This story is purely a work of fiction and not intended to depict any living, past or present, human being. Though I write stories about adult males having sex with minors, I personally do not condone such activity. Also, in my stories, safe sex is not practiced. These are just stories in which the subjects within the contents can never be hurt by any means. If reading this material is offensive, or illegal, then please do not go any further.
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Matthew's young life couldn't be any better than the way it is right now. When he was born, some 13 years ago, his mother abandoned him, placing him in the hands of an adoption agency. When Matthew was 4, he was adopted by the man he now refers to as his father, Michael Walton. The twist with his new father was the fact that he had a life long lover, Brandon James. Instead of having one father, Matthew grew up with the fact that he had two fathers, but in the eyes of Matthew, that simple little twist was as close to being to heaven as he could possibly hope for. You see, Matthew's two fathers are both doctors, offering him a lifestyle not many ever get to embellish upon.
The home Matthew grew up in with his two dads was as close to being a mansion as he could have ever dreamed of. They lived in an upscale, gated, and heavily guarded community. In fact, all of the homes, to which there actually wasn't that many, were all extremely large. For Matthew, living in their large fancy home and having both fathers as doctors left him without many of the misfortunes most of the kids his age had to deal with.
Present day, Matthew, or Matt as everyone calls him, had one minor little obsticle still running wild inside his head. Ever since he could remember, Matt fancied himself at stealing glances of other naked boys. As time traveled on, his wandering mind got in on the action as well, leaving him with pure sexual thoughts of other guys. Not once had his mind tried to envision a naked girl, just guys. As he grew older, so did the guys he fantasized about.
Having just celebrated his 13th birthday two days ago, Matt sat on the edge of his bed fantasizing what it would be like if he were alone in the arms of a grown man. Easing his naked body out of his king sized bed, Matt stood erect, stretching his arms and his body while wiping away a long winded yawn. As usual, he was home alone. Both of his dads were at work, and being that this was summer, Matt had all day to do whatever he wanted to do.
Matt took a couple of short steps towards his bathroom, stopping in his footsteps to glare at the image unfolding before his young eyes. To Matt, he was nothing special, but to others, the boy was nothing short of angelic. Standing a good 5'4", weighing a slender 95 pounds, the image reflecting itself from the mirror was a pure heavenly molded boyish creation. His hair was rather long, jet black in color, flowing peacefully between his silky smooth shoulder blades with the top brushed straight backwards. His tiny ears were always on display with his flowing hair cut just above each one. Matt's eyebrows were just as jet black as the hair on his head, evenly paired with a moderate thickness. Those long thick upturned eyelashes seemingly offered the impression that they were fake, however, they were as real as the day is long.
His slender face was void of any blemishes whatsoever and his tiny button nose was nothing short of perfection. Matt's eyes were striking at best, offering the most incredible emerald green coloration known to mankind. Each slender cheek offered a piercing dimple, regardless if he smiled or not. His teeth were as white as snow and were perfectly straight as well.
As Matt's venturing eyes trailed down his nude body, so does his bodily description. His chest is as smooth as a new born baby's butt and those twin tiny nipples are a pale pinkish coloration, and seemingly, always erect. Matt's stomach muscles rippled with his every breath, offering all eyes to bare witness to their muscular perfections. His belly button was nothing more than a couple of barely noticeable lines, neither protruding inwards nor projecting itself outwards.
Matt grabbed the smooth creamy flesh of his pubic region, straining both eyes to verify the obvious. Still, there were no signs of hair life whatsoever, just silky smooth mind boggling flesh. Releasing his pubic flesh, Matt looked at his morning erection. To him, his eyes saw nothing more than a scrawny hairless boner, but in fact, there is much more accuracy to be told.
The erection being displayed in front of the mirror revealed a good 5 inches of pure perfection. It was slender and as straight as an arrow, propelling itself from his body with sheer gut wrenching defiance. Not having a say so in the matter, Matt was circumcised at birth, but the doctor who cut him must have been a master at his profession, cause the scar was sheer perfect. His plum shaped pink cock head flared itself a tad thicker than the slender creamy colored non veiny shaft. The twin piss lips themselves were nothing short of kissable.
Reaching down with his left hand, Matt cupped his balls, searching desperately for hair life. Still, there were no signs of any hair growth. Matt's twin cum makers were just as perfect as the rest of his heavenly creation. They were somewhat small, both equal in comparison to the size of a nickel, trapped inside a creamy colored, satiny smooth sac. Matt released his nuggets and they swung downwards between his hairless thighs about three inches below the base of his erect cock.
Turning his body to an angle, Matt's eyes caught a reflection of his butt. To him, his butt was just that, a butt, but in reality, it too was just as perfect. His jutting butt was creamy colored, totally unblemished, and appeared to have been chiseled from stone. Not only was each cheek a solid slab of flesh and muscle, and though his butt was small, it was definitely well shaped, displaying the profoundness of twin teardrops.
Stretching his arms way up over his head, yawning and stretching once again, Matt's hairless armpits popped into view. They too were just as creamy as the rest of his breath taking body. Tired of looking at himself, Matt went into his bathroom and emptied his bladder, then took a shower, and brushed his teeth.
Although Matt was only 13, his mind was far more advanced. Though Matt was still a virgin in every way, he already knew all about gay sex. He knew what he wanted to do and to whom he wanted to be sexually involved with. Matt wanted desperately to be in the arms of a grown man, but he knew the risks that came with it. Knowing the laws were not on his side, and he wished that those stupid laws could somehow be banished from the law-books forever. He was aware of the risks the man would be taking as well if anyone would ever find out, but he was smart enough to already know he would never tell a single soul.
One thing Matt wasn't aware of was acknowledging his overall beauty. He had no clue that eyes marveled over his entrancing beauty wherever he went. He was clueless to the fact that many men had already seduced him with their minds. His thought waves never once considered just how many men had already undressed him and was lapping at his virgin asshole like dogs thirsting over water. Never once did Matt consider the fact that the cock he calls scrawny, many a man would greedily devour.
Already mentioned was the fact that both of Matt's fathers were doctors, but one of them was a Proctologist, and the other was a Surgeon. So, with that being said, Matt was already advanced on the usage of enemas, after all, both of his fathers were still quite sexually active and this was known by the noises the two made each time they made love. Like I already said, Matt is well advanced beyond his 13 years of life. Though his fathers were lovers, there were never any sexual advancements upon Matt, none whatsoever.
Matt began his day by lounging around the pool, enjoying the sun's rays on his naked body. Since their home was set high up on a hill, Matt could stride around the backyard buck naked without worry of any eyes to bare witness to. From their backyard however, they are able to see anyone who enters their lavishly gated subdivision. So, Matt swam around for a bit, then sprawled out onto one of the lounge chairs, ensuring himself to spend equal time on his front and back area.
The entire time Matt spent at the pool area, his young cock remained defiantly hard. As time dragged on, Matt's obsession over men grew higher and higher. So, giving up on lounging around, Matt went back inside with his throbbing erect cock leading the way. More determined than ever before, Matt went straight to his bathroom and prepared an enema. He was more than knowledgeable about hygiene so he began his enema preparation by following one of his father's "special" enema ingredients. Matt poured a moderate helping of mint flavored mouth wash, a small amount of coconut oil, and a subtle amount of a slippery lubricant called "WET." Once he had those concoctions in the enema bag, Matt filled it all the way to the top with warm water.
Dipping the 6 inch long slender nozzle and tube inside the opened bottle of WET, Matt hung the enema bag on a hook to his right, high above his head, then sat down on the toilet. This wasn't Matt's first time at giving himself an enema, in fact, he always loves the way the nozzle and tube crawls up his anal canal. Also, he loves the fact that when it is all said and done, his body tingles from knowing he is super clean, inside and out.
Easing the nozzle into his rectum, Matt moaned at the feeling, then began wincing as he forced the slender tube all the way up his rectum. Once it was all the way inside him, Matt held it in place using his left hand, and with his right, he flipped the switch, activating the enema. He moaned in excitement with the feeling of the warm water jetting deep into his bowels. As previously instructed by one of his father's, Matt fought within himself to retain the concoction within himself. His muscular butt cheeks twisted and turned upon the toilet seat, fighting against the odds to retain the cleansing fluids now forcing his stomach to feel heavily bloated.
Using his right fingers, Matt deactivated the enema bag and held tightly onto the nozzle's tubing with his left fingers as his ass exploded the contents of his rectum. Once that was done, Matt proceeded to fill his rectum up with the rest of the enema bag's contents. He had already flushed the toilet and upon his butt's second explosion, Matt prided himself on seeing only the water that had once deeply filled his ass.
After his enema session, Matt filled his over sized jacuzzi tub with hot water, taking the time to pour in some body lotion and coconut oil. Easing himself into the water, all Matt could think of was sucking on some man's grown cock and feeling the adult sized beast as it invaded his ass, popping his virgin cherry in the process. Nobody had to tell Matt about anal sex, cause he already knew it was going to hurt, however, he still wanted to feel a man's cock as it pounded the very breath out of his body. On many occasions, Matt devilishly spied on his two fathers while they were involved in some highly heated sexual endeavors. Matt saw the way how they sucked each others cocks and he saw how his one dad loved to feel his other dad's cock pound his ass senseless.
Now, Matt wanted to experience getting a hard dick up his ass too. While soaking in the aromatic sensationalized tub, Matt had to force his hands to stay away from his throbbing boy meat. One other thing Matt wasn't aware of, but the lucky recipient sucking his cock would discover, was the fact that when Matt shoots his load, the boy can shoot quite the load. Many a times, alone in his bed, Matt would pound that beauty until cum strands shoots way over his head, many of which coating his gorgeous face in the process. And one other thing Matt found that he enjoyed doing was tasting his own sperm. Sometimes he would lay on his back, knees impaling themselves above his ears, and jerk his cock until his warm jets of creamy deliciousness exploded, aiming his cock to his already wide open mouth. Matt always moaned as he felt his own cum sharply shoot into his mouth, then began purring when his throat opened and he began sipping on his own heavenly nectar.
Matt is so limber, that he discovered that if he stretches just a bit, he is able to actually wrap his cherry colored lips around the shaft of his cock and suck his own cock to a cum shooting explosion. So, Matt wasn't a total stranger to a blow-job, but then again, it was he himself who was doing it, and not somebody else. To him, that is a huge difference. Also, having no restrictions on his computer, Matt watches porn all the time so he is quite accustomed to seeing anal sex. Though he contemplated it many times, Matt decided he wouldn't penetrate his own ass with a toy. He wanted a real cock to do that for his first time, and not just some toy.
After a lengthy soak, Matt got out, dried off, then proceeded to brush his teeth and scrub his tongue with his minty tasting tooth paste. He vowed to himself that this day he would find a man who would be more than willing to fulfill his fantasy with a man. Knowing he was now super clean, both inside and out, Matt fumbled through one of his dresser drawers. One set of shorts after another, Matt tried them on, wanting so badly to find that perfect one. Finally, Matt found a set of shorts that were probably a couple of years old. With his sexual energy raging at an all time high, Matt tossed out the notion to wear any underwear. He eased his lower body into the faded denim shorts, priding himself on the way they snuggled around his crotch and butt area.
The shorts were considerably too short since his mild growth spurt, leaving the hem of the thigh area a bit too high up on his hairless smooth thighs. The leg opening themselves were not tight, not tight at all, in fact, they themselves were somewhat baggy. This is exactly what Matt wanted to invoke upon any male eyes that strayed his way. He knew that if he angled his legs in a various way, straying eyes would be able to stare directly at his boyish cock, and possibly his hairless jewels. With his cock still achingly hard, Matt reached inside the shorts and forced it downwards, and to the right. Standing in front of the mirror, Matt smiled such a heart stopping smile while seeing the crown of his boy meat out on display. Discarding the need for a shirt, Matt was now more than ready to go on the prowl for some unsuspecting soul to sexually seduce.
Stepping outside, Matt felt awesomely sexy and his mind began racing with thoughts about some of his male neighbors. He knew everybody who lived in this small luxuriously lavished community, and now he was bound and determined to see which man would seem interested in a boy his age, who also just happens to look much younger. That too kind of irritated Matt to no end. Two day into his 13th year on earth, he looked more like he was around eight years old.
Three houses passed his own, Matt walked up on a man who was a plumber just getting out of his work van to walk up the long driveway to one of his neighbor's home. The man was tall, very tall, standing close to 6'2" and had to weigh somewhere around 250 pounds. Matt could see that he was somewhat overweight, but thanks to his tool-belt, Matt was more focused on the man's protruding crotch. As the man took a step, Matt's eyes widened at the defiantly large bulge at the man's packaged crotch.
The man spoke, "Good morning son, how are you doing today?"
Matt forced the lump inside his throat to go down, replying, "Pretty good sir, especially now that school's out."
The 40 something year old man held out his right hand for a polite shake while spewing, "Name's Jim and I'm here taking a look at their plumbing issues they seem to be having."
Matt felt the Jim's large calloused hand envelops his own tiny hand as his lips parched, and his voice chirped, "Matt sir and pleased to meet you."
As their hands departed their grip, Matt couldn't help not to notice Jim's overly rugged looks. By far, he was definitely all man and not all that easy on the eyes when it comes to the looks department.
Jim's heavy voice snarled as he leaned down, placing his face within inches of Matt's, then hoarsely whispered, "Look here son, I don't want to sound like a prude or some old fart, but you really need to be careful. With your looks and the way you are dressed, or lack there of, some weirdo or pervert is going to come along and snatch you up and fuck that tight little ass of yours into oblivion. Now you don't want that so go on home and get yourself some more clothes on."
Matt wanted to ask when, but thought better of it and shrugged Jim's suggestion off and began walking away, further from his home. Around the corner and a few more houses later, Matt ran into his Proctologist father's office partner, Tyler, who was standing in front of his mailbox. Matt knew Tyler well cause of him coming over all the time and he and his father sharing an office together. Matt also knew Tyler was married but they didn't have any kids, or at least, not at the present moment. Tyler was by all sense of the word a very good-looking man. He stood a good 6'2" tall and weighed an evenly proportionate 190 pounds with a slight protruding belly. His brown hair had streaks of gray and he always kept himself clean shaven.
Today was a bit different of a meeting between Tyler and Matt, or at least in Matt's eyes it was. Tyler was only wearing those stretchy bicycle shorts and nothing else. Matt began absorbing every naked inch of the man's body while their conversation proceeded forward. Tyler had to be in his early or mid 40's, but for Matt, this was the first time he had seen the man virtually naked. His chest was pronounced and completely covered with dark curls of hair, completely covering his stomach, dipping deep down and far below the hem line of the shorts. Matt could barely see Tyler's large brownish pink nipples through all the hair.
Matt's eyes traveled over the large bulge, noticing how hairy Tyler's legs, thighs, shins, and the top of his feet were, then proceeded to steal glances at one very distinct bulge. Though Matt thought he was being rather deceptive with his momentary glances, his actions didn't go unnoticed by Tyler's eyes, not at all. What Matt didn't know was that Tyler had been fantasizing about Matt for the last few years now. To Tyler, Matt is the true definition of what fantasies are derived from. Also, something else Tyler kept a deep dark secret from everyone, especially his loving wife, was that he had a growing collection of some of Matt's used underwear. Each time Tyler visited their home, he always excused himself to run off to Matt's bathroom, pillage through the dirty clothes hamper and steal a freshly worn pair of Matt's underwear. Freshly worn, Tyler lost himself in the waves of breath taking fragrances steaming from the boy's underwear.
For Tyler, this perfect timing couldn't have been planned any better if he had planned it himself. His wife was out of state visiting her cunt of a mother, and he had the house all to himself. He had called in sick so he could spend the entire day watching his collection of man/boy sex and jerking off, but now, a heavenly God send, near naked, was standing before him, ogling over his crotch. To Tyler, he had no clue if Matt intentionally or unintentionally was staring at his crotch, but regardless, he wasn't about to miss the opportunity from spending some "quality" time with the boy of his dreams.
Tyler invited Matt in, and for a brief walk, Tyler followed the angelic boy up to his door steps. Tyler's eyes widened, mouth watering in utter delight at the sculptured ass swaying in front of him. Long before now, Tyler had already convinced himself that this heavenly beauty could in no way, shape, fashion, or form offer any foul odors. In Tyler's perverse boy loving mind, Matt was simply speaking, too absofucking beautiful to even be capable of taking a bowel movement. Although he himself is a Proctologist, and knew better, Tyler's mind was steadfast on his beliefs regarding Matt, and any possible foul smelling bowel movements. All the times he had taken Matt's underwear, never once did he visually see, or carefully smell any indications of such.
This was not Matt's first time being inside Tyler's home, but this was the first time that he was alone with the man, and both wearing rather skimpy and provocative clothing. Matt's heart thumped crazily as his eyes daringly stared at Tyler's bulging crotch. To Matt, he knew it was Tyler's man sized cock, but the underwear he must be wearing was doing all it could to retain the beast from bursting into view.
Tyler cleared his throat, his own mind racing with various perverted thoughts, speaking, "Matt, give me a second to excuse myself and I'll be right back, okay?"
Matt's eyes never once trailed off the growing bulge as his soft and ever so angelic voice damn near caused Tyler's heart to stop, "Uh, okay Tyler. I'll um, uh, be right here when you come back."
Tyler literally ran into his bedroom, ripping off the shorts and his jock strap, freeing his giant 9 1/2 inch long circumcised one eyed beast. His cock flung itself upwards, then arched straight from Tyler body with a slight downwards arch directly in the middle of his shaft. The large pale pinkish flared mushroom head was somewhat thicker than his already considerably thick shaft. Pre-cum had long since been oozing out, and now with his cock freed, Tyler's pre-cum began pouring out like rain.
It had been a long time since he had felt the affection from his wife. She was never much into sucking his cock, and the few times she had, that only lasted for a very brief time. Their sex life was rather boring, not to mention, not very often either. He loved her, but in all honesty, he never liked having sex with her. In Tyler's mind, she was nothing more than a dead lay, and when they did have sex, it was more like a chore than something sexual.
Tyler took a quick shower, ensuring to make extra certain that his cock, balls, and ass area were sparkling clean. Instead of putting on some clothes, Tyler thought best to wear only his silk robe. The bottom of the robe only covered the area just below his thigh and he felt he could use one of his arms to contain his passionate hard cock.
By the time Tyler returned back into the large living room, Matt had already seated himself on the sofa. When Tyler walked in, he got the view that Matt had devilishly hoped the man would see. Tyler stopped dead in his tracks, standing a few short feet from where Matt was now seated. Tyler's mouth partially opened and his tongue awkwardly began swiping over both of his lips as his eyes marveled over the boy cock he had so longed for. Matt's boy cock was as hard as a bone and left nothing to Tyler's imagination. Though Tyler couldn't truly tell the full length of the boy's cock, he could see the glorious flared cock head and the creaminess of the top portion of the shaft. The tiny piss lips appeared so luxurious, so flamboyant, and ever so kissable.
Tyler was using his right forearm to try and contain his harder than hard erection. Every square thick inch of his massive cock wanted to see more of the boy than what Tyler's own eyes were now being blessed with seeing. Before Tyler could say or do anything, it was now too late. Matt had picked up the remote control and hit play, asking, "Hey Tyler, what were you watching?"
Matt had already hit the play button and Tyler's thumping heart fell straight to his ankles. Tyler knew what was fixing to happen cause he had put the DVD in. This was a series of fuck flicks involving men and boys. Standing on two very shaky legs feeling as though his very life was being slowly drained from his body, the movie was now in full motion and the first scene was of a man sitting at a picnic table watching several boys play soccer, slowly stroking his cock as he watched the boys, all between the ages of 11 and 14 play.
Tyler nervously stated, "Matt, Matt, we might want to find something else to watch. I don't think this is something you want to see!"
Matt was hell bent on finding out for himself as he softly replied, "No worries Tyler, let's see what happens next."
Tyler already knew what was going to happen as he quickly spoke up, "Uh, I got to explain something to you Matt. (Telling a lie) I found this video and honestly don't know what it's about. I haven't seen it yet so I don't know if it's appropriate or not."
Again, being ever so defiant, and oh so horny, Matt quickly responded, "Well, I guess we can find out together huh."
Shifting his ass upon the sofa's cushion, Matt spread his legs even a bit wider, now giving more of a direct cock shot to Tyler's eyes. More of Matt's boyish cock revealed itself to Tyler, and it was all Tyler could do to not rush over and begin ravishing every angelic delicious inch of the heavenly beauty seated on his sofa.
The sound of the television brought Tyler's mind back to somewhat of more of a reality. Having seen this video numerous times, he now knew Matt was seeing the boy's cock being worshiped by the man while the man's hands caressed his bubbly young butt. Tyler stood still has he shifted his eyes onto the television in time to see the man spread the boy's hairless ass and begin shoving his tongue straight up the boy's tiny bung hole. Seeing that, Tyler rotated his eyes back onto Matt who sat there looking in earnest at the scene taking place on the television.
Matt shoved his back onto the rear of the sofa, opening up his legs a bit wider, then softly spat out, "Wow, that guy sure does love eating that boy's ass, and the boy seems to love it as well."
Matt already knew all about eating ass, but only from reading and seeing it on the internet. At first when he found out about it, his initial reaction was one of that being totally gross, but the more he read, and the more he watched, he found himself being more and more intrigued by it.
Tyler, once again having to clear his throat, spoke up, "Matt, I uh, um, oh boy, I need to explain. Um, well I uh, I um, I can't seem to find the words."
Feeling oddly bolder, and definitely increasingly hornier, Matt decided to take the bull by the horns. Forcing his eyes off the television, and now peering up into Tyler's reddened eyes, Matt smiled gleefully, then spoke, "Tyler, it's no big deal, believe me. Be this your video or not, obviously, you have some passion towards boys my age. You already know about my two dads, so that's no big deal, and if you are into boys my age, then that's no big deal either. I wont tell anyone and you have my word on that. Besides, since I feel I already know about your secret, I'll tell you one about me. I'm a virgin, but more so, I'm gay. Just like you like boys my age, I like men! Hopefully, I'm reading all this correctly, but if what I am thinking is true, then we should cut out this charade and be open and honest with one another. Here I am, sitting on your sofa, legs spread, knowing all too well that you can see my cock if you want to. There you are, standing, wearing a robe, and we have us a porn movie playing, and not just some porn either, but of a grown man and a young boy. Tyler, I want to have sex with a man, there, I said it!"
Tyler was still left speechless, totally in awe of what the young angel had just said. Not even in his own fantasies could he have ever imagined such a turn of events. His legs were still shaking severely and he still felt a bit light headed. One thing was for certain though and that was the boy was 100 percent correct in everything he had said. Still, even after hearing the boy literally ask for sex, Tyler stood there, frozen in time, dazed, and speechless.
Matt's tongue snaked out of his precious little mouth and began slithering back and forth over both cherry colored, ever so kissable, lips while keeping both of those emerald green entrancing eyes locked directly onto Tyler's watery eyes. Matt took in a deep breath, then exhaled, then his angelic voice rang softly, "Tyler, am I the kind of boy who you want to be with? You know, sexually!"
Tyler stepped forward, then sat down right next to Matt, resting his hairy right thigh up against Matt's satiny smooth flesh of the boy's own left leg. Forcing out the words, Tyler's voice cracked through the air, "Oh my God Matt, you have no idea how long I have dreamed of this moment. Are you the kind of boy I prefer? Matt, you are the kind of boy everyone prefers. You are the primary reason why so many people have fantasies. You are, simply speaking, utterly perfect in every way imaginable. To be perfectly honest with you Matt, I have made love to you many, many times over the course of the past few years. However, I am married, so I must be very, very careful, not to mention, I work with one of your dad's."
Smiling from ear to ear, stealing the very breath from Tyler, Matt chimed in, "I know you have to be careful, cause of the laws and all, but Tyler you got to believe me when I say I will never ever tell a single soul. I'm really tired of fantasizing about men. I want to know what it's like, you know, everything, including feeling a man's cock take my anal virginity. If we were to do it, I give you my word that nobody will ever find out, I promise!"
Tyler stood up, still using his left hand to force his throbbing cock not to present itself through the robe. At times, this all seemed more like a dream to Tyler. Looking down at the most incredibly gorgeous boy who could ever grace the planet earth, Tyler hoarsely whispered, "Okay Matt, let's go into my bedroom."
Matt stood up, mind racing with wild and various thoughts, and proceeded to follow Tyler down the winding hallway and into his extremely large bedroom. Once they both entered the room, Tyler spun around and began eyeing the young beauty up and down. With his heart thumping madly, Tyler wiped his drooling mouth, then politely asked, "Matt, I was kind of wondering if you wouldn't mind dropping those short's so I can see all of your Godly beauty."
Looking up into the man's watery eyes, Matt unbuttoned the top button, then lowered the zipper all the way down. Tyler's hairy legs felt like they were going to shake themselves free from their sockets as his eyes marveled over the young angel as the boy began easing his short's down his perfect little body.
In one easy motion, Matt's short's dropped to his little ankles and he cordially lifted each foot, stepping out of the short's completely. Now, Matt stood in front of Tyler completely void of any clothing with his erect slender boy cock aiming itself directly at Tyler. Seeing the boy naked for the first time, and seeing the absolutely most perfect cock any male could ever possess, Tyler eased his butt onto the edge of the bed, keeping both eyes focussed on the naked angel before him.
In some ways Matt felt a bit nervous, but in more ways than one, he felt utterly sexy. Knowing a grown man was now staring at his naked body, and obviously infatuated with it, Matt began somewhat of a tease. Using his left hand, Matt cupped his hairless nickel sized balls, raising them upwards, then whispered, "They are kind of small, but they work pretty darn good. Sorry Tyler, but I don't have any hair just yet, uh, you know, down here."
Tyler's words came out long before his spinning mind had time to put things in some kind of fashionable order, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwddddddddddddd, you are soooooooooooooooooooooo fucking puuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeccccccccctttttttttttttt!"
Seeing the obvious delight in Tyler's facial expressions, Matt decided to take things a bit farther. Turning all the way around with his back now facing Tyler, Matt began bending over while asking, "Do you think your cock will fit Tyler?"
Just as Matt finished the last word of his question, the boy had bent completely over, using both small hands to latch onto each creamy colored unblemished butt cheek, and yanked them wide open, giving Tyler a birds eye view of the little angel's virgin butt hole. Tyler instinctively leaned forwards, mentally taking notes of Matt's exposed love hole. He had seen many a young boys assholes in his time, but the one his eyes were now fixated upon was like no other. In the small valley of his hairless crack rested nothing more than a tiny creamy colored indentation. To Tyler, it didn't even seem like a hole, much less a butt hole. To say the least, Matt's asshole was rather breath taking, mind boggling at best.
As Tyler stared intently at the boy's mystifying speck of a bung hole, Matt turned around once more, now facing Tyler with his young cock pointed straight at the man. Matt's soft angelic voice chimed, "So, am I acceptable?"
Tyler's voice whipped through the air like a double bladed knife, "Acceptable? My God Matt, you are way more than I ever dreamed about! From the top of your head all the way down to those sweet little curling toes, you my young angel, are perfect in every way humanly possible!"
Tyler was just about to speak when Matt's voice exploded, "Okay then, you've seen me naked, now it's my turn to see you naked. Fair is fair!"
Tyler stood up and untied the robe, allowing the silk item to fall to the floor. Now, it was Matt's turn to stand there frozen in time as his young eyes were glued to Tyler's rock hard cock. Seeing the man's erection, not to mention the size of it, Matt began questioning himself about being way over his head with his sexual intentions for Tyler. The man's cock was big, more so, freaking huge!
The cock Matt's eyes were now seeing was 9 3/4 inches of thick cut prime beef. Not only was it long, very long to be precise, but the massive monster was thicker than Matt's forearms. The large mushroom shaped cock head was even thicker than the veiny monstrous shaft. Thick wads of gooey pre-cum was pouring out of Tyler's open piss lips. As Matt stood there eyeing the one eyed beast, he began questioning himself whether or not he could even get his mouth over it. None of his fantasies warned him about giant sized cocks like the one he was now being confronted with.
The twin egg sized hairy nuggets swung well below Tyler's massive cock, but still, Matt couldn't pry his eyes off of the gargantuan monster. Now, reality was definitely settling itself down before Matt, realizing how he had manipulated this moment, but now having second thoughts about finding out what it would feel like to have a man's cock take his anal virginity. He already was prepared for the pain, but seeing the overall size and thickness of Tyler's mammoth cock was definitely something he wasn't prepared for.
Matt's voice shot through the stillness of the room, "Holy shit Tyler, that's a freaking horse cock! Wooooooooooowwwwwwwwww, that's huuuuuuuuuuugggggggggeeee!"
Before Matt could say or do anything else, Tyler reached out with his left hand and brought the boy over to where he was seated on the edge of the bed. Tyler guided Matt's shaking body onto the bed, gently guiding the young naked angel to the point that Matt was now laying flat on his back in the center of the large king sized bed. Tyler was leaning on his left side, peering passionately into the boy's entrancing eyes. The thick throbbing beast pressed heavily upon Matt's right thigh as the boy stared back into the eyes of the man hovering over him.
Matt's right hand reached downwards, tenderly gracing Tyler's massive cock. The boy's body shook fiercely when he first felt the hardness, the softness, and the abundant thickness of the man's cock. Tyler moaned softly when the boy's right hand touched his cock, sending gentle shock waves spewing throughout his trembling body. So many years, Tyler had fantasized about this very moment, and now that this moment was upon him, he wanted to make this very special to Matt. So special in fact, that the boy would want to return for more.
Tyler's large right hand gently began caressing the left side of Matt's face as Tyler's lips began placing tender kisses upon the boy's forehead. Tyler's lips graced Matt's eyebrows while his nostrils captured the boy's heavenly aromatic scent. Cupping the boy's chin, Tyler turned Matt's face to his left, allowing his lips to seduce the boy's right neck area without any interference whatsoever.
Matt was moaning passionately as to the softness of the man's well placed kisses. When the man's tongue penetrated his right ear, Matt's young quivering body arched itself upwards while his angelic moans filled the room. Tyler's tongue stabbed inside the boy's right ear while slashing to and fro, sending more and more never before experienced pleasures crashing throughout Matt's virgin body.
Tyler released the boy's chin only to reach out and latch onto Matt's left wrist, forcing the boy's left arm to be held gently above his head. With Matt's left arm now over his head, Tyler's left hand tenderly locked the boy's left arm down while his kissing lips and roaming tongue delighted themselves on the boy's awesomely delightful neck and right ear. From right to left, Tyler took his time in ensuring himself to kiss every delicious part of Matt's neck area. The longer he kissed the boy, the more Matt's passionate groans grew.
Seeing the boy's left hairless armpit magnetically forced Tyler's lips to draw closer and closer until his lips, tongue, and nose was now pressing themselves sharply into the satiny smooth, creamy colored, pit. Initially, Matt chuckled at first, but the tickling feeling quickly subsides and now feeling the man's tongue and lips in his armpit, working profusely, Matt couldn't stop his loud, long moans of chills and excitement.
Holding the steel like velvety flesh of Tyler's cock, Matt stretched his fingers to see if he could touch fingertips, but quickly discovered that in order for him to do such a task, he would have to use both hands, and even still, his fingertips probably wouldn't be able to touch. Tyler's cock was just too thick for his tiny fingers to accomplish such an unconquerable feat.
The next thing Matt knew was that the man now had both of his arms held firmly in place over his head, and Tyler was now rotating from one hairless armpit to the other. Matt's body bucked with pleasure as Tyler's mouth began licking, sucking, kissing, and nibbling on each bald armpit. The pleasures swarmed Matt's every being and his mind seemed to be drifting far from his naked body.
Not only was Matt seemingly in heaven, but Tyler was as well. The boy's overly intoxicating scent was driving him insane, forcing Tyler do dine on the boy's armpits and neck area like a blood crazed vampire. The more of the angelic young boy he tasted, the more he additively craved. Matt was thrashing his legs all about while his young body hoisted itself up from the bed, only to force his muscular butt back onto the soft bedding over and over, again and again, time after time.
Tyler stopped kissing the boy only to lean upright and stare into the boy's glossy eyes. Still, the boy looked more angelic than ever before. The boy's partially opened lips looked incredibly juicy, moist from his own saliva. Tyler couldn't resist the urge as he leaned his lips forwards to seal themselves over the boy's tasty lips. Matt's mind was still spinning when he felt the man's thick tongue enter his mouth and begin frolicking ever so freely. For Matt, he had never been kissed like this before, but soon, the boy picked up on things and shoved his own little pink tongue deep into Tyler's mouth.
Their moans caused from the moment vibrated themselves into each others tongue sucking mouths, feeding and fueling both with vibrant, exhilarating, pleasures. Matt knew he was now in the process of swallowing Tyler's saliva, but kissing in the manner that the two were now doing, that didn't stop Matt from basking in the soothing pleasures. As for Tyler, he knew he was sipping on the boy's minty fresh saliva, and the more he received, the greedier he became.
A long time later, Tyler forced his mouth from the boy's mouth, working his way to the boy's erect tiny pink right nipple. Matt cried out as soon as the man's lips, teeth, and tongue began furiously working on his more than tender nipple. His body bucked before, but now feeling the man's mouth on his nipple, Matt's inexperienced young body was bucking wildly, thrashing about as if his ass was pressing against an open fire.
From right nipple to left, Tyler dined on the boy's tiny nipples, ensuring both to spend equal and quality time. Using his tongue, Tyler slid his face down the boy's chest, down to the boy's muscular stomach area, slithering all over to taste the feast no other had ever feasted upon. Having released Matt's arms, Matt's hands gently, and ever so softly, latched onto the top of Tyler's head as the man's pleasing tongue attacked with a vengeance all over the boy's heaving rippling stomach.
Eventually, Tyler's manipulating mouth reached the boy's belly button, sending mind boggling chills racing all over Matt's thrashing body. With each thrashing movement from the boy's perfectly created body, Tyler could feel the boy's erect cock brush up against the underside of his chin. Matt was besides himself with scorching pleasures as the man's mouth traveled slowly onto his hairless pubic region. Following in the same manner, Tyler placed kisses, licks, and nibbles on the bald region, using his face and nose to move the boy's satiny smooth, rock hard, cock from one position to the other. Matt could feel his boy boner touch the man's face, and by feeling that, only heightened his already soaring horniness.
It seemed like the boy was doing his best to shove his cock inside Tyler's roaming mouth, and Tyler himself was fighting the urge to taste the boy's perfect chunk of satiny smooth flesh, making himself refrain from tasting what would have to be the sweetest cock his mouth would have ever tasted. As Tyler sucked and nibbled on Matt's pubic region, his eyes caught sight of a clear bubble of pre-cum in the beginning stages of oozing out of the tiniest piss lips he had ever seen. Using his nose to push down on the boy's prized cock, Tyler saw the pre-cum as it dripped onto Matt's pubic region. Pushing Matt's cock to the left side with his nose, Tyler lapped at the clear fluid, and upon initial taste, found his taste buds exploding with pure sweetness. Unlike the other boys he tasted, Matt's pre-cum was special, extra special at that. By no means was there even a hint of salt, just absolute sweetness beyond any words of explanation.
Tyler moved downwards, dining luxuriously upon Matt's satiny smooth, totally hairless, right thigh. Every now and again, Tyler would have to brush Matt's hands away from Matt's cock. Working down the boy's right thigh, Tyler's tongue savagely seduced Matt's entire right leg before ending up with Tyler on his knees, holding the boy's right foot up to his mouth. Never before had he been interested in any boys feet before, but after tasting the mind blistering sweetness of Matt's body, all he could think about now was tasting each and every sweet little curling toe while keeping his eyes on the boy's angelic facial expressions.
One by one, Tyler swabbed, licked, and sucked each of the boy's tiny toes until he had all of them safely tucked away within the interior of his saliva drenched mouth. Matt was whimpering and Tyler was groaning, both enduring ecstasy beyond their wildest dreams. Tyler simply couldn't get enough of the boy's natural sweetness and by hearing the way the boy was purring, whimpering, and groaning, that concoction only set Tyler's sexual prowess at an all time soaring high.
After thoroughly swabbing the boy's foot, Tyler moved on the other, repeating his toe sucking passion with a vengeance. Eventually, he began working up Matt's leg until his tongue was now swirling around the very inside of Matt's left thigh and on the outer edge of the boy's hairless nuggets.
Tyler lashed out at the boy's marvelous tiny eggs using just his slithering tongue, sending chills racing up and down Matt's spine. The boy could feel the fiery heat as it blistered from Tyler's nose, hammering away on the underside of his young throbbing erection. All five delightful inches of rock hard boy pride was pulsating and throbbing like crazy as to all the mind bending pleasures exploding through every pore in Matt's wildly bucking body.
With his mouth wide open, Tyler easily sucked both of Matt's hairless nickel sized jewels deep into his mouth, sending a furious explosion crashing throughout Matt's perfect little body. Matt slapped the bedding with both hands as his angelic voice sang a passionate chorus of pure heart pounding pleasures. He could feel the fiery heat from Tyler's mouth as it seemingly felt like his young balls were in the process of being slowly cooked. Matt groaned loudly when he felt the man's thick tongue softly roll across and over each of his tenderized future baby makers.
Even in his own fantasies, Matt could have never imagined such pleasures as the pleasures he was now enduring. All the things Tyler was doing was nothing short of heavenly and Matt was easing himself into being more like putty, willing to do, or try, anything his adult lover wanted him to do. As more and more pleasures rushed through his body, Matt became increasingly more addicted to the vast mind boggling pleasures, and in all reality, he certainly wanted to experience more, much more at that.
After ensuring himself that the boy's young balls had been properly licked and sucked, Tyler could no longer resist the urge to taste Matt's cock. Starting at the very base, Tyler's snaking tongue twirled itself around the satiny rock hard flesh until his tongue worked its slithering way all the way up to the boy's tiny pre-cum oozing piss lips. Using his tongue like a shovel, Tyler scooped up the clear strand and quickly shoved his tongue back into his mouth. Once again, the boy's sweetened pre-cum exploded its awesome sweetness, teasing and tantalizing his taste buds to no end.
Tyler's mouth opened as he easily engulfed the brilliant pink mushroom shaped cock head, slowly working his mouth all the way down until his nose was peacefully resting onto the boy's hairless, aromatic, pubic region. Matt was crying out, now feeling a mouth on his cock for the first time while Tyler was growling like a pissed off bear hunting for some fresh food. The taste of Matt's cock sent Tyler's already crazed mind soaring. As his mouth slowly worked itself up and down Matt's slender shaft, using his thick tongue to glide to and fro, even Tyler now contemplated that this young angelic work of heavenly perfection was far beyond that of a human origin. From the boy's natural body odor, all the way down to his little beloved curling toes, and not forgetting the taste of his tantalizingly sweet pre-cum, Tyler was now finding himself drifting off into believing that this boy could in no way, shape, fashion, or form, produce any foul odor whatsoever. However, Tyler knew he still had one more area to taste, and providing how that turned out, he would come up with his own fact finding conclusion.
Matt was slinging his head from side to side, whimpering the entire time and hoisting his perfectly shaped ass up off the bed. Tyler felt the boy's cock fall into a series of expansions, and then as Matt screamed, Tyler felt the first soothing warm jet of boy cream as it began coating the roof of his mouth. The power of the boy's cum was shocking to Tyler as 8 long jets of boy cream shot into his mouth with quite the force. Tyler held fast, ensuring to capture every drop of Matt's cum, relishing in the way the boy was fucking his cock into his mouth as his orgasm tore through him like a runaway locomotive.
When the strong roaring jets of cum strikes subsided, Tyler himself began whimpering as puddles upon puddles of boy juice began steadily dripping from the boy's cock. Tyler had long since made up his mind about when he was going to taste Matt's boy cream, so as each loving spurt darted into his mouth, Tyler refused to allow one single drop to slide down his throat. His mouth held Matt's cock firmly in place, slowly working his lips up and down the boy's shaft while properly sucking the last morsel of boy juice from Matt's still rock hard boy meat.
Matt used his left hand to literally push Tyler's mouth off of his super sensitive cock. Since he had just unleashed the largest load to date, Matt's cock became way too sensitive. Now with the boy's cock free from his mouth, Tyler sat on his knees, locking both eyes on the heavenly beauty before him who was breathing heavily and his eyes were partially open and defiantly glossy. Tyler's mouth was full of boy juice and now he knew was the time to truly taste the boy's offering. Sipping down a small amount, Tyler's body convulsed as Matt's cum taste exploded with a fury, sending goose pumps popping up everywhere on Tyler's shivering body. As more and more of the boy's cum dribbled down his throat, Tyler did his best to describe to himself precisely what the boy's creamy cum tasted like. The more he devoured, the conclusion was simple at best, realizing in all earnest that Matt's cum actually had no taste whatsoever. Had Tyler not known he was swallowing the boy's creamy love juice, he'd have never known it was actually cum at all.
Savoring Matt's tasteless cum until the last morsel slid down his cum gulping throat, Tyler gloriously marveled at the breath taking angelic perfection laying before him. Having dined on many young boy asses in his lifetime, Tyler could hardly wait to smell and taste Matt's mystifying speck of a beauty.
Using both of his large hands, Tyler took the boy's limp shivering legs and pushed them over Matt's head. Since Matt was already awesomely limber, Tyler had no problem whatsoever rolling the boy's body into somewhat kind of a ball, having Matt's knees slung high above Matt's gorgeous face, impaling the mattress ever so peacefully. Now, with the boy's body rolled up into a modified ball, Tyler came eye to eye with Matt's creamy colored, pert near invisible, speck of a dot, better known as the boy's asshole.
Now, in this position, not only could Tyler smell and dine on the boy's love chute, but his eyes could stare into the face of the most incredibly gorgeous boy who could ever possibly walk on the planet earth. Lowering his face, more so his nose, Tyler wanted to verify for himself that this tiny speck was in fact a butt hole, further more, validating the fact that it would smell like one. As his nose rested softly upon Matt's exposed asshole, Tyler breathed in heavily. Four more deep inhales and Tyler came to the conclusion that the aroma firing sharply into his lungs was nothing short of mind boggling at best. The aromatic fragrance swirling around, magnifying itself inside Tyler's head was that of a mild coconut aroma, enhanced by a refreshing minty fragrance, and being highlighted by the boy's already overpowering, mildly intoxicating natural aphrodisiac like body scent.
Filling his lungs to its maximum capacity, Tyler now convinced himself of the humanly impossible, and that is, this heavenly creation of mind shattering perfection could in no way use such a sweet smelling orifice to emit any aroma close to being foul. With that being said, Tyler stabbed the boy's tiny dent with his saliva dripping tongue, wildly licking up and down in the process.
Matt's cherry colored lips opened wide as his angelic voice rang out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssssssss, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssssssssss Tyler, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"
The tongue making wild and passionate love to his virgin asshole was feeding Matt emotions he never knew existed. Yes, he had heard all about eating ass, but now that he was feeling his own ass being tongued, Matt was besides himself with lusting pleasures. The more the man's thick tongue poked and prodded, licked and swiped, at his butt hole, the louder Matt's whimpering moans grew.
Tyler was doing some groaning as well cause never had his tongue dined on such splendor ever before. Not only was the mere sight of the boy's asshole breath taking, but the pleasing aroma itself was powerfully magnetic as it expelled from the uncharted depths of the boy's anal kingdom as his tongue fought against all odds to dip inside its virgin interior.
By now, Matt had hooked both of his legs with his arms, doing his best to draw his already hiked up ass higher into the air. Tyler could clearly see the look on the pleasure stricken boy. It was a look of pure passion, not to mention, absolutely priceless. Not only could Tyler's ears capture every angelic sound spewing from Matt's mouth, but he could see, without any obstructions, into the boy's angelic face.
Up and down, up and down, Tyler's tongue savagely licked the boy's crack, stopping each time to swab at the boy's tinier then tiny bung hole. Using his thumbs, Tyler pushed onto the very edge of the boy's asshole, and in doing so, forced his ass loving tongue to penetrate the boy's virgin ass.
As the beefy tongue invaded Matt's ass, Matt literally screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Tyler also cried out as he felt the boy's anal muscles angrily attack his anal diving tongue. The power of the boy's anal muscles were like none Tyler had ever experienced before. Adding in the soaring burning fiery heat to the equation almost made Tyler want to retract his tongue and accept this in an act of cowardly defeat. However, Tyler's tongue fought back, slithering deeper and deeper into the fiery muscle crushing depths. The further Tyler's tongue traveled up the boy's anal canal, the louder Matt's screams became. Now, it sounded more like he was yelling at the top of his lungs, but not out of pain mind you, but more out of body shattering pleasure.
The tighter the boy's anal muscles coiled and gripped, the more determined Tyler was to over power them. Finally, and it took some work, but Tyler managed to feed the boy's ass as much of his tongue as it would allow. Working in and out, Tyler's tongue swiped at the anal walls as it lapped at the amazing bright pink interior, feeding himself with the most mind boggling ass juice his taste buds had ever had the honor of feasting upon. The more he tasted, the more obsessed Tyler became at eating the boy's ass like no other. Matt was whimpering like crazy, purring like a 6 week old kitten, grunting like a pig eating slop, and groaning like the soft wind as it sprayed echoing wind chimes.
For a long, long time, Tyler used his tongue to dwell with a vengeance inside Matt's appetizingly addictive ass. He ate the boy's ass so long that his tongue throbbed with renewed pain. With nothing but sheer gut wrenching reluctance, Tyler withdrew his tongue, but only to replace the void with his long right middle finger. Matt's body twitched and jerked and the boy continuously cried out as the long manly digit dove to its farthest depth up his rectum, twisting and wiggling, feeding his young mind and body with a mixture of mild pain and explosive pleasures.
With his tongue still aching like crazy, Tyler couldn't resist the urge to use his left hand to guide the boy's slender rock hard 5 inches of pure pride and joy into his cock sucking mouth. Having his ass being finger fucked and now having his throbbing pecker being sucked on, Matt's body shattering pleasures caused his angelic voice to scream out, louder than ever before.
The boy cried, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Yes, yes, yessssssssssssssssssssssss!"
Increasing his finger fucking speed, Tyler quickly realized just how much young Matt was getting into all of this. Still being able to see the boy's vast facial expressions told the precise story of just how badly the boy was being overwhelmed with pure, unfiltered, passion, and pleasure.
Tyler's mouth slid up and down all five satiny smooth rock hard throbbing inches, building up speed with each thrust of his mouth. Tyler, being a Proctologist, knew where the boy's prostate was and knew just how to stimulate that special little love button. So, as his finger darted in and out of Matt's muscle clamping ass, Tyler forced pressure onto the boy's prostate, sending Matt's body into a series of uncontrollable rage of seizure like convulsions.
With the skill of a pro, Tyler timed it just right, adding in a second finger, applying even more pressure on Matt's prostate. The sharp pain mixed with mind tormenting pleasures shot through Matt like a blazing bullet, but it was too late. The boy's cock started firing rockets of cum strands directly into Tyler's patiently awaiting mouth. Tyler sucked furiously on Matt's cum shooting cock while using two fingers to force themselves in and out of the most incredibly tight ass his fingers had ever been in. With each spurt of cum, Tyler grunted and groaned as he felt the boy's anal muscles grasp his ass diving fingers as though they were in the clutches of a starving python, squeezing ferociously while clamping down, sucking his fingers deeper into the scorching hot depth.
5 long juicy strands of cum strands shot into Tyler's mouth before a steady helping of cum balls dribbled onto Tyler's tongue, to which he was more than happy to accept. Still pounding the boy's awesomely tight ass, Tyler sucked the boy's cock while pressing down on Matt's prostate. Just when it seemed that Matt's orgasm was on the downside of subsiding, the young angel screamed just as another round of mouth soothing creamy cum began firing watery pellets into Tyler's cum filled mouth. The boy's body was convulsing wildly as his young cock kept on pumping out more and more watery cream. This time, as the boy was slowing down, Tyler began sipping on the creamy delight swimming around inside of his mouth. Three small gulps later, still there was no taste, none whatsoever. Holding the boy's quickly deflating cock sealed with his lips, Tyler took his time and ensured himself to dine on the boy's delicious liquid a little bit at a time. When it was all said and done with, Tyler had drank all the cum Matt served up, and still, Tyler inwardly craved more.
Tyler eased his two fingers from the boy's anal clutches, and once they were free, Tyler peered deeply into the small hole and gazed at the purity of the bright pinkness of the boy's anal interior. Before his very eyes, Matt's asshole quickly closed, sealing itself shut, offering the same tiny speck as before. Lowering the boy's legs, Tyler, still on his knees, stole the opportunity to give the two fingers that had just been where no fingers had ever been before a quick sniff. Raising his two fingers up to his inhaling nostrils, Tyler grunted and growled as to the heavenly gracious scent spewing massively into his heaving lungs. Still, nothing remotely close as to the area in which it had just been in. There wasn't a hint of undesirable aroma spewing from his once anal fucking fingers.
Giving his lungs its fill of the fragrance steaming from his fingers, Tyler's eyes peered down onto Matt's breath taking gorgeous angelic face. The dimples in each cheek pierced the boy's slender cheeks, offering the most incredible heart warming smile no eyes had ever bare witnessed to before. There wasn't any part of this boy that Tyler hadn't tasted, and with each part, nothing short of perfectly sweet could be explained, including the boy's virgin asshole.
Matt's eyes fluttered fully open, and with a smile befitting only the grandest of kings, his soft purring angelic voice shot through the air, "Tyler, that was totally awesome! I felt things that I never ever knew I could feel. Whew, that was incredible!"
Tyler returned a loving smile back to Matt, replying, "No Matt, you are incredibly awesome! My God, I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming any of this up."
Matt fought to work his body into a sitting position, and once doing so, his young eyes fell onto the pre-cum spewing mammoth one eyed monster aiming its blood engorged head directly at Matt. Scooting himself towards Tyler, Matt reached out with both hands and lightly latched onto Tyler's intimidating cock. Once the young boy's hands touched his throbbing ass buster, Tyler let out a long well deserved moan.
Starring nervously at the gargantuan cock, Matt's shaky soft voice whisked through the stillness of the room's air, "Gaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwddddddddd Tyler, it's, it's, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's sooooooooooooooooooooooo biiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggg! I don't even know if I can get my mouth on it, much less see if it'll fit in my butt. Wooooooooowwwwwwwwww, I never knew they could get sooooooooooooooooooo dog gone big. Do you think it will fit up my butt Tyler?"
Tyler was just about to speak when Matt leaned forward and began swirling his tongue all over Tyler's pre-cum dripping cock head. Tyler's body immediately began convulsing in retaliation as to the warmth of the boy's tongue slithering like crazy upon his cock head. Even the heat steaming from the boy's nose blistered his cock in so many extra special ways.
Matt couldn't help not to taste the massive amount of pre-cum, and at first, it tasted a bit salty, but after the second or third helping, the grown man's pre-cum started tasting pretty darn good. Matt tried to stuff the huge cock head inside his mouth, but no matter how hard he tried, it just wouldn't fit. Using both hands, Matt began jerking the steel like shaft back and forth, using his tongue to swarm all over the super sensitive mushroom shaped cock head.
Tyler was thrashing his head back and forth, from side to side, while whimpering to the pleasures crashing throughout every part of his body. If things couldn't get any better for Tyler, it sure did when he felt his large egg shaped balls being cupped by one of the boy's soft, silky like hands.
Within a matter of a couple of minutes, Tyler warned Matt that he was dangerously close, but the boy had a small portion of his cock head sealed with those kissable lips and his slithering pink tongue licked the very inside of his piss lips. Tyler grunted and groaned as the first glob of man cream exploded from his piss lips. The force alone almost knocked Matt's lips to break their seal, but the boy fought back as he felt the power of the man juice as it began striking the roof of his mouth and the back of his throat.
Squirt after powerful squirt, Tyler's cum flew from his cock, exploding with energy inside the young angel's fiery hot little mouth. Tyler was grunting while Matt was whimpering as he now realized he had no choice but to start swallowing the thick globs of man cum. In one smooth gulp, Matt quickly realized that Tyler's cum didn't taste all that bad. Having only swallowed his own, this new taste was something different. It wasn't bitter, but it did have a slight saltiness flavor, but even that wasn't bad.
As Tyler's cock unleashed a flurry of cum wads, Matt eagerly slurped the man's thick goo as quickly as it shot into his eager young mouth. Eventually, Matt began sucking directly on Tyler's piss lips, doing his utmost best to suck any remaining cum juice from the man's slowly shriveling cock. Tyler held himself still though be it his body was shaking convulsively until he no longer could stand the boy's lips and prodding tongue on his cock head.
Tyler plopped down on his butt, forcing his cock from the boy's clutches. As he sat there, head spinning like crazy, Matt's voice shot into his eardrums, "Wowwwwwwwww Tyler, you sure do shoot a huge load! Uh, do you think it will get hard again? Can we try and see if it will fit up my butt?"
Temporarily left speechless and drained of energy, Tyler regained his thought process, peering to his right side and looking the eager young boy eye to eye, Tyler replied, "To answer your questions in the order you asked them, yes, it will get hard again, especially with you. Secondly, about anal sex. That magical love button you refer to as your asshole would have to be prepped first. Being that this would be your first time, and no matter how hard I try, you will experience some pain. That's just a given, and as you already know by now, I was blessed with an above average sized piece of equipment. So, if you like, I will be more than happy to prep that sweet little ass of yours, but you must promise me that if it hurts too bad, you have to tell me and I will stop immediately, okay?"
Without saying a single word, Matt slung his head up and down in agreement to all Tyler had just said. He knew he was going to experience a bit of pain, but just how much and what type of pain was left to be answered. Yes, and to be totally honest, Matt was mildly afraid of the length, and definitely the thickness, of Tyler's horse like cock, but he was now more determined than ever to give it his best shot.
Wiping the drool away from his mouth, Tyler fought to stand up, then looked down at the awesomely gorgeous young boy, then softly whispered, "Okay Matt, follow me. I have something special for you."
Matt slid off the large bed and almost walked side by side all the way until they reached the door leading up to the attic. As Tyler opened the door, he stated, "My wife never comes up here and this is kind of like my own little playroom."
Tyler began walking up the steps with Matt closely following. The stairs themselves were carpeted, but Matt stared in awe at Tyler's bubbly butt, noticing the sea of dark hairs escaping from in between the crack. Reaching the top, Tyler stopped, pointing, then said, "This is my little world from the rest of the world."
To Matt's young inquisitive eyes, this was no ordinary attic. What his eyes were now seeing was what many of us refer to as a man cave. There was a small bed in the center and a large television hanging up on the wall. Off to the side was an open bathroom area offering no privacy whatsoever. In one corner, there was a strange looking bench that Matt simply couldn't find the words to describe. The floor was carpeted and even the walls were carpeted.
Matt watched as Tyler walked over and picked up the oddly shaped contraption he called a bench and placed it so that it was facing the television. Using words of guidance, Tyler had Matt lay face down on the bench. The soft leathery padding coldly greeted his stomach while his face dangled in a downwards direction. Tyler stepped in front of him and adjusted a facial support that now Matt's chin comfortably rested in. The next thing Matt felt was Tyler grabbing onto his right ankle, and placing it in some kind of metal support so that his foot were now locked into place. Once his foot was in place, Tyler slid the ankle support forwards, drawing Matt's entire leg close to his face, then repeated those steps with his left ankle.
The next thing Matt felt was Tyler's fingers shoving his semi flaccid cock and both tiny nuggets into what felt like was a hole, then felt them being tightened by some kind of padded strap. Just to kind of check things out, Matt hiked his ass upwards, but quickly discovered that his cock and balls got yanked on when he did that sort of thing. As if he wasn't already in some sort of predicament, Tyler latched onto Matt's left wrist, then placed it inside a large padded leather cuff, then attached it to something close to the floor. Repeating the same process, Tyler did the exact same thing to his right wrist as well. Now, Matt realized he wasn't, or couldn't, go anywhere. The next thing he knew was that Tyler was doing something that was raising his ass into the air while his face was being lowered. The soft padded cup holding his chin restrained him from turning his face in any direction.
Seeing his masterpiece achieved, Tyler slowly walked around the naked beauty, stopping periodically to give praise to such angelic beauty, then proceeded to marvel over his achievement. This was the first time he had ever had the opportunity to use his sex bench, and even by knowing that, just knowing that its virginity would be broken in by another virgin, and the most gorgeous of all boys at that. Tyler now silently prided himself on all that was now taking place. While Tyler was relishing in the glow of the actual moment, Matt himself realized that even though he was now restrained, he still was oddly enough, comfortable.
Tyler stepped back in front of the restrained gorgeous young angel, the stated, "To help ease the pain somewhat, I'll place some of this medicated cream up your anal canal. This will kind of numb your anal muscles, helping to alleviate some of the discomfort of being penetrated."
Hearing all that Tyler had just said, this wasn't the way Matt had dreamed it would go, so he quickly, and rather defiantly interjected, "Please Tyler, please don't numb me. I honestly want to feel everything! I just have to, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeeee!"
Tyler had only wished he could have been that brave the first time he felt a real cock take his anal virginity. He was all up for some muscle numbing medication the first time he let a guy fuck him in the ass. And even then, the guy was probably six inches and kind of on the slender side, and even still, Tyler recalled the immense pain, and at that time, Tyler was around 19 years of age. Now, back to present day, here he was sporting a massive 9 3/4 inches and it was thick, real thick, and being coached on by the most astonishing, the most breath taking, and the most heart stopping young boy, all of 13 years old who truly does look more like he's closer to 8 or 9. This prized beauty wants to feel every ass stretching inch of his cock take his virginity, and by all means, who was he to deny such an angelic young beauty something so special.
Walking back in behind Matt, Tyler scooted up his stool, placing his face within a fraction of an inch of the most incredible looking butt hole his Proctologist eyes had ever seen. Taking in a long energetic whiff, Tyler moaned as to the luxurious fragrance sparkling everywhere within his own body. Readjusting the bench a little, Tyler raised Matt's head, then activated the television. On the screen was a grown bear like man, holding his thick cock up so that a young boy of about 12 years of age was in the process to make oral love. Both were naked and the 12 year olds cock arched straight upwards, aiming itself towards the skies above. He too had no hair anywhere on his pubic region.
As Matt stared at the action taking place on the television, Tyler began taking long loving licking strokes up and down Matt's tiny ass crack. With the boy's ass cheeks already spread out as far as they could possibly go, Tyler's access to Matt's delicious speck of an asshole was completely unobstructed. Again, he found himself shoveling his tongue into the boy's anal oven, groaning wildly as to the satiny smooth texture and unexplainable overall deliciousness.
While Matt was cooing and angelically moaning, his eyes fixated themselves on the television as the beastly man was now sucking on the boy's 4 inches of boy stick. Matt was torn from watching the porn to relishing in having his ass dined on once again. The vast pleasures swarmed his every thought as the sounds spewing from his panting mouth were now uncontrollable.
The sound from the television was low, but audible enough for Matt's ears to hear. He watched in earnest as the young boy squatted over the man's face and from the sounds the boy was making, and by his facial gestures, Matt knew he too was enjoying having his hairless asshole properly eaten.
Matt's ass twitched and he instinctively hiked his ass up a bit, only to discover the sharp dull ache at having his cock and balls yanked downwards. Now, his cock was harder than a slab of steel and his young balls felt more swollen like never before. With each thrust of the tongue crawling inside his ass, Matt's soft whimpers grew and grew. Even now, with his young mind whirling with intense pleasure, Matt was fully aware that the time would come when this pleasure would soon be replaced by some pain, but just how much pain he wasn't quite certain of.
In time, Tyler had removed his tongue and eased a well lubricated, but not medicated, finger all the way up Matt's anal chamber. Tyler groaned as he felt those amazingly resilient anal muscles immediately converge onto his anal exploring finger, savagely clamping down while seemingly doing their best to rip the flesh right off the bone. Tyler even questioned whether or not he would be able to get his long thick cock up such a tight bone crushing tunnel.
As the second finger snaked up his rectum, Matt's eyes widened as to the sudden addition, as well as watching the young boy on the television laying flat on his back, screaming profusely as the large man was forcing his man sized cock up the boy's ass. The camera zoomed in to see the boy crying, slinging his head from side to side, and screaming at the top of his lungs as to the pain of having the man's large mushroom shaped cock head enter his ass. Even though he was now being finger fucked by two fingers, and watching the action on the television, Matt still had enough sense to realize that the cock going into the young boy's ass was nowhere close as to the length and thickness of Tyler's enormous cock. As the man forced more and more of his cock into the boy's rectum, the boy's screams got louder and louder and his tears were flowing from his eyes like a wild waterfall.
The two fingers inside his ass twisted and turned, forcing Matt to wince from the dull burning pain. Tyler was in sheer heaven as he slowly used his two fingers to fuck the boy's cherry ass and apply a constant and steady pressure on Matt's highly sensitive prostate. In time, Tyler found it extremely difficult to squeeze a third finger inside the boy's ass. When Matt felt a third finger, the pain tore through his body like raging forest fire. His anal muscles automatically clamped down upon feeling the pressure from the third finger. By now, Matt was clamping down on his teeth, writhing in searing hot pain as the third finger forced itself into his anal region.
Tyler had to use his manly strength to push his fingers in and out of the mind numbing tightness of the boy's anal oven. He had finger fucked many an ass before, but never was there this much tightness. The pressure clamping down on his fingers felt more like that of a commercial grade vice clamp. The awesome power of the boy's anal muscles was nothing short of spectacular, to say the least.
Matt's eyes began to form their own watery stream as he struggled within himself to will the gut wrenching soaring hot pain from his entire body. At times, he felt he was going to piss, but then a sharp severe pain tore through him, making him forget all about having to piss. It felt like a locomotive was crashing in and out of his asshole and his anal walls felt like they were on the very edge of exploding.
As his eyelids shuttered, Matt saw the young boy being fucked by the same man, and another man joined in, sliding his cock in and out of the crying boy's mouth. This time, the boy was in a doggy style position and the man fucking him was holding onto the boy's hips, driving him backwards as he thrust his thick cock into his ass with all his might.
Tyler's voice cracked his sweltering mind, asking, "Matt, Matt, are you sure you want to go through with this? The last thing I'll ever want to do is cause you pain."
Matt forced some air into his lungs, then with his angelic soft cracking voice, replied, "I think sooooooooooooooooo!"
Matt grunted loudly as the three long fingers began snaking out of his ass. Once they had completely vacated his anal canal, Matt's body shivered as the room's cool air struck his open hole. Tyler was in the process of greasing up his erect elephant sized cock while eyeing the boy's open hole as it quickly sealed itself shut.
When Matt's eyes peered onto the screen, he now was seeing a young white boy of about the same age as himself, on his knees, sucking on a very long, but not near as thick as Tyler's, extremely black cock. The man who owned this chunk of dark chocolate was just as dark as his cock and he held onto the back of the boy's head, guiding the boy's mouth back and forth on his long pole.
As Matt viewed the television, Tyler was now standing, repositioning the bench, more so, the boy's ass for a more direct anal insertion. Once Tyler got Matt's asshole lined up at the precise height, Tyler stepped in, shoving his enormously thick mushroom shaped cock head directly onto Matt's lubricated glistening speck of a poop chute. Matt's heart was already thumping, but now feeling what he knew was Tyler's enormous cock knocking on his asshole's door, Matt's heart began beating so hard that he felt as though his entire body was now dancing to the rhythm of his rapid heartbeats.
When Matt looked back up to the screen, he saw the boy in the same position he was now in, totally restrained, and the huge black man trying to stuff his long dark man sausage up the boy's butt hole. Again, the camera zoomed in only to see the boy yelling and screaming, unable to move his body at any angle, as the long black pole tore into his ass, and quickly disappeared to its lengthy depth. Just like the other boy had done, this boy too was screaming and crying profusely, but his pleads of mercy fell upon deaf ears as the large black man began royally pounding his long cock in and out of the boy's pain riddled ass.
The pressure against his asshole seemed to be increasing by the second, and just by feeling Tyler's huge cock head as it applied the pressure, sent shock waves of tormenting pain shattering throughout every square inch of Matt's quivering body. Within the blink of an eye, the pressurized pain seemed to vacate his body. Unable to see what was taking place behind him, Matt felt Tyler's cock as it strayed from his asshole. With the pressure no longer present, the sharp pain was in the process of vacating his body entirely.
Tyler was slowly working the greasy lubricant up and down, ensuring to lubricate every massive throbbing inch. He was still in behind Matt, but now eyeing the boy's asshole with a conquering vengeance. Like a lion stalking its prey, Tyler waited, waiting patiently for the precise moment in time to make his move. Using both hands to control his cock, holding it tightly at the very base, Tyler eyed his target like a sharpshooter, inching forwards, obtaining the right thrusting distance for accuracy.
The pain Matt once felt no longer was present, but he couldn't see Tyler, nor know what the man was doing behind him. All he could do was lay there, ass hiked up, cock and balls forced downwards, and his feet and wrists were held into place. At this point in time in the game, Matt eyed the screen once more. This time, Matt saw a young boy, no more than about 9 or 10, standing buck naked, using both hands to cover his private parts. The boy was stunningly beautiful, or so Matt told himself. Long flowing blond hair and piercing blue eyes, and to Matt, the boy was just downright beautiful. Matt could see the boy crying, then he heard a man's voice crack through the air, "I wont tell you again mother fucker, move your fucking hands or I'm gonna beat that scrawny little as of yours!" The boy, showing nothing but remorse and reluctance, eased both hands by his sides. Just like Matt, the boy was hairless. His little inch long uncircumcised cock was completely soft and though Matt tried, he could barely make out the tightly withdrawn pea sized hairless balls.
The little boy, crying profoundly, tenderly stated, "Please sir, please don't make me do this. Please don't hurt me, please, please, please just let me go and I wont tell anyone, I promise."
The man's voice again whipped through boldly, "Quit your fucking whimpering boy! You want to fucking cry do you? I'll give you something to cry about!"
That's when Matt saw the man behind the voice appear on the screen. He was huge, barrel chested, and bare ass naked. From front to back, he was layered in dark fur and his cock was leading the way. Not really knowing its exact measurements, Matt figured the man's cock to be at least eight inches long, and just about as equal in thickness as Tyler's. The man snatched the boy up, twisting the boy's body so that the man's large right hand began smacking the boy's bare ass cheeks, leaving deep dark red hand prints wherever it landed.
Countless heavy handed slaps landed on the boy's fire engine red ass cheeks. The boy was crying and screaming at the top of his lungs, then the man pulled up a chair, using his brute strength, placed the boy belly down on his hairy thighs. Using his thick fingers, he spread the boy's butt cheeks while saying, "Stop your fucking crying or I'll spank your ass again. Don't be wiggling either cause I want to take a good and long look at this little virgin asshole of yours."
Once again, the camera zoomed in and Matt's eyes were now staring at the boy's hairless creamy colored little butt hole. To Matt, it was just a butt hole, but to the man who was there, spreading the boy's butt cheeks widely apart, he was sure doing a lot of grunting and moaning just by looking at it.
The man spoke again, "Boy, you sure best hope like hell I don't smell no shit! Something this flat fucking pretty shouldn't smell like no shit at all!" For the boy's sake, Matt hoped the boy's ass was clean, completely forgetting all about the situation that he himself was now in.
Matt's eyes widened as he watched the man lift the boy's oddly limp body upwards, shoving his thick nose directly onto the boy's poop hole, taking in a few long whiffs, then exhaling. He put the boy back on his thighs, belly down, then snarled, "You pretty little fuck wad, how in the hell you expect me to eat something that smells like shit? Aint anyone ever told you that is pretty as you are, you are supposed to keep that ass from smelling like ass? Huh? Speak up boy!"
Still crying and doing his best to muffle his cries, the boy whispered, "No sir, no sir, please don't hurt me sir, please, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeee siiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"
Again, the man snarled, "Hurt you? Hurt you? Boy, I'm gonna drain my balls ass deep in you! I was going to be nice and prep you a bit, but since you saw fit to have a smelly ass, well uh, I can't see no need for it. Believe me boy, your going to feel this ass packer plug that shitty ass of yours, yes sir, every fucking square inch of it! That'll teach you to offer such a pretty ass that smells like shit!"
The boy's tears really began pouring as he pleadingly shouted, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry siiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr, I can't take it, nooooooooooooooo siiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr, please, paaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeee!"
The next thing that appeared on the screen was the boy on his back, legs way above his head, knees touching what looked like some kind of bedding, both extended beyond his little ears. To further add to the scene, the boy was tied up in this position, unable to move anything but his fingers and toes. Even his head was secured by some kind of strap.
The camera was now showing the man lining his cock up to the boy's unprotected asshole, the quickly zoomed in as the boy cried out, "It wont fit sir, it wont fit siiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr! Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee don't, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwdddddddddd it wont... Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!"
Shivers popped up everywhere on Matt's body as he watched the man force his entire cock all the way up the screaming little boy's ass. Just by seeing the reaction on the boy's face, he knew the youngster was feeling more pain than he himself thought humanly possible, but the man simply ignored the boy's desperate pleads and began savagely slamming his overly thick meat in and out of the boy's pain terrorized ass.
Just as the camera zoomed back in on the boy's pain ravished face, Matt screamed as Tyler's cock head tore into his unsuspecting virgin asshole. The pain careening throughout every fraction of an inch of his entire body exploded with a fiery flood. The pain was so intense that it literally stole the very breath from Matt's body. It felt like someone had reached inside his ass and was yanking his anal walls outwards from his body, and just for some extra good measure, set his insides on a fiery rage.
Tyler slung his head backwards, gritting his teeth as to the clamping pressure now squeezing, more like flattening, his cock head inside the very inner of the boy's mystifying ass. Not wanting to pull out, and not wanting to drive any more in, Tyler found himself in a rather never felt before predicament. The blistering heat greeting his cock head was terrifyingly hot, and those amazing anal muscles aggressively clamped down, applying even more pressure with each of the boy's panting breaths.
Matt heard himself screaming as to this very new never before felt body tormenting pain. Yes, he knew there would be pain, but he never thought it would be this painful, not in a million years. And as far as he was now fully aware, it wasn't going to get any better, or at least, no time soon.
Unable to take any more of the cock crushing pressure, Tyler shoved the entire cock head, along with a thick inch of shaft straight up Matt's chute. Matt's mouth formed a perfect circle as the pain sweltering on every part of his body, quickly magnified itself ten fold. His tears began dripping to the carpet below, and it was now that he wished he had let Tyler use the medication up his ass, but now, it was far too late. In all of his readings, never was the story told of such immense, and highly intense pain. Matt cried out when he felt more of Tyler's overly enormous thick cock force its way deeper into his already pain riddled ass. No longer could he concern himself with the young boy who was violently being fucked on the television, cause he was feeling his own pain of being fucked now, but the cock going deep into his ass was much longer, considerably longer, and a little bit thicker as well.
The deeper Tyler's cock descended, the more scorching hot heat swarmed his cock, not to mention, the more aggressive the boy's anal muscles seem to retaliate. Inch by massive inch, Tyler did his best to feed the boy his cock while allowing Matt to try and get accustomed to the length and the girth. Though Tyler was basking in the overwhelming pleasures of having his cock up Matt's ass, and trying his best to take things kind of slow, Matt however didn't quite feel the same way. The man's cock now buried ball deep inside of him felt it had long since escaped his rectum and was now torturing somewhere deep inside his stomach. With his every breath, Matt could feel every pulsating vein of Tyler's gargantuan horse cock.
Many times through the process, Tyler did stop and ask Matt if he wanted him to pull out, and each time it was Matt he refused to accept defeat. With his entire cock shoved all the way up Matt's breath taking ass, Tyler held himself still, placing both hands on the sides of Matt's hips. Matt's body was shaking wildly and the stomach churning pain was still blistering away at his every thought. Many times, as Tyler's cock forced its way into him, Matt prayed silently for death to take his life. Matt, if he had to, couldn't even begin to describe using words the intensity of the pain shooting throughout every pore of his convulsing young body.
As the man's cock uncontrollably throbbed inside his ass, and with each of those throbbing motions, Matt's pain seemingly increased. Matt tried in vain to force his anal muscles to stop convulsing, knowing that they too were responsible for adding to his profound and overwhelming intense pain. No matter how hard he tried, his anal muscles seemed to have a mind of their own, clamping down on the monster invading its territory.
The force of the pressure began increasing on his cock, now giving Tyler some mild pain of his own. It kind of felt like his cock was in the clinches of an anaconda, in the very stage of coiling around its victim to squeeze the very life from their body. He did his utmost best to remain still, but the vice like crushing pressure simply became too much, so Tyler began easing his cock out of Matt's anal kingdom, stopping once he saw the crown of his large cock head, the proceeded to slowly push the giant beast back into the boy's crushing bowels.
With each slow withdrawal of Tyler's beastly cock, Matt felt like his stomach was being vacuumed from his body, slowly being pulled into his anal canal, then just as slow, being shoved back into its proper place. The fierce pain stole his very breath and his tears flowed like a white water rapid. In and out, in and out, the giant cock felt more like a telephone pole than a cock, and it was roaring ferociously on fire. Never in his young life had Matt experienced such terrorizing pain. In all of the stories he had read, not one spoke about what he was now enduring. They all spoke about the pleasures of having a hard cock pound them senseless. All Matt could think about was whether or not he was going to survive this ordeal.
Tyler was grunting and groaning as he slid his mammoth cock in and out of the most incredible, mind boggling, anal canal his cock had ever had the honor of being in. He could feel the boy's breaths in conjunction with his anal muscles as they clamped down on his slow thrusting cock, and tried to pull his ass packer deeper into the uncharted depths while burning his flesh with the fiery scorching heat. To Tyler, this was pure heaven and he was now basking in the pleasures of knowing he was now fucking the most beautiful boy in the world.
What felt like an eternity to Matt, but as Tyler was shoving his meaty pole deep into his rectum, something inside Matt snapped. His mind, a mind once sweltering with agonizing pain, now began to sense that very same pain slowly drifting from his every being. Soon, Matt began panting as Tyler's gargantuan cock slowly slid in and out of his ass. As if it never actually happened, the immense pain was no longer present. Now, as the thick beast slid deep inside him, Matt pleasured himself in realizing the overpowering sensation when he intentionally clamped down using his anal muscles.
Tyler picked up on this as well, so he increased his thrusts just a bit, holding onto the boy's hips as he drove his long thick cock deep into Matt's rectum. Now, Tyler felt the boy's anal muscles descend upon his cock on more of a continual basis, attacking his meat like nothing he had ever felt before.
Matt's mouth was wide open and he was fuming with never before felt pleasures, completely forgetting all about the pain that once had consumed his entire body. All he could think about at the present moment was knowing his ass was being fucked by a man, and a man who just happens to possess one hell of a horse cock. With that being said, Matt synched down with his anal muscles as he screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssss, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Tylerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"
Hearing the boy's angelic plea, Tyler no longer had control of his own thought process. His cock began pile driving the boy's ass, flinging his heavy swinging hairy balls onto Matt's tightly restrained hairless nuggets. The slapping sound of flesh crashing upon flesh soared through the room as Tyler's rampage hammered his cock in and out of the boy's ass faster than a flash of lightning.
Matt screamed, "Yesssssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssssssssssss! Harder Tylerrrrrrrrrr, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"
As Tyler's butt stuffer slammed in and out of Matt's ass, Tyler began swatting the boy's jutting taunt butt cheeks. Initially, he started out with soft slaps, but now that his mind was set on maniac level, the sharp heavy handed stings tore into Matt's ass cheeks, fueling the boy with more astonishing pleasures. The harder Tyler slapped Matt's ass cheeks, the louder Matt screamed for more.
Tyler was completely engulfed by his own soaring emotions as he power slammed his giant cock into the boy's ass, doing his best to sling his balls into the same extremely tight anal corridor. He was grunting and growling, slinging his head all over, basking in the awesome power of the boy's constant use of his superior anal muscles. A few more thrusts and Tyler couldn't stop the inevitable as his cock's cum valve opened, firing off gallons of thick gooey wads deeper into Matt's magical rectum with each violent thrusts.
Matt was screaming in innocent delight as he felt each thick spurt of cum shoot deep into his bowel system. His own young cock was shooting as well, sending his watery goo splashing onto the carpeted flooring below. The boy's mind was swimming with incredible vast pleasures as his body trembled from experiencing the most intense orgasm he had ever had to date.
Tyler had long since drained his balls into Matt's ass, and his thudding thrusts slowed, and so did his erection. With very little energy remaining, Tyler pulled his semi flaccid cock from Matt's vacuuming ass. Breathing heavily, Tyler began undoing the restraints until Matt was no longer held into position. Once the boy was free, Tyler plopped down on the stool and stared squarely at the boy's asshole. The same tiny asshole his cock had just recently deflowered was once again tightly sealed. Had it not been for the glistening of the lubricant, the boy's speck of a hole wouldn't have had any evidence whatsoever of having just been recently violated.
Looking down at his flaccid cock, Tyler lifted it up to give it a quick inspection. Much to his total disbelief, his cock appeared to be just as clean as it had been before fucking the boy's once virgin ass. It was then, at this very moment in time, Tyler now convinced himself that Matt, this young gorgeous angel, is totally incapable of producing human extractions using his rectum. To Tyler, this boy wasn't even close to being a human, cause Matt was simply too perfect in every way imaginable.
Within a few minutes, the two started walking back up the steps. This time, it was Tyler who was in behind Matt, staring in awe at the most sculptured unblemished ass his eyes had ever seen. Once they reached the top, Matt soon felt the need to expel the cum that had just been deposited up his ass.
Inside Tyler's bedroom, Matt excused himself and just barely made it to the toilet in time before the tidal wave of Tyler's cum came exploding out of his lightly sore asshole. Tyler remained inside the bedroom, offering Matt some privacy. When Matt walked out of the bathroom, Tyler could see the glow in the boy's entrancing eyes.
Looking at the boy, Tyler politely asked, "So, how was it? Was being fucked everything you imagined?"
Matt smiled his heart stopping smile, then with a squeal of excitement replied, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh heck yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! I can hardly wait to do it again!"
Tyler walked over to his closet and produced a small tote bag. Fumbling around inside his closet, Tyler picked up what he was looking for, then turned around, saying, "Take this with you, but you must hide it so that your dads will never find it. You can practice using this whenever you like."
Tyler was holding a 6 inch rubber cock with attached balls and at the very base was a suction cup. Tyler placed the fake cock inside the tote bag, then placed a large brand new bottle of "WET", a lubricant he loves to use, inside the tote bag. As he handed it to Matt, he did invite Matt to use his shower to freshen up a bit.
Matt accepted the invitation to take a shower, and as he showered himself, he couldn't resist the urge to shove two soapy fingers up his slightly sore ass. Although Tyler sure didn't want this to end, he came to the conclusion he was just too spent to try and invade the boy's ass so soon.
Matt toweled himself dry and used some toothpaste to scrub his teeth and tongue using just his fingers. When he stepped back into the bedroom, Tyler was already wearing his robe and watched in awe as the young angel got dressed. Tyler walked Matt to the front door, and just as Matt was fixing to walk out, Tyler softly whispered, "You know Matt, what we done here today must be a secret between us."
Matt smiled, then softly replied, "Don't worry, I will never tell anyone, and besides, I was kind of hoping we can do it again sometime, sometime real soon."
Tyler smiled in return saying, "You bet we can!"
Matt walked down the driveway back onto the sidewalk, and as each step carried him in no particular direction, he found himself wishing upon the heavens above for another cock to fuck him wildly. Even though his asshole was a bit sore, Matt was in no way ready to end fulfilling his wildest dreams of being with a man, a man who would stop at nothing to fuck his hungry little ass.
As his footsteps journey was about to come to a conclusion, with just a few more houses to go before he would end up back at his house, Matt saw Mr. Martin. He knew Mr. Martin kind of well, since the man just lived a few houses from where he lives. Matt knew that Mr. Martin's wife passed away a few years back. The man looked to be in his early to mid sixties, tall and lanky with thinning gray hair. Matt guessed Mr. Martin was about 6'4" and weighed somewhere close to the 200 pound mark. Though he was getting up in age, it was clear to see that the man prided himself in staying in shape.
Mr. Martin was standing at his mailbox, retrieving the mail when Matt walked up to him. With his raspy voice, Mr. Martin bellowed, "Hey Matt, how's it going today?"
Matt smiled, shaking the man's hand, then replied, "Nothing much. Just seeing what kind of trouble I can get in to before my parents come home."
Mr. Martin eyed the near naked boy up and down, and although he never found any guy close to being good-looking, he always somehow saw Matt to be down right gorgeous. As for Mr. Martin, in all his 64 years of living, he never had the inkling to be with another man. To him, he was strictly a heterosexual, and there wasn't a gay bone in his body. He couldn't recall a time when he had a single thought about having sex with another male.
As the two conducted a mild and cordial conversation, Matt was eyeing the elderly man up and down, more so, the man's crotch area. Mr. Martin was wearing a short sleeve button shirt that was tucked into his faded denim jeans and had on his bedroom shoes. Had Matt not been so horny, he would have never ever considered Mr. Martin as a sex object, but the longer their conversation dragged on, the more boned up Matt became. Matt was so blind to the world around him that Mr. Martin's age wasn't a factor at all. All Matt wanted was the man's cock!
Oddly enough, being that he towered over the young boy, Mr. Martin's eyes fell on Matt's tiny pinkish erect nipples. It had been nearly 10 years since the last time he made love to his deceased wife. Though he was getting up in age, he still had to jerk off here and there. In fact, he had just polished one off just before walking out to get his mail. His years of living might be getting on up there, but his equipment still worked just fine. The longer he chatted with Matt, the more his mind began playing some sick games on him. Soon, his eyes drifted upon the boy's crotch area, and now he was standing there, envisioning this minor child naked. He had grandkids who were older than young Matt, but even though he fought to rationalize things, his mind constantly returned to Matt standing before him naked as the day the gorgeous boy was born.
Matt spotted the distinct growing bulge in the man's pants as Mr. Martin's cock began to pump life into it, sprouting a tent along the ride side of his upper thigh. Seeing this only made Matt jump into overdrive. His mouth began watering and his asshole became irritatingly itchy, not to mention, Matt was now sporting his own precious erection as well, and this too didn't go unnoticed by the towering man.
Growing a bit tired of their nonchalant conversation, Matt decided to take the next step, softly speaking, "Mr. Martin, don't you have sex anymore?"
Mr. Martin, sensing the boy's curiosity and loving the angelic voice, replied, "Uh, well Matt, it's uh, kind of like this. There's just not that many women attracted to an old goat like me these days. But to answer your question, I do miss it, and miss it a lot."
Thinking on his toes, more so, with his erect cock, Matt said, "That's a shame cause I bet you could really give them a good fucking!"
Mr. Martin forced out a slight chuckle, then stated, "Well, back in the day I was hell on wheels, that's for sure!"
Matt quickly responded, "I bet! Looks like you could fuck their brains out too!"
The elderly man just stood there, totally speechless, unable to find any words that would best fit into a sentence. While his brain was trying to find the right words, Matt's soft angelic voice chimed in, "Mr. Martin sir, have you ever fucked anyone in their asshole?"
Peering down at the boy, Mr. Martin's voice sounded a bit shaky, "No, can't ever say that I have. To be honest, I've never gave it much thought either. I know the late misses wouldn't go for something like that."
Matt piped in, "How about a blow-job then? When's the last time someone sucked your cock?"
Though he didn't want to answer, the boy's questions were like some powerful magnet, forcing him to be open and honest. His voice cracked, "That's been many years ago, long before I met my wife."
Now that their conversation was more of a sexual one, Matt could really see the outline of the elderly man's cock as it pressed outwards alongside his upper right thigh. Though he couldn't see the exact measurement, to Matt, it sure did seem kind of long and had some quality thickness to it.
Mr. Martin's heart literally stopped beating when Matt perked up and said, "Well, um, if you like sir, I'll suck it for you!"
Mr. Martin, mainly out of instinct, replied, "Say what?"
Looking up at the man, flashing the man with those sparkling emerald green eyes, Matt softly whispered, "I'll suck it for you sir, and if you want to, you can fuck me too!"
Mr. Martin's legs felt like rubbery strands, shaking against the soft winds of this brilliantly bright sunny day. His mind swarming with perverse thoughts knowing all that he had just heard. Before his mind could make sense of it all, his raspy voice bellowed, "Okay Matt, but this must stay between us!"
Even after hearing his own response, Mr. Martin couldn't believe he had just said that. After all, this was a 13 year old young boy who he had known since the day his two dads adopted him. In fact, he was present for the boy's 13th birthday party. But as his mind went onto its mental rampage, his feet were already carrying him towards his front door.
Once entering Mr. Martin's house, Matt took control of the situation by guiding the elderly man in front of a large leather recliner. Before Mr. Martin knew what was happening, Matt had already unbuttoned every button of his shirt and was now removing it from his shaking body. Mr. Martin stood frozen in time as the young boy fumbled with the zipper of his denim jeans, then felt the zipper being lowered. His heart felt like it was somewhere down to the area of his ankles when he felt his jeans slipping down his body, along with his blue boxer shorts. The cool air struck his erect cock like a lightning bolt and he found himself kicking out of his bedroom shoes as the young boy was pushing his jeans out of each foot.
Matt stepped back and feasted upon his reward. Mr. Martin's body was virtually void of hair with the exception of gray curls centered upon his heavy breathing chest. The man's dull pinkish nipples were awesomely erect as Matt's eyes traveled down the man's body to marvel over his addiction. There, jutting outwards before his very eyes was a good 7 or so inches of uncut man cock. In the center of the creamy smooth shaft was a slight upwards arch. The foreskin completely covered what appeared to be a large bulbous cock head that was considerably thicker than the above average thickness of the shaft. The man's wild pubic hair was gray in color and even the hairy sac containing two very large nuggets were just as gray. Matt couldn't help not to notice how far long the man's giant balls swung down his body.
With the gentleness of efforts, Matt guided Mr. Martin into the recliner where Matt took each leg and draped them across the arms of the recliner. Falling onto his knees, Matt lowered his mouth onto one of the man's hairy oversized nuggets. Though it was large, Matt was able to suck one in and couldn't help not to notice the slightly stale pungent aroma spewing from the man's body. Though the smell was pungent, it was doing something strange to Matt as though he was lost in a world filled with never before found aphrodisiacs.
The more of the aroma he inhaled, the hornier Matt became. Feasting on one ball, then the other, Matt was totally consumed by the aroma. Mr. Martin purred like a kitten as the boy's young mouth was performing a breath defying magic act on his balls. Matt used his mouth and his tongue to make love to the elderly man's hairy balls before working his tongue upwards, slithering all around the creamy smooth, slightly veiny, shaft.
Mr. Martin was besides himself with a luxury he had long forgotten. It had been over 42 years since he felt a hot mouth upon his cock. His wife would never have considered doing such a thing. As the slender slithering tongue slapped and lapped at his throbbing cock, the louder his moans grew into more of a wolf like howl. As the boy's tongue reached the tip, Matt sucked on the dangling foreskin as though it were a lollipop, sending shivers and chills racing up and down the elderly man's back. Mr. Martin, out of sheer pleasure and instinct, spread his legs even further to ensure proper working room for the young boy.
Matt's tongue snuck inside the foreskin to which he was offered a large helping of Mr. Martin's pre-cum. The taste alone almost made Matt's mouth pucker. It was salty and kind of bitter, but the boy continued feasting on his reward. By the time he had tasted several more helpings of Mr. Martin's pre-cum, Matt soon became accustomed to the overall taste, and started enjoying it, moaning as the slick goo slid down his throat.
Mr. Martin had his eyes tightly closed, using both hands to worship Matt's hair and head as the boy's mouth was sending him straight into sheer mind boggling ecstasy. When the boy's mouth encircled over his cock head, Mr. Martin cried out and began hiking his ass up off the recliner, now fucking the boy's mouth ever so wildly.
Unlike Tyler's massively thick cock, Matt was able to take in about 4 good inches of Mr. Martin's cock before he found himself gagging profusely. Though he periodically gagged, Mr. Martin continued to thrust his cock deep and fast into his mouth while tightening his grip on the back of his head.
Soon, the man yelled, "Yeah boy, suck my fucking cock! Yes, fucking yesssssssssssss, suck it, suck it gooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddd!"
Hearing the way Mr. Martin was now talking, more so, yelling, only seemed to turn Matt on that much more. Between Mr. Martin's howling grunts and Matt's mouth slurping crazily, both man and boy, were now totally consumed at the moment they were now sharing.
Mr. Martin screamed, "Fuck yessssssssssssssss boy, hell fucking yesssssssssssssss! Suck it bitch, suck daddy's cock baby, suck it, suck it, suck that mother fucker baby boy! Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"
Needing a bit of fresh air, Matt slipped his mouth off of the thrusting cock, then teasingly whispered while playing this trash talking little game, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh daddy, you have such a big beautiful cock! Please don't think about shoving something so big into my tiny little asshole! I don't think it would fit sir!"
The man slammed Matt's mouth back onto his throbbing erection, slinging, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah baby boy, daddy's gonna fuck that ass, and fuck it real good. You'll be my lil bitch and love every mother fucking second of it. NOWWWWWWWWWW suck that big fucking cock like you want it bitch!"
Matt quickly discovered he loved this kind of dirty talk and the more he heard, the more he had to have it. His mouth sealed itself over the man's cock as it fucked his mouth with wild and reckless abandonment. Even Mr. Martin himself no longer considered his once golden heterosexual ways. He knew he was talking to a young 13 year old gorgeous boy, but he simply didn't give a shit anymore. All the years of boring sex with his wife was now being unleashed on Matt. Mr. Martin couldn't control himself as he continued his brash trash talking orders.
A few more cock assaulting minutes passed by and Matt needed some fresh air once again. Lifting the man's huge low hanging balls into the air, Matt guided Mr. Martin's legs even higher until Matt found himself with his nose wedged deep into Mr. Martin's excessively hairy and strong smelling ass. The aroma itself was kind of repulsive, but before Matt had time to rethink things through, the man slammed the boy's face onto his hair covered hole, then screamed, "Eat my shit hole bitch! Daddy best feel that tongue clean my hole boy!"
With his every inhaling breath, the strong overpowering stench exploded heavily into his lungs. With some reluctancy, Matt shot his tongue out, fighting through the tons of gray ass protecting hairs, and struck his mark with precision like accuracy. The taste of bitter iron swarmed his taste buds as he forced his tongue to swirl all over the man's stinky smelling bung hole.
Mr. Martin cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwdddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssss, fucking yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Eat it boy, eat daddy's asshole like you want it! Yessssssssssssssssss baby boy, fuck yesssssssssssssss!"
Only once in his lifetime had Mr. Martin felt a tongue on his asshole, and that time was many years before he met his wife. The pleasures he had long forgotten returned, sending gut twirling, hair raising, feelings he forgot had ever existed. With each passionate twirl of the boy's tongue, centered on his widely exposed asshole, Mr. Martin growled from heavenly pleasures.
For quite some time, Matt ate the man's asshole until he was told to return sucking on his cock. In more ways than one, Matt was more than happy to leave Mr. Martin's not so clean asshole and resume sucking on his cock again. As in the prior case, the man wasted no time in thrusting his cock sharply in and out of Matt's mouth, continuously verbally abusing Matt in the process.
Five long minutes later, Mr. Martin locked his fingers onto Matt's hair, yanking his mouth further down on his cock while thrusting his ass upwards. Screaming loudly, the man cried, "Yessssssssssssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, here, here uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, drink it bitch, I'm, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"
Matt felt the first thick jet of man juice as it blasted away, striking the roof of his mouth with awesome force. Jet after jets of thick gooey man cream shot into his bobbing mouth. Matt opened his throat and began swallowing. The taste was rather salty mixed with some bitterness, but he managed to force the thick globs down his throat as fast as the man could deliver it. As his cock unleashed one hell of a super sized load, Mr. Martin was blind as to his growling, grunting, rampage. Still screaming, damn near at the top of his lungs, the man cried out against all that had been bottled up inside of him.
Matt sucked and swallowed until there was no more cream to dine on, and the man's cock was nothing more than a limp noodle lodged inside his mouth. Matt was thankful for being able to suck the man's cock, but he was now feeling a bit left out for not feeling his cock root away inside his cock starving ass. As Matt continued to greedily suck on the man's cock, Mr. Martin eventually had to yank the boy's mouth away.
Once Mr. Martin's cock was out of his mouth, Matt stood up, standing before the naked man who was hissing with his every breath while doing his best to focus his eyes on the clothed beauty before him who had just sucked his cock so marvelously perfect.
Blowing out a long winded breath, Mr. Martin pointed his right index finger at Matt, then hoarsely barked, "Damn Matt, that was fucking incredible. Sorry for all the bad language, but I seem to have gotten lost in the moment. I hope you can accept my apology."
Matt, feeling somewhat disappointed replied, "No sir, that's okay. I kind of liked it, really I did!"
Mr. Martin sat in the recliner, legs still spread as Matt stood before him, perfectly still. Both speechless as their eyes journeyed over the others body. Mr. Martin cleared his throat, then nervously spoke, "Matt, I hope you can excuse me, but I've never been with another male before, but I'll give you this. You sure are one hell of a gorgeous young man! Would you honor and old man by removing your clothes? Now, I am curious as all hell to see what you are hiding in those shorts."
Matt kicked out of his shoes and quickly dropped his shorts. Just like he did for Tyler, Matt began modeling his nude form in hopes of seeing the older man's cock regain its erection. With his every turn, Matt's 5 inches of rock hard boy pride danced before Mr. Martin's eyes. Matt folded his arms over his head and began gyrating his hips from side to side, and back and forth. Mr. Martin saw the boy's tiny nuggets as they held close to the boy's body as he swayed and danced before him.
Staring at the boy with perverse eyes, Mr. Martin saw that Matt was totally hairless, and the longer he saw the slender hard young cock, the more his mouth began watering. If the show before him wasn't enough, he damn near had a heart attack when Matt turned his back on him, then bent way over, using both small hands to pry apart those creamy colored, perfectly shaped, ass cheeks, offering the man with a birds eye view of his tiny asshole.
Mr. Martin raised up in his recliner, forcing his face closer to where the boy's asshole was within a couple of feet, staring in passionate awe at such a glorious unexplainable sight. Even he didn't think something so tiny, lost in a small sea of creamy flesh, could be considered an asshole. His voice spoke what his mind was contemplating, "Holy shit Matt, do you even take a shit through that tiny thing?"
Standing back up and now facing the drooling older man, Matt seriously replied, "There's only one way to find out! You need to fuck me to see if I shit or not! Are you up to it? Can you make me beg for mercy as you fuck me with your big cock? Mr. Martin sir, make me your fucking bitch!"
Hearing the boy talk so dirty and seeing the boy's breath taking nude body made Mr. Martin's cock stand at full attention, much to Mr. Martin's very own surprise. Seeing the man's cock at full mass, Matt retrieved the bottle of "WET" and slowly, and ever so teasingly, smeared the clear slippery substance all over the man's rock hard chunk of soon to be ass invading meat.
Once the man's pole was all greased up, Matt wiped his slippery hands off on a tissue that was on the coffee table. Mr. Martin's eyes widened as Matt climbed onto his body, faces facing one another. Matt arched his body up so that Mr. Martin's bulbous cock head was now pressing against Matt's hungry asshole. Wincing and wiggling, Matt impaled himself with the man's cock and cried out once his anal walls sent a flood of fiery burning pain straight to his brain.
Matt tried to descend himself slowly onto the man's hard cock, but it was Mr. Martin who was a little more than impatient. When he felt the scorching heat and clamping anal muscles violently attack his cock, he had forgotten that this wasn't a pussy his cock was in, and actually being in the ass of a 13 year old angelic beauty. Draping his arms around the boy's shoulders and back area, Mr. Martin drove his cock all the way up Matt's anal canal, sending tidal waves of exploding rays of terrorizing pain throughout every square inch of Matt's body.
Holding the boy tightly, Mr. Martin began force feeding his cock in and out of Matt's asshole with thoughtless, passionate rage. Never before had he felt such burning heat, such aggression on his cock as to what he was now experiencing. Sharp inwards thrust, one right after the other, Mr. Martin slammed his uncut chunk of beef into the boy's ass ever so violently.
Though the pain was present, Matt knew eventually he would start loving the way the man's cock shot up inside of him. Matt placed the bend of his left knee over the edge of the right armrest, then fought to place his right one over the left edge of the armrest, locking his hands behind Mr. Martin's neck, holding his ass in position so that the man's thrusting cock plowed devastatingly in and out of his asshole.
Just as he thought, the pain quickly vanished from his body, finding Matt slamming his young ass onto the perfectly timed thrusts of Mr. Martin's cock. Matt cried, "Yeah, yessssssssssssssss sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, make me your bitch, make me your fucking bitch sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"
Mr. Martin held the boy that much tighter as he growled, "Yeah baby boy, I'm gonna fuck your sweet ass and fuck it gooooooooooooooooddddddddddd! Yeah, you pretty fucking boy bitch, take daddy's cock!"
The man's cock blazed in and out of Matt's humping ass faster than it had ever before. Mr. Martin constantly cried out as to the overwhelming tightness and searing heat literally that was slow baking his savagely thrusting cock. He could feel the boy's anal muscles, something he had never felt before, coil all over his cock, clamping down, squeezing profusely while forcing his meat deeper and deeper into unknown territory. As his cock jack hammered away, the man knew he had to look into the boy's angelic gorgeous face so he used his strength to push the boy backwards, and in doing so, found himself gazing into pure beauty.
Matt was clinching his teeth together while moaning in maddening pleasure, basking in the overwhelming feeling of having the man's cock root savagely in and out of his rectum. The man's eyes saw how the boy's jet black wavy hair flowed passionately in unison with his humping motions. Looking into the boy's glassy eyes, Mr. Martin was soon finding himself lost in a sea of conquering beauty. Yes, this boy was the most gorgeous the old man's eyes had ever seen. The precious facial expressions the boy was making while slamming his young ass onto his upwards thrusting cock was one in which no price tag could ever carry.
Mr. Martin saw just how tight the boy's stomach muscles restricted as the young beauty kept on bouncing up and down, lost in his own pleasures of being ravished by his cock. The five slender inches of jutting boy glory made Mr. Martin's right hand leave the boy's body and latch onto a cock other than his own for the very first time in his life. The sensations coursing through his hand was more than a bit stimulating as his fingers tenderly grasped the satiny smooth rod of heavenly pleasure. Mr. Martin had to take a deep breath, realizing the reality of now holding a 13 year olds beautifully hard cock within his very own hand, and, found himself liking it.
As the boy rode his cock like a cowboy riding a bull, Mr. Martin began jerking on Matt's cock, sending more and more rockets of mind exploding pleasures crashing throughout his already shaking body. With his left hand, Mr. Martin reached down and cupped Matt's hairless balls, moaning loudly as to the overall silky texture of such small items. Using his thumb, Mr. Martin began caressing Matt's cupped jewels, forcing Matt to cry out as to the additional sensations trickling through his sex starved young body.
The old man marveled over the way this young gorgeous angel was bouncing his little body up and down on his jack hammering cock. Matt was delirious with sexual energy, feeding himself pleasure as he rode the man's cock with wild and reckless abandonment. Matt was whimpering, grunting, and crying out as he slammed his cock hungry tight ass onto the rigid hard man meat below.
Mr. Martin, using his brute strength, holding on tightly to the boy, arched the two of them up from the recliner, cock buried balls deep, and placed the young beauty on his back onto the large softly cushioned sofa. Shoving Matt's legs way over his head, Mr. Martin began pile driving his throbbing ass packer in and out of the boy's miraculous ass like tomorrow would never come. In doing so, the old man couldn't rip his eyes off the young stunningly gorgeous beauty.
Matt cried out as Mr. Martin's cock drove itself home, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwdddddddddddddd yessssssssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee siiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, make meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your fucking boy bitch noooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"
In response, Mr. Martin, now gritting his teeth, said, "Yeah boy, fucking yeah! Feel that big cock rip into your sweet little ass! Yessssssssssssssss, baby boy bitch, take it, take it all! Call me daddy, call me your fucking daddy you little sissy ass bitch boy!"
Matt was slipping quickly into another world, relishing in the way the older man's cock was feeing him nothing but the purest pleasures he had ever felt. His ass was sore, but somehow, yet somehow, the old man's cock felt wickedly awesome rooting away inside his tenderized young ass.
Hearing the man's words, Matt screamingly cried, "Owwwwwwwwwwwwww, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yessssssssssssssss daddy, of fucking hell yesssssssssssssssssssssssss! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee, fuck your little sissy boy bitch daddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"
Be it from the words he had heard, or the words he screamed out, or even the old man's cock plowing his bowel system with the ferociousness of a crocodile, regardless, Matt's balled up body went into a full blown, mind bending, series of volatile convulsions as his cock began pumping globs of pure white snowy cum all over his chin and chest, and a few globs darted directly into Matt's open, heavily panting mouth.
Mr. Martin not only saw the boy's cock as it spat out jets of milky strands of boy cum, but as Matt's body went into its convulsing state, the boy's anal muscles savagely began attacking his thrusting cock. That was all it took for Mr. Martin's cock to unleash his third load of the day, which is something that hadn't happened in many a years. Mr. Martin began screaming as his cum rocketed out of his cock, sending thick chunks of man juice deep into the beloved little boy's anal oven.
The old man fucked the boy's awesomely tight ass until his own cock was nothing more than a limp slab of well used meat. As his flaccid cock plopped out of the boy's asshole, for whatever the reason, Mr. Martin, who was panting heavily, simply couldn't resist the urge to taste the cum that was still dripping from Matt's astonishingly gorgeous face. With a flick of his tongue, Mr. Martin scooped up a pretty good sized glob of Matt's fresh cum, then quickly dipped his tongue back inside his mouth. Never in his many years of living had he ever contemplated what cum would taste like, but the taste now sweltering all over his deeply shocked taste buds was something he quickly discovered he enjoyed, more so, loved.
By the time he was done, Mr. Martin used his tongue to lap up all of Matt's boy cream, grunting and growling like crazy as he relished the sweetened taste, mentally discovering his new addiction in life. Mr. Martin fought to stand on two very wobbly legs as he watched Matt roll himself into a seated position, then stand, only to find his own legs were rather rubbery.
Looking down at the boy beauty, Mr. Martin's shaky voice cracked, "My God Matt, how in heaven can I ever thank you for what we just did?"
Matt wiped his kissable lips, then softly replied, "Well Mr. Martin sir, we can do this again... Whenever you want me that is."
Smiling from ear to ear, Mr. Martin responded, "Matt, you have no idea how you just changed my life. My God son, you are truly the most gorgeous boy these old eyes have ever seen. (Looking down at his shriveled cock) And knowing I just was blessed with the utmost of treasures, that is your sweet ass of course, my pecker looks just as clean as it was before going balls deep in that incredibly perfect ass of yours."
Matt gave his respected thanks, then Mr. Martin, more nervous than anything else, hesitantly asked, "Matt, I just got to clear this out of my head, but I uh, I was wondering, if you uh, well, if you um, do you uhhhhhhhhhhh, shit! Here it goes Matt! Being that you are so flat fucking, breath taking, heart stopping, spine tingling, hair raising, cock hardening, ball stirring soooooooooooooooo absofuckinglutely gorgeous, do you even take a shit? I mean, I had my cock all the way up that mind boggling ass of yours, and just look at it, see, no shit trails whatsoever!"
Matt blurted in, "Well sir, being that I am now officially your little boy bitch, I guess you'll just have to invite me back over and see for yourself, now wont you sir?"
As Matt departed the front door, Mr. Martin felt his well spent cock stir once again. The boy that had just offered him his incredible ass was truly a boy not from this world, or so the old man convinced himself. He watched the boy walk down the sidewalk until he was no longer in sight. Going back over to the sofa, the same sofa he fucked the little boy's ass on, Mr. Martin leaned down and began smelling the small area where the boy once had his unclothed butt on. His toes curled as his mind told his every being that the aroma spewing heavily into his lungs was simply speaking, a heavenly scent.
Once inside his own home, Matt walked slowly up the steps to the second floor. This was his floor and his ass ached pleasingly from his recent anal pounding endeavor. Walking into his large walk-in closet, Matt found the perfect hiding spot for his new toy, the one Tyler had given him. Diving onto the bed, landing on his back, Matt's eyes closed as he replayed all the events that occurred on this glorious day. Both men, one being superbly well endowed, somehow or another actually thought he was incapable of taking a crap. Just thinking that perverse thought made him smile.
As his mind wandered, Matt's only thought was that tomorrow was another day, another day he would be completely consumed with being in the arms of a man. Not just any man mind you, but one who would happily feed his hungry ass more man meat! Just thinking about having some man fuck his ass senseless made Matt's voice ring out a long eloquent array of angelically soft moans.
Thank you,