. He was a great kisser and I guess I figured as long as we didn't go any further than that it was cool. Problem was my dick didn't know that and was rock hard and apparently so was his, or he had a flashlight in his pocket. 

He broke the kiss first and pulled back and looked into my eyes. "Sorry, I just got carried away," he said blushing.

"Wow, did you ever. Where did you learn to kiss like that?"

"Well, I've kissed a few guys, but truthfully, I learned it from a girl."

I raised my eyebrows, "Really, so you started out on that team then switched sides?" I teased.

"Naw, but you know how it is? Peer pressure and all. If I didn't date girls everyone would give me grief so I did and it wasn't all bad. I liked kissing, but I really didn't want to go all the way, so I dated good girls who were saving themselves for marriage," he laughed.

"Yeah, I get that. I dated a few girls too, before I figured things out and I liked the kissing too."

"Sooo.....what can we do now?" he said looking hopeful.

"Well, it's still early. We could go bowling," I said seriously.

He frowned, "Bowling, bowling? Well, sure...I guess, but I haven't bowled since I was 10. I was on a bowling league after school."

"Let's do it then. I promise not to show you up too bad," I teased.

"Oh, it's on now....I bet I can beat you any day."

The bowling alley was open till midnight and busy since it was Friday night. I rented shoes for us and paid for an hour figuring if we wanted to pay longer I'd pay for another hour. We found a lane way down next to the wall and selected our balls and began. After his third strike I'd begun to think Red was hustling me, but by the third frame we were pretty much even. 

We stopped for nachos and Cokes and then went back at it and Red managed to beat me by one strike. He was a good winner though and didn't gloat but he seemed ready to go so we turned in our shoes and drove around for a while. 

We drove the restless ribbon, you know every town has one, and ours ran along Edison street from 7th all the way to 21st street. The ribbon was lined with fast food joints, c-stores, record stores, arcades and the like and every parking lot was a gathering place for the city's teens. 

"Someday I'm gonna have my own car and cruise down here and find all the gay boys," Red said wistfully.

"I never really thought about how much you boys on the Strip are missing. I mean just being a kid and growing up and doing....well, kid stuff. It sort of makes me feel sad. I wish I could do something to help all the kids down there."

"Hey, it's not your fault," he said gently, "you're a nice guy, but even you can't help all of us. can help a few of us, like me and Mars...and Bruce. He told me about you giving him a ride and 20 bucks, that was way cool. He's a sweet kid, sort of like my little brother, only I guess brothers don't usually suck each other's dicks," he laughed.

"You and Bruce have sex?" I chuckled.

"A lot of the chickens have sex with each other. Don't get mad but Mars and I have even traded fucks a few times."

"God, I know it's sick....but I'd pay money to watch the two of you go at it," I said shivering.

"I'd be willing if he was," Red laughed.

I pulled into an A&W and ordered two ice cold mugs of root beer and we sat there watching the cars go by and talked. Red was a bright and funny boy and the more time we spent together the more I liked him. If it wasn't for Mars, I could have very easily fallen for this boy sipping root beer next to me. He was cute and sexy and had a heart of gold. 

I must've been staring at him because he made a goofy face and giggled, "Do I have a booger hanging out of my nose or something?" he said rubbing his cute nose.

"No..sorry, just thinking about things." I said blushing.

"About Mars?" he asked softly.

"No actually about you."

"Me? You falling for me too?" he teased.

"Would that be so bad?" I teased back.

"Uh uh, nope, not bad at all. More like a dream come true."

"If you and Mars are so close, how come you two don't live together? Wouldn't that be better than you living with all those college guys?"

"I'd be all for it, but Mars says he needs his space. He's so damned independent when he wants to be. The only reason he let us help him this time was because he was too scared to go out on his own."

"Ummmm....I see, I guess I might as well forget him moving in with me then if he wouldn't even move in with you."

"Dunno, it's different with you. He might give in if he falls hard enough for you."

"Well, so far all he's done is push me away, so I'm not counting on him falling for me any time soon."

"Give him time. This is all new to him, hell it's new to me too, guys don't usually want to help us, just fuck us and split."

"I'm not a knight in shining armor or anything you know. I'm just a regular guy who likes a boy that may or may not like him back. Sure we met in a weird way, and well....he's a hustler and I'm a John," I chuckled. I was beginning to see just how silly the whole thing was .

"Do you have any idea how rare guys like you are in our world?"

I shrugged, "I don't know much about your world at all, just what I've learned from you and Mars."

"Most of the nice guys are married, some of em have kids. Sometimes they tell us this, and sometimes we just figure it out. A car seat in back or something like that. They feel bad about paying us to have sex, so they treat us nice, like they'd treat their kids maybe, but once they get off they're ready to forget us because we remind them that they just cheated on their wives. Some of the old guys are nice too. They pay us cause they can't get dates for free any more, or because they only like boys. They usually pay the best and expect the least. Most of them just wanna make us feel good and maybe jerk off while doing it. Then there's the users. They treat us like shit and try to hurt us as much as possible, even if it's only calling us names and trying to make us feel bad about our lives. I'd take an old guy over some hot user any day."

"What group did you put me in when you first met me?"

"Well, at first I thought you might be a married guy, then when you started talking to me I was worried you were a user, but as soon as we got to you your place I figured you out. You were trying to be tough, but you were a nice guy. I could tell by the way you treated my body. You really made me feel good."

"It was easy once I saw your body," I chuckled, "You're a very sexy boy."

He grinned, "'And I'm available if you're interested."

"I know, and it's not easy resisting your charms," I sighed,  "Well, if you're done with your beer let's head back to the apartment."

On the way back I expected him to nag me a little but he seemed quiet and stared out the window most of the time. I guess his riding in a car was somewhat limited to the route to and from his trick's place or motel and he was taking in the sights while he could. But I sensed he was deep in thought at the same time.

At my apartment he asked to take a shower and I dug him out some towels and a washcloth and left him to it. I  was tempted to sneak in with him as I had the first time but I was afraid he's read more into it than there was. I tidied up the living room and threw away our wrappers and such from earlier and waited for him to  finish. 

I was sitting on the couch half heartedly watching TV when Red sauntered in naked as the day he was born toweling his long brown hair. I looked up and smiled and shook my head, "What are you doing?"

"Drying my hair. Why? Oh, sorry....I'm so used to being naked around guys that I just sort of forgot." He said blushing.

"Well, I mean it's not like you don't have the body for it, but you're not helping me resist you that way."

" think I'm like trying to seduce you or something?"

"The thought had crossed my mind," I chuckled, "but if you're more comfortable that way who am I to ruin things for you." And truthfully I was enjoying the view, even if I couldn't visit the landmarks....he he.

"Okay," he said sitting down next to me, "What's on?"

"Huh, oh TV? I don't know exactly I was just sitting here zoned out thinking about Mars. Do you think he'll really go back to work tomorrow?"

"Dunno, maybe. He's all better outside, but inside I'm not so sure. I worry about him, but he won't listen to me most of the time. If he doesn't go back soon he may never do it."

"But that's great, right? If he doesn't go back to the Strip maybe he'll give living with me a try."

"Yeah, maybe," he said sounding excited, "and then maybe you can adopt me," he laughed.

"Come here," I said holding out my arms.

He looked surprised but didn't waste any time hopping into my arms. He felt warm and soft yet solid and his skin was still a little moist from his shower. I pulled him to me and kissed him gently and thoroughly as he sighed into my mouth. 

When we broke the kiss he leaned back and looked at me curiously, "What's happening?"

I shrugged, "I thought this is what you wanted."

"I do...I do, but what about Mars?"

"Are you gonna tell him?"

He looked conflicted for a moment then he sighed, "I can't keep secrets from Mars. Sorry."

"If you had said anything different I'd have been disappointed," I said smiling, "Maybe I'm just horny and tomorrow I'll hate myself, but if you want to....."

"Yessss...." he said happily and then threw his arms around my neck and started kissing me passionately. 

This kiss was nasty and wet with lots of tongue unlike the sweet kiss of earlier. My toes were literally curling, but it was my cock that was affected the most. I was so hard it hurt and his 5.5 incher was poking into my chest.

I picked him up without breaking the kiss and carried him to the bedroom and dumped him in my bed then ripped off my clothes and smothered him with my body. I started the kiss once more as I ran my hands up and down his hot sexy body and he purred like a kitten.

"Mmmmm, horny," He gasped as we continued to kiss.

"You caused it," I whispered as I nibbled on his ear lobe, "Now you're gonna pay. I'm gonna ram my 8 inches down your throat then up your sweet ass."

"Mmmm....don't threaten me with a good time," he giggled.

I found his lips again and sucked on his tiny wet pink tongue. "God you're so sexy," I cooed as I moved down to his neck. He shivered as I licked and sucked my way down to his nipples and he went wild when I started sucking on them. His body felt so good beneath me and the taste and smell of him was amazing.

I could smell  his pre-cum leaking from his gorgeous cock and I remembered  how good it tasted and I hurried on down to his belly button stopping long enough to check for lint with my tongue then going for the gold. He was leaking a lot and his cock head was shiny with his pre but not for long. I started lapping at it like a cat drinking cream as he moaned and thrust up to meet my hungry tongue. 

" good," I whimpered, "how can you taste this good?"

"I eat lots of candy," he chuckled.

Once I had his cock cleaned up I started on his balls, licking and sucking as he moaned even louder. I could smell his ass and it was driving me crazy with lust. God, how could one boy be so chock full of sexy? I pushed his legs up and worked my tongue up and down his crack as he moaned and pulled his legs higher and at the same time pushing his cute ass into my face. God he tasted good and when I found his pucker my senses were overloaded with his taste and aroma. I didn't really know what pheromones were back then but this boy must have been shooting them out like bullets and my poor nose and senses were being riddled with them.

I can honestly say that except for Mars I had never been so turned on by a guy in my entire life. I knew I was in way over my head now, trying to win Mars and fucking Red was only going to get me in trouble, but there was no turning back now. I guess it's like that song by CSN, If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with...sigh.

As crazy as was going after his ass, Red was even crazier on the receiving end. He was panting like a dog and whimpering and begging me to never stop and pushing up against me like he was trying to get my whole head up his ass. I pulled him up and flipped him over and had him get on all fours and I went back to eating his ass while reaching between his legs and jerking his cock. He seemed to love this and was even more vocal as he neared orgasm. I hated to waste his delicious cum, but I wanted him to get maximum pleasure before I took mine. Hopefully he would be coming again later when I crammed my not quite 8 incher us his pucker and pounded  his prostate.

His ass was opening up like a little pink flower now and I had as much tongue in him as I could unreel. It was aching at the root but I knew he was close then suddenly he cried out, his cock swelled in my hand, his ass clenched on my tongue and he began to come, soaking my hand and the sheets with his hot teenage spunk.

When he had stopped moaning and shaking I rolled him back over and licked him clean. Then crawled up on him and kissed him deeply sharing his taste with him.

"Like it?" I said grinning.

"All of it," he panted, "and I do taste good, don't I?"

"At both ends," I said kissing him once more as I reached down and raised his legs and fumbled with my dick trying to find his hole.

With his help I managed to get lined up and using my spit and his cum for lube I pushed in rather easily.

"Mmmmmmm, good," he moaned, "Make me come again," he whispered into my ear as he nuzzled it wetly.

"I'll give it my best," I said as I started fucking him slowly, "Tell me when I get the angle just right."

It didn't take long to have him singing my praises as I rubbed against his prostate with each stroke. I was feeling pretty good too and I wanted this to last so I paced myself and when I got close I stopped moving and leaned down and smothered him with kisses to keep him from protesting too much. 

I started and stopped about four times altogether and each time I stopped Red would whine and plead till I covered his mouth with mine. I knew I couldn't hold him off too much longer so the next time I started I let things take their natural course.

I had to admit I was ready to come too and when I felt the sap rising I laid into him like I was churning butter. I was long stroking him now, pounding him so hard the bed was banging against the wall when suddenly he cried out and began to squirt all over both of us. As he came his butthole clenched and that was all it took to push me over the edge. 

Throwing back my head and howling like a dog I began to unload in that boy as I shuddered and moaned and nearly lost consciousness. I was vaguely aware of Red crying softly and it brought me back to reality. Looking down at him with concern I saw his eyes were closed and there was a big smile on him face. I guessed they were tears of joy, but I hadn't seen anything like that since I'd fucked an Asian boy. That boy  laughed and cried and was so loud I was afraid my neighbors heard us.

"You okay?"

 "Uh huh, fine," he sniffed, "you did it again, you made me come from fucking me and this time it was even better."

I laughed, "You little shit, you scared me. I thought my big ole dick had punctured something."

He sighed, "It isn't that big, but it's nice."

I pulled out and wiped my dick on his leg and fell down beside him and he swarmed into my arms and kissed me passionately.

"Mmmmm....I think I could get used to this," he said coming up for air.

"Well, don't. It was probably not the best idea in the world for me to do this," I said feeling guilty as hell and worried about what Mars was going to think about my fucking Red again.

"Why, because of Mars?" He said looking at me and frowning.

"Yes, you already told me you and him have no secrets. How do you think he's going to react when he finds out I fucked you again?"

"Not good," he said looking thoughtful, "Hey, you say the word and it's our secret."

"I can't ask you to do that. You guys are friends and friends shouldn't lie to each other."

"I didn't mean that, I just meant..well, what if I just didn't bring it up unless he did. That's not really it?"

"It's borderline," I said propping my head up on one arm and rubbing his smooth chest.

"Mmmmm.....that feels good," he cooed, "If you keep that up I'm liable to go to sleep."

"Go for it," I said yawning, "I'm pretty fucked out myself," I joked.

"I bet, man I never had anyone do what you do before. You make it last so long and it's so good when you blast."

"Yeah, I'm amazing..blah, blah, blah," I teased.

"If you're trying to be a dick again, it's not working. You're too nice. Man, Mars is crazy for not moving in with you," he said softly.

"Yeah, I think so too," I said laying my head down again, but continuing to rub his chest and tummy. I think I needed to touch him as much as  he needed to be touched. He felt warm and soft and his skin was so smooth.

"I'm getting a boner again," He giggled.

"Well, you're responsible for this one," I said sleepily.

"It will keep till morning," he said yawning again.

"Roll over on your side, I wanna spoon."

"Yeah, I like that, but watch that big ole dick of yours," he giggled.

"I'll lay it between these two pillows," I said snuggling up to his cute bubble butt."

"Ooooo...okay, just be careful back there. I'm still a little tender."

"Awww...poor baby," I teased, "need me to kiss it and make it all better?"

"If you would that would be cool, but maybe I better go use the bathroom before you get too close to it."

He swarmed out of bed and was gone for a long time. I heard the stool flush several times and I figured my cum had triggered a BM. I heard the shower running next and I smiled, he was so special, and yet....there was Mars to deal with first.

When he slipped back into bed his skin was still moist and warm from the shower.

"Everything come out okay?"

"Yeah, a lot of white stuff. Man, you must've come a gallon."

"I was saving it up for a while."

"Uh huh, well....I'm all empty now if you wake up and need to unload again," he said snuggling his butt up against my crotch.

I threw my arm around him and hugged him to me, but my cock was soft now and likely to stay that way because I was only minutes away from slumber. I was the big spoon and he was the little spoon and it was Heaven as I drifted off that night with his warm boyness touching my body.

Morning brought more guilt than the first time. This time I knew I was wrong and that I was risking hurting Mars all over again. Then why had I given in so easily to Red's boyish charms? Was I just a horny bastard with no real control, or was I subconsciously trying to hurt Mars and make him realize what he was missing? I had been pretty hurt when he practically threw me out and maybe I was thinking pay back was in order. 

No, I decided, I was just a horny selfish bastard. Always had been, probably always would be. If I blew it with Mars, it was my own fault and Red certainly wasn't to blame. I'd used him in a way, but I liked to think I'd given something of me in return. But that brought up another question, was I leading Red on and building up his expectations? And if so, what would happen to him when he finally realized what was really happening?

"Morning," Red said snuggling up to my side. 

I could feel something hard and hot against my leg and it definitely wasn't a flashlight this time either. "Morning, sleep well?"

"Like a baby," he sighed, "Did you?"

"Yeah, really good, but I'm having some guilt feelings this morning."

"Oh....well, would sex help? Just teasing," he said smiling.

"Sex got me into this. What do you do spray me with love potion every time I see you, or should I say lust potion?"

He giggled, "Nope, I'm just my sweet sexy self that's all. All the hawks love me," he said grinning.

"I bet. Well, I can't undo what's done, so no need to worry about it."

"So does that mean we can do it again this morning?" he asked sheepishly.

I sighed, "'Don't you ever get enough? No wait, don't answer that. You boys are always horny."

"Yeah, mostly, but if you don't wanna that's okay," he pouted.

I laughed, "You'd call me mean if I said no, wouldn't you?"

He had a shit eating grin on his face now when he spoke, "So can we? Huh, can we? Please daddy," he said pooching out his bottom lip like a little kid.

"Let me go pee first," I said sighing.

"Me too, me too," he said following me to the bathroom. 

We stood hip to  hip as our morning piss hit the bowl. We crossed streams and I was reminded of when I was a boy and my buddies and I would attempt to write our names in the dirt while peeing. Those were the best days of my life, but I supposed there were no best days for Red, or Mars or the other boys on the Strip. It was sad to think they were missing out on their childhood, and worse to think about why.

I brushed my teeth and loaned Red a toothbrush so he could brush his. His hygiene was very good for a boy his age, but I supposed that came with the territory. He had to keep clean and odor free for his tricks. I wondered how he had managed to clean himself out before we fucked last night, but then I supposed he was clean and ready most of the time.

"I don't feel like fucking," I said as we began making out, "If you give me head I'll let you fuck me," I added feeling generous.

"Cool, yeah. I give good head, you'll see."

He wasn't kidding about giving good head. In fact I don't think I had ever had a beejay that good in my whole gay life, except from Mars. His tongue was like a little snake slurping up my balls and cock like some tasty treat and soon he had me clawing at the sheets and moaning like a cheap whore. He would bring me to the edge then back off and go back to my balls then when I'd cooled down he'd start up again. He did this about four times before I finally grabbed his head and fucked his mouth impatiently until I blew down his throat. He gagged once then pulled up a little and smacked his lips noisily as he took the rest of my cum.

"God, that was good," I said when he had licked me clean and was laying beside me.

"Told ya," he said beaming.

"So how do you want me, face down, on my back, doggie?"

"Face down....if it's okay. I like covering a guy and putting it to him," he giggled.

"Suits me just fine. I like the feel of a hot hard body on me and in me. Think you can fill the bill?"

"I aint got 8 inches," he teased, "but I know how to use what I got."

I laughed, "I'm just fucking with you, you're a tiger when it comes to fucking. Go for it Tony Tiger."

"It's Grrrreat," he said sounding just like that old cereal whore.

And it was great. His body was warm and solid against me and despite only having 5.5" to work with he was doing a good job of filling my ass and rubbing against my prostate. I didn't expect to come that way, but you never knew. Sometimes it wasn't so much about what was being done to you as it was who was doing it to you. Red had plenty of enthusiasm and the energy of a 15 year old and my ass was in for a beating. 

Fortunately Red wasn't at adept at pacing himself as I was and he didn't last too long. It was nice while it lasted though, our feet entwined and his arms curled under my shoulders for leverage as he pushed all the way in and fucked me with slow shallow strokes. He was drooling on my neck as he moaned softly, his breath rapid and noisy now, and I knew he was close.

"Fuck me baby," I said to encourage him, "you feel so good in daddy. Come on baby fill me up with your sweet boy cum."

"Oh dadddddyyyy," he cried out and then I felt his wetness begin to fill me.

I didn't come, but I did feel something I had never felt inside before. I think if he had fucked me a bit longer I might have come, but instead I just felt an achy, but pleasant felling inside. 

"Stay in me baby," I said softly, "you feel so good inside me."

Red was content to lay there, and he showed no signs of going soft, giving me hope that he might be able to come again if I was patient. He kissed my neck playfully and began to move slowly again, but not getting serious right away.

"That's it baby, you're a young stud, fuck me again. Make me feel it, wear my ass out," I said trying to help get him started.

"I can do that,"  he said proudly, "Gonna fuck you again and make you come this time."

I didn't want  to discourage him, so I kept quiet but it was soon evident that he might indeed make me blow my load hands free. He was definitely rubbing something inside me that showed promise and I was sure if he kept it up long enough I would have my hands free orgasm.

Unfortunately as before he had no control and couldn't last long enough to get me off so I cheated a little and jerked my cock for the last few minutes picking up where he left off and we came almost together. He was exhausted by the time he finished and rolled off of me and panted as sweat ran down his cute face.

"Good one, huh?"

"Two in a row, Oh my God, it was fantastic. Hey, sorry I couldn't make ya come though."

"It was close, it didn't take much help from my hand to finish me. You fuck like a pro," I said stroking his ego as I stroked his hairless chest with my hand.

He sighed, "Man I hate going back home," he hinted.

"What do you usually do on Saturdays?"

"Sleep, but that's cause I usually don't get much sleep when I'm working the Strip. Last night was nice though,  I got my nut and I got to cuddle and sleep."

"Are you hungry?"

"Starved. Sex makes me hungry."

"Let's take a shower and then I'll treat you to breakfast. I'm sort of hungry myself."

We showered together washing each other gently and cuddling but we were both too spent to even get hard. As we dried off he was bubbling over with excitement. I guess this was like a holiday for him, and I decided to give him the whole day if he wanted it.

We cruised to the nearest Denny's and ordered Grand Slams, juice and milk for him and tea for me. As we sat eating in a corner booth Red kept looking over at me and grinning. He was not only cute, but very sweet for a street kid. I knew not all the chickens were as well behaved as Red, or Mars for that matter, but who could blame them considering the life they had to live?

After breakfast as we drove away, Red kept eyeballing me but he didn't speak for a long time. Finally as we neared the mall over on 71st he seemed to come alive. 

"Where we goin? To the Mall? I've never been there, is it cool?"

"I have to get a card and a gift for my aunt. I  figured you might like to come along."

"Boy, yeah, that's cool. I might even buy something. I got 50 bucks mad money tucked in my jeans."

I chuckled, "Well, there's all kind of stores there so I'm sure you can find something you like."

We parked as close as we could, but it was Saturday and the place was busy. As we entered the mall Red's eyes got big and his mouth fell open. He looked like a kid on Christmas morning and it made me feel good that I had showed him something new.

"Wow, all these stores in one, oh wow, is that a pool with a fountain over there?"

"Yep, and it has Koi in it. Those are huge Japanese goldfish. Come on I'll show you."

From the pool to the jewelry store where I bought my aunt some earrings, then to the Hallmark store and finally I let Red lead the way.

As expected he hit the toy store first and I smiled at his excitement. I wondered what kind of toys he liked as a young boy and if given the chance if he wouldn't revert to his childhood and pick up where he left off.

"Look at these model kits Rob," he said excitedly, "I collect models, but I usually get them at Walmart or Kmart. These are way better. I think I'm gonna buy a couple of em. Will you help me pick them out."

One of them was a Monte Carlo SS and though not exactly like my car we both agreed it would be a good choice. The other one he liked was a Dodge pickup called the Little Red Wagon and even I had to admit it was cool looking. 

"Do you need glue or paint or anything?"

"Yeah, I have some at home, but I want to start on these right away so I'll buy some more."

"Well, if you want to after we finish here we can go back to my apartment and you can do that."

"Will you help me?"

"Sure, when I was a kid I used to mow lawns and use the money to buy models, I had at least a dozen by the time I was your age."

He paid for his models and we stopped at the food court and got a Lemonade. As we sat there watching the other shoppers I noticed a couple of teenage boys looking our way. Red didn't seem to notice them, but as a long time boy watcher I picked up on their interest right away....but I was sure it was Red they were interested in.

The taller of the two boys was blond and blue eyed and looked like a surfer dude, though the nearest ocean was 1200 miles away and the other boy was dark haired and had brown eyes. Both were cute, but the brown haired boy drew my attention more than blondie. There was something about his smile that touched me.

The blond boy had a lean muscular body, the type I thought of as a swimmer's body, while the other boy was a little thicker, not fat, just solid and I bet he had a butt to die for. Blondie pointed our way and the other boy laughed, then they headed toward the bathrooms. I wondered if they were going to pee or fool around, but then I had a suspicious nature and assumed everthing was about sex.

"Were you watching those two boys?" Red asked looking annoyed.

"No, but they sure were watching you," I chuckled.

"Why do  you think that?" he asked glancing toward the hallway that led to the bathrooms. 

"Because they sure as hell weren't staring at me, so that only leaves you. I bet they're in the bathrooms groping each other and wishing it was you," I teased.

"Well, I could go give em what they want," he said licking his lips.

"Hell, I'd pay to see that," I joked.

" much?"

"I was kidding, those kids are probably rich kids and their parents are probably around here somewhere close by."

"But what if you just happened to walk in on us? You could act all upset and yell at me and scare the shit out of them," he laughed.

"Forget it, come on let's go before you get us both arrested."

"Okay, okay. Can we go to Spencers I hear they got really cool stuff there."

Our trip to Spencers wound up costing me twenty dollars because Red found a black light and some posters he liked and I bought them for him. I figured it was payment for last night, even if he wasn't charging. He kept thanking me over and over and when we climbed in the car he threw his arms around me and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"You're welcome, you deserve it..and more."

"Man, it's gonna be hard to go back to the Strip now. Maybe I'll take tomorrow off too."

"Would you like to sleep over again tonight," I asked feeling very generous.

"Are you serious? Yeah, that would be cool. I mean if you want me to."

"I think that would be nice. I enjoyed your company last night."

"Is that all you enjoyed," he said grinning lewdly.

"The sex was great too, but what I really enjoyed was just having someone to talk to and do regular stuff with."

"Yeah, I get that too. Hey, I got dinner though. I know a good place to get burgers. They're two inches thick and so good. I get a discount there cause the guy has a soft spot for us chickens."

"How would he feel if you were with me though?"

"Oh, he's cool with it. I've gone there with tricks a few times, but I was thinking maybe we get em to go."

"Suits me, but I'm not hungry yet."

"That's cool, me either. If you don't mind driving over there later."

"That sounds fine."

When we got back to the apartment we peed and I got us a soda and we sat down at the dining room table and opened the Monte Carlo model up. For a couple of hours we sat side by side working on the model, laughing and talking and I swear I felt like a kid again. 

Was it possible I was starting to feel for Red what I felt for Mars? It was very confusing and I worried that I wasn't being fair to either of them, but it seemed I had no control over my feelings anymore. It had started with sex, at least with Red, but now it was much more.

"This is fun," Red said grinning at me, "but I'm getting hungry. Can we go get the burgers now?"

"Sure, I'm starting to get a little hungry myself."

The burger place was downtown near the Strip and I assumed a frequent hangout for the boys on the street. It was a small place but clean inside and the air was thick with the aroma of frying burgers and onions and my mouth began to water as soon as we walked in.

"Hey Randy," Red said sauntering up to the counter and smiling at the beefy black guy flipping burgers on a long grill.

""Red, hey man, how's it going? You hungry?"

"Always man, can I get two all the way and fries to go?"

"Sure man, comin right up," he said eying me with interest.

"This is my friend Rob," Red said noticing Randy was staring at me,"He's not a John, so you can relax," he chuckled.

Randy smiled showing a mouth full of white teeth, "Well, hey Rob, how's it going? You taking care of my man here?"

"We're just hanging out," I said feeling a little embarrassed, "Red says you have the best burgers in town."

"Secret ingredient, we use real meat," he chuckled. I looked him over and decided I liked what I saw. What I thought was fat at first turned out to be muscle and it was obvious he was built like a brick shit house with every brick in place. I couldn't see his package for the greasy apron he was wearing, but I would have bet a hundred bucks that he was hung to match.

We sat down on swivel bar stools attached to the floor and waited for Randy to fix our food while Red and Randy bantered back and forth. It was obvious they had some kind of relationship, but I doubted it was sexual in nature. I sort of saw Randy as one of those good guys who does whatever he can to help the underdogs and the boys on the street benefited from his kindness.  I liked him and I didn't even know him, he was just that kind of guy.

"So how'd you guys meet?" Randy asked after a while and I felt like sliding under the bar and slithering out the door.

"Uh,'s a long story. We have a mutual friend and that's how we met....."

"He knows Mars," Red added, "he's trying to help him and I'm helping him bring him around. You know how Mars is," Red said smirking.

Randy laughed, "One of the good guys huh?" 

"Very good," Red giggled and Randy smiled knowingly. 

I didn't suppose for a moment that Randy didn't know I'd boned Red, but he seemed cool with it. Hell, maybe he's boned Red too. That was a sight I could certainly imagine in a wet dream.

The burger and fries were bagged up and Red added two pieces of coconut cream pie, which he assured me was the bomb, and Randy rang up the order. The tab was amazingly small for so much food and I gave Randy a smile and a wink. 

"Thanks man," I said as we gathered up the bags, "For this and for helping the boys down here."

"Hey, I was one of them once upon a time," he said looking serious, "I had some help getting my shit together but look at me now," he chuckled, "I own my own business and work 70 hours a week."

"The American dream," I laughed, "Well, take care man. My stomach is rumbling and we better get these back to my place before Red passes out from hunger."

"See ya guys, have a good one," he said turning back to his grill.

"You too, and thanks again."

He waved in dismissal and we left. In the confines of the car the aroma of the food was almost too much to bear but we managed to get back to the apartment without ripping the bags open. Once we were there I grabbed sodas while Red opened the bags and laid out the food. The fries were in little cardboard boats and Randy had piled them high. 

Red was right, the burgers were delicious and I ate mine as fast as I could chew stuffing a fry in my mouth every chance I got. I ate about half my fries before I was stuffed and Red finished off the rest. I was too full for dessert so Red agreed to wait till later to eat his pie too.

Miserable and full I loosened my jeans and fell back on the couch and sighed as I picked my teeth. "Wow, that was a lot of food....and good too."

"Yeah, Randy is a good cook. He's sort of like a big brother to us chickens. He'll feeds the newbies for free till they can get some business going. He helps us, but he don't preach. He knows what we do, but he don't try to make us feel bad or try to tell us what to do. He's just there if we need him. Once I got stiffed by a John and the rent was due the next day and Randy lent me that money till I could get it."

"He's okay in my books," I said smiling, "and built like a brick house."

"Yeah, I heard he's packin 10 inches, but I never seen it."

"Mmmmm...wouldn't mind seeing that," I said softly.

"Why, you like black guys?"

"Black, white, yellow, red...if they got a dick...I like em."

He laughed, " don't only like chickens, you like men too?"

"Yeah, I'm gay and I like guys of all ages. In fact, mostly I like 18 and up.  You and Mars were exceptions to my rule."

"That's cool. I'm gay too you know," he said moving a little closer, but I like older than me. I guess I gotta Daddy thing," he laughed.

"Well, that's good for us older guys," I chuckled.

"Yeah," he sighed, "I wish this weekend would never end."

"It has been fun," I conceded, "but all good things must come to an end."

"Yeah, I guess. Hey, what can we do now?"

"Well, we've already done the bowling thing, how about a movie?"

"Yeah, that's cool. I don't go to the movies much, sometimes a few of us boys will take a night off and go, but not very often."

We settled on  Basketball Diaries with Leonardo DiCaprio and I was hard the whole time. I loved Leo and thought he was the sexiest man in Hollywood. Red was like a little kid, staring at the screen and the people, munching popcorn and sipping his soda and I suddenly realized how happy I was to be with him. The movie was kind of depressing though, I hated what drugs did to kids and was glad Mars used nothing stronger than weed, and so far Red hadn't mentioned even that.

Halfway through Red went to the bathroom and was gone so long I'd begun to worry, but when he came back he was grinning widely.

"I just made 20 bucks," he whispered, "blew a dude in the back stall."

I didn't want to talk about it in the movie theater so I waited till we were in the car to comment. "Why would you do that Red?" I said trying not to sound as annoyed as I was, but no doubt failing, "If you needed money I'd have given you some. You could have gotten caught and I would never have known what happened to you."

His face fell and he looked ready to cry, "I...I guess I'm just a trick and that's all I am. I'm sorry, I never thought about that. I'm not used to having anyone care about me."

"It's okay, I didn't mean to sound judgmental. I....just want your time with me to be a chance to get away from all that other stuff."

He nodded, "You're right. I guess I just wasn't thinking. If you don't want me to stay now..that's fine, I understand."

I sighed, "I want you to stay. It's not that. I just want you to be happy, that's all and I thought you know? happy to be with me and not tricking."

"I am, I'm really sorry, but it was no big deal really. There was no way we could have got caught and he was an old dude and really cool."

"Okay, let's just forget about it, but don't ever do that when you're with me again, okay?"

"So....I'm gonna be with you again?" I guess that was what he heard first then he added, "Yeah, I tricking when I'm with you."

"Okay, let's head home then. I'm beat."

"Too tired for sex I guess...huh?"

"Never too tired for sex, but just one orgasm tonight. I'm too old for this shit," I chuckled.

Our romp that night was less passionate and over quickly but I did manage to make Red come again when I fucked him. His first orgasm had been in my mouth and he tasted wonderful. We snuggled up afterwards and went to sleep rather quickly. 

I awoke the next morning to something warm and moist around my dick and looked down to see Red giving me an expert blow job.

"Morning," I sighed.

He mumbled morning around my dick and even that felt good. I laid back and let him work his magic on my morning wood and soon I was blasting my hot cum into his mouth. He swallowed all of it down then came up to kiss me and share it. I reached down and found his hard teenage cock and it was wet with pre-cum.

"Want me to suck you off now?"

"Could you lick my butt and jerk me again? That was the best."

"Sure, are you clean back there?"

"Just had your cum in there, that's all."

He got up on all fours and I knelt behind him and sniffed his lovely ass and then dived in. I reached under him and grabbed his cock and jerked him as I rimmed him and soon he cried out and blasted his hot boy cum all over my hand and the sheets again. I would definitely need to change sheets today.

We showered and Red packed up his models being careful not to undo any of the work we'd done on the Monte Carlo and we went out to eat. He was quieter than usual, but I figured he was just sad about going back to the Strip tonight.

I dropped him off at his apartment near downtown, but before he climbed out he gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks Rob, this weekend was amazing. I had so much fun and the sex was the best. If you need me..uh, you know to help you with Mars just come find me."

"I will, but I think I better go alone next time. Hey, I'll see you again, okay?"

He nodded, "You better. Well, see ya. Thanks again."

As I drove away I had this feeling deep in my gut that I was doing more harm than good when it came to Red. Was I leading  him on only to hurt him? Still I had this urge to scoop him up and tell him he could stay one more night, but I was afraid one more night would turn to two and then three and eventually I couldn't bare to let him go.

I drove home in a funk and laid around most of the day thinking about things. I napped a little then got up and ate some soup and a sandwich and took a shower. I'd changed the sheets earlier, and was looking forward to clean sheets and a good night's sleep. I had the sheets but the sleep was hard to come by. I tossed and turned all night and when morning came I was tired and irritable. What a great way to start the week.

Chapter Four

Stabbed in the back by Cupid

The week went fast and I was so busy I didn't have much time to worry about Mars or Red, but come Friday they were heavy on my mind. I was horny as fuck too, and was torn between trying to find Mars or going to the bar. Either was a crap shoot for sure, but it was better than staying home and jerking off. I ate a sandwich to tide me over till later and took a shower, but it was still too early to go out so I got some bills ready to mail and listened to some R.E.M. on the stereo. 

Around 8 I got dressed and drove to the post office and mailed my bills and headed downtown. I still wasn't sure which way I wanted to go, but I figured once I got there I'd figure it out. It was cloudy out but not raining...yet, and the air was a little chilly. Good weather for the Hawks, but lousy weather for the chickens.

As I neared downtown I decided to check out the Strip first and if Mars wasn't around I'd go to the bar and check again later. Bruce was in place and he waved as I drove by and I waved back. He was a cute boy, but 13 and that scared me a little. I hoped that the hawks that got with him were good to him and knew what a prize they were being given, but from what Red had told me, most of the hawks were only concerned with themselves.

Red's corner was empty but I assumed he was with someone. The traffic was heavy on the Strip and I figured business was good. When I got to Mars' corner I struck out again, so I decided to go to the bar and check later. 

The bar was slow that early and I grabbed a draw and found a table in the corner and watched the few other patrons as I waited for things to pick up. An hour and two more beers later the crowd had tripled and there were some hotties to look at. An Asian boy on the dance floor was especially cute and a very good dancer and I spent most of my time watching him and wishing it was me he was dancing with. 

His partner was an older guy, which gave me hope, but he was clinging to the boy like white on rice. I walked over to the bar to get another beer and as I as waiting for the bartender the Asian guy walked up and leaned into the bar and turned toward me and smiled.

"Hello," he said with an slight accent.

"Hi. You're really a good dancer," I said not thinking how creepy that might sound. It meant I was watching him maybe a little too close.

"Thank you," he said placing his hand on my arm, "Do you dance?"

"Yes, but I seldom get the chance."

"Oh, then you will have to come dance with me. My friend has left and I have no one to dance with."

What? The old dude split? What a douche...well, his loss is my gain.

"I'd love to, I was getting a beer, can I buy you a drink?"

"Okay, I'll have a rum and coke," he said smiling. "By the way my name is Tommy." He was super cute and I would have bought him anything he wanted.

"I'm Rob," I said as the bartender finally made his way over to us.

We got our drinks and found an empty table to stow them while we hit the dance floor. He was such a good dancer, but I was no slob either and he seemed pleased that I could keep up with him. We danced two fast songs then they played a slow one and I wasn't sure what to do, but fortunately Tommy took control. Moving against me he nuzzled my ear and whispered that this was his favorite song causing goosebumps on my flesh.

We danced pressed together in all the right places and needless to say we were both hard before the song ended. We sat down then and got to know each other better and I learned that he was a student at the local university and studying architecture.

"So you want to build houses?"

"No, mostly commercial buildings, but I do plan on designing my own house someday."

"That is so cool, I used to sort of dabble in house design. I had thought that someday I might design my own house too, but obviously that never happened," I laughed.

"It's never too late, I could help you," he said snuggling in a little closer and touching my hand."

"I would love that, if I ever become rich," I chuckled.

"Mmmm...I love this song, dance with me please...."

I let him drag me to the dance floor and we danced another three songs then I ordered us another drink and we sat a the next few out and talked some more. He was witty and intelligent and a joy to look out. He was originally from San Francisco, but moved here when his dad came to teach at the University. 

"So your dad teaches where you go to school?"

"Yes, he teaches advanced math courses, but I see him often. I also have a younger brother who is 12. His name is Lee and he has just discovered girls. He is a good boy, but so horny always and always asking me for advice," he chuckled.

"How's that working out?" I laughed, "Since you like guys?"

"Oh, I like girls as well, but mostly I like older you Rob," he said giving me cow eyes.

"Well, that's fine with me," I laughed, "I like younger you Tommy."

"Do you live alone Rob?"

"Uh huh, not even a pet. Just little old me."

"Am I being to forward if I ask to go home with you?" he said looking nervous for the first time.

"Not at all, I was just about to ask you if you would like to see my apartment," I chuckled.

"I would love to see your apartment if the tour includes the bedroom," he said grinning.

"It's the highlight of the tour. Are you ready to go, or would you like to dance some more?"

"Can we dance a little longer? Maybe just a couple of more songs...."

"It would be my pleasure."

We danced three more, darting back and forth and stealing a sip of your drinks until they were gone. As the last dance ended we made our way out the door and to my car. Tommy's friend had brought him so we didn't have to worry about his car.

I purposely took a route that bypassed the Strip and tried not to think about Mars or Red. It was actually pretty easy because Tommy was quickly endearing  himself to me. If this was just a one time thing that was cool, but I was willing to make it a regular thing if he was and I hadn't even seen the goods yet.

As soon as we were in the door of my apartment Tommy asked to use the bathroom and when he emerged he was wearing nothing but a light blue pair of bikini briefs. I gasped as he entered the room and gave him a wolf whistle.

He had the perfect kind of body to turn me on, small and slender and smooth as a baby. From the looks of the bulge in his crotch he was about average in size but that was fine with me. I had learned during our intimate conversation in the bar that he was versatile and an average cock was appreciated if he intended to fuck me.

"Can we take a shower together?" he said grinning like a little kid.

"I think that would be wonderful, if I can keep my hands off you," I said smiling lewdly.

"Who says you have to Rob?"

"Okay then, let's do this."

I stripped off quickly as Tommy watched with interest and when I finally dropped my briefs and my boner popped up his eyes were glued to it.

"Oh Rob, you are so big. I love that cock. It is so pretty."

"Thanks, but fair is fair, how about you let me see yours?"

"Oh, of course, but it is not so big."

"Let me," I said as I moved closer. I lowered my head to his and our lips met and we kissed for a long time. He was a good kisser, eager and willing and when I finally broke the kiss he whimpered a little, just like I like. I gripped the top of his undies and pulled them down slowly. They snagged on his boner at first then pulled free causing it to slap against his flat hairless pubis. 

I looked down and was not disappointed. It was about 6" and curved slightly upward, but best of all it was uncut. I loved uncut dick. There was something about that little sheath of skin that intrigued me. I loved the way it felt as it slid  up and down the shaft and the aroma an uncut cock gave off. I loved the taste too and didn't even mind if the guy had a little head cheese under the skin. I was a fucking uncut cock junkie and this boy's cock was going to get my undivided attention.

"'re uncut, that is so cool," I said gripping it in my hand and working the skin. It was loose and there was a lot it. Even hard it was long enough to cover the head. 

He moaned and placed a hand on my chest as I continued to work his cock marveling at such a perfect work of nature. I could smell a musky, sexy odor rising from his cock as I moved skin back and forth and that was all it took to turn me into a cock whore. Dropping to my knees I pulled the foreskin back and began licking his cockhead savoring his tasty cock cheese.

" taste so good....."

"Uhhhh....that's nice, but I'm dirty...we should shower....."

"Not until I lick all this tasty cheese up," I said between licks.

He giggled, "You really like my cock, don't you?"

"Mmmmm," I moaned as I continued.

I didn't want him to come yet so once I  had him cleaned up I stood and led him to the shower. I adjusted the water temp and we climbed in and began washing each other as we got to know each other's bodies better. He was 21, but had the body of a teenager and was almost totally smooth. His nipples were erect and big, bigger than I'd seen on a guy before, and I leaned down and started licking and sucking them as he moaned lowly.

" make me feel so good....."

"Your body is amazing," I said as I moved down and kissed his flat smooth tummy, "Do you shave down there or are you naturally smooth?"

"I was born with a rare condition that prohibits hair growth anywhere but my head. At first I was not happy, but when I got used to it, I was happy for it."

"Mmmm....I absolutely love it," I said licking his pubis causing him to shiver.

I gave his cock head a lick then straightened up and kissed him deeply and wetly.

"Ummm...I knew you would be passionate," he cooed, "not like some men who only want to fuck."

"I like fucking, but that's an end result of all this. The kissing, the stroking, the body contact, that makes it so much better when the moment arrives to join with your partner," I said as I nuzzled his neck causing more shivers.

" are every boy's dream. A man who knows how to treat a boy," He said throwing back his head and exposing more of his neck. I read somewhere that in the animal kingdom such an act shows submission to their mate. Offering there vulnerable parts for the taking, trusting their mate not to rip their throat out and drink their blood.

Well, it wasn't blood I wanted, just to lick and suck and taste every square inch of this beautiful boy. I turned off the shower and guided him out and we dried each other off before heading off to my bedroom. I kissed him deeply  as we stood by the bed then gently coaxed him onto his back. I climbed on top of him and kissed him some more as we lay there grinding our cocks together. His body was soft and warm beneath me and our cocks were so hard and wet.

"You're amazing," I said as I nuzzled his neck. I moved on down to his hard nipples, amazed once again how big they were. 

"I like that," Tommy gasped as he guided my head to the other nipple, "you know how to make me feel so good."

"Baby, I've only just begun. I'm only half way there. I hope you can come more than once, because once isn't going to be enough for what I have in mind."

"Oh yesssss...I can come many times," he cooed.

From his nipples I ran my tongue down the center of his chest to his flat stomach and stopped long enough to lick his belly button, which I knew was an erogenous zone for a lot of guys and truthfully one of my fetishes. He seemed to be one of those guys who got off on it and I lingered there a long time, but let's face it his dick was only inches away and  I could smell his heady aroma and I had to move on down and get me some.

I pulled his skin back and gave  his cockhead a lick causing him to draw in a sharp breath then moan loudly, "Oh good," he panted.

I licked down his shaft all the way to his balls then gave them a good licking before taking them in my mouth and gently sucking them. He was clawing at the covers and moaning louder now and I was loving the effect I was having on him.

Pushing his legs up high I dived into his taint then speared his pucker with my tongue. He jumped as if he had been electrocuted and began speaking incoherently. It was amusing, but if I hadn't already had some experience with how Asian guys reacted to this kind of sex, I might have been worried.

I worked on his hole for a while then moved back up to his cock and began working the lose skin with my lips and tongue and he became even more verbal as his hands went to my head gently guiding me along his delicious uncut cock.

I have probably sucked over a hundred cocks in my life, but Tommy's cock was my favorite of all time. Not only did it taste good, smell good , and feel good in my mouth, it was beautiful and so perfect it took my breath away.

Anyone who likes sucking cock will tell you it's Heaven to suck a cock that is perfect in every way and Tommy's cock was all that and more. I think I could have been very happy to suck that cock for the rest of the night and never do anything else, but of course my cock loving was having a profound effect on Tommy and pretty soon he was thrusting up and rewarding my efforts with some very tasty cum.

He spouted like a fountain and it was all I could do to swallow it without gagging. It was thick like tapioca and almost as tasty, sort of sweet yet salty too. I gobbled it down greedily savoring the flavor and reserving a little to share with him when we kissed.

He had settled down at last and was quiet so I crawled up and kissed him again. He moaned into my mouth when he tasted his spunk there and arched up to rub his sticky cock against mine. I was rock hard and leaking and ready for a little release, but first I wanted to make out a little while he recovered.

Like I said he was a great kisser and kissing him was only making me hornier. When I finally broke off the kiss and came up for air he looked up at me and smiled, "Let me make you feel pleasure now," he said causing goosebumps to cover my flesh.

"Oh, yeah...."

"Roll onto your back," he said sounding excited again.

He rolled over on top of me and kissed me deeply and wetly then began moving down my body, but he didn't spend as much time exploring as I had. That was fine with me though, I was ready for some action. Tommy moved down to my hard leaking cock and began to lick the pre-cum off and it was my turn to moan.

It was obvious that Tommy was very good at oral sex, and from the look on his face he enjoyed it as much as I did. I looked down at him and he was smiling around my dick and when he made eye contact with me I almost came. He was so beautiful and his lips so red and full as they wrapped around my engorged member and I couldn't remember ever being this excited by a blow job.

He came up smacking and started licking my nuts as I squirmed and made little O sounds. His tongue was wet and hot and felt so good on my nuts and taint. I raised my legs a little and his tongue darted into my hole and I drew in a sharp breath and moaned. I didn't get rimmed often and every time seemed new and amazing, but this time it was more than amazing, it was mind blowing. This boy knew his way around a man's privates unlike any I had ever met. I was already thinking about the next time and this time wasn't anywhere near over.

"God Tommy, that feels so wicked. Do you have a forked tongue?" I teased.

" taste so good Rob. Will you fuck me now?' He almost pleaded.

"Okay," I said feeling a little shaky at the prospect of burying my cock in that sweet ass of his.

But first I wanted to taste it some more and so I flipped him onto his stomach and stuck a pillow under his middle to raise his ass up so I could get to it better.  His pucker was pinkish brown and looked like a little starfish nestled between his perfect round buns. I leaned in and spread his cheeks apart and sniffed him. He smelled amazing and his scent was making me crazy with lust. I tongue dived into his hole and he whimpered and begged me for more.

"Fuck me please Rob," he whimpered, "I need you inside me so bad."

Well, who was I to deny this boy? I grabbed a condom and rolled it on then grabbed the lube and worked a finger into his butt, but it was obvious my tongue had loosened him up plenty.  I lined up my dick and pressed against his hole and he hissed as he pressed back against me practically sucking my dick inside him. I moaned lowly as I slipped in the rest of the way until I felt my balls against his smooth ass. He was tight and hot inside and velvety smooth and I knew this was going to be a good fuck if I could just pace myself and not blow my load like a horny teenager in his first pussy.

"God you are so tight," I hissed, "and hot...Oh God, you feel so good."

"You feel good inside me too daddy, fuck me now, fuck me  hard. I like it hard. Give me that big dick Rob, make me feel it."

Well, I don't like to brag, but back then I could fuck like a porn star and I gave Tommy the dicking of his life. I would fuck him hard for a few minutes till I felt my balls pull up then  push in all the way and just stay there while I cooled down. He would whine until I started back up again, then he would moan and speak unintelligibly. I did this about five times before I decided I was ready to unload and when I started up the last time I didn't stop. 

I was fucking him hard and fast when suddenly he cried out and began to cum all over my pillow. As he orgasmed his hole contracted around my dick and that was all it took to send me over the edge. I saw stars as I started to unload, filling the condom with so much cum I was afraid it might rupture. It was one of those orgasms that just keeps on coming (no pun intended) and I felt at least three massive mini-gasms before it was over. 

My cock was still hard and throbbing inside Tommy's tight hole and I considered going again, but Tommy wasn't moving or making any noise and I soon realized he had passed out or fallen asleep. I pulled out slowly and looked down at the condom. The reservoir was so full of cum that it stood out like a little nipple, but it had contained my ejaculation like a pro. I pulled the condom off and dropped it in the waste basket beside the bed and moved up to check on Tommy.

His eyes were closed and he had that just fucked look on his cute face but it was evident he was in no danger of expiring any time soon. I snuggled into him and his eyes flickered open, he smiled and yawned and offered his lips and I kissed him sweetly.

"You fuck so good," he sighed, "you made me come, that is how good you fuck."

"I seem to have that affect on boys I fuck," I chuckled, but it's easy to fuck like that inside a sweet ass like yours.

"Hmmmmm," he sighed, "I am so tired now, but I want to do it all again."

"How about we sleep a little bit then try for later?"

"Okay. Yes, sleep first, then fuck again," he said happily.

We peed and brushed our teeth and piled back into bed and spooned until we finally fell asleep. I awoke some time later and felt something warm and wet surrounding my cock and pulled back the covers to find Tommy was blowing me again. This time I let him finish the job and my orgasm was almost as intense as the first one deep inside his ass.

I like getting fucked if I'm really into the guy and I was really into Tommy. It didn't take much convincing to get him to agree to fuck me and I rolled onto my back and raised my legs up so he could enter me from the front. That way we could see each other's faces and even kiss.

I told him to grab a condom but he fussed a little about it so I made him swear he was clean then agree to let him bareback me. His cock felt good inside me, a comfortable fit with no pain and only pleasure, and soon I was really getting into being fucked by him. He was a smooth lover, leaning down to kiss me occasionally and looking into my eyes as if he were staring into my very soul. I could almost feel what he was feeling when he did that and the fuck was perhaps one of the best I'd ever had. 

As expected when it was time for him to come he cried out and was very vocal and animated. His body spasmed as his cock throbbed and unloaded inside me. His balls had obviously refilled and there was so much cum that when he finally pulled out I was leaking like a sieve. 

"Did you like getting fucked?"

" was wonderful. You have an amazing dick, hell all of you is amazing."

"You can fuck me now if you want."

"Maybe in the morning, but right now I'm beat. I'm gonna go expel that gallon of jizz you just pumped into me and go back to sleep."

"Okay, I am yours when you are ready."

We slept till ten the next day and I sucked him off again and had another go at his glorious ass. The second time was just as good as he first and I was vibrating like a tuning fork as I recovered from my orgasm. We snuggled and talked for a long time then showered and got dressed and went out for a late breakfast. 

He said he had plans later with some friends and asked if I would take him home. I was reluctant to let him out of my sight, but I knew I couldn't keep him with me forever so I drove him to his parent's house, a large two story near the University. There was a BMW in the driveway and the house probably cost more than I'm made in my lifetime. It was obvious Tommy was from an affluent family, but he didn't act like a rich kid and  he wasn't the slightest bit stuck up. He was a sweet boy and I was crazy about him and eager to see where things went with him.

"Can I see you again?" I asked as we sat in his driveway.

"Call me," he said scrawling his number on the back of a fast food receipt that was laying in the floorboard, "I go to school all week, but I'm free weekends."

"That's cool. Well...uh, thanks for making my night so wonderful, you're an amazing boy," I said smiling.

"You are amazing too, I had fun. I am looking forward to next time."

"Oh, me too. Well, take care. When is  the best time to call?"

"I'm usually through with my studies by 9 each night. After that is fine. I have my own phone in my room, that's the number."

We said our goodbyes and I watched as he went inside then drove back home. I was floating on air and hadn't thought about Mars or Red since I'd met Tommy. Was I that fickle, or had I finally just realized that there was no future with Mars and the chickens on the strip?"

I did a little shopping while I was out and by the time I got home it was early evening. I wrote Tommy's number in my little address book, but I kept the receipt he's written it on and pressed it between the pages. I know it was silly, but it his handwriting, something from him, and I wasn't ready to part with it yet.

I cleaned the apartment and ate a sandwich and watched some TV. I was still sort of floating on a cloud and I felt a tingle in my crotch when I thought about Tommy and the amazing night we'd shared.  I couldn't wait to see him again, but in the back of my mind there was this nagging little voice telling me this was just a one night stand and that Tommy was only being polite. Heck, for all I knew that wasn't even his real number. I was starting to feel paranoid and stupid now and I soon fell off the cloud I'd been floating on earlier.

I grabbed a beer and chugged it  quickly and fumed some more. Was I being naive or stupid or was I just in love? No, not in love, that was stupid. We'd had one date, one wonderful night, but he was 21 and I was 41. How could I expect more than he'd already given me. I was lucky to have had last night, why was I expecting more? 

I had two choices, I could sit around and be depressed or go out and get drunk. I chose the latter. I was actually whistling as I showered and got dressed in my favorite jeans and a tight black tee that looked killer on me. It was still early but I figured I'd hit one of the beer bars first and see what was up, then move on downtown to the gay clubs.

I stopped to gas up the car at a c-store and bought a roll of breath mints, just in case...he he. The beer bar I frequented was called The Friends Lounge and was a cozy little place with a couple of pool tables, a little stage, and a few tables and a long bar with stools bolted to the floor. In it's hey day it had been popular with the local gays, but since the opening of the three new bars downtown it has suffered some. I knew a couple of the bartenders and the owner by name, and always felt welcome there. It was a more relaxed atmosphere than the bars downtown and since it didn't serve hard liquor there was usually a younger crowd. 

I sidled up to the bar and ordered a beer from Jimmy, the cute red head behind the bar, and tipped him a buck. He always smiled and flirted, but I knew he was untouchable. He belonged to Carl, the owner of the bar and they'd been together a very long time. 

"Busy night," I said looking around, "Where's Carl tonight?"

"He'll be in later, he had a date," he chuckled.

"What?" I asked giving him a curious look.

"His mom and dad are in town and he took them out to dinner. They're cool with the whole gay thing, but he wanted to show them a good time while they're here."

"That's cool. Do they approve of you too?" I asked grinning.

"Oh yeah, they treat me like a son-in-law," he chuckled.

"Wow, that's 90's," I laughed.

"Yeah, maybe someday guys like us will be able to get married for real."

"Yeah, that'll be the day," I laughed. 

A cute boy who looked about 18 or so wandered up on the stage and began dancing and I turned my attention to him for a while and Jimmy went back to his work behind the bar. The kid had long dishwater blond hair and a slim boyish body and the way he was dancing was so erotic it was probably illegal in some states. His crotch looked packed and when he spun and I got a look at his cute ass my cock jumped to attention. 

I thought about Mars and Red suddenly. They were no doubt out there on the street corner tonight trolling for tricks and making that cash for ass. I still cared about them, but I felt more foolish than ever for trying to help them. I couldn't save them all, so why even try? Of course I knew the answer to that, they had touched me to my very soul and now I cared about them. It wasn't the sex that had me hooked though, it was the rest, the quiet times, the pillow talk, the tears, the hugs, the sharing of humanity with them.

"Buy me a beer?"

"Huh," I looked up and the blond boy was sliding onto the stool next to me. I had been so deep in thought I hadn't been aware that his song had ended and now here he sat asking me to buy him a beer.

"Jimmy, get my friend here a beer would you love?"

Jimmy winked at me as he placed the beer before the cute blond and I turned my attention to him. "I'm Rob," I said offering my hand.

He took it and shook it firmly, "I'm Pete."

"Cool. You're a great dancer," I said smiling warmly. If I had to pass the time why not pass it with this cutie?

"Thanks," he said blushing, "I love to dance. I can't wait till next year when I turn 21 and I can go to the gay bars and dance my ass off."

"Yeah, it's fun. I like dancing myself. I don't always find a partner, but when I do I dance till I drop."

"I'd dance with you," he said sipping his beer.


"So, you looking for company tonight?"

"Well...I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing to be honest."

"Tell me about it," he said turning to look at me with genuine interest, "I'm easy to talk to and I don't judge. What's going on with you, someone hurt you or something?"

For a guy his age he certainly was perceptive. So I found myself telling this stranger everything. I told him about Mars and Red without going into too much detail, but when I got to Tommy  I found myself really opening up. He listened attentively and half way through I ordered us another beer and we sipped it as I continued. 

When I was finished Pete laughed, "Wow, you've been busy. I'm not surprised though, you're a real stud. I bet you get a lot of action."

I shrugged, "Action I can get, a regular thing I can't seem to find."

"And you're hoping this guy Tommy will be?"

I shrugged, "I know it sounds crazy, but last night was so special."

"Well, I hope it works out for ya. So....what about tonight, you interested in taking  me home with ya?"

I smiled, "I know I'm gonna hate myself in the morning, but I think I better pass."

He didn't make a fuss or beg me and I respected that, but in a way I sort of wish he had. I guess I worried that he gave up too easily and wasn't really that much into me, but truth was I wasn't really into him any way. Oh sure he was pretty and sexy, but my heart was elsewhere and I wondered if going out tonight was such a good idea after all.

Pete excused himself after a while and did another dance but when he didn't come back after the dance I decided it was time to split. I left Jimmy a five and wished him luck with the inlaws and he laughed.

When I got outside a light rain had begun to fall and the air was chilly. I sat in my car for a long time deciding where to go next and finally started it up and headed toward the Strip. The rain was coming down harder now and I knew the boys would be huddled beneath the awnings and wishing for a Hawk to pick them up so they could get out of the weather and I felt sorry for them. 

Bruce's corner was empty as was Red's and I wondered if they'd taken the night off. When I got within sight of Mars' corner I could see someone standing beneath the awning there, but even from a distance I could tell it wasn't Mars. I was confused and worried. I knew the boys had their territories staked out and this was definitely Mars' corner, so who was this invader? Was it just someone taking shelter from the storm or was some other chicken trespassing on Mars' turf?

As I waited at the light I looked the boy over. He was taller than Mars and broader shouldered, more man than boy and again I wondered if it was just someone innocently taking shelter there oblivious of Mars and the rules of the strip. But when the light changed and I started across the intersection the boy began the dance of the trick, grabbing his crotch and making lewd facial expressions even going so far as to suck on his finger as if it were a dick. 

No, this kid was hustling all right and I was tempted to pull over and read him the riot act, or at least find out if he knew where Mars was. Instead I glided on by and headed straight to Mars' apartment. I was nervous as hell. What if he was with a trick or what if he wouldn't let me in? I felt so nervous I thought I would pass out, but I knew I had to do this.

I parked on the street this time since downtown was all but deserted on the weekend. I could see a light in the window that I knew was the living room, but the window of his bedroom was dark. Did that mean he was with someone,  or just that he was in the living room at the moment? A million thoughts ran through my mind as I started toward his apartment, but I was determined to see this through.

I tried to be quiet as I went up the stairway, but the stairs were bare wood and each step seemed to announce my approach. By the time I got to the top I half way expected the door to be open and Mars standing there waiting for me, but that wasn't the case. I hesitated only a second before knocking on the door. The noise seemed deafening, but several minutes went by and no one came to the door. I considered leaving, assuming no one was home, but I decided to give it one more try.

Knocking a little harder this time I stepped back and waited. I glanced at my watch, it was just after 9:30. I would give it five minutes then go. Three minutes passed and still no answer and at four minutes I decided no one was home. I was just walking away when the door suddenly opened and Mars appeared. He was smiling, but as soon as he saw me the smile faded.

"What are you doing here? I'm expecting someone," he said curtly.

"I...uh, I was just worried about you. I haven't seen you since that day and someone else is on your corner...."

"Not my corner any more. I don't walk the street no more," he said as if he were talking to a difficult child.

"That's great. Uh, did you find a real job?" I said hopefully.

"Huh, nope, still a whore, but the Johns come to me now. I get referrals and I never have to leave the apartment."

"Isn't that risky?" I said frowning.

"Naw, they're all regulars that I can trust. Don't know why I didn't think of this before. It's like running a business or something. The Johns come here, plop down their cash and collect my ass. It's the American dream," he laughed sadly.

"I guess," I said at a loss for words.

"Anyway I thought you'd be with Red," he said looking at me daring me to deny my relationship with his best friend.

"Look, Mars I don't know what Red told you, but it was just..."

"Just what? A free fuck?" he snarled, "Well, he didn't think so. He said you loved him and that he loved you and that if I didn't want you, he was gonna take you."

"What?" I said as my face burned with shame, "I never told him..."

"No? Maybe you never told him that you loved him, but you treated him like you did and he's not used to that kind of stuff man. He's just a kid and he's never been loved. What does he know about love? You lied to him man just by being with him that second time. He's all strung out over you now."

"I...I guess I never thought about what it meant to him. I tried to explain, but I guess I'm not very good at feelings either."

"Well, you can  have him if you want him. We're not friends any more. He knifed me in the back and I got no use for him anymore."

"But why? What did he do? Don't blame  him, blame me. Like you said , he's just a kid. He really cares about you Mars...."

"Huh, then why did he get with you when he knew you wanted me," he said then looking away as if embarrassed he added, "I mean not that I care or anything..."

"Can I come in Mars. We need to talk...please."

"I told you I got a John coming in a little while. I got business to take care of."

"When are you free? When can I see you and talk to you?"

"You paying? If you are I got tomorrow night free," he spit out venomously.

"If that's what it takes, but I only want to talk not use you for sex," I said frowning.

"So I'm not good enough huh? But Red is I guess. Well, go fuck him then. I'm sure he'd love to go home with you again." He said angrily.

I was speechless for a moment. How did things go so wrong? I was sure it was all my fault, but what had Red said or did that made Mars hate him too?

"Look, I'll pay to see you tomorrow if that's what it takes. We'll talk and I'll try to fix things if I can, but I won't use you like your Johns do. Why do you think I didn't have sex with you the first time? I didn't want it to be a business deal, I wanted it to  happen if it did because you wanted it as much as I did.

His look softened a little, but he had been hurt too much to give in so soon, "That was then, this is now. You messed up man, you got Red into this and now it's too late. Aint never nothing gonna  happen between us now."

I nodded, "Okay, I get it. I'm sorry for what it's worth. I guess I won't need to book your time tomorrow after all. I'll go now, but before I do I want to say one last thing. I know it sounds ridiculous for me to say this, and I'm sure you won't believe me, but....I do care about you and well....I think I love you, but I guess I fucked up any chance I ever had to find out. I wish you nothing but the best and if you ever need anything....well...I'm willing to do whatever I can. I'm in the book, my last name if King and well you know where I anyway....I guess this is goodbye." I said as tears stung my eyes.

His face was a mask of pain and indecision but his pride won out and he simply nodded, "I gotta get inside and get ready....."

I nodded, "Goodbye Mars...I...." but I never got the chance to finish. Heavy steps on the stairs interrupted my thoughts and I simple turned and started down the stairs. 

I passed a guy who looked several years older than me and he winked and make a fucking sign with his thumb and forefinger as he stuck his other forefinger through it. I was tempted to knock him down the stairs and trample his old ass, but instead I just gave him a go to hell look and stomped down the stairs and out into the rain. I stood there for a moment getting soaking wet and considered going back upstairs and causing a scene, but I knew that would only make things worse. I needed to talk to Red and now.

I jumped into my car and backed out and glancing up I noticed the bedroom light was on now, "So you like to see who you're fucking, you old pervert," I grumbled. Of course it never occurred to me that I was no better than the John up there oogling Mars' sweet sexy body.

This time Red was in his usual spot and when he saw me he shuffled over to meet me at the curb. I rolled down the window just enough to yell "Get in," and I guess he could tell I was in no mood for  him to refuse. 

He slid in and gave me a sheepish grin, "Hi, what's up?"

I pulled away from the curb and headed up the Strip before I replied. "What the hell did you tell Mars?"

"Uh, about what?" he said playing dumb.

"Don't give me that shit," I said loudly causing him to jump.

"I...uh, told him about us, that's all...''

"What us? We had some laughs and you said we were friends, but that's all. I never promised you anything...did I?"

He shook his head, "I just figured if Mars didn't want you....I guess I thought maybe I could make you love me like you love him if you knew you couldn't have him."

"It doesn't work like that Red," I said calming down a bit. I knew deep down inside that I was responsible for all this, no matter what Red had said or done.

"I know, but I never had anything like this before. I didn't know what to do...."

"You hurt Mars so bad that he quit being your friend, is that what you wanted?"

He shook his head and I could see tears running down his cheek, "I didn't mean to mess things up, it just happened," he choked out.

"Did you tell him everything?"

He nodded, "I know it was wrong, I should have just kept quiet. He didn't ask, I just told him and once I got started I guess I was kind of mean like rubbing it in his face. He got so mad he actually hit me. He never hit me before. He said he didn't want to see me any more and he slammed the door in my face."

"And now he hates both of us."

"I...guess I fucked it up for both of us....didn't I?'

"Royally," I sighed. 

" what?"

I shrugged, "I don't know. I met someone last the bar... and I really like him and if he wants to keep seeing me then I'm going to work on that right now."

I could see the look of disappointment on Red's face. I guessed that he had hoped that now I would be free to be with him or help him or whatever it was he had planned.

"Oh, so nobody gets you," he said sadly.

"I'm not a prize," I said feeling angry again.

Red looked up at me with wet eyes, "Maybe you don't  think so, but you are," he said sadly.

I sighed and patted his leg gently, "I'm sorry. This is all my fault and I don't really blame you. You're just a kid and I guess I sort of led you on."

He nodded, "Thanks...for not being mad. I fucked up though. Man, I really miss having Mars as a friend. It's just not the same anymore. I...I'm thinking about moving know going somewhere else."

"What? Go where?  Another town?"

He nodded, "I hear Dallas is a good place for hustlers. I got enough money saved for a bus ticket and to live for a few weeks till I figure things out."

"Please, don't do that. Hang around and let's see if we can fix this. I know it may take time, but I'd like to see you and Mars friends again whether he forgives me or not."

He shrugged, "I guess there's no hurry. I can hang around a while."

"Good, I'm sorry about all this mess. So.....I guess that's all. Do you want to go back to your corner or what?"

"Yeah, I better. So far I've only made 20 bucks tonight, but it was easy. This old guy wanted to suck my dick and jerk off while he did it."

"I don't need to hear the details, I can give you 20 if it will help."

"Naw man, you don't ever have to pay me. We're friends...right?"

I nodded, "I hope so. I really do."

I took Red back to his corner and as I was driving off I saw a green Cadillac pull up to the curb. It looked like Red would do okay after all."

So now what? I wondered.

I decided to go home and lick my wounds and regroup, maybe get drunk. Life was certainly getting interesting lately....too interesting. I wound up drinking myself into a stupor, jerking off sloppily and falling asleep in a puddle of cum. I woke up the next morning feeling like I had drank a mud puddle dry and I smelled like BO and stale jizz.

I forced myself into the shower and just stood there for a long time wondering why I did these things to myself. I finally lathered up, rinsed off and stepped out, and got dried off and dressed and went in search of food. I found eggs and bacon, but I was in no mood to cook, so I settled on dry cereal and toast with honey. I took a couple of Tylenol and washed them down with a tall glass of water and felt some better. 

It had cleared off and the sun was shining causing it to be humid out. I opened the patio door and stepped out onto the balcony and took a deep breath of fresh air. I stared out across the courtyard and watched a guy walking his dog. I'd seen him before and thought he was cute, but I'd never seen him up close or spoke to him before. Life was sort of like that, we were disconnected and distant most of the time, and when we did connect with someone it was almost overwhelming. I decided that's what it had been with Tommy. 

As I stood there analyzing my feelings they were completely different than they had been yesterday when I was with Tommy. Sure he was an amazing boy, but what had seemed like love then now seemed like simple infatuation. The magic was dulled and I decided my heart wouldn't be broken if we never saw each other again. I guess at that moment I knew that I would never call Tommy, never find out if that number was real, or listen to his excuses for not being able to go out again. It's funny how things work out though, I saw him in the bar about six months later and he told me how disappointed he was that I never called. Isn't it funny how things turn out?

I spent the rest of the day listening to music and thinking about things and trying to make sense of my feelings and my life. Was I really happy with the life I was living, one night stands and as much ass as I could track down and nail? I had never known anything else, only been in one relationship, and had no real experience at being more than a casual friend to anyone.

Was I just fooling myself? Could I love one boy and stay faithful? I didn't know the answers and it made me tired just thinking about it. One thing was certain though, I had to try to fix what I had broken between Mars and Red, even if I didn't fit into the equation afterwards. 

I wasn't very hungry when dinner time rolled around so I popped some popcorn and washed it down with a beer, just one, and turned in early. I was exhausted after the battle inside my brain and I don't think I moved once the whole night.

Weeks passed and I thought about Mars and Red a lot, but the pain lessened and the urgency to fix things lessened somewhat. I might never  have done anything about the mess I'd made if not for what happened to Red.

I read about it in the papers but at first it didn't click. I was horrified of course and insensed, but I knew violence was a way of life on the streets and this was just one more example of man's inhumanity towards his fellow man. Then when I turned to the back page to finish reading the story there was Red's picture. Oh, it was a younger Red, probably taken before he flew the nest, but there was no mistake about it, the victim of this senseless assault was Freddie (Red) Johnson.

I ran to the bathroom and threw up and finally got the shaking stopped then hopped in my car and drove like a demon to Mars' apartment. I wasn't sure if he'd be there or if he'd see me, but I had no other way to find out what I needed to know.

Mars' met me at the door before I even knocked and surprisingly let me in.

"I was on my way to the hospital, I was just about to call a cab...."

"I can drive you, I'd like to see him too, if it's okay."

He nodded, "He's still in a coma, but they think he might pull through," he said in a voice void of emotion.

"Mars...I'm so sorry. I came as soon as I found out."

He nodded again, "I know. I thought about calling you, but...after the last time...."

"It's okay, I understand. Did you two...patch things up?"

"Yeah, we're like brothers. I couldn't stay mad for long...especially over a trick," he said grinning.

"And a bad one at that," I joked, "Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah, let's go. Technically I'm not supposed to be able to see him since I'm not family, but I threw such a fit the first time that they gave in."

"Maybe they'll be a little more excepting of his uncle then," I said winking.

"What? Oh, yeah..uncle Rob," he sniggered, "He'd like that...if he was awake...."

The hospital was close and as I'd hoped the hospital staff accepted my being Red's uncle without checking. They knew the score, that he was a street kid and probably figured I was a trusted John, which I guess I was, and they were just glad to have someone there who cared. 

I was totally unprepared however for the sight of Red when we were finally led into the small room where he was being kept alive. He was hooked up to several machines, one breathed for him, and one monitored his blood pressure and pulse, and the rest I could only guess at. He looked smaller than I remembered, almost childlike and his face was so battered and bruised that he was unrecognizable.

Tears filled my eyes as I knelt beside his bed and laid my head on his arm. "Oh Red, what have they done to you?" I choked out.

Mars stood silently watching me and finally came over and put a hand on my shoulder, "It looks worse than it is. His face will heal and his broken bones will knit, but it's the head injury that's gottem worried."

"I hope the other inmates beat him to a pulp," I said shivering with rage. They had caught the guy as he dumped Red in the alley behind a furniture store downtown and apparently had "resisted arrest" and had to be taken to the hospital before being booked. I liked to think that the cops making the arrest were those who watched out for the boys on the Strip and had taken their piece of revenge from the guy.

"What does the doctor say?"

"They won't tell me much, maybe they'll tell you more," he said sounding hopeful.

I nodded, "I'll see what I can find out."

A nurse came in, took one look at me and nodded, checked Red's IV and machines and left again without speaking. I stood and dragged a chair up and held Red's  hand and said a little prayer for him as Mars stood behind me with his hands on my shoulders. I liked to think he was praying with me and that our prayers would be answered, but I knew we had no real control over what happened now, it was definitely in God's hands.

We left after about 30 minutes and I stopped by the nurse's station to see if I could find out more about Red's condition. As luck would have it one of his doctors was just coming on duty.

His name was Dr. Martin and he was about 30 and not a bad looking guy. He seemed personable and though I doubted that he believed the uncle story, he was willing to talk to me. He pulled me into a small room and I sat on a couch while he sat on a chair across from me and told me all he knew.

His injuries were not life threatening, but there was some concern about his head injury (the result of a blow from a tire tool) and the resulting coma. They had ruled ot brain damage, and concluded the coma was simply Red's bodies' way of giving him time to heal. They were monitoring him closely and Dr. Martin told me that at this point all we could do was wait.

"I have seen a lot of things in the years I've been practicing medicine, but this one really got to me. So much anger was directed at your nephew, anger he didn't deserve. I know about the boys on the Strip, we occasionally clean them up when one of their tricks gets a little rough, but this was much more than that. I was working the OR when they brought him in and I will admit that I lost my lunch. I have two teenagers of my own and the heinousness of this crime affected me deeply."

"I appreciate that Dr. Martin. I guess you know I'm not really his uncle?" I said coming clean.

"I suspected as much, but it's best you don't tell the nurses that. Are you a...a friend?"

I nodded, "I know it's crazy, but I have become involved with a couple of the boy down there and I've been sort of looking out for them, but it looks like I didn't do such a good job of it."

"It's a hard life and risky at best, I'm sure any help you've given was appreciated."

"I was wondering, who pays for all this?"

"The state. The boys down there are considered indigent and we never make them pay. It's the one truly humane thing this state does," he laughed gently.

I nodded, "Well, thank you for talking to me, I suppose I should get Mars back home...he's Red...uh Freddie's best friend."

"Yes, we've met. He's an interesting young man and very determined. We were faced with the dilemma of throwing him out, calling the police, or letting his see his friend, we made the right choice. He's been here every day to check on him and it's apparent they are close. When Freddie wakes up he will need Mars even more."

I'll make sure he has a ride, and I'll come visit too."

"Well, I have rounds to make, if you need to talk to me again just leave a message at the desk."

Mars looked worried when I rejoined him but after I shared what Dr. Martin had said he seemed encouraged.

"He's gonna be okay, I just know it. He's tough and he'll be well in no time at all."

When we got in the car Mars was quiet for a long time. Then suddenly he sighed and turned to me, "I know I acted like a dick last time I saw you, but I really don't feel like being alone right now...."

"Truthfully, neither do I. I'm a little hungry, wanna go grab a burger?"

We wound up at Sonic and sat in the car and ate and talked. What had happened between us hung heavy in the air, but neither of us was eager to discuss it. I guess we were afraid it would ruin what we were sharing. Our shared grief and concern for Red had brought us together, but I guess we weren't sure if we were healed enough to talk about what had happened yet.

"So, how's the home business thing working out?" I teased."

"I had a birthday and I got a real job now, I don't trick anymore," he said proudly.

"I...I'm so proud of you," I said as tears stung my eyes, "That's wonderful....where are you working?"

"You know that coney place on the Strip? I work evenings and weekends there. I don't make as much money as I did hustling, but I do okay."

"How's school coming along."

"Good,  I should graduate this spring then I can hopefully find a better job. Right now I'm sort of limited since I don't  have transportation."

"Yeah, a car would help," I said thoughtfully.

"Can we go back to your place when we're done?" he asked suddenly.

"Sure, if you like."

"I think I'd like to spend the night...if it's okay."

My heart was fluttering and my mouth was dry. I had never really gotten over Mars, I had just put my feeling in a cage and Mars had the key and had just threw the door wide open. 

"Are you sure?" was all I could come up with.

"I'm pretty sure. I...I just don't want to sleep alone tonight. I mean we don't have to do anything...."

"Okay, sure, no problem. I assume you're not working."

"Naw I don't work till tomorrow evening."

We finished our burgers and tots and I drove us back to my apartment. Mars was quiet all the way there and I wondered if he was having second thoughts but when we arrived he seemed to come around. Inside he looked around as if making sure nothing had changed then sat down on the couch. I got us a beer and we sat and talked some more and this time what we had been avoiding earlier wormed it's way into our conversation.

"Red said you met someone, an Asian guy. How did that work out?"

"It didn't. I never called him back. I mean....he was amazing and so beautiful and there was no way he wanted to be with me...."

He laughed softly, "You just don't get it do you?"

"What?" I asked blushing. What was I missing?

"It's not about how you look, or how old you are, or even how good you are in bed. It's about how you treat someone and how you make them feel."

"I suppose, but I don't think I really liked him as much as I liked the sex we had. I know that sounds shallow and at the time I thought we were really meant to be, but later I figured things out."

"So, it was just a sex thing then?"

"I guess. I thought it was more but you know....."

"Is that what happened with us?" he asked softly then looked away.

"No, not exactly. What I felt for you didn't really have that much to do with was more about...well, you know...feelings."

"And I sort of just blew you off," he laughed, "'that didn't come out right, did it?"

I laughed too, and the tension was broken. "I think that was my fault. I have done a lot of thinking since then and come to the conclusion that I'm a selfish horny bastard and I don't deserve to find anyone to love me."

"Well, fortunately you don't get to decide if and when someone loves you."

I looked at him curiously, "Then who does?"

"I do, Red does, probably that Tommy guy."

"What are you trying to say?"

He shrugged, "I guess I'm saying that I'm sorry I didn't take you seriously and try to understand what you were trying to do."

"I was a jerk and I pushed you too hard."

"Not to mention you fucked my best friend...twice," he said grinning.

"Yeah, well about that. In my defense...I have really strong feelings for Red. If you hadn't come along first I might have wound up with him and he wouldn't be laying in a hospital room right now in a coma."

"He would've moved in with you the first night, you know that...right?"

"Yeah, I got that feeling. But I wouldn't  have been with him that second night if I hadn't been sure I'd lost you."

"So it was my fault," he said sounding a little irritated.

"Nooo, that's now what I meant. I just...look, I'm taking all the blame for what happened. I was hurt because you rejected me and...looking back I may have been trying to exact revenge. I know now it was stupid and selfish and cruel of me to use Red to do that. I humbly ask for your forgiveness and as soon as Red is well enough to talk to me I'm going to apologize to him too."

"If he ever gets well..." Mars said softly, sounding unsure for the first time.

"He will, the doctor said...."

"Huh, the doctor," Mars grunted, "What do the doctors care? He's just a street kid without money or insurance and the sooner they get rid of him the better."

"I didn't get that kind of feeling from Doctor Martin, he seemed genuinely caring and totally outraged by what happened to Red."

"Maybe he cares a little, but do you really think they're gonna do as much for Red as they would a rich kid?"

"Yes, I believe they will. A good doctor doesn't care about where the money is coming from, all they care about is the patient. Look at it like this, it's sort of an ego thing in a way. The more patients they help and the more successful they are, the better they feel about themselves, stands to reason that they will do everything they can for Red."

"I never thought of it like that. I'm just so worried,"  Mars said looking ready to cry.

"Can...can I hold you?" I asked feeling as shy as I did on my first date an eternity ago.

He nodded and scooted closer and melted into my arms. I felt empowered and self assured now and I kissed him gently and he responded eagerly. The bad stuff seemed to be gone now, or at least put aside and we talked no more about it that night. 

We sat on the couch snuggled up and watched TV, but I'm betting neither of us could have told you what was on. We were too much into each other at that moment to care about TV or anything else. I didn't exactly feel aroused, but if he had made a move I would have gladly followed. He was still as lovely and desirable as ever, maybe more so now that he had matured some, but I was in no hurry to rush things and spoil them.

Around ten or so he started yawning and I suggested we shower and turn in. 

"You can go first," I said digging out towels and a washcloth for him.

He took the offered linen and looked at me sheepishly, "Uh, maybe we could just shower together and save some water."

I smiled and dug our more towels, "Sounds sensible to me. If you can stand seeing an old man naked," I teased.

"It's not like I haven't seen a few old men naked, but trust are way better looking than the whole lot of them."

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"Good cause it was."

We washed each other slowly and gently and kissed but neither of us got fully erect and that was fine. It was a pleasure to just touch his soft supple skin and feel his warmth against me. If there had ever been any doubt about my feelings for Mars, they were squashed as we shared that shower that night. I knew without a doubt that I loved him and had since that first night and probably would forever. In fact he was my first real love and you never forget that one, do you?

We dried each other off and I became nervous again wondering what was next. Would he put his underwear back on or sleep naked? I always slept naked, but I would follow his lead. I needn't have worried. He took my hand and led me to my bed as if he were the aggressor and I the prey and pushed me down almost roughly.

He climbed on top of me and kissed me for what seemed like hours, and I still couldn't get enough of him. His lips were moist and soft and his tongue a tiny wet thing with a will of it's own as it darted in and out of my hungry mouth and sometimes licked my lips like I was some kind of delicious treat.

I tried not to think about where he had learned such a technique, but I was grateful that he had. His past meant no more to me than my own at the moment. I wasn't one of those guys who worried about who his partner had been with before or if they were constantly being compared to them. As far as I was concerned our lives began now and there was no past.

"We don't have to..." I said hoping he didn't feel he owed me this.

"Shhhh....I want to," he said smiling, then his smile faded and he frowned, "Unless...unless you don't want me now."

"How could I not want you? I have wanted you since that first night we met. I knew then that you were all I had ever wanted in my life, then things went bad and I convinced myself that I was just being silly, that it was just sex or an infatuation, but I never really got over  you...and I don't think I ever will."

He smiled again, " don't have to if you don't want to. I'm not saying I'm ready to move in or anything, but I'm willing to see where this goes...if you are."

"Oh God yes," I said grabbing his head and pulling him down for a kiss, "I will do anything you ask, try anything, go anywhere and never complain if we can be together like this."

"Will you fuck me now with that big 8 incher of yours?" he said grinning."

"On one condition, you fuck me when I'm done."

"Okay, unless you make me cum while you're fucking me, then you'll have to wait a while."

I didn't really fuck him that night, I made love to him and it was wonderful. Any doubts I had about why he was doing this flew away as we joined in the dance that's as old as time itself. I know it sounds clique to say we were as one as we made love, but if you've ever had that kind of experience you know what I mean. It was as if I could feel his feelings as my cock slid in and out of his tight wet love tunnel. We stared into each other's eyes and kissed as we made love  and when it was over and we lay resting in each other's arms, our hearts still beating fast and our breathing labored, I had never felt so happy or sated.

We rested a few minutes and then I coaxed Mars on top of me and lifted my legs high inviting him in. Neither of us mentioned condoms or worried about it much, I knew I was clean  and I was pretty sure he was too. He was as competent on the topside as he was on bottom and our lovemaking was just as magical as he claimed me much as I had just claimed him. 

We were both exhausted after he came...twice, I might add, and we fell asleep with each other's seed leaking from our darkest place and didn't wake until morning and pee boners drove us out of bed. We peed side by side at the toilet bumping hips and laughing like kids then went back to bed and made love until noon.

Whatever nervousness or uncertainty either of had earlier was gone now and we were lovers in full bloom. I knew his body and he knew mine and our lovemaking was like a well choreographed dance or a symphony orchestra playing in perfect tune. I blew his horn and he blew mine and all was right with the world once more.

We showered together again and went out to eat and then to the hospital. Red was the same and the doctor was nowhere to be seen so I left a note for him to call me when he came in. We spent the rest of the day at the park sitting on a bench watching the ducks and talking about what was next.

He admitted that he was frightened by my offer to have him move in with me and that he had reacted badly. 

"I was afraid you'd get tired of me and kick me out and I'd be right back on the street. I know it's silly, I should have trusted you, but I never met anyone like you before...someone who was honest and meant what he said."

"I would never kick you out, not then...not now, but I won't push you. I know I came on way too strong at first. I should have known you don't run after a frightened deer," I teased.

"Frightened deer, awwww...I'm a deer? Deer in the headlights  more like it."

I chuckled, "You're a deer all right...D E A R," I said daring to touch his leg gently. In those days public displays of affections were frowned upon between two guys.

"So, here's what I was thinking...." Mars began, "we start out as friends..uh, friends with benefits I guess, and see where it goes. I keep my place and my job and we just sort of date. Does that sound okay?"

"That sounds wonderful. I can definitely live with that. And if you ever change your mind or get tired of me..well, we'll worry about that when it happens."

"Why do you think that will happen?  It's not like I have ever done this before, so I'm pretty sure it means something and it's not just a game or something." he said sounding annoyed.

"You're 17, by the way Happy Birthday, and you have a lot of life to live. I may not seem as desirable a year from now as I do right now. And...there's always the possibility that you might meet someone closer to your age and fall for him."

He laughed, "Not likely, I don't really get into guys my age. Maybe it's a hazard of the business I was in," he chuckled, "Never really been with younger guys...except for Red and that's different," he said sounding sad now at the thought of Red.

"He told me you two were close, I guess sex made you even closer."

He nodded, "He's a sweet kid. He didn't deserve this..." he sobbed, "I couldn't protect him. I...know this is a lot to ask but...if...uh, when he gets well...will you let him move in with you and take care of him? I'll help, I'll give you money too."

I smiled, "No more jealousy?"

"Never was really, I mean I wouldn't mind if the three of  know, it doesn't have to be exclusive between us. I know you love him if you want..."

Was I hearing him right? Was he suggesting the three of us enter into some kind of relationship? My feelings were all over the place, surprise, horror, excitement, arousal. What boylover wouldn't want such an arrangement? but did Mars really want this or was he just suggesting it to make sure I took care of Red?

"Look Mars, you're right I love Red, but I'll take care of him no matter what. You don't have to share me or set me up with sex or whatever you're suggesting.

"I'm sorry. I just thought you'd want it too, but if you don't that's cool. It's not important right now, but if things head that way it would be cool."

I didn't reply, I was afraid I'd start drooling or make an idiot of myself if I did. We sat there for a long time not saying much and when the sun started to go down we headed back to my apartment. I didn't ask if he wanted to stay another night, I just assumed he would and he came along as naturally as if he lived there.

We ate soup and sandwiches for supper and watched TV, showered together and made love most of the night. We were exhausted come morning but not too exhausted to do it again. Something about Mars revitalized me and gave me the energy of a teen myself.

We went to the hospital again and as luck would have it Dr. Martin was on duty. He caught us at the desk and took us aside.

"I have great news," Our friend has woke up from the coma and he's demanding food," he chuckled. "He was asking for someone names Mars," he said smiling as he locked eyes with Mars, "know anyone by that name?" he teased.

Mars face opened up in a wide grin, "That's me..oh wow, can I see him?"

"Sure go on in, I'd like to talk to Red's uncle for a minute."

Mars bounced off to see Red and Dr. Martin took me to the little meeting room again. I was nervous as hell. What was he going to tell me? That Red had brain damage or he'd be crippled?

"I am confident that Freddie will make a full recovery, but I can't keep him forever. I was wondering if he had a place to go when he's released and someone to care for him?"

I relaxed, "Yes, he'll be moving in with me and Mars and I will take care of him."

"Oh, does the other young man live with you?"

"No, he has his own place but we've agree to take care of Red together till he's better."

Dr. Martin nodded, "Well, that's wonderful news. I'm glad he has friends like you. I want to keep him a few more days just to make sure, but I would say by Wednesday he should be ready to go home."

I nodded, "Thank you doctor, I appreciate your efforts and your concern. Mars was a little worried that since Red was indigent he might not get good care, but I can see he is getting the best care possible thanks to you."

"It's not just me, it's the whole staff. The nurses have been fussing over Freddie..uh Red, ever since he was admitted. The mother in them comes out when a boy winds up here, and they were as excited when he gained consciousness as you are."

"Well, if that's all I'd like to see him now. I can't wait to see him and talk to him," I said excitedly.

"Sure, but keep it light. He doesn't remember much about that night. His mind has sort of blocked it all out. It's a way our mind has of surviving things that are too traumatic. In fact one of the doctors on the staff even suggested that Red's coma was a result of that same survival program. Not only did it give his body a chance to heal, but the coma protected his mind from the trauma of the physical violence inflicted on him."

"So, he blanked out to protect himself from what happened?"

"Exactly, it's not uncommon, but now he seems to be coping just fine."

"Well, I can't wait to see" I said offering my hand, "Thank you again. Just let me know when we need to pick Red up. We'll be visiting every evening, so I'll check at that desk."

I found Mars hovering over Red and feeding him red Jello. When I walked in Red's eyes grew wide and he grinned, "You came," he said in a small raspy voice.

"I've been here every day since I found out," I said moving up to his bedside and taking his free hand in mine.

"I didn't tell him you were here," Mars chuckled, "I wanted it to be a surprise."

"Ass monkey," Red giggled.

"Oh, I am huh? If you didn't have a hundred tubes and stuff stuck in you I'd show you what an ass monkey I am."

" hurts when I laugh," he said grimacing.

"Sorry, hey....guess what? When you get better you're gonna be staying with Rob and we're gonna nurse you back to health,"

Red looked at me and I nodded, "The doc says you might be able to come home Wednesday. I'm gonna get a twin sized bed and stick in the living room so you will have a place to sleep without getting jumbled around."

"'d do that for me?"

"Sure, it's no big deal. We're friends..right?"

He smiled but it was a sad smile and tears weren't far behind it, "Thanks," he choked out...I gotta little money saved up. I can pay you...for a while."

"I'd be mad if you tried," I said frowning, "Friends do stuff for free. You'd do the same for me...right?"

He nodded and attempted to wipe away his tears but his casted arm wouldn't reach the far and the other had an IV in it so I leaned down and kissed them away. That only brought more tears and as I held him he sobbed quietly and Mars moved in on the other said and joined us in an awkward three way hug.

Eventually Red's tears dried up and we talked and laughed and made plans for his home coming. Occasionally a nurse would wander in and smile and check his vitals then leave us to visit, I'm sure way past visiting hours.

Eventually Red began to nod off and we kissed him goodbye and promised to see him tomorrow. As we slipped out the door I gave him one last look. He looked younger and peaceful as he slumbered and my heart swelled with love for him.

On the way home I was overwhelmed with my feelings. On the one hand I loved Mars with that sort of life altering, soul expanding love that dreamers dream of and writers write about, and on the other there was the love I had for Red. Maybe it wasn't as strong, but it was still an awesome force and something I couldn't ignore. Did Mars understand what I felt? Was that why he suggested the three of us have a relationship? Was that what he really wanted, or simply trying to please me and make a place for Red?

"What's wrong?" he asked after a while, "Did the doctor tell you something bad?"

"No, no..not at all. It was all good news. I  guess I just didn't expect it to be so hard seeing him like that and now that he's awake and when he started crying...I felt so helpless."

"You love him, don't you?"

"Well, of course I do. You love him too. How could someone know him and not love him?" I said in my own defense.

"No, I mean you really...really love him. Almost as much as you love me, right?"

I swallowed back tears and nodded. This boy knew more about my feelings than I did. "Is that bad? Can you deal with that?"

He laughed, "God yes, I'm relieved, because I love him too and I want him in my life as much as I want you. Yeah, I said it, I want you in my life. I want us to be..I don't know...lovers I guess. Boyfriends. It sounds silly, but that's what I want, but I want Red in there too. Can you stand it if that's the way it is?"

I sighed, "I thought you were just offering because you thought it's what I wanted, or to make sure Red had a place to go when he was released. If this is what you both want, then it's fine with more than's wonderful," I said smiling.

"Oh, trust me...he'll want it as much as I do. We sort of talked about it a few times and he was excited about it then we never saw you again and we both sort of gave up. We were spending a lot of time together once we made up. We had a lot of make up sex," he chuckled, "but we always wound up talking about you and comparing stuff and wondering what it would be like for all three of us to be together in bed and making love."

I was rock hard by then, "You now this is like some kind of gay fantasy come true...right?"

He chuckled, "Yeah, I guess so. So..what do you say, want to take on two young lovers?"

"God  yes!" I practically shouted.


When Red was released we brought him to my apartment and Mars stayed too. I took him to work or loaned him my car, he was a very good driver, and together we nursed Red back to health. There was no talk of him going back to his old life and the street and when he was better Mars got him a job at the same Coney shop where he worked.

Eventually we moved into a two bedroom apartment, but it was mostly for show. Most nights the two of them were in my king size bed with me as we made love and then fell asleep. Mars moved in officially when I got the two bedroom apartment and we became like one big happy family.

Mars eventually got his diploma and found a better job and got Red a job there as well. They had a great manager who worked with them on the scheduling and most times they were able to ride to and from work together. I changed jobs as well and not only made more money, but was happier with my new job and had every weekend off.

I learned a lot about love and relationships with those two over the next five years, but unfortunately good things seldom last. Red was the first to go. When he got his GED he went on to Community College and became a chef, yeah a chef, and went to work in a big fancy restaurant. He met an amazing Italian guy there named Marcus and it was love at first sight.

I remember well the night he tearfully admitted that he and Marcus had had sex and were in love. I must've surprised him when I smiled and hugged him and congratulated him.

"'re not mad or upset?" He choked out.

"No, I'm so happy for you. I knew this wouldn't last forever. What the three of us had was special, but you and Mars are young and you have your whole life ahead of you. You will love many more people in your life, and I was proud to be the first. You have my blessings Red. Now, when can I meet him."

Mars took it harder than I did and grilled Marcus unmercifully over dinner one night, but in the end Mars had to agree that Marcus was a nice guy and if he made Red  happy that was all that mattered.

The hardest part was that they had both accepted jobs in San Francisco and would be moving a thousand miles away. We promised to write and email and visit often but you know how those things work, nothing would ever be the same and we all knew it.

Mars and I settled into a somewhat normal relationship after that, but I could tell that things weren't the same between us since Red left. Red had been the spark that kept our candle aflame and with him gone we seemed to drift apart.

Oddly enough it was actually me who brought things to light. We had a silly fight one night, looking back I couldn't even tell you what it was about, but I stormed out of the apartment and went to the bar for the first time in years. The place had changed, but the crowds still seemed the same. It was here that I had met Tommy that first time and it was here that we were reunited once again.

I was staring at the dancers, not really paying much attention to anyone when I felt a hand gently laid on my shoulder. Twisting my head I came face to face with Tommy. He hadn't changed much in the few years that had passed, in fact if anything he was even more handsome, and that smile of his melted my heart just as it had back them.

"Rob? Is it you?" he said smiling wider.

I nodded, "Tommy, wow, how long has it been?"

"Five or six years," he said as if he had been counting the days.

I laughed, "That long?" I sighed, "I'm sorry...about not contacting you that time..."

We had hashed that all out when we'd met that one time six months later, but I still felt I needed to apologize.

"It's okay, I understand. I know you loved someone else and I accept that. How is he?"

"What? Oh, he's fine...." then I started unloading on Tommy. I told him everything. About Red and Mars and how happy we'd been but how nothing was he same and I thought we were drifting apart. He was a good listener and had excellent advice.

"You should let him go," he said simply, "he needs to move on and find someone he can be passionate about."

I nodded, I agreed, but it still hurt and it showed. He put his arms around my neck and kissed me gently. "Come home with me and I will make you forget all your pain."

I was tempted, I really was and the old me would have followed him home and balled his brains out then went home to Mars and pretended it meant nothing. "I..I can't. I hope you understand. It's not that I don't want to, I just can't do that to him."

"I know, you are a good man. I was being selfish. I have never forgotten you and I still want you in my life. If this thing with him ever ends I want you to call me, will you?"

I nodded and accepted his number again, this one a new one at his apartment. We danced a few dances, the last one a slow dance during which we kissed and cuddled, then he walked me to my car and we kissed once more before I climbed in and drove away. I didn't have any expectations at the time, but it's funny how things work out.

I found myself confessing my slight indescretion to Mars but instead of looking hurt he looked relieved. He too had been seeing someone, a red haired boy named Joseph who he'd met through a friend at work. Joseph was 30 and from Mars' description a real hunk and he had swept him off his feet from the first moment they'd met.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I said shaking my head, "I thought it was me."

"I'm so sorry, I guess I felt like if I just ignored my feelings they'd go away, but they didn't. I won't leave you though. I owe you too much."

"All  you owe me is the truth. That's all I ever have asked for. I want you to be happy, just like I wanted Red to be happy."

"I want you to be happy too..."

"I think I can be...with Tommy, if I have the chance. He's been waiting a long time for me and I think the time is right now."

He smiled, "I hope so, but if it doesn't work out you'll find someone else. You're amazing and I feel blessed just to have met  you. You helped me out of a dark place and into the light and I owe my life to you."

I nodded, words would only muck things up and besides I was crying too  hard to speak at the moment. We made love one last time that night and a few days later he moved in with Joseph.  I called Tommy and we went out for dinner. We were taking it slow, and we knew we had a lot to catch up on, but we were both convinced it would work out in the end.

Time has passed, it's been almost 20 years since my tale began. I got a letter from Red and Marcus today and they are doing fine. They have a lovely home and friends and are very happy. Mars and Joseph lasted a few years then Joseph met someone younger and moved on, but Mars was ready to move on himself.

Tommy and I turned out to be a match made in Heaven and we're still together. But most amazing of all is that Mars is back. Yeah, after his last breakup he came to stay with us a few days in our house near the river and he stayed. We've been a threesome for the last ten years and it's been nothing but fun and love and laughter ever since. 

We've come a long way, all of us, but one thing seemed to endure the ravages of time, and that was our LOVE. It is as strong and real as it was then and only seems to grow stronger as we grow older. I'll be turning 60 this year and you're probably thinking, what does an old guy like that need sex for? Well, let me tell you it's not all about sex, there's a whole lot more to it than that. Not that I can't still get it up and keep it up, cause I can, but if all there was was sex, our relationships wouldn't have lasted this long. 

These days I don't worry about dying or being left alone or any of that old crap, because I know I've had more love and more happiness in my lifetime than I ever deserved. Tommy says he's in till the end (his words) and I believe him. He's a successful architect these days, and he high demand and he makes more money in a year then I have in the last ten, but it hasn't changed him one bit. He's still grounded and sweet natured and always there when I need him. He's still beautiful too. That's one thing about Asian guys, they never seem to age. He still looks like the handsome young man I met in the disco so long ago and he's just as special to me.

Mars has put on some muscle and his features have matured some (he's 36 now) but he is still a handsome and sexy boy. Yeah, I said boy....he he. Anyone younger than me is a boy these days. I'm their daddy and they're my boys. We do a lot of role play and  have been trying new things lately like light bondage and foot worship and it's really lit a fire in the bedroom.

Well, I should probably wrap this up. Tommy and Mars just walked in and they have a sack from the adult book store, so I'm sure they have some new toy they want to try out. We'll probably be up all night eat your heart out...ha ha.

The End

Quite a departure from the stories I've been posting lately but I was inspired to write this story because of a song I heard on YouTube. It was actually about a girl, but I don't write girl stories so this is the male version. I know a lot of my readers wanted me to follow up my last series with another young friends story, but I'm going to be doing some adult/youth stories for a while. Sort of getting back to my roots. Please let me know what you think of this one, I know it's sad in a few places, but it's got that happy ending we all crave.

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