By: Max the Cat


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Part 1: Surprise!

Merton Mac Bride sat behind his computer. The middle aged man talked to young boys without meeting them, at first. He liked to see just how far he could get a preteen or young teen to go. Recently he had been on line with a young English boy named James.

Each used a web cam as they got to know each other. James was almost 13 and felt he was gay. “Why do you feel that you're gay?” Merton asked. “You know you just might be searching for your identity?” James sat back, he wore no pants and was fully erect as he displayed his uncut obi-cock, which was a nice size for a boy his age.

Merton all I was to see is naked men, I want to see them having sex and I want them to have sex with me!” Merton then asked “well just how many men have you had sex with, James?” Holding his cock in his right hand and jerking it. He said “really?” Merton said “yes, really?” James blond head hung down, “None, yet, but I have plans!” Merton chuckled.

Merton stood up and took off his robe. He was fully erect and he heard James hold his breath then said “you have a very big one, the head is like a walnut, wow!” Merton skinned it back and forth and produced a bead of precum. He kept his eyes on the boy who licked his lips. “You cum Merton?”

Merton shook his head and said “no James it's precum, a lubricant you use when two people fuck!” He heard Oh, ooohhh wow!” James was jacking off fast, he was very turned on by what he was looking at, a naked man in front of him, a man with a big erection.

James's cock opened at the tip and shot forth bolts of boi-cream which splattered on his naked chest and some pooling in his belly button. He sat back exhausted from his cum. Merton slowly jacked himself. James blue eyes bobbing up and down as he anticipated Merton shooting his own cum on his body. The man continued to jack off. James was getting another erection.

Heavy breathing by Merton made James move forward as he watched the man begin to rapidly wank. James licked his red lips over and over again. It was so erotic when the cock shot forth creamy sperm, James would catch it in his mouth. “I-I-I-I'm cuming James watch me shoot!”

The purple walnut opened up at the tip and hot sperm shot out. Into the air creamy wads of semen went up and then landed on Merton's body. James's blue eye followed each splattering of the man's gooey cream. James was again jacking off. “Gee Merton you really cum a lot, so much spooge?” Merton caught his breath. “You looked like your were trying to catch it thru the screen?”

The each signed off. Merton got an email from his boss, who was based in London. “NEED YOU HERE FOR A MEETING ON 15TH THRU 20TH, BOOKED AT THE METROPOLE ROOM 215, YOUR FAV............Claude!


Claude Dubious read Merton's email as he took a long drag on his cigarette. “I can always use new talent. This business thrives on new meat for a man's pleasure, besides the the hotels would be jumping for the Big 12 government meetings and he would have to have a big supply of ready boys for the politicians pleasure, what a life, ready boys seemed to be limitless!” He said as he looked up at the ceiling!

Merton booked his flight on BA and went out for some purchases he'd need for his trip and meetings. Since B.T.W. had purchased the business and left Claude in-charge of the of the British Isles video productions, and providing Pleasure boys for in home use. The world may be in recession, but sex was never in a recession! He chuckled “men needed sex, he certainly did!”

Merton logged on and instantly a naked James was sitting before him. “Now that's the best sight a man can have James, your a beauty!” James could be seen blushing. Merton said “sweetie I'm gonna have to cut this a bit short?” James lost his smile “why?” Merton smiled inside, but led with a frown. “I have a business meeting in your country, have to be there on the 15th!”

James “you mean London?” Merton nodded and said “yes, my boss want's me there, I've never told you but I work for B.T.W. and there will be lots of politicians in your country for major meetings?” James really didn't hear that, just Merton would be in London. “Where will you be staying, Merton?”

Merton sat back. “I have a room at the Metropole, when ever I'm in London I stay there and always room 215, just a quirk of mine, love the view, almost as good as looking at you in all your naked beauty, say maybe we could have lunch, would you like that, James?” James nodded and said “I would love that, but how will I know when?” Merton said “I'll send you an email on the time and day, OK?”

James said that would be fine and stood up, turned around and bent over. He took his hands, grabbed each butt cheek and split them wide. He tried to open up his virgin anus, but the virgin hole was tight. Merton looked and thought how great it will be to pluck this boys cherry, he had big plans for James, just James didn't know it?

Merton caught the BA and settled in for the long flight. He ordered a scotch and soda and relaxed for a while. The flight was tedious, but then all that take one to a series of business meetings is tedious. He jacked in his computer and caught up on some correspondence. The man next to him was out like a light. He perused the group of boys employed by Claude and observed the new DVD;s coming out.

Claude's favorite was a black named Armand. The boy was a very popular porn-star in Claude's stable of boi-whores. Merton wondered when James would star opposite Armand in a video, Merton would want a copy of that, but then he was putting the cart before the horse. Every new boy coming into Claude's clutches found themselves either on all fours or on their back taking very big cocks, and Armand did have a very big black one.

Finally even porn became boring and he turned off the computer, closed his eyes and went off to a sexually filled dream land. James seemed to be the star. He was shaken by a stewardess “please fasten your seat belt sir, we are about to land at Heathtrow!” Merton quickly fasted up and she said “thank you sir!”

He landed and streamed thru customs. He spied a black man holding a sign with his name on it. His driver placed his two bags in the trunk of the Mercedes and sped him thru traffic to his hotel. His room was ready, 215. He loved the view from the room and always tried to get it when in London.

Merton relaxed on his bed and scanned his email. There was one from James: “Are u in London yet, can we meet?” He made a reply that he had a meeting the following day, but maybe the next they could have lunch? There was a quick reply “That would be nice, did you get your fav room?” He again replied: “Yes, was lucky to get my room, how about around 11 for lunch?” Again a quick reply “great, 11, cya!”

The meeting was dull and tedious, but to Merton all were dull and tedious. Finally the meeting was through and Claude escorted him to his taxi “Merton have you met your young friend yet?” Merton thought of James, Claude was already thinking of the boy and how he could be used. “Maybe for lunch tomorrow, we'll see?” Claude nodded “well work on it, I can use a fresh face!”

Merton took the cab back to his hotel and ate in the hotel restaurant, then hi the sack. The time change was taking it's toll on his sleep pattern. In the meeting he had a hard time staying awake. He got up in the middle of the night, then around five fell asleep once again.

He got up late and showered. There was a rap on his door and he put the hotel provided robe on and answered the knock. James stood in front of the door. “Hi Merton, it's I. James!” he let the boy in and then hugged him. To his surprise James kissed him on the lips, a red tongue probed the inside of his mouth, he began to harden.

He broke the embrace and stepped back to look at the boy. “My god you are a beauty, James. Let me finish shaving and we'll get lunch! James smiled and nodded. Quickly Merton was back in the bathroom shaving and hoping his shaky hand didn't cut his throat.

He finished by brushing his teeth. The walked back into the bedroom and stopped dead in his tracks. James lay on the bed, naked as the day he was born. James was stroking his uncut penis. “Maybe I can be lunch, Merton?” Merton was having a hard time speaking. “Merton would you be my first, would you fuck me?”

Slowly Merton approached the boy on his bed and opened his robe. He was now as naked as James. The small fingers on James hand wrapped themselves around the man's 7 inches of very rigid cock. He pulled Merton to his mouth and planted his pink lips. His red tongue snaked out and licked the precum off the tip.

The boy's red mouth sucked in the head and another inch of the throbbing staff. “You suck cock like you've done it before, James?” The boy grabbed Merton;s saliva laden cock and said “I've sucked a few, but I've never been fucked, I've sucked three not counting yours!” The cock was returned to the boys wet oral orifice.

Merton disengaged his cock from the boys mouth, “Come on lets get that boi-pussy ready for your first cock, come with me.” In the bathroom Merton used the red bag on James, then filled him with lube. On his way back to bed he took a large towel and laid it on the bed. He layed James on the towel and nestled next to the virgin.

Merton began kissing James deeply, his hands roaming the boy's fresh body. His lips licked the boys ears, neck and sucked each nipple. He took the nipple tips and lightly bit them, all the time his hand held the ample boi-cock, his thumb rolling the penis head. James squirmed and moaned, his passion rising with the hand and mouth activity.

Morton's mouth inched to the boys throbbing cock while his fingers found the virgin anus and played with the hole. One finger inched it's way up and into the lubed channel, the one finger became two. A rapid in and out of finger fucking prepared James for what would be the losing of his virginity and and opening into the new world of man/boy sex.

Ooohhh when are you going to do it to me, when?” Came from the boys mouth. Merton got between the thin legs and spead them wide. Holding his ready cock he rubbed the flower ripe for his picking. He bent forward and deep kissed the boy, then pushed against the very tight ring.

At first the anus refused him entry, but he pushed harder and the head of his rampant cock punched thru and into the tight passage he plunged pushing harder and probing deeper until his ball sac slapped James's ass cheeks, he rested and kissed the stunned boy more.

James was in a bit of shock, the foreign flesh had stretched him wide and his boi-pussy held the invader tightly. Merton began a slow and methodical in and out movement as he fucked James for the first time in his young life. Ever so slowly James pushed back in the man's rhythmic fucking of his anus, the faster Merton fucked him the harder he pushed back.

Merton tightly held James's penis, the thumb continued it's exciting roll of the red mushroom shaped boy's cock head. James was breathing more and more rapidly. He was going to cum, he couldn't believe the cock in him kept up it's pounding, and his own cock was swelling and began to spit out creamy wads of boi-honey that coated Merton's finger tips.

Fuck me harder, please fuck me harder, god this is great, I knew it would be great.” Merton pumped harder and brought his cum laden finger to James's mouth “suck off you cum baby, taste yourself!” Quickly James sucked off the sperm covered fingers while Merton's cock began to get even bigger inside of his ravaged and reamed body.

Merton was fucking James like a mad man, he felt his cum building. Suddenly the eye in the head of his cock opened and splashed gobs of hot man cream. It pelted the insides of the boy's widened channel. James could feel the hot goo hit up and then slide out and down the crack and make a creamy puddle on the white hotel towel.

Merton lay a top of James, his cock depositing it's last shots of hot semen inside of the well reamed hole. James was stunned. To him his first fuck was wonderful. He whispered into Merton's ear “thank you, when can we do it again, I think I love it, I do love fucking!” Merton thought to himself: “bingo!”

He rolled onto his back and closed his eyes. He felt warm lips surround his deflating cock. Looking at James as the boy licked and sucked his cock clean. He grabbed his cell and began clicking the camera and took pictures of James as the boy nursed on the hardening flesh. “Claude will love these!”

He put the cell back on the nightstand and ran fingers thru the boys messed up hair. “suck it James, you are very good, a good cocksucker. James looked up smiling with cum laced lips. “Does it feel good Merton, you like my sucking of your cock?” Merton smiled “James you just keep doing what your doing it couldn't be better.” James smiled and sucked the man's cock back in his mouth and sucked to his hearts content.

Merton began to tingle and throb, another cum was on the horizon. He began to push up and deeper into James's mouth. Twice James gagged when Merton pushed his cock into the boys throat. Tears streaked James's cheeks, but James sucked harder and deeper trying to suck in as much cock as he could. Merton groaned and moaned.

Ooohhh James suck it harder I'm going to cum, suck me, swallow me, please?” He held James by the back of the blond head and exploded, shooting a hot, creamy blast filling the boys mouth with cum!” James swallowed and sucked draining Merton balls of the gooey elixir! With cock still in his red mouth, James smiled at Merton knowing he had done a good sucking of the man's cock!

Merton and James showered together. Drying off “where do you want to have lunch, sweetie?” James thought for a minute. “They just opened a new Burger King close by, how about that?” Merton thought “Burger King, OK I guess, why not!” As they left he texted Claude: “the Burger King close by, a new one!”

Claude got the text and smiled. He hurried there to see the new prize that Merton was breaking in for him. He had already made plans for James first DVD, his second and his third, plus the boy would be working the hotels for him, and just maybe James had friends that could join him?”

They ordered and took a seat. James was devouring his Double Whopper with Cheese, fries and cola. Merton ate a salad, his only meat sat along side him. “Merton here you are, is this the boy you told me about, he is a beauty?” Claude had found them. He sat his tray down and introduced himself to James.

Claude Dubious Merton's boss and friend and you must be James, correct?” James blushed and was surprised the man knew who he was. “Yes, Merton I like!” Again James blushed, for once he seemed to be the center of attention. Claude emptied two sugars and three creams in his coffee. “I make a soup of my coffee, you can see Merton doesn't approve, he's such a health nut, aren't you Merton?” Merton only nodded and smiled.

Claude looked James up and down. “I say Merton he would look lovely on film, don't you think?” Merton again nodded. James asked “Film, pictures?” Claude smiled broadly and petted the side of the boys face. “yes, I make DVD's and if you could use a good deal of spending money and of course hot fun, here's my card, please call, I know I could put you in a video!”

James looked the card over. CLAUDE DOUBIOUS PRODUCTIONS! Merton interjected “I told you that I worked in the film industry, this man here just made a wad of cash selling his enterprise to Boi Toi World Wide, then was put in-charge of their England/American/South American Operation, right Claude?”

Claude smiled at James “Guilty as charged, but it is so much fun and our boys do make out very well, wouldn't you say Merton. Fun, travel, education and of course good finances!” James just sat there in awe of what he was hearing, dollar sign's were running thru his head, money was one thing he had little of!

Claude finished his lunch, bent over and kissed James's cheek “I hope you call, you are a gem, really, I can make you such a star in my industry, bye?” He gave Merton a thumbs up, then stopped “You will be departing tomorrow right, Merton?” Merton said he was. “Please call Hawaii for me, I want you to go there and look over the place, Brussels wants to renovate, but the reports are not there as of yet?”

James sat in his room holding the business card. Merton had left for the states. Should he call or not? Finally the temptation took over and he called. “Hello Claude Du Biouis Productions, how can I direct your call?” The voice of a young man asked. “My name is James and Claude gave me this card to call him with, can I talk to him please?” He heard “hold please?” Music took over and quickly Claude answered. “James my boy, I'm so hoping you wish to start a DVD career with me?”

James was sweating and his feet tapped on his bedroom floor. “Yes sir, I wish for an interview, please?” Claude smiled to himself. “James, I interviewed you at Burger King, all I need is for you to come here and we can start, how about 10 in the morning?” James breathed a sigh of relief. “10 in the morning, I'll be there, thank you, Claude!” Claude sat back smiling and picked up his phone again. “Hello Armand, be here at 9:30 I have a hot white boy for you to fuck!”

Part 2: A Career Move!

Thanks to all the readers who want to be included in my stories and to James from England, hope you like yourself, and your own story?”