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Part 2: A Career Move!

James showed up at the right time, one thing the boy was always prompt. Claude was beaming and put an arm over the boys shoulder. “Let me show you around, do you know were filming right now, would you like to watch?” James nodded “can I, are they having sex?” Claude walked him to the set, “please be quiet, the equipment pick up all noises!”

On a bed thumbing thru a magazine was a dark haired boy. The magazine was the current issue of B.T.W. Monthly. James strained to see the pictures. “The boy is named Francois, he's 11 and loves to suck and fuck.” James looked up wide eyed at Claude. The moved back as the camera man moved to capture the beauty of the almost naked 11 year old.

Francois wore a skin tight pair of black Speedos, they looked almost painted on him. His boi-cock could be see straining against the fabric. James couldn't keep his eyes off him. A naked man slid onto the bed with Francois and began to rub his legs. Francois didn't look up, but still thumbed through the magazine. A big hand slid in and cupped his genitals. “Ooooohhhh!” He said, but nothing else.

The skin tight Speedos slipped from his slim tanned hips to show a hard uncut penis, the head hidden by foreskin then seemed to go to a point. A red head peeked out and the man rolled his thumb over the red tip. Francois rolled onto his back giving the man full access to his young, nubile body. The man sucked in the cock, then the small ball sac followed. James was hard and throbbing, he wished it was he and not the dark haired boy being made love too!

As the man sucked the boys entire sex, he swung over Francois's face, his cock hanging above the dark haired boys mouth. Slowly the length sunk lower and pushed into Francois's guppy like mouth. The head was the first to disappear into his mouth, then more and more slid over the tongue, the red lips clamping tight and sucking commenced.

Sexual tension in James was now at an all time high. His blond head seemed to bob up and down with the penis fucked Francois's mouth. Claude looked and smiled at his new prize. He knew the boy would be more than ready to perform when the time came. The front of his trousers stuck out straight showing his boi-cock was throbbing in anticipation for a cum.

The man with Francois, Sergio, disengaged and pushed the preteen on his back, spread the thin tanned legs wide and holding his long purple headed cock his his long fingered right hand. The hard dripping cock rubbed the ready lubed boi-pussy. Francois smiled and licked his lips, the cock pushed forward, the hole sucking up the man's throbbing flesh.

James kept moving from foot to foot, this was overwhelming for his mind. With each stroke Sergio made as he fucked Francois, James seemed to move as though it was happening to him. Claude noticed and thought “in a hour or so a big black cock will be doing the same to your hole, it's gonna be lovely!”

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder!” Francois was mouthing the words to the camera lens, the sound picked up the faint words making the DVD even hotter. Sergio's cock plunged to the root, pubic hair covering the hairless ball sac attached to Francois's tanned body. Francois in turn pushed back to meet each stroke. The boy's tongued licked his lips over and over, his cock had swelled and the eye in the red cap was opening. Francois was a hands free cummer, and here it came again!

Francois's boi-cock erupted. Creamy goo shot into the air. Creamy white splats of sperm appeared on his tan chest. Sergio bent forward and lapped up the boi-honey as soon as it appeared. The he stuck his cum laden tongue into Francois's mouth, the hot boi-slut sucked the tongue clean of the gooey elixir!

James had to grab hold of Claude's arm, his legs got weak, his own boi-cock leaking precum on his Spider man under-shorts. “You ready James?” The boi slowly nodded, but he asked “how much will I be paid?” Claude leaned over and whispered in his ear “300 pounds per film!” James looked at him and smiled broadly. He thought 300 pounds for doing something that looked so fun, he couldn't wait!

Sergio drove his cock in as deep as the 8 inches could go. The head of his cock rubbed the boys prostate and again got Francois hard again, but Sergio was going to cum and nothing was going to stop him. He grabbed Francois's ass, the tanned skin got white around the man's fingers. “Ayeeeeeeee I cum, take it all you little boi-bitch!” He exploded sending his creamy seed deep inside the humping boi.

He continued pounding. A white ring formed around the base of his cock, trickles of creamy white were picked up and rolling down the inside of Francois's thin tanned legs. Sergio's was breathing hard as he deposited four creamy bolts of his man sauce into Francois. Looking into the camera he beat his chest like a Silver Back Gorilla showing his dominance over a Gorilla group!

James was driven out to a house. Inside a group prepared his body for his first DVD. Armand walked in and introduced himself to James. James in turn said “I'm James Jones, Armand, I've never done this before?” Armand smiled and looked over at Claude then back at James “don't worry mate, I'll do most of the work, just remember the few lines and we'll be fine. He bent forward and kissed James, his tongue roaming inside the boys mouth. James got very hard, his breathing became labored.

Claude asked James if he was ready, he said he was. They wrapped a small towel around his mid-section, other than that he was naked. Claude said “action!” James sat on the couch as they filmed him looking thru a all man's magazine. The door bell rang and he got up to answer the door.

James opened the door and Armand stood there with a folded newspaper. “Here's you paper, I need the last three months payment for delivery?” James looked at him for a second. “Me mum's not home, you'll have to come back!” Armand pushed him back and barged in.

OK White-bread I want my money and I want it now, you hear me, White-Bread, now give me my money, Now!” James was being pushed back into the living room. Armand ripped off the towel around James's waist exposing a half hard white cock. Armand grabbed hold of the boy's cock, quickly James got hard, he throbbed in the black fingered hand.

He was pushed back onto the couch naked. Armand looked down at the coffee table at the magazine and a tube of lube lying beside it. Armand knelt before James and grabbing his cock he jacked him a few times. “Think I'll take payment in your arse, I'm gonna fuck you and fuck you good White-Bread, here suck my cock some!” he opened his pants and his big black cock fell out, straight and very hard.

James feigned fear. “Please don't, please, I've never done anything before, please?” Armand grabbed the back of his head and pulled him forward. His black cock was pushed between James's pursed lips. Better not bite me, now suck my cock and suck me good, just like they are doing in your magazine.

James sucked in the big black penis. His saliva coated the cock making the skin a shinny black. Armand stripped leaving only a lime green tee shirt on. He began to fuck James's mouth holding the boys head with both black hands. Claude filmed from one side, his assistant Harold filmed from the other, they were getting a very good view, Armand pushed his cock in to the kinky pubes, red lips were hair covered.

Armand pushed in deep. “Breath thru your nose white-boy your going to swallow my cock.!” James's blue eyes got big and wide and was breathing thru his nose rapidly, his lips were covered by kinky black pubic hair, the cock deep down his throat. Tears were welling in his eyes and making wet streaks down his red cheeks, he was breathing so hard and didn't want to gag!

James sucked and slurped the long black appendage for some time. Armand got a nod from Claude and slowly pulled his long cock from the boys mouth. “Get on your hand and knees boy, it's time to get your first black cock, hurry!” He slapped James's ass and the boy jumped into position.

Armand rubbed both white globular butt cheeks. James had already been lubed in make up. Holding the saliva slick cock in his right hand Armand rubbed the boys asshole up and down. Not saying a word Armand placed the head of his cock at James's ready hole and pushed in fast and hard. The ring at first held him back, but the persistent black boy pushed all the harder.

The head on the nine inches of the black man's saliva slick meat disappeared into James's body followed by the entire length of saliva coated black stalk. The black man breathed a sigh of relief when his pubic bone met the boys body. Armand had all his black cock inside of James. He began a long and methodical fucking of the new DVD star of Claude's porn productions.

Claude got a nice surprise, James was very erect. James blue eyes were glazed over as his anus was being ravaged and skewered by Armand big black penis. A low moan was coming from deep inside of James, he was loving the way his body was responding, each in thrust was returned with and push back from the young teen.

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder, I love that black cock, god I love it so much!” James was saying in a slow chant. Claude was ecstatic, this little boi-slut was a dream come true, he loved cock. Claude thought to himself “I have a winner here!” Claude got another surprise James was cumming, he was cumming hands free.

Damn I have two of them now, James and Francois could cum hands free!” He looked up and mouthed “Thank You!” he quickly zoomed in to catch the cock as it shot sperm into the air, bouncing off the boys chest and dripping in a long creamy string and dropping onto the couch!.

Armand rolled the boy on his side and fucked James from behind. This gave both cameras a complete shot of his cock as it fucked James non-stop. In and out he drove his long black penis into the boys newly reamed boi-pussy. He panted and fucked the boy even faster and harder. Armand was going to cum and he was going to leave his creamy load deep inside of James.

I'm cumming White-Bread, I'm gonna shoot deep indie of you, get ready?” To his and all the others surprise James answered. “Fuck me, cum in me, give me all of your hot cum, I want it, can I suck your cock when you're done, please can I?” the cock exploded in James. The boy was babbling. “I can feel it, oh I can feel it, I love it, shoot it all in me, please fuck me hard!”

Armand was exhausted. His cock was still buried inside of James's ravaged hole. He could only lay there. James extracted himself from the spent black cock. He smiled into the cameras and sucked in the cum covered black cock and sucked it clean. To all's surprised he finished by licking it like a fat licorice stick and planting a wet kiss on the tip!

Claude called “cut!” the DVD was finished. Armand still lay there. His lime green tee shirt was soaked with sweat. James ran the tip of his tongue from the head the the ball sac and sucked in each testicle. Finally his tongue found Armand's asshole and ran his tongue around the hole!

James was allowed to shower and given an envelope. Inside was four 100 pound notes. “But this is 4 hundred?” Claude said “James you deserve a tip, oh I almost forgot here is a cell phone, I will contact you thru this, so don't lose it, please.” James promised he wouldn't, and dressed.

Claude placed an arm over the new finds shoulder. “if you have any friends that you think might be interested in making some good money, I will give you a bonus for each one that comes on board, OK?” James smiled “I think I know 2 that just might. Willie and Matthew, they're like me, they like men also!” Claude smiled “good, very good James 200 ponds for each if those who come with us, how does that sound?” James just smiled, 400 pounds more, nice!”

He was sitting at his computer when his mum stuck her head. “You have a call, Willie I think?” He said thanks and then said mum I found some money today. He handed her two 100 pound notes. “Where did you find this?” She inquired. “Coming out of the park after playing soccer.” he lied. She said “I'll keep it until we see if someone claims it some way?” He nodded “I know, but you keep it, you can use it.” he passed her on the way to the phone, she smiled behind his back and thought “such a wonderful boy!”

He and Willie talked. James asked if he wanted to meet at the park in the morning?” Willie said OK. “Good bring your soccer ball we'll kick some?” Again Willie said he would and James hung up. Now to find a way to tell him what had happened to him and that there was money to be made out there, if Willie wanted too. James new Willie had done things with men before, so that wasn't a problem.

James and Willie kicked the ball around for an hour or so. “You hungry, Mate?” James asked Willie. “I ain't got no money,” Willie retorted. “My treat!” James said smiling. Willie looked at him queerly/ “You stick up the Queen?” The dark haired boy said sarcastically. James chuckled. “I got a job, can work when I want.” He said with a crooked grin.

Who would hire you, you turn a trick or something?” Willie said trying to be funny. James looked left then right. “You could say that.” He said silently. Willie “you mean, you?” he didn't want to say the words, afraid someone might over hear him. He whispered “you suck a dick or put out your ass?” James got close “I made a DVD for a man in Soho, does man/boy porn!”

Willie walked along side James “you didn't, your kidding, right?” James matter-a-factually said. “He was black and such a big cock, got paid 400 for it, gave me mum 200 and said I found it here at the park.” Willie still didn't believe him. “Claude asked if I knew any other boy who wanted to do it, I thought you might, you've done things, or that's what you told me, right?”

Willie blushed beat red. ,“Yes, I've done things with others besides you, men here look for boys to take into the lo and I've gone in a few times, you know that, but I've only been fucked twice for money.” James snickered. “See you and I are alike, but with Claude the money is great, you want to talk to him?”

The dark haired boy finally smiled “won't hurt to talk to him, right and 400 pounds, that's real hard to believe, hell I only got at most 40 pounds. Say you want to go to my place after we eat, we can go on the computer, maybe your movie is up already?”

James bought lunch and then they went to Willie's. No one was home, so they were all alone and looked up the web site. Sure enough James's movie was up. Willie was wide eyed and their hands roamed on each other. It didn't take long for them to move to Willie's bed.

James and Willie sucked and fingered each other, not knowing that next door Oliver Penn watched them with his binoculars. The show was exciting to Oliver, the eleven year old just wished he could join them in their love making. The redheaded boy with very white skin held his binoculars with his right hand while he wanked with his left. He jacked off at light speed.

Willie groaned as James repeated Merton's acts on him. Two fingers dug in and probed Willie's anus, his mouth sucking sloppily. Willie returned the hard sucking and finger probes. Oliver shuddered as he came all over his computer chair. “Fuck I have to clean it up, or maybe I'll lick it up, I wonder what cum tastes like? He thought to himself.

James stiffened and came in Willie's deep sucking mouth. Willie gobbled the gooey spend not thinking about the acrid taste. He swallowed and sucked more on the spewing fleshy tube. Oliver put down his binoculars and began to lap up his sperm. At first it tasted a bit bleach'y, yet salty, he lapped up more and more, it was somewhat addictive.

Now it was Willie's turn and he erupted. His red capped cock shot out its hot cream. James swallowed as thought he loved the taste, in actually he loved it. He sucked and dug his finger into Willie's asshole trying to find his friends spot. He did, and Willie tried to push his penis down James's throat. Oliver had licked up all his ejaculate, he just wanted to meet the two boys and maybe join their sex games?

The two naked boys laid side by side in their after-glow. Willie finally got up and stretched looking out the window, he spied Oliver trying to see if the were still sucking each other. “Shit, that little bastard is spying on us?” James got up and stood beside Willie. He giggled. “Bend over let me fuck you, he'll shit himself, come on, I won't stick it in, unless you want me to?”

Willie bent over and James wanked a bit to get himself hard again. He rubbed his cock up and down Willie's love-hole. “Can I fuck you, can I stick it in?” Willie looked back at James. “Sure if you think you can get it in?” James took dead aim and pushed his cock into the tight anal ring. He pushed hard and busted in. “Ooohhh you're in me, only the old man has done that, fuck mate your fucking me, oooohhhh, fuck are you all the way in?” James said nothing, he just pushed hard into Willie's anus until his balls slapped Willie's.

Oliver was standing on his chair spying on the two, he gasped and fell off the chair. He got up his binoculars were cracked and he had to strain to see the two boys fucking like mad men. Oliver again was hard and throbbing. He wasn't sure if he should keep watching or start wanking. Wanking won out!

Part 3: Claude hits the jackpot!

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