Mason Gets Laid, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Hey Mr. Parson,” the youngster said, looking up at me with nervous eyes as he stood at my doorstep.

Good Morning Mason,” I said, smiling down at the youngster. “Would you like to come inside?”

Swallowing so hard that his Adam's apple rolled, he nodded silently, his eyes fixed on my face. I scanned the apartment complex, making sure that nobody was watching. Seeing that the only company we had was the morning fog and a few chipmunks running through the trees, I stepped to the side and the 12 year old stepped into my apartment.

Closing the door, I turned to walk down the hall to my living room and found him looking up at me again. Only this time, his hazel eyes were filled with need. His light brown hair was messy, but I could see that he had taken the time to wash his face. The unmistakable smell of toothpaste was dancing around his face as he panted in front of me. His chest and tummy were heaving under his yellow print tee, betraying his frantic condition. Letting my eyes travel lower, I noticed that his blue jeans had a bulge in the front that was scalable to his five foot tall, medium built frame.

Kneeling down so that we were at eye level, I placed a hand on his shoulder and gave him a tender smile.

Did your dad go to work?” I asked, and he nodded in an almost trance like state. “Where's your brother?”

He had practice,” the youngster said, his tone boyishly husky.

Would you like to go into the living room with me?” I asked, and he nodded as the minty fresh smell of his breath poured into my nostrils. “Your breath is nice this morning, Mason.”

Thanks,” he said in a small voice, smiling shyly at my compliment as blood rushed to my cock. “I was kinda hoping we would make out.”

I think I'd like that a lot,” I told him, then I used my right thumb to trace around the diameter of his deep red lips. “Can I have a kiss right now?”

With a deep blush that complimented his shy smile, he nodded his head and leaned forward, then he puckered his lips for me. When I puckered up and kissed him, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and he melted like butter. At first, we only moved our lips, letting them grind as he let go of a moan that was soft as a pillow. I could feel his warm saliva start to paint my lips, telling me that he was opening his mouth, so I reciprocated. As soon as I did, his warm, minty breath began to stream into my mouth, so I used my palms to rub his warm back.

I used four fingertips to trace along his spinal column, and the volume of his moaning picked up, just a little bit. His bumpy vertebrae seemed to scream for my touch, and I let my fingers run across every one of them until I reached his tail bone. Realizing where I had my hand, I laid my palm flat across his plump rear end, which was stuffed into the seat of his jeans. I gave his ample bottom a gentle squeeze and he responded by sliding his eager tongue into my mouth with a breathy moan.

The taste of Mason's kiss is always delicious. The minty flavor of his moist tongue in my mouth was a refreshing change from the after school kisses that I normally receive from my young guest. As soon as I let my tongue dance with his, he tilted his head to the left and sighed blissfully while my hard on jumped in my sweat pants. Soon, I had both hands cupping his buns, using my fingers to knead them like bread dough. He responded to my ministrations by pushing his hips back into my grip, knowing that I would continue for as long as he wanted.

With a throaty whimper, Mason began to gyrate his hips as my constant kneading became more forceful. Cleverly, the boy reached down and unbuttoned his jeans for me without breaking our tongue filled kiss. Knowing what to do for this boy, I let his jeans fall to the floor and slid my hands down the back of his briefs. His flesh billed buns were hot to the touch, 98.6 degrees of pure boy that made my boner ache with need. I took two handfuls of his plump bottom and resumed my kneading. Feeling my hands closing in on his erogenous zone, the boy moaned hard into my mouth. In an instant, the air was dense with the morning aroma of desire that poured out of his crack. When he began to gyrate his hips again, I used my strong hands to part his adipose orbs and a flurry of sweet, pheromone scented heat encased my fingers. At the same time, I let both of my pinkies move into his deep, sweat lined crevice toward the source of his burning need.

When the tips of my pinkies found his moist pucker, it was sizzling hot. I could feel a constant flow of hot pheromones rolling off of it as I gently massaged its tender folds. As my digits rubbed around the diameter, I took my time and luxuriated in the soft texture of its moist, wrinkled exterior while I playfully pulled it open. With a hot moan, Mason finally broke our kiss and panted with a look of helpless pleasure. I looked down and saw that his briefs were tented with his boyish erection, which was sticking straight out from his body at its full four inches.

Leaning forward and planting a kiss on his saliva coated lips, I placed the flat of my pinky up against his pucker and gave it a firm, circular rub while he watched me with tortured eyes. The scent of his desire was strong in my nostrils, and I could practically taste the craving that he had deep down. Eager to please, I pulled my probing hands out of his briefs and hooked their blue striped waistband so that I could pull them down. When they fell into his puddled up jeans, which were bunched around his shoes, I set my hungry gaze on his hairless boy boner. Now free from the confines of its white cotton prison, it sprang up at a 45 degree angle, revealing his smooth nut sack. I planted my nose up to his boyhood, inhaling the fruity aroma of his sweat and a little bit of pee that must have leaked out while he slept. I lowered my nose down to his little ball sack, where the sweet smell of boyhood was even stronger. I felt weak at the knees for this boy, who was watching me with a look of yearning on his young face.

I planted a sweet kiss on his nut sack, then I took him by the hips and steered his young body so that he was facing away from me. He eagerly cooperated with my silent urging, and soon I found myself face to face with his luscious bubble butt, which stands out no matter what he's wearing. In the seat of a pair of tight denim cutoffs, it looks like its about to burst from the seams. In the seat of a pair of cargo shorts, its plump contours fill every spare inch of room, stretching the fabric tight. Even in the seat of a pair of loose fitting sweat pants, his round, fleshy derrière is on full display, seeming to test the tensile strength of the fleece.

Using my fingers, I parted his cheeks and the sight of his dark pink pucker gave me chills. It was visibly moist with desire, stretching almost elastically as I opened his crevice with my fingers. The intense heat that was rolling off of it carried the sharp aroma of his 12 year old pheromones into my nose, and I knew that I had to have a taste for myself. Mason placed his hands flat against the wall and hung his rear end out towards my face, almost begging me to dive in. With a deep, baritone moan of my own, I planted my face in his crack and placed a tongue filled kiss against his pucker.

I could feel my shaft burning with passion as the salty sweet taste of Mason's hot sphincter inundated my senses. Soon, my tongue filled kissing gave way to a deep ass eating as precum poured from the end of my cock and coated its length. The unbridled moans of the boy gave away the pleasure that was rolling through his young body. I felt his rear end push back again and his hole started to bloom, beckoning me to eat deeper. The essence of his desire was dancing around my face, filling my nose with the smell of hot, horny boy butt while his juices danced on my palate.

When he began to gyrate his hips, I took that as my cue to settle in for a long, indulgent feast at his back door. I tilted my head so that my face was pushing up into his backside and he practically took a seat. Wanting him to know how much I enjoyed having my face used as his seat, I pulled back on his hips, feeling his bottom grinding into my mouth. The morning stubble on my face was scratching the tender skin that lined his moist crevice. His plump cheeks burned sweetly while my scratchy tongue tortured the nerve endings that lined the ring of his hot pucker. I could feel his blooming hole starting to contract against my tongue and I knew he was in a state of sheer Nirvana.

When my tongue began to ache from the deep rim job I was giving him, I reluctantly ended my feast and licked along the length of his crack. The smell of hot, 12 year old butthole was giving me chills, and I had to give myself the joy of lapping up the sweat that lined his crevice. I took several more swipes of his delicious pucker, then I planted a series of kisses against his plump bottom before rising to my feet.

Was that good?” I asked him, leaning down so that I could kiss his neck and lick his ear.

Yeah,” he panted as I licked around the cartilage of his ear, then I trapped his lobe between my lips and sucked on it while he held onto the wall. I reached down and grabbed a handful of his buns, eager to knead them while we spoke.

Can I have another kiss?” I asked, and just like that, his tongue was back in my mouth, dancing with mine while I continued to knead his hot cheeks. As our kiss grew more passionate, he reached back with both hands and grabbed my burning erection through my black sweat pants. I let loose with a low growl while he moaned into my mouth, then he slid his hands down the waistband and worked my sweats down. As soon as my pole sprang free, he ran his fingertips along its length while he panted into my mouth, then he broke our kiss.

What did you find?” I asked him passionately, and he sighed.

Your dick,” he whispered while I licked behind his ear.

Tell me what you want with it?” I encouraged him, and he shut his eyes tight.

To get laid,” he whispered again, and I placed a rough kiss on his mouth while he moaned with need.

That's what you had on your mind when you came over this morning, isn't it?” I growled, letting my fingers move back into his crack so I could stroke his hot entrance with forceful rubs.

Yes,” he panted, then I felt him trying to guide my shaft into his crack.

Do you want to walk to my room?” I asked him, and he shook his head no.

I need it right now,” he admitted with a boyish moan, then he pushed his hips back and I felt his buns close around the head of my shaft. Removing my fingers from his horny hole, I planted another deep kiss on his lips and placed the head right at his entrance. My glans were taken with a strong current of pleasure as soon as they touched his moist pucker. He moaned hard in my mouth and began moving his hips up and down, causing the sharp ridges of my crown to brush against his pucker. His hungry entrance seemed to be drinking the precum that was pouring out of my piss slit as he added pressure. The sharp scent of his desire was stronger than it had been since he walked through the door, streaming up into my nostrils and coaxing more precum out of my shaft that his horny hole quickly gobbled up.

Breaking our kiss again, he placed his hands against the wall and changed his technique, grinding his rear end in a clockwise circle and centering his pucker against my glans. As the aroma of his juices enchanted my senses, I felt his blooming hole wrap itself around the drooling head of my cock. The heat of his tight entrance was incredible and I could feel his juices surging around my glans. When he realized that I gained entry, he looked straight ahead and pushed back, swallowing the remainder of my length with one luscious motion. I could hear his hot hole crackling with moisture as he accepted my manhood, then my pubic bush smashed into his crack and he sighed.

Knowing that it was my turn to take the lead, I took a tight hold of his hips and began to thrust. Right off the bat, his tight rear end started to squeeze my long pole with pulsating contractions that sent a thrill down my legs. I could feel the moist tissue that lined his love tunnel grabbing every inch of my manhood as I plumbed deep inside of him. His young body was on fire as he accepted long strokes of my cock, his rock hard boyhood now standing straight up so that it was pressed tight to his bald pubic bone.

Is this what you wanted?” I panted, and he shook his head yes with a soft moan.

I could hear a moist squelching that emanated from his squeezing hole as I ran my cock back and forth, the byproduct of his continuous flow of ass juice. His soft moaning soon gave way to loud, boyish calls of pleasure and I noticed that he was pushing back with his hips, eager to meet my cock as I drove inward. When I looked at his face, I saw a pleasure filled smile that had beset him. His cheeks were flushed, bright red as the carnal energy that I was pumping into him flowed through his young body.

My climax crept up from behind, gripping my loins and gaining momentum before I realized what was happening to me. The tight squeezing of Mason's rear end around my cock was having its intended effect. His hot tissue was gripping the head of my pole with merciless strength and I could feel his moist, firm prostate rubbing along the top as I took each stroke. This lit a fire at the base of my shaft that engulfed my balls, then it spread to my taint and ripped through my groin.

By the time I was able to reconcile the pleasure that I felt with the movement of my hips, I was thrusting hard into Mason's boy hole. My bushy pelvis began slamming into his upturned bottom as I shivered with the sensation of my orgasm. Feeling the familiar burn envelop my manhood, I instinctively increased the pace of my thrusting, humping in and out with fast strokes until it all unraveled. With a groan, I buried my cock all the way up his ass and unloaded my sperm while he moaned with passion. As my sperm rushed in, I could feel it running all around my length, coating every inch until it ran out of his hole.

I looked down and saw my load running down his crevice from around my cock, which was still buried in his hole. It was spurting out from around my thickness, so I pulled out of him and heard a slurping sound as the head emerged. I quickly knelt down and began to eat his gaping hole, letting the cum run into my mouth while he hissed with pleasure. Finally, I placed a tender kiss against his winking pucker and stood up while he dropped to his knees. With a decadent smile, he wrapped his lips around my deflating shaft and sucked it into his mouth. His eyes were shut tight as he savored every drop of cum and ass juice he could find. His hard boy cock was still pressed tight to his hairless groin, his nuts bright red and dripping with the cum that ran from his hole.

When he finally pulled off of my cock, he smiled up at me and sighed, then he dutifully pulled my sweat pants back up. I reached down and took his hand, helping him to his feet while he batted his hazel eyes at me, then he hiked his pants and underwear. His little boner was transparent through his jeans, but he paid it no mind as he smiled up at me with stars in his eyes.

Thanks Mr. Parson, I really needed that.”

You're welcome, Mason,” I said, ruffling his messy brown hair. “Are you all fixed up?”

Yeah, but if it's okay, I was thinking about coming back to get laid again before my dad gets home,” he said with hopeful eyes, and I nodded my approval.

Wrapping his skinny arms around my midsection for a hug, the boy gave me a tight squeeze, then he puckered up and we shared a sweet kiss on the lips before he walked out the door.

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