I found an apartment that I could afford after the divorce was final. My ex got everything, leaving me to basically start a new life again. The apartment was the upstairs of a house that was divided into two apartments. When I moved in the downstairs was vacant. About three weeks later a single mother and her nine year old son moved in downstairs. Marie and Denny Walters. We greeted each other and figured out what was around, luckily the town center is a couple of blocks away within walking distance. So is the train station.

Denny is a good kid, just curious about everything, what I do for a living, do I have kids.

After a month or so Denny just got use to hanging around me. It was obvious he didn't have a father figure in his young little life, so the guy upstairs will just have to do. Marie works as a nurse at a nursing home, I work as a radiology technician at a hospital that is twenty miles away but right on the rail road track into the city, so my commute is easy, a couple of blocks from home and the hospital, which is a good thing since my car never seems to run, I am always fixing it, which gives Denny another reason to hang out with me.

Marie called me one evening, I was still on the train heading home. She needed a favor, she couldn't get a sitter for Denny and she had to go to work, someone called out, and she could use the overtime. I could relate to that. I said no problem I would be home in fifteen minutes, and would be happy to look after Denny for the evening. I asked if could he come upstairs with me or would she prefer that he stays in his apartment. She was okay either way, his bedtime is nine o'clock, and he can have a snack before bedtime. Marie left a few minutes before I got home so Denny was alone for just a short while. I knocked on the back door and his bright face smiled up at me.

I said "Hi Denny, grab some of your toys, we will go upstairs for a while to my place". "Okay, Mr. Max, mom said you are going to watch me tonight". "That's right Denny, I have some things I need to do, so you can stay with me, I can make us dinner upstairs also". I thought about when Marie would be getting home. I said "Denny lets get your pajamas as well". "Okay".

His little voice is so sweet, to match his smile and his sparkling greenish blue eyes. Denny is under four foot tall, brown hair, white teeth and about 50 pounds or so. He has a slender body.

I grabbed his pajamas under my arm, he grabbed a few things to play with, and I grabbed his teddy bear from his bed. "Aren't I going to sleep down here?". I said "Just in case you fall asleep upstairs". "Oh, okay" He put his soft little hand in my hand I walked him around to the side entrance to my apartment and we climbed the stairs together.

He put his toys down in the living room. I said "How about spaghetti and meatballs for dinner?". "Okay". I said "Denny, I need to take a shower, then I will make us dinner, then we will get you a bath, and we can play some games". He just smiled.

I turned on the shower, and went into the bedroom, Denny followed me around like my shadow. I undressed, not really thinking about a man getting undressed in front of a little boy that is not his own son. I walked back to the bathroom with my shadow two steps behind. I laughed and said "Denny if your going to follow me and watch me take a shower, maybe I should put you in the shower with me and we can save water and time". He just shrugged his shoulders at me.

Well I was looking forward to helping him take a bath anyway to see what he looked like naked. I said "Okay, arms up". I pulled his shirt over his head, looking at his smooth hairless chest, with the tiny little brown spots that someday would be his nipples. I undid his shoe laces and pulled his shoes and socks off his small feet. I undid his pants button and unzipped his fly. Denny had no problems with me undressing him, I pulled off his pants, then hooked his Scooby doo underwear and lowered them off his thin boy body. His little hairless circumcised penis bounced up and back down when he was freed from his constraints. His testicles were snug to his body. I said "Are you ready?". He just held up his arms for me.

I picked him up and put him on my hip and stepped into the tub and closed the glass door. I said "This isn't to hot is it?". "No, its okay". I put him down in front of me and got him wet head to toe. I took a handful of the liquid body soap and started to wash his chest, his innie little belly button. He started to giggle, "That tickles", I lifted his left leg to wash it, and then repeated the right leg. I washed his penis and balls very gently, which started to grow in my hand, I used my other hand to wash the crack of his tiny ass, I continued to play with his jewels. "That feels nice Mr. Max". I said "You like that Denny?" "Uh huh". He leaned back against me as his boyhood stretched away from his body. It got to 2 maybe 2 1/2 inches long and as thick as my forefinger. I washed his short brown hair and returned to his boyhood. I rinsed him off to get all soap off of him.

I moved him behind me so I could get under the water stream. I got more body soap on my hands and washed myself. Denny just watched me. My member was semi hard. Denny said "Your peepee is much bigger than mine, but it looks the same, Chris's looks different than mine or yours". I said "Does Chris's peepee have skin on the end, makes it look like a hood or a snorkel?". "Yeah, how did you know?". I said "Chris is natural, you and I were circumcised when we were babies, that means the doctor cut off the excess skin from our penises".

Chris is a cute blond boy the same age as Denny that lives in a townhouse on the other side of the fence in the back. I have wondered what these two would look like naked. Well one down on to go.

I washed my hair and rinsed off, I figured why not so I asked "Denny when did you see Chris's peepee?". "We were playing next to the tracks behind his house, and we had to pee so we did and then looked at each others peepee". I said "You shouldn't play by the tracks, the trains go by very fast, if you got hit you would be like a bug on a windshield". He lowered his head, "I know, mom would be upset with me if she found out. Chris's mom would be mad at us too".

I said "I won't tell her, but promise that you won't play by the tracks". "Okay". I turned off the water, opened the glass door and picked him up and put him down on the bath mat. I wrapped him up in a big towel and dried him off. He held the towel around him while I dried myself. I combed his brown hair, then put his pajamas on him. "Are you hungry?" "Yeah". I through on my pajama bottoms on and a t-shirt.

I made spaghetti with meat balls, and garlic bread for me, Denny wrinkled his cute little button nose at the idea of ruining a perfectly good piece of bread with garlic. Denny sat at the table with a little woody all through dinner, sticking out of his pajama bottoms fly. I so wanted to pick him up, rip his pajamas off of him and ravage his beautiful little innocent boy body.

I settled for the company of a wonderful boy that was starved for male attention. After dinner I cleaned up the dishes and he stayed right by my side. I turned on the computer, to check emails and pay some bills. Denny just climbed onto my lap, still with his woody sticking out. I touched his boyhood, running my finger over the tip "Denny is it okay that I touch you like this, I will stop if you want me too". "Its okay, I don't mind. I like the way you touch me". I knew I was playing with fire, but.

I moved my hand under his pajama top to feel his silky smooth skin on his tummy and chest. I moved my hand back down had his glans between my forefinger and my thumb. With just my fingertip I went down his small thin shaft to his tiny nuggets and back to his crown. I came backup to his almost non existent boy nipples. I looked at the clock and it was almost 9:00. I gave him some milk and a cookie before I tucked him onto the couch with his bear, a pillow and blanket. He hugged my neck and I kissed the top of his head. "Good night Denny". He crapped out on the couch. I turned everything off and sat in the recliner watching the boy sleep.

At 11:00 I picked the sleeping boy up, and carried him down to his own bed. The boy never stirred so I took a chance and unsnapped his pajama bottoms to reveal his now flaccid little boy cock, and sucked the sweet morsel into my mouth. I re snapped his pjs and tucked him in with his teddy bear. Marie came home at midnight.

"Everything ok?". I said "He was fine, I took him upstairs and he just shadowed me all night. He fell asleep upstairs and I brought him down here". "Max I cant thank you enough". She started to pull out her wallet to pay me. I said "No money please, it was a pleasure, I will sit for him anytime, I know what it is like to try to work and make ends meet. I don't know what the going rate for a babysitter is, but hey if you can get overtime just let me know, or send him up no charge". "Thank you Max". "Good night".

I went upstairs climbed in bed and had the best climax with visions of Denny in my head.

When I got home from work Denny and Chris were playing in the driveway in front of my car. Marie was also home. She came out the back door, both apartment entrances are towards the back of the house, "Max can I speak with you please". I said "Sure, let me put my stuff inside or you can come up if you want". She said "Boys stay in the back, don't go near the street". She followed me upstairs. I put my bag on the kitchen table.

She had a look of concern on her face. She said "Max, Denny told me that he showered with you last night, is that true?". I thought I was screwed. I said "Yes, he did, I had to shower and he followed me everywhere I went, I made a joke about saving water and he just shrugged and said Okay. I did not mean any harm by it, I was going to give him a bath after dinner, I figured he was alright with it so I just put him in the shower with me. I apologize if I should not have done that, and I will not do it again if that is your wishes".

She said "Don't you think it is wrong for a grown man to shower with a small boy?" I said "I use to do it all the time with my son Eric when he was that age, nothing sexual happened, I did not molest your son, I never got an erection. I just cleaned him up and put his pajamas on him. Then I made dinner, he watched me pay some bills, and he fell asleep".

Her tone changed. "Denny said the same thing you just did, I guess my first reaction, well you know. He did say one of you had a boner". "Yes he did, I did not, my son was the same way he always had an erection at bath time, as he got older he always had an erection. He is seventeen now so I'm sure he still does". "Where is your son?". "He lives with his mother, I don't like to air my dirty laundry but my ex wife has poisoned him against me. We haven't spoken since he was fourteen when our marriage was on the rocks beyond repair and had to end, he blames me for everything. I try to stay in contact with him but his mother won't let me talk to him. All I am to them is a means to money. Eric's grandfather is a powerful lawyer, and in his eyes I was never good enough for his daughter because I am not a lawyer or doctor or something".

She said "I'm sorry, I just don't want to see Denny hurt, he is a vulnerable boy". I said "Denny is a good kid, I will not harm him in anyway, he is also love starved for male companionship, I don't know your story and it is none of my business. Denny likes to hang with me and I like him around. He reminds me of Eric when he would help work on a car, or wash the cars with me, if you do not want me in contact with him I will abide by your wishes".

She said "I guess I was surprised when he saw you naked". I said "I didn't have much choice, I figured he would play with his toys while I showered and changed, he wouldn't leave me alone for a second, I am sorry, I will be more careful in the future if there is a future". "I am sorry as well. Denny really cares for you, I guess you mean him no harm. He can be with you. To be honest, I have an opportunity to make good overtime money. Since you have the two bedroom apartment and mine is a one bedroom if Denny stays with you, just put him to bed up here, if that is alright with you".

I said "That is fine, I have the second bedroom setup just in case Eric ever decides to come see his old man. Which he won't but there is always hope". She said "That is a shame, Denny never knew his dead beat father, it sounds to me that you are not a dead beat, but a caring parent. I also must insist on paying you". I said "Invite me for dinner once in a while, I hate cooking for myself all the time. And you might enjoy some conversation other than power rangers or Scooby doo cartons, strictly platonic speaking. I have a feeling Denny isn't the only one around here that is vulnerable". She smiled. "I will make you dinner, but I have to warn you I am a lousy cook". I laughed "I'm not, my ex has the idea in her head that we should have been able to afford a live in maid and cook, after all she is a princess with a powerful daddy, so one of us had to learn to cook".

"Can you take care of Denny tomorrow night, for now I have to go feed the little warriors, Sam and Liz are working late". "Sure I'll pick him up when I get off the train"

She left and I fell in the recliner. I can't believe you just got away with that. Another night filled with Denny in my dreams. I have to admit Marie isn't a bad looker either. Maybe a double feature, although little Chris might provide more fun as a double feature with Denny. Oh well just a dream.

I knocked on the back door of the lower apartment when I got off the train. Denny was sitting at the table doing homework. He beamed when he saw me. Granted he is young to be a latch key kid, but the school bus drops him off in front of the house and he stays inside the apartment after school until his mom gets home. Well now me as well. He came running to the door to unlock it ."Hi Mr. Max". "Hi Denny, how was your day at school?" He rambled on about his busy day in the third grade, boy life can be tough, classes, dodge ball, lunch, recess and then homework to boot. I had to smile he was just so damn cute. I said "Why don't you pack up your homework, I need to get laundry done, you can come with me and finish your homework at the laundry mat". He said "You better call my mom first, she doesn't want me to leave the property". "Okay, fair enough". Cute and smart too. I called Marie to get permission. I said "She said its okay, do you want to say hi to her?" He spent a few minutes on my cell phone with her, retelling his strenuous day at school.

I walked into their bedroom, to get clothes for him for tonight and tomorrow. They share a single bedroom with a divider between his bed and hers. I saw a laundry basket at the foot of his bed. Marie had a hamper at the foot of hers. I didn't think doing her laundry would go over well, but Denny's why not. I can throw his dirties in with mine. No big deal.

I went upstairs with my shadow and collected my laundry pile as well and put everything in the car, and drove the couple of blocks the laundry mat. I got the machines running and Denny pulled out what was left of his homework. He sat on my lap finishing his assignments. I moved the stuff to dryers and Denny broke out a coloring book to kill the time. When the dryers were done and the clothes folded I said "You getting hungry?". "Yeah, chicken mcnuggets and fries". I laughed "I have a better idea come on lets go home".

I put his clothes on his bed except for what he needed for tonight and he picked a few toys to play with and his bear. I made baked breaded chicken strips and baked french fries. No need for all the grease and garbage from McD's. I put out ranch, BBQ and honey mustard sauces for dipping. I said "Now isn't that better than McDonalds?". He giggled "NO, yours doesn't have a prize in the happy meal", which got him a good old fashioned tickling. "I'll give you a prize you little imp". He laughed and giggled and loved the attention he was getting. His laughter is so pure and sweet.

"I need to take a shower, then you can take a bath". "Why don't we shower together to save water again?". I said "Because your mom wasn't crazy about the idea of you and me in the shower together. I told her that my son did it all the time when he was your age, but for tonight, we will bath separately".

My shadow still never left me, he watched me undress and take a shower. He sat on the toilet lid while I showered and dried. I put on comfy style pajama bottoms and a t-shirt again. I got him up and stripped him while the tub was filling up. His little boyhood jumped to full length in no time at all. I turned off the water and picked him up and put him in the tub. I used the liquid soap starting with smooth chest and back and then his arms. He giggled and squirmed when I touched his underarms. He stretched out so I could lift each leg and soap it up going from his crotch to each of his toes. I washed his hair and rinsed it while he was still laying down in the water. I stood him up and turned him towards me to wash his little boy cocklet and his ass. He put his hands on my shoulders to steady himself. I cupped his hard little dick with one hand and had a finger in his crack with the other. Denny closed his eyes and rocked back and forth in the tub fucking my soapy hand. He sounded like a kitten purring. He opened his eyes and said "Should I stop?" I said "No baby, go ahead and make yourself feel good". He closed his eyes again. He slid in and out of my cupped hand, I spread his legs a little so I could touch his tiny balls and still have a finger in his crack. He stood there for a few minutes then said "I think I'm going to pee". I said "You're not going to pee, but go ahead, enjoy the feeling". His eyes opened wide and his little body shook with what I assumed to be his first dry climax. His knees started to buckle so I held him up at the waist with my arm while he finished himself off in my soapy hand.

I turned on the shower head and drained the tub to rinse him off. I picked him up and set him in front of me to dry him. His knees were still weak so I held him up. He said "It felt like I had to pee but nothing came out". I said "Not yet baby, not for a while, someday you will understand what just happened to you, for now just enjoy the feeling". He said "I'm not a baby". "I'm sorry, if you don't like me calling you that I won't. It was meant as a term of endearment". "A what?". "Never mind, I won't call you a baby anymore, okay?". "Okay". I put his pjs on him, combed his hair and said "We have about twenty minutes before your bed time, what would you like to do?". He got an impish grin on his face and said "You can read me a bedtime story". I said "I have a better idea, you read the story to me".

We settled on the couch and he picked one of his reading books, 'The Sword in the Stone', at least one of the hundreds of books written on the topic this one geared for his reading level. He read aloud about the adventures of young Arthur, he said "I would like to pull the sword from the stone, to bad we don't have one here". I thought to myself 'I know a sword you can pull on' but I didn't cross that line. I was content with the fact I had physical contact with a boy, see his wonderful body in all its glory and can touch him as well. Not to mention the dreams of him when I slept. Yes wet dreams of him. I have no intentions of becoming 'Bubba's bitch' in prison. I gave him his bedtime snack, he took a pee and I tucked him in for the night.

The thoughts of a really cute boy sleeping in the room next to mine, well I thought about trying to undo his pj bottoms and suck his dick again but I let it go.

A storm came through in the middle of the night, with heavy rain, thunder and lightning. Denny was at the side of my bed "Mr. Max, can I sleep in here with you?". I opened the covers and he climbed in next to me and cuddled with me. He was asleep a moment later. I could feel his warmth and his steady breathing, I put my arm around his small frame and dosed off myself.

The alarm woke me to soft jazz. Denny was still curled up to me. I got untangled from him and took a piss and started the shower. I woke him up when I was out of the shower and getting dressed for work. I got him dressed for school and we packed up his stuff and went downstairs to his apartment. Marie fed him cereal for breakfast, she offered me some as well. I said "I guess I need to get some cereals upstairs for Denny, I am not much of a cereal or breakfast person, I get a coffee and a bagel before I get on the train, speaking of which I need to get moving".

Denny said "Mr. Max, why do you shower at night, and then again in the morning. Aren't you already clean?". Marie chuckled. I said "Denny I shower and shave in the morning to be clean for work. In my job I touch people all day long, to take x-rays, MRI's, CAT scans, even chemotherapy, I work in a hospital so most of the people I come in contact with have some kind of ailment, whether it be a cold, pneumonia or a broken arm. I shower at night just to feel clean again. I bet your mom is happy that you bathe once a day, and for a boy that is fine. If you stop bathing and become a stinky little boy I will take the garden hose to you before you step one foot into my apartment. You never know what boys will get into, picking up frogs, playing in mud puddles, not to mention your dodge ball games at school, do you know what kids smell like after a dodge ball game, you look and smell like pigpen from the peanuts gang".

Denny was kicking his feet with fits of laughter. Marie said "Did that speech work with your son?". "Nope, but the second time around might be a charm, and yes I did turn the hose onto Eric more than once, he wasn't into dodge ball, more like mudpie wars. I don't know why I got the cleanup duty for the neighborhood, but I would hose the warriors down and send them home, Eric and his friend Kenny I would just strip down and toss them into the tub. With that I need to catch the train, I will see you later". As I was closing the door I heard "I like the way Mr. Max gives baths". "Come on get your stuff the bus will be here in a minute and I have to go to work as well".

I missed the express train and had to take the local train behind it, which put me at work 20 minutes late, which also brought on a conversation with my supervisor. With her it doesn't matter that it snows in the northern hemisphere, or commuter trains might be delayed, or earthquakes happen around the world, an x-ray is money for the hospital so a radiology technician must be at work on time. I did hit a soft spot when I said I was looking after a friend's nine year old son and I couldn't let him stay at the bus stop alone with any kind of good conscience with all the predators and creeps out there trying to do horrible things to our kids. She wanted to know if this was going to happen again and I said it might. I gave her a story about a single mother who is a nurse with a sick mother to care for as well as her son. She bought into my story enough to change my start time thirty minutes later, so if I had to take the local train I still could be at work on time, and make sure the child gets on the bus safely. She made the comment about owning a car and I responded that I own one and if I had to drive to work I would never be on time or here at all because I would have to push the thing twenty miles up hill both ways. Well it wasn't all bull shit, my car is crap, Marie is a nurse in a nursing home so there are sick mothers there and Denny is alone at the bus stop. I just didn't add the fact the stop is ten feet from the front of the house and he sits on the front porch, or waits inside until it arrives.

When I got home Marie and Denny weren't home so I showered and settled in on the balcony, at least I had some eye candy to look at, Chris and a couple other boys were playing in front of the townhouses, so I watched over the privacy fence as his slender body and blond hair ran around. The other two boys were on the chunky side, no grace, no smooth lines. I just got lost in my thoughts, I looked at the two chunks and thought, 'I'm sure they need baths but it wouldn't be any fun, now if Chris got into a mud fight with Denny, it just wouldn't be right to send him home all dirty like that tracking mud all over his mom's clean carpet, I certainly wouldn't do it to Marie, no the boys would have to be cleaned up properly, no matter how long it took. Well with nine year old boys, a brunette and a blond, in a tub it was sure to be splash time...yes I wear scrubs for work but they have to be clean and dry scrubs...

I was snapped out of my dream with car doors slamming below me. "Hi Mr. Max". I looked down to two smiling faces, I gave a quick wave in return. Denny was caring a large pizza box in his hands. Marie said "I didn't cook it but your welcome to join us". I said "Does it have garlic on it?" Denny wrinkled his cute little nose again and said "You're nasty" "No, how about anchovies?" Marie said "You are nasty, are you joining us for dinner or not?" I tried to be funny and said "Let me check my schedule, I am a very busy man". She said "Suit yourself, door is open". I grabbed two beers and was inside their place in less than a minute.

Marie said "Is one of those for me or do you plan on drinking alone, I prefer a glass, right side next to the fridge" I said "I have two more upstairs, if we plan on having more I will walk down and get some more". Denny said "Can I have one?". "Yes, in thirteen years when you turn twenty-one". We ate the pizza and chatted about our day and what was planned for the weekend which for me was nothing, as usual so I signed up for another shift at the hospital. Denny ate his pizza and smiled at Marie and I, swinging his feet back and forth on the kitchen chair, just a happy little clam. When he finished he got on my lap and I wrapped my arm around him. He reached out and took my beer bottle and took a swig and put it back on the table. I moved it out of his reach but Marie said "Its okay, he has a sip or two and is done, he knows he's not allowed, but I would rather he does it in front of me than behind my back. If he isn't going to get in trouble for it what's the fun in doing it".

"Interesting, Eric use to steal sips when he was young and his mother would reek havoc on both of us, now that he is seventeen I know he is drinking but his mother puts blinders on and it must be my fault. Bad genes". "Not to pry, but she doesn't drink?" "Oh no, she drinks, gets drunk, falls down, no problem". Marie said "I'm sorry but how did she get custody of your son?". "Daddy's money and his lawyer friends, I couldn't afford to fight the system. We were high school sweethearts, we went to the drive-in movies, things happened that we both agreed to, and nine months and a cheap ring later Eric was born. I finished school, got a job in a hospital cleaning, and talked to some people that got me into school for radiology and got me a job. I don't make great money but I always tried to take care of my family, still do. Big Daddy always treated me like dirt and I was never good enough for his little princess. He still treats me like I raped his daughter that night. Truth is she begged me, honestly I don't care about her at all, but the fact that she turned my son against me burns me to no end". I tickled Denny's ribs, "Since you are drinking my beer, please go upstairs and get the other two, unopened if you can handle that". "You're mean" Denny got down and went out the back door.

Marie said "I never thanked you for doing Denny's laundry, you didn't have to do that". "I know, I would have done yours but I figure that crosses the boundary of invading personal space, his was easy, it just went in the same loads as mine. Besides it was easy to tell his from mine, I don't wear Scooby doo underwear".

She changed the subject before Denny got back "Max are you working this weekend?". I said "I picked up 8 hours tomorrow 7:00 to 3:30". Marie said "We haven't known each other long, but Denny certainly likes you. I feel like I am imposing, but I have been invited away for a weekend, since you are working tomorrow though never mind, I will make other arrangements".

I said "Say what is on your mind, if you are asking if I can take care of Denny I can. I will be home by 4:00 or so, then he can stay with me, no problem".

"Thank you Max, I understand now and I can feel your pain, my relationships haven't been very good either, Denny's father abandoned us before Denny was born, since then I managed to put myself through nursing school and raise a young child. As you can understand we live by a string, meager nurses wages, small one bedroom apartment, well..."

You could hear Denny upstairs walking around from the floor boards creaking, and he only weighs 50 some odd pounds. I said "I get the picture, a little quite time and a weekend with mr. right, Denny will be fine, how much trouble can a couple of kids get into anyway".

Marie started to blush and said "I don't know about mr right, but I would enjoy a change from the ordinary for a little while, I don't have to be to work until Tuesday, If we leave after you get home tomorrow, Denny will be fine to get on the bus by himself on Monday morning, would that be okay". I said "Funny you brought that up about the bus..." I told her my conversations with my supervisor.

Denny came back with the unopened beers, and returned to his seat on my lap. I opened them and passed one to her. Denny took a few sips from my bottle. Marie told Denny about the weekend plans, he leaned back to me and smiled. She said "Max you seem to have an unbelievable knack with him. Why don't we go get some more beer or even better a bottle of wine and then you can show me your secret to getting a little boy to take a bath willingly. I usually have to force him into the tub, we can put him to bed and I would enjoy just talking to you a while".

I almost choked on my beer but I agreed. We walked the two blocks to the store and got some wine and beer, and headed back to the apartments. We went into theirs and I opened a bottle of wine. Denny took a sip "Yuck, that is nasty". Marie said "You've had enough anyway, come on lets get a bath". "No". "He's all yours".

I said "Arms up". He lifted his arms and I pulled his shirt over his head, I stripped him down as Marie started the bath water. His boyhood popped to attention once again. "Denny stop that" I said "Don't worry about it". He was being a little imp because mom was there but I managed to get him clean and dried off, with out getting too wet in the process. My dream was coming true except there was only one boy in the tub instead of two. I put his pajamas on him and we put him to bed, which surprisingly he didn't fight over. Marie and I went upstairs and sat on the balcony and talked we finished off the bottle of wine and said good night.

I got home from work and Denny was alone. "Mom just left about five minutes ago". "Okay, grab your stuff and make sure you have your key incase we need anything else". "Okay, oh mom said I should give you this". I opened the envelope, it had a house key, a signed paper saying I was caring for Denny, $100 and a thank you note. We grabbed his stuff and headed upstairs.

"Are you going to shower now?". "Yes I am". He stripped down and waited for me to join him I said "What you want a bath as well?". "No I am going to shower with you, save water remember. I know what mom said but what is the difference, I watch you shower and then you give me a bath". Who was I to argue with a nine year old.

His little 2 1/2 inch cut boycock popped to attention. I picked him up and put him in the tub, got him wet, and soaped him up. I didn't expect him to touch me. He held his hands out for me to pour the body soap into his hands. He reached up and soaped my chest, and my arms, then my legs and then my semi hard cock. As soon as he touched my cock it grew to its seven + inches. The feeling of having this boy holding my cock was amazing. He was doing his best to wrap his hand around my cock. He moved his hand from the base to the tip of my cut cock and then back down again. He just smiled at me "Is this okay?". I said "Denny you are doing great". I reached down for his boy cock and moved it back and forth and he matched the rhythm on mine. I said "Denny remember that tingle feeling you had and you thought you were going to pee?". "Yeah". I said "Well what you are doing to me right now is going to give me that tingly feeling as well, the difference is white stuff will come out of my penis okay, I don't want you to get scared by it". "Okay".

I could feel his pulse in his dick, I knew he just had his dry orgasm. I put my hand over his hand and pumped my cock until I shot my load and I hit him in the chest with it. The second shot landed on his arm, the third on his foot. We milked my cock until it was empty. I soaped him up again to get the cum off of him and washed his hair, I cleaned myself up and washed my hair as well. We rinsed off one more time and I turned the water off. I picked him up and cradled him to my chest. He hung on to my neck as I toweled us both off until I had to put him down to dry us the rest of the way.

I picked him back up and wrapped him onto my hip, just like carrying a toddler. My hand holding his weight by holding his slender little ass cheek. I said "Denny that was fantastic, I haven't felt that good in a very long time. I know you don't want me to call you baby, but I would like to call you something that would be a special name" I kissed his forehead and he wrapped his arms around my neck again. He said "Mr. Max, I guess its okay if you want to call me baby, just not around any of my friends, okay?". I kissed him again and said "Okay, and you don't have to call me Mr. Max anymore, just Max". I hugged him to me and he just squeezed harder around my neck. "I love you Max". "I love you too Denny, are you getting hungry". "Yeah". I put him down, combed his hair and mine. I started to boil water for raviolis and sauce. Denny stayed by my side.

"So what do you want to do for the rest of the weekend, my shadow boy?". "I don't know, can we go to a park or something, maybe Chris can go too". "Okay, lets just play it by ear and see what happens" We ate our dinner and I put in a movie for us to watch. Denny sat right next to me on the couch, then decided he liked my lap better so I wrapped my arms around his naked boy body and hugged him to my chest. He was starting to fall asleep so I made him brush his teeth and get ready for bed. He slept like an angel all night.

I made pancakes for us on Sunday morning. I said "Do you like airplanes?" "Yeah, I guess". "Have you ever been to the Intrepid air craft carrier in the city?". "No". "Well it is an WWII carrier and it is a museum now with all types of jets on it, we can take the train into the city and just see the sights". "That sounds cool Max, hey, that is what I am going to call you 'Cool Max'".

So that is what we did, rode the train into NYC, went to the Intrepid and got on a sightseeing tour bus around the city. Denny had a ball, and honestly so did I. When we got back to the house Chris was playing outside. Denny asked to go play with him and I said yes. I sat on the balcony with a beer watching them run around and play for the rest of the afternoon. They disappeared into Chris's house for a while and Denny came home for dinner time.

After dinner I gave Denny a bath and put his pajamas on, and I changed into my pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. Denny started to read the Sword in the Stone again when he was sitting on my lap. He reached down and pulled my cock out of the fly of my bottoms which took no time at all to inflate with blood. I returned the favor and played with his stiff boy cock at the same time. He said "I really like playing with your wiener Max, and I like you playing with mine it feels really good, can we make the white stuff come out again, its fun to watch".

I turned off the TV and lights and picked my little baby up and carried him to my bed. I took his pajamas off of him and then dropped mine on the floor on top of his. I said "Denny can I give you a special kiss?". "Uh huh". I kissed his forehead, I kissed his nipples and I kissed the tip of his cock. "Is it okay Denny to touch you like this, I will stop if you want me to". "No its okay, I like it". I sucked his 2 1/2 inch cocklet into my mouth and licked his shaft and crown. His breath sucked in "Whoa, you just put my wiener in your mouth". I pulled off of him, "I don't want to scare you Denny, I want to make love to you". He said "Its okay, it feels great, I just wasn't ready I guess". I returned to his cocklet and continued to suck him off. He grabbed my hair and bucked his hips trying to get more of his young body into my mouth, he had his dry climax in my mouth. I could feel his cocklet twitching against my tongue. I pulled off of him and we watched his boy cock twitch in the air.

"Max, that was greatest feeling I have ever had" I kissed his forehead again. "You're welcome baby, but you have to promise me not to tell anyone, otherwise I will get in trouble and go to jail, I love you Denny and I want to make love to you, teach you how to make love, give you all the sensations your body can handle". "I won't tell Max, I promise. I love you, I love your special kiss, our special kiss"

I rolled over on my back and Denny reached for my seven inch cut cock. I guided his hand to the crown and he wrapped his fingers around it, I wrapped my fist around the shaft just below and touching his small hand. I started to stroke my cock and he matched my movements. "Squeeze the head a little baby, that's it help Max to cum so you can see the white stuff come out, that's it, that feels good baby". I moved him around. "Let Max have your wiener again, I can give you special kisses at the same time". He moved and I pulled him on top of me and sucked his little dick again. He returned his and to my cock and I continued to stroke it. "I'm gonna give you a kiss too". He kissed the head of my dick like a peck on the cheek. He put his hand back and waited for me. We stroked my cock and he would squeeze the head. He had another climax in my mouth and I shot my load. I hit him in the face with the first volley. the rest ended up on our hands. After we came down I cleaned us up with a wet washcloth, put his pjs back on him and put him to bed. I wasn't far behind him in sleep.

In the morning I made sure there wasn't any leftover cum on him, fed him and put him on the bus and started the walk to catch the local train to work.

When I came home there was a car pulling out of the driveway and turned away from me. It looked like a blond female driving but it was hard to tell. Marie had just gotten back and Denny came flying out of the apartment and hugged me. I said hello, and asked how the weekend was. Marie said she had a great time and thanked me over and over for watching Denny for her.

She said "So what did you guys do?" Denny said "Max and me took the train into the city, we saw all kinds of cool airplanes, and the ship". Marie corrected him "You mean Mr. Max and I went into the city". Denny said "Okay, Max and I". "Mr. Max Denny, not just Max, he is an adult, you are a boy so you use a name with respect". Denny started again but she cut him off. I said "I told him he could call me Max, Mr. Max is so formal". She wasn't buying it "Young man you do not call me Marie, so you don't call Mr. Max just Max". Denny looked at me for support. I just shrugged my shoulders at him and said "Something's aren't worth fighting for, if we are outside or around other people call me Mr. Max, if you happen to slip up and call me Max we will have to come up with some suitable punishment, would tickling your son be an appropriate punishment Ms. Walters". "Oh your a lot of help, I am trying to teach him manners and respect". "Sorry Marie, I am not going to lose sleep over it one way or the other. Friends call their friends by first names, unless you live in a society that is stuck up and snobbish, and looking around where we live I don't think its us. I consider Denny and yourself friends, manners and respect I can understand, Denny minds me, does as I ask, he doesn't have to call me Sir or Mister to show respect to me". I looked at Denny "That only goes for me, if you start calling other adults like Chris's parents by their first names I doubt tickling will be the punishment you will receive" "Yes Mr. Max". "See, now everyone is happy again".

Marie said "Would you like to stay for dinner, I am making a pot roast". "If this is a formal invitation then I accept, I do need to clean up first and I will supply a bottle of wine to go with the fine feast". I came back downstairs twenty minutes later. "Anything I can do to help?" "Pour me a glass of wine and get Denny to do his homework would be great". "Come on get your homework out, you sure I can't help?" She said "No, I can handle this, its the least I can do for taking care of him".

Denny did his assignments and asked me questions, I helped but wouldn't give him the answers. Marie served dinner and Denny told his stories of the weekend, going into the city, hanging out with me, everything. He did omit the parts of showering together, jacking my cock off, and the special kisses. A good weekend was had by all. I did find out a vital piece of information though, Marie was indeed a lousy cook. What was suppose to be a pot roast was a burnt meat substance thing and the potatoes had enough salt to put a pro football player into cardiac arrest. I say that because our landlord that owns the house plays for the NY Jets.

After dinner I did the dishes with Denny's help. Before the two could argue about his bath I said "Denny, please go get a bath ready and get ready for bed. I will be right in to help you" "Yes Mr. Max". Marie and I tucked the angel into bed and I said goodnight to her and went upstairs.


The weeks started go by quickly with a somewhat normal routine, I would work extra hours when I could and Marie did the same. Maybe once a week Denny would spend the night or at least a couple of hours with me. We would hang for a while after work and school but he mostly slept in his own bed. He still gave his mother a tough time for baths, but not for me.

When Denny was with me our bath or shower times were always together. I would get to give him special kisses two or three times before he had to got to bed, sucking his little cocklet that was forever hard, god bless him, I think the only time it wasn't at attention was when he slept, or maybe at school. His special kiss for me was still the same, he would kiss the head of my dick like a peck on the cheek. He doesn't open his mouth and I have no intention to force him to do so, he does like to see the stuff come out.


One Saturday Denny was over at Chris's playing with a couple of other kids, I was replacing the starter in my car, surprised that my shadow wasn't trying to help, but a game of tag is more important sometimes. I could hear the ruckus, but unless you are on the balcony of my apartment to see over you can't see through the privacy fence except for the broken boards in the corner that the kids can slip through. I heard Chris's dad Sam Olsen say "Denny is your mom home?" "No, she is working today and tonight". "Who is watching you then?" "Well you are now, but Mr. Max is, he's working on the car".

"Max are you over there?" "Yeah, give me a second". I got out from under the car. "What's up Sam?". "Hey our babysitter just called and can't make it tonight, she is sick, I am in a jam, its our anniversary and Liz and I have plans, out for a nice dinner, romantic evening, can you take care of Chris for a few hours tonight?". I said "Denny is staying with me tonight anyway, so can Chris, pack him clothes and enjoy your anniversary, I can handle the two of them, if Chris gets too out of hand I can always toss him from the balcony and I should be able to clear the fence". "Thanks Max, I owe you one" "No problem, enjoy yourselves". "Chris you are staying with Denny and Mr. Max tonight you be a good boy and don't give Mr. Max any problems". "Okay dad, cool its a sleepover".

I certainly planned on enjoying it, dream boy number two is sleeping over in my apartment with my dream boy Denny, my baby boy. I might not be able to give special kisses tonight but I had all intentions of finding out what this blond Adonis has hidden away. After all 'Tag' is almost as strenuous as 'Dodge ball' and we can't have sweaty, dirty little boys running around.

Sam dropped a bag over the fence after Denny and Chris came through the broken boards. I still had to get the new starter installed so I got back under the car, I had two beautiful faces looking down watching me work. I reconnected the battery and turned the ignition, what a concept a car that will start for a change. I packed up the tools and closed up the car.

I led the boys upstairs and washed the engine dirt from my hands. "Chicken is for dinner, I can make chicken fingers, do a stir fry with veggies and rice or chicken parm with pasta, what sounds good to you guys?" After much debate they decided on the stir fry. "I need a shower, wash your hands and I will start dinner as soon as I am out of the shower, you guys can help with dinner. If you want I will bring the x-box up from downstairs". Chris said "You don't have an x-box of your own?" "No, I am not much of a gamer Chris, make yourself at home". Chris looked around the apartment and picked up a picture "Who's this with you?" "That is Eric, he's my son, he was twelve in that picture, he's seventeen now" He said "How come we have never seen him?". A knife went through my heart, twisted by an nine year old. "Its complicated, I'll be out in a few minutes".

I opened the shower door and the two of them were in the bathroom taking a pee. Denny said "Sorry Max, um Mr. Max we couldn't wait any longer". I saw Denny's package but Chris had his back to me and tucked it away before I could see it. Oh well soon enough. Chris got a good look at mine. I dried and dressed in sweat pants and a tee.

They washed their hands again and I started to cut the chicken and each boy helped with the veggies, I was behind a boy had a hand over theirs as we cut veggies, one hand on the knife the other holding the veggie making sure they didn't cut a finger off. Everything went into the fry pan and they took turns helping to stir. I was right behind each boy making sure they didn't get burned in the process. Dinner was served. Denny said "Mr. Max you should teach my mom how to do this, just like you showed us". Chris said "Huh?". Denny said "Mom isn't a very good cook, Mr. Max is much better".

After dinner was cleaned up I got Denny's xbox and hooked it up and the boys played for an hour or so. When the game was over I said "Okay, bath time, you can play again later". Chris said "Bath? I have to take a bath?". "You can take a shower if you like" Denny said "Come on its fun, we can take a bath together, Mr. Max is great at giving baths". Chris's modesty was holding out. I had Denny in front of me "Arms up". I stripped him in front of his friend. I got the water going and his boy cock jumped to life again. "Chris I can't or won't force you to take a bath, but you smell like you need one". Chris looked at his naked friend with a boner, his modesty started to cave in. "I guess its okay".

"Arms up". I pulled his shirt over his head revealing his silky smooth chest, his completion was even lighter than Denny's. He did the rest, turning his back to me hiding his prize but revealing his tight little pale white ass, the globes the size of good sized oranges or small grapefruits. Definitely something to make a meal of. I could sense the boys shyness so I said "You boys can handle this, if you need help let me know". Denny said "I like you giving me a bath". I said "I know Denny but Chris is uncomfortable with me in the bathroom, just make sure you both get clean". I left the door open and stepped out of the bathroom, and leaned against the wall in the hallway listening to them get in the tub and splash and giggle for the bath.

I got Denny's pjs and went through Chris's bag and pulled out his pjs as well. I put the pjs on the toilet seat but couldn't see anything because they had closed the glass panels. They were definitely having fun, you could see their frames stretched out one on top of the other bellies down through the textured glass. I couldn't tell which one was on top but one had a boy dick in the others ass crack humping away, well I don't think it was penetration but I could be wrong. They switched positions and the other boy did the same thing. Neither of them had a clue I was watching them. I said from the hallway "I said get clean, not become prunes your pajamas are on the toilet seat". They emptied the tub and I could hear them drying off. Chris said "Where are my underpants?" Denny said "I don't wear underpants with pajamas". "Oh, okay". The boys came out dressed in pjs and a smile you couldn't erase. I combed both boys hair and then they returned to the xbox for another round of games.

I pulled a sheet, pillow and a blanket out for Chris to sleep on the couch. Denny said "We can sleep together in the bed, we're small enough to fit". "If that is what you want to do, how about you Chris?". "Its okay with me". I put the blanket and sheet away and tucked the two little angels into bed. I closed the door leaving a crack open so I could hear them if there was a problem.

I fell asleep in the recliner thinking of the boys in the tub. I was woken by a boy crying, I went into the room. "I'm sorry Mr. Max I didn't mean to". "Chris what is the matter?" The boy hung his head in shame and sobbed. I pulled the covers down and he had wet the bed. "I can't help it", tears running down his face. "Its okay Chris come on, you too Denny". I pulled off both boys pajamas that were wet. Chris couldn't hide from me this time. His flaccid little boy dick and balls in front of me. I washed them both with a warm wet cloth. Chris got a boner as I washed him, his foreskin was a helmet with the tip of his crown sticking out of the end. He was about the same size as Denny about 2 inches sticking out from his body and balls high and tight. Chris still crying "I'm sorry". "Its okay Chris, no harm no foul". I picked the boy up and hugged him he wrapped his arms around me until he cried himself out. "Mom gets mad at me when I pee the bed, she says I'm to old to wet the bed, now I did it with my friend in the same bed and at your place". I wiped his tears away. "Chris, its okay, I am not going to get mad at you and neither is Denny". Denny said "Its alright Chris, I will never tell anyone". I picked Denny up with the other arm to join the group hug. Chris still sobbing said "Mom makes me wear special underpants to bed, I didn't want to tonight because Denny will say I wear diapers and make fun of me. Mom will never let me go on a sleep over again".

"Chris your mom will never know you had an accident tonight. And I don't think Denny will make fun of you either, now both of you try to empty your bladders and you can sleep in my bed". I put them down so they could pee. Denny said "Chris, you are my best friend since we moved here, so is Max. If you have to wear diapers on a sleep over then I will too". Chris sobbed "Your my best friend too Denny, I am glad you moved in". The boys hugged each other rubbing their hard little cocks together and didn't care that I was there. I tucked them once again into bed. "Where are you going to sleep Max?" "I'll sleep on the couch tonight, good night boys". "Good night Mr. Max".

I looked through Chris's bag again, sure enough large diapers were on the bottom of the bag and rubber pants. I stripped the bed and tossed the sheets and the pjs into the hamper. In the morning neither boy was shy about walking around naked in the apartment. I made French toast for them, got them dressed and sent them home. I went to the laundry mat to wash my stuff and the boys clothes as well. Later in the day Sam and Liz thanked me for watching Chris, Liz said "He didn't come home with his bag, do you still have it?" I said "I do, I washed his and Denny's clothes with mine and put his stuff away with Denny's incase he needs to stay over again, he was a joy to have over". Sam said "Um, what about". "Didn't need them, he was fine, I put them away with the rest of his stuff". "Thanks Max, I wasn't sure how things would work out, Chris is sensitive about the subject, doesn't want his friends to know". "Know what?" "You're a good man Max, see you later".


It didn't take long before I became Chris's sitter as well. Denny and I knew his secret about wetting the bed, but he didn't know ours. When Chris was around there were no special kisses. Well at least not from me. Denny and Chris got very good at special kisses with each other and spent most of the time in the apartment naked rubbing their little boy cocks together. Denny was true to his word and wore a diaper to bed along with Chris.. I talked to a doctor at the hospital about Chris and his problem and he agreed to check him out, they gave him a moisture monitor alarm to wake him up. It was a couple of months but Chris stopped wetting the bed all together. He was just a happy little boy, no more diapers at bed time. Sam and Liz were also very thankful for my efforts and care of their son.


One night Denny was staying with me, it was pouring outside, Denny was jerking my cock and had his lips open and on the tip of my dick, his new version of a special kiss. He could suck Chris's boycock, but not mine. Which was fine with me. He just wanted to see the stuff come out.

There was a knock on the door. I put my sweats on and Denny put his pjs back on. I went down the stairwell to answer the door, Denny was right behind me.

"Hi dad, can I stay here tonight".

"Eric, come in you're soaking wet, what are you doing here?" I let the boy in.

Denny said "Eric, why do you hate your dad? I love him. I wish he was my dad"